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Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Migraine – Part 2

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to Treat Migraine – Part 2

Epiphegus for migraine headaches

A lesser known drug for migraine but does wonders if symptoms match. I can personally vouch for Epiphegus .I treated my cluster headaches with Epiphegus which would settle over my left eye. Epiphegus is very effective for cluster headaches. This drug has more affinity for left side. It is indicated when headaches come on with MENTAL EXERTION or MENTAL TIRE. Headaches that are triggered by going out in the sun or, shopping or any deviation from normal routine. Mainly headaches that are caused by overwork or fatigue, Epiphegus does wonders in curing them miraculously.

Nux Vomica for gastric Migraines

Gastric migraine is a new terminology that is being used in modern medicine nowadays. It refers to a condition where the headaches are accompanied by gastric disturbances. The gastric disturbances that are usually accompanied with migraine headaches are constipation (this could be in the form of ineffectual desire to pass stool; or not getting complete evacuations) bloating of abdomen or feeling of gas; or a feeling or an inability to release gas. Nux is also used for headaches that brought on by eating fatty, rich fried food. Alcohol consumption when leads to triggering of headaches are effectively treated with Nux Vomica.

Medicines mentioned here are for information purpose only. Kindly do not self medicate.

Top Five Homeopathic Medicines to treat Migraine part 1


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  1. S Manjula says:

    Dear Sir, My husband has left sided headache associated with constipation and gas trouble problem. He even has the problems like cannot lie down, must sit up, nor can he bear a draft of air, noise or jarring when headache appears. Presently he is taking NUXVOMICA when he feels ache in head. He says he is getting relief temporarily for a while. Can he take BELLADONA along with nuxvomica to get more relief. Is it a serious neural problem. Do we require to consult a neuro physician. Please suggest the remedy.

  2. I am 41 yrs old woman I have pain in my right eyebrow & right shoulder & right hand also kindly help me to reduce pain

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