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Homeopathic Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Homeopathic Remedies  For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

An effective homeopathic treatment can save you from surgeons knife and you can have my word for it . After having treated dozens carpal tunnel syndrome cases with homeopathy I can surely bet on the efficacy of  homeopathic medicines  for Carpal Tunnel syndrome treatment .

Before I discuss the Homeopathic remedies  for carpal tunnel syndrome, lets see what carpal tunnel syndrome is all about?  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a narrow band made of fibrous tissue, which gives support to wrist. Through this band median nerve bones and ligaments pass through it . Whenever there is swelling in the tissues of carpal tunnel it leads to the compression of the median nerve and hence the whole syndrome or symptomatology of carpal tunnel syndrome starts to take place .  i.e  pain , numbness , weakness and  tingling sensation in hand or fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by variety of factors that lead to repeated trauma to the tissues inside carpal tunnel. Certain medical conditions also predispose towards the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. They are Diabetes, alcoholism, hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, wrist fracture and pregnancy.

It is quite common to find the carpal tunnel syndrome in people who perform repetitive movements of hands and of wrist.  Carpal tunnel is most common in people who use computers. Typing is one of the most common causes that lead to Carpal tunnel syndrome. Other mechanical jobs that may lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome are driving vehicles, sewing, using hand tools ( especially those vibrate – carpenters are at high risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome)  , writing , piano players and other musical instruments . A Strange case that I recently treated with homeopathy was a Retired army Colonel, who had taken to yoga after retirement and was doing a clapping exercise in the morning ( kind of yoga exercise to treat stress) . This excessive clapping was going on for the last 2-3 years. This was the only cause that I could identify in his case . Once he started with his  homeopathic remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( Causticum  and  Ruta later on) and stopped clapping exercise, he recovered in no time.

Homeopathic Remedies for Carpal tunnel syndrome

The main Homeopathic medicines for treating carpal tunnel syndrome are  Ruta , Causticum , Hypericum and Arnica .

 When  to use Homeopathic remedy Causticum for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

Causticum ranks the top . I have treated many cases (sucessfully )with causticum .  The  main symptoms are weakness in hands , numbness and loss of sensation in hands and fingers . It is more indicated when the  Carpal tunnel syndrome has increased to level where there is excessive weakness in the hands and the muscles of the hand have atrophied . Foe causticum to be given in a case of carpal tunnel syndrome the palmar side of had should have flattish appearnce ( reduction in musculature of hand ).

 Using Ruta as For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ruta Graveolens is  one of the best homeopathic medicines for  treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome . It is used when there is tendonitis from overuse of  wrist or after a sudden strain or fracture of the wrist. Arnica and Hypericum also come in handy when there is an injury relating to the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome .

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  1. libby lokey says:

    Ruta Graveolens
    Would I use this as a cream version for my self diagnosed Carpel Tunnel or would I use a table and if so what strength?

  2. After many yrs of gaming and tattooing find that my dominant writs and fingers hurt. I have tried the ice / heat with Motrin and braces. I can’t afford to take off work. Will the treatments you talked about work instead of surgery?

  3. MUNNA PRASAD says:

    I use arnica, causticum n ruta travellers each 200 ch. Five drop of each two time a day. After using 1 week, find no relief. Pl guide.

  4. Jagat Jerath says:

    I am 75 years old. I have not had any injury and neither has there been overuse of the hand(s). Numbness and tingling started in the right thumb and the adjacent fingers about 10 years back.
    Now it appears to be a case of carpal tunnel syndrome – thumb, forefinger, middle finger, and the inner side of the ring finger are affected.
    In the last two months, the left hand also is getting affected in the same way.
    Please advise on the course of treatment

  5. Dear Doc,

    There are Causticum available with different names; pls advice which one to take and what would be the dosage.


  6. Dr Trip to Bora says:

    Here Dr Trip to Bora. My mother having severe carpal syndromes. Had swelling on wrist, tingling, heaviness of hand, pain in arm, back side of shoulder,, grasping power of thins less. Uric acid increased with viral infection 15 days back. Now uric acid reduce by homoeopathy now I can wait for carpal syndrome with homoeopathy or operate


    Electrical nerve conduction test revealed that bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. I don’t want surgery. Symptom: numbness in the right hand fingers. Especially on thumb and middle finger. Numbness comes randomly.Not all the time .Kindly suggest homoeo remedy.

  8. keith barefoot says:

    I have carpal tunnel to the point that i have already been scheduled for surgery in march. I have no weakness in my hand and no constant pain just numbness when writing or holding the stearing wheel for a few minutes. I do not want surgery and may cancel it and just live with it. do lift weights but have cut back some. I have also tried about every kind of pill or even oil to help and nothing does. Any suggestions?

  9. Vinod Saini says:

    Dear Sir,
    My mother aged 80 years having pain in fingers and even can’t afford to lift a cup of tea or glass from last two years after treatment of fever like Chickengunia. Please advise the medicine for the same.
    Thanks & regards
    Vinod Saini
    Mobile: 8743076464

  10. RADHEY MOHAN says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Radhey Mohan, 72 years age live in NOIDA. I work on computer. Since last about 50 days, I am diagonised as having Carpal Tunnel Syndrom in Right Hand after NRV Test. I have numbness in thumb and next two figers.

    I would earnestly request you to please advise me for homeopathy medicines.

    Thanks and Regards

  11. Alexandra from Greece says:

    Hi. I am a musician and have mild carpal syndrome tunnel. However the instrument I play is a frame drum and heavy for the hand. If homeopathy helps me can I continue playing the instrument?

  12. BIMAL JAIN says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma

    My wife is suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for last 3/4 years. She is taking now Ruta and Rhus tox thrice a day. The result is not much satisfactory. Is there any permanent cure for this disease. I have also shown to Nuero surgeon and he has suggested surgery but i am not interested and have faith in homeopathy, If you have right treatment for this kindly let me know.

  13. Is homeo treatment for carpal effective.c an avoid surgery

  14. Balwant Singh says:

    Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in both hands

    • Hi doctor. I m having CTS from last 7 years in my right hand n now facing severe pain. I have undergone surgery of my left hand 2 years back. Can I find a solution to it without surgery?

  15. Arshadus Samad says:

    Dear dr. Sharma,

    My wife, Mrs. Quamrun Nessa Ratna is suffering from acute pain, numbness and tingling sensation of both the hands (fingers) & wrists. After tests she has been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The pain is unbearable. This is going on for the last one year.

    She is 56 year old.

    Please advise.

    Thanking you.


    Arshadus Samad

    • keith barefoot says:

      I have carpal tunnel to the point that i have already been scheduled for surgery in march. I have no weakness in my hand and no constant pain just numbness when writing or holding the steering wheel for a few minutes. I do not want surgery and may cancel it and just live with it. do lift weights but have cut back some. I have also tried about every kind of pill or even oil to help and nothing does. Any suggestions?

  16. asmath p p says:

    gud morning dr.. i have small warts on my neck.. which medicine cure it?

  17. FAROOK MEMON says:

    In what power causticum have to be taken

  18. Venkatesh Mutalik says:

    My mother age of 75 she is suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome. It was first identified in the year 2014 and took Ayurvedic treatment. She totally cured. Since four days she is telling neck pain and slight swelling at palm of left hand. Just I searched about homeopathy treatment and impressed about your article can you suggest treatment

    Dr. Venkatesh Mutalik

  19. m g chandra says:

    hello dr.,

    my left hand middle finger has pain at the root joint (near palm) and it gets stuck. i am not able to fold it. i have tried Ruta in 30 potency but no relief. i would appreciate if you can suggest something.

  20. Mujib Shaikh says:

    Good morning doctor,my left hand becomes numb, while. Driving bike when I use clutch it becomes numb.even if I hold any thing in my left hand for more than two minutes it becomes numb.same thing is happening in right hand too , there is loss of energy in hand.pls recommend some medicines

  21. Hoesni Nasaruddin says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Went to physio, acupunture, chiropractor and others but the symptoms remained. Numbness, pain and tingling occur on my hands. Numbness in thumb, and the two fingers and half of the third finger of both hands. I am hoping to be cured by homeopathy and hopefully you can recommend the medicines to be used. give me some info on them and their prices. Please note that postage is to Malaysia,
    Hoesni Nasaruddin

  22. Satyanarayana naik Naik says:

    I have the exact symptom of CTS .. left hand from wrist index and middle finger a portion of ring finger along with thumb getting numb and right hand is less affected. I do lot of house work. My fingers get swelling. Light neck pain when slee. Ankles pain in the morning cannot immediately walk . After some time it gets normal. All tests done no no no sugar all blood tesormal no thyroid. Please suggest medicine.

  23. Venus Hargett says:

    My fiance has carpal tunnel syndrome from operating Heavy equipment using repetitive motions for prolonged periods Everyday

  24. Annie Fernandes says:

    I am a woman 56 years of age. There is a terrible pain in my median nerve and numbness in all the fingers of my right hand. There is an acute pain in my thumb and index finger as a result of which I am experiencing pain, a pulling sensation and swelling in part of the wrist . Kindly suggest me what medicines I should take and the doses.

    • Hari Singh says:

      I am 73 yrs old male I am getting tingling sensation with numbness in both hands in sleep particularly during early morning hours say after 3 AM I am suffering for the last two months Kindly advise me homeopathy medicine to cure this ailments.

  25. I have the all the symptoms of CST and have weakness in hands and grip . My fingers ace a lot.

    Which medicines I would go for and what dose

  26. jackie barnett says:

    DX nerve damage r wrist and l elbow.sym: r hand numbness, pain,tingling sensations in index,middle,ring,and now thumb.

  27. Malina Samadder says:

    Patient age-57 , Suffering tingling finger last 30 days, Its night aggravation 2am to 4am and day 3pm. Hang down amel. frequent urination at night 3or 4 times at night. Numbness finger, burning elbow.

  28. Emma Darden says:

    Dr. Sharma, my left hand has numbness, weakness, stiffness, and sometime tingling. My right hand has minor numbness and stiffness. On the left hand i have problem picking up small things, and buttoning my clothing. I also have problem gripping items with my left. I was having a lot of pain but it is decreasing since i start taking fish oil and vitamin B complex 3 months ago. This problem started about 6 months ago. What is the the best Homeopathic formula for me to use for the nerve damage? Do you think the damage can be reversed? Can I use 2 formulas at a time, or just one? I was told by a doctor that i could possible have carpal tunnel What ever information that you provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank You in advance.Please reply as soon as time allows

    • Meenu Sharma says:

      Afternoon Sir!

      just done NCV
      Sending you report for your perusal.

      Motor and sensory conduction was done for both upper limbs.

      Motor: B/L Median shows prolonged latency with normal amplitude and reduces CV
      B/L Ulnar nerves showed normal latency, CMAP and velocity.

      Sensory: Left Median shows prolonged latencies with normal amplitude and reduced CV
      Right Median nerve is not recordable
      B/L Ulnar nerves showed normal latnecy amplitude and velocity

      IMP: This NCS is s/u B/L CTS (Grade V on right hand Grade III on the left side

      pls guide. what to do,
      kind regards!

  29. Mahmood Choksy says:

    I have done my carpal tunnel test of right palm and it says that my nerve is dead. Do have any treatment for dead carpal tunnel. Please reply at your earliest.
    Mahmood Choksy

  30. Nand kishor says:

    Hello dr. Sur,
    Actuley i have an accident in may 2017 and there is facture in my wrist small bone whom atttach with my thumb after plaster it’s not joint properly while discuss with doctor he said for pain ciller but after 4 month i am suffring with carpal tunnel syndrome in front of my fingers there is swiling and my all 4 fingers is beak and not fold it’s like shoked like current whem moved suddenly and more pain in my hand albow and all fingers
    Please suggested.

  31. (Dr.) R. G. Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife Mrs. BIMLESH (72 F) devloped joint pain a year ago after suffering a bout of Chickengunia in Sept 2016. Shortly after, pain in the wrist and both the arms became acute. The Nurve Conduction Velocity (NCV) test found stage IV and V in the right and left hand respectively. Carpel Tunnel Release surgery was performed at AIIMS Delhi followed by physiotherapy. The numbness in the fingers is no longer now but pain in the arm does ocuur often.
    The right arm wrist is yet not operated. The pain too is not as severe as last year. We want to avoid surgery if it can be cured with your Homeopathic medicine?
    Beside she has pain in the lower part of the back and the left leg for last 7-8 years. This pain in the leg (below the knee) spreads downward and upward and has increased very much. The pain starts as soon as she starts walking even from the bedroom to kitchen.
    I will be obliged if she can be treated with your medicines with good degree of confidence.
    Best regards
    (Dr.) R.G. Sharma
    Emeritus Scientist
    A-75 Inderpuri, New Delhi 1100 (9871014411)

  32. miss khan says:

    hello Dr Sharma

    i am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. during pregnancy i didnt have but right after birth it hs come.
    its numbness tingling and pain.
    kindly give me homeopathy medicine as i dont want to have any surgery..

    • Hello Dr Sharma
      My. daughter is suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome.It developed during pregnancy but after delivery it became worst.It is in her left hand.kindly suggest the homeopathic medicine.

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  34. Sylvia Billington says:

    Hi, my carpal tunnel started after I was poisoned by carbon monoxide by my central heating system. It has poisoned my central nervous system and my circulation is is bad, especially when I play sports, please can you recommend something

    • Pothini Lakshminarayana says:

      Pain in wrist leading to upper arm. Swelling of palm and fingers. Weakness in hands

  35. Denise Anoka says:

    My friend Josea aunez wanst to know all about homeopathic treatmsnts fot carpal tunnel. So he can avoid surgery. He doesnt have an email address. joseas phone # 215-626-8617.
    Pleasecall him and speak with him about this. His doctor wants to do surgery…He can always call you once he has your phone number.

  36. manish manchanda says:

    sir my name is manish, and i live in delhi india, actually last 20 days swelling on my wrist and pain in wrist and second finger nearby thumb, i done many tests and all tests are normal and after fifteen days medicine course, no effect in my problem
    kindly tell me what should i do
    hemogram, c-reactive protein, rheumatoid factor, anti cylic citrul. bha1c, gluycose test are normal

  37. Shikha Bhardwaj says:

    Dear Sir
    I am suffering from CTS as diagonsed by allopathic doctor very recently. I feel numbness in my wrist and also feel a loss of strength in gripping etc. Please help me out.


  38. K Venkatasubbaiah says:

    I have mild numbness in my right forearm and palm 3 figured except Thumb and little finger. Is it carpool tunnel syndrome? Kindly suggest homeo remidi. Thank you.

    • K Venkatasubbaiah says:

      I have mild numbness in my right forearm and palm 3 figured except Thumb and little finger. Is it carpool tunnel syndrome? Kindly suggest homeo remidi. Thank you.

  39. shefali dhingra says:

    sir, i am a 17 year old girl suffering from cts for past 5 months
    i have tried painkillers, anti-inflammatiory meds, physiotherapy and even homeopathic treatment. I have a lot of writing work as well. What should i do now?

  40. Anna Whalen says:

    Hi – I’ve had developing carpel tunnel over the past six months. I was an avid crocheter and have worked with my hands extensively. I feel like this came about after an endurance run of laying lots and lots of heavy sod over a few cold days. It started slowly, some tingling in my fingers, then it escalated to lots of pain in the night and losing sleep. The only thing that seems to help was sleeping in a chair with my arms hanging straight down (it’s in both hands). I’ve tried everything – physio, massage, chiro and acupunture. I got better night hand braces about two weeks ago and tried hypericum 200ch. I had tried Rus Tox 30ch but nothing happened. The night I started Hypericum I felt relief immediately. I felt happier too. And I slept. But the fix doesn’t seem to stay. I tried Hypericum each night but ended up proving it some some extent as I got crust eyes after sleeping (wow). Can you tell me if I’m on the right track and just need to take more or a higher dose or is it time to try something else? Surgery is the next option. Most common complaint is tingling and increasing numbness in hands, especially after sleeping, bending wrists or using hands to do work 🙁

  41. Himani bhati says:

    I m suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome , my hands are not working properly. I m also suffering with lots of pain in hands and now my neck and legs are also paining badly.I don’t want to take allopathic medicines ,is there any solution in homoeopathic .Plzz answer

  42. Liz Tomlin says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    This was a very useful article. I have developed acute CTS, I had never had anything like this before, in mid-January I used a steamer to clean the walls of our new, but very old, house. The handle got quite hot although no vibrations. This took 2 weeks and since thenI have had increasing pins and needles in both hangs – symptoms in right worse than left – somtime my whole arm ‘buzzes’; at night it is very bothersome and sometimes feels as if it is full of hot lead. I also cannot close the fingers easily – this is worse first thing in the morning, during the day I can but it takes effort and then opening has a trigger finger effect.

    My medical doctor originally told me that CTS does not suddenly manifest itslf and she thought I had just ‘strained it’. I have now researched and discovered that it does occassionally present in this manner. I am fairly certain that it is CTS and would liek to try your remedy suggestions. You don’t suggest dosages. Can you advise a safe level to try please?

    Thank you, and thank god for the internet,


    • DEEPAK VERMA says:

      Good Morning Dr Sharma.
      I m a teacher and feeling numbness and tingling in both the hands at night during sleeping. This i feel from last 6 months also taking medicines but they provide relief untill i am taking them.
      There is no pain or weakness in hand only tingling at night during sleeping.
      Sir please recommend me any homeopathic medicine with power and dosage…
      I will be thankful to you.
      Deepak Verma

  43. Please help I’ve tired everything I can and still am in a lot of pain. I work for the department of parks and recreations. And tear tickets for guess to enter to the Hearst Castle. My job is to train and type all day. I’ve been extremely in pain and depressed for months now. Can you help me?

  44. Rakesh Vinayek says:

    I have recent surgery on my wrists for radial fractures and have some numbness st the tips of my thumbs and index fingers.Would like to know which homeopathic medication to use and what potency and for how long .

  45. Nisha Dinakaran says:

    Happy morning Doctor, my name is Nisha i am 51 years old i live in Chennai. My problem is my thumb along with first thre fingers are numb all the time for the past six to eight months please help me toget rid of thisas i am unable to do my activities and sleep at night. Please sir givevme immediate reply.

  46. Tauqir Akhtar says:

    Sir I am 22 years old I have pain in my hand and numbness and sensation also when I am type and using Mobile phone or take weight item and writing on that I feel lot of pain in my hand and numbness etc I also visit one of orthopedic doctor and I had some medicine also like myotop, neu gatrip, and nanofast gel or using cervical pillow for nech pain but still I am facing problem in my hand like sensation or numbness and pain so please suggest me what I do I am very worried about this kind oh problem I have this problem frome 4 to 5 month and doctor told me that you take this medicine one month after one month if u feel pain is there then do some blood test like can, for, tsh, etc so please help me.

