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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Post Nasal Drip

Post-nasal drip may sound to be a trivial problem but it can be a source of immense irritation. An annoying affliction that can impede a person’s day-to-day functioning, it is a condition that sees the person constantly struggling with the secretions in the throat. The patient is consumed by a constant urge to clear the throat as the flow of the fluid in the throat is irritating. Another offshoot of the affliction is that the irritating substances present in the secretions could initiate a cough reflex. Homeopathic medicines for Post Nasal Drip help treat the problem effectively.  homeopathic medicines for post nasal drip

Homeopathic Medicines for Post-nasal Drip

Homeopathy offers cures for post-nasal drip that are safe, successful and shorn of side-effects. Since homeopathy uses the body’s own defenses to combat infection, this line of treatment is comparatively non-intrusive. Another advantage these remedies enjoy over other cures is that they are toxin-free as they are drawn from natural substances.

1. Hydrastis for Post-Nasal Drip with Thick Ropy Secretion

I can vouch for the fact that homeopathy assures excellent treatment for post-nasal drip. One of the top treatments in homeopathy for this condition is Hydrastis. It is ideal for situations where the secretions are very thick, ropy and sticky in form. The secretions fall from the posterior nares into the throat. The patient complains of irritation due to a continuous feeling of mucus in the throat.  There is a lot of hawking in an attempt to expel the mucus. Usually, thick, yellow mucus is expectorated. Both the nares become raw and the person has a constant urge to blow the nose. In case of post-nasal drip in children, the kid is usually suddenly aroused from the sleep due to thick, sticky droppings. The throat feels raw and there is a lot of burning sensation.

2. Kali Bichrome for Post Nasal Drip with Sinusitis

It is another reliable remedy for post-nasal drip. It is especially suited in cases when the secretions are thick and ropy in nature. They are usually green in color. The patient hawks a lot to clear the throat. The root of the nose and the frontal sinus are inflamed, causing a lot of pain and distress to the patient.

3. Corallium Rubrum for PND with Cough

Corallium is a wonderful remedy that covers the post-nasal catarrh well. Corallium works well in cases where a lot of mucus is secreted through the posterior nares. This is a great indication for selecting the remedy in most cases. There is nasal catarrh with abundant secretions. This makes the inspired air feel very cold. The patient hawks up a lot of mucus.  Along with this, some patients may experience ca ough that is dry and spasmodic.

Symptoms of Post-nasal Drip

Post nasal drip is characterized by excessive mucus production by the nasal mucosa. This mucus then collects in the back of the nose or the throat, giving rise to a sensation of mucus falling from the back of the nose. It is also commonly termed as the upper airway cough syndrome. In many cases, post nasal drip is characterized by a sore throat and chronic cough.

The causes for the posterior droppings could be rhinitis, sinusitis, or a swallowing disorder. In case of swallowing disorders, the root cause lies not in excess production of mucus but rather in inadequate clearance of the throat. In children, some type of obstruction in the nose could initiate the posterior droppings.

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  1. Pramod Tiwari says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I m 34 yrs old , last 2 year suffering from AR , PND, wheezing, breathlessness in night occasionally. Took allopathic, ayurvedic,homeopathic treatments, but not permanent cure.
    Now only focussing on treating through naturally diet, exercise, homeopathic treatments.pls suggest.

  2. Barbra Hana Austin says:

    Dear DR. Sharma,
    Please inform me what can be done for constant rhinitis and excess production of mucus. I have had this for many years, now as a senior, it has gotten worse. There are times I sneeze for hours and have to get out of bed to clear the mucous. I have tried many allergy meds and do not want to use them as the relief is temp and the side effects are many.

    Can you help? If so what is the cost as I am a writer with only SS?
    thank you for any help.

  3. Nitin Gupte says:

    Hello doctor,

    I am continuously feeling cough in back of my throat. Consulted many doctors who said it it PND and gave me allegra m . Symptons reduced but not completely. Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for my lingering cough

  4. I have post nasal drip and after that I start coughing. All this repeated few times in the year.
    I have hydrastis and corallium rubrum in potention of 30c. How many times daily can I take this remedies to make my condition better?

  5. P C Sharma says:

    I am suffering from post nasal drip for last 6 months. My breathing passages seem clear as I am able to breathe. No phlegms come out of nose but constant irritation due to post nasal drip behind.

