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11 Homeopathic Remedies to Ease that PMS

Homeopathic Remedies for Premenstrual SyndromeMost of the times, a woman’s body and mind undergo noticeable changes before the onset of periods. Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS refers to the symptoms experienced by women a few days prior to the appearance of their monthly periods. The symptoms are both mental and physical. The mental symptoms include irritability, mood swings and a feeling of depression. The physical symptoms include breast tenderness or swelling, headache, abdominal bloating, constipation, diarrhea and acne (pimples). The symptoms vary from one woman to another and not every woman experiences all these symptoms. In every woman, though, any two or three of these symptoms stand out. The mental symptoms may appear in isolation or in combination with the physical symptoms. The symptoms usually disappear following the start of menstrual flow. Homeopathy offers an effective treatment for PMS with no side effects. Homeopathic remedies for premenstrual syndrome, which are sourced from natural substances, ensure that women get relief from the symptoms of PMS and that women do not have to endure a premenstrual phase that upsets their whole mental and physical makeup.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Premenstrual Syndrome

Sepia, Ignatia, Pulsatilla, Lachesis, Conium, Melilotus are the top remedies for PMS.

1. Sepia: Best Remedy for PMS with Extreme Irritability

Sepia is the top natural treatment for premenstrual syndrome. The main aspect which is covered by Sepia is the treatment of irritability in women with PMS. This medicine is of great help for women who suffer from extreme irritability a few days before periods. Irritability is mostly accompanied by an aversion to indulge in any kind of physical or mental labor. Here, Sepia acts as a remedy to calm the minds of women suffering from irritable conditions. A special symptom that needs mention is bearing down pains in uterus accompanying mental irritability. In most of the women requiring Sepia, some sort of irregularity in their menstrual cycle or periods is often found.

2. Ignatia: Homeopathic medicine for depression, mood swings in PMS

Ignatia is a natural medicine that is very beneficial for the treatment of PMS and is the best remedy for depression and mood swings in women with PMS. Ignatia can be taken by all women suffering from a sad and depressed emotional state before periods. Along with sadness, there is an aversion to company. Such women desire to be left alone and keep on weeping for long. Women who experience sudden mood swings prior to their menstrual cycle can also benefit by the use of Ignatia. The mood suddenly changes from joy to sadness and Ignatia is the best natural remedy.

3. Pulsatilla: For PMS with Increased Sensitivity

Pulsatilla is of great help for women with increased sensitivity towards every little thing during PMS. The smallest of things tend to affect women deeply and they also start to weep over little, insignificant issues. They start to cry in public and usually feel better when offered sympathy. Open air makes them feel good. The women who can benefit from medicine Pulsatilla may also have the problem of suppressed or delayed menses frequently. In most cases, there is also a total absence of thirst for water.

4. Lachesis: For PMS with Symptoms of Body Pain

Lachesis is the top natural prescription for women suffering from pain in various parts of body as part of PMS. Such women experience pains a few days before the expected date of periods. Excessive headache stands out and as the periods begin to flow, all the pains vanish. The most prominent mental state is of talking to an extreme extent and there may also be an extreme heated up sensation in the body. The heated feeling is accompanied by an aversion to wearing tight clothing.

4. Conium: For Breast Tenderness in PMS

Conium is the best natural remedy for treating breast tenderness in women as part of Premenstrual Syndrome. Conium is very beneficial for women who undergo swelling, enlargement, and pain in the breast before their periods. The pain gets worse by touching. Along with pain, the breast also becomes hard.

5. Sepia and Chamomilla: For PMS with Irritability

Sepia is a highly ranked medicine to deal with irritability before menses. This natural remedy works well for women who have an extremely irritable mood before menses. The women get irritated by the smallest of things of no significance. The irritability may be accompanied by an aversion to do any physical or mental work. Chamomilla is another natural medicine of great help in treating irritability before periods. Chamomilla can be used when irritability is accompanied by an aversion to talking. If forced to speak, such women communicate in a very irritable manner. They may even snap and use abusive language, with an aversion to the company of people.

4. Ignatia and Pulsatilla: Homeopathic medicines for depression or sadness in PMS

Both Ignatia and Pulsatilla are wonderful natural medicines to deal with sadness before menses. The main symptom for using Ignatia is extreme sadness with weeping spells. The woman needing Ignatia cuts herself off from her social circle. She sits alone and weeps without any cause. She may also show sudden mood changes. Pulsatilla, on the other hand, is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when the women experience an extremely sensitive mood with crying over every little thing before periods. Women needing Pulsatilla start to weep over small issues and even in front of anyone but can be comforted with consolation. Most women requiring Pulsatilla feel better when they move to open air.

5. Ignatia: For Mood Swings during Premenstrual Syndrome

Ignatia is the best natural medicine to deal with sudden mood changes troubling a woman before periods. The woman complains that her mood changes in a very short time from happiness to sadness. At one moment she feels joyful and the very next moment she weeps. She also sits alone and starts to weep. This is followed by excessive exhaustion.