  47. Stephen Sprada says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I do appreciate your time and the positive treatments you have discussed.
    I have CTS in both wrists and the tingling and heat is quite bad in the early hours of the morning- not so bad during the day.
    My hands are not weak but sometimes i have pain when doing things around the house.
    I also have arthritis in both thumbs and a slight depression on the palm at the centre of my hand.
    I was a massage therapist for 25years and I think this has caused the problem.
    I want to avoid surgery if possible.
    Can you give me any suggestions. I am in Sydney Australia.
    Thank you Kindly

  48. Patti Carroll says:

    My daughter is 17 weeks pregnant and has terrible carpal tunnel pain in her wrists and hands. She is also very overweight, which may make the problem worse. She currently is wearing wrist splints at night, but that doesn’t seem to help much. This problem started when she was 12 weeks pregnant and is getting worse each week. Do you have any suggestions for treatment? She does not want to get a cortisone shot if at all possible. Thanks!!

  49. Krishnendu Chattopadhyay says:

    My mother is 78 years age. Fore finger, Middle Finger and Ring finger of right hand have very less sensation. So cannot sign properly also and feel uneasy all time.
    Besides burning sensation in hand palms and feet.
    Krishnendu Chattopadhyay

  50. Sylvia Selph says:

    My daughter is in so much pain she can’t sleep. She is a little over 7 months pregnant. She is also a message therapist. She has carpel tunnel. What can she do?

    • Paramjit Singh says:

      Dr. Dharma,
      Me suffering from tingling/little numbness in my both hand Tumb and next two fingers besides in half of third figure too. Is there any completed cure cure in homeo medicines. As given to understand that there relief managing medicines for a short period of my syderome said to be Carpal tunnel syndrome.
      Plz. Advise if any complete cure is there in homeo.

      • Sunil Singh says:

        I am suffering from cervical spondylitis.there Is often pain in neck while turning sideways which extends up to both shoulders and advise a medicine with power and dosage.I am 50 years old.

  51. Hi Dr Sharma, I am 64 yo and has just moved to NSW, Coff Harbour, I suddenly lost a lot of hair on the top of my head, the doctor has taken my blood test yesterday to see what I am lack of. The weather in Coffs is warmer and humid, I do have lichen planus with my skin and when I sweat my hair gets very itchy on the hair line of the neck. I have been taking some herbs & vitamins for a few years to stop losing my hair which are starting to get thinner. I also have small amounts of fungal problems on my pinky finger nails if I keep my nail short it seemed to be under control.
    Are you able to help me with homeopathy to treat my hair problems or is my loosing hair cause by fungal problem, I know I should not get stress but I am starting to and I am taking some herbs ? for stress and is calming my mind.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Cheers, Pooney

  52. my daughter is having carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy.she is 35 yrs and in 28th week of pregnancy.having pain numbness and tingling in both the hands especially at night.she cannot sleep for that. can you suggest some homeopathic medicine and will it be safe for the feats.thanx.

    • my daughter is having carpal tunnel syndrome in pregnancy.she is 35 yrs and in 28th week of pregnancy.having pain numbness and tingling in both the hands especially at night.she cannot sleep for that. can you suggest some homeopathic medicine and will it be safe for the feats.thanx.

  53. lipi maity says:

    There is always a pain in my right arm and numbness in my middle finger but always the pain starts at a particular time it is when I go to sleep at night and the pain increases

  54. Arlene Mancini says:

    Dr. Sharma my partner has advanced Carpal Tunnel, his profession is Software Engineer, as he is constantly using his wrist- he is experiencing lightning pain, inflammation and weakness in his right hand-
    he has done nothing up to this point- except for trying dome cold gels and wrist splint

    Thank you

  55. Mrs. Florence Coles says:

    I had carpal tunnel surgery January 5 for trigger finger in my longest middle finger.
    the surgery went well for the first4 weeks. Then the stitches were removed and I was to message it 10 times a day for 1 minute each time to remove scar tissue. But after 3 more weeks, it felt like it wasn’t getting better but worse. for 1 month now, the middle finger is getting stiffer, especially in the morning. there is more thickening. Since I have started to play the harp again, it is stiffening more. I do not have the same flexibility and movement I had before. I am going to make an appointment to the surgeon to have it checked again, that may take weeks if not months. Homeopathic HAMAMALEUS VIRGINICIA was a great help after the surgery to lesson pain and other post surgery symptoms I have experienced in the past. Could you suggest a homeopathy now.

  56. Daniel Alamanda phillips says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Since I had left driving Scooter / Bike some time in yr 2005 & changed to car driving, i had felt pain in the joint locations of my two thumbs. It appears & vanishings by itself. There is swelling in joints with pain. I normally rub IODEX/ Pain BALM to get relief.

    Need to get out of this situation with Homeo medicines.

  57. Gwen Smith says:

    Dear DRs Sharma

    My border Collie dog 2 1/2years old, has been diagnosed with discoid lupus on his nose. He began loosing the pigment 18 months ago. A biopsey confirmed staphylococcus bacterios with pyoderma consistant with Discoid Lupus. He is a rescue and came with tummy troubles. Stool analysis confirmed Round Worm, campylobacter and giardia parasite. I suspected a wheat intolerance and have been cooking rice with vegetables and fruit and raw meat. His nose has been swelling and splitting so I think rice is also a problem. I have just purchased a bag of grain free dog biscuits. He is also on a good supplement and digestive enzymes. He is a very happy, playful and loving dog, but when his stomach is out of sorts he gets a soft slimy stool but also is very fast in running and playing.
    I would be very grateful for any information you would care to give.
    Sincerely yours
    Gwen Smith

  58. Melissa Walsh says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    The last few weeks I have had a swollen wrist ball bone and pain around the side of the wrist. I also can lightly touch anywhere on the base of my thumb and I feel tingling all throughout my thumb and slight numbness. I also have quite a bit of pain when twisting my wrist or lifting any weight. Doctors have been no help so far.

    I do work on computers for a living, and also play piano from time to time. I enjoy gardening (using clippers regularly) and of course in this day and age, use an iPhone.

    If you have any ideas for treatments at home that would be of assistance, I would be very grateful.

    Kind Regards,

  59. Kirsten Healy says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I developed severe flexor tenosynovitis right hand affecting all digits little finger more thickened tendons , a fibrotic nodule attached proximal palmar area at carpal tunnel . This led to CTD symptoms 2 years ago . Had 8 steroid injections in flexor sheath . Surgery scheduled to remove nodule that’s catching all the flexors and causing swelling in CT and palm .

    Surgeon now says the nodule will have to be removed . Is there any treatment that could possibly dissolve this scar gelatinous nodule instead of surgery ?
    I am on a cream with vermiculite thiosinamium arnica homeopathy and scar tissue remedy orally . Seen reduction in pain swelling but looks like nodule there and stuck . Just concerned of risks as not sure what attached to ?

    This was a job with severe overuse typing writing stress poor posture in 1 year . I am a nurse and not used to writing typing on excess clinical admin .

    Thank you

    Would appreciate your thoughts

    Kirsten Healy

  60. Angela Burt says:

    When using Rita, Hypericum and Arnica – what dosage would you use and how often repeated. Would you give them all together? Patient has had years of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome following wrist break and alcoholism ( alcoholism totally cured through homeopathy) Now so bad pain is in forearm, elbow and spreading to shoulder. Muscles of arm have atrophied.
    No remedy has been effective so far, also tried acupuncture and physio – no relief.

  61. [Dr.] R.G. Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My wife Mrs. Bimlesh (72 Yrs.) has severe pain in both the hands and more in the wrists and fingers, Fingers have tingling and sometimes numbness in fingers. She gets some temporary relief by pressing.
    She is under medication for lower back pain for a few years.
    Pain in hands started about two months ago and getting worst. She had Chkengunia in September 2016 and we believe it is a consequence of this decease, we my be wrong. Last month she went under NCV (Nerve Conduction Velocity) Test and the conclusion is that EPS S/O Grade 5 on left arm and Grade 4 in right hand. The doctor advised surgery of the wrist for which we have to decide soon because the pain is unbearable.
    Can Homoepathic medicines cure her and reduce pain?
    She takes following medicine for back pain and mild Angina problem
    1. Dilzem 30 mg 1 BD
    2. Ecosprin AV 75 1 OD
    3. Cardace 2.5 1 OD

    4. Proxym 200 mg 1 BD
    5. Mega Bone (10.7 g) 1 Sachet/day
    6. Neugaba M75 1 BD

    We will prefer Homoepathic medicine to surgery if you have confidence of treating this carpal tunnel syndrome.
    R. G. Sharma
    Emeritus Scientist (IUAC)

  62. ravi mehra says:

    Dr. Sharma
    my age is 60 yrs and i am suffering from cervical spondylosis from las one year. there isn severe pain in and neck stiffness in neck causedn by degeration of bones. one month ago i had undergone mri as advised by doctor. now there is edema and compression of spinal cord. besides pain and stiffnesss the main problem i am facing is numbness of hands and fingers. there is burnibg sensation in hands. i have strong belief in homeopathy. please suggest some medicine
    ravi mehra

  63. Imtiaz Alam says:

    hi dr sharma
    my wife got carpal tunnel syndrom and tendonitis.
    can you advice me please.

  64. My friend of age 40 is facing CTS with frequent numbness of fingers of left hand at times very painful specially at night and has burning two fingers. The problem is frequent during period of tension.

  65. Farooqui says:


    I am feeling sudden pain, sensation and shock in my left thumb. Earlier these things were limited to thumb only, but now I feel some effect of the same directly at my neck. I can not say that I feel pain in my neck but I feel the wire joint with the thumb is having effect in my neck.
    This is one thing, the second thing, if I come in touch with any thing although the hit is too low I feel as if I have lost my hand,,,,sever pain….which goes out in some time. But the pain amount to killing me.
    I am using Arnika, please let me know if Ruta Graveolens will be better solution.


  66. Courtney Campbell says:

    I have a question I am hoping you can answer. Last year I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both hands(right hand is worse). It all started one weekend when me and my fiance were moving into our new house 10 months ago and it has decided to stay. I started wearing braces to sleep which helped for quite a while but now they don’t even work! When I wake up I have excruciating pain in my hand and down my wrist and forearm. My question is, do know of something else I can try? I have a young son and surgery is just not an option right now. Are there any homeopathic drugs at a health store that could work? Hot and cold compress? I wake up in so much pain, massaging my hand does not work, I have a hard time even getting my braces off in the morning because I can’t feel what I am doing, they get so numb! Any suggestions would be so greatly appreciated!

  67. Kalyani veerabhadran says:

    Hi, I am kalyani , a physiotherapist… Am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome since 10 days. I am a gestational diabetic….
    Please give me a good suggestion for this two conditions in homeopathic medicine…

  68. I had problem of Tenosynovitis in 1998 for which i took injections but the pain started again after sometime . I took homeopathy treatment for same for some time and i got relief. after a gap of few years now i am facing some what similar problem but with different symptoms.
    1. Numbness in my hands esplly continouosly in my Right hand.
    2. Not able to do simple things like holding cordless phone, mobile phone, holding knife for cutting vegetables,holding pen etc. as if my hand esplly my index finger refuses to work.
    3. At night perforce I have to sleep straight . If I sleep on either side it will start paining me in my arms.
    Please tell me the treatment for my problem.

  69. Sir,
    I am taking homeopathic treatement for carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my hands. I am given Ruta and Arnica by my doctor. Now my pain has almost vanished from my wrist but it is growing up in hand between writs and elbow area. Kindly explain what could be the reason for change of location and how long will it take in getting permanent cure from this disease. I do work on laptop for 5-6 hours daily.


  70. Diagnosed with Carper Tunnel years ago, severe in right hand moderate in left . Still doing same job using repeatative motions daily ,I work with the mail. I need relief as this condition keeps me awake at night the pain and tingling gets so bad ..can not position no way to get relief. Also bothers me when driving holding sterring wheel , sewing , typing almost everything. Please help

    • Diagnosed with Carper Tunnel years ago, severe in right hand moderate in left . Still doing same job using repeatative motions daily ,I work with the mail. I need relief as this condition keeps me awake at night the pain and tingling gets so bad ..can not position no way to get relief. Also bothers me when driving holding sterring wheel , sewing , typing almost everything. Please help

    • pollyanna says:

      I tried 30c hypercurim 3 times a day for my pains in right hand fingers and arm and this certainly did the trick.
      I was waking up early morning with very painful arm and hand. Holding steering wheel driving
      was also a problem. I put my pains down to nerve coming from my shoulder area which caused the
      sometime unbearable pain in arm and fingers.

  71. D. K. Dey says:

    Good Morning Sir,

    On 11.11.16 my wife suddenly feeling pain in elbow, wrist, knee, both foot & foot joint. After that there is fever & swelling on the foot & in both hands making it impossible for hand & foot movement. During that period the platelet count got down. Local Doctor tested blood for Dengue, Chikengunia etc. but all the reports are netative. But due to lot platelet count Doctor advised my wife to take admission in the hospital. After discharge from the hospital she was suffering from pain from both the foot & numbness in her left hand finger tips and also loss of power in her had. Doctor told that all that happened to viral infection.

    Kindly suggest the homeopathic medicine and doses as how to take.

    D. K. Dey
    31A, Jannagar Road,
    Kolkata – 700 014

  72. RITA NAGAR says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have been bearing gradually increasing pain in my ring finger tip of right hand since
    Sept. 1996. Hereby I want to add this all started after blood test from the same finger during fever to make slide.
    Passing by each day and year the pain is becoming severe and severe in winter season.
    The finger has a irregular moments and tip has pain when any thing touch to it.
    please suggest the homeopathic medicine and doses as how to take.

    Rita Nagar

  73. RITA NAGAR says:

    Dear Dr.
    I have been bearing gradually increasing pain in my ring finger tip of right hand since
    Sept. 1996. Hereby I want to add this all started after blood test from the same finger during fever to make slide.
    Passing by each day and year the pain is becoming severe and severe in winter season.
    The finger has a irregular moments and tip has pain when any thing touch to it.
    please suggest the homeopathic medicine and doses as how to take.


  74. shalmon pawar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.

    I worked typing on computer for almost 6 years
    and I play Tabla but when I play tabla thumb of my right hand get turned inside automatically while playing
    and I am not able to play properly
    The thumb has a irregular moments
    please suggest the homeopathic medicine and doses as how to take.


  75. Satyajit Mazumdar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My wife had undergone a Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy just 1 month back and from Last 1 week she is having severe pain in her right hand and numbness in the wrist & fingers. The pain usually starts at Night 2.00-2.30 and she wakes up with severe pain. Earlier she use to cook and wash clothes also but after this surgery she stopped doing this.
    We consulted a Neurologist and he had done MRI Cervical spine, EMG, NCV, SSEP, EEG. MRI shows cervical spondolysis, SSEP & EEG are normal but EMG & NCV shows Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in right arm. The Dr. had prescribed medicines but after having this she is suffering from severe nausea, vomitting and gas with constipation.
    Pls suggest.

    Satyajit Mazumdar

  76. DAwn Williams says:

    I am diabetic and has been diagnosed with CTS in both hands and an waiting for an operation, both hands are virtually useless. I have been told it’s possible to get I relief from homeopathic drugs,
    Could you tell me what I should be taking? Dawn Williams

  77. jojo bermejo says:

    Hi,i m jojo, driver of public utility vehicle, i’m suffering from numbness & tingling in my hands and also i have swollen left middle finger. What is the best medicine for this.tnx

  78. Hello. My name is Michelle I’m 29 years old and I’m a mom plus wife. Recently my right hand arm fingers was in pain waking up to it. I woken up crying that’s how much pain I was and I didn’t even know it. Morning come around and we decided for me to go to the hospital and to find out what was wrong and they doctor said I have carpol tunnel syndrome and we didn’t understand why?! If I’m not always on a computer or using vibration tool. So we was confused later on that night they pain come 10x worst I couldn’t move my hand I was in so much pain the pills didn’t help and their we go again to the hospital. I just hope it goes away because I have a new born and lately I’ll change or even spend time with my new born like I did before and it’s very hard I’ll start to cry because my tumb will start getting numb and I’ll start feeling the rest of my hand …


      Sir ,I have suffered severe carpol tunnel syndrome for past three months.
      Lots of allopathic treatment have done but nothing improved and pain is increasing day by day.
      My age is 35 years. Please tell me the proper medicine with power of the medicine.
      I have also abdominal problem (gastric ).

  79. Bev Pearce says:

    Hi, I have ridden horses on a regular basis for the past 38 years, up to 12 X per week. I spent a year baking which needed a lot of kneading and I have been a domestic cleaner for the past year 32 hrs per week. I have numbness and pain in both my hands, thumb, index finger, middle finger and half my ring finger. Shooting pain very rarely maybe in some activities couple of times a week. I am on mezavant xl 1200mg two daily for ulcerative colitis. I wonder if you could give new list of remedies to help my condition many thanks . Bev Pearce

  80. Ramagopal Ks says:

    Saraswathi, Lady 66 years. pain started in left forearm in April 2015. An old iron rod was used to give traditional acupressure treatment. Herpes erupted next day. with allopathy treatment blisters disappeared. Even now there is pain in left arm. loose grip. pain like electric shock. looks like PHN

  81. I have had bilateral carpal release surgery. How can I help the nerves to return sensation and erase the numbness?

  82. Sub : My daughter’s health issue

    Dear Sir,

    My 26 years old daughter facing following health issue since last more than 3 months:

    1. Pain started from right hand & left hand arms & hands, wrists, fingers, thumbs.

    2. Pain is shifting from right to left hand or vice versa, but not necessary like this.

    3. Pain is extremely tearing and she is too much restless & since last three months not a single night she could sleep properly.

    4. She has convulsion & cramps in all fingers, thumbs, wrists, pain sometimes in hands sometimes in arms & sometimes in fingers, thumbs, wrists & Back pain also. Time is not fixed.

    5. It aggravates after taking bath, after meal.

    6. It relived by resting on bed, rubbing by applying oil (Dr. Ortho).

    7. Few test done but no relief by any allopath.

    8. We have tried Arsenic 1M, Causticum 30, Arg. Nitricum30, Dr. Reckeweg Nerve & Sleep Drops R14 & Manurheumin-In Rheumatism of fore-arms and hands drops R46 severally. Now going to start Gelsimium 30. I have tried these medicines myself.

    9. She has been treated by one of Local Homeopath but medicines not disclosed by him, but no relief.

    10. Physiotherapy also done for 22 days but result is zero.

    11. Pain in palm is boring and extremely unbearable.

    12. Her reports are also attached for your reference.

    Presently undergoing Dr. Sushil Patle treatment as per the medicines mentioned on attachment no. 11.

    Kindly advice proper remedy for her ailment.

    I hope a prompt revert from your end.

    With Thanks & Best Regards


    CSGM 9052/4A

    J-48, Jaiprakash Nagar,

    Near Dhani ki Kutia,
    GCF Colony,
    Jabalpur – 482 004.
    (Madhya Pradesh)

    Mobile No. – +91-9009582868

    e.mail –

    skype id. – engr.anil.kumar

  83. click here says:

    Thanks with regard to giving this sort of great posting
    click here

  84. kewal singh panesar says:

    while riding my scooter in rain about two years ago I suddenly felt my left toe going numb. The effect was mild and after some time I visited the local CMC Hospital Ludhiana which after many tests diagnosed CTS as the the case. I was advised to take Pregabalin 750 along with Meconev plus. I have been taking these now for about 9 months. There is improvement but the feeling is still there. I can feel the numbness only when I remember that it is there. I do all my work in a normal way. Can you suggest some homeopathic medicine. I am a 73 years old male working as a professor in mechanical engineering.

