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8 Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Treating Facial Pigmentation

Homeopathic Medicines for Facial PigmentationFacial pigmentation refers to the darkening of facial skin due to overproduction of pigment melanin. Medically, this is known as melasma. In melasma, patches of pigmentation appear on the face, predominantly over the cheeks, nose, forehead and upper lip. The pigmentation varies from yellowish, brownish, bluish to blackish in colour. Chloasma is another term for facial pigmentation in women during pregnancy. Freckles or tiny dark spots appear on the face in certain cases from repeated sun exposure. Freckles are more likely in persons with fair skin. Homeopathic medicines for facial pigmentation can help effectively clear out the pigmentation.

Homeopathic Medicines for Facial Pigmentation

The top 8 natural medicines for facial pigmentation are Sepia Officinalis, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Cadmium Sulphuratum, Berberis Aquifolium, Sulphur, Psorinum, Lachesis Muta, and Thuja Occidentalis.

1. Sepia Officinalis – Top grade Medicine for Facial Pigmentation

Sepia Officinalis is one of the top grade medicines for treating facial pigmentation. The person prescribed Sepia Officinalis will have pigmentation on the cheeks, forehead and nose. The pigmentation varies from brownish, yellowish to blackish in colour. The skin may be rough and hard. Sepia is very suitable for women with facial pigmentation arising during pregnancy and after childbirth. It works equally well for women who develop facial pigmentation during menopause. Along with facial pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes are a unique symptom.

2. Pulsatilla Nigricans – For Facial Pigmentation with Menstrual Irregularities

Pulsatilla Nigricans is a most effective medicine for facial pigmentation in women with menstrual irregularities. The irregularities include delayed periods, scanty menses and suppressed menses. They show up as pigmented spots and freckles on the face. Pulsatilla is also helpful for acne resulting from menstrual irregularities.

3. Cadmium Sulphuratum – For Facial Pigmentation that Worsens in Sun

For facial pigmentation that gets worse with exposure to the sun, Cadmium Sulphuratum is the best prescription. The pigmentation varies from yellowish to brownish in colour. Pigmented spots are present over the entire face, but most prominently on the nose and cheeks. Another guiding symptom for use of Cadmium Sulphuratum is that pigmentation gets worse in the wind. The face may feel itchy.

4. Berberis Aquifolium – For Treating Facial Pigmentation from Eruptions

Berberis Aquifolium is a highly effective and reliable remedy for treating pigmentation spots and scars on the face left behind by any kind of eruption. The skin may feel waxy. The cheeks may feel hot.

5. Sulphur – For Facial Pigmentation with Dry Skin

Sulphur is a highly reliable medicine for facial pigmentation with dry skin. The skin looks unhealthy and dirty. The person complains of itching and burning sensation on the face. Itching gets worse in the heat. Sulphur is also a good choice of medicine to treat facial pigmentation that has been subjected to ointments and external topical applications in the past.

6. Psorinum – For Facial Pigmentation with Oily, Waxy Skin

For facial pigmentation attended with greasy, oily, waxy skin, Psorinum is the medicine to go to. Facial skin looks dull, pale and sick. The face is covered in pigmented spots that may be attended with itching. Acne – papular or pustular – may be present on the face.

7. Lachesis Muta – For Facial Pigmentation in Pre-menopausal Women

In addition to Sepia Officinalis, another helpful medicine for treating facial pigmentation in women of menopausal age is Lachesis Muta. A woman who needs Lachesis will have facial pigmentation ranging from bluish–purple to bluish–black in colour, along with the other menopausal symptoms.

8. Thuja Occidentalis – For Facial Pigmentation and Freckles

Where facial pigmentation and freckles are both present, Thuja Occidentalis works wonderfully well. The skin looks dirty, dry and is covered in brown spots. The face may look pale, with dark circles under the eyes. Pigmented spots may also be present on the hands and arms. The skin is very sensitive to touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Homeopathy have a permanent solution to facial pigmentation?

There is a great scope of treating facial pigmentation with homeopathy. Natural medicines help lighten facial pigmentation and in time, could make them fade away given that other factors are conducive.

2. Why do we get facial pigmentation?

The root cause of facial pigmentation is excess melanin production. Facial pigmentation is very common in women, but may also arise in men. The causal factors are many, the major among them being hormonal changes in women during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause, from intake of contraceptive pills, from hormone replacement therapy and hypothyroidism. Other factors that trigger facial pigmentation are stress, loss of sleep and sun exposure. Heredity also plays an important role in predisposing a person to facial pigmentation. Acne may also lead to scarring and facial pigmentation.

3. At what age does facial pigmentation occur?

Facial pigmentation can occur at any age, but it is most prominently seen between 20–40 years of age.

4. I have facial pigmentation. Will going out in the sun worsen it?

Yes, sun exposure will definitely worsen the facial pigmentation. The melanin producing melanocyte cells gets activated in the sun, hence worsening the facial pigmentation.

5. Will stress lead to facial pigmentation?

Stress does not cause facial pigmentation, but will surely worsen the condition if it persists for long. Stress causes hormonal imbalance which may worsen facial pigmentation.

6. I am a woman of menopausal age and notice discolored spots on my face. Is it natural to have such spots at this age?

Hormonal changes during menopause could cause facial pigmentation among other symptoms such as profuse menses, hot flushes, headaches, and mood swings. However, all women going through menopause will not necessarily get pigmentation.

7. I have thyroid and now, pigmentation spots on my cheeks and forehead. Are pigmentation and hyperthyroidism related?

Yes, pigmentation and thyroid complaint are related. An imbalance in thyroid hormone levels can lead to facial pigmentation.

8. Can hormonal changes cause facial pigmentation?

Yes, hormonal changes are the foremost reason behind facial pigmentation. Hormonal changes in women during pregnancy, after childbirth and during menopause, all contribute significantly toward facial pigmentation as do changes in the thyroid hormone. Taking oral contraceptive pills can also lead to facial pigmentation.

9. I have been on a contraceptive pill for a while now. Will stopping the pill cure my facial pigmentation?

Once you stop taking contraceptive pills, you will be able to stop further pigmentation. However, the pigmented spots that are already there will not fade away by themselves. They will require proper treatment.

10. Can topical applications erase pigmentation marks?

Pigmentation on the face is the symptom of some internal problem which is why topical external applications usually do not help. The root cause of the pigmentation needs to be identified and treated before the marks will fade.

11. Will taking proper sleep reduce pigmentation marks?

Lack of sleep is a contributing factor to facial pigmentation. Lack of sleep raises the level of stress hormones which worsen the pigmentation. Hence, proper sleep is needed to prevent worsening of facial pigmentation.

12. Does the weather have anything to do with facial pigmentation?

Most cases of facial pigmentation worsen during the summer months, it has been found.

13. Should I take vitamins to reduce facial pigmentation?

Vitamins A, B12, C and E are known for their properties to reduce facial pigmentation. However, these vitamins should be taken in recommended doses, only after consulting a health professional. Taken together with medicines, these vitamins can work wonders and fade out facial pigmentation marks.

14. Can lifestyle changes help keep away pigmentation?

Lifestyle measures that can help avoid and manage facial pigmentation to an extent are:

  • Cover face in the sun
  • Manage stress by following a yoga and meditation regime
  • Drink lots of water
  • Proper 8-hour sleep is advised

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  1. Sir i have hyperpigmentation around my mouth and I’m also suffering from pcos. Pls recommend me some homeopathic medicine for hyperpigmentation. It looks so bad I’m depressed since 8-9 years. I have used so many creams medicines, home remedies but didn’t work so pls help me

  2. Hello doctor,
    Kindly advise me on the following aspects.
    I am on vitiligo treatment for past 30 years homeopathic medicine its in control and not spreading, recently I got hyperpigmentation on face ,I have also low level of vitamin d which is 10 .1ng/ml. I am confused now whether to go out in the sun to increase vit d or not go out in the sun due to hyperpigmentation,
    Also I m 53 years old and had total hysterectomy 12 years ago and I am not on hormone replacement therapy, kindly advice on how to go about tteating these two conditions , I am already on vitiligo treatment taking homeopathic medicines, thank you

  3. Amrish chaturvedi says:

    hello sir
    my name is Amrish chaturvedi male 40 year old,
    i have pigmentation spot over on my both cheeks nose and side face through my eyebrows from last 6 to 7 years i have already using topical creams but no recovery,spot are worsen with the time going,even i spent most of time under roof there is no possibility of sun exposer.i had tested my lever which is fatty grade 2 in ultrasound report.
    kindly help me out

    warm regards
    Amrish chaturvedi

  4. Dr I mrs Rajshree age 48. My menstrual cycle completed at age 42.after that I have pigmentation on cheeks. Last few year I used cream given by beautician which faded my pigmentation. But at last December I found pigmentation spot on my nose. So suggest some medicine for me

    • Hello doctor, my age is around 25 yrs and I have darkspots on my face caused by acne especially on cheeks and occurs 3 months ago. I also have dark circles.
      Please suggest some useful medicine/treatment so that my face becomes like early.
      Please help me. Please guide me how can I remove it.

  5. Rakhi Sharma says:

    Hello doctor, my age is around 27 yrs and I have hyper pigmentation on my face especially on cheeks and I also have very much acne scars with so many indents on my face. My indents and acne scars are of 2 years ago but the pigmentation occurs 3 months ago.
    Please suggest some useful medicine/treatment so that my face becomes like early.
    Please help me

  6. I hve spot on face and head nose ears

  7. Naphtaline Sentoeli says:

    Have problem of hyperpigmentation and deep acne scars. Tried so many creams and pills without success. My face looks very dull as compared to my whole body.

  8. Hello,
    My name is somya,age 20 I have highper pigmentation, uneven skin, dark circles and black or white heads on my face for last 5 years
    Please guide me how can I remove it.

  9. Hello Dr.
    After delivery, I got pigmentation on my cheeks. As per suggestion by a doctor, I am taking SEPIA30 internally and BERBERIS AOUAFOLIUM externally.
    Is it ok or need to take something else. Kindly suggest and also tell me that it will be cured or not?

    • Hello,
      My name is somya,age 20 I have highper pigmentation, uneven skin, dark circles and black or white heads on my face for last 5 years
      Please guide me how can I remove it.

  10. Hi,
    Mrs. Uma, age 49. i hve highper pigmentation, freckels and uneven skin onn my face. i have tried lot of home remedies and creams like Demelean, but of no use.
    please guide.

  11. Ismael Barraza says:

    I have dark pigmentation spots in the back of my body …lower back .
    What homeopathic tx will help me the best

  12. Sharad bhosale says:

    Sir good information for hyperpigmation for face
    But all homeiopathy medicine’s powar ,& doses are
    Nothing this information

  13. Respected sir l am homoeopathy pharmacist ,since last two years l have facial pigmentation on left side,black in colour on cheek only, my age 43,after delivery for past 10years I have menses within 20days ,I taken sepia200,but it there is No result to me please help me sir,thank you,

  14. I have developed pigmentation marks on lips,neck and back due to fixed drug eruption (tetracycline )…will these ever go away.Which medicine should i use to fade these marks.