  6. Mostaque Zebal says:

    I have been suffering from throat allergy for last 28 years. I got severe irritation in my throat which results continuous forceful cough. I do have deviation in my right nose and it is closed most of the time . I also have severe gastric problem and my stomach mostly get bloated even if I take little amount of food. I have been to many doctors over the years. Some says acid reflux and some says nasal drive responsible for this allergy. I have tried all types of medicines, it is whether allergy medicine or gastric. No results but sometimes it goes automatically and comes back again after a short while. I do have mucus produced in my throat which is salty. The mucus produced from my nose is also salty. Please help.

  7. Michael Koval says:

    After a year of constant PND (clear, thick, and slimy) which at night drains into lungs causing me to be awakened by cough which brings up 1/2-1 teaspoon of light yellow mucus, and having to sleep in a recliner sitting up to get any rest; my ENT said i needed sinus surgery because the passages were too small and almost closed off. He said the surgery would “fix the PND problem” It did not. I use a saline rinse 2-3 times a day. the only nasal spray that has any effect at all is Atrovent/Ipratropium. A new ENT told me to quit using it and take mucinex expectorant to thin out the mucus and that because of the surgery cutting away so much tissue in the sinus, there is nothing for the mucus to stick to so my body makes too much.
    Mucinex did not slow or stop the PND. I need some help and was thinking of trying Natrum Muriaticum and Corallium Rubrum. Anything you can advise that will stop this PND?

    • Md Abdul Matin says:

      I think you got post nasal drip. You can take antihistamine. If it does not work take montilukast daily 10mg 1 tablet. If it does not work may be u got acid reflux, take omeprazole. Do not rely on homeo remedy, it is not helpful.

  8. Dr.Parkash Hans says:

    Hello sir, I’m 57yrs old allopathic doctor and have been suffering from chronic post nasal drip since years. It’s very terrible and there is always feeling sensation of mucus in throat and keep me coughing To get rid of mucus . I have no DNS. Sinusitis or polyp. It has been worst. I’ll be great full if you send me treatment.
    Dr. Parkash Hans

  9. Which remedy will work for PND in Chronic allergic rhinitis with fluent discharge easily hawked up without cough.

  10. SS ILANGO says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I need to give you a brief history of my experiences with Post Nasal Drip or PND so that you can advise me correctly how to proceed.

    I am a 62 year old man who had retired a few years back after a full tenure in the forces I had been in pretty good health all along and I have no lifestyle diseases or ailments.

    In May 2016, when I was in Chennai, I had my first experience with PND. It was a long rainy spell at that time. It took all kinds of allopathic medication to treat it at that time. I suspected sinusitis but it seemed it was only a Deviated Nasal Septum which is supposedly very common. The severe period of PND lasted for about 10 days though it took about a few weeks for it to subside completely. Curiously, there was no relapse of PND even during the cyclonic storms in 2017 when it rained heavily for many days in Chennai.

    I moved to Hyderabad in 2018 and there have been a few monsoon seasons here too but I did not have PND so far. However I seem to have got PND again as a result of Pharyngitis in the last three days since 20 August 2020 during the rains here in the last 10 days. It has been raining continuously here in Hyderabad with the sun coming out only once for a few hours. With heavy allopathic medication, the PND seems to be under control but I had some severe throat pain, and even a bit of a traumatic throat blockage. Not much of phlegm as such and even that was not very yellow actually, but the PND itself was quite uncomfortable. There was great difficulty in swallowing the phlegm too and pushing it down. I would like to add that there was no temperature or cold or headache or loss of smell or appetite etc, so there was no fear of COVID.

    What is worrying me is that as my age advances, the throat muscles will get weaker and if I have Pharyngitis and PND again any time in the future, it will definitely be very painful and extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, I want to seek your advice on the following.

    1. Permanent cure for PND so that I don’t get this at all in future.

    2. Medication to strengthen my throat muscles so I don’t have a swallowing problem.

    3. Preventive medication to avoid pharyngitis in future, since it appears that I am susceptible to pharyngitis in rainy seasons even though I don’t get a cold or fever or headache etc.

    I shall be grateful for your detailed advice.