  85. iftikhar ali says:

    dear doctor;
    i had a paralisis on year before after continue treating after two month before i got problem in my hand swear pain in five finger the doctors treating for nuropathy but not cured, please advise me how to treat with homeo medicine. thank waiting for reply

  86. Hi dr shah, I am currently 38 weeks+2 days pregnant and have seve re numbness and pain in both my hands. Initially it affected only during the night but now I have it all day and it’s just gotten worse at night which makes me end up crying with pain n lack of sleep. The medicines mentioned above can be taken during pregnancy as well or would you suggest something else?
    Please suggest something asap as I am now in desperate need for help with it.

  87. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 50 and have had hand symptoms for 5 years. Mostly they are stiff when I wake up, sometimes numb and are painful to move. Once I get them started though they are fine. I don’t have pain in the wrist, but recently a lot of pain in the shoulders and right hip. Lifting the right leg has become painful in the past month. A neurologist told me yesterday that I have carpal tunnel syndrome and need surgery, but I find it hard to believe it. Most sites write about pain and weakness of the hands for CTS…I don’t have that during the day. Also, my little finger is affected even more that the others. When I press the side of the palm I feel a sharp and burning pain. I have been using homeopathics for years with confidence until last November when a professional gave me Rhus Tox 200c for this pain and I deteriorated in 3 days…have not recovered ever since. I’m not sure what it brought on, but it could be peripheral neuropathy…a tingling sensation under the skin in both of my legs. Thank you.

  88. Dear Dr Sharma
    My wife (75 yrs Diabetic type ii 25yrs) has carpal syndromes in rt hand what pitemcy Causticum to give how often thanks
    kk ghosh

  89. Hi
    I have recently been diagnosed with cts,having pain in left hand around wrist area. The pain is sometimes like needles pinching in my wrist. Hand gets swollen at times if I walk or keep in a single position for long . Which homeopathy medicine will be suitable for my condition and also the dosage please recommend.

  90. Dear Doctor
    I am struggling from CTS for the past several months. Early morning i have numbness in my left hand and unable to to fold as if it is swollen. pain in the middle finger when i try to fold my fingers. Severe pain at the start of phalanges. I tried Physiotherapy IFT and ultrasound but in vein. I am a diabetic for the past one year. I have frozen shoulder and i am into exercises.Please guide me with homoeopathic medicines for these complaints. I am 45 Yrs male.

  91. Shaheda begum says:

    Hi I am Shaheda Begum from London, I am 50 years old, I have CTS from last 2years in both hands , Specially early in the morning i feel very pain in both of my hand and When I wake up in the morning it feels like burn and pain and fingers freeze. Also some shoulder pain.
    Please inform me soon what should i do and I don’t agree to any kind of surgery

  92. Rashadul Islam Khan says:

    Dear Sir,
    I, Rashadul Islam from Bangladesh, 40 years old, I have CTS from last 2years in both hands , Specially early in the morning i feel very pain in both of my hand and When I wake up in the morning it feels like burn and pain and fingers freeze. Also some shoulder pain.
    Please inform me soon what should i do and I don’t agree to any kind of surgery for my CTS, I specially want to take respective medicine from you.

  93. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am 55 and have mild arthritis, but lead an active life including that of a professional writer for which I am at the keyboard for hours.
    Early this month, less than three weeks ago, I got viral fever (blood tests for malaria and dengue were negative). The fever was higher than 103 but it went in three days but left me very weak especially in the knees and hand joints.
    Now, the legs are stronger but the centre/pit of my left palm is painful. The pain radiates to the fingers and increases at night. It also spreads sometimes to my elbow. Earlier, I had no strength in the hand, but now, my hand feels stronger. The pain is not going. Please suggest treatment. Thank you.

    • Dear Dr Sharma,
      I had enquired about the procedure of being treated by you for carpal tunnel. No reply yet. Awaited. Thanks.

  94. Sanjeev kalia says:

    I am 49 feel tierd and as if drag my body don’t feel energetic and unable to concentrate, get annoyed by loud sound, gets irritated fast can you suggest me a remedy

  95. Guneet Kaur says:

    Hello sir
    I got this syndrome during 8th month of my 3rd pregnancy almost 2.5years back, I took medicine allopathic one and got relieved but still time to time the problem arises , also took homeopathic medicine from a local doctor but not got much relief . And I am also suffering from fungal infection in my nails of the same hand and same fingers ( right hand – thumb, index finger and forefinger).
    Kindly suggest the medicine for both the problems.

  96. I am 71 years old, usually active – walking daily for 30 mins about 4/5 times a week, practicing pranayam and simple yoga exercises daily for 30 mins and doing light house work. One month back I had fever of 100* for two days accompanies by severe body and joints pain. Then the fever subsided but the pain continued. After 4/5 days I noticed rashes in the middle of my back. I was given an ointment and the rashes have improved by about 75% since then. The body pain and the feeling of exhaustion continued. I switched on to homeopathic treatment from one of my close relatives. I was prescribed arnica 30, nux vomica 30 + suplhur; eupat perf 30 + picric acid 30 in succession after sharing my progress with my doctor. The body pain has reduced considerably. Since 7/8 days I started feeling burning, shooting pains and numbness in my left palm and thumb, index and middle fingers. This pain was excruciating and has disturbed my sleep over the last 10 days. My doctor changed my medicine to psornium30 + mag carb 30 + calc carb 30. The pain continued and then I was given arsenic bulb 30. The fingers pain became slightly less during the day but at night it aggravated. My doctor advised that aggravation of the symptoms followed by gradual relief is the sign of the medicine working effectively. He has now stopped arscenic 30 for two days and has asked to observe and report.

    I came across this site and hence I am referring this to you for your advise.

  97. Tarun Bera says:

    Respected Sir,
    For the last 3 years I have been suffering from left hands wrist pain and also sometimes pain my all fingers. I am not able to doing any hard work for that reason so please suggest the appropriate medicine regarding that issue.
    I have already done xray report and nerve test. Nothing was found in x ray report. But nerve was partially damaged.
    So please help me to getting out about this problem and insist me what type of action needed for me.
    I will be highly obliged if you pay your kind attention about this matter
    Thanks & Regards,
    Tarun Bera

  98. jeannette Lofas says:

    I have carpal tunnel in both hands, The right hand very bad,Doctors want to operate but say ” it is too far gone
    onlyhope is to stop further deterioration.
    I do sun salutations in yoga..resting on hands
    Iam pre diabetic A!C 5.7 — 6.00
    Your thoughts Doctor

  99. Shuwan bora says:

    Hello dr my husband is suffering from carpal tunnel system since 2007 now dr has reffered for operation as they sayin is quite old so this is best they can do thats the only way or u can do treatment so he dosent hv to go with operation thanku will b waitin for ur reply

  100. SB Pandey says:

    Dear sir, the upper portion of My right hand thumb, index finger and middle finger has too much of burning sensation and pain. Sometimes it gets back. This situation is for the last 4 days. Is it carpal tunnel syndrome. Of so, what medicine should I take.

  101. aqas qaiser says:

    Dear doctor, my forearm was fractured 3 months ago. And internal plates was inserted my hand by illopathic doctors team. Now a days my hand is numbness,and tingling for 3 months after surgery. Plz recommended best homoeopathic medicine.

  102. Elisa Gallo-Rosso says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I have recently developed what i think it is Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I am a maker and puppeteer with a history of arthritis at my spine level, (45 years old woman). This last period I feel vey tense at my arms level and I had to work making decoration jobs with balloons which recently might have caused the issue.
    On my left wrist, just under the thump, I have a small bump, which if touched irradiates pain up to the shoulder level.
    I haven’t had any accidents, neither hurt myself, but since yesterday I can’t grab any working tools with my left hand.. Unfortunately I have few dead lines so I’m actually worried if I can accomplish without worsening my situation.

    Would you please help me out identifying the right remedy for me?
    thank you very much for your attention and article.


  103. Laxmikant says:

    I am 57 years old and having CTS problem for the past 3 – 4 months. My middle finger on both hands pain continuously. When I wake up in the morning it feels like gun shot pain and fingers freeze. Also some shoulder pain.
    Kindly advise.
    Thanks in advance.

  104. Rebecca Conklin says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 60 yr. old woman and suffer with carpal tunnel syndrome. I had it in my left hand and had surgery on it and also have it in my right hand but don’t want to have surgery again. I use the computer a lot. If there is something natural that would help me that would be wonderful. Please advise. Thank you.

  105. Talha Alvi says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I am a 50 year old man staying in dammam saudi arabia suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand and I have diabetes too since the past 8 years. Is it possible to get treated by you? If possible, please let me know if you can send the medicine by courier here. Let me know the payment procedure as well.
    Thanking you.

  106. Sofiqul Hoque says:

    I recently read your post. I am suffering from this diseases.

  107. Tia Zaki says:

    Hello, what are the remedies for trigger finger ?

  108. Lorraine Watkis says:

    Hi Dr,
    I recently got a job in a deli and I use a slicer so often for my hours of duty.I mean a lot!
    It has only been a month but my fingers on my right hand becomes so numb especially at nights.. It feels as if it’s going to burst… Especially the middle one.It wakes me up at nights and I’m in such pain and discomfort.
    I went to the Dr and was given a pain medication but even that isn’t working.Im diabetic, hypertensive and recently diagnosed as being anemic.Can you please give me some advise on this important matter as I’m in so much pain and I want to work!.right now I’m typing you with my left hand.
    Thanking you

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  111. vikram Ajeet says:

    Dr.sharma I live at wife is also suffering from cts.same symptoms like your above writ.please give me homeopathic medicine ?.my contact no.9451727443

    • Ian 65 years old and have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome. About two and a half years ago I accidentally had my palm caught in the car door while closing it. Had taken an X-ray to check for any fracture. I was lucky it was all clear. I do have pain sometimes and it travels down to the middle finger. I also have slight swelling in the lower arm for sometime now but no pain at the swelling. Any heavy work with the hand then I have pain but not severe enough to take pain killer. I do have other issues with my feet. I am unable to wear closed shoes. When I wear them and try to walk I feel the nerve under the feet. I also feel the third toe heavy and of late the ankle area and heel have started hurting and sometimes extends to the calf muscle. Please can you suggest some cure for these.


  112. Alka Arora says:

    I m Alka Arora age 52 I hv beginning of athratic problem but main main problem is when I sleep at night my both hands get numbness I hv to get in between in night and to stretch my hand to get normal and hv problem of sleep disorder also

    • Salam sajjad says:

      I am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome since around 1-year.
      In my right hand the middle & ring finger has numbness ,right during sleep,
      Burning sensation.
      This stiffness & tightness increased during sleep.
      I Have used around 6-month allopathic medicine but problem not solved.
      Now the Doctor have suggested for open surgery to free c.t.s
      Is there any confirm treatment in Homt

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  116. Hello Sir,

    Thank for the valuable information. I am suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome since 6 to 7 years.
    I play tabala, (musical percussion instrument). when I play the thumb of the right hand turns inside and then I am not able to play it effectively.
    so if I take Causticum , then could you please suggest me the doses for it.

    Thank you.

  117. Thank you Dr. Sharma. This has helped me greatly and saved me much time. I now have a starting point to test myself for these remedies.
    Very Grateful!

  118. ANKIT KUMAR says:

    Dr. I am facing problems regarding pain in my wrist and it increases during night time.I have a habit of writing too much and it is about a month it had been there. Age-15 years Gender-Male

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  120. Shailendra jain says:

    Sir my wife is suffering from cts.when wver she works household works ,swelling occurs just above the wrist. It is painful too. Now a days it is very difficult to work from write hand. She had some thyroid problems too.but now it is below 5.which drug will you suggest for this problem

  121. Anindita Dey says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome& have been advised ot for the same. I do have thyroid. Please help

  122. Josephine Vasanthi says:


    In my NCS, the abonomalities were as below.

    Median Nerve distal latency (at wrist) = 4.9 milli.sec
    Median Nerve distal latency (palm) = 3.0 milli.sec

    Do you think this is on a worst case side or medium risk side. Can it be cured by homeopathy.


  123. ursula iguel says:

    My boss is 64 yrs old and she is sufferring from muscle pain in her right arm to wrist and leading to her arm.She is not working anymore and has house help yet her pain is daily. what can you recommend for her case. thank you.

  124. Tia Zaki says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, what treatment is there for trigger finger ?

  125. V.P.S.Menon says:

    Dear Dr, I am an ardent Carrom player. I also use the computer regularly for atleast 2-3hours daily. About 3 months ago, I felt a sudden sprain on my right wrist( down below my rt little finger) while I tried to lift and place a bag of rice weighing 6 kg into my car boot. Since then whenever I move my wrist ( like when I drive) this tendon pain persists. And I also feel that I am unable to use my Ist and middle fingers freely as I used to! This is evident when I play Carrom. I can’t control my Ist finger precisely. My aim misses often ! Even the power of the shots are varying without my control. I did consult my Dr friends and they say it is due to Carpel Syndrome. I tried a number of wrist and other exercises for the last 2 months, but there is no improvement. I would like to hear your opinion and advise for Homeo treatment. Pl help.

  126. Armando Adame says:

    I am a 43 Yr old male that has work as a CNA for 14 yr, it’s been a couple of weeks that I have started with hand numness, I notice hand weekness about 6 weeks ago, things just slip out of my hands and hand numbness when holding things for to long, wrist pain when holding heave things, today I had a shooting pain threw my thumb and up my wrist and mid arm. Pain in my index finger and hands feel swollen and fingers feel like sausages hard to bend plz help me….. Almost forgot a patient was about to fall as I reach to get hold of him I felt a pain shooting threw my wrist, was pulled of my shift and sent home because of the pain couldn’t continue to work for a couple of days…

  127. Aravindakshan M K says:

    I have mild type Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. no medicines used till time

  128. Tikendra pal says:

    bibration in my both hands fingers if you can help me in this illness please contact me my mob no-8376007634

  129. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    y son is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. I will be highly thankful to you if could recommend me the treatment.Thanks

  130. Ashalatha says:

    I was suffering from Hyper thyroidism. One year back I have taken Radio Active Iodine treatment. Now I am under medication (thyronom 100) daily for hypo thryroidism. I am not able to write well. From 4 or 5 years back i lost my good handwriting. 2 years back only i identified that I have thyroid issues.

    I am a clerical staff. I have to write a lot. Severe pain in my hands does not allowing me to write neatly. I don’t know what to do …

  131. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My mother is 77 years old and has SEVERE pain in her right arm, hand and fingers, specially the index finger. She had also fractured the same arm and thumb a few years ago, but this pain is nerve pain and she feels like the bone inside her arm will break. She also experiences numbness in the arm and hand.
    She also has severe arthritis in her limbs and is borderline diabetic.

    Currently, she is taking paracetamol and naproxen as painkiller but they don’t work all the time. I would really appreciate if you could suggest a remedy.

    Best regards,

  132. Dipak Biswas says:

    My finger started trembling specially while writing.I cannot sign or write properly which causes cheque.bounced.
    It is continuing for last one year.
    Please advise.


    Dipak Biswas

  133. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    Please advise me treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  134. Rajiv Sardana says:

    Thank you Doctor for sharing such excellent piece of information. God Bless….

    My daughter is a graphic designer and has to sit for long hours on computer. After going throught the series of your articles on internet, I found Kalmia latifolia is indicated in her case.

    She has aggravation from sitting long time on Computers, vertigo while stooping, better in a recumbent posture, relief from hot fomentation, better from massage in neck area….

    Please suggest / advise…Thanks & Regards.

    Rajiv Sardana

  135. William Kimote Ndilu says:

    I have numbness and sensation on my right handside thumb.

  136. Javaid farooq says:

    Dear Dr Sharia,

    My wife is 38 years old and has got Carpel tunnel syndrome. Whenever she does some work, her hands start getting hurt and get numb. She consulted some doctors and they say the treatment is operation. Can you please advise.k

  137. Sharfudeen says:

    Dear sir, I’m 35 years old man Working in gulf outdoor problem is left side face numbness started 2 years back and 1 year before my both hands feeling weakness.I consult Doctors Gulf and India as well.but the problem still same.
    That time I have cholesterol now its in control

    Please doctor give a good remedy.

  138. Justice says:

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  141. shalmon says:

    Hello Doctor,

    i worked on computer for almost 9 years, using a numb pad by right hand continuously, i had a problem in the right thumb it started to get turned automatically. i observed that thumb is doing a irregular nervous activity. I play tabla musical instrument it is now affecting me very much when i play tabla with right hand thumb gets turned automatically inside. causes a big problem for me.

    suggest me what homeopathic medicine i should take.

  142. FRANCISCO says:

    I am 65 and diabetic last 15 years . Since last 5 years i have diabetic neuropathy in my toes. I feel as if I am wearing socks and feel tightness in my toes. Of late I started geting numbness on and off in fingers done nerv conduction tests which shows wrist carpel tunnel. I also have ring trigger finger. Diabetes and blood pressure and cholestrol under control. Please advise medication.

  143. Muskan soni says:

    Hello sir,
    recently i feel numbness or vibrations in my hand . I cant hold a thing . I went many doctors and they gave me many medicines and i did many exercises but there is nothing changes come in my hand please suggest me way or advice me .
    Thanking u

  144. Muskan soni says:

    Hello sir,
    recently i feel numbness or vibrations in my hand . I went many doctors and they gave me many medicines and i did many exercises but there is nothing changes come in my hand please suggest me way or advice me .
    Thanking u

  145. Depinder Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Recently my hands had started shivering while holding things about past 1 month. I have had numbness in my right leg last fingers which was due to last spinal vertibre getting weak and thin for couple of years.

    I have had a dull pointing pain in left side of my skull for past 2 weaks. I got sacred and got MRI and all spinal tests done. No tumor etc found. However for hand shaking CTS or carpal tunnel syndrome was found more on right hand. The medicine is mainly steroid injection which I want to avoid. Please suggest if there is something in homeopathy which can help in CTS cure and numbness in my leg fingers due to lower back vertebre pressure. I do have High BP 150/100 and sugar on higher side( non diabetic )

    Depinder Singh

  146. Ananya upadhyaya says:

    I am not able to write even half a page at a stretch. I am also not able to do anything continuously like cutting vegetables, combing hair, wiping floor, cleaning utensils etc. I sometimes feel losing my sensation in hand’s tip.iI have also felt lost grip sometimes. At night I am not able to sleep with hands straight. Hand becomes stiff and painful at certain angles.This is existing since last year. I have been taking allopathic medicine since 10 months.
    last 5 days I am also experiencing pain in my feet.Crepe bandage or ankle support gives certain relief.
    I also tie CTS splint in my both hands.
    PLEASE advise.

  147. Manjula Chakraborty says:

    Pain and weakness in hands,numbness and loss of sensation in hands and fingers. It is not possible to hold a cup. Before 3 years ago Celebral attack occurs and get brain operation, medicine still going on. I am also sugar patient, but it is controlled by medicine. Now i am unable to do any work by right hand.Can not move wrist. Fingers little bit move but no strength. Can I take CAUSTICUM, if, tell the dose.

