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Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen Planus Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen Planus


Homeopathic Remedies for lichen Planus

Homeopathic Remedies for lichen Planus

Lichen Planus is a chronic non-infectious inflammatory condition affecting the skin and mucous membranes inside the mouth.Lichen Planus is an autoimmune disorder. This means that the immune system targets cells of the oral mucous membranes. The reasons are not known. Lichen Planus affecting the skin is termed Cutaneous Lichen Planus. It showsthe presence of flat-topped, purple-coloured, shining papules (hard elevation without fluid) on the skin, sometimes with white,lacy lines. The eruptions itch considerably. The papules may appear in rings or in a line. The main sites are inner forearm, wrist, legs, ankles, and face.Lichen Planus affecting mucous membranes is termed Mucosal Lichen Planus. When the mucosal lining of mouth is involved, it is termed Oral Lichen Planus. Oral Lichen Planus includes inner cheeks, lips, tongue and gums. Other mucosal surface includes oesophagus, larynx, pharynx, genitals (penis/scrotum in males anda vulva/vagina in females). In Mucosal Lichen Planus, the main presentation is white patches or white, lacy net-like pattern, ulcers or patches of irregular redness.Like for other skin disorders, Homeopathic mode of treatment is very effective as a remedy for Lichen Planus patients too. The natural Homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus, that are completely safe with zero side effects, not only act to treat Lichen Planus, but also prove to be successful in ensuring there is no recurrence of this skin condition.


Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Lichen Planus

Following are the Best homeopathic remedies for lichen Planus

Sulphur: Best Homeopathic remedy for Lichen Planus with papules, extreme skin dryness

Sulphur is the most efficient and widely used natural Homeopathic medicine to treat various kinds of skin disorders. It is also of great help in the treatment ofLichen Planus. Cutaneous Lichen Planus patients with papules and extreme skin dryness respond very well to Sulphur. The skin is very dirty and unhealthy in persons needing Sulphur. Extreme itching in the eruptions is best treated by this Homeopathic remedy. Most patients needing Sulphur complain of worsening of itching towards night time and when getting warm in bed. Scratching is also marked and provides some relief from itching. In most persons,a burning sensation follows scratching. Frequent increase in eruptions is also seen in persons who can benefit from Homeopathic remedy Sulphur. Most attacks are in spring season. Along with these symptoms, a marked burning in palms and soles is a characteristic symptom for using Sulphur. The patient may also have an increased craving for sweets. thus sulphur ranks among the top homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus


Merc Sol: One of the Best Homeopathic remedies for Oral Lichen Planus

Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol is one of the top natural homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus. Merc Sol is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when the main complaint given by the patient is irregular ulcers inside the cheeks. The edges are not well defined. The cheeks give a very unhealthy and dirty appearance. In addition to these ulcers, there are a few characteristic symptoms that need to be considered. The first symptom is increased saliva in the mouth. The second is highly offensive odour from the mouth. When these two symptoms are present in addition to the ulcers, then Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol provides a very beneficial treatment.Along with these symptoms, a few patients also feela metallic taste in mouth. An increased thirst for water may also be present for using Homeopathic remedy Merc Sol. . Merc sol Ranks among the top homeopathic remedies for lichen planus when oral cavity is involved

Borax: Homeopathic remedy for Oral Lichen Planus with ulcers inside cheeks and on tongue

Among the bunch of natural Homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus ,Borax is most often used for Oral lichen . Patients who really benefit from Borax have ulcers inside the cheeks and on tongue. In contrast to Merc Sol,Homeopathic remedy Borax works well when the mouth remains extremely dry. A bitter taste in mouth may be present. Excessive heat in mouth is a marked symptom to be taken note of.


Sulphur Lod: Top Homeopathic treatment for Lichen Planus of face, arms

Sulphur Lod is considered the best natural Homeopathic medicine for Lichen Planus of face and well as arms. The face and arms are covered with papular eruptions, with constantitching. Sulphur Lod holds a great promise in curing the face and arm from Lichen Planus.


Plantago: One of the best Homeopathic remedies for Lichen Planus When Oral cavity is Involved

Plantago is another natural Homeopathic medicine of great help in the treatment of Oral Lichen Planus. It is a very effective remedy when the area involved is inside cheeks, plus the tongue in most cases.


Thuja: Natural Homeopathic medicine for Lichen Planus of pigmented variety

A natural Homeopathic medicine that gives wonderful results in the treatment of Lichen Planus is Thuja. Thuja proves to be ideal Homeopathic treatment for Lichen Planus of pigmented variety. The patient has hyperpigmented brown-coloured spots. The spots are marked on the face, hands and arms.


Anthrakokali: Homeopathic remedy for Lichen Planus with eruptions on hand, feet

Anthrakokali is a very rare natural Homeopathic medicine that can help a number of Lichen Planus patients. Being rare does not mean that this natural remedy has a less powerful effect than other well known Homeopathic medicines. Anthrakokali shows its effect when papular eruptions are prominently present on hands and feet. The papules may also cover scrotum in males. Intense itching in the papular eruptions is always present. This medicine also gives good results in the Lichen Planus cases where the dominant site is skin over tibia (a bone in front of the leg).


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  1. Sanjay Chauhan says:

    Dr Kaur my son 20* years old has lichen planus brown marks on face since last 8 months… Is thuja an ideal aryuveda medicine for him or u suggest something else. Regards Sanjay

  2. Kimberly Menchio says:


  3. Ritu Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I have lichen planus primarily on my feetand soles, spots keep appearing on my arms and body. I am fine during the day however I get a lot of itching during the night. Please advise me on the medicines I need to take to cure it. Thank you. Regards Ritu Sharma

  4. Hi Dr. Sharma

    I have been diagnosed with Lichen Plano Plaris in my head sclap 2 months back. already have a 1 inch circle patch of hair loss. have completed the traditional steroid therapy but no good results so for. Having great itching in sclap now a days.

    Can you please suggest some effective external/internal homeopathic medicine for this problem ?