  11. Sucheta says:

    I have a problem with basal obstruction for two days and the third day I feel pnd it’s been three months. have got done septoplasty and chochoplasty 17 days before. but no relief. Please help me out. And the mucus is sticky and rubbery and keeps dripping inside mouth with pressure and its white or transparent.
    Please help me out with this. According to surgeon everything is fine. But I am having constant problem

  12. Richard says:

    Dr Sharama. I have Post nasal drip for almost 2 months. been to several Drs included An ENT . Tried several prescriptions, steroid
    Sprays Nasal Saline sprays. Etc. . It’s not infection . All these Meds just made me more dry, Please , any help would be so Appreciated. Thank You. Rich

    • Gary glennie says:

      Hi hope you can help ive been to so many doctors hospitals and everyone is telling me different
      .someone mentioned post natal drip to me last week and my symptoms are similar in every way ..had this problem over two years now .can only think from the time the urbanization was getting reharled and maybe picked up an infection then ..1 doctor suggested laser surgery to open nasal passage goes into my chest quite a lot resulting in me havin palpatations .seems to build in throat more than the ear or nose

    • Lynne McDougall says:

      I have a continual post nasal drip since 2015 which is worse in the change of seasons and when I lie flat on my back, it is often accompanied by a headache. As a child I had several ear infections resulting in multi doses of antibiotics.
      in 2018 I saw a three ENT consultants and had both a gastroscopy and chest X rays in an attempt to discover when clearing my throat I found blood in the expelled mucus.
      All investigations came back clear.
      I avoid dairy and alcohol and only drink one cup of coffee a day. I have tried so many home remedies including steam inhalation netti pot aromatherapy oils.
      Any suggestions would be gratefully received
      Many thanks

  13. M C Gauba says:

    I have a problem of PND. I am on homoepathic medicine from a Doctor. My worry is more on throat as I have lot of irritation and burning sensation. I do gorgilling with salt water twice a day. Lot of transparent mucus comes out. Sometimes I feel problem is over but next day again dryness and irritation starts. The problem is persistent since last two months.

  14. james McKenzie says:

    I live in Sydney Australia and I am an issue of excess post nasal drip. This condition is worse in the morning following eating breakfast. In which a cough follows in an attempt to remove an excess of mucus from my throat. The cough becomes hawking in nature and not a pleasant feeling. The mucus is clear to beige in colour.



    • Soma Swarnakar says:

      From five years coughing problem..feeling always mucus is coming from nose to throat which causes excessive cough..after bus traveling to my job it happens

  15. NITIN JAVALKAR says:

    Dr, I’m having the problem of PND since past 3 months. I have tried with allopathy medicines but no results. Let me explain my condition.
    1. I have pain in my eyelid and eye balls
    2. No nose block nor running nose
    3. Always have a sensation of some thing in throat
    4. Sticky feeling in throat and on tongue. Feel like forcefully remove the mucus from throat but when I try it does not come.
    5. I Have BP and some times have Margarine problem.

    presently I’m using homepathic Hydrastis, Kali Bich and corallium Rub from past 5 days but no improvement is shown. Pls Dr, help me to get rid of this PND

  16. SRINIVAS says:

    Thanks for your support

  17. Hello Dr,

    I am having pollen allergy and my recent allergy testing confirmed that i am having allergy to most of the weeds and specificaally oak tree. My Doctor said that i am having post nasal drip and cough. When i was doing research, i came though your site and like to know what is the best medicine for this.

    Please get back to me.

  18. Harvinder Kahlon says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I am 52 years old and live in Calgary, Canada. I get allergies almost all year. These days I suffer from post nasal dripping and cough. I feel urge to keep clearing my throat. I have problems sleeping at night due to this.
    I am allergic to dust
    Any recommendations?

  19. Saif Ur Rehman says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    (A) I am 59 now. I have a problem of focusing and concentrating on reading my books and learning new soft wares which require hard work, persistence, patience and practice. In other words i am lethargic and slow moving person. Can you kindly suggest any homeopathic medicine. I shall appreciate.

    (B) My son has just passed his MBBS exam. I want him to learn Homeopathy as well but he doesn’t believe in it. Could you please advise any book through which he can start believing in Homeopathy as a natural curative system.
    Thank you so much

  20. I have a nasal drip which causes tickling and coughing to clear throat. At times the mucus has blood in it. Can you advise what homeopathic medicine to take to cure this. It happens at night more than the day.

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