  148. Amrit Malhotra says:

    Dear Sir,


    My father has Aurtho Astarthisithis pain in the right knee, for that he has join physiotherapy class as per my father his pain has reduced to 60-70% but to due to some exercise he got sever pain in Right Hands 3 fingers & palm.

    I would appreciate if you can suggest medicine/exercise/diet plan so he can relief.

    Please suggest suitable time to have a conversation with you.

    Amrit Malhotra

  149. milan patel says:

    sir i am 26 years old. my hand is vibration durind writing . i am writing right hand. i eat littel sugar in lunch. that reason is not occure vibration problem please guid me which why vibration my hand please sir

  150. Hi Dr sharma,
    recently this winter i have developed carpal tunnel syndrome, the symptoms are pain in fingers palm as soon as my hand touches with any thing cold, specially water and it immediately gets better when i put my hands in a warm water or provide any kind of heat to hands.
    plEASE suggest which medicine should i use ?


  151. Arun Kumar Gupta says:

    In both my palms and foot , for the last six months, I am feeling swinging sensesetion but not much pain. palms are becoming a bit weak. I am 73 and dont suffer any chronic/congenital diseas L am doing exercises including yoga regularly for the last 40 years. Please advise medicine to remove the problem. Thanking you,

  152. SANJAY WARKE says:

    I have started regular Yoga practice since the last one month. I have been getting tingling in my fingers on waking up every morning. This tingling is increased when I lie with my hand under the head. It goes away onputting hand on ground or shaking the wrist.Please suggest a suitablr homeopathic remedy

  153. neeraj kumar says:

    sir,my right thumb is tingling since 2 months .i am taking causticum h 200 and ruta g 200 from one month but i didn’t get relief .advice me the right medicine

  154. vasundhra says:

    Sir i m suffering from cts since 4 yrs in the begining i have consulted neuro he has given me medicine for 7 seven days and my problem was gone away. But before three years i was pregnant and problem was start again since then numbness is countinuos in my right hand i have taken the accupunture sitting also but there is no relief. Pls suggest now what to do.

  155. Rinku Jain says:

    Severe pain on wrist and arms. Diagnosed as CTS. Past 6 years after pregnancy. Pain only during winters. Treated by corticosteroid injection in June 2015. Partial relief in pain. Teaching is my profession.

  156. Anshul Saxena says:

    Sir, I am writing you as a last hope to get rid out of pain caused by CTS. I am suffering from it for about last 2 years.
    Initially, after sever pain and big swelling in my right hand I first consulted a Homeopathic Physician, who identify the problem and start treating me. He took about 3 months to control the condition, after completion of 3 months swelling was almost gone and pain was about 70% relieved. After that I took treatment from him and found no such relieve anymore and stopped taking medicines.

    After some time pain in my wrist again started growing and then I approach a Ortho, but after treating about 2 months found no change in pain so I stopped taking further treatment from him.

    After about 1 year from the initial stage a visit a Ayurvedic Doctor and for first time he suggested me for a test of NCV. As per the report of test its about 30% blockage in the wrist but due to the severity of pain doctor said that it is possible that may be report is not right because in 30% blockage severity of such pain quite not possible and ask me to conduct the test again from any other lab, but other lab also provide the same report. Then he started my treatment and told me that it may take 6 months. after about 2 months I really got relief from the pain and seems that the problem is resolved but i continued the treatment for full period i.e, 6 months.

    After 6 months Doctor asked to discontinue the medicines if I am feeling better and said there is nothing remaining for treatment.

    After that few months after completing the treatment I feel pain in my wrist for durations.
    sometimes it is sever and sometime i am able to tolerate it.

    Kindly help me and suggest me if there any proper treatment for it.

    Thanking you
    Anshul Saxena

  157. I broke ankle OCT 2015. Needed ORIF surgery. On crutches , then walker, now quad cane. Hands and fingers are numb, tingly weak..all day and night..thumb index and middle finger the worst. I must have compressed the nerves, bilaterally. Taking aleve for ankle but it does nothing for my hands. What can I do b4 neuro, which after test will only give lyrica, or gabapent9n. As a last resort Ill go for shots as i felt something like this years ago after playing too much golf and tennis. The shots helped, they were not nerve blocks, just shots into distal metacarpals. I have my own muscle stim unit for ankle, night splints do nothing, Thank YOU

  158. Rajesh Phalor says:

    Dear Sir,

    Where is Ruta Graveolens available in and around Chandigarh/ Panchkula / Mohali.

    I am not able to write due to shivering in fingers nor able to eat with a spoon or hold a glass of water without shivering.


    Rajesh Phalor

  159. Sanjeev jha says:

    Liat of problems
    While typing and using thumb ..every time i press with my left thumb…it tingles..i read and found it cud be carapl tunnel syndrome
    Every morning i wake up with right shoulder pain
    Most of the time i hv left shoulder pain and arm pain which i confuse with gatric attack or chest pain
    My foot also pain much in morning after i get wake up
    I hv disk herniation in l4 l5
    I hv a severe gastric problem and it causes chest pain most of the time and causes arm pain…i really get worried but i left to chance that it might be gas
    I think there must be one cause of all this and homeopathy can treat
    I am taking bp medicine and hv borderline diabetes…i am obese ans overweight by 20 kg may be
    I am having less sleep
    Rest ee can talk if u think thrre is a solution

    Sanjeev jha 9599655344

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  161. Experienced pull muscla in the right arm affecting muscle when extending arm outward to the side. I do have carpal tunnel, but had no pno problem with gripping, just numbness at night, so I decided to sleep in the wrists braces, only to wake up, take them off, to find right hand weak and lost of grip. I massaged and applied pressure, it helped but tightens backup. I alternate ice and heat. Did the p rt oblem with my shoulder at the rotator cup and Rm have anything to do with this. I also have a cst on my shoulder, was told this kind is not cancerous, don’t bother if it doesn’t bother you. I am not having problems, but it is near the area.

  162. Arvind Pandey says:

    Dear Dr. my wife has developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I live in South Africa, have been to the a surgeon who recommends surgery to cure the problem but I would like to use other means if the surgery could be avoided.

    Please advise on how I should proceed.

    Thank you and Regards
    Arvind Pandey

  163. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    A year ago I was in the middle of finals week at school and was writing very frequently, and got what I assumed to be writers cramp and had sharp pains in my right hand and eventually my wrist. I was also boxing occasionally and I am a sporadic piano player. It got better once finals were over but I don’t think it fully healed. I now have trouble doing simple things like opening jars or driving with one hand. Writing excessively definitely triggers pain. Now I can just notice small sharp pain without doing much motion.
    Is there any home remedy for this? Or is this a bigger problem that I would need to see a doctor for? I am also only 20, and have been playing volleyball for 10 years.

    Thank you for your time,

  164. extra fee cheap car insurance who

  165. internet connection auto insurance good combination

  166. Manuka Wijesinghe says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    A happy new year to you. In order to test the extent of capar tunnel sysdrom (presume the reception of nerves) some electric bolt was used (by the physician) thereupon, though the capar tunnel tingling did end (which the physician did not want to believe), so did the movement of the right thumb (much computer word with the right hand and movement of the mouse).

    A hardness under the right thumb was was felt (below the second digit on palmar side), almost like a nodule and it did hurt upon pressure or on strechging hand. Thereafter a treatment was begun, with homoepathy, arnica and ruta, a 30the potency, not hypericum and causticum. The thumb moves a bit more than earlier, the pain of the nodule is lesser, but the tingling of the capar tunnel is coming to the other hand too, despite the usage of ruta and arnica. Could you please inform me what I should further do, and if there is a special system of interchangeably using the homoepathic remedies and, in which potencies.
    Thankyou very much and I wish you a wonderful 2016

  167. saroj kumari says:

    carpal tunnel syndrome

  168. Golak Sahoo. says:

    . My name is Golak Sahoo,I am live in Kolkata (now). I am Engineering student.
    . My broblem any normal time my hand and fingers are vibrate ,when work or without work .but before 2 years ago did not fil this problem .
    . Plz sir help me.

  169. Suhas Bhimrao Jadhav says:

    I am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome at present pains unbearable hence sleepless whole night right hand from shoulder to fingers is affected suggest homoeoathic remmedy please

  170. Have had carpal tunnel for 15 years but last 2 years have been spent recovering from cancer surgery which left me with horrible digestive issues, fibromyalgia, and cts that has been horrible. I have woken up recently and not been able to lift my hands…it’s been bad lately. Please advise on what I should take. Thank you so much.

  171. I am 40 years old .i have three children and four D&C.i am victum of hand and finger numbness and severe pain for few years.i had taken medicine from Artupedic doctor but medicine didnot work on me.this pain and numbness only occur in winter it desappear in summer.please tell me proper badly effect my sleep and household work.please please help me.i will be very thankfull to you.

  172. drive cheap car insurance cost

  173. thakur singh says:

    Hlo sir
    Mine right wrist cut with window glass before 6month ago now mine right hand cannot proper moment plz help

  174. Hello! Which homeopathy remedy do I use for carpel tunnel syndrome and at which potency?

    I’ve had it for several years. It went away with Acupunture and now it came back. Thanks so much. Please advice!!

  175. Sir, I have suffering from numbness two legs & hands with neck .Can you please suggest me homoeopathic remedy for it.

  176. Shiv Bahadur says:

    Sir, I have burning sensation and pain in the tip of thumb and first two fingers of my right hand.Can you please suggest me homoeopathic remedy for it.

  177. Sir, jaise kuch kaam krta hu jaise paise count krna, to mere hath halka sa kampn kr rhe h ,sirf hatheliya or fingers, sirf nazuk kaam krne par hora h , vaise koi problem nhi . ye kyun hora h sir

  178. Rama Prasad says:

    I have hand pain and numbness in my right hand
    I am a software engineer working on PCs and Laptops for the past 12 years
    I have come to know that Causticum can be used for treatment
    let me know what is the dosage required and how many pills are to be used and for how long
    —- Rama Prasad

  179. Five months after wrist fracture complicated by cts as a precondition. Surgery pending in appx one month. Wondering what are doses of the four above remedies and can they be taken together, how often, also?

  180. My mum and a teacher of mine had that renetcly. My mum said she would suddenly get pins and needles and drop things! They both had to have minor operations (I don’t mean to scare you!) and now they are fine. They weren’t pregnant though and were I’m only assuming here! quite a bit older than you, around late 50s! You prob wouldn’t have an op though so late in pregnancy, but maybe if it hasn’t gone away afterwards .. =/Good luck with the birth though! =)

  181. You can see a Massage Theraist which can really help. Or you can try doing it yosurelf. Use a little massage oil so your hand can glide over the skin. Try to find a position where you hand and forearm are higher than your heart.Relax the affected arm as much as possible. Biginning at the wrist, glide your other hand up your arm applying light pressure. Repeat many times with deeper pressure. The idea is to push blood and fluids back toward the heart.It will take about 20 minutes to do both sides of the arm. If you can get someone to do it for you, all the better.This technique can reduce swelling and inflammation which is probably causing the pain. Try it a few times. It should help you feel at least some relief.

  182. Marie Davino says:

    Hello Dr !
    My 65 year old husband has been experiencing sharp shooting pains alternating with aching in the left hand by the pinky and ring finger. It has been about two months and getting worse. He plays bass guitar for his job, two to four times a week. Very talented bass player!
    I have tried arnica 200 c, even 1 m when the pain was really bad. I gave him a dose of hypericum 200 c today, and for the first time he has to take advil because he can not take the pain and can not work. Am I on the right track? I will wait to see if the hypericum will help.
    Thank you!

  183. Swaminathan says:

    Itchy palm – left hand – occasional

    Numbness in fingers experienced in both hands for few minuted during night.

    I am taking medicine for BP- Cardace AM 5 mg & Olsertain 40 – 1 tab each everyday.

    Kindly let me know if Homeopathy could help in treating the above disease condition.

    Thanks and Regards.


  184. Aruna Mishra says:

    I’m suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome in left wrist since four months. My reports are normal. Before two years my right wrist also affected but after surgery it’s ok now. This time i don’t want surgery… please tell what’s the problem with me and what can I do…my feet affected also like this may it possible…?can I have a nerves problem or veins….I have confuse please guide me….with thanks

  185. Mariam Khaldi says:

    Hi Doc!

    I am suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for the past 3 years and I am facing other problems as well. I have nerve problems throughout my body, My back is sore all the time, my chest have no sensation, and it seems like I need to put a lot of effort in moving and doing something even minor.

    If I lift something heavy, my fingers get numb, and from elbow to the fore fingers, my hand stops functioning and feels like rubber. There is severe numbness all over the arm, cannot lift my arm up in the air, as well as having heaviness in chest and upper back.

    I had taken Epidural prior to my delivery and also had a C-section, and after that, I am not the same person anymore. These are the symptoms I am listing here 3 years ago. I was not able to lift my thighs or legs, cannot climb the stairs, it seemed like my Thighs had iron rods fitted in them. I was unable to lift even an empty cup in my hands, wasn’t able to comb or tie a pony tail. I was not able to do dish-washing at all.

    Furthermore, way before this, I have had serious acne and pus filled bull’s eye rashes which started in 2010, and they form platelets at first, like couple sprays of black dots and if scratched, blood oozes out of them. What it could be? Is there a trigger with these pus filled acne which leaves a black scar later, and my nerve conditions?

    So, can you please diagnose what’s wrong with me, and what is the problem with my spine as well, and what are the remedies for getting myself completely cured from these issues?


    Mariam Khalid

  186. Pamela NURRAHMAN says:

    I’m TYPE 1diabetic have severe painful carpel tunnel syndrome.over 15years when blood sugar levels low or I’m cold have horrible feels like knives twisting in fingers bones and nerves.I need homeopathic Medicine.PLEASE PLEASE help me I’m only 53 I just got married.I can’t even hold my husband hand I can’t slice a banana or hold even a piece of toilet paper.I’m desperate.I’m in ARCADIA CALIFORNIA USA.pain in arms and shoulders.

  187. I have carpal tunnel both hands, worse left hand, but also numbness travels up arms. Sometimes up to left shoulder. Pain in thoracic vertebrae area between shoulder blades. Had been using causticum but only 30c with few repeats. Went to a 1 M. Maybe not repeating enough? Or should I go to much higher potency? (10 or 50M). Caust fits as the mentals and other physical symptoms fit (esp incontinence).

  188. Vinod Bansal says:

    I have diabetes, hypertension and for the last one year I am a patient of renal failure.
    I am on dialysis every week and would like to treat myself with homeopathy as I have full faith in

  189. I BHARATHAN says:


  190. Sutapa Basu says:

    Sir, I am having carpel tunnel syndrome for last 3 months and I have a cervical c7 vertebrae pain for 15 years which medicine should I take , my age 39 years

  191. hello dr.
    I m having this carpal tunnel syndrome from last one and half year.with this I am having cervical can I go for physiotherapy. recently I am taking only homeopathic medicines.

    • PRAVIN SHAH says:

      Since last one year I am suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome in rrighr hand,I am diabetec,àge 64 year,and now I recently elbow pain started in left hand,what I should do.

  192. Manish Kumar says:

    Dear sir/mam,
    In my index finger having no sense till more than 1.5 yr.About 1 yr I take treatment in AIIMS,Bhopal but
    not more effective. some profit was occurs but not more effectively.
    I hope you will given me to best suggestion.

  193. Sanjoy Sinha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am running 74 staying at Kolkata. About one and half years past, I am not feeling full sense in my little and ring finger in my left hand. Main symptoms are numbness and loss of sensation in little and ring finger in my left hand. This is as per Carpel tunnel syndrome, mentioned by you under the use of medicine of Causticum. Would you please advice me the power of the medicine and direction for taking the same.
    I shall be ever grateful to you.

    Yours faithfully,

    Sanjoy Sinha

  194. milanshi thapa says:

    I am 33 weeks during pragnant my both palm is pain plz suggest. Me

  195. Prateek Kaushik says:

    Halo Dr. Sharma,
    I am 35 years old & live in Delhi, I would like to share with you that, from past few weeks feel regular pain in my right hand from middle joints of hand to fingers and feeling weekness also. kindly guide me in this regard.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Prateek Kaushik

  196. My Dear Dr. Sharma,

    You Have much Experience in this field. i discuss one thing.
    i gave a person who was patient of Paralyzed of facial.

    but when i gave him causticum in 200. after 1 hour he feel that his breath is flow is disturbed. and same situation have been with other patient in 30 for 3 to 4 days daily in 2 times a day.
    its a very nice and quick work medicine but its a true problem with this after take it.
    please advice me in it. i want to give patient again but with your Advice.

    GOD bless you very much.

  197. mohinder pal says:

    i am over 60 retired from the oberoi hotel as manager.
    i live in kalkaji delhi
    suffering from carpal t sy
    pl adv medicin aval in south delhi
    do i need to take for8to12 weeks
    8800753605 9891393773


    I have feeling viberation in my both the hands and i am not able to hold anything properly from my hand.

  199. both of my wrist hurt
    Have massage every other week and helps calm down the nerve pain .. Do excerise and yoga
    Plus etc… How can this help me???

  200. Sir,
    my mother suffererring carpet tunnel both hand. right hand operation done . after that no relief. Now left hand also. Kindly give ur no to contact

  201. snehalata mohanty says:

    my mother’s age is 51 and not a diabetic patient she is suffering from carpal tunnel for last 1 year in right hand. she is suffering from numbness and loss of sensation in fingers and sometimes it is quite painful from head to hands and weakness in hands so if you please recommend any medicine she could use and is this can be cured completely for her whole life ?

  202. Sundar Kant Jha says:

    I am 76 year old. 7year ago I was suffering from paralysis in right side of my body. After a long treatment I recovered myself. But since one year my left hand from soldier started swinging without any reason. Sarted facing less sleep, fear and sort temperament. Please suggest me useful medicine and advice. Thank you.

  203. vertika mishra says:

    Pls help my wife, she is having all the symptoms related to CTS, my Ph. No. is 9379553976, pls contact for detailed queries.

  204. I am Suffering from severe Carpal tunnel syndrome ..doctors suggested surgery but I don’t want to go for it …so pls suggest can accupressure or homeopathy can solve the problem.


  205. Dharam Rohilla says:

    Hi Dr. I am suffering from CTS for last 3 years. I got some relief thru acupuncture sitting for 3-4 months. I got some relief. But now for past few months I feel light pain in my both hands and in night I feel numbness also. Please let me know which medicine I take and how so that I can get relief. Thanks.

  206. i feel pain at night and in cold weather

  207. pradip chakraborty says:

    Respected sir,
    I am running 70. suddenly (around 10 days before) I am not feeling any sense in my finger-toes of my left hand (specially little and ring finger). Pathologically I have no problem specially regarding sugar and
    I will remain ever grateful if kindly suggest me how to get rid of this illness.
    Thanking you,
    Pradip Chakraborty.

    • pradip chakraborty says:

      respected sir,
      kindly suggest me how I can get relief from the above mentioned problem in my left hand fingers.
      yours faithfully
      pradip chakraborty.