  5. Dear Dr . Sharma,

    I have been suffering from liche Planus Pigmentosa. Dark brown patches on fore head , cheeks around the mouth and discoloration on the face . My hair has been thinning pou and even got a bald spot in front of my face little above fore head. I did not want to take Allopathy as I heard negative comments from people
    My pigmentosa has spread to the neck also.
    I am very concerned about my situation and I look forward for your advise.

    Thanking you,
    Usha. Sachdev

  6. I have this flared up in my mouth.

    I went to get my third set of amalgam fillings out yesterday and they were unable to proceed bc my gums were so inflamed.

    Based on your notes, would these 3 be the best for me to take: merc sol, borax, plantago?


  7. Hemalatha says:

    I m sufferin from lichen planus. Allopathic treatment go invain. I am fed up with severe itching on my legs and back. I have been prescribed omnacortin and other 2 tablets. The problem is that when I stoo taking the tablets, it increase like anything. I am thinking to go for homeaopathy. Plese advice whether it is curable or not.

    Please revert me.


  8. Dear doctor, I’m suffering from Oral Lichen plains from one and half year. Allopathic treatment go in vain. My two checks, lower lips and tongue affected. In homeopathy what is the best medicine for help me.
    Please reply me.

    • Hemalatha says:

      I m sufferin from lichen planus. Allopathic treatment go invain. I am fed up with severe itching on my legs and back. I have been prescribed omnacortin and other 2 tablets. The problem is that when I stoo taking the tablets, it increase like anything. I am thinking to go for homeaopathy. Plese advice whether it is curable or not.

      Please revert me.


  9. aburadha says:

    I am suffering from Lichen Planus for last 10 months all over my body. I have been given a number of steroid creams by my doctor and dermatologist but they are not helping much. The ITCHING is quite bad.
    I went to a homeopathic doctor, but he failed completely as there was no relief.

    Please advise what medicine I should be taking.




  10. stephen eden says:

    I suspect I have oral lichen planus.Would homeopthic Borax help.I have it at home-30c strength?

  11. Lalitha says:

    Hello doctor
    Is there any preventive medicine for lichen plannus

  12. I am suffering from lichen planus for last 15 years
    all medicines is take no use
    Itching legs and hands please let me know the best homeopathy medicine for curing this
    Please advise Homeopathy medicines
    I should be taking
    Rajahmundry( Andhra Pradesh )

  13. please remove the content

  14. Hi ,

    I have been suffering from this , Please let me know the best medicine for curing this


  15. ramesh gupta says:

    I am suffering from Lichen Planus for last 10 months all over my body. I have been given a number of steroid creams by my doctor and dermatologist but they are not helping much. The ITCHING is quite bad.
    I went to a homeopathic doctor, but he failed completely as there was no relief.

    The only thing which really helped me was the steroid tablets given by the dermatologist for 3 weeks, while i was taking the tablets there was a great relief in Itching, but once the medicine finished the rash and itching got worse again. There are small spots which turn into lumps and Itching becomes very intense.

    Please advise what medicine I should be taking.


    Ramesh Gupta


  16. Dear doctor, I’m suffering from Oral Lichen plains from above one year. All allopathic treatment go in vain. My two checks, lower lips and tongue affected. In homeopathic treatment is it curable ? Please reply me.
    Best regards

    • Taranjeet Kaur says:

      Hello Doc,

      I have been suffering from Oral Lichen Planus past 3 years, life has become terrible, its in my inside cheeks, my upper part of the tooth is reddish in color, its on the tongue even, have tried allopathy but no use, now past one month taking ayurvedic medicines but again no use, Kindly suggest as what can I do, can it be vanish completely, fed up with it,

      Pls suggest

  17. Hemlata Sharma says:

    Hi i am having redness on my gums, and it burns when I eat hot and spicy, also I have inside my cheeks bumpy surface with gray lines. Pleaae suggest what I can do?

  18. Krystle Allen says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I have lichen planus isolated on one of my legs, specially the calf. My doctor prescibed two different ointments which resulted in purple patches. However, new rashes conintue to form. I would like to try a homeopathic solution. Also, would it clear up the purple patches?

  19. My son diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) an year ago. Do you treat patient with OLP? Is it 100% curable? If so, how long does it take? what are the treatment options?

    • Rabindra Mondal says:

      Doctor I am suffering from oral lichen planus from the last 15 years. So much of medicines I have used with the help of the doctors but everything goes in vain. Please advice me what shall I do?

  20. Raver bhamra says:

    My wife suffered LP 2 years back that started from down the knee area both legs with dark bumps with lots of eatching.
    As a treatment she was given corticosteroids in 2-3 episodes in 2 to 3 months with similar kind of ointment. This was intermediatly repeated when symptoms aggravated.
    The medication improved the condition but simultaneously dark patches appeared on tongue that gave burning sensation with little consumption of chilly or spicy food.
    Now, the problems of legs has improved up to 90% but it is there on tongue.
    Can it be cured with homeopathy?
    Pl send in the details how to go about it.

  21. Indra Ramnarine says:

    Dr. Sharma. my sister was diagnosed with Lichen Planus…we noticed her forehead from her hairline to the eyebrows looking discolored. the inner part of her ears are very dark. now she says she has itching and we noticed that its progressing down the side of her face and eyelids. she does not have any swellings or eruptions. can you recommend something? Your article says sulphur lod or Thujas is very good to use but how do we use this..can you tell pls? What exactly is Thujas?. We in the Trinidad and Tobago so dont know if we have that here. Thanks much. Indra

  22. My daughter has vular lichen planus. She sees a naturopath and nothing helps. It has been aboit 15 years. She also has him issues Suggestuons?
    Thank you

  23. l8chen planus on scalp and fore head for 10 yrs.
    age 52 yrs.

  24. Ashok Kumar says:

    I have lichen planus in my head skin. There are a lot of cones in skin of head. After taking too long treatment in homeopathy also, it is not going and having a lot of itching. There are also black marks spot on the edges of nose. Please suggest me some medicine for the same.
    Ashok Kumar,

  25. Anita Maity says:

    I have been suffering from lichen in the tounge for 14 years.