6. Conium and Bryonia: For PMS with Breast Tenderness

Conium and Bryonia are the most frequently used natural remedies for PMS with breasttenderness.. The women needing Conium complain of excessive pain inthe breast with hardness before menses. The hardness may be severe like a stone. The breast may also feel enlarged and swollen. Pain is worsened by touch. Bryonia is the remedy for excessive heaviness and pain in breasts before menses. The pain is accompanied by the need to hold the breast to get some relief.

7. Lachesis and Melilotus: For PMS with Headaches

Lachesis is the ideal natural prescription for a headache before menses. The headache may be accompanied by vertigo and dim vision. The headache gets worse a few days before the onset of periods. The pain is relieved as soon as the periods begin. Melilotus is another medicine of great help in relieving headache occurring as a part of Premenstrual Syndrome. Melilotus can be used when the headache occurs with vomiting some days before periods. The head feels extremely heavy and full. As the menstrual flow begins, the head pain and heaviness vanish.

8. Carbo Veg and China: For PMS with Bloating

Both these remedies for pms with symptoms of bloating are very effective in giving immediate relief and are best suited for women who have a distended abdomen before menses. Eating is followed by extreme heaviness and distension in abdomen. This is accompanied by excessive gas in the abdomen. The accumulation of wind in the abdomen may also lead to pain. The women may also experience vomiting, which usually contains undigested food.

9. Silicea, Nux Vomica and Bryonia: For PMS with Constipation

These three are the most effective remedies for PMS when constipation accompanies . Silicea is the remedy for extreme constipation before menses. Silicea is very beneficial for women who have great difficulty in passing stool or poop. A lot of straining is required in order to pass stool. The stool even slips back after being partially expelled. Natural medicine Silicea helps in easy expulsion of stool without putting in much effort. Nux Vomica is the medicine that is prescribed when the urge to pass stool is very frequent. But the stool passed is very scanty and unsatisfactory. This can be accompanied by pain in the abdomen. Bryonia is the prescription when the stool is extremely hard and dry.

10. Bovista: For Diarrhoea as Part of PMS

Bovista is the best natural remedy for diarrhoea before menses. Bovista is of great help for all those women who pass loose stool before periods. The women may also experience heavy bleeding and Inter Menstrual Bleeding episodes.

11. Sepia and Natrum Mur: For PMS with Acne Breakout

Both Sepia and Natrum Mur are effective natural remedies for PMS when acne breakout is associated with it . For prescribing Sepia, the irregularity of periods is mostly noted along with pimples. The women needing Sepia are mostly of an irritable kind. Bearing down pains in the uterus may also be a part of the symptoms during periods in women needing Sepia. Natrum Mur is beneficial for women with pimples who are mainly reserved in nature. They may have weeping episodes while alone. Craving for salt may be found in women requiring Natrum Mur.

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  1. I am 30yrs old divorced women..highly senstive and anxious in nature,depressed too like negative thoughts and fear,suffering from skin senstivity from adolosence..still did not get the exact culprit..sometimes i feel its food allergy and chemical my pregancy all symptoms diminished totally no itchy rash no senstivity at all..anxiety and skin senstivity get worse before few days of periods and periods are scanty..kindly help me

  2. zareen haider says:

    Dr. Im zareen i am 48 years last 9 months period not appear but every month before period occure breast pain n soreness both side .now a days fuether start pain in breast like period

    • Santosh jha says:

      Hi doctor
      My wife age 36 yr having pain in both breast before 15 days of period time and its disapear after perind
      Kindly suggest us ,. Their treatment

  3. Sadaf Ashraf says:

    Doctor Iam 44 years old lady for the last one year Iam experience a severe headache and breast pain along with little feeling of nausea during my ovulation period and these symptoms vanished after my menstrution cycle begins plz help me out as Iam a professor in college and these symptoms effect my work

  4. Hi Doctor Sharma,

    This is Maha I m suffering from pain in lower abdomen and lower back before my periods. Kindly advice me the medicine for the same.


  5. Mary Plumley says:

    Hi Dr. I am going to try pulsatilla, it often seems to match my remedy picture but rarely has an effect but I will try. I am 47 and my pms is often severe. I get on and off bouts of extreme sadness and feelings that I am unloved and Unappreciated. Past things that my husband has done to make me sad all come back to me and I have to work so hard to distract myself to not let myself dwell on them! I will be busy and feel fine for a half hour then it will hit me again. I like to be around friends and get comfort from them, don’t want to be alone because then the sadness is worse. Friends and company distract me and make me feel happy and good for awhile. Also have some trouble getting irritable over small things on and off. Also have breast tenderness and very minor skin acne at this time of month. I also get the same sort of pms symptoms at ovulation time as well!