  208. RAVINDRA KUMAR says:

    my problem is that i can not write from my right hand, if i trying then my writing going bad in paper and my right hand vibrate from right soldier. and also pain there. if i writing in paper then few words after write my right hand to much pain start from soldier. i have taken many treatment from alopathic, homeopathic aurvadic also. MRI MIND, SPINAL X RAY reports also i have available for my previous treatment. but no relief. i think i have parkinson desease problem. can you sujjest me on my mobile no. 09889089038(KANPUR) PLEASE HELP ME.

  209. Nuruddin Ahmed says:

    I got an injury in my left knee in December, 2014 during playing badminton. Now i am feeling pain. I showed a physical medicine doctor and as per his suggestion i have taken X-Ray and MRI. The impression of MRI is given below-
    “Features suggestive of partial tear at the insertion of the quadriceps medially with edema in the adjoining fat and patella and fluid in suprapatellar bursa (medial loops).”
    ? Grade I injury of medial collateral ligament.
    And the X-Ray report shown-
    “No definite bony abnormality seen in the bones around the knee joints of both side with normal appearance.”
    As per doctor’s prescription i am taking tendomac tablet twice daily and using a knee braces.
    I want your opinion for cure my problem.
    With regards
    Yours faithfully

  210. Hello. I have been suffering from tendinitis for years, as I am on the computer 7 days a week for the past 12 years. I am now having pain in my wrists. I feel like I am getting carpel tunnel. I also was told that it comes partially from my neck – from looking at a computer screen all day. When I get a neck massage or acupuncture on my neck, it helps.

    The wrist pain is getting worse. I have been taking arnica once a day but that is not helping. What remedies do you recommend? I have Ruta (30) Causticam (30) and Hypericum (30).

    Can I take all 3, once per day? Or should I buy a higher dose?

  211. Mrs.Pradnya Vikas Rajpurkar says:

    I am interested to take homeopathic treatment for above CTS .
    Please send your clinic address and contact details

  212. CASEY MCCARTHY says:

    recently had surgery plate in the back of my hand to fuse the bones back in place. Since surgery the thumb and fingers have been numb. Now I need carpel tunnel surgery on my left hand.

  213. Raheel Khan says:

    Hello doctor,
    let me to tell you my story,
    four years ago, i have made cervical surgery due to numbness in hands and weakness in legs, i have used several kind of medicines but still didn’t get recovered,
    Now , please suggest what should i do now,
    there is no power in my legs and also my left hand fingers are bent, i can’t hold any thing in my hand,
    now what should i do sir, please suggest me.
    Thank You

  214. Mahesh Dixit says:

    I am accounts professional and feeling tingling , numbness, in my right hand side fingures at the time of sleep in night. Please let me know medicine name , capacity and time of use for the above problem.

  215. RK SINGH says:

    I have pain on my right elbow near bone joint mussels and also numbness on two fingers. When i press it on elbow it give relief. However i feel comfortable to use splint on wrist. My wife and me both do much work on computer and sit around 18hrs a day. My wife had CTS and operated in both hand before 6 years. Now i too feel same problem. What medicine I should take in homeopathy for preventing CTS further and treating my present problem. Awaiting your reply. Thanks & Regards

  216. Jim Podgorski says:

    Hi Doctor
    My sister is a 35 year old female for the past three years she has had pain and numbness and tingling in both hands a few months ago her doctor gave her a cortisone shot in each hand …very little relief .
    Now he wants to operate on both hands at once for carpel tunnel….. says she will be out for 5 weeks she cant afford to be out of work that long .. I told her i would try and find a natural method for her, since MDS want to either burn it out …….cut it out or replace it when ever anything is giving trouble.

  217. Shahnaz Shakil says:

    I am 63 years old lady hang 84 kg weight. My le ft hand thumb is not properly working. When I move the thumb, I feel slight sound of bone. The pain has started only recently. Before when I used working hard, my thumb and index finger gets together for some time. I have not taken any medicine till now. My husband suspect carpal syndrome. Pl a disease homeo medicines.

  218. keerthikumar says:

    My wife had this problems and now she is feeling insecurity that she cannot walk normal for her life time any solutions she will be wearing shoes but still she wants to walk normally without any shoes.
    leg affected due to polio and by mistake doctors have been operated and cut the nerve in left can she once walk as normal person do.
    Please suggest me the solutions.
    I am giving my mobile:9710985921.

  219. ahmed ali says:

    I am 33 years old iam doing job in finance department I have been feeling since 6month my hands and fingers vibrate during writing I am worried very worried kindly suggest me a nadicine to control my fingers and hand movement out of my control.

  220. Mr. Vinayak M Barve says:

    Hello, My wife has an problem for right hand fingers, wrist . There is no fracture nor any injury. The swelling on hand for last one months. The doctor treatment is going on but there are no relief. The paining is still continued. Her most of the pathalogical test has been carried out. The Hemoglobin 11.00, ESR 56 seem to not in range. Uric acid is 3.00

    Well I will be happy to gt your comment and remedy if you can suggest.
    With regards,
    Vinayak Barve

  221. Manoj Vasant Mahamunkar says:

    Dear Dr.
    Since last 23 years have been working on computer as a Image enhancement operator.It involves long hours spending in front of screen and handling and clicking of mouse continually. Since last 4 years I have developed severe pain in my wrist, arms and shoulder. When I search the cause through google, ‘Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ‘ is matching to my problems symptoms. Please Help!

  222. Hina Abbas says:

    Hi sir I fell on ice three months ago and got sprain in my wrist after months of physio therapy they took a took a test with electrical shots and diagnosed severe CARPELL TUNNEL SYNDROME and scheduled a surgery for me .Is there any way a homeo pathy can treat this so I can avoid a surgery.thanks

  223. rituparna dhar says:

    Excessive pain on right hand. Effected are muddle two fingers. Pain numbness aew acute. Specially at night

  224. Dr Shanti Lal Mehta says:

    I suddenly start pricking in my little finger of left foot. It remains for different periods. Pinning sensation is so strong that it disturbs sleep. I have to press the finger hard and get relief for few seconds to minute. When attention goes to that finger it starts and may stop. Today I again got it after some three to four months. I went for acupressure and it helped for some time and again came. This problem is on and off. I have not been able to relate to any thing like food or time etc. Could you please advise what need to be done
    SL Mehta

  225. leticia idrovo says:

    i have always had carpal tunnel for many years, i always avoid the surgeries. i only work part-time in the kitchen convention center. i am in so much pain. certain days are less than others. I have to wait 45 minutes before i can brush my teeth or anything. please help me find a solution. I have other medical issues, i take 2 medications for high blood pressure, talking cream for my hormones, i take vitamin D for my bones,, B-12. I also take Red yeast Rice for cholesterol. Is your medication safe?

  226. Dr. Gayatree Kar says:

    Sir, I am a homoeopathic doctor in Odisha.I have gone through your website which had given me immense pleasure.I want to be a doctor like you who has given a new dimension to this science. I am suffering from CTS since a year. I have been told by doctors that if after taking medicines for 3 months my condition will not recover then I have to go for surgery. I have taken allopathic medicines for 1 month and then habe discontinued. Now I am 6 months pregnant and suffering severely from numbness and pain in ny both hands especially rt. thumb). I don’t want to take alopathic medicines. PLEASE HELP.

  227. I have undergone surgery for carpal tunnel and trigger finger release.. however the tips of my middle finger and thumb remain numb and painful. am not able to do corrections…m i am a teacher. Trigger finger is now starting in my left hand too. Please advise. Thanks

  228. Jessica Riggs says:

    I am 28 years old and recently developing carpal tunnel in both my hands I was out of work for almost two months things were better, now I’m back to working (housekeeping ) and I wake up through out the nights crying in pain with painful hand cramps and now it’s all back the numbness is getting worse. I need help bad, I don’t want to go under the knife their has to be another way, it’s effecting my life bad please help me.

  229. numbness &tingling in finger tip
    under going treatment of diabetes by oral medicine ,&hypothyroidism but finger problem last two month taking physiotherapic

  230. neetuu mehta says:

    My mother is suffering from carpel tunnel. there any medical advice you can give by homeopathy medicine

  231. Sir, is there any permanent medicine in homeopathy for carpal tunnel syndorme

  232. Mrs Mohan says:

    My mother (58) is suffering over the last four days with a tingling and numbness in the fingertips of her left hand.

  233. I have symptoms of carpal tunnel in both forearms and hands – some numbness of thumbs, some tingling. But last week I noticed on my left wrist hard knots have developed. Seems like little calcium deposits. There is some moderate pain and sometimes my thumb gets locked when I try to lift it. Have not seen any carpal tunnel symptoms include the hard bumps that I suspect to be calcium deposits. Is this really carpal tunnel?

  234. Sukhvir Singh says:

    Pl give me prescribed medicines as my fingers are vibrating last 25 year when I write and eat the food, Sir I am vegetarian and no use alcohol no smoking , I am 53 year old and any decease,
    I had so many medicine allopathic homeopathic but no relief.
    Sukhvir Singh

  235. Dr.Janardhan says:

    Doctor,My wife of 45,having CTS,detected in our hospital through neurological exam and symptoms.Mid night early morning numbness,pricking pain as well as she is not able to stir with spoon while cooking etc.What is your advice.Even if I practice allopthic,I am not happy with the patients got treated for same.I belive Homeopathic Medicine does wonders!Pls advice.She is non diabetic non hypertensive having normal thyroid functions and periods.Thank You..

  236. i am dinesh and my mother is facing carpel tunnel syndrome for the past 3 months.the condition is relly heart breaking.she is really in pain especially during night when she has to wake up for this problem.we had got it diagonosed by a doctor and he said that the nerve is damaged and you will have to go for an other orthopodecians they said that there is no need of an surgery and the condition will itself i need to have an expert reply from you that can homeopathy seriously help in this aggravating situation.your reply will be highly appreciated,sir!

  237. SREEHARI says:

    Doctor I have feeling a tingling and mild pain on my small and ring finger of left hand and also small finger of left foot some time I feel.mild pain left testicle
    My blood test is clean, I also tested nerves of both hands and feet it also comes normal

  238. Tom Woessner says:

    I wake up with my right hand throbbing every morning. Kaiser gave me a wrist brace and told me it was signs of carpal tunnel. Is there anything I can do to alleviate this pain?

  239. MOHAN NAITHANI says:

    i am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome since last 4-5 years. mostly it was pain in night at the left hand but now since last two months the pain,numbness is persisting continuously in day and night. in ncv test it suggested left cts (grade III).kindly advise the treatment.

  240. Hi Dr Sharma
    I am 37yrs old. My problem is that my see drive is constantly decreasing. I have ED as well and erection is very short and soft doesn’t even last for a few minutes.
    I am currently in UAE and looking forward for a detailed reply. One more thing. This problem increased recently after I started using medicine for cholesterol levels and lipid control.

  241. Raviprakash sharma says:

    Sir,I have been facing the problem of numbness & tingling in both hands fingers for the last 15 days..I have been working on computers for last 11 years which rightly observed by you could be a cause of the problem…

    Request you to Please help me with appropriate treatment

  242. KULDEEP KAUR says:

    Last one year I am facing the problem that when I sleep on the bed no matter which position I feel numbness on my foot fingers and hand fingers and slight pain is there,
    And I have servical, slip disc, knee pain is there, how to servive and get rid of these problem,
    Please reply me,


  243. i am 36 yrs old house wife i have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome my hand having more pain , numbness and loss of sensation in palm and finger i have pain up to my elbow. so please suggest me treatment. or medicine

  244. sneha sunil more says:

    I am 42 yrs old,I work on computers,i am suffering from numbness and tingling sensation in my right hand since 10 to 11 months,doctor suggested for surgery,but i am not willing for it,i want to know the treatment without surgery.please help me out.

  245. Shubham Mittal says:

    Hi Doc.,
    My mother (Age: 53 years) is experiencing the problem of numbness in fingers (specifically, finger tips) and palm (of right hand) at night, during winters. She wakes up from sleep due to this problem and is not able to sleep after that. She is facing this problem since the past few years, and have undergone physiotherapy and homeopathy treatment for the same, in the past. After that, she didn’t face this problem for a year or two but, now again, she has started to experience the same problem. I want to know the possible cause for this, whether its Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and how can homeopathy help to cure this disease forever.


  246. Left palm has got some 6-7 small pieces of peanut sizes .swellings .
    Ncv test has said it carpal tunnel syndrome
    my age 58 on diabetc pill .

    pl suggest the remedy .

  247. Mohd Kasif says:

    Dear Sir,
    I think I am suffering from Ambulophobia or Basophobia. I need to ask even ensure that mentioned Phobias may effect on Hands’ & Legs’ Fingures cum Thumbs or not?

    Because I am not able to Uplift my Right Hand’s Index Fingure and It’s thumb rearly vibrates by which I am facing problems in writing, Gripping pen/pencil, holding things and In legs I am unable to wear Sleepers without having help of external object force.

    Please Reply.
    Yours Truely
    Mohd Kasif

  248. Thank you, Dr. Sharma, for posting this valuable information on carpal tunnel.

    I developed carpal tunnel in both hands during my second pregnancy. My hands suddenly went quite numb and they have been like that ever since. That was 29 years ago. Surgery on my right wrist (25 years ago) did not help.

    I took Causticum 30c about 3 years ago to clear up a wart on my finger tip. Taking this remedy in a 200c did not clear up the remaining 3 warts there. Thuja finally cleared those up.

    I’m 63 years old, only 5’2″ tall, 158 pounds (which is 40 pounds over my comfortable weight but no matter what I do, I can’t lose weight even though I don’t eat much. I am a vegetarian.)

    I would appreciate any comments you would like to give regarding my carpal tunnel (or my weight, for that matter).

    Thank you, Dr. Sharma,

  249. Sai Ashish says:

    my hand is not working and it is senseless since one month i had a shoulder bone injury and also c3 c4 vertebra disturbance is there any cure in homeopathy please tell me sir

  250. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My wife is 8 month pregnant. Since last week she has developed servere intense pain in the entire right hand. The pain is from the top to the fingers, resulting in numbness of the palm and fingers. Tingling sensation and burning also happens. This is at peak in the night and when she lie down, so she has to sit the entire night holding the hand. I contacted one of my homeop friend and he suggested to give “Ruta 30 4 pills every 1hr. X 4 doses then sos”. But when I just searched in google for this medicine, I found that this is not recommended in pregnancy. Now I am confused, so I need your opinion. SHould I give this pill OR not? Please suggest as soon as possible, because my wife is in lot of pain.
    Thanks in advance.

  251. Ajinkya Chavan says:


    I am Ajinkya. 28 yr old. acing chest pain last 4 months. Doctor said that the pain is castro chondritis.
    due to rib problem. please suggest.

  252. Dr j s lama says:

    Sir I have carpal tunnel syndrome for the last two years there are wasting of and numbness of muscles

  253. Sanjeevkumar Mahajan says:

    Respected Sir,
    I suffer from numbness in left hand starting from backside orienting from spinal cord and upto fingers most of the time in day. particularly when I awake from sleep or seating position. offcourse it can happen even in moving condition also. Also sometimes in right hand which is negligible instances. A test by neurologist suggested bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. For this he have prescribed some medicines for a month. I request you to guide me about homeo treatment for this by email. thanks.

  254. amrendra kr ambastha says:

    pl. mention the name of homeopathy medicine and doses for aplastic anaemia

  255. Garima yadav says:

    My father left hand become senseless what to do?? Give some name of medicines

  256. Sir,i m 34 years old and my height us 5 ft. I am working as a steno from the last 10 years.

    i am pregnant and having carpal.t.problem in my right hand. I had the same problem in my left hand and done surgery last left hand is perfectly fine but this year i m having same problem in my right this stage i cant go for surgery. I have thyroid problem and taking 100 mg from 2005.
    pls suggest can i take the homeopathic medicine for carpal t..waiting for your reply

  257. kelleyEmbleton says:

    Hello there ,
    Im 8 mnths pregnant having some swelling due to water and suffering with carpel tunnell , i have a homeopathic remedy kit here i have taken Ruta for two days but dont think symptoms have changed im rubbing Arnica cream on seems to releive it for a bit . Any other suggestions ,.I take a Iron B vit liquid formula and a very good diet .

  258. sir,
    Since Last Few Years My Elder Brother Suffers From A Strange Disease in Which He Can Pull Even 5 Kg Weight or Can Carry 5 kg Weight But Intricate Works Like Holding of Smallest Object Became Impossible. He Can’t Insert Thread In The Hole of Needle. Can You Suggest Homeopathic Medicine For This Disease.

  259. Dattatray Gulumkar says:

    Respected sir
    I have very serious problem of back pain,thumb pain and fingers pain .Also i feel dizzy,not comfertable and fee heavy during the day .Alopathy Doctor tested and said that u have nutritional anaemia and vitamin D3 Deficiency. But it treated ok now.D3 Level is now 46, As previous it was 10, Now i dont know why these symtomes are there. Last 2 Years i m living alone due to that for one year i lost my sleep. Now it is ok. So dr pl. Suggest me good homeapathic treatment in pune thnx

  260. Manish rao says:

    Hi Doctor,
    I am also suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome disease injured by a sharp small scissors in my left hand upper part of wrist. after that I am having severe pain in fingers and numbness in thumb,index , middle and half part of ring finger. please tell me what can I do…..I have also done NCV TEST And found abnormal results…help me to get rid of this

  261. Madam
    I have the problem of hand vibration from 6 years. I am working in phaa company. When i am weighing on balance or take a cup in my hand vibrates.
    Also somebody work with me or seen my work then my heart beats are rapidlly increses amd hand vibrated in uncontrol manner.
    Please give me the solution. I am not taken any treatment uptill now.

  262. mahinder kaur ryat says:

    pain in shoulder,pain goes through arm,ring finger and baby finger are very painful and num. Please give me the advice what strength and what homeopathy medicine to take. Thanks.

  263. vikrant dham says:

    respected dr.
    sir my self vikrant dhama from jodhpur rajasthan. dr. i m in age of 40 approx and suffering heavy vibration in my right hand
    right now i m but scared to “write” any thing , day by day my handwriting gone to bed
    but my left hand on in same manner
    before 10 years i was suffered with (as doctors prescribed) i had “writing epilepsy ” but right now i m not in same

    but i m much worried about my hand writing and feel much insult in front of all
    plz advise some in above consideration

    thanks and regards


    Dear Sir I am facing CTC and at night a sevair pain cause and nubness seen at every night i seen u.r medicen and try to start kindly pry to helth

  265. bishwajit mondal says:

    my neighboubr’s son are suffering senselessness.2year son how i treat him homeopathy

  266. Pistis lumbu says:

    Hi dr, my name is Pistis. I’m 22 years old . I’m a student in bangalore, from Congo DRC. I think i have symptoms of carpal tunnel in both hands but more in my right hand. How much is the treatement? And how long will it take to get back strength in my hands? Thank you.

  267. Jessica Castro says:

    Dr I started feeling numbness, tingling, pain in my right hand. I started working as a cook and that’s when my condition began. It’s been about two months that I can’t sleep, can’t rest my arm. I want to make this disappear.

