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Homeopathic Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is a very common condition affecting the hands caused by the compression of median nerve in the wrist. It is also known as median nerve compression or median nerve entrapment. It results in numbness, tingling, pain, weakness in thumb, fingers including index finger, middle finger and half of ring finger on the side close to the thumb and palms of hands. It is one of the commonest known entrapment neuropathies characterized by the compression of one of the peripheral nerves of the body.

Why Homeopathy for CTS?

Homeopathy is the best alternative natural treatment option in cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Homeopathic medicines help in managing symptoms of CTS magnificently. It gives long-term relief in symptoms by targeting the root cause behind it.

An effective homeopathic treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can save you from the surgeon’s knife and you may have my word for it. After having treated dozens of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome cases with homeopathy, I can surely bet on the efficacy of homeopathic medicines for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment. Before I discuss the remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome, let’s understand what carpal tunnel and carpal tunnel syndrome is all about.

A strange case that I recently treated with homeopathy was that of a retired Colonel in the army, who had taken up yoga after retirement, and would do a clapping exercise in the morning (kind of yoga exercise to treat stress). This excessive clapping was going on for the last 2-3 years. This was the only cause that I could identify in his case. Once he started with his remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Causticum and Ruta later on) and stopped the clapping exercise, he recovered in no time.

What is Carpal tunnel?


Carpal tunnel is a narrow tunnel (passageway) in the palmar side of the wrist.

 Various parts that form this tunnel are:

1. LigamentThe top (superior border) of the tunnel is formed by a ligament – the transverse carpal ligament (flexor retinaculum)

2. Carpal bones (bones of the wrist): The bottom (inferior border) and sides of the tunnel are formed by carpal bones.

Components inside tunnel – What passes through this tunnel?

1. Firstly, the median nerve passes through this tunnel. Median nerve is responsible to provide sensation to the thumb and fingers except the medial (towards body) side of little finger, and little finger and also sends nerve signals for the movement of muscles at the base of the thumb.

2. Secondly, tendons (total nine in number) pass through this tunnel. Tendons are bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones. Here we are talking about tendons that