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Homeopathic Remedies for Nail Fungus,Infection ,Toenail fungus

Homeopathic Remedies for Nail Fungus

Nails are not commonly associated with disease but when fungal infection does occur, it causes a person’s nail to get distorted due to a change in color or shape, affecting normal finger movements.  Though not a crippling affliction, fungal infection in the nails does cause discomfort, pain or even irritability in the affected person when it penetrates into the deeper tissues and damages the nails.Homeopathic remedies for fingernail fungus form natural treatments for nail fingus

Homeopathy as a Natural medicine for Nail Fungus

Homeopathic medicines are ideal for providing a complete cure for infected nails as they tackles the root cause. Being non-intrusive and non-toxic, this natural treatment delivers good results in case of nail fungal infections.Moreover homeopathic toenail fungus treatment are very safe and can be used for a long period without any side effects .

Who gets  Nail Fungus ?

The incidence of fungal infection in the nails is found mostly in people who are subjected to a chronic exposure to detergents or water, people who indulge in repeated manicuring or those who suffer from an injury in the nail margin.This condition may assume an acute or chronic nature. People generally tend to neglect it in the initial stages due to which the infection can become chronic. It may be superficial or it may penetrate into the deeper tissues. In the beginning, the condition may manifest itself only as color change but in the long run, it may exhibit itself as a distortion of the nails. Homeopathic remedies top the list for  natural treatments for nail fungus

Homeopathic Fungus Treatment

Antimony Crudum – Homeopathic Remedy for Fungus causing Distorted Nails and Toenails

I would say that for nail fungus homeopathic treatment promises a safe and successful solution with zero side-effects.Homoeopathic medicine Antim crud is one of the top remedies in cases of infections of the nails associated with thick horny callosities of the skin.It seems to work well in patients who have horny warts on the hands and soles. Antim crud assures relief to patients who have a dry skin which itches. The nails are very brittle and break very easily. The original shape of the nails is distorted and the nails grow out of shape. The patient seems to get unusually irritated at the slightest things.  The nails are split and grow at a very slow pace. Toenail is the most common nail to get affected by fungus , homeopathic medicine antimony crudum works wonders in treating toenail fungus.

SIlicea – Homeopathic Remedy for Nail fungus with Pus , Infection and sharp Pains in Toenail

Silicea is an excellent homoeopathic remedy for  fungus . I feel it is best recommended to patients who have very cold feet and palms. Their nails are infected and disfigured. The patient oozes bad smelling sweat from the feet, hands and armpits. It is also seen to be associated with a sharp pain in the finger and toe nails. The pain is unbearable and the patient seems to be very restless and irritable. Silicea can be given to patients in whom the nails grow inwards and are surrounded with flesh and pus.

GRAPHITES – Homeopathy for Nail Fungus when Nails Crack

I have found that homeopathic medicine Graphites is suitable for cases of nail disorders characterized by inward growth of the nails, especially of the toe nails. The nails tend to ulcerate and the surrounding tissue is swollen.Homeopathic Medicine Graphites can be given in cases where the pain is deep seated and the patient cannot bear to be touched. The affected parts are very sore and painful. Graphites may be given in cases where there is thickening of the nails. In some cases, there may be a deformity of nails which break easily. Homeopathic remedy Graphites may be given for nail infection in people with cracked finger tips.

BUFO RANA: Homeopathic medicine for Nail Infection and Fungus that turns the Nail Blue

 Homeopathic Medicine Bufo Rana is a very effective homeopathic remedy for treating fungal infections of the nails and toenail which appear bluish or blackish in color. This Homeopathic medicine  may be given to patients in whom the skin surrounding the nails is swollen and there is occasional formation of pus. Nail affections are associated with a deep dull pain that runs upward till the axilla (armpit).

FLOURIC ACID: Homeopathic medicine for Fast Growing and Crippled Nails With Fungal Infection

Homeopathic medicine Flouric acid assures positive results in cases where the nails grow very fast and are crippled. People have nails with longitudinal ridges. Nail changes may be associated with a sore pain in between the toes. Homeopathic medicine Flouric acid may also be prescribed in cases of nail infection with corns which are sore to touch.