  268. Hi sir!
    I am feeling this capol tunnel type of pain during last trimester of my pregnancy. My baby is 2.5 months now. My dr sugested me wait till 6 weeks. But its already over and I am still having this pain.
    Its specialy at night when I go to spleep.and its very dificult to hold anything for long.cant even hold my baby.when I move my wrist towards my thumb sometimes its locked and its very painful.
    When I move it to oppsite direction using other hand then its free but pian remains.what medicine is sugested for me.
    Thanks and regards

  269. i have pain along the ulnar side of palm and i also get swelling when i overuse my hand by using mouse in the computer. nowadays i get pain in my neck and stiffness also. all my pains aggravate when i am constipated. can you help me with the homeo remedy. thanks in advance.

  270. Mayank Khandelwal says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    My anti have same symptoms those i read in the article in Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

    We are live in Indore city (MP), please give information how to get your appointment for checkup.

  271. Mukesh kadkol says:

    Dear dr,
    I am 28, 5.4 inch,72 kgs , have pain under left scapular blade (inside bottom right of the scapulae and some border parts of the scapulae )since 10 yrs. The problem started after I started writing ing in night shift with computer which was placed very low and I had to lean very much to work with it. Also I feel some malseting in my upper neck occasionally. Pain in scapulae is very irritating , like there is inflammation under it. When I move my neck up and down it rubs to my scap from inside, the pain is worse after exercising ,sitting in front of PC ,while riding bike,While writing ,lifting baby etc .and on overeating ,drinking Pepsi .cola sprite, eating non veg, and rice. I had tried many Castro enter I locust but wasn’t helpful. Orthodox dr told me it is spondylosis and x ray of chest and scapular is taken at least 15 times and are normal. Another ortho dr told me it is fibromyalgia and told to follow phyaiotheraphy like cervical traction . ultrasound exercises etc BT didn’t cured.I consulted psychiatrist who gave stress nil .25 mg combination of melatonin and alprazolam which were of great help temporarily and dr told to stop bcoz they have so many side effects ayurved helped me a bit to come out of pain bt didn’t cured completely. So pl pl give me some homoeopathic remedy.

    My no is 8082439564. Andheri east mumbai

  272. Rajesh Kumar says:

    My mother 63 year old after ncv findings moderate Carple tunnel syndrome pl suggest me what can we do unavoidable pain in hands

  273. hervinder says:

    I am suffering from bcts.kindly suggest some medicine and it’s intake for severe case

  274. My problem is arms and finger tips ate numb always but there is energy in hands wprk well at particular neck movements there is elecrtric shock like feelings

  275. Dear Sir,
    After injury/ a fall: pain in wrist, pain is extending to first and second fingers. No swelling. Cold applications ease the pain a bit. Hand and wrist feel warm. holding the arm up eases the pain a bit. Moving or holding still does not help/does not reduce pain. It was about 3,5 weeks ago, pain increases. Have uses Ruta C30 during 3 days taking a sip every 2 hrs, did not help. What is your advice? Thank you for your reply

  276. Manjeet Singh Ishar says:

    It was a treat to read your articles.
    My mother in law , aged about 80 years is suffering from CTS, may be because of use of walking sticks/Walker . EMG/NCS tests have confirmed the same and Doctors have advised surgical procedure for the same. The tests diagnosis is as under:
    NCS: S/O L/R Severe CTS
    EMG:Neurogenic B/L APB
    Her thumb + 2 fingers have numbness and she find difficulty in using Walker and doesn’t want any surgery.
    Please advise.

  277. I started my 1st job at Wild River Brewery as a dishwasher a month ago an my palm/thumb,index,middle,an on inside of ring fingers on my left hand are giving mi a really bad numb tingly pain.i work every day an its startin to drive mi crazy.

  278. sir suffering from CTS. pain like throbbing and pins increasexs in help me

  279. Sushil Chandra Chakraborty says:

    Kindly advise me how I cure from heart problem avoiding CABG .

  280. khan shabana says:

    Mam I suffer from left hand and left ring finger to lef leg ring finger and many times and my left Chest and ear also please give me any suggession my homeopathic doctor told that it is starting of heart problem I am in tention please give me suggest what I do my age is 25 I am not married

  281. cobby donkor says:

    am having a vibration sensation in my left hands it starts when am lyning down so I want to know wat courses it and I can do to help it stop I workout at the gym too

  282. Santosh Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am Santosh Kumar from Jamshedpur (JH), My Wife is suffering from CTS for last 3 Years, I have tried to treat her through Allopatic medicines but due to wrong medicines a new dieses developed i.e Hyper Sensative pnenamatics, so that she has gone for CMCH Vellore for advance treatment. but the actual problem is as it is. Doctor adviced me for Operation for right hand first.but I am very afraid for operating it. kindly advice a suitable homeopathic medicines sir.
    Kind Regards
    Santosh Kumar

  283. Gautam Sinha says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having the above symptoms on my right hand , wrist. Please advise

    Thank you


  284. Soumya Sanish says:

    I am in 4 month pregnancy and suffering carpal tunnel syndrome.Pls advice me that can I take homeopathic medicine for the same now.

  285. Chandra Sanyal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    One fine evening on a Saturday, the second segment of of my fore finger inner surface was cut by a brand new pair of scissors whilst cutting a branc in the garden. It badly bled. I did nothing, finished the work and sat on the computer for next 7 hours . I t was paining me now by 12 pm. Went to bed without food and medication. Next morning all the mounds on my finger, the mound of venus and the wrist had swollen. It was only at 1pm on Monday did I take a tetanus injection and was given all sorts of allopathy by the doctor including penicillin tablets and to name one augmentin. 3-4 days later was advised a slit or precisely a surgery and hospitalisation under anaesthesia and medicines through intra venous. The doc did not sutue for me to do my exercise on the finger. I am home and still undergoing injections and medicines to kill the cellulitis germd. My finger cannot move by itself, it is numb! . It is 15 days now since operation. I am worried. Will my muscle return?

    Chandra Sanyal

  286. sanjay das says:

    My Wife is suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome She has pain in her both the wrists and fingers while doing house hold work she feels pain Physiotherapy is going on Could you please suggest Homeopathic medicines and its Doses I will be very thankful for the same Regards sanjay

  287. Shouvik Chatterjee says:

    Hello Sir,

    for the past few months i am facing a terrible pain on my right hand wrist. with the use of a wrist band the pain reduces but i am un able to grip any thing with full pressure. The are is just below the last 2 fingers and exactly at the joint. I work in a BPO so using computers is a part of my daily activities since the last 10 yrs. There is no numbness in the finger but the pain is always there and increases with the amount if pressure applied on the hand. Please suggest.


    Dear Dr.,
    I am suffering from costochondritis (3rd & 4th rib joins sternum – left chest) since about 4years.
    I have tried so many medicines of homeopathy but my problem is still persisting.If you can suggest some need based medicine for me.
    If you want to know more please let me know,
    I am about 68 years old male.

  289. Gurjeet Singh Kohli says:

    Hello Dear
    i am a 34-year-old male and i am working as a medical transcriptionist for the past 14 years and my job involves a lots of typing for almost 7-8 hours a day. From the past few months, i have pain in my fingers and fingertips that comes and goes. Is there any homeopathic treatment for this…??

  290. Krishna says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma:

    I have numbness in my little finger while sleeping. I have pain throughout the palm of both hands similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. I am a computer professional and work for 8 hours in computer. Kindly give me some info regarding this. Thanks.

  291. Bahram Riazi says:

    Hi doctor there is a female in England who both hands suffering of Carpal Tunnel syndrome and is looking by homeopathy medicine to cure that, I am a friend helping her so please let me know what homeopathy can do for her?
    Best regards,
    Bahram Riazi

  292. darshan singh says:

    I am suffing pain in my arm , forarm and hand last one year pl advise me the proper medicine and treatment.

  293. Dr. Sharma,

    I have symptoms that suggest I may have some form of carpal tunnel. Pain in risk and top oh hands. On the left hand inside below the thumb appears swollen. Most pain when I do carpal tunnel exercise. Bend wrist and place hand on the wall and stretch neck. I do heavy computer work 6 days a week for many years. Age=55 Can you help?

    Thank you,


  294. wisal Burnwal says:

    how to take the Casticum and Ruta medicine in a day ? what is the drops quantity and dose time table..

  295. E.Papadopulo says:

    Dear doctor,
    i am 50 years old, going through the menopouse… here are the symptoms a have expirianced for about 2 years and getting stronger now…for sure the cause is forcing the arms and hands phisically….tingling, stiffness,numbness, weakness in the hands when weaking up…gets better for a while after using cold water, during the night – tingling
    and pain…most affected are the fingers….resently – pain in the wrist and elbow….also feel strange arownd the neck – stiffness and tencion…
    Thank you for your time


    Respected Dr.Sharma
    kindly suggest/help me my wife she can not lift her both handupward last one
    year back their school bus was fell off road at that time there was no injury but after 10 days passed she was filling problem Iike heaviness in right hand no pain after few days same problem came to left hand
    no pain but there is no strength in both hand she can not lift both hand upward. several places visited
    no result appolo hospital delhi all the test of nerves system carried out all the reports ok nothing found
    in mri .acupunctured/acupressure/laser therapy all I did but no result.
    2days back I started homeopathic medicine ADEL 4 german homeopathic medicine. kindly suggest me.
    thanks with regards
    brij bhushan sharma

  297. Lesley Westlake says:

    Have bin having accupunture and massage for carpal tunnel now no pain but burning came back after driving first time in 3mths went away after weekly accupunture but only one more left can’t afford any more. Have had 13 sessions so far. Whish to no what to take for burning. I’m on levothyroxine and was school cleaner for 8 yrs gave up nearly yr ago made no difference got worse . Is my right hand.

  298. Narayanan says:

    Hello sir,

    My sister is suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, surgery is done 3 moths back so please sugest me the medicine for the same


  299. Mrs Jyoti A Dound says:

    I have carpal tunnel syndrome in left hand .there are numbness tingling in fingers at night. This deases occurs from 2011 and I m taking homeopathy treatment from last year but no effects

  300. Minty Singh says:

    I am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome since three years.. I am a polio patient..Doctor advised surgery..I want to avoid surgery..please help..Thanks and regards

  301. Pawan Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My wife is suffering from pain & swelling in wrist since last one year. Condition becomes worst at night. She has undergone ayurvedik treatment but no success. She is even not able to hold the light weight thing or do the routine house work. This problem occurred after 4 month of delivery of our first baby. Some doctor says it is “prsoot” which occurs after delivery or rheumatoid arthritis. but all symptoms match with “carpal tunnel syndrome” as i read on few websites. Now we are total out of faith & hopeless. Please help if disease can be cured.

  302. Milko

  303. sankar chakraborty says:

    I am feeling a pain in the left hand ring finger near left root of the nail since 7 years. It is not a regular pain. sometimes pain like electric shock. sometime sensational pain. It increase sometimes. If a drop of water fall on the root of the nail, it becomes painful and reaches upto head. please help me in this regard.

  304. Humaira Jawwad says:


    I am 35-years old female suffering from Hyperthyroidism since 1- year. 1- month back I was traveling in some remote location and lost my bag with my Thyroxine medicine. I don’t take thyroxine for 1- month and start feeling palpitation in my heart and brain.

    On my return I visited my doc and went for TSH test, my TSH was 52,he asked me to take 150mcg throxine fro 1- month. I followed the instruction and after 1- month my TSH drops upto 0.435.

    But from last 1- week I am suffering from CTS and suffering from pain in my both hands. Now my doc asked me for steroid injection or surgery, I am affraid and found you contact.

    Please advise me the homeopathic medicine.

    Thank you in advance for your help & assistance.

    Premium regards,

    Humaira Jawwad

  305. vaughn soileau says:

    I work alot of times on the weekend putting up various types of fence which incluud using hammers and post hole diggers.After workinking each day my hand and wrist are numb, tingling, and aching really bad especially when I sleep at night. i usually wake up in the night and have to hang my hand off the bed because it aches so bad and has that burning numbness.. Usally by the end o f the week it starts to fell better..Do you think this homeopathy treatment can help me.. thanks, vaughn

  306. mahfooz alam ansari says:

    i am suffer from cts. in right wrist

  307. Satyabushan says:

    When I Sleep in the night, My fingers on both hands upto forearm gets numb, so Iam not able to sleep because of this, in the evening itself my forearm starts to prick, there is a constant pain below my thumbs and i find very difficult to fold my hands
    Please Advice

  308. Ashish Kumar says:

    since testis m feeling of pain in my left wrist covering the Thumb, pain also radiates till whole forearm and arm. by comprising the median nerve felt sudden pain in thumb and near. Pain agg during driving. and some work. which remedy would cured me. I had tried Rhus t, cup met, hypericum, spigellia without any relief. I had taken allopathic too but no relief. plz help me Sir.

  309. Ed hamilton says:

    Psyatic nerve issue left buttock treatment

  310. I am getting lot of tingling in palm and in night I get up as it becomes numb , while working in office also I feel pain in wrist and unable to write continuously. Dr has suggested EMG which I am trying to avoid as I understand alternate therpy may also help.

  311. ayesha firdose says: age is sufferin pain in my right hand from shoulder to palm.from last two months.when i take any thing from my right hand some nerves get tight.i consult orthopadic doctor he gave me gabapentin,ginko biloba.melocoxicam.tablets.but my pain is not decrease.from 2 days am feeling numbness in my palm and feet.i have blood pressure problm and am taking amlong tablets from last two years.i had vit d difficiency also..plz suggest me what can i do,,,,,,,thanks

  312. VIJAY GUNJAWALE says:



  313. V.G. Subramaniam says:


    few months back i fell in toilet got hurt in left hand wrist.
    now the problem is that when i get up from sleep i find that index and middle finger gets numb and find
    very difficult to close or stretch the fingers

  314. bhaskar kumar says:

    My brother in law is suffering no sensitivity in the middle finger.
    He got a cut in an accident in his palm after that his middle finger become senseless.
    Please reply if there is any cure.

  315. Dear Sir.,

    My name is Murali my wife facing problem with hand numbness last 2 years while during her sleep she is not sleep well we are visit in chennai Apollo hospital also taking iron tablets and seen some other clinics also but still there is no any improvement please suggest.

    Note: Sir I am elementary level in English please don’t mistake if there have any irrespective or wrong words used on the subject.

  316. usha rani says:

    I am suffering from carpal tunnel pain in wright wrist
    what will be treatment

  317. mangal singh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I face a measure problem that ,when writing something from my right hand my fingers and hand is automatically vibrat.
    During writing sometimes my wrist is olso pain.
    I face this problem when I was in 9the class and its a measure reason for my poor marks.
    Write now I am pursuing my graduation , I study hard but unable to express my anwers into answer sheet due to this problem.
    Sir please suggest me how I resolve this problem. Sir I need your help please help me.

    Mangal singh

  318. I am a lady with 53 years old , I have tingling , numbness in my top of fingers in hands ,also when i’m writing … Sometimes this problems go to my thumb of feet… Which medicine could be best for treatment . With my best regard

  319. Mahbuba Akhtar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome since 4 years. Neurologist Surgeon advised me for operation. But I am not happy with this. I want to go for Homeopathy treatment. PLEASE CAN YOU ADVISE ME ANY MEDICINE WHICH CAN GET ME RELIEF OF PAIN IN MY HAND AND GET CURED.



  320. K.S.Jamwal says:

    difficuilty in writing hand & arm pain stress on whole arm


    pain &stress in right hand &arm while writing


  321. avaneendranath says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 62 years old male,retired employee, I am a suffering from numbness of little finger of both the hands. My fasting blood sugar is 90,post lunch is 120. cholesterol is 253,LDL is 160.HDL IS 40.No other problems in the blood and organs.I am using losar-H for BP.It is very much under control.I am not using any medicines except losar-H.I am 6 feet hight,84 kgs walk 8 kilometers daily.I am vegetarian, recently stopped eating fatty foods like ghee,cheese and other fried items due to high cholesterol.Please advise me to treat the numbness of little fingers.

    Thanking you sir,

    yours effectionately,


  322. Opebiyi oluphemy says:

    Pls Dr,am feelin moving sensational in my arm,fingers,palm and at times my leg,pls i need total solution to this

  323. Dear Sir,

    I am Suffering since last two years from numbness in the fingers of both the hands but no pain. As per the Nerve conduction study report preferred by Neurologist it is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Please advise What medicines/dose should I take ?

    Thanks and regards

  324. Mary Renjith says:

    Numbness in the left hand fingers to full hand. Mornings better. after getting up it is more. person generally very anxious about anything, very angry always. fault finding and scolding others even the pet. if possible, give physical torture, like beating and pinching. Use very hurtful words always. mainly with close family members. but outside people mostly good.

  325. dear doctor
    since last 1 month feeling tingling and moving sensation in glance penis. please suggest medicine for same . i hope the name and complaint of patient will keep confidential.
    thanks and regards
    aatish urkudkar

  326. A. Schoolcraft says:

    My husband has tingling, numbness and weakness in his hands but mostly in his left hand. He works on computers and does some carpentry work. He has been diagnosed with carpel tunnel. This has been bothering him for over a year now. What can he do to stop it or improve his disposition without surgery?

  327. Mrs Kumkum Patra says:

    The main symptoms are weakness in hands, numbness and gradual loss of sensation in hands and fingers.Previously I had to wake up from sleep at midnight due to pain starting from neck and extending to fingers in right handhand. I have cervical spondylosis and low back pain. I am 65years old and underweight with 33kgs. Blood sugar is normal but blood pressure is little bit on the higher side for which I regularly take allopathic medicine “Tozam”. I regularly do some domestic works in the morning..The disease continues for about five years. Previously it was not so acute as it is now. Pl advise which type of domestic works is to be avoided and which medicine is to be taken.
    IMPRESSION:- The electrodiagonistic study of both upper limbs is suggestive of :
    Severe right median nerve entrapment neuropathy across wrist
    Early motor neuropathy involving right ulnar & & left median nerve (axonal type) – to correlate clinically.

  328. Hello sir
    From the last many days i have noticed that my last finger is feeling asleep during the night time… It happend with both the hands of last finger….
    Even last week i had a sex with my girlfriend but when i enter my penis into my sex partner.. It becomes soft nd not erect properly
    I am mastuburating everyday from the oct 2013 …
    But i am not able to find out the propr problem… So doctor help me out ….

  329. I am a female 32 and my carpal tunnel is a result of work in my right hand. I wake at night and in the morning with pain in my wrist and numbness and tingling in my hand and fingers. I am a house wife and support my husband business through helping him on computer knowing that the pain is endless and extreme when I work for long. I only beleive in Homopathy medicine And scared of surgery. My husband do massage on daily basis and that make releaf from night. Request you to please look into the matter and support your best from this Syndrome.
    Thanking you.

  330. Numbness of fingers specially while sleeping. I am diabetic for last 35 years. Both hands have this feeling but now a days more in the right hand.

  331. Dear Dr Sharma.
    I have a problem of wrist pain which appears all of sudden, without doing much activity. Earlier in my childhood (i m 37 Now), i had a repeated problem of wrist pain.. Last night i was cooking food and had to use the left hand to move cooking vessel repeatedly. When i woke up in the morning, i had a strange nerve pain in my left hand wrist (a little above wrist) ..nerve connected to index finger.
    Earlier i had a problem with Right hand wrist only. For last 12- 15 years i never had any trouble in any of the wrists.