  26. Mummy oral lochen planus age 65 old

  27. What remedies do you recommend for lichen sclerosis? Same as above for lichen planus?

  28. Mallika Malhotra says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I almost an year back developed some red inflammation on interior sides of my arms extending from underarms extending outwards in linear form .

    Those red inflammation went but left dark brown spots on my skin . I got a biopsy done which indicated them to be as lichen stratiatus . I researched a lot regarding this medical condition and could not find any treatment , and probably expected to go on its own .

    However , Its been an year and i see no improvement of the appearance of the spots .I will be grateful if you could please help me deal with this medical condition .

    Hope to hear from you soon .


  29. Subash Chandra Das. says:

    Sir, Namaskar. I have been suffering from oral lichen planus since last two months. Please suggest homeopathic medicine ..

  30. KAPIL CHOPRA says:


    SIR, i have oral lichen planus ,inside cheeks,i feel burning sensation on tongue,and gums also,
    can you prescibe some homeopathic medicine,i am suffering from last five years.male,age 47,
    use to eat pan but left few years back,smoking is there 5-6 cigrattes daily,with 4 pegs

    As i have read your article i wanted to try plantago,can you give me appropriate name, and if any other advice will be highly appreciated.

    thank you
    kapil 9878698758

  31. Junaid shaikh says:

    Sir can I meet u …..but sir I have a question …if I take any medicine frome given above so it’s not constitutional it’s like therapeutic so…… what I do sir…plz tell me ….I m suffering from lichen planus sir plz msg me Mo .8149310036

  32. Jitender Jain says:

    Respected sir,
    My daughter age 8years is suffering from oralLP.last three month she having white patches in her mouth on chicks and upper and lower lips inside.d r.first giving her fungal treatment.but still stop.they told me to go biopsy and meet with AIIMS senior dermatologist.please guide me is there any treatment in homeopathic for this much time it will much cost come for the it 100% curable in homeopathic.also suggest me should I go for biopsy then homeopathic treatment will start.

  33. Hi my 5 year old daughter have lichen planus and she is being treated for that all the bumps are currently going down but as it goes black spotscoming out as spots on her stomach and back also hands in bigger spots . I am currently using predcort , ifa iron and folic acid syrup , acid sol , and suprucion antibiotic cream … is the black spots coming out is a sign of the medication working or is it not working .

  34. I am suffering from litchen planus in my lower part of legs from last 6 years. I have taken a medicine from last 6 years but there is no improvement
    Plz help me

  35. oral lichen planus

  36. S Anilkumar says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife is suffering from lichen planus since last six months. She is undergoing allopathy treatment. Presently it is seen on the arms, feet and thighs. Now the scars are not reducing in allopathy medicine. Can u please suggest me some homeo medicines please.

    S. Anilkumar,
    Mob. 9645741930

  37. Soumyadeb Biswas (son of patient) says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother Mrs. Anima Biswas is suffering from Lichen Planus on arm and feet. After allopathic treatment her lichen planus on the arms area is in control but there is no improvement in the feet. The problem is more prominent on the skin in the tibia part. There are prominent eruption on the skin.

    Sir, kindly suggest how to treat the skin problem.
    First diagnosis: 2012
    Treatment till date: Allopathic

  38. Harpreetkaur says:

    l am suffering with oral lichen planus

  39. Hello, I have a Lichen Ruben Planus from month. Color on leg. Please, recommend homeopathy treatment. Thanks!

  40. Sir I am suffering from panis lichen planus .I feel bad to show panis any doctor.please tell medisions

  41. Suffering from lichen planus skin and oral lichen planus also since 5 years .plz suggest me best treatment. I have loss my hair badly. Dec mai shadi h mari help me

  42. Rashid Farooq Dar says:

    I am suffering from L.P. Since last five years.treatment given by skin specialists consisted of steriods,ointment,and anti allergy medicines.Allopathic medicines give temorary relief.I have eruptions on both legs,arms and onback.You are requested to prescibe homeo medicines.Iam sevety yr.old.

  43. Tracy henry says:

    Seems onky the homeoaths in india can treat oral lichen planus….my symptoms started after taking the poisonous antibiotic Levaquin…before that I managed tog a whole year without a sinus infection. ..the year before, I must have had 8 to 10 sinus infections treated with amoxcillin and zpacks…..I avoided steroids when possible….then I got a small spot on my gum line that would flare up red and I would use 50.50 peroxide and water for 3 days and it would go away, next was a line of raised itchy purple bumps on my throat skin and a spot on my chin. ..then after a dental cleaning I got a horrible cold sore split lip and my lips went sp chapped for 2 weeks I fought…I felt funny ridges in my upper left cheek and that’s when the lines started…a dentist thought it was thrush and gave me an anti fungal and within 3 days it was all over my gums…he said oh it is coming out, keep taking it…it got so bad and my mouth got so dry, then he gave me nysraton ronse and it turned my tounce white..but more yellow raised gunk that won’t come off…cracks on my tongue and I was crying from the burning…so I was out of town and that dentist put me on warm salt water rinse and bland diet..I returned home and a medical dr diagnosed it..he gave me an anti viral just helped a little…I got a nutritionish and she has me on an auto immune diet, but I admit this last month it has been hard to keep up the constant cooking and tea drinking and basically eating nothing fun at all. This week I have really tried to stick to it and my tongue and mouth felt better until today..evwrytome I seem to be getting a pinker toungue..something triggers it…maybe it was the eggs…not sure …I was another dr in India but just happened upon this informative page…my mouth is very dry, cracked tounce and bitter sometimes…not metallic or over saliva. ..the whote continues to spread and my gums on 2 crowned teeth are receding bad..what is your process and cost?

