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8 Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Treating Facial Pigmentation

Homeopathic Medicines for Facial PigmentationFacial pigmentation refers to the darkening of facial skin due to overproduction of pigment melanin. Medically, this is known as melasma. In melasma, patches of pigmentation appear on the face, predominantly over the cheeks, nose, forehead and upper lip. The pigmentation varies from yellowish, brownish, bluish to blackish in colour. Chloasma is another term for facial pigmentation in women during pregnancy. Freckles or tiny dark spots appear on the face in certain cases from repeated sun exposure. Freckles are more likely in persons with fair skin. Homeopathic medicines for facial pigmentation can help effectively clear out the pigmentation.

Homeopathic Medicines for Facial Pigmentation

The top 8 natural medicines for facial pigmentation are Sepia Officinalis, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Cadmium Sulphuratum, Berberis Aquifolium, Sulphur, Psorinum, Lachesis Muta, and Thuja Occidentalis.

1. Sepia Officinalis – Top grade Medicine for Facial Pigmentation

Sepia Officinalis is one of the top grade medicines for treating facial pigmentation. The person prescribed Sepia Officinalis will have pigmentation on the cheeks, forehead and nose. The pigmentation varies from brownish, yellowish to blackish in colour. The skin may be rough and hard. Sepia is very suitable for women with facial pigmentation arising during pregnancy and after childbirth. It works equally well for women who develop facial pigmentation during menopause. Along with facial pigmentation, dark circles under the eyes are a unique symptom.

2. Pulsatilla Nigricans – For Facial Pigmentation with Menstrual Irregularities

Pulsatilla Nigricans is a most effective medicine for facial pigmentation in women with menstrual irregularities. The irregularities include delayed periods, scanty menses and suppressed menses. They show up as pigmented spots and freckles on the face. Pulsatilla is also helpful for acne resulting from menstrual irregularities.

3. Cadmium Sulphuratum – For Facial Pigmentation that Worsens in Sun

For facial pigmentation that gets worse with exposure to the sun, Cadmium Sulphuratum is the best prescription. The pigmentation varies from yellowish to brownish in colour. Pigmented spots are present over the entire face, but most prominently on the nose and cheeks. Another guiding symptom for use of Cadmium Sulphuratum is that pigmentation gets worse in the wind. The face may feel itchy.

4. Berberis Aquifolium – For Treating Facial Pigmentation from Eruptions

Berberis Aquifolium is a highly effective and reliable remedy for treating pigmentation spots and scars on the face left behind by any kind of eruption. The skin may feel waxy. The cheeks may feel hot.

5. Sulphur – For Facial Pigmentation with Dry Skin

Sulphur is a highly reliable medicine for facial pigmentation with dry skin. The skin looks unhealthy and dirty. The person complains of itching and burning sensation on the face. Itching gets worse in the heat. Sulphur is also a good choice of medicine to treat facial pigmentation that has been subjected to ointments and external topical applications in the past.

6. Psorinum – For Facial Pigmentation with Oily, Waxy Skin

For facial pigmentation attended with greasy, oily, waxy skin, Psorinum is the medicine to go to. Facial skin looks dull, pale and sick. The face is covered in pigmented spots that may be attended with itching. Acne – papular or pustular – may be present on the face.

7. Lachesis Muta – For Facial Pigmentation in Pre-menopausal Women

In addition to Sepia Officinalis, another helpful medicine for treating facial pigmentation in women of menopausal age is Lachesis Muta. A woman who needs Lachesis will have facial pigmentation ranging from bluish–purple to bluish–black in colour, along with the other menopausal symptoms.

8. Thuja Occidentalis – For Facial Pigmentation and Freckles

Where facial pigmentation and freckles are both present, Thuja Occidentalis works wonderfully well. The skin looks dirty, dry and is covered in brown spots. The face may look pale, with dark circles under the eyes. Pigmented spots may also be present on the hands and arms. The skin is very sensitive to touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Homeopathy have a permanent solution to facial pigmentation?

There is a great scope of treating facial pigmentation with homeopathy. Natural medicines help lighten facial pigmentation and in time, could make them fade away given that other factors are conducive.

2. Why do we get facial pigmentation?

The root cause of facial pigmentation is excess melanin production. Facial pigmentation is very common in women, but may also arise in men. The causal factors are many, the major among them being hormonal changes in women during pregnancy, after childbirth, during menopause, from intake of contraceptive pills, from hormone replacement therapy and hypothyroidism. Other factors that trigger facial pigmentation are stress, loss of sleep and sun exposure. Heredity also plays an important role in predisposing a person to facial pigmentation. Acne may also lead to scarring and facial pigmentation.

3. At what age does facial pigmentation occur?

Facial pigmentation can occur at any age, but it is most prominently seen between 20–40 years of age.

4. I have facial pigmentation. Will going out in the sun worsen it?

Yes, sun exposure will definitely worsen the facial pigmentation. The melanin producing melanocyte cells gets activated in the sun, hence worsening the facial pigmentation.