  332. judith grant says:

    As a practicing registered dental hygienist, I have recently begun to experience waking carpal tunnel syndrome pain in my right hand which radiates to my shoulder. The pain has begun to last 10 minutes or so and is quite intense. I hope to continue working, pls help!

  333. chittataranjan padhi says:

    Sir please help a patient have delusion of fracture of several bones,repeatedly say the same problem,please cut my hand and legs,i wiil not alive more,cursing bad languages to his family members, loss of sleep taking alcohol for sleep,patient lin and thin,always feel better in bed,one day he caught his throat through knife.Entire family is disturbed for him.He always ties knots or band in hand and abdomen to reduce his suffering, applying camphor mixed oils and pain relieve oil to reduce pain.please help the patient.

  334. Respected Sir ,
    My uncle’s daughter is just 21 days born baby.Her left palm is very small than the other hand and there are tiny points of finger but not developed.Can it be cured sir..please suggest me your vies in this.
    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thank you

  335. R/S

    I am facing problem in writing and also vibrating during writing.This problem is
    from last 4 years last one year problem is increasing fastly.

  336. Luís Rios says:

    Good afternoon Dr.
    To treat carpal tunnel with Causticum, what are the daily doses.
    thank you

    Luís Rios

  337. ARUN N PATIL says:

    Dear Dr. Vikas Sharma,

    Deposited Rs.1200/- by Credit Card for the CTS Treatment for 2 months.

    Please start the treatment procedure.


    Arun Patil

  338. Guddy Joshi says:

    I am 39 yrs old lefty working woman. I do lots of computer work as well as household work. I have pain, numbness & tingling in my left hand. Orthopedic surgeon says it is carple tunnel syndrome. Kindly suggest me homeopathic medicine so that I can avoid surgery.
    Thanking you
    Guddy Joshi

  339. ARUN N PATIL says:

    My right hand is not working properly.This may be due to Paralysis stroke. But many symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are observed, mainly are weakness in hands , numbness and loss of sensation in hands and fingers . It is more indicated when the weakness in the hands and the muscles of the hand.Please reply on How Homeopathy can help in treating this illness.


    Arun Patil

  340. danish nandy says:

    hello Sir, My name is Danish. i am suffering from ulnar nerve pain and tingling in my little finger and ring finger. took physiotherapy and took pregabalin and mecobalamin tablets. but not getting relief. whenever i do the ulnar nerve flossing exercises then i get some relief instantly but again feel the tingling and pain after 20 mins or so. what should i do? my mob no. is 09958027904.

    waiting for your reply sir.

  341. renu lumba says:

    having carpel tunnel syndrome worst at night having numbness and pain in fingers.

  342. Dr Devendra Bhasin says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, My regards.I have problem in right hand n my thumb along with first 3 fingers r affected. While writing or picking something with right hand there is pain n sensations. Some times I feel pain in right arm below elbow. Pl guide me. I may take medicine.

  343. I am suffering from frozen shoulder(left side),numbness in little finger(left hand)and slight pain in knees for the last few days may be due to onset of winter.I am 75 years old and would request you to prescribe some homeopathic medicine .I do use homeopathic medicines for the last few years for other ailments.Thanks.

  344. shivangini sharma says:

    sir/mam, my business is of packaging or printing cloth poly bags with machine.. first day when i am printing with machine so my 3 fingers & my handthumb become senseless for sometime …… it occurs every day for some minutes in my hand ………plz consult me good treatment for it………….or good medicine……….thanks

  345. Dr. Aranjit Sandhu says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Good morning. I am D.H.M.S doctor & i have swelling of both hand fingers at night, swelling reduced in the day time when i used my hands for household activites.Sometime slightly pain in fingerbones but not in routine. I am 45 years old . RAfactor 10 , uric acid 4.8. I tried RHUX TOX 6 B.D. for 7 days but no result. I feel amelioration from sun heat, stretching, rubbing, exercises of fingers. Please suggest me medicine for this . I shall be very thankful to you.

  346. which potency can be used of
    causticum 30,or 200
    ruta g Q,30,or 200
    hypericum 30,or 200
    arnica Q ,30 or 200

    pleas email me




  347. RG KUSHWAH says:

    I am a homeopathic practitioner since 15 days suffering from tingling and numbness in left hand,s fingers and thumb with dull pain .
    The pain slightly arrised continuously about 24 hrs as a dull pain . heavy pain arrised at night after 10.00 in left hand side .
    I taken IBERIS AMARA Q 10 Drop TDS but I have no found any relief .
    please advice me .-
    Is it the indication of ARTERIOSCLEROSIS

    • RG KUSHWAH says:

      I am a homeopathic practitioner since 15 days suffering from tingling and numbness in left hand,s fingers and thumb with dull pain .
      The pain slightly arrised continuously about 24 hrs as a dull pain . heavy pain arrised at night after 10.00 in left hand side .
      I taken IBERIS AMARA Q 10 Drop TDS but I have no found any relief .
      please advice me .-
      Is it the indication of ARTERIOSCLEROSIS

  348. RG KUSHWAH says:

    I am a homeopathic practitioner since 15 days suffering from tingling and numbness in left hand,s fingers and thumb with dull pain .
    The pain slightly arrised continuously about 24 hrs as a dull pain . heavy pain arrised at night after 10.00 in left hand side .
    I taken IBERIS AMARA Q 10 Drop TDS but I have no found any relief .
    please advice me .-
    Is it the indication of ARTERIOSCLEROSIS



    • rg kushwah says:

      I am a homeopathic practitioner since 15 days suffering from tingling and numbness in left hand,s fingers and thumb with dull pain .
      The pain slightly arrised continuously about 24 hrs as a dull pain . heavy pain arrised at night after 10.00 in left hand side .
      I taken IBERIS AMARA Q 10 Drop TDS but I have no found any relief .
      please advice me .-
      Is it the indication of ARTERIOSCLEROSIS




  349. I am a carpenter and must use an air framing gun and saw all day. But the pain and numbness really hurt late at night and does not allow me to sleep. In addition, I experience sharp pain in my wrist and loss of gripping power throughout the work day. I would like to treat these naturally. Thanks, Glen

  350. somnath repe says:

    sir im 28y old suffering from neck pain since 2y neck pain aggrevated on turning neck upward and from cold weather.i think my pain is due to my sudy for last 4y my neck is in continious downward direction so please kindly suggest medicine

  351. D.Rajendraprasad says:

    Dear sir.
    iam safaring from hands weeknes my hands completly damaged narvs, and lose of musel .sholders to fingers up and down and no power ,i need you r helpe sir plse give the solushan.
    thank you sir.

  352. Greetings! I have a friend (carpenter for over 20 years) who continues to experience pain/numbness in both hands. His hands are still in good shape muscularly. He did tske a break from that career full time for just about two years but has gotten back into working with his hands with house painting, carpentry and clamming. Which remedies would you recommend? He has had one surgery at an elbow and one at a wrist. I am trying to get him to ice following work, wear wrist splints at night and possibly a neoprene splint during work, along with providing him with connective tissue work. Any other ideas?

  353. アニエスベー バッグ says:

    グッチ アニエスベー バッグショルダーバッグ-17-4.html/

  354. sarlet jegan says:

    my age 33 my fore arms are no muscle like 15 years boy and fingers are very lean like ladies finger , can i get muscle in my hand

  355. Dear Doctor,

    My daughter is facing similar problem of ulnar nerve decompression due to tissues after an operation on her hand, for a long time.

    Please help me how to resolve the problem.

    Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

  356. Ina Raycheva says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    A year ago I was operated from breast cancer and after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, am currently taking Arimidex 1 mg ( aromatase inhibitor), which I need to take every day for 5 years. One of the side effects of Arimidex is exactly the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I was diagnosed the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on both hands, the left being worse. I suffer from numbness of the fingers and strong pains in the hands and arms during night time. During day time it is usually much better. Having consulted with several doctors, for the time being we’ll try to prevent surgery, since these symptoms appeared a 1, 5 month ago and my condition is not that severe yet. I will very much appreciate it if you recommend what homeopathy to take for treating the carpal syndrome and prevent surgery. FYI,
    I have been taking homeopathy many times in the past for other conditions and it helped me a lot. Thank you in advance and looking forward to your reply.

  357. k s shankar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma.
    I had undergone a surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on my left wrist. Now I find there is some pain on the
    right hand and fear it is coming in the right wrist. Can it come in both the hands. What medicines should I take
    to prevent it.

  358. kleinertiger says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    my both hands are getting numb only at night. sometimes 2-3 times some days not-
    Also my whole neck ist tied and also my shoulders.
    It gets worse in cold.

    Thank you very much for your help

  359. Nitika Sharma says:

    Hello DOctor.
    your article was really helpful for understanding of this syndrome, My mother(50 yrs) is suffering from this syndrome from a long time i.e around 24 years,she feels numbness in her right hand while doing day to day task, so I would like to discuss with you about its remedy,
    will be very grateful if you will give some time in your busy schedule for me.

  360. T Chunder says:

    I get numbness & tingling sensation in my little & ring finger in the left hand.I am 65 years old. I feel loss of grip in the hand & finger joints pain particularly in index finger.The pain generates from the shoulder & the shoulder to elbow muscles pain.Is the carpel tunnel syndrome? If so, can you recommend any homeopathy or bio-chem medicine for me.
    I ahve taken Arnica 200 for the last 2 days & it has given me SOME relief.

  361. Tingling sensation in right thumb and numbness of left head

  362. I am 75years old diabatic type 2 . Bypass surgery and Aroitic valve replacement done on 10 Nov.2011.Numbness and tingling pain in little and ring finger of left hand continue after surgery.Alopathy medicines doesnot cure the numbness.Causticum30 and200 Iam taking.I also use Kalmia Latifolia.Very small improvement seen.Please sugest the homeo medicines for curing the problems Thanks

  363. Annamma C.C. says:

    I am a woman at the age of 58.I am taking medicines for BP and cholesterol regularly.NowadaysI feel numbness around the nails on left hand especially on the thumb and middle finger tip.Pain started on left shoulder blade and socket area, it has reduced a lot but feels pain in upper left arm left side muscle, Pain felt more when resting elbow on table.
    ( writing or working on computer) When walking or moving about not much pain.Very difficult to sleep on left side.When I use orbitrac for exercise the pain increases to the maximum.What medicines can help me from the pain.

  364. Gagan Dalvi says:

    Good after noon sir. My father is 55 and not having any kind of drink and smoking habit. But few weeks back he started feeling some thing different in his left hands fingures as well as in his left leg fingures as well its kind of poking in fingures by sharp thing . So wanted to ask you?? Is it a serious sign of any dieases or beacuse of tension???? And what precaution has to be taken care off??? Please help me out soon….

  365. Manish Shah says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    How are you? I am impressed with your aeticle.

    I have been identified with carpel tunnel. As per Orthopedic it could be due to several reasons. If you provide your contact number and suitable time, I will call you to discuss my case.

    awaiting your reply.

    Manish Shah

  366. mukhtar aslam says:

    Dear Dr,

    i feel pain in my left arm, it sleeps quite often feel tingling in left hand thumb and 2 fingers, it started 6 months back when i woke up from sleep, first it was in between elbow and shoulder, after 2 months it disappeared, came back last 1 month and now it is allover the arm, fingers to shoulder blade, it becomes senseless, the pain killers reduced the feeling but pain returns,
    pain reduces with different positions of the arm but tingling never stops, i also feel rash in my left hand palm, the pain gets worst when i move my head towards back side or i raise my right hand up and my neck to the left
    i also feel pain in my right leg when i touch my knees with my hand and return to straight normal position, the pain is at the back side of the leg ,from toe to the hip bone,this is from my years, it reduces due to some exercises and some time disappear but returns.

    I am 65 short height, weight is 65 kg,
    i have disturbed digestive system and can not digest fruits if i take after meal
    observed pieces of undigested foods in my stool which is irregular some time very soft and broken small pieces when i take chili and some time very hard when i take rice

    i also have lake of sleep, some time do not sleep for days, keep thinking through out the night
    now when i am at my desk and using keypad of computer my left arm fingers and hand losing sensation and it is tingling i cant feel my thumb

    my left eye also becomes red and sticky

  367. Binit Kumar Roy says:


    My wife is 18 weeks pergnent and suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Kindly suggest me its safe treatment in homeopathy during pregnancy.

    with regards,

    Binit Kumar Roy

  368. sanjay das says:

    Respected Dr Sharma I have gone through your Detaild research Regarding CTS which gives me lot of satisfaction as it can be treated without Surgery . My wife is suffering from the same in both wrists and she is unable to do House hold work as well as Office work . Whenever she cuts vegetables or do something else after some moments she feels pain and like current passes through her wrists . Right now she is taking the combination of (Spigelia/Sangunaria/Hypericum/Ledum/Bry/Caustcum/MagPhos) ….. Apart from all these she is also taking ( Calcium Phosphoricum 6X and Kali Phosphoricum 6X and Ruta ) So Sir It is my request to you kindly suggest Me that is she taking right Medicines and what will be the Doses so that she can relief little faster Thank you once Again For helping the people Regards Sanjay

  369. Dear Doctor,
    A warm regards , My mother had got an elbow fracture around 7 months ago , but no fix plaster was recommended by orthopaedic doctor , as it was an internal fracture . She was asked to use a hinge for a month , along with pain killers in extreme pain . Other alternative could have been surgical ,which was not strongly recommended by doctor ,as his opinion for recovery time would have been no less than already taken , and even in terms of pain to bear .She have followed the instructions as directed and has even taken physiotherapy treatment to get rid of the pain ,but all in vain . She still don’t feel good , as her hand keeps paining , she cant lift her hand over to her head ,nor could she turn it around ,or stretch it ahead also . Its not easy in any way ,even while wearing saree . The physiotherapist doctor ,have even diagnosed Carpal tunnel syndrome in her case . Despite she had visited many doctors to get relief ,but none has given any satisfactory treatment .
    She has numerous problems as well ,such as BP , Osteophorisis , severe acidity . since a long period of 10 yrs and over . She is taking her medicines for these concerns ,but would want you to suggest suitable medicine for her present aliment of hand .
    I look forward in anticipation of your reply , in a hope that your consultation would give us satisfaction and build our trust in homeopathy .
    thanks n regards

  370. Bennet Irish says:

    HI,dr sharma my mother is a homeopath here i the US and i would like to find her some shelf or cases or something so she can alphabetically arrange her hundreds of remedies and find them quickly herself.She is always calling me to find them and it gives me a migraine headache (lol)If you have a resource their in india could you send me a link?
    P.S. i am not wealthy.Thank You!

  371. pooja shree p.s says:

    sir , my father is suffering from nerves weakness and the hand and leg also vibrated we are visit so many hospitals but it is not cure please sir suggest some medicines

  372. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a compression on the the median nerve due to prolong typing, computer gaming and writing. You can check more information on this site and read more articles on our experts advice.

  373. Grace B.G. says:

    My right hand fingers often feel numb and tingle so badly with a weird type of pain or irritation. I went to the hospital and was given a prescription for some steroid, nerve pain and anti inflammatory. Can I take these with some natural vitamins/remedies like the ginkgo biloba, rosemary? I find it difficult to hold a spoon or anything metallic or that which can conduct some electricity in my hands.

  374. Daniel Coe says:

    Assuming I am having carpal tunnel syndrome. I recently started work on an assemble line and have been problems with my hands. One hand feels like it is constantly asleep, tingly and numb.They both hurt especially at night. I wake up from a dead sleep wi th them cramping and throbbing. Advil and tylenol do not help the pain at all.

  375. meenakshi chawla says:

    I am pregnent of 7 month. And I suffer a lot from this problem of half hand pain, numbness, which is increses in later night from last 5 to 10 days. Hand feel weaken. When I consult to my doctor she said this is due to put your hand while sleeping. But the problem remain same. Pls help me. How I can rid out of this desease.


    median nerve bone , I feel it is inflammed too .
    so Doctor Sharma , please suggest a remeady for it

    Poonam Katyal

  377. hello doctor, i’m of the understanding that arnica can help dissolve fibrous tissue and disperse fluid collection around traumatized bruises. can this be used towards a ganglion cyst to dissolve the sack so fluids will not collect? this is an old problem of over 5 years. also please advise how long arnica can be used in homeopathis dosages without adverse affects.

    thank you.

  378. manzoor ahmad says:

    hello dr.sharma my both hands and fingers numbness please give me a suggation and treatement

  379. Umesh Kumar says:

    Carpal tunnel syndrome

  380. Umesh Kumar says:

    I have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome recently. I have pain in fingers and muscle atrophy also. Can you help me? so that I do not have to go to surgical options.


  381. manoj arora says:

    Dr. sahib I am 45 year old not able to write properly as gripping of pen is not perfect on the other their is no pain in the hands or anywhere to hold any heavy things. suggest the best homeopathic solution.

    • Catherine Larracey says:

      Hi dr. Sharma,
      I have A.O. starting in both wrists and in my elbows i have some tennis elbow. I work in food service 40 hrs. Weekly and cannot change jobs right now or lessen hours worked.
      what remedy or remedies should i try and when and how often? Currently i switched to “Aleve” from Ibuprofen and find it helps control the pain more. If i wear braces to bed on hands i find i have to take them off in the middle of the night or i get uncomfortable and tingling sensations.
      I’ve had these symptoms for about 6-8 months now so id like to be able to control the pain and symptoms while i can and at least get them under control. What do u recommend? Any advice or counsel is appreciated. Thankyou.

  382. sir,
    My wife is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome
    pl suggest her some medicine.


  383. Dear sir,
    I think i need your suggestion on this and would be glad if you could cure my symptoms. I recently woke up at night from sleep with numb arms, sometimes numb left arm and sometimes right arm and also legs. Once i woke up the numbness would subside on its own. This happened once a month or two. But i thought this is just normal. But my family insisted me on seeing a doctor for that. The doctor had asked me to go for an x-ray of cervical cord. This was the result of the report:
    Small anterior and posterior marginal osteophytes are seen at c3,c4,c5,c levels.
    vertibral heights and alignment are normal.
    invertebral discal heights are normal.
    No obvious soft tissue abnormality is seen.
    Impression: early changes of spondylosis from c-c6

    And my doctor suggested me to see either an orthopedic doctor or a neurologist.
    I saw the neurologist the same next day and this doctor gave me a medicine which was so powerful that till today i feel very weak and also, prior to taking this medication i was fine, i never felt this weak and i get numbness in my arms frequently now and also i have shoulder pain and arm pain. The medicine that was prescribed to me was Amitreptilene. I just took half medicine and i stopped it at once. But now i just want to know if this numbness can be cured.

  384. sadhik ali says:

    dear doctor,
    i am a pharmacist tamil nadu,India.
    my friend”s wife has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,and he would like to treat by homeopathy.kindly send details.

  385. Tapan Malakar says:

    Iam 57 years old,suffering from “MACULAR DEGENARATION” what is my remedies?