  44. Annu jain says:

    I have oral nd vulvur lichen planus .tried many medicines but of no use. Very bad condition in vaginal suggest some remedy This condition is since last 3 yrs

  45. Racheal Nassazi says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    Im from Uganda,Africa and I have been suffering from Linchen Planus for over a year now.
    It spreads on the arms,legs,belly,neck area,and the back.
    My dermatologist prescribed Prednisolone,Methotroxate and tretinon. The LP cleared leaving me with dark spots but then re-occurred after sometime.
    Currently the condition is off and off.
    Whenever they re-appear I go back to my dermatologist for medication

    Please advise on any natural remedies I could use from East Africa for a cure

  46. Abdul tahir says:

    Dear sir what is the best treatment for oral mucosal lichen planus in the mouth i had it for the last 10 years I am using steroid mouthwash but it is not helping

    • Neena Sharma says:

      I have been suffering from Oral Lichen Planus for 3 years now. The first 2 years went un-diagnosed as my dentist told me my red, swollen, receding gums were hormonal..but after getting my hormones checked and finally seeing a periodontist, I got my diagnosis. I have deep cleanings ever 3 months and I have recently been taking Vitamin C 1000mg daily which helps with my inflammation I have also been prescribed a toothpaste, told to use extra soft toothbrush, and use 2 different mouthwashes one to help bleeding gums and the other is that Colgate with peroxide. If I don’t take Vit C I notice the burning within a day and my husband says he can tell when I forget to take it after a few days because he can see my gums getting worse. But there is something new I have been doing for a week now and it has been doing wonders…..Coconut Oil Pulling…I have never had the relief I have had since doing this.

  47. wendy smith says:

    i wonder if there are any homeopathic treatments for mucosal lichen planus afecting the vulva and vagina

    many thanks

  48. N Rajendran Pillai says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly intimate me the dosage and regimen of Anthrakokali for the treatment of Lichen Planus of a 16 year boy.

    • sushil kumar says:

      Sir I am suffering from lichen planus from last two years.i was taking wysolone as prescribed by Dr.saraswat lucknow, it faded leaving marks. But again when i stopped the medicine papular eruptions became prominently present on hand and feet and neck. I am also taking dapsone and applying Tanovate.
      Someone told me that Homeopathy has 100 % cure for Lichen than I take homeopathic medicine by doctor for 7 months but some time so result and some time no result . Kindly prescribe what should i do .
      I l be highly obliged to you.

  49. ravish singh says:

    Sir y name is ravish i frm luckniw u.p. india i am suffering from lichen planus pigmentosa from 4 years. In the first year i take allopathic treatment which only increase lp my skin dry and dry all over body and black spotte appear in underarms between thighs then i take homeopathictreatment from various homeopaths which lower the symtons sometime (fr very short period reduce dryness) sometimes increase the dryness and it seems me ineffective on me .evry homepath treat me like i m stressed person (some homeopaths hv plans which i think they looting me and making money frm patient like me)but i personally think that i m very happy person sir now i m totally frustrated plz shiw me the way and tell me if this desese is curable or not .

  50. Marcia Williams says:

    My husband has Lichen Planus. He did a Biopsy. His legs and ankles are really bad, his arms as well but not as bad. It itches terribly. He has used all types of Topica Steroidall Creams for the last 2 years. His Dermatologist has now started him on the UV light treatment for the last 3 weeks. It has not seemed to help thus far and he is still itching severely, in his head as well but not in his mouth. Can you recommend anthing please.
    Thank You

  51. gleb nikolayenko says:

    Hello, my name is Gleb Nikolaenko,
    im suffering Lichen Planus Erosive, i have on in mouth, on feet, hands and nails.
    Very very pain to walk.

  52. Dave Glover says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I have had OLP for 4 years now, however I have lost 4-6 mm gum tissue around all molars and premolars, where I had mercury silver amalgam fillings taken out and replaced with white fillings some years ago, after which the problems began. I now always have ulcered tissue at the rear of my lower back molars, mostly on the left side and this extends a few centimetres over my inner cheeks, with pieces of flesh sometimes coming off, with cuts in the tissue. My tongue started with white furry spots, then turned completely white and swollen to twice its size, and I lost the papules on my tongue, with several papules that returned turning dark red and growing much longer than usual, I cut those off with scissors and they have not returned, my tongue is now almost totally normal in appearance, and I was discharged from Eastman’s Dental Hospital in London.

    The tongue still cuts easily if eating sharp foods like crisps, but has no white left on it. I still have some limited Wickham’s Striae on my cheeks and gums, and my lower lip has a white pigmented line running along the full length.

    I have lost so much gum tissue that all my molars and premolars (where I had fillings removed, all of them, are now loose in my gums, but I want to stop losing these teeth, I am using a single tuft Curaprox 1006 toothbrush to clean my teeth, and have them cleaned by ultrasound every 3 or 4 months, but my gums continue to recede. Even ordinary soft toothbrushes strip skin off my gums like wet tissue paper and always cause them to bleed, but the Curaprox 1006 toothbrush is the gentlest and most effective to clean the teeth by far, as I have found that even the most expensive Philips Sonicare Diamondclean electric toothbrush is no use at all to clean the gum line effectively, but the Curaprox is perfect, almost completely eliminating any buildup of plaque or tartar between visits to the dentist. I can only clean my teeth once a day without injuring my gums though, but using just ordinary green olive oil soap with no chemical additives, the plainest possible, made with just olive oil and sodium hydroxide, I have eliminated all gum pockets now, as that really tightens the gums like nothing else, whereas before, I had gum pockets of 2-4 mm caused by the loss of ligaments through the destructive action of OLP itself, and not by not brushing (the dentists have told me that OLP has been doing this, causing frequent bleeding also when brushing). Which homeopathic remedies would you recommend for this condition please, I would be most grateful for your help.

    With best regards,

    Dave Glover

  53. noreen akhtar says:

    I have oral lichen planus can you give me information on that and treatment suggestions.