5. Will stress lead to facial pigmentation?

Stress does not cause facial pigmentation, but will surely worsen the condition if it persists for long. Stress causes hormonal imbalance which may worsen facial pigmentation.

6. I am a woman of menopausal age and notice discolored spots on my face. Is it natural to have such spots at this age?

Hormonal changes during menopause could cause facial pigmentation among other symptoms such as profuse menses, hot flushes, headaches, and mood swings. However, all women going through menopause will not necessarily get pigmentation.

7. I have thyroid and now, pigmentation spots on my cheeks and forehead. Are pigmentation and hyperthyroidism related?

Yes, pigmentation and thyroid complaint are related. An imbalance in thyroid hormone levels can lead to facial pigmentation.

8. Can hormonal changes cause facial pigmentation?

Yes, hormonal changes are the foremost reason behind facial pigmentation. Hormonal changes in women during pregnancy, after childbirth and during menopause, all contribute significantly toward facial pigmentation as do changes in the thyroid hormone. Taking oral contraceptive pills can also lead to facial pigmentation.

9. I have been on a contraceptive pill for a while now. Will stopping the pill cure my facial pigmentation?

Once you stop taking contraceptive pills, you will be able to stop further pigmentation. However, the pigmented spots that are already there will not fade away by themselves. They will require proper treatment.

10. Can topical applications erase pigmentation marks?

Pigmentation on the face is the symptom of some internal problem which is why topical external applications usually do not help. The root cause of the pigmentation needs to be identified and treated before the marks will fade.

11. Will taking proper sleep reduce pigmentation marks?

Lack of sleep is a contributing factor to facial pigmentation. Lack of sleep raises the level of stress hormones which worsen the pigmentation. Hence, proper sleep is needed to prevent worsening of facial pigmentation.

12. Does the weather have anything to do with facial pigmentation?

Most cases of facial pigmentation worsen during the summer months, it has been found.

13. Should I take vitamins to reduce facial pigmentation?

Vitamins A, B12, C and E are known for their properties to reduce facial pigmentation. However, these vitamins should be taken in recommended doses, only after consulting a health professional. Taken together with medicines, these vitamins can work wonders and fade out facial pigmentation marks.

14. Can lifestyle changes help keep away pigmentation?

Lifestyle measures that can help avoid and manage facial pigmentation to an extent are:

  • Cover face in the sun
  • Manage stress by following a yoga and meditation regime
  • Drink lots of water
  • Proper 8-hour sleep is advised

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  1. Sir
    I have a pigmentation on forehead ,nose,cheeks and on upper lips for more than 2 years. I have taken so many medicines and creams but still no improvement. Can you help me with some medicine which will show some effect on pigmentation.

  2. Radha Choudhuri says:

    I am 63, female, live in Kolkata which is mostly hot and humid. I am fair skinned and have freckles on my face and arms for several years. My father and sister have it.
    Now I find these spots are appearing on my neck & some have appeared in unexposed parts of my torso. In 20o9 I had taken some sessions of laser therapy on the face and the marks disappeared.
    I suffered from an episode of rosacea 3 years back. It was treated with steroid.

  3. Sadanandakumar Aduru says:

    Hi this is Hema I am.40years old I have getting face pigmentation it started in nose but now both side on cheek pls let me know what can I do for this

    • Abdul Latif says:

      I am 69 years old man. I have pigmentation in my nose and cheeks. I am using Berberis Aquifolium Cream and before using applying Mother Tincture from two weeks. The Tincture six drops empty stomach in the morning.
      I was using Milacare Cream before and the result was temporary.
      Further my wife is 48 and she was fair but now it is getting dull. Please advise.

  4. Zara Navid says:

    Good Morning Doctor!
    M from Pakistan n of age of 36 years married lady, having the facial pigmentation on forehead and covering full checks in brownish colour. My complexion is fair. I was not have any pigmentation or freckles before my marriage but after birth of my 2nd baby i got this on permanent basis. i have a history of this during each pregnancy. I have two babies 1 is on 4.5 and the younger is 2 years. Right now m not planning for a baby further. But m fed up of this issue. Kindly guide me in the light of the narrations and my lifestyle. M a working lady, my job is office based and donot expose to sun, just at the time of morning and while leaving ofice in the evening at 5:00 PM goes out.