  15. Deepak kumar says:

    Which homeopathic medicine is good for pigmentation …. Can I take ( Cadmium Sulphuratum)

  16. Hii..Dr.sharma how are you??Dr i have skin pigmentation and patches that suddenly occur first on my face from 4,5 months ago and now my arms are effected with dark patches and melasma…i don’t know what happened suddenly..its not because of sun exposure and i am not married..then what can be a reason?i am 30..plz suggest me medicine..i will wait for your kind reply..thanks.

  17. Jyoti DIGHOLE says:

    I have paid and lot pigments on my face suggest me medicine

    • Hello dr I have hyperpigmentation from last 8 years can u suggest me d medication for dis .I am 40 year old n these occur after my daughter s birth Thank you

  18. Deepa nair Nair says:

    Pls say how to use sepia 30 for hyperpigmentation

  19. Bushra Najam says:

    Dear Dr Sharma ,
    I’m a 49 yr old female with melasma. I would like to try treat this condition with homoeopathic remedy that best suits me.Can you please guide me?
    Thank you
    Mrs Najam

  20. I have lots of skin problems due to use of lots of creams…like dark spots melasma on nose cheeks forehead n brown black til.n also coars facial hairs …what I do now plz help me…IAM a nursing mother with the age of 30 years old

  21. Jayasree, says:

    Do tor, my face is full of balck coulour,

  22. DEBASREE SEN says:

    Dear Doctor, I have hypothyroidism. Currently I am on Thyronorm 100 mcg. I am on thyroid medication for more than 10-12 years. My skin has become quite pigmented. I was quite fair. But now I have patchy skin . There is a kind of black layer on my skin. Nothing looks good on me . I want to get rid of this pigmentation. And a glowing skin. Please prescribe something. Thanks and regards. Debasree

  23. Freckles by use of contraceptives

  24. Lalita Adsul says:

    Which tablet Or cream of sepia harmonal pigmetation should I used give me any suggestion my age in between 35 to 40

  25. Hi, please could you recommend a homeopath remedy for me to purchase. I have melasma on my forehead upper lip and cheeks. I also suffer from cystic and pustular acne. I’m 37 years old and female. I have a healthy diet exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. My BMI is 18.5. I have suffered from acne since a teenager and melasma for about the last 5 years. I also get large patches of dry flakey skin on my face. I’ve tried lots of things but still suffer and it really gets me down. Do you think there is anything homeopathic that could help?

  26. Rasika Sharma says:

    Namaskar Dr. Sharma,

    I am 49yrs of age and have been suffering from Melasma on my cheeks, cheek bones, forehead for last 5-6 yrs. Though the melasma on upper lip & nose thankfully disappeared, it is not going from the above regions. I tried topical allopathic ointments, skin pigmentation control serums and laser. Temporary to no relief. My melasma started a year or two into my premenopausal stage and maybe related to intake of Plan B hormonal medication. The marks are very demoralizing as I had clear skin before. Please help! I am in Delhi, if you are in Delhi, grateful if I can get an appointment before 11th Jan as I travel on 12th for 6-8 months on work assignment.

    Thank you,

    Rasika Sharma

  27. Sir , how should I advise my patient to take vitamin pills along with homoeo medicines ,like dosages ???

  28. Asma Akhtre says:

    Dear Sir,
    My age is 38.I have been suffering pigmentation from 2015 in my face. I’ve proper take treatment from CMH,Dhaka,BD. Deptt. head Dr. Doctor suggest me a USA hydroquinone cream & a lightning cream.
    I used both cream 1 year & get excellent result.But I saw after few days my skin is thin day by day. In this satiation Ive stooped use those cream. very soon I saw that my malasoma spot is visible & its spread day by day. Specially in my both check ,nose & forehead.

    Now which homeopathy medicine is perfect for me & how many drops & how many times at a day ? please inform me .Thanks & regards .

    • Hi..mam is there any cure for dpn on my face..I have multiple black small moles on my face
      .can I get rid of them by homeopathic treatment..?

  29. Asma Akhtre says:

    Dear Sir
    My age is 38. I’ve been suffering pigmentation in my face from 2015. I had take proper treatment from CMH Dhaka,BD. skin dept. head doctor. Dr. suggest me a USA hydroquinone cream & a lightning cream . I used those cream & get excellent result. But day by day my skin is very thin. In this satiation when I stop using those cream ,very short time malasoma spot is visible and day by day its spread my face.

  30. Asma Akhtre,Dhaka,Bangladesh says:

    Dear Sir
    My age is 38. I’ve been suffering pigmentation in my face from 2015. I had take proper treatment from CMH Dhaka,BD. skin dept. head doctor. Dr. suggest me a USA hydroquinone cream & a lightning cream . I used those cream & get excellent result. But day by day my skin is very thin. In this satiation when I stop using those cream ,very short time malasoma spot is visible and day by day its spread my face.

    • Dear Mam,
      I am of age 41.I have pigmentation on my both cheeks,eyebrows and nose. I have taken a treatment from a senior dermatologist. He has give me certain creams and sunscreen but it is not working kindly suggest

  31. Tasmin sultana says:

    I have been sufferings from pigmentation .neck hand and backside.plz tell me how can I get rid of this pigmentation .

  32. Susmita parija says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,I m a woman of 46 yrs with premenopausal symptoms , a fibroid of 2 cm in the uterus.i also had hypothyroidism. Presently since a yr I have not checked. My face specially the under eyes nd the skin beside my eyes nd checks have brownish nd blackish hyper dark circles under the eyes r very dark nd I also have black freckles. My chin has pigmentation. Lot of pimples too. I m frustrated. Pls advice

  33. Hi sir this is jaspreet here I have little brown spots on my face and now it increases on body also so plz let me know how to cure… Thanks

  34. prasanta bairagi says:

    hi mam
    My name is prasanta bairagi,my age is 29 years old some years my face right side black sport no remove please tell me very good homeopathic medicine

  35. Hello dr. I m troubling with pigmentation problem. Having on my chicks n now it’s start spreading. One of homeopathy dr advised me to take belladona 6 for a week. While going through the internet I din correlate belladona for pigmentation. Plz advice the with relivent medicine.

  36. डॉ.मेरे को 2साल से मेलास्मा की समस्या है नाक पर भूरे रंग के धब्बे है मैने पहले allopathic tertment लिया जिसमें tranex 500 lemce500 tablate 3 महीने तक लिया तो एक झाइया साफ हो गया लेकीन गर्मी के मौसम में फिर से मेलास्मा की समस्या हो गई क्या hmiopathic ऐसी दवा जिससे मेलास्मा का इलाज हो सकता है। कृपया मार्गदर्शन करे।

    • monica pal says:

      pigmentation on cheekbone or on eyebrow for last 2.5 year pigmentation arise at the time of pregnancy how can it completely clean give suggestion

  37. Suvidya khot says:

    I have brown spots melasma n big size of brown paches on both cheeks trying so much medicine but no result plz suggest me homeopathic medicine .
    Plz do the need full.

  38. I’m 26 year old I have freckle on my nose and upper lip know freckle are going to cheeks freckle start before 3years I have already Used sepia barbaris aque cadmium slap thuja but no result

  39. Hello Dr
    Iam shekhan (Sonu) iam suffering from nose pigmentation please suggest me better solution.

  40. vaishnavi gupta says:

    i have freckles under my eyes on cheeks and melasma on nose. which medicines i can take

  41. Can I take homeopathy medicines for facial pigmentation and malesma during breastfeeding stage?

  42. I have pigmentation in right cheek now it is also occurring on left cheek. I think so it is post pregnancy effect. My son is one & a half year old. Kindly suggest homeopathy medicine and cream to prevent further pigmentations and also to reduce existing one

    • Ruhee altaf kazi says:

      I have brown spots frackles n big size of brown paches on both cheeks trying so much medicine but no result plz suggest me homeopathic medicine .
      Plz do the need full.

  43. Dr. Raza A.K says:

    A female family friend had developed sling pigmentation on the whole body that has gradually turned black from normal wheat colour.
    What remedy do you suggest? Any scope of clearing the problem? Is symptom is the reverse of skin turning white.

  44. I have brownish spot around my mouth plzzzz suggst me wat to do

  45. Manpreet says:

    Hi dr homeo, I m 35 started melesma on cheek bones.
    Kindly asking for it’s cure.

  46. I have frackles on my face plz suggest me homeopathic tube for them

  47. Rangaraju says:

    I am a man aged 67 years. For the past one month I am suffering with facial pigmentation along with some parts on the back of the neck also. I am applying some external applications like some home remedies using potato juice mixed with lemon juice. Not much improvement is noticed. For day to day activities I have to go out and covering face may be odd. Don’t know whether the face becomes normal. Please tell me what to do.

  48. Hi
    I am a male and have been suffering from pigmentation cheeks since 4 years now. I have taken allopathic medicine and applied topical creams but it has not helped.
    Please suggest homeopathic medicine for the same.

  49. Jatinder Singh says:

    Hello dear doctor. My wife has pigments on her face on nose,on cheeks,on eyebrows. She is 31 yes. We have two children. Before 4-5 yes one doctor gave her hormones therapy. After that these patches arise on face. We have taken many medicines but no benefits even homoeopathy. Her skin is waxy and oily, spots are brown color.Her menstrual period is not on time, come before time and continue for 5-6 days with heavy bleeding sometimes black pieces. So plz guide me to treat her. Tell the exact homoeopathic medicine with dosage.
    Thanks and regards.
    Jatinder Singh Ludhiana Punjab India.

  50. Chetan Khandode says:

    Am chetan age 29, from nagpur Maharashtra. Am suffering from hyperpigmentation last 5 year, taken all type of treatment like chemical cream PRP 12 settings laser treatment still its not cure. On my chicks nose for head are having dark patches. My friends colleagues my parents also taunting me for this..
    Takeb several treatment but no result.. now am sooo much disturb by this.. plz sir i want your help.. i wanna call you..

    • You can take MSM capsules (from brand “Now Foods”)… They work pretty well..
      Also take zinc picolinate capsules with them.

      Start Msm with 1 capsule ( 1000 mg) per day..

      After 4-5 days inc doses to 2 capsules.. And after 4-5 days to 3…Don’t take more than 3 capsules…

      Note : MSM will cause bloating and frequent visits to toilet. Through stool you will get rid of excessive free radicals..

      In starting 10-15 days your skin will look worse than it is now.. These are just detox symptoms.. Don’t be scared by this… They will go away after 2 week..

      Don’t take it at night as it will cause insomnia.