  6. Hi would like to know if you ever visit UK and where would you be based and if not is this the only number to call you on

  7. i am suffering from pms and bloating and flatulence pain in lower abdomen it starts 10days before period pain it lasts till occurrence of period it is sudden severe and last for few minutes but pain is often even during sleep i get abdominal pain

  8. i am suffering from pms and bloating and flatulence pain in lower abdomen it starts 10days before period pain it lasts till occurance of period it is sudden severe and last for few minutes but pain is often even during sleep i get abdominal pain

  9. Suparna moitra says:

    My daughter is 24.5 yrs old.she is having seviour pms mood swing , which is making me feel that she may harm herself.She feels bad about every thing happened in her life good or bad. This has effected her studies badly. She is a brilliant student but for this reason her studies are effected.she is not able to complete her graduation.few she has harmed her self.Please help me.

  10. Advocate J.B. deshmukh says:

    my daughter is 19 yrs old. She develops cold with sneezing, slight fever every month as PMS. She does not have any other health issues. Please advice.

  11. Deepika says:

    I am suffering from Severe PMS from many years but earlier symptoms were not severe there were back stiffness, brest tenderness, irritability, migraine etc. But now from last 2 years I always feel depressed, cry , loose confince etc. along with other symptoms.I am 38 yrs old. Plz help me before I loose hope. 15 years ago I also had depression and it take years to recover. Then i was ok for almost 10-11 yrs. I have 1 child 8 yrs.

    Plz help me otherwise life is becomong hell. I read your web page does Ignatiua would help me.

    • Debarati Roy says:

      I am 25 years old. I am suffering from pms for one month. Pls suggest me the medicine to relieve pms. I am very much depressed.

  12. Hello doctor..I have PMS in which 10 days before my periods itching along with big painful bumps occur in or around my vagina.I m 28 n never had this problem before but since i took antoxid tablets for my skin problem (as prescribed by my doc)past 1yr i have noticed this issue,though i have had those tablets for 2 months n then have stopped it.These painful bumps start before 10 of period n may even continue till my period ends or may vanish in a week.As of the itching it just is for 3 to 4 hrs before the bump occurs n stays for a day.I do clean the vaginal area but still these bumps occur? It will b of great help if you can suggest a medicine.Thank you.!

  13. Monika Crawford says:

    I am inquiring for a remedy for my 14 year old daughter who suffers greatly from PMS. All of the above symptoms apply to her so it is difficult to know where to start ! Her symptoms are more prevalent right before or at the beginning of her period. She has extreme irritability and mood swings. She finds herself very emotional and in tears several times a day. She also suffers from cramps and break outs during her period. I am not sure where to start sepia, ignato, pulsatilla, natrum mur or all of the above.?? How much and how often? In the past she has suffered from mild depression during her period and it is hard to tell if the mood swings and and sadness are part of this or something else. Your advise would be greatly appreciated it. She is a great girl but miserable 3-5 days during or right before her period and very hard to live with. Her entire being changes it seems. She is a very bright, funny and energetic girl typically Thank you!

  14. Hello doc
    I gave pms in which I tend to gain weight n mood swings 10 days before my periods. Also .y body muscles n skin get tight n rigid. I m 35 yrs old. Pls suggest

  15. I have every single symtom listed what medicne do I need

  16. Jennifer sked says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    For the past few months at least 2 weeks before my period starts my breasts increase in size and my stomach is always bloated and I can feel I put on weight all over. I’m now on occasions suffering from vaginal irritation which I use a lubricant to try to ease or if the itch is bad then I use Vagisil cream. I am becoming very disheartened as I don’t know what to do now and would appreciate some advice. I’m 44 years old

  17. Geeta sharma says:

    Hi Doctor

    I am 31 years old I am having in regular mensulation issue. I am planning for 2nd baby but I consulted to gynaecological she said no egg generation is their. In Jan this year I conceived with twins through medicine IVF but in march I had a miscarriage. Just need to know if you can help me in this matter. Plz reply

  18. Hi Dr Sharma,
    I am reallly suffering every month with my period the sympoms vary but generally before my period i get increased allergies to dust and pollen etc, i get headaches and often really bad flu symptoms.After a couple of days or at the end of my period i feel depressed and anxious ,spaced out,this feels like a physical thing like a drop in hormone levels.My life is busy but i am usually very grounded, i am 41 years old. i dont get very emotional anymore but i can be a bit tearful sensitive or unable to cope with much in the world around this time. i am an artist, i am very much enjoying life but i am also fearful of many general horrible things happening , iam also quite shy unless i know people and feel a sense of inadequacy.If you could help me with a remedy that would be very good thank you.

  19. Sultana says:

    I m 33 years old women just worried about my sadness and weeping conditions before periods. Too much anger on little things and want sympathy and love from my husband.too much negative thinking comes in mind that make me more weepy and ager against my husband.can you please help me which remedy is best for me in which potency. I can’t choose between sepia and pulsatilla . Please help me i m soo worried about my this condition.

  20. Dear Doctor…
    I am female of 26 years old,I have pcod since two year…not getting periods …I tried a lot of medicine s but when I stop them again get the same problem…I want to regulate my periods n need a permanent cure…I have some other issues too…please help

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