  54. Akshata hotkar says:

    Hi Docter, i hve a lichen planaus diagonsd by one yr stil it hve pigmentous on stamach,bck bne. Thia area lil pimple lik als there. Plz help me wt to do my age is nw 18 startd

  55. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I had an outbreak of lichen planus ten years ago. After trying western medicine I decided to try homeopathic medicine. My uncle who has since passed was able to give me some medicine. The homeopathic medicine helped clear up the lichen planus. A few months ago I noticed the bumps again and went to a western doctor once again and was treated with topical steroids this time. Although the area the steroids touch cleared up more spots appeared on my body. Currently I only have lichen planus in the skin. I was wondering what would you suggest I take.

  56. Sanjay Pathak says:

    One of our neighbor (lady) is suffering from lichen planus and has difficulty in eating and taking water.
    She is also suffering for Hepatitis C. Please advise thetreatment.

  57. Sheikh Sahib says:

    Hi Doctor ,

    I got this Lichen Planus its gone all black spots on my entire body and in the mouth tongue ,inner cheek and gums ,it is also a
    on the nail beds too.

    What is the best medicine you would reccomend for this. I have been dealing with this condition
    for just over three months. I am on vitamin A tablets by the Skin specialist
    Could you please give me your expertise. Thanks

  58. Gayle R. Green says:

    I have had a skin biopsy and have been diagnosed with lichen planus. I was given two injections on two separate office visits of a drug that I cannot remember the name of. The medicine did seem to make the lesions somewhat lighter but they did not go away. Being frustrated with lack of progress I decided to try alternative remedies. I have been using Tumeric supplements for about two months hoping to see some improvement but I have not noticed any improvement. One other point I have is that people always list itching as a symptom. I have no itching with my condition. Could another condition besides lichen planus be possible? Also, if you know of some treatment that has been successful please let me know. Thank you, Gayle R. Green

  59. Rajwinder Badwal says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have oral and vulver lichen planus. I keep on getting cuts and little pimples inside my mouth then they inflate and burst. It’s burning and painful. Doctor has prescribed different steroids for using on the private parts however nothing is helping much. I have psoriasis patches which start showing up on different parts of my body in patches. Is there any solution?
    Sincerely, Rajwinder

  60. Sharada Kishor says:

    Respected doctor..,
    This is sharada kishor from Bangalore…
    I have been suffering from lichen planus pigmentous for the past 3 yrs….
    Taking treatment in homeopathy…not seeing good results.
    Patches are on my hips …Under the breast on face and hands …
    They are dark black and of 1 inch in size…
    I am on antidepressant tablets for past 6 yrs….
    Today started thuja ointment on the patches…
    It will be v helpful if you can let me know how to go about and also how long will it take for the patches to fade with thuja…
    Thank you

    • Sharada Kishor says:

      Respected doctor..,
      This is sharada kishor from Bangalore…
      I have been suffering from lichen planus pigmentous for the past 3 yrs….
      Taking treatment in homeopathy…not seeing good results.
      Patches are on my hips …Under the breast on face and hands …
      They are dark black and of 1 inch in size…
      I am on antidepressant tablets for past 6 yrs….
      Today started thuja ointment on the patches…
      It will be v helpful if you can let me know how to go about and also how long will it take for the patches to fade with thuja…
      Thank you

  61. Ashok Chaudhary says:

    I am suffering from lichen amaliods since 15 years .
    It starts from back and spread on arms legs. Legs are badly affected from this.
    Sir how can it will be treated.

  62. Dear doctor,
    Since last 2 years I am having marks on my skin on the face and arms.On consulting skin specialists they have diagnosed it as lichen planus. Treatment is going on but there is no inprovement particularly on the face.I have also consulted Ayurvedic doctor and am taking Kottakkal ayurvedic medicines.There is no improvement.Kindly suggest.

  63. manoj wagh says:

    Dear doctor
    Since last 6 months I am suffering a spot on lips then on right chick . also suffering from high uric acid and have pain in toes and feet.
    Pls suggest remedy cause also tried allopathy steroids.

  64. Evadney Terrelonge says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I find the above article very informative. I was diagnosed recently with oral lichen planus with lesions on my gum, burning, itching in the mouth and lips along with redness and dry mouth. I also have the metallic taste in my mouth, salty taste in my mouth.
    Please give me your advice as to which homeopathic treatment is best for me.

    Thank you.
    Evadney Terrelonge

  65. Kaushal kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I found few white Line on right cheek inside mouth. White lines are rough. My dental doctor called it oral lichen planus. What medicine you will suggest for the same? at what potency and how to take? Please suggest.

  66. Gladys Christopherson says:

    What is the next step when borax doesn’t work. It was good for 3 weeks and now it is back to original condition.

  67. suffering with Lichen Planus.Presently.wrist front feet, ankles are most affected.Some area of cheeks gum is also involved.what homeopathic treatment you suggest.

  68. Sir mje 3 year sec h n ab spread Ho ri h plz help me

  69. Bridgid McIntyre says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, I am a 65 yr old female recently diagnosed with lichen planus erosive. I just had 2 gum grafts. Niw that I know what the issue is, I esrimating i have had this for the past several years. I frequently have sores on my cheeks and tongue and my gums show signs of recession. I never made the connection of the metallic taste til,I read your information. I would really appreciate any info you could give me regarding homeopathic treatment. Mhpw much and how often should I use it?
    Thank you so much,
    Bridgid. McIntyre

  70. Dr Kaberi Saha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am suffering from skin Lichen Planus from last 6 months. I have consulted Allopethic as well as Ayurvedic doctors and taken different medicines as per their advice . But nothing helped me. Rather the condition became worst. I can’t tolerate itching . It has spread in my whole body. I am suffering fro tremendous mental stress for that. Don’t know what to do.
    Can you help me in this regard.
    Thanking you
    With regards
    Kaberi Saha

  71. Rupali sabale says:

    Hello Doctor,
    This is Rupali sabale here I have lichen planus problem facing since 1 year. I am taking treatment for that from Dr. Batras homeopathy clinic Pune. But didn’t get any result still disease spreads on my full of body when I started to take medicine. I didn’t get cure. What should I do shall I continue medicine from Batra clinic.
    Please reply me. I am very frustrated with this.