  51. Kya aapko eska elaaj mila dr.sharma n Dr Kaur see

  52. sir,
    chemical reaction( sideiffect) se chehara kala pad gaya hai, last 10 yeear se. sun light me aur kala pad jata hai. allopathy & Aurvedic use kar chuka hoo. kuch bhi cream lagata hoon face fair nahi ho raha hai. please homeopathy me treatment bataye jisse face fair ho jaye.

  53. Satendra Yadav says:

    Meri age 26year or mujhe pigmentaion ki problem almost 4 year se h. Pahle bhut hi light pigmentaion thi but abb dark hote jaa rhe h orr skin bhi rough hoti jaa rhi h.. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine

  54. Michelle Lightfoot says:

    Looking for a treatment for severe hyperpigmentation

  55. Hello MSM.. msine bhut medicine btry ki mujhe jhaiya h pr koi frk ni pda

  56. Hello Mam

    I have oily and sensitive skin. Due to hormonal changes, stress I have pigmentation on cheeks and forhead from last 8 years. Its brown in color. Please suggest a good homeo medicine and sunscream. I currently use neutrogena facewasn and sunsscream.


  57. Meri age 24 h or mujhe pigmentaion ki problem almost 4 year se h. Pahle bhut hi light pigmentaion thi but abb dark hote jaa rhe h orr skin bhi rough hoti jaa rhi h.. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine

  58. Am suffering from melasma on cheeks and rosacea on nose from 5 am 26 year old boy.Rosacea has been gone by 70 %by fractional laser treatment but melasma reverse within 6 month from laser.I have used topical cream such as HQ,kojic acid,alpha arbutin and more but when I stop this melasma came back again same level.I have combination skin no pimple or acne and fair colour and always using sunscreen.I had also used homeopathic medicines in 2013 for 7 month but nothing was working.Please tell me powerful homeopathic medicine to rid melasma fast

  59. Dripta Ghosh says:

    Hello Doctor, I am Dripta. I’m have very dark armpit. Can you suggest some homeopathic remedies.

  60. Hii doctor I have light spots my nose pls suggest the best medicine

  61. dhruv saxena says:

    I need to consult with you m suffering from hyperpigmentatioon from last 10 yrs what is procedure kindly let me know

  62. Sir I’m poonam
    Maine 4 years se mela care lagaya. Cream use stop kiya toh redness, ghamauri , chehra fool gaya , pain , khujli, dark black ho rahi hu. Baht kharab ho gaya face.
    Please sir suggest kare thik aur white skin k liye.

    • Himanshu Starr says:

      Dear Poonam sorry to say it’s your fault. You started a cream treatment without consulting any dermatologist. Ok get off that subject.Use Germanic+honey lotion 1:2 ratio,potato rub,aloevera face mask(natural as in your flowerpot) and everything will be okay.

  63. prasanta bairagi says:

    Sir,my name is prasanta bairagi,my problem is a check /nose side hiperpigmentation.very bad efact my face. Please kuch acha sa medicin ka namboleya.

  64. i have malasma on my face,i have tried i have started to take homeopathic treatment,just want to knw these homeopathic c medicines will work?will i get permanant rid of melasma from these medication?
    pulsatilla 200
    Thuja occidentalis 200
    Thuja occidentalis Q
    Berberis aquifolium Q
    Sepia 200

    • Hello Anupama, while the homeopathic medicines you have mentioned are used to treat melasma, the exact prescription depends on a variety of factors. The dosage and potencies of the medicines need to be reviewed along with frequent follow-ups with a homeopath for best results.

  65. Tulsi Mandal says:

    Hello doctor my name is tulsi .n I m 34 yrs old women I Has been sfrng from melasma last two yrs .n I has been taking hemopathy trtmnt since one year .but I don’t get any result .and my melasma going down wst n wast more darker n spreding very fast .plz help

    • Hello Tulsi, homeopathic medicines carry a good scope for treating melasma. However, if the homeopathic remedies prescribed to you are not giving any results, the potency and dosage need to be reviewed, or an entirely new set of medicines may be needed after a complete re-evaluation of your case.

  66. Dear doctor
    I have dark spots on the cheeks from last one year. But I don’t know the ac cause of it. It’s very dark on the right cheek and now I don’t like myself due to it.
    Please suggest me the best medicine to treat it with the dosage.. I shall be very grateful to you.

    • Hello Nidhi, a few homeaopthic remedies like Sepia, Thuja, and Cadmium Sulph are well-indicated for treating dark spots on the skin. For the exact dosage and constitutional remedy, kindly get your case assessed by a homeopath.

  67. SEEMA VAJPEYI says:

    I have brown spots on my cheeks and have started with a few of the names that is mentioned above.
    Please help me understand how much of water should be taken while having these medicines

  68. Deepashree Roy Dutta says:

    Dr. I don’t have facial pigmentation but my arms and upper back are covered with brown spots; in some places in clusters due to which I cannot wear short sleeves. My mother too has similar condition. I am 40 year old now and lately I’ve noticed these spots are slowly covering my neck area as well. This condition is giving me sleepless nights. Please help and suggest some homeopathy remedy

  69. Dear doctor
    My mom is 60 yr old she is suffering with face discolouration forehead and sides of the face very dark looks like it increases with the sun exposure plus her skin is very sensitive and loose
    So please suggest her appropriate medicine
    Thanks 🙏🏻

  70. Shivani arora says:

    Hi doc I have light spots on my cheeks n nose l m taking medicine since last three months
    Please advice me for the same

  71. Hi doc
    I have got pigmentation on my both cheeks. I am 28 years old suffering from hypothyroidism also
    Plz tell which medicine should i take?

  72. Sujata Gupta says:

    I am Sujata Gupta, I am facing a problem of pigmentation on my face, around nose. My age above 40. What I have to do this?
    My contact no. is 9818988542

  73. Nikhil yadav says:

    Sir I have dark blemishes on my both cheeks and fourhead since last 4 years. I have used many creams but all in vain . Please suggest me best homeopathic medicine with power and dose. My skin is oily.

  74. Santosh Kumar Sinha says:

    My daughter aged about 15 years had developed lot of pimples on her face & back and after a few months dark black spots have developed over these pimples on her face & back. Pl. Suggest appropriate homoeo medicine for removing these blaack spots from her face & back

  75. Good day Sir,

    I have dark brown raised spots like small moles on sides of both cheeks, neck and its increasing.
    Please suggest some ointment.

    Thank you

  76. Akash Singhania says:

    I have dark spot around my mouth area pls suggest me some treatment .

  77. I have pigmentation on my between keeps and chin , both side of nose n smile line pls suggest medicine it will apear when periods date is near and not going pls suggest I m suffering from 10 years at present I m 41

  78. I have dark spots on the cheeks. I am 72 , male having dry skin and had spent long hours in the sun. Pl. suggest remedial measures .

  79. my daughter is 13 years old and she has got dark brown and black patches on face neck chest and back .what medicine you will suggest

  80. Pooja Bhandari says:

    I have pigmentation spots in my face from last two years. Iam 24 years unmarried girl. I have tried ayurveda, homoeopathy medicine and allopathic medicine also but homeopathy medicine helps to reduce pigmentation but not please suggest some medicine to me

    • my daughter is 13 years old and she has got dark brown and black patches on face neck chest and back .what medicine you will suggest

  81. Dayal Malik says:

    My wife has been suffering from dermal and epidermal melasma for 7years.She is mentally upset .She is ashmed of going outside.She is 30years old.please suggest which medicine will she use and how.I shall be greatful forever.

  82. ashish sharma says:

    Good Day Sir,

    My wife is suffering form hyper pigmentation since one year and also continue treatment form homeopathy Dr. and the medicine works on pigmentation its quit dull from before Sir my question is that how much time it will take to clear all patches and what precautions should we have to take to prevent this.decease

  83. Niharika says:

    I an 28 year old.. i was suffering from acne is fine but now i am having pigmentation,dark spots and large to getrid from these skin us very sensitive nothings suits on my skin.. i was using berverish aquafolium cream from one month…please suggest homeopathic cream.. i cant take oral medicine due ti some reason

  84. Mona sharma says:

    My son 14 years old his face colour dark day by day he is playing often in morning or 4 pm inevening can sun ray infected skin coloursoft he was very fairly skin which homeopathy medicine is best for him

  85. Antoinette says:

    I am 73 and have noticed that the spots on my face and neck have begun to multiply rapidly ranging in colour from light brown to dark brown . They are round or in lines on my face.
    I thoug that Thuja might be the remedy needed but can you confirm this please?

  86. Charmaine says:

    Hi want to know what product can I use for freckles from the sun will Thuja Lotion Plus work for it.

  87. nilam patel says:

    I m 4o having pigmentation on my cheeks since last 2 years which medicine can help…I think it is due to hormonal changes and stress

  88. Gyan Chand Ranka says:

    I am suffering from burning of soles and it is worst during sleeping and it is since last 8 years.Neurologist identified this as RLS rest leg syndrome.
    From Febury 2010 without break ,even for one day,taking allopathy medicines.
    I am also suffering from hypertension.I am 67 years old and put weight due to these medicines ,84 kha.
    Is there any remedy in the homeo ?

  89. I have development freckles and pigmentation on my cheeks as well as on forehead.This aggrevates in summer and skin gets dry. I have applied some anti- pigmentation creams . but when I stop using such creams,it comes back. I am 48 years old and suffering from pigmentation for last ten years. Suggest me medicine. Thank- you.

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,
      I am 44 years old and I started to develop melasma after my 2nd child’s birth 14.5 years ago. I am AmerAsian with lighter skin that tans well. The melasma has started on the cheeks and have spread more over the years to cover both sides of my cheeks and now is starting to creep onto the nose. The melasma gets worse over the summer even though I use sunblock and a hat. My skin tone is smooth and I dont’ have problems with pimples/acne, just the hyperpigmentation. I am really excited to hear about solutions for melasma in homeo. Thankyou.

  90. i have dark patch near my mouth developed after pregnancy. which homeo remedy will be best for me. pls suggest

  91. Sonia Addison says:

    I have pigmentation of dark spots in my face looking for a remedy

  92. manorama sarabu says:

    my skin becomes dark due to reaction of hydroquanion and cheeks are very dark kindly help me .my dermatologiest said this one ochronesis very difficult to treat.

  93. I am 30 years old not married and my skin is acne prone. I always used to have breakouts, which leads to dark marks and scars. However I have consulted lot many dermatologists and in fact under gone many peel off sessions and RPF treatment as well. However all these were short term. Non of them have given a permanent solution to my facial problem. From past one month pigmentation started giving patches and brown burnt look. It looks so ugly and people thought some hot water felt on my face or burnt. Could you please suggest me some treatment to heal.

  94. hi sir
    i had pigmentation on my cheeks , nose and eyebrows.But after childbirth they appeared on upper lips also 3 years ago.The blemish vanishes as long as i use any anti pogmentation cream and appears again as i leave the creams .They never disappear permanantly.How should i treat them.

