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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Knee Pain

Knee pain can arise from a number of reasons including degeneration, inflammation or injury of the knee joint. The major medical conditions that cause knee pain are osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, knee injury, gout and bursitis. Knee pain can arise in persons of any age. The symptoms that usually accompany knee pain are swelling, stiffness, tenderness and heat in the knee joint. Homeopathic medicines for knee pain are very effective in managing knee pain of degenerative, traumatic as well as inflammatory origin.  homeopathic medicines for knee pain

Homeopathic Medicines for Knee Pain

Knee pain can be treated wonderfully well with medicines, which are natural and therefore, safe for use. Natural medicines are helpful in both acute and chronic knee pain. They are safe for use among all age groups, without any risk of toxicity. They help in relieving the pain in the knee and the accompanying symptoms such as swelling, tenderness and stiffness.

The recommended medicines for knee pain are Calcarea Carb, Rhus Tox, Colchicum, Ruta and Symphytum. Among these medicines, Calcarea Carb is recommended for knee pain from osteoarthritis and Rhus Tox is indicated for knee pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Colchicum has shown remarkable results in knee pain resulting from gout while Ruta and Symphytum are excellent medicines for knee pain from ligament and bone injury, respectively.

1. For Knee Pain due to Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the joint. In osteoarthritis of the knee, cartilage of the knee joint undergoes degeneration as a result of which the joint space is reduced. The symptoms of knee osteoarthritis are pain, stiffness and cracking (sound) in knee joint. The main reasons behind osteoarthritis of the knee are advancing age, excess weight, injury and overuse of joint. Effective medicines for knee pain from osteoarthritis are Calcarea Carb, Ruta and Causticum. Calcarea Carb is best suited when the knee pain gets worse on rising from a seat and walking. Persons who need to be prescribed Calcarea Carb are usually overweight. Ruta is one of the most helpful medicines for knee pain when the pain worsens on climbing up and down the stairs. Pressure over the knee may provide momentary relief. Causticum is indicated when pain in the knee is accompanied by marked stiffness and cracking (sound) in knee joint.

2. For Knee Pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune inflammatory disease of the joints. It can affect any joint of the body. The main symptoms are stiffness, pain and swelling of joints. Useful medicines for knee pain from rheumatoid arthritis are Bryonia, Rhus Tox and Salicylic Acid. Bryonia is prescribed when the knee joint pain gets worse with the slightest movement. The knee will be swollen in most such cases. The pain and swelling get better with rest. Natural medicine Rhus Tox is one of the best medicines for knee pain with stiffness. The pain and stiffness of the knees get better with walking.  Rest worsens the symptoms. Salicylic Acid, on the other hand, is considered for acute arthritic knee pain. Where the knee is highly inflamed, painful and may be accompanied by high fever, Salicylic Acid is the most reliable of medicines for knee pain to take. The slightest touch or movement of the knee will worsen the pain in such instances.

3. For Knee Pain due to Injury

Knee injury is most common among sportspersons. The injury mainly includes tendon, ligament and bone injury. Top grade medicines for knee pain due to injury are Rhus Tox, Ruta and Symphytum. Rhus Tox and Ruta are very useful medicines for knee pain from ligament or tendon injury. These medicines help decrease pain and promote natural healing of the injured ligaments and tendons. Symphytum is prominently used for knee pain from fractured knee joint. Symphytum, commonly known as Knit Bone, helps promote the union of fractured bones and decreases knee pain arising from the fracture, making it one of the most reliable medicines for knee pain. It helps by promoting callus formation required to re-unite the bone.

4. For Knee Pain from Gout

Gout is a painful disease of the joint caused by deposit of uric acid crystals in the joints. It can affect any joint of the body, including the knee joint, and mainly begins from the big toe. The main symptoms of gout are intense pain and swelling of affected joints. Colchicum and Benzoic Acid are the noted medicines for knee pain from gout. Colchicum is well indicated when acute gouty pain in the knees appears with marked swelling and heat. The knee is very sensitive to touch and the slightest touch causes unbearable pain. Movement of the knee worsens the pain in such cases. Benzoic acid is considered in knee pain from gout when gouty nodes are formed over the knee joint. The person experiences pain and cracking sound in knee joint on movement. Tearing and stitching pain is felt in the knees along with swelling. The pain gets worse at night. Benzoic acid has proved the most effective medicines for knee pain in such cases and resulted in complete healing and cure.

5. For Knee Pain from Bursitis

Bursitis of knee is the inflammation of the bag-like cavity (the bursa) surrounding the knee joint that contains the synovial fluid. Trauma is the main factor leading to knee bursitis with major symptoms being pain, swelling, heat and tenderness of knee joints. The prominently indicated medicines for knee pain from bursitis are Apis Mellifica and Bryonia. Apis Mellifica offers much help when the main complaint is knee pain with marked swelling. The slightest touch and pressure over the knee worsen the pain. The pain is mostly stinging, burning in nature. Warmth worsens the pain. Bryonia is another one of the most wonderful medicines for knee pain from bursitis. It has shown great results when knee pain, accompanied by swelling, worsens from the smallest movement. Absolute rest brings relief from pain.

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  1. Suffering from knee pain for the last 4 months .

    My age is 50 now

  2. Patrick Harmon says:

    Hello I have left knee that feels like bone on bone I have had injury when I was younger had two orthoscopic surgeries and could possibly need a replacement anything would be some help

  3. Hello, thank you for your help. I have pain on the inside of my knee. At times it goes to the back. I’m using creams, arnica etc. It hurts alot when I drive and go from gas pedal to the brake. And I can feel it when I’m lying in bed and puck my leg up to move it. The muscles used create pain in it. Walking hurts too. Any help with homeopathic remedies would be appreciated.

  4. Bidyut Chakraborty says:

    I , Shri Bidyut Chakraborty, Sr.Private Sectary to Director, F&C Audit, Govt. of India, posted at kolakta. My age is 54 yrs. I am feeling too pain in my knee due to some gap in my knee. I will be happy if you suggest any pain reliever medicine for me. I performed freehand exercise regularly.
    Thany\k you, I remain
    Bidyut Chakraborty

  5. PY Gopalakrishnan says:

    I am aged 70..a retirrd govt officer. I am having dabetic mellitus for the past 10 years. Now toe big nails are turning black and curving, unshaped. The fallen nails are regrowing with ash colour and turning black, its growth is retarded. What is the remedy, how to treat for its normal growth. Pl.. advise me.

  6. Merna verma says:

    I am suffering from left leg pain from one month. Pain starts from backbone and extends to knee and sometimes to toe. Nerve get clotted in the thigh. Doctor prescribed me a knee pack. Using knee pack my leg get swell. Now from two days my legs are burning and paining while touching slightly. I always feel asleep and weakness through out the day. Doctor please give me advice. I am a diabetic patient.

  7. Michelle Wedekind says:

    I have a 12 year old son with right knee pain. There was NO trauma. It is a sharp pain when he walks and after physical exercise. He is a swimmer and did an two hour workout after a week of no activity. This pain is reoccurrence and comes about once a month. He feels there is fluid build up behind his kneecap. What homeopathic would work well. Thank You.

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