    Thanks & regards,
    Rupali sabale

  72. Emmanuel mamidi says:

    I have oral lichen planus very too much pain plzz send solution doctor

  73. Ineedhelppls says:

    Hello dr Sharma,the dr told me 3yrs ago that i have this lp in the vulvar area..i thought im just allergic with sanitary napkins..untill now i still have it..what cream can i use to cure it that is over the counter..thank you ..

  74. Anghan Karan says:

    Sir I am taking Tuja for my lichen planus scalp is that right medicine priscribed by Doctor? Because hair falla has not yet stopped

  75. jagdish shah says:

    lichen simplex chronicus suggest homeopathic medicine with dosage

    • jagdish shah says:

      lichen simplex chronicus in genitals suggest homeopathic medicine with dosage age 50

    • Ram Naresh Singh says:

      Hello Dr. Sharma I am suffering fromCutaneous Lichen Planus over wrist back of palm shoulder and neck suggest homeopathic medicine with dosage age 55.

  76. Papu Subramaniam says:

    Pls advice for Lychen plynus in the gums

  77. D. Mukherjee says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I found few white and red patches on right and left cheek inside mouth. White patches are rough and red patches are smooth. My dental doctor called it oral lichen planus. What medicine you will suggest for the same? at what potency and how to take? Please suggest.

    • Pallab Kanti Ghoshal says:

      I found few white and red patches on right and left cheek inside mouth. White patches are rough and red patches are smooth. My dental doctor called it oral lichen planus. What medicine you will suggest for the same? at what potency and how to take? Please suggest.

  78. Saswati Paul says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Please help. I have got another eruption of Lichen Planus after 8 years

  79. Good morning.
    Dr. Sharma
    Sir I have suffered from lichen planus since 2 years
    The disease is finish but spot are remaning
    Sir what could I do to remove this spotting

  80. Priya Sharma says:

    How can I purchase the medication fir lichen planus on face and neck. Do you ship to Kuwait

  81. Respected Dr.sahib,my got operated for benign brain tumor in 2011,since then taking cloba tabs-10twice a day,bbut from the 8-10 months&know she is has black spots on tongue.cheeks is oral lichen planus .pl suggest medicine to cure it wife is effected.

  82. Sadaf khan says:

    Hi doc…. Wnt ur assistance for d treatmnt oflichen planus for my hubby… He has it on his legs n feet n has grown tremendously in d past 8 yrs… Looking frqd for ur reply

  83. Sadaf khan says:

    Hi… Doctor m speakin on behalf of my hubby whu suffers frm lichen planus…on his feet n has wirsened over d years… Need ur assistance on d same… Hopefully waitin for ur reply…

  84. Ajit Datta says:

    hlw sir,
    I have lichen planus on my cheek (right side) near mouth.
    and small black spots developing on my toung ( right side )
    what shall I do.
    Please answer .

  85. Bikky Sharma says:

    I have got Oral Lichen Planus in my inner cheeks. Actually, it was on the right cheek. It is circular in shape. I got diagnosed from Dermatologist and she told me about it. She also told me that it has started in my left cheeks. I am given mouth wash and other tablets.

    Please tell me what medicines and treatment should I follow ?
    It would be a great help for me.
    Looking forward for your reply.

  86. Caroline Charonko says:

    I have lichens planus of my gums. What is a homeopathic treatment for this?

  87. ezhilarasi says:

    Hi I am suffering from LLP. No itching just the sclap skin becomes black and the Hair falls in spot. Please help is there any remedy. I have taken treatment for long time but still its active. Pls help.


  88. Respected Sir..
    I want to discuss my fathers case of Oral Kichen planus.He has been suffering from it since two years and is in severe pain.He tried allopathy but no relief.He wants to start homeo treatment byt cant do as he cant stop his heart

  89. Mandeep kaur says:

    I had a surgery for breast cancer jime 2013, underwent chemotherapy and radiation which completed in December 2013.
    Now I am having lichen plans in mouth with white patches and white lines on sides of tongue and inner wall of cheek. I need homeopathic medicine with dosage. Hope to hear soon. Thank you.

  90. Hi
    I am suffering from oral Lichen planus for around 3 keeps troubling me from time to time, it gets well for some time and then it starts up .it used to get well by kenakort oral paste but now the Abbot company have changed its salt. Now I’m confused please sugget me some remedy.

    Thank you

  91. purushottam shankar phadke says:

    I am suffering from the skin problem for the last ten months. After the biopsy it was diagnosed as lichen planus I am under tremendous stress and this is said to be reason for my illness
    Kindly guide me

  92. I have lichen planus face and head need to know is there a cure my hair fall off on top of my head and have a big scar in my have when it was eating up my skin is thete anything i can use to get my hair back i dont know exactly how long i had this but been suffering for about 9 yrs please help

  93. Dr. Dr. Sharma,

    I have lichen planus , dark spots onwrist, arms,back, stomach and I would like to know which is the best homeopathic medicine for these.

    Thank you,

  94. I have dark spots on arms,back and legs,thies.They are so much itchy.Dermatologist said it is lichen planus.I need homeopathic medicine for it

    • Mahima shrivastava says:

      I am suffering from lichen planus past two months.
      i am having black red scars on my hand ,legs and body.
      i need to remove those scars.. i am taking ayurvedic medicins and i got relief
      but scars are not reducing…
      Can you please suggest your kind advise for the same.


      Mahima Shrivastava

    • Danielle St-Onge says:


      I have oral Lichen Planus on my bottom gums and a bit on my back and upper body.
      The body Lichen Planus comes and goes with red itchy bumps that disappear or tear depending if I scratch or not.
      The oral Lichen Planus on my gums is very tender. I have tried to treat it with essentiel oils and vegetal oils mouth rinces , it soothes but is not healing it. I am also taking herbal medicines prescribes by a Chinese Medicine doctor, but so far it is not helping.
      My gums are very tender, what can I take to cure them and alleviate the itching on my skin.