  95. Kelly Johnson says:

    I have brown sun spots that appear on my forehead, jawline, upper lip and temples when going in the sun even though I wear a factor 50 broad spectrum sunscreen everyday. Please advise me on which remedy would be best suited and how to take the prescription in terms of amount and how long for…. thanks so much , kelly

  96. Hemlata Joshi says:

    Hello sir, My age is 30 years and i am unmarried. i have pigmentation on my cheek(right cheek) from last 8 months and now its also appearing on left cheek also. when it was at initial stage, i started homeopathic treatment from Dr. Batra and its continuing right now but i didn’ t get any improvement in my pigmentation. Sir, Please can you suggest me the reason of the pigmentation on my face.

  97. Hello Doctor,
    Iam a 39 year old female.I have developed pigmentation on all over my body due to hypothyroidism. I have pigmentation on all over my arms,legs,back. And also ihave dark paches on my forehead and temples with darkness under my eyes.can homeopathy help in my condition? If so, please let me know which medicines should i take.thank u in advance

  98. Shabnam Parveen says:

    Good Evening!

    I have got dark brown patches on both the cheeks since over 10 years now, have tried creams, sepia, thuja, nothing worked….please help

  99. Helo mam,
    I have brown freckles on my face in sun exposure last 5 years I have used lots of cream medicines but no one can worked.I have fair complex but now my skin is so dull. I also old scars for acne and nail scars how to remove plz suggest me gud medicine.

    • kalpana kar says:

      last june2017 i had gone to Tamilnadu Rameswaram f0r seven days before this I have no hyperpigmentation on my face back and arm on returning from tamilnadu all friends told you became black I am working in Aiims Delhi, I consulted derma dept aiims doctor told this is lpp advised to take steroid and tab Isotretinion od . I have taken for 6 week then i went to homeopathy doctor till date hyperpigmentaion is not cured .some days i had taken Lachesis, some days nat mur, some days thuja , now continuing Nit acid my friend says some20% is cured cheek became black fore head also natural things like aloe vera neem , honey milk, haldi and jaiphal applying on face . i am 52 yrs old attended menopause also and thyroid report also normal in range .t3 .t4, TSH all normal in range .should I keep patience to continue this type of medicine homeopathy any thing can you advise me, h/o using of hair dye for 14 yr

    • Kelly Johnson says:

      I have brown sun spots that appear on my forehead, jawline, upper lip and temples when going in the sun even though I wear a factor 50 broad spectrum sunscreen everyday. Please advise me on which remedy would be best suited and how to take the prescription in terms of amount and how long for…. thanks so much , kelly

  100. Anita Osman says:

    Hello, Dr Sharma,
    I have dark pigmentation and the corner of my mouth area due to chemical peeling facial.It left a dark brown patch.I have tried everything possible and its been 1 year now.Please could suggest me something to clear the patches away.the rest of my skin is clear due to all the natural products i have been using.Look forward to your response.
    Kind Regards

  101. Hello doctor
    I am 30 year old female. I have freckles all over my face especially nose and check.i have tried hq but no benefits.which homeopathic medicine is suitable for me and how it should be taken.thanks

  102. Sir I have also pigmentation problems please solve this problem..

  103. sir, pls suggest some homeo medicines for reducing water retention in the ankles of legs and feet. thanks and regards,

    • sir, pls suggest some homeo medicines for reducing water retention in the ankles of legs and feet. thanks and regards,

      Sir this is for my wife who is 57 years old. Kindly reply with names of homeo medicines. Our entire family takes only homeo medicines. thanks

  104. It seems somewhat useless advice in the way of not mentioning power of medicines, how long or at what intervals each medicine is to be taken.
    The advice does not work on intelligent persons but may works havoc to those who arbitrarily choose the power of medicine and administer the same arbitrarily.
    So, I earnestly request you to alert the readers about the same.

  105. Vijaya Sri says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 46 yrs old,and started having irregular periods since 2yrs. Since then i developed black spots on my backbone and around my neck. Also pimples would appear on every period and leaving scars on my cheeks. Apart from this i noticed i have no other ailments. I exercise regularly and take good diet and drink water sufficiently.
    I had been to dermotologist and was given cream which didnot effect
    Please advice homeo medicine for me


    Hello Dr Sharma,

    I am Lavanya from Hyderabad. Since the last six months I am noticing inner thigh blackness. Earlier it was fair like the rest of my skin. I am 43 years old and my periods are pretty regular. Do not have diabetes, high blood pressure or thyroid problems. My thighs are heavy than the rest of my body and they rub together when I walk. Kindly give me some homeo remedy.

  107. ASHA PRUTHEE says:

    Dear Sir, my entire face forehead , arms , armpits , chest , back, thighs , back side of the hand was suddenly found having black marks , i think they are called massea in hindi. Some of them were v small like a point and some were like big prominent moles. i went to a dermatologist who did a procedure which he named as radiotherapy for small and medium lesion . After that he advised me to apply cream T BACT on d scarred portions. this procedure was conducted by him once on 12/01/2018 and then on 29/01/2018. but till date my scars have not gone,
    Scars on face are recovered to the extent that my face looks as it used to look prior to radioterapy. there are some pits visible on face and some red marks due to procedure as also some black dots.
    But the area of body covered by clothes has prominent dark red patches which are bigger than the original size of moles, which looks v awkward.
    Is there any cream in homeopathy that can remove the scar marks and my face starts looking normal.
    Iwish to inform you that my age is 63 and now i m taking Thuja 1m daily.
    i shall b thankful to u if u cud pl cure my problem.
    asha pruthee

  108. Dear Dr,
    I am 52 years old. i am really worried as i have hyper pigmentation on cheeks and it was due to menopause and taking 3 coourses of promolutin tablets . Please advise

  109. Hallo Doctor
    I am a man, 38 years old, having pigmentation over my both chick and nose only it’s brown, what medicine i will take how many drops and how many times a day please tell me.

    • soma Banerjee says:

      Dear sir I am 33.i have small brown sports on my chicks .so what medicines I have take or external use.plz tell tha presses.

  110. I am 42 years old. When I was 4 to 5 years old, there was a 4 to 5 inch long and one inch wide fleshy turban in the center of my waist. But as the age is increasing. The mark also increases as well. My right side is elongated on the back, on the arm, on the hand, on the face. Please suggest me a medication.

  111. Oommen Thomas says:

    I have deep pigmentation on my face for the last ten years can you suggest me hemopathic Medican for queing it if so can you send writing the name of medicans even if go in sun I am forced to wearer a coat and cover my face

  112. saima shafa says:

    i have pegmintaion from 2 years i use to much medcn but they are s not gone plzzz suggst me a cream or any tblts that make my faces clear and … from 3,4 months i have suffer from pimpls andd anch scars

  113. Neeta Singh says:

    Hi Dr,

    I am really worried as i have hyper pigmentation on nose and cheeks. Please advise

  114. Heather throup says:

    A 31 year old lady was taking Itraconozol for a toe nail fungus. After taking this a moon shaped darkening of the upper lip appeared she now has to use camouflage makeup and this is causing emotional stress just wondered if any of the remedies above will help her.
    Heather Throup

  115. Hi
    My dad has sarcoidosis and he is 74 years old . Though he never smoked all his life but was exposed to excessive smoke due to his job in Indian Air Force missile testing department . Now he has developed COPD and despite several medications suffer from breathlessness all the time .
    Please suggest some very effective remedy .

  116. M. Hazarika says:

    I am a 46 year old woman with pigmented patches on my cheeks forehead and upper lips. The discolouration started 2 years ago. I do not suffer from menstrual irregularities. Which medicine should I take and how much. Please advise.

  117. 9th Feb 2018

    Hello Dr,
    I have pigmentation on both sides of my forehead spreading to both sides of eyes and are dark brown/black in color My skin is not dry. Can you please suggest homeopathic medicine/treatment for removing pigmentation.

  118. Hello dr… i hv hyperpigmentation from.past five years
    . I hv taken hqs n chemical peels from dermatologist but it keeps reappearing… now m a breasfeeding mother of 3 monrh old baby.. n i really want to go for homeopathy treatment.. will it harm my baby… i hv normal skin n my pigmentation goes worse in sun.. i apply spf 50+ sunscreen.. pigmentation has worsen during pregnancy n i feel so bad about it.. i dont want to meet ppl dont want to click pics. Dont want to see mirror.. pls help

  119. shweta sharma says:

    hi, I am 34 years old and I am suffering from pigmentation on my forehead and around my lips. kindly suggest me homeopathic treatment for removing pigmentation on my face. thank you.

  120. Kuldeep Kumar says:

    Respected Sir, I have blackish spots over nose and upper chicks after consulting with skincare it has been found out the I am facing with pigmentation.
    Problem is continue for last 4 years . Please suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  121. dr.akhi ahammed says:

    very helpful post for ours. thank you sir very much.

  122. Respected Sir,My name is shabana and I’m 27 yr unmarried.sir at the age of 19 or 20 I suffered from acne…I treat them by aelopathy…acne cured by after that my skin get worst causing redness on chicks n inflammation…bt after some time my chicks start getting pigment by brown spots n today it get flared up all over my chicks n nose…n another deseas I’m suffering call dry eczema.. causes due to fungal infection..I treated my infection using naturally but I didn’t know it was still there on my face…after some time again I went to aelopathy doctor to cure my pigment chicks doctor prescribed me skin brightening cream n another cream for night n vit E bt as I used those cream ones my fungal infection flared n turn into dry eczema… bt for now I’m treating my self by homeopath doctor prescribed me sulphur 30 n Lachesis n Berberis aquafoliam… Berberis doesn’t suit me at all I got red chicks n inflammation again n my eczema flared up badly…sir please help me I need ur help very badly situation get worst help out I want to cure my both deseas…n I’m totally became veg from last two months…no coffee no outside food… please sir help me…my face Luk very ugly help me thank you.

  123. Priyanka arora says:

    Pigmentation on face

  124. I am 55 years . I have black pigments in both.cheeks. Which medicine is used

  125. My I hv a contact number of you

  126. Paramjit kaur says:

    Hello maam,i have the prblem of low bleeding in my mansturation periods,eight months before ,n ths cause blemeshes on my both cheeks,this was look too bad,n darken in sun exposer,so, pls maam suggt any medcine to be tajen or applied for that,thanks

  127. Sumatha Venkat says:

    I have brown on my cheeks and forehead.. I have freckles also. It will worsen if I go in out in sun. My periods are regular but I have some spotting after my ovulation period.. Please suggest me which homeopathic medicine will fade my melasma. My under eye area is also dark.

  128. Hello this is Leela ,age 34, I have severe dark spots on face under mouth,fore head,eyes cheek ,I already taken homeo medicine for that,no result .any cream not worked, I have headache also.