  5. Rashmi Singh says:

    I am 34 years old married women. I have a child and I have never taken contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy. I used to have acne problem a lot in my 20’s but now it’s reducing at times 2-3 pimples can be seen . I have brown melasma spots on my cheeks and forehead from last 4-5 years. I have consulted with Dermatologist they it’s Derma layer melasma it can’t go away with medicines .It will go away with time own its own or may remain forever. Can you help me if it can be treated …

  6. I am 51 yrs old woman and suffering from Hypothyroidism since 2008. I have been through lot of stress. I had my 3rd baby boy in 2005. I had lots of health issues. Now I am taking 75 Mcg thyroxin . I can’t eat onions garlic and tomatoes. I develop acidity and start loosing weight. Due to stress, I developed frowning lines. motion become loose. Pain on the right side of arm and neck. Pain travels from right to left, then from arm to head. Nails on toes show bands of grey bands. Kindly suggest some medicine.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good morning doctor,
    I am 18 years old currently, going to turn 19 next month, I had acne issues which started in may, 2020 and now they’re all gone, but my skin looks very dull and is left with alot of dark spots (red and brown) and some of the areas of my skin on face are getting dark too, I have alot of hair growth on my face (mainly cheeks)
    It would be great if you’ll let me know what supplements I can take or what homeopathic medicine would help for the same.
    Hope you’ll reply

  8. Sir,
    i have pigmentation around my mouth…i am 20 year old
    can i use berberis aquifolium and thuja 200 in gap of 30 minutes?
    can this give me any adverse reaction?? please replyyyy it is save or not to consume iin such manner

  9. Dr pradeep zirpe says:

    Got it

  10. Parveen Kadiwal says:

    Dr I’m 58 years old since last one year I have dark circles under my eyes n spots on my cheek
    And nose , could recommend suitable homeopathic medicine, I have dry skin
    Will appreciate your response

  11. chanda grewal says:

    I am 50 years old, I have a condition of Hypothyroidism, pre-menopause, sleeplessness…I have pigmentation on my cheeks , they have faded 40% with kojiglow- and i-b glow….please suggest something as this condition makes me look darker than my usual complexion.

  12. vaishali says:

    Dr. I have pigmentation on my cheeks and now its occur on my nose. i tried lots of home remedies on face, but no use. before i have no pimples or acne on my face but now due to so many home remedies i have acne and acne scars with pigmentation on my face. Dr. pleas tell me how i will get ride from this which medicine I should use orally and internally guide me.

  13. Tahara akther says:

    Hi,how can I contact with homeo dr.I need some help,can some one help me.I have skin problem

  14. Supriya Gor says:

    can I take sepia, Lachesis and sulfur simultaneously (not together) to treat hyperthyroid ( and to avoid getting hypothyroid when hyperthyroid levels go down)

  15. Deepak Pattnayak says:

    There is a major colour difference between face and rest of the body parts.when I woke up, colour difference is a little but after it gradually darken.whenever do running or exercise it’s gets darker.even if in a mild cold it get darken.and also due to sweat it gets too dark. I had tried all the possible means to cure it but nothing has happened. I have suffering from this since 2013. Please help me to overcome this mental truma.
    Thank you.

  16. Sir i have hyperpigmentation around my mouth and I’m also suffering from pcos. Pls recommend me some homeopathic medicine for hyperpigmentation. It looks so bad I’m depressed since 8-9 years. I have used so many creams medicines, home remedies but didn’t work so pls help me

  17. Hello doctor,
    Kindly advise me on the following aspects.
    I am on vitiligo treatment for past 30 years homeopathic medicine its in control and not spreading, recently I got hyperpigmentation on face ,I have also low level of vitamin d which is 10 .1ng/ml. I am confused now whether to go out in the sun to increase vit d or not go out in the sun due to hyperpigmentation,
    Also I m 53 years old and had total hysterectomy 12 years ago and I am not on hormone replacement therapy, kindly advice on how to go about tteating these two conditions , I am already on vitiligo treatment taking homeopathic medicines, thank you

  18. Amrish chaturvedi says:

    hello sir
    my name is Amrish chaturvedi male 40 year old,
    i have pigmentation spot over on my both cheeks nose and side face through my eyebrows from last 6 to 7 years i have already using topical creams but no recovery,spot are worsen with the time going,even i spent most of time under roof there is no possibility of sun exposer.i had tested my lever which is fatty grade 2 in ultrasound report.
    kindly help me out

    warm regards
    Amrish chaturvedi

  19. Dr I mrs Rajshree age 48. My menstrual cycle completed at age 42.after that I have pigmentation on cheeks. Last few year I used cream given by beautician which faded my pigmentation. But at last December I found pigmentation spot on my nose. So suggest some medicine for me

    • Hello doctor, my age is around 25 yrs and I have darkspots on my face caused by acne especially on cheeks and occurs 3 months ago. I also have dark circles.
      Please suggest some useful medicine/treatment so that my face becomes like early.
      Please help me. Please guide me how can I remove it.

  20. Rakhi Sharma says:

    Hello doctor, my age is around 27 yrs and I have hyper pigmentation on my face especially on cheeks and I also have very much acne scars with so many indents on my face. My indents and acne scars are of 2 years ago but the pigmentation occurs 3 months ago.
    Please suggest some useful medicine/treatment so that my face becomes like early.
    Please help me

    • Jyoti sharma says:

      Sir i have got pigmentation on my Cheeks I m 30 years old.was taking homeopathy from sm local doctor since year bt no effect………now i hv been taking berberes 30 ,sepia 200 twice a week and chinchona officianils since a week …will it work…

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