      Thank you

  95. Dear Sir,

    I have suffering skin problem last 5 – 6 years, I have took so many alopathy treatment,it is clear for some time and come back again itching watery with brown spot, Dermatologist diagnosed it is Lichen Planus . He have treat with some steroid medicine & cream, it is not cured.

    Please suggest me about homeopathy treatment for the same. It would be very helpful.

    Thanks & regards,

  96. Namashkar dr Sharma,
    Mera ayurvedic treatment chal raha hai .kya main ayurvedic ke sath sath homeopathic medicine le sakti hun ?

  97. Ashok Gupta says:

    Respected Doctor Sharmajee,
    I,am need of your hard and sincere efforts for relief from Lichen Planus Pigmentosus,for my daughter ,who is an eye surgeon with UK , NHS-consultant suffering for nearly three years.she has marks on face neck and on tibia bone.
    Request your advice,
    Ashok gupta

  98. I have dark spots on palms,arms,back and legs,thies.They are so much itchy.Dermatologist said it is lichen planus.I need homeopathic medicine for it

  99. Susan Vincent-Friedman says:

    Hi. I’ve been plagued with Cutaneous Lichen Planus for almost two years now. It appeared quite suddenly. The only thing I was doing differently at the time was taking a new Probiotic. My skin began to break out a few weeks after beginning the Probiotic. I also had my silver fillings removed at the same time and it’s possible that I could have broken out from that as well – but that’s just a guess.

    I get the Lichen Planus primarily on the back of my thighs, buttocks, inner thighs, the tops of my feet, and a few lesions on my back, neck, arms, writsts, ankles, and arm pits. The worst of it is on my feet and buttocks. It seems to wax and wane and looks like it’s going away and then, it comes back unexpectedly with a vengeance. I have the scaring type of Lichen Planus on the skin. I’ve tried so many things to try and get rid of this….currently taking Turmeric capsules 1-2 x a day. Desperate for some relief and a permanent cure. I was recently considering using Purslane….I understand it can clear up Lichen Planus. Just not sure if I am allergic to this….I do have a lot of allergies including gluten intolerance and a lactose intolerance.

    As a note of interest, I had Hep.-C sometime in the past – possibly after the birth of my daughter…I needed 7 blood transfusions to save my life (my infectious disease doc tells me that my case cleared up spontaneously). Is it possible that my body’s immunity is picking up on the titers in my blood for the Hep. C??? Since this is an Autoimmune problem, I am wondering if I have another issue causing this? In the past I was treated for a thyroid issue.

    Any information you can provide would be appreciated.

  100. Ken Strathern says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My patient has Lichen Planus vulvar. She is responding well to Sepia, yet I feel this is not the Similimum.
    Perhaps your speciality is oral LP?

    If I write to inquire for your help, is there a charge?

    With thanks,



    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I did some extensive dental work on my teeth cavities in 1964 ( 8 to 10 teeth) within a month after, I suffered from a melt down in the soles of my feet. The soles were literally melting away. Many doctors and treatments treatments could not diagnose the problem. It took about 2 months, to heal but was so tender. The following year I started to develop papules and scars on my ankles and feet, my lips and inside the mouth and penis. I was diagnosed as acute lichen planus annular. I was put on Kenacort tabs and local creams, and it was subdued, but never went away. In later years and many different countries, I underwent Intradermal injections for the many eruptions, sometimes as many as 60 jabs around the many areas, mostly on the feet and ankles. The problem is it always came back in a month or two, sometimes mildly, and sometimes with a fury. Now I am 69 years old, and 51 years have passed, and I have had some very bad eruptions on my feet, and for the first time on the upper metatarso area of the right foot. For the past year I have been seeing a skin specialist, who is giving me an intramuscular injection, and some creams, and it usually clears in 2 to 3 weeks, only to return after another 3 weeks. It is returning sooner now, and can manifest itself within 3 weeks. May be a drug resistance.
    I would appreciate if you could help me out with my problem. Recently it has tended to form a large hard scab about 5 cm in diameter on the inside of both feet below the ankles.

    My conclusion was that i suffered originally from Mercury overdose, from the dental fillings, and that may have triggered the LP. @ years ago, I did two tests to evaluate the presence of mercury and Lead in my system, but both proved negative!!
    your comments would be much appreciated.

  102. braj mohan says:

    Sir My son suffering from oral lp since. One year he is taking homeopathy from three months but no relief what i do ?

  103. Maritza Ugarte says:

    dear Dr Sharma: my problem is oral lichen planus as one skin doctor diagnosed it. I have some growth inside the mouth(the cheeks)also gums,it’s painful when I eat.this doctor gave some medicine that put my sugar levels to high and also my blood pressure(cortisone).It was good results,but I have to stop doing this mouthwash because of the problem and I ended with not treatment,I think that my problem started when the cardiologist gave a medicene for the atrialfibraliation9taquicardia) sotacor,i’ve noticed my mouth was dry and bad odour,i used something for that with not good results.Now I’m desesperated for help and really hope that you can help me.Thank you so much,eternally grateful Maritza

  104. vinodkunjukunju says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from lichen planus since my childhood. Primarily it find on legs& ankles…years later to genital area specifically to tip of the penis.still it is on the way ..kindly help me to heal it.I had undergone several treatments including Alopathy & taking medicine it will disappear.but appear later…kindly help me to cure it.

  105. Zahid Akhtar says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffering form Oral Lichen Planus since 1 year in my tongue, I can not eat hot spicy foods and drinks, please advise me the best homeopathic medicine.

    Zahid Akhtar

  106. Hello sir,
    I am suffering from lichen spreads on my arms,neck and back.not only on skin I am also suffering from oral lichen gums becomes red and blisters appear .at this time I couldn’t eat any hot and spicy food.I’ve tried some alopathic medicines but they did not work.I heard that homeopathic medicines cures lichen planus .please suggest me some best medicines.