  129. Adya Chari says:

    I am 48 yrs old and suffering from melasma since 8 yrs . Allopathic doctors said that it can’t be cured as it gone three layer down the skin and it is impossible to treat it..I am now fed up and left all medicine and trying to live with it. I came across your site and with some hope I am writing to you.
    I am suffering from hypothyroid since 10 yrs and taking medicine Thyronorm 75 mg.regularly and since 2 yrs menopause is also there with mood swings and depression.
    I am very alert and keep myself safe from direct sun exposure and also take care of my skin daily.
    My height is 5 feet and weight 64kg with fair skin.
    Melasma patches are on my cheeks , forehead and on upper lips
    Please suggest me homeopathic medicines for it.

  130. I am 32 and have hyperpigmentation on forehead and cheeks (Sepia Officinalis), it gets worse in sun and wind (Cadmium Sulphurantun), I have oily skin (Psorinum).

    May I take all 3 of this homeopathic remedies at same time?

    Thank you for replying! In gratitude,

  131. I am suffering from photo dermatitis with allergic of sun, Leather, rubber, metal, Parthenium, metal and perfumes from the past one year. I understand that Homeyo medicine will certainly gives up to date solutions. Kindly advice me the medicine. I am now 72years suffering from diabetes and B. P.. Early advice is requested. Thanking you sir. Raghunath, No22Brindava, diddeRoad 2nd cross Ravindranagaravindranagar Hassan pin 573201,karnataka,India.

  132. My wife is suffering from melasma on upper cheeks since 2013 ,she is 35 years old .Due to this she is upset. So kindly suggest me and tell me which medicine to take her ?

  133. i had melasma on my nose i used thuja occidential my hemglobin is low and i had thyriod disease but i had tkn my med please sugest some ointment

    • Lynette Dmello says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma

      I have prominent pigmentation and burn marks on my skin. Tried laser but got no result. Request your advise. Can I schedule an appointment please.

  134. Aruna khantwal says:

    Hi..I’m suffring melasma lasts since 11 years,the patches on my cheeks and forehead, I am countinuing the allopathic medicine’s. Some of creams I used this problem, Etaze H.T, Kojiglo gel,Skin lite,clobetamil G etc. If it is not use the same problem will continue. Pl tell me which cream and medicine can I use to treat melasma. Pl… me

  135. sweety kumari says:

    Dear dr
    i have small pregnancy mask on my left and right cheek .kindly suggest me appropriate medicine.

    Thank u

  136. I have melasma problem for last 7 months
    Initially I started alopathy treatment but the situation get worsen then I started homeopathic treatment for last 6 month but there is no significant change has been observed yet even though the Dr is very famous for homeopathic treatment.
    So please suggest me what should I do???

  137. Dr. Please help me, i am 24 years old married girl and i have pigmentation on my cheek bones and bridge of nose from approximately one year. How can i treat my pigmentation. Please answer

  138. Hello Dr.
    Myself Rajbir,i have became 24 years…blemishes have became on my cheeks, upr the eyebrows and nose as well as my skin is dry….tell me sir,can these are reduced ?
    Sir tell me those medicines,cream which don’t put any side effect on my face .

  139. I have a melasma problem on chicks nose and forhead. I’m tried to using creams medicine concerned by dermatologist. Whenever I’m using it the scars not visible when I’m stopped it may start please advise me some homepathic medicine for it. I’m using this for forever or some time .

  140. hello doctor, I had once applied neem and aloevera facepack on my skin for few days as i had pigmentation around my lips. After few days I observed that my pigmentation became worse and got spread. I am on allopathy treatment for past 8 months, but with no result. Please help.

  141. Rajesh Singh says:

    I have black spots on forehead & all around the face for very longtime. I have cold around the year always water coming in nose & bulgum coming by throat. are both are related & what is the ready. it has been very longtime facing this problem.

  142. Dr saahab i am taking sepia officianilua as pwr ur advice as my facial pigmentation matched wd it can i buy sepia frm local homeopathic shop n start using .sir is there any ointnent too in homeopathy for my pigments

  143. My son is 7 years. His skin has got faded under eyes and near eyebrows . It seems skin has become dried on those parts. No irritation so far. Please advise .

  144. Sir/Madam,
    Iam suffering with black patches problem since 21 years, the patches occurs on fore head, around nose, ears & cheeks, iam continuing the allopathy medicies but there is no use it cures when it applyes, if it is not use the same problem will continue. Some of the ointments/crems i used for this problem melalite, skin shine, skin lite, Tinovate G, brighter etc. kindly advise for permanent cure please, i unable to go outside due to shabby.

  145. Sir/Madam,
    Iam suffering with black patches problem since 21 years, the patches occurs on fore head, around nose, ears & cheeks, iam continuing the allopathy medicies but there is no use it cures when it applyes, if it is not use the same problem will continue. Some of the ointments/crems i used for this problem melalite, skin shine, skin lite, Tinovate G, brighter etc. kindly advise for permanent cure please, i unable to go outside due to shabby.


  146. what potency are these? 200c?

  147. Hi Sir,

    I have jhayiya on face since 2010 and done lots of medicine as prescribed by doctor from Ayurveda,Allopathy , Homeopathy last 6 years but not improved .
    Could you suggest me best for it.

  148. i had patches in my face since after i gave birth,what can i use since i have a lot of thing and they are not working,i think is inner,what can be used

  149. Hi Doctor,

    Thanks for a wonderful post. My wife has developed melasma on top of her nose and cheeks on both the side of nose.

    I got her checked with dermatologists but pigmentation appears after medicines are stopped after sometime.

    She is very much worried about her face look. Could you please advice if she will be completely ok if she starts some of your advised medicines? Also, can you please advice which medicine to st start with and exact dose of that?

    Thank you much for your help in advance.

    Ravi Singh

  150. Shelly Kalia says:

    Hii Sir , which homeopathy cream can I use to treat blemshis and pigmentation’s looks very ugly … M so fed up …PL suggest me …thanks

  151. I have large black spot behind my eye side…i dont know how its come, shows uneven skin tone…looks very ugly…please help me..sir ..

  152. mehakdeep singh says:

    Sir i have dark spots under my eyes i take lot of treatments but no results comes. Plz suggest me any treatment

  153. Hi doctor..i have been facing pigmentation on cheek and nose which looks ugly.i never had such problem before.periods are on other health problem.i tried all herbal care to remove them but in vain.plz suggest the best medicine as i only hv pigmentation on face only.

  154. Dear sir I am having pigmentation on my face. Suggest remedy for it. Thank you.

  155. Sudama Kumar says:

    Hello sir I am 30 years old man. I have melasma (due to sun exposure) for the last 7-8 years. It fluctuates ups and down. Plz suggest the best homeo medicine and also tell how can dose be taken. Sir reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

  156. i have started getting brown sports on all all body parts..please suggest accordingly..

  157. Nidhi sharma says:

    I have dark spots on my forehead and pigmentation also on my cheeks so it look so bad and its seems like discolouration… what ahould i do

  158. Suparna Bose says:

    Mecheta on my cheeks. Also brown spot

  159. kiranjeet kaur says:

    i have brown dark spots on face.pigmentaion. which cream and liquid is best for me

  160. Nikhil yadav says:

    Sir I have dark blemishes on both cheeks and four head. My skin is oily. I have tried many creams and medicine but not cured. Please suggest me best homeopathic medicine with it’s power and doses.
    Thanking you.

  161. Manjuparkavi says:

    Hi sir. F 30yrs.. i have acne and acne scars on my cheek and pigmentation around nose and chin due to harmonal imbalance.. pls suggest me effective medicine for this

    • Riya sharma. says:

      Hello sir,
      I am 30 years old unmarried and started getting brown pigmentations on my upper side cheeks..which homeopathic medicine will I take…
      Plz do suggest..

    • Riya sharma. says:

      Hello sir,
      I am 30 years old unmarried and started getting brown pigmentations on my upper side cheeks..which homeopathic medicine will I take…where can I get them easily.
      Plz do suggest..

  162. Helo Dr. Sharma

    My son is 7 and half years old. He was brown skin colored when born with fair and clean skin on the face. a year ago slowly his face, neck(back and front) under arms, groin, elbows and knee grew darker to black color. He is feeling very depressed , please help clear the pigmentation . He is not exposed to sun much.
    Please let me know how can i have my sons skin color back or removal of pigmentation.

    thank you

  163. Hello dr
    My face is covered with blemishes about 10 years before there were small spots of blemshes on my cheeks and slowly slowly they spread overall my cheeks , nose, upper lips, on eyebrows. Day by day they become darker. Now I am scared to see my face in front of mirror. I am afraid to go out side. I become totally isolated at home. Please suggest me what I have to do so that I can also enjoy my blemshes free life.

  164. hi sir
    my sister suffering freckles on face during 2 years ,please give best medicine to remove all freckles .

  165. Biswajit Mondal says:

    Sir my Wife suffering hyper pigmentation in face during 3-4 yrs. please give me a perfect medicine to remove dark spot from her face & to makes a bright looks

    I hope your good response


    • Sudama Kumar says:

      Hello sir I am 30 years old man. I have melasma (due to sun exposure) on the cheeks, nose and forehead for the last 7-8 years. It fluctuates ups and down. Plz suggest the best homeo medicine and also tell how can dose be taken. Sir reply as soon as possible. Thanks.

  166. Arky khonglah says:

    I have got pigmentation spread on my neck hand and the that hole in the skin that hair grow become black n spread AL over my body n it is itching. What remedies that should be taken n it can b treated or not


  168. yuvraj yadav says:

    Hello sir, I am 32 yrs male. I have brown spots on cheeks and nose since 6 yrs and now devloping a same discolouration on upper lips areas.
    Suggest something sir.

  169. sasmita swain says:

    Respected sir,
    My body colour at the time of pregnancy has become pregnancy it becomes more darker than my usual color.Till now I have not found any impovement. What to do sir.plz suggest me..and my beti is 15th old.

    Sasmita swain

  170. Aarti Kaushal says:

    Mari beti 8 saal ki hai. Uski body p bohut hairs hai since from childhood. Aab uske underarms hair bi aa gye hai. I really worried. Plz help….

  171. I am a working 41 year old woman.I observed light pigmentation on my cheeks around last year.It is darkening now.I had a nice fair complexion and was always admired from childhood for my beauty.
    This pigmentation is causing lot of stress on me.But due to availability of so many options like allopathic, homeopathic, creams and health centres like kaya etc., I am not able to decide which option is most suitable – pocket friendly and genuine. Though I have always gone for homeopathic from past 20 years. But I want some reason help and advice.
    Kindly guide.

  172. Sir, I am aged 55 and attained menopause 9 years ago. Now I have brown scars and spots ony face. Mainly on both my cheeks, just below my eyes. It started about a year ago. I have a very fair complexion hence this looks akward.
    Please suggest a solution for this.

  173. is gm30 medicine is effective in melasma?? my dr suggested me.