  386. Cedric Santos says:

    I am 85 years old but generally fit. I do yoga exercises fairly regularly. Over the last year or so I have felt numbness and tingling in my right hand and only at night a heaviness in both arms. However, over the last week the right wrist has become painful and the numbness increased particularly at night. I have not taken any medication or pain killers so far and would not like to. But I would be grateful for relief from the pain, tingling and numbness. You talk about Causticum. Should I take it and what potency should I use ?

  387. Prabhakar Jonnalagadda says:

    I am 57 years old I am suffering from Meniere’s disease since 1990. As it is progressive disease, it initially started with giddiness episodes which were for about an hour or so with a frequency of one or two months. i was operated in 1990 for left maxillary Sinus (polyp removal). Progressively, it has become severe and it effected my hearing in left ear.At that time the origin of problem was in left ear. Tinnitus problem got added by the year 1992. By 1999, I was operated for Endolymphetic Sac Decompression (ESD) in Hinduja Hospital of Mumbai and this which gave me relief till year 2005. However, by this time, my left ear hearing was almost lost (threshold reaching 92 dB). I was dependent on only on right ear which did show indications of hearing loss since 2002. By the year 2005, my giddiness problem re-emerged for which source seems to be right ear (Meniere’s has been bilateral since then). I tried various forms of medicine, like Ayurveda, Unani, homeopath, and some herbal medicines including Chinese medicine ( only Chinese medicine helped to some extent). As right ear’s hearing got affected since 2005, my interaction with people got affected particularly in groups. Further, my hearing in right reached a level of 55-60 dB which has made even one- to-one interaction difficult. With varying tinnitus in both the ears, hearing condition also varios from time to time 9iti known condition in Meniere’s disease that it would be varying loss). My problem is that everything works for few days and the improvement does not sustain. There was dramatic improvement due Chinese herbal medicine (tea) which I got from China by post from TCM and taken for about an year but even this improvement seems to be not sustaining. Now again I have giddiness problem, though at moderate level, and there is no improvement in hearing at all. Added to this, since last six months I am having a new symptom. There is some pain around my both ears (lobs) particularly severe near temple area followed by headache. After coming across your web site, I request you to advise me whether something can be don in my case. Please advise

  388. Dayanand Singh says:

    My carpal tunnel is a result of work in my right hand. I wake in the morning with numbness and tingling in my hand and fingers.
    Iam about 60 years of age and this fillinf started since last one week. I have tried nerobion fort. i have also feel my tung is ruff ( far gaya hay).
    Can you please advice me on the list of remedies to take, which comes first,second etc, how much(the dosage), when(morning,afternoon noght) and for how long??

    Thankyou very much

  389. Anas siddiqui says:

    Dr i have left hand fingue thumb & near fingure has no sensation last 3 month plz suggest best treatment

  390. elizabeth martinez says:

    Dr sharma
    i do not have much pain anymore ,just stiffiness and numbness on thumb , index and ring finger.
    it drives me crazy, if i could only get rid of the numbness i would be fine.

  391. Dear Sir,

    I am32 yrs old just 1 mnt back i got a tingling sensation from my rt hand little finger with in 2minutes it shot towards face and about 16 mins it was continously tingling in my both hands and upto head. my allopathy dr said it may be due to fast which i had full day and weakness. i am 5.6 and 53kg. he recomended met-neurobion 0d i had 1 cap for 10 days. but since that i feel panic and many atimes only in rt hand little finger attracts my concentration i feel like blood is flowwing in that finger. its hampering in my daily routine.

  392. ANAND GOEL says:


    my fath
    er has suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome
    .last 5-6 MONTHs tell me which is the best homeopathic medicine for this. plz

  393. bajrang agarwal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    thanks for gettimg suggestion my problem is that i always fill ticklimg sensation in my right hand no pain but weakness plebse suggest me some med i am 51 year

  394. mohammad ishfaq says:

    hello sir i m suffering from the weakness of hand from last 1 year it becomes more when i start doing my office work like writing and any other work ,this problem is only in my right hand i have consulted neurologist and i have done all nerve tests and every thing is ok but the problem is still on please tell me the treatment

  395. Madhavan namboothiri says:

    Dear Dr>Sharma

    Thank you for your timely help.

    I am 56. Govt.employed. Taking Final exam of LLB. Two days back during night exam study, frequently falling into sleep during reading while sitting in a chair. sudden sprain lightning shocks at the back through left scapula. two three times. Next morning pain over left scapula combined with numbness, tingling of left hand thumb, forefinger. gradually rising.

    As per my daughter’s advise(studying homeo) and my own little knowledge for the past 20 years, took arnica 30, rhus Rox 30, causticum also.
    slight relief only. chamomila 200 reduced pain now and then. coming back. took allopathy pain killers, no result, except for few minutes.

    I have same pain still now left scapula, tearing down to left hand, tingling of fingers, weakness of left hand, two exam wrote with severe pain. one exam tomorrow. could you help me ? Thanks for the good article!

    I should congratulate your beautiful article. because, I contacted two three allopathic doctors in two famous hospitals in Trivandrum. But None of them told a disease like this ! they told it is just inflammation. My son also, doing House surgency after MBBS, at Govt. Med. college also did not point out this disease back ground. Thanks a lot

    Due to pain, I am not able write any further. Please prescribe a medicine for me. I have almost every homeo medicine 6th to 1 M, 10 M with me in my home.

    Thanks and regards

    Madhavan namboothiri

  396. Rajarshi Datta says:

    Dear Doctor
    Of recently my mother, house wife, diagnost with CTS in left hand. She wakes at night and in the morning with pain in wrist and numbness and tingling in hand and fingers. Has been under treatment (Alopathy) for last 2 months in one of the medical college in Kolkata. here doctor has advised for surgery. But during this times her been suffering from pain in wrist followed by numbness and tingling in hand and fingers. Pls advise me some homeopathy medicine to relieve from CTS.
    Thank YOU

  397. Sir

    My wife had similar problem and doctor said
    it to be Carpal Tunnel.

    Could you please advise which medicine you
    mentioned above should I start first.
    Please help.

  398. Manju Bala says:

    Namasatte Doctor Sahib.

    I am suffering from numbness in hands & fingers. My age is 31 year old having 2 child. My hands & fingers. My hands & finger become numb whenever calling phone, making meal, bathing clothes and sleeping.

    Please tell me best homeopathic medicine for me. Is above mentioned medicines i.e. Ruta , Causticum , Hypericum and Arnica effective for my case ?


  399. Have been dx’d with bilateral carpal tunnel by both neurologist and hand surgeon. Am recovering from surgery for “Skiers thumb”and desire no more invasive surgery. Any recommendations appreciated.

  400. rajiv bansal says:

    my wif e is suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands –in right it is grade5/6 and inleft it is grade 3 –as per NCV test –pl suggest

  401. General km seth says:

    I am suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. tell me which is the best homeopathic medicine for this.
    My doctor has adviced me to take argentum mettalica ,do you think I should take it.

  402. Sanjib Kr Dutta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma ,

    My wife is suffering from numbness in fingers of right hand and occassional pain in the palm portion of the hand . The symptoms are more severe , when she woke up in the morning and especially if she sleeps with righ side posture . After stretching the fingers , she feels comfort . Is the symptoms are same as the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ?? Even though the middle fingers causes most discomfort but she felt the Little Fingers also affected .

  403. ashish pareek says:

    Respected Sir;;
    I working in railway in W elder job , I started my work in The morning my hand vibrate automatically some time pl. Suggest Sir any medicine I am 37 year S old.
    Than king you.

  404. I developed this very painful bi lateral numbness and tigling in my fingers and thumbs 2 months ago maybe more and 4 months ago had my ovaries removed which put me into instant menopause.I work as a cook so am lifting pots and dishwasher baskets daily and have had this condition diagnosed as carpel tunnel syndrome by a gp. who also explained to me that the extra fluid in my system(since menopause) is likely to be the cause of this condition in me but I understand I use y wrists alot everyday in my work and am not entirley convinced it is caused just by menopause and not overstretching of my wrists and tensons.??? What do you think.?? I am tained in Homeopathy and hve access to all the remedies you have suggested and was wondering which ones or all and what potency you would select for me to you. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  405. ganesh panda says:

    Sir I feel burning & needle pinching pain along with tingling ,much numbness in my right hand fingers in the early morning when I laying down & take rest . I move my hand periodically to get relief from the same. Previous doctor made surgery to my left hand for the same problem but I was not cured.By profession I am a welder & auto worker . please prescribe me the drug.

  406. Reetu Kapur says:

    Dr. Sharma, I’ve been suffering from numbness of fingers in my right hand with pain that stretches up to upper arm & even neck since last 3 years. this condition would especially aggravate at night & mainly in winters so much so that I could not even sleep. Recently I got X-ray of neck & NCV of all four limbs done on the suggestion of my physician. X- Ray showed Cervical spondilysis. NCV showed moderate to severe right & mild left carpel tunnel syndrome. When I checked the website , I found all the symptoms as the same that were ailing me.
    Only thing is , I used suffer more in winters. I found your website encouraging. Can I be completely cured by homeopathy without undergoing any surgery.
    Kindly tell about the whereabouts of your clinic. I am based in Delhi, India.

  407. Dhiraj Kolhe says:

    from last 6 months pain in muscle of shoulder at back side near spinal + pain on top of pam + numbness to fingures of right hands, excess use of mouse & laptop.

  408. sudipto misra says:

    My mother is 74 years of age.She is having numbness & tingling sensation originating from fingers to the shoulder blade through the left arm causing much distress.Her Bp is always low & non diabetic.She is having bowels problem too.She had taken some homoeopathic medicines for this problem but got partial relief.Pl suggest some accurate medicine.

  409. Henry Blue says:

    I had an auto wreck which jarred me from the rear and have had subsequent phys therapy for neck and hands. Recently, 1 year after injury, I had compression relief surgery on the right hand with slow pain and flexablity relief.
    I am to have the left hand done in one month. Would these remedies help recovery and what would be best for surgery .
    Thank You

  410. Sue board says:

    Very impressed with your web site. Thank you.

  411. Hi,
    I have carpal tunnel syndrome, my right hand in particular is numb and tingly a lot and goes to sleep. If I don’t wear a wrist brace at night, it wakes me up. I take ibuprofen daily, probably twice a day and I am very worried about the side effects of it. I decorate cakes for a living and unfortunately, I cannot change jobs at this time. It will be much worse with the holiday’s that are coming up. Can you advise me the best way to treat my carpal tunnel pain without ibuprofen?
    Thank you,

  412. hello
    i am very interested in the article – Homeopathic Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
    I have this sydrome and was thinking of doing operation on both hands. Would like to try out the remedies first.
    Can you please advice me on the list of remedies to take, which comes first,second etc, how much(the dosage), when(morning,afternoon noght) and for how long??
    Thankyou very much
    would appreciate greatly your help

  413. Catriona MacKirnan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I appear to have something similar to carpal tunnel syndrome, only it affects the nerves at the upper end of the ulna. For years I have slept with my arms crossed, my hands resting on my shoulders, with no ill effects. About six months ago, I began waking up with severe pain in the tendon just down from the upper end of the ulna, on the outer edge of the elbow joint. The pain is less during the day but does not quite go away, and every night it worsens, even when I attempt to take care not to cross my arms. It is worse on the right elbow.
    I have tried arnica 200C, dissolving the pill in the mouth. There is some relief. I have tried taking rhus tox. 30C before going to sleep and after waking in the morning. There seems to be little effect. I have tried ruta grav. 30C, but not very often, so I cannot tell if it has had an effect — if so, it is not dramatic.
    This feels like either a compressed nerve or tendonitis or both. It is not aggravated by typing or playing the piano or knitting, but is made worse by leaning on my elbow, even on a soft surface. If you can advise me, I would be grateful.

  414. My husband has carpal tunnel syndrom, he is having trouble with pain & numbness, what would be his best homeopathic remedy to use.

  415. Cisco Routers says:

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  416. Inez Bakken says:

    Ruta Graveolens what is this for treating Carpal Tunnel

  417. Geoffrey M Fisher says:

    Diagnosed with Carpenters Tunnel a year ago. Excessive pain much greater than normal pins and needles right up to the elbow and only at night when in bed. Normally only in the right hand. During summer months hardly occurs but now in colder days has begun again but only when lying down to sleep and then it sometimes happens many times during the night. I am over 70 and active physically, cycling, swimming, walking and lots of do it yourslf work. Hospital suggested surgery as a possible solution. I chose to wait. Should I try Causticum etc?

  418. Dr.Sapna Kannal says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Thank you for the info. I had only one case for which I had given Actea Spicata with affirmative result.


    • Diane L says:

      I have been treated various ways for carpal tunnel numbness, tingling & pain, which has been worsening over last 1.5 years. Acupuncture, physical therapy and myofascial release massage – all have helped a little but not effected a real cure. There is agreement that I am super tense in the neck and shoulders & this may be root cause of nerve compression affecting the hands. I stretch often every day, and nothing seems to get at the core problem.

      I cannot find a good homeopathic remedy through on-line searching to aid in relaxing the muscles. Hope you can advise. Thanks!

  419. Dear sir, i want to quote impression of MRI study of cervical spine with screening whole spine :

    Quote “study reveals central and bilateral paracentrical disc herniation of C5-C6 level causing thecal compression and left emerging verve root impingement. the left paracentrical component of the herniated C%-C6 disc appears extruded. Central and bilateral paracentrical disc protrusion is noted at C6-C7 level causing thecal compression with left lateral propensity. Small central disc protrusion is noted at C4-C5 level”.Unquote.

    I have been feeling severe pain on my back particularly on left blade and left hand since mid March, 2012. At times i tied my whole left hand with crepe bandage to get relieve from pain.

    Now, after consulting a local physio therapist i got relieve from severe pain. But, my left hand thumb remained numb. Some times it pains also.

    I would like to request you kindly to prescribe homeo medicines so that numbness of my left hand thumb gets cured.

    thanking you

  420. ya it work suprb

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  422. bozena beekman says:

    My carpal tunnel is a result of work in my left hand. I wake at night and in the morning with pain in my wrist and numbness and tingling in my hand and fingers.
    This slowly dissipates as I start moving it but the effects linger for most of the day.
    I dont want to have surgery at the moment and am interested in anything I can do to help ease my discomfort. Giving up work is not an option {I fill shelves and am tearing
    open boxes} so I was wondering if there is anything I can do to protect my wrist.
    Thanking you.

    • Sir,
      I am doing computer typewriting works in my office. Moreover I used to work with with typewriter machine a lot. Now I am suffering numbness on my both hands thumbs, point fingers, ring fingers of both. Numbness also feels on my back right side in some occasions. No sugar, no BP no cholesterol. Whether it is carpal tunnel syndrome. I want complete cure from homeopathic remedies.

  423. I get the pins and needles etc in my fingers beginning from little finger and extending towards pointer, sometimes involves thumbs, but mainly while sleeping regardless what position my hands are. Can be one hand, can often be both and it hurts to point it wakes me up. I used to have Rhuematoid arthritis about 16 years ago and that started the same way then slowly worked it’s way up my arms to my neck. This feels similar but different. It’s been happening for over a year now. I can make it happen by how I hold my baby on my hip, but have learnt how not to hold him, so these days mainly in my sleep. Which remedy would you suggest in this case please?

    • k s shankar says:

      Dear Dr Sharma.
      I had undergone a surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on my left wrist. Now I find there is some pain on the
      right hand and fear it is coming in the right wrist. Can it come in both the hands. What medicines should I take
      to prevent it.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma
      Am 79yrs old. Suffering from tingling and numbness in my left hand, sometimes in right hand since 10mths. Chronic pt. of OA . for the last 28 yrs…both the knees are gone, was advised knee replacement which I did not undergo. I walk with the help of walker -four wheels. When I walk in the morning and evening for 15mts, after 8-10mts. tingling start..hand become like a wood as if there is no blood circulation, it also happen while doing knitting.
      Had a severe heart attack last yr in march…had four Stents… on regular medication
      Diabetic type2. At present sugar, BP, Cholesterol all normal. For Arthritis taking homeo.Calc Fl
      6x and Sil 6x twice a day. for acidity and side effects of medication NV,Carbo Veg andArs 200c
      at night or Sos.
      Please advise for my hand problem.

      • I am 67 yrs old. I am diabetic. I suffer from numbness, tingling, heat and pins and needles in my right hand and sometimes in my left hand also .mainly middle and pointing finger are affected. Kindly suggest some medicine.

  424. V. K. Singh says:

    flaccid penis. Feel very excited but only a few time got erection and that too for a short period. When try to enter into partner, penis become soft.

    • tamal kumar says:

      sir ,i suffer from numbness at the lower part of spinal cord for many years. at times got a pinning sensation there like a prick of needle .pl prescribe .

      • i am 35 yrs old. my height is 5 ‘ 1”and weight is 67 years. i have feeling my fingers tingling both hands few years. elopathic doctors says that surgery is essential but i have 10 months baby. so how is it possible for surgery for such a little baby. pls solve this problem and reply me.

        • Moromee devi says:

          Sir. I am 42 yrs old lady suffering from bilateral median nerve entrapment neuropathy at both left and right wrist , since last 2 yrs. Doctor suggest to undergo surgery at both hands , but I need your best suggestion how to get immediate relieve . waiting for your favourable reply Regards, Moromee devi wife of Rajendra nath sarma. Guwahati (assam)

          • I have undergone surgery for carpal tunnel and trigger finger release.. however the tips of my middle finger and thumb remain numb and painful. am not able to do corrections…m i am a teacher. Trigger finger is now starting in my left hand too. Please advise. Thanks

        • Jennifer says:

          Dear Dr Sharma
          I know my diseases would require lengthy professional input, which I can not afford. However, as a person interested in Homeopathy and one that has done a years foundation course in the past I would be interested to know what you would advise in this scenario. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2007, 2 years after the death of my husband and one year after my mothers death. I lost my father in 2012 and a year later (2013) I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Where would you start in treating this condition?

      • Hina Abbas says:

        Hi sir I fell on ice three months ago and got sprain in my wrist after months of physio therapy they took a took a test with electrical shots and diagnosed severe CARPELL TUNNEL SYNDROME and scheduled a surgery for me .Is there any way a homeo pathy can treat this so I can avoid a surgery.thanks

      • Tingling in legs and arms ,some time in head also.
        Please suggest some good homeopathic medicine

    • Meera baid says:

      I am 60years old women. Since many years i amsuffring from tingling in my both wrist. But during last 6 month problem increased,also got swelling in wrist &ocassionly pain in both hand. Counsalted orthapadic&Neurologist.Motor Nerve Conduction test done. Conclusions:NERVE conduction studies are s/o severe bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome.Advice-SURGICAL Decompression. Plz.advice.

      • Lavanya.Sistla says:

        Respected doctor,
        I have been suffering from severe numbness and tickling in hands since 13yrs.We were in Canada for a period of 2yrs where i went through nerve conduction test and I was told that I should under go surgery for carple tunnel syndrome.I have restless feet too.I am unable to sleep properly during nights.Please tell me can i get a permanent solution in homeopathy without surgery.

        • sriyani fernando says:

          Dear doctor
          My wife is suffering from numbness of her both hands in the night specially so please give me a relief only if possible because i don’t like to go for a surgery.
          thanking you
          Benito Fernando

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