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  1. David R. Heise says:

    Dr. Sharma, I have both toenail fungus (which is now under the complete nail in all ten toes) and fingernail fungus. I have had toenail fungus shortly after I had ingrown toenails cut out (around 1988). I have now fingernail fungus that started about 5 years ago. What would you suggest that I try? Antimony Crudum? what strength? How often?

  2. Smita Ashtikar says:

    Hallo sir, I have a patient having complent of fingernail fungal infection, according to his signs n symtoms silicea n bufo Rana suits,shall I giv him both at a time in which potency n repitations

  3. Shahid mahmood says:

    Hello Dr
    Sir, my wife has nail fungus issue in hand fingures as well as in right foot thumb. several alopathic treatment taken (finally Lamisil tab used) but still problen is same.
    fungus infection condition is as there is swelling on the nail root area, some time puss feels. all the time stinging pain feels. so please suggest us homeopathic treatment for the above mentioned issue. I am from Pakistan, if you prescribe the formula we will arrange from our local market.
    thanks for your kindness.

    Shahid Mahmood

  4. Second toe of one leg gets drat but if scrubbed gets a lighter. So, is it fungus ? I might mrntion that this is since 6 months. I met with an accident when the car stooped with a jerk and i resting on the bonnet . Os it fue to that. That did cause an internal injury innthe atomach keading to vomitting that night and then fever but after that no complication.

  5. Raju Rajak says:

    I have infection in my finger middle nail as shown in the above picture. It is more than one year old. Please suggest medicine if any.

    Thanks and Regards.

  6. Hello. Can homeopathy medicine for nail clubbing?


    • Madhavarao rangashai says:

      I am 86 years old my both toe nails are very hard any homeopathy cream to soften them Rshai regds

  7. Sharda sonbhadra says:

    Madam..I hv infection in my rt leg toe nail…The nail gets hard and breaks if get hit by something..N pains a lot

  8. Mashiur Rahman says:

    Dear Sir

    I am Mashiur Rahman from Dhaka Bangladesh, I have nail fungus of my left side leg nails. Could you suggest me for homeyophathy treatment.

    • Simran khatter says:

      Hello Doc,

      Toenails of my both foot are hardened, they automatically get broken and a new nail atarta coming. But thw new nail is not growing properly, it is cluttered at one place only. But the nails get damaged and broken easily and are very hard.
      Please help.

  9. Biswanath sur says:

    Nail detachment from bed and thickness .Kindly solve

  10. My right hand nails are separated half from nail beds and half attached. Sometimes i also got pus surrounding the nail and nail surrounding becomes hard, red and swollen. what is it?

  11. Dear Doctor,
    I have hemagioma of liver,8smx7sm and wonder if any homeopathic remedies can help to shrink it,
    thank you Marina

  12. Alopecia areata has been diagnosed in the nails which have completely fallen off…..please advise a medicine

  13. Ks hari says:

    Rt leg toe is paining since month.
    Plz give advice.

  14. Naini jain says:

    I am suffering from fungal nail infection
    Can u suggest me some way out in homeopathic
    Your advice will be highly appreciated

  15. Arun kumar says:

    Sir I have nail fungal disease from two years please tell me best medicine

    • Ali Akbar says:

      I am patient of fatigue tiredness I am about 57 years taking blood pressure tablet co valtic 80/12.5 gm and gulocophage 1\2 daily

  16. Rajeev Singh says:

    My toe nail is thicked from last 15 years will it b able to treat in homeopathic.. Sometime it even pains

  17. Dr. Sharma-

    My PSA test results have been high (7.4) for months now. I also have difficulty urinating both weak stream and low force. My father died from prostate cancer which metastasized and my older brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I don’t want a biopsy done even though my urologist disagrees. What do you suggest for a treatment plan? Thank you in advance.


  18. Hi sir
    My toe nail colour has been changed and the shape of nail also changed like Valley shape so please give me some remidi idea about this desease

  19. try best

  20. Bidhan Roy Chowdhury says:

    Dear Sir,
    With due respect I like to inform that I have been suffering from fungal infection of nail( ring finger) for last 6 months.
    I have taken antifungal Fluconazole for 2 months and then Terbinafin for another 2 months but no improvement.
    Now I like to take homio medicine .
    Can you suggest drug with duration.

    • Arvind Kumar Manga says:

      Sir, good afternoon, I am having nail fungus infection with acute pain for the last three four days colour of nail become bit blue kindly suggest some medicine

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