  174. I have hyperpigmentation on face last 35years. Melacare ihd used last 10years.but now it effects revarse so I stopped it my forehead more affected pl.give me name name of medicine and tincher.

    • I have hyperpigmentation on face last 35years. Melacare ihd used last 10years.but now it effects revarse so I stopped it my forehead more affected pl.give me name name of medicine and tincher.

  175. Hi I would like to know what homeopathic treatment would be for me. I am menopausal age but have had melasma for years. Nothing helps. Dark patches on forehead and cheeks but with white spots too. What do you recommend? I tried a liver cleanse, ACV, supplements, peels, etc. thank you for your recommendations.

  176. Thank you so much for ur article it’s really helpful for me☺️

  177. My name is nawami from jaigaon West bengal. I have some black spot on various parts of face like nose upper Lips,eyebrow, & cheek. I have used many types of face creams but could not get pigmentation free face. Rqst advice which face cream ointment should i use

  178. Meena Solanki says:

    I have eys dark circle & skin colour dull & so many spots in my face so what ointment & soap should i use ?

  179. Angel drew says:

    Sir I have black patches around the mouth, skin is dark on the nose also I have dark circles under the eyes ? sir please suggest any medicine.

  180. Anil Tiwari says:

    Good night sir i am anil tiwari , sir mere chehre per bahut jhain ho rahi hai , sir ple.aap salah den hum kaun si dawa use karen

  181. MUKESH ANAND says:

    My sister( 31 years of age) having darkness under eyes and around the lips and on some part of cheeks also and for me due to more exposure to sun(oily skin) my forehead and little above to cheeks that is too below to eye in circle(I am 40 years of age).please prescribed the medicine which impact earlier and long lasting,Thanks

  182. Hey doctor
    My son gets kinda pimples and then it turn to dark spots it’s mainly seen in the back mainly shoulders and he feels very anxious about that. Is there any medicine u suggest?

  183. Sir kuch mahino pehle melas cream use ki thi jisse mere skin red ho gyi thi redness ko thik karne ke liye maine clop g cream use kar li red ness to kam ho gyi pr mera face bhut kala ho gya h kuch bhi lagti hu to mera face kala pehle red ho jata h or fir kala pad jata h koi bhi cream use nhi kr sakti doctor ko bhi dikha diya or gharelu upaye bhi try kr liye pr koi fayeda nhi ho raha plz ap koi effective medicine bataye jiska koi side effects na ho kyonki i m pregnent of 8 month plz me bhut pareshan hu

  184. Hello sir my name is Ambita i have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, nose and upper lips. I am 28 years complextion is fair. My skin is very sensitive and dry.what is the best medicine that can i use to remove the pigmentation permanently from face.please advice me sir as soon as possible.

  185. Sourabh Bamba says:

    Pla suggest medicine for skin tags

  186. Hello sir mujhe face par visible veins ki problem start hogai hain..jisse skin dull hoti h kbhi itching hti h or sun se bht zda skin red hojati hain

  187. Hello Doctor,

    My mother has hyper pigmentation problem. She is of 58 years. Her face, neck, waist has all over pigmentation, which is patchy and dark black brown in color. However earlier she was very fair. Can you please suggest some homeopathic medicine or homely treatment for her?


  188. I have pigmentation on my cheeks. Can it be cured with homeopathic medicine.

  189. hello sir….mujhe 3sal se hyperpigmentation ki problem hai…..aur meine kaafi cosmetics nd medicins v li….kuch khaas fark nahi pda bllke aur v prblm increase hogyi….mei 3sal se is problm ka reason doonde ki koshish kr rahi hoon meri age 20hai…plzz help me…

  190. Hello,
    I am 27 years old,Got Hyper pigmentation 2 years back on my face (Cheeks area).And its very dark on right hand side of my face.I tried almost everything including Chemical peels and medicines , Home remedies too.But nothing worked even i am getting acne every day on my face those acne also leaves spots on my face.Its so horrible to see myself in mirror.
    I visited many doctors too,they gave me treatment for i think 1 years but same.Even after peeling i got post pigmentation on my nose.
    Can some body help on treating ?

    I really need help as its affecting my life,lacking in confidence for marriage purpose too.

  191. Gud afternoon Doctor..I am 39 year old having two kids ..I got dark brown spots on my cheeks and forehead ( small patch ) after my deliveries…it’s being 5 years .these spots has not been faded…and have gone worse due to sun exposure..I have tried many things, but not got effective results…please advise some good medicines and ointment to cure my skin problem..shall be thankful

    • Shalini Singh says:

      Sir i am 23 year old girl. I have brown spots over my forehead earlier it wasn’t noticeable but now it is getting more brown and also covering more area. I have consulted dermatologist they suggested me it would fade only by laser and other ways left. They specified my brown spots as segmental lentiginosis But sir i don’t wanna go through laser. So sir is there any cure of this spot in homeopathy. Please help me out

  192. Hi good evening doctor I am nisha 32 year old suffering from hyperpigmentation since 2004 ..started from nose and spreaded over both cheeks and forehead and on upper lip area..and I am single planning to marry this year pls help me out with this stubborn dark spots, my skin is mostly dry and very sensitive and in the sun gets more black …blemeshish are in the worse state I have tried everything and nothing work out …pls suggest me oral and cream both medicines if available any in homeopathy. Thanks

  193. Dr I have brown spots on my cheeks nose and dark forehead spots are increasing to my arms and hands iam 40years lady having hipothyroid since 14years please help.

  194. Varsha naiya says:

    Hello Doctor
    My name is varsha
    I have oily skin & my face is becoming black more black specially near lips sides area’s,lots of time Itching also
    Suffering from pigmentation please tell me what i have to use in face

  195. Please help. I’ve had facial pigmentation for past 15 years. Tried lasers creams, everything. Spent thousands but no change. It’s upper cheek area with a little on forehead what do you advise, what dose and where can I purchase from?

  196. P.P. Sahoo says:

    Pranam! I noticed little pigmentation on my chicks before 2 -3years ago. I heard that it can be completely cured by homeopathic treatment. Please suggest me the medicine including its doses & how long to take the medicine to cure it. I ‘ll be really obliged .
    Thanking you!

  197. sneha Sukhadeve says:

    hi sir …there are dark spots on my skin left by pimples…n dark pachtes occurred on my nose n cheeks … patch on nose is becoming darker…n there r large pores on my face due to pimples…plz sir suggest me some effective treatment…

  198. Sandip Atkole says:

    Hello, My wife has hyper facial pigmentation for last 2-3 years. Please advise.

  199. shivam singh says:

    GOOF MORNING DR SHARMA..i have tiny brown spots on the left side of the forehead from past 5 6 years now my age is 26 it is brown small circular spots which are many in numbers on the brown side of my forehead and under the scalp region too..can you please suggest how it can be treated so that i could get my confidence back again..i have pimple acne marks on my face too..please suggest how homeopathy can help..i am from karnataka india

  200. I have pigmentation on my face and day by day its getting worse.. My skin is oily as well as acne prone ..i have used penderm plus which make it worse.. Can homeopathy be helpful for me.?

  201. uma baudh says:

    sir can i take take berberis aquifolium in liquid form for pigmentation and fair complex its no any side effect pls reply me i m waiting your reply

  202. Varsha gupta says:

    Sir i have pigmentation on my face and on my whole neck. My skin used to get exposed to sun so much but now i am having all kind of precaution but it is still spreading my age is 21 and my periods are also regular. Please help me out

  203. Vishnu Vardhan Reddy says:

    Sir if been suffering from fixed drug eruption with patches on my face an body from past 3 years. Consulted dermatologist but not of much use. Can you suggest a from Hyderabad

  204. Palwinder kaur says:

    M suffering from facial pigmentation and dry and dull skin. Kindly suggest me a suitable homopathic medicine to get rid of it so that i may feel confident. My age is 32 years.

  205. Uma Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am 61 years old. I have dark melasma on both my cheeks, it has become very patchy.
    Is there a remedy for this?
    Thank you.

  206. I have facial pigmentation for the last 10 years. I am using allopathic creams and medicine to treat the pigmentation. Sometimes the face is clear and then again the pigmentation returns.

    I have stared using homeopathic medicine and lotion for the last 1 month.

    My age is 51 years. I want a permanent solution. How long homeopathic medicines take to give results.

    Pl. help

  207. I was 12 yrs old when right half side of my face get covered with freckles. Now i m 29 yrs old.. plz suggest me an apt medicine for my prblm. thanks

  208. Pragya singh says:

    I hv lots of pigmentation, freckles n melasma n mole also on my all over face plz help me doctor n please tell me the right medicine
    My age is 28

  209. Madhumita says:

    I have pigmentation on face. Black patch on arm and bikini line also. My Age is 30
    What is the remedial measures

  210. Can the above remedies be taken during pregnancy?

  211. Rahul Mani says:

    Sir my face color due to some reason is very dark compared to my body.hav tried many medicines..Clearly seems lot of pigmentation which gets even worsen in sunlight nd dust.
    I feel much low many a times .

    I have heard regarding homeopathic medicine.
    Can u suggest medicine with dosage

  212. I suffer with facial pigmentation with malasama on the face. I suffer with thyroid problem and I am taking 75mg of thyroxin

    Since last 2 years I have suffered with Lichin Planus and I have pigmentation marks on whole of the body

  213. Narendra sigh says:

    I have litchen planus pigmentation on neck and side stomach with brown spots and black spots slowly skin is going to be fade please advise me for homeopathic medicine

  214. hello Doc,
    what potency of Sepia should be taken and how many doses per day for safe use.
    I need it for pigmentation on cheeks ,nose and forehead.I am 46yrs old and have attained menopause.
    Please advice.

  215. Vipin jain says:

    Sir I applied retinoid in Nov. 2016 on my both cheeks. After applying retinoid for three days I went in sunlight without applying sunscreen on my left cheek. The left cheek then turned purple. To remove that purplish effect from my left cheek my dermatologist prescribed me steroid lutica and then prescribed me tacrolimus tacrolimus. I applied these medicines for 15 days with break in between in Dec. 2016. Meanwhile I continued to apply sunscreen afterwards. On the right cheek I continued to apply sunscreen but in the meantime retinoid dermatitis developed on right cheek. Again dermatologist prescribed steroid and tacrolimus on right cheek also. I had left all theSe products three months before and is only apply sunscreen since then. But my both cheeks have developed blackness. I am taking homeopathic medicines for the last three months but no effect is visible on the face. Kindly help me as I am going in depressing state now.

  216. Hi Doc
    I am 42 years old female
    I have pigmentation around my mouth esp corner of my mouth. Dark pigmentation on the sides of my face.
    What can I take to treat this. ThNk you

  217. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am prone to Lichen Planus pigmentosa. I suffered a bout which lasted for 2 years and am practically free of it since a year with the help of Homeopathy medicines. Unfortunately it has left marks on my body. They are fading slowly. Also, for many years my neck was dark and my doc said it was LP. I also have patches on my forehead near the temples which are dark. Could you please suggest a remedy for my scars and dark patches? I do not have thyroid problems.
    Grateful and In anticipation

  218. Archana says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have black patches on my cheeks, arms. .they look so ugly, I have thyroid and I am in medication, a year back the patches on my arms became scaly and rough but now atleast the skin is smooth but both of my arms are so dark, dark spots are also around the neck.
    Please suggest something so that I can get rid of this problem.
    I have seen skin specialists but nothing worked.
    Hopefully I can treated with some good medication.

    • Pooja rajpal says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma
      I have some black spots on my cheeks it happened after childbirth also I have thyroid problem n medicine is continue please suggest any homeopathic medicine for dark spots

  219. leena ekka says:

    I use pigmentation cream to get bright skin bt when i stop using that cream i get even more darker and itching on my face ….plese help me ….i m trying to stop pigmentation crean since 10yrs bt always fail plz suggest if u can help

    • leena ekka says:

      hello sir….I m 27yrs old….I use pigmentation cream to get bright skin bt when i stop using that cream i get even more darker and itching on my face ….plese help me ….i m trying to stop pigmentation crean since 10yrs bt always fail plz suggest if u can help

      • leena ekka says:

        hello sir….I m 27yrs old….I use pigmentation cream to get bright skin bt when i stop using that cream i get even more darker and itching on my face ….plese help me ….i m trying to stop pigmentation crean since 10yrs bt always fail plz suggest if u can help …..whenever I show doctors they say in the beginning it will b ok bt after one prescription they prolong i just dnt want to use those creams they make my skin v sensitive …plese help …..

  220. Sir I am 40 years old and have dark pigmentation on my face ie forehead cheeks and nose please help me to get rid of it.

  221. Face pegmentation second skin layer

  222. Munir Ghuman says:

    about 6 months ago , my chin, my nose and skin between nose and lips changed into a lot of black colour. but rest of face is not black colour. after biopsy DR. told me , i have lichen planus in face skin.i am using a cream for lichen planus. for 3 months but my face skin is still very black.
    please prescribe a remedy for black skin in face.

  223. Dear Dr,
    I am 52 male. I am a vegeterian. the area around temple slowly start to become black, now. In fact I have seen many person, south, here in chennai, who have crossed 50 getting this darkened color around ayes covering templs and upper part of cheek.

    is this because of any deficiency/ how to treat this?

  224. Hi doctor
    I have a problem first my back tooth is taken out after that it was hurting my left side of head also in my throats and contacted my dentist he said it’s not my tooth it’s may be my ear or synsis when to my doctor he said it inflammation of my joint take it pain killer when I take this pain killler it’s affected but after 2 days it start again I want forever relief

  225. Hello. I’m suffering from macular amyloidiosis. Have sever pigmentation on my neck and some on my face and eyes. What medicine should I use? Thanks

  226. Dear doctor,I am 53 yrs ,going thru menopause and suffering from melasma and overall darkening of facial skin.Please help me with the name of the medicine and dosage.Thank you!

  227. Rachna Sawhney says:

    Please help me out getting these patches invisible on my face due to hormones changes. I wanna get rid of it. Thanks

  228. Rinu bhatia says:

    Dear Dr…
    I am 47 yrs old female . I hve pigmentation on my cheeks. Shd i take sepia for it ? Pls advise dosage and for how long it should be taken ?
    Awaiting a revert.
    Best rgds

  229. Dr Sharma
    I have sebaceous hyperplasia … what remedy or remedies would be helpful? It is worse on forehead and line down more or less stomach meridian from eyes bilaterally. Also, there are dark spots on my temples, dark skin …
    Any help would be appreciated.

  230. Dr Sarita Sharma says:

    I am suffering with pigmentation on side of my chicks. My age is 42 hb is 8. I have digestion related problem also.I usually have pimples on my chin region skin is oilly.
    Please suggest me any homeopathic medicine.

  231. Chitra Rajendra says:

    I have pigmentation on face after menopause suggest some remedy

  232. Sony chauhan says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I am 27 yr old I have pigmentation on my face and some brown patches on my cheeks and nose since 3 yr my face looks dull, dark circles and I have fair complexion. Pls suggest me homeopathic medicine

    • Sony chauha says:

      Hello sir can I take berberis aquiolium or thuja occidentalis? Please tell me is there any side effects of these medicines or not ? I am an unmarried women

  233. Hi Dr.Sharma

    I have few problems

    1. Irregular periods(PCOS)
    2. Thyroid Problem using (75mcg thyronorm pill)
    3.Pigmentation marks around my mouth.
    4.Psoriasis on my head.
    5.Thining f my hair on top of my head.

    I am a patient with 37 year,having mentoned above problems, for almost after my both pregnancies. now my kids are 11yrs and 8 years old. Also i do have PCOS on my ovaries, due to which i am not getting regualr periods. i also have thyroid problem since my childhood. now i am using 75mcg Thyronorm including homeopathy medicine, which i am not satisfied.

    Could you please suggest me some good medicines in homeopathy which i can cure all my ailments.

    Please let me know for any further information required.

  234. Hi I have facial pigmentation on my face since pregnancy and now its 16 yrs and its still there and become worse with the sun pls tell me how can i order medicine.Tnx Beant

  235. Kunal Rajpurohit says:

    hi sir good morning I m 29 year old man and have facial pigmentation in initial stage i want to treat it completely can i get any treatment from you. thanking you

  236. Jaya Aakriti says:

    I Am having dark skin near my mouth area .. my skin is oily.. whn i was in 8th class its happens.. my face get more darker whn exposed to skin.. nd i want to get rid of it… I tried all bt nothing worked.. plz help me out..

  237. umavane bhavika says:

    sir i have birth mark on my right side of my face its a black spot and below it it is pigmented and my age is 20 suggest a homoeopathic remedy for it i am a bhms 3rd yr student

  238. Please advice a homeopathic medicine for small brown spots on cheeks. My age is 20years

  239. Praveen kumar says:

    My age is 26 disease is full acne in my face and nick.i use some creame and medicine treatment saslic facewash,minoz facewash,sortret,accuret cap.,clindaAgel.clin3 gel,geltagel tube use .some day very clear face after same problam face is black colour and acne up in the face

  240. Mr. Singh says:

    Hi Dr.,

    I am 34 year old male and have melasma for about 5 years. I tried many topical çreams and have tried some alopathic medicines as well for around two years but did not work. Some time it gets clear to 90 % automatically for two to three weeks but comes back again and its a kind of stubborn for the last two years, no improvement at all. I am physically fit, exercise daily and now i use only aloe vera, cold pressed coconut oil, besan and other natural stuff and a glycolic acid face wash.

    I have gone through some of the homeopathic websites and now yours and believe that it can treat this. As mentioned above, cadmium sulfuratum is sutable for me.

    Can you please suggest the dosage and brand for this?

  241. Manash Protim Borah says:

    Can you treat my skin problem online ?

  242. shilpa Chaudhary says:

    I m of 23 year girl . Have pigmentation on both cheeks and nose. . How to cure .

  243. Dr M Mannan says:

    Hello Dr. What’s your opinion regarding the use of homoeopathic medicine SECAL COR to get rid of facial pigmentation.

  244. Hello dr plz suggest sm cream n medicine to get rid of pigmentation on nose n slight on cheeks as well as mah is getting dry n my nose area n da skin around mah mouth is gettng red n wn em.rubbing it getng sort of burng sensation n wn em applying a moisturiser also getng a burng sensation. Especially da conditon around mah mouth get worse a week before mah periods n it goes aftr 4 or 5 days in mah periods.ooops sorry i forgot to mention mah age its 28 n em.not married.plz help me out.i wan blemish n scars free skin. Waiting desperately 4 ua reply. U impatient patient.

  245. renu chauhan says:

    Hello Dr. I m 50 years old .I have melasma last10 years. I have taken many treatment but no relief .please suggest me homeopathy treatment

  246. Niranjan says:

    Hello dr. I have melisma on my cheeks and
    nose, I was wondering if you can help me.

  247. kuljit Kaur says:

    Hello Dr, my name is kuljit . I am 28 years old girl and I have malasma on my cheeks , eye brows and for head. I am so worried about this problem. 2 months ago I had realize laser treatment but I did,nt find that treatment good for my skin , I am just looking for right treatment , if you can help me . Thanks

  248. hello doctor
    I had lot of pimples in my teenage and large no of spots spots have faded away but pores are open all over my face,am taking hepar sulphur for spots,please refer a medicine so that open pores should fade causing chaoes

  249. sumanmishra says:

    Sir which medicine I should take for sun burns marks in forehead

  250. Harish tiwari says:

    Dear sir ….mere face pr black spot h ……koi medicine bataye…..plz

  251. Abdullah Mohamed says:

    looking medicine for psoriasis

  252. Ma’am can I take sepia offecianalis as I have developed one dark spot on my right cheek over a period of time.i feel now it is spreading a bit.i have been taking all the precautions but all in vain.kindly advise the right medicine for me.regards

  253. hello sir
    i am 22 years age male. i have two dark patches from almost 3 years on either side of cheeks little near to ear i consulted a doctor and i was told that is PIGMENTARY DEMARKATION LINES and adviced me to go for chemical peeling and laser. Please advice me any homeopathy medicine or treatment for this reduction. please help me.

  254. I am 37 yr old woman. From last 12 years I have pigmentation on my cheeks. It started from right side cheek &slowly on other side of cheeks .after my marriage I used contraceptive pills .I hv 2 kids .took homeopathic treatment also but no results. From last 1yr pigment s start appearing on my forehead ,nose ,chin and upper lips .from last 1 yr im again taking homeopathic treatment but didn’t found any result .pls help me

  255. Hello sir i m 41 yrs old i got dark spots on my cheeks before 2yrs .i m very sad to see them i dont know what is the reason. Hormonal test bhi hue the roport was ok. Sun exposure bhi nahi hai. I m using alopathy creams. I m taking vitamins A E C n B12from one month. But no effect. Spots r as it is. Kya karu

  256. Meenakshi Gupta Jain says:

    I have pigmentation on cheeks, which is dark, nearly black in colour. It started with menopause, 2 years ago.. My age is 49 years. What can I do?

  257. Hi, I have melisma on my cheeks and nose, I was wondering if you can help me.

  258. Dear Dr.Sharma.
    1.) Im elderly alopathic doctor .with bad patches of melesma.. earlier ot was worse.. went for perling and laser and all the creams.. but the melesma os stagnant..worsens in the sun.since im still embarass me..please help me . Ive tried all home remedies. Now im ising Kastiri haldi..but when i go in thsun its bad..need your help.
    2.) My son 35 is dark skin. But his arms are all ok..but his face has bad pigmentation .cheeks and forehead..becomes worse when in the son..even with sun block..he finds it difficuly to get a girl cos of this..please help.
    Im in Malaysia..hes is presently in Indonesia..