  107. Saliu Obenege mohammed says:

    Lichen planus on my waste, legs nd back. Pls what is d permanent remedy? Recommend pls am in Nigeria.

  108. Hi Sir,

    Recently my skin problem has been named as Lichen Planus . I have starting of this disease and it was started with Pink spot on my neck and now it is black and irregular in size ( size is around 0.5 cms ).
    Also some spots on my stomach . What preventive medicines I should take to avoid it from spreading .
    Please suggest I know you haven’t diagnosed me but at least considering the above symptoms. PLease suggest medicine for the same. It would be very helpful.
    Thanks in advance.
    – Saurabh

  109. I am suffering lichen planus since 25 years. After mid night it itches very severely after removing plakes/ skin it is moist and serum like discharge make painful Iwake up in night daily 2 3 hours I have alot treatment got but not in relief used graphitis sulphur rhus toxand many more .please give suggestions and propose medicine. Thanks for this site where. We met.

  110. Chenchi Reddy says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My 2.4 years old son sufferring from skin problem, like small small white dot plots spread across the body and two areas of left leg (ancle and second finger from last) are hard skin and browny dark colour with bunps, last week we met skin specilist, he said it is Lichen Planus, he prescribed Oflaxicin+ Ornidazole Syrp, Fexofinadine Sryp, Fucidic Acid cream and corticosteriod cream. we just completed 3 days start using this medicine.
    I did googling what is the casue of LP, every where shoing there no cure. Could you please guide me which medicine (Allopathy/Ayurvedic/Homeopathy) is best treament for it?
    Does HHV-7 and HSV also causing Lichen Planus?
    Infact i am also suffering from psoriasis from my childhood, now it is controled by Hemopathy.

    I am egarly waiting for your reponse for my son’s bright future…

  111. Gopal chakravorty says:

    In my wifes mouth and cheeks its happen,in alopathy she dont get any relife,so please sujest treatment in homaopathy.p

  112. Vikram narula says:

    Oral lichen planus since 2 years

  113. I have oral lichen planus

  114. Maninder Kaur says:

    Dr. Sharma
    I have LP , a small scar in my hair. My hair is falling. Please advise the medicine . I am extremely worried …
    Thank you

  115. bina jain says:

    Dr SHarma Om Shanti … I need your kind help, my Dentist diagnosis me ULCERATIVE LICHEN PLANUS and prescribe me to apply ointment KENACORT. But i hvnt started yet. I am suffering since 5 to 6 years , mostly on my right side of checks lining, snsitive to hot food and chilly. highly sensitve to chilly. white patches, and red patches can be seen. my gums are inflamed , red gums- generalized chronic periodontitis. my tooth no 24, 25, 36 mobile … shaking. beside this i feel some pressure are built on my left side of face, specially from mt left eyes to the lower checks…. i have no sinus problem, I do not get proper sleep…generally sleep after 1 at night, when i meditate pressure on the facilal left area can be felt more.. and feel if some pressure try to release through nose or going towards downwards. presently i was taking medicine Lachesis 1 mm but this didnt help me much. presently by nature i am very peaceful, but bit emotional. but once uopn a time i was going through very high stress. but not now.
    will you pls suggest me any homeopathy medicine. i will be grateful. Regards … BINA jain

  116. Gaye Rossetto says:

    I have lichen planus on the inside of my cheeks and have had this condition for about 15 years.
    It has been diagnosed by my skin specialist. Some days are worse than others but at the moment it is very uncomfortable. I don’t use anything on it as it is very hard to. Put any ointment on it so I don’t do anything for it.

    Is there a homeopathic treatment that will help me. I have an overactive thyroid too.

    I also have lichen sclerosis of the vulva area.


  117. iam diagnosed with oral lichen planus nov 2014, my face cheeks , ears also giving a heavy pain ,cannot eat spicy foods, when I open mouth I can see some dark /blue patches in my cheeks, cannot bear this pain full life …once a week I have to go and see a doctor for my ears, some sort of fluid comes , and its itiching ,,,very pain full,,,,,my cheeks are paining , and in my head some kind of terrible sores, hair also loosing ….my mouth redness, and burning ,cannot brush teeth ,,,blood comes out …pls help me


  118. kusum saini says:

    sir, meri mumy ki age 50 year hai nd unko 1 year se skin prob hai……body par pahle itching hoti hai fir waha red red round mai nishan ban jate hai fir wo bade ho jate hai nd itching hoti hai turbinaforce crem use karke……sare saf ho jate hai nd kuch din bd fir wahi cond. aur ye allergy face ke alawa har jagah hai, koi permanent tretment bto sir….plz…………

  119. abhishek kumar says:

    i have rough mucous membranes in mouth in side of my tongue . no burning no any patch nothing is there but it is looking little bit cracks marks …and i m taking merc soln 200 0f 4 drop daily but there is no progress . plz advice me to proper medicine to cure its soon .

  120. I have been diagnosed with nail lichen planus involving all 20 of my nails, which has worsened to the point of nearly losing several of them. It began in 2009 and was initially misdiagnosed as fungal infection. My lab tests for liver function test fine but I still suspect some liver issues. I am 61 years of age and in otherwise excellent health except for occasional fatigue.

    Which remedy or combination can you recommend please?

  121. MASOOD IQBAL says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    IN the last June 2014 i experienced to pull out my end teeth from right upper side and after this i am still suffering with oral lichen planus inside cheeks plus the tounge in the form of white spots or lines. There is no pain in the leisions normaly but it is very uncomfortable to eat any spicy thing. However now after the treatment with costeroids the tounge condition is better but as soon as i decrease the dose of steroids the desease appear again. Now as per your advice i am starting Plantago in 30 potency 3-4 times a day.
    Pls guide me.

    Best regard,
    Masood Iqbal

  122. Meena Sinha says:

    since last 5 years in my both legs 2+1 creame colour rounded by deep brown patches exists. Dr said it Lichen Planus. It is dry and many time itching symptoms forced for itching, Plz provide me patent homeo medicine. I am a working lady about 48 yrs.

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