  259. Sunil kumar yadav says:

    I’m 20 year old i am suffering from facial pigmentation. 2013 me mujhe chechak hua tha tbhi se hai aur badta ja rha hai

  260. saroj kumar says:

    sir i am saroj kumar there are spot on my face when i consulted a allopath Dr. He said it is melasma.i used medicine but no improvement.please tell me better medicine for melasma.

  261. POONAM YADAV says:

    41 yrs od…I used Retino A cream and hydroquinone for many yrs withour any sun protection…Since past 2 yrs pigmentation on full face and stubborn patches on cheeks…lazer peels dermarolling….nothing worked…Please help..

  262. Dr sharmA I got a pegmantion on noce so I need help to clear that

  263. How do you use the Sepia Officinalis and where do you get it

  264. Sir .

    i have a “lanchan” on my face after birth as i growing. It also grown from a dot shape to a big circle. It is black in colour please give me an good advice
    i hope that you help me

  265. yojana ghadge says:

    My daughter has dark complection i want her to be fair which medicine should i use

  266. I have dark spot like jhaiyan on face for two years please prescribe me any medicine.

  267. Dr Sharma

    I have been suffering from hyperpigmentation from last 4-5 years. I had taken allopathy treatment which help it fade to quite an extent however once the treatment is stopped, it resurfaces again and usually much more widespread. I have patches on the both sides of cheeks and have recently started Homeopathic treatment from Dr Batra. I have been prescribed kalium phosphoricum 6x for the last 2 months. However i have not noticed any improvement, infact the itching on the right cheek has increased along with new patches. Request you to suggest if i need to use some specific facial products for the face.


  268. Neeru gupta says:

    Hello dr

    I am 50 yrs old. I have dark color patches on my cheeks and forehead due to sun exposure. I tried many things but of no use. Can these be removed with homeopathy. Please suggest.

  269. Hllo doctor I’m Nidhika. . I’m recently recovered from acne on cheeks but now I got acne marks brownish in color on my cheeks plz suggest medicine

  270. Tanushree kundu says:

    Hello doctor I am Tanushree form West Bengal..I have so many pigmentation on my face all are brown colours . As my skin tone fair it looks ugly. It increases or became pominent in sunlight.I use age 27.after pregnancy it increases lot.Please suggest me homeopathic cream ,medicine.

  271. I am 38 year old, after second delivery stared pigmentation on both cheeks. now pimples are also started. I have taken allopathic treatment for 6 months but no results. Before this my skin was clear, please suggest me effective homeopathic medicine.

    • sir, iam sawathy from kerala 26years old, i have my face full brown sports how to remove this sport.I use sunscreen..after pregnancy it increases lot.Please suggest me homeopathic cream ,medicine.

  272. I am 35 year men and suffering from skin pigmentation on cheeks like melasma,can I use sepia? Will it work?

  273. I am using carafit ultra from 1year recommended by doctor but my pigmentation is as it if I use homeopathic medicine can it works?

  274. Paramita Pal says:

    Hello doctor I am Paramita form West Bengal..I have so many frackles ,brown dots small on my face . As my skin tone fair it looks ugly. It increases or became pominent in sunlight.I use age 25.after pregnancy it increases lot.Please suggest me homeopathic cream ,medicine.

  275. how to use medicines for dark spot pigmentation
    can we use few drops in cream or in oil and then massage or just drink and how?

  276. surendra Kumar says:

    Hello Doctor . I my wife is 42 years old having two kids with normal delivery in yr 2000 and 2009 . her skin is dry and pigmention . this is since yr 2005 initially i had some allopathic treatment for approx 2 yrs with few result. recently had homeo treatment near my home town but no result.. Which medicine and cream is effective for above skin problems . Thanks

  277. Hello Doctor . I am 38 years old having two kids with c section . My skin is dry and pigmention and uneven skin tone . Also having black circles around eyes and crow feet wrinkles . Which medicine and cream is effective for above skin problems . Thanks

  278. Dr. I have been diagonse that I have malasms, its been almost 15 years. Please let me know what I need to do. Where I can buy the medications.
    Thank you

  279. Doctor Thuja Occidentalis for freckles of age 42 years menopause what will be the dose. And also let know the medicine and dosage for sunken and dark undereyes. Please help it looks ugly.

  280. Where to buy all these treatments?

  281. Hello Dr,
    My face is dark due to pigmentation & face look so dull i have tried multiple Dr to get better look but no one give me results.

    Please prescribed some medicine for the fresh look.

  282. Hi sir.I am having dark skin i m 26 years old .i want a good cream which will really help me i have used many product but nothing help me .i want fair skin not only for face i want for whole body

  283. ethel Ramjit says:

    Dr Sharma: I have very dark spots on my cheek, top of nose and under eyes for 5 years. Sleep pattern is really bad. Mayve 4 hours a night. Stress have a 97 year old dad in nursing home and have to go every day to visit. Tried everything I could thing off. Visited 4 dermatologists and biopsy was deon. Was told it is deep inthe second layer of the skin. Tried many natura things, like tomatoes, cucumber, safron, sandalwood and many others but of no help. Thanks for any information yu can give.

  284. saidhul yadav says:

    good mrng sir I’m suffering. from lot of problems total dehydration skin ,hair loss,irritation,itching,allergy,no height development from past 5to6. years could you help me sir

  285. jyoti sharma says:

    Plz…tell me How to remove pigmentation permanently on face and nose

    • i m 30 year old and underwight.. i hv been suffering through melasma for 4 years.. the condition got worse when i was in stress.. i m taking multivitamins and they are reduced upto some extent .. please recommend ..

  286. Dr Sharma, I’ve got melasma on my cheeks and it’s getting worse . I’ve tried skin lightener cream but it doesn’t help . I need your help please advise .

  287. Dear doctor,
    I’m Muthu .my age is 30 female . Skin burns and Itchy in hot sun or in hot climate even inside home.Have hyper pigmentation on forehead,skin around eyes,cheeks,around chin and upper lip.Feels highly uncomfortable in hot climates.Gets angry easily and feel like shouting loudly,or feel like throwing object if someone irritates me.Pimples turns to black spots .Entire face and skin throught body exposed to sunlight looks uneven .My mom and their sisters have this problem too.i feel this as hereditary.Currently using multivitamin tablets.Please let me know how long it may take to cure this and help me to regain my confidence.

  288. Lalita Maharaj says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I’ve got melasma on my cheeks and it’s getting worse . I’ve tried skin lightener cream but it doesn’t help . I need your help please advise .

  289. PAVAN KUMAR says:

    Gud mrg sir I have blackspot on forehead since long time am taking homeopathy medicine like pills,cream,scrub sometime it shows best results after fews days the dark spot will reappear clearly on my forehead kindly suggest me best medicine in homeopathy and also cream some cream like (Berberis ,charm skin ) are used but no results

  290. gd eve Dr
    can I take berberis aquafolium Q in pills form for spots n complexion…..means don’t want to take in drops. …and please suggest doses

  291. Hello doc, my 1 yr old son has a big white patch on right side of his face since birth covering his full right side of the face. Is there any treatment to bring his normal color. Please help

  292. My wife has black spot near both sides of corner of suggest medicine.
    j k verma

  293. Divya mishra says:

    Mere face me specially in cheeks pe melezma hai 5salo se bahut se treatment kiye Dr. Batra ka bhi pr koi fark nhi pada .Mai bahut pareshan hu itne Dr. Ko dikhane k baavjud bhi koi fark nhi padd raha plzz plzz Dr. Koi acchi medicine bataye jisse melezma thik ho sake..

    • Hello sir mere face pe bhut Jada dark blackish moles types pigment ho raha he lanchan type me bhut bhut Jada stress hu is vajha se plzzzzzz suggest me medicines

    • Hello doctor sharma, I am 39 yr old female have developed melasma on my both cheeks since last one year. There are already brown spots on my nose since last few years. My forehead is also sunburned. Have tried so many home made face packs n some Ayurvedic creams but no effect. It’s not related to pregnancy as I don’t have kids. My skin is dry type n tends to get drier during winter. Please help by suggesting some good cream, medicine to get rid of melasma. My facial skin colour has gone so very uneven n patchy n is two shades darker then my overall body colour.

    • i am suffering from hyperpigmentation, on my neck and on my cheeks pls help me to get rid of it and its kind of spreading on my cheeks and i am so much worried about it

  294. Hello sir
    I am 56year old house wife I am suffering from pigmentation since last six years I was fair now my colour has become very dull.i have been tried many things no use plz guide me to get rid off this .
    Thank u

    • Hello dr
      I m 57yrs old lady.Having too much black spots on forehead cheeks and arms also.Feel ashamed to go in public used many packs n creams all in vain.pls advice

  295. Bandna kothari says:

    Dear sir/ madam.
    I have melasma on my face from last 8 years and tried lots of natural and orhet treatments but nothing works. Please advise how I can I get rid of this.

  296. seema sinha says:

    D sir.
    I have melasma for last 2 year.I tried a lot alopathic but nothing suggest which med to take

  297. arveensyed p says:

    I applied pain cream in face its a mistake and brown spot come in to face right cheek. 5 years over not going this spot how can I say plz

  298. Haseena choudhary says:

    Hlow Dr.
    I have pigmentation on my cheeks when I m I. My final year graduation now I m in second year . I use some creams on it to remove it but chemical products work firstly but after that I got sunburn , which is more darker than pigmentation . I got these pigmentation either due to hormonal Imbalances or due to more exposure to sun . please tell me something to remove these pigmentation and sunburn I don’t like them on my face . plzzzzssss Dr

  299. Hi sir I have pugmentation n my cheek nose forhead upperlips about four years plz suggest affective medicine but not only facial creams also give some medicines

  300. Hi sir i am suffering with melasma need help

  301. I hav taken treatment for hyperpigmentation it acne and melasma with some 197 medicine . It was effective also but after completion of 5 month course these pigments are back. I want to know is this medicine is really of homeopathic family.

  302. I am a 21 year old man from Kenya. I have been suffering from hyperpigmentation on my left cheek which occurred due to excessive use of hydocortisone and betamethasone creams. I immediately stopped using the creams when I noticed infammation. It is now a month and I have not applied anything to the dark patch on my left cheek. The patch is quite big. My friend recommended aloe vera gel which I have been applying for one week now. Though no significant results yet. Am I on the right track or will the aloe vera gel be of no use. Please help.

  303. Dr.sharma Garu I have used skinlite cream for 20days I got white marks on my face I have stopped using.any solution is their about this problem.plz help me

  304. Minakshi Bhatnagar says:

    I am sixty year .please tell me the suitable cream to remove the facial pigmentation .

    Thanks for duidence.

  305. What is the name of 197 medicine

    • Indra Mishra says:

      Dear, sir i am 29 years old mere dono chiks pr brown pigmentation ho gayi h please tell me the suitable creme to remove the facial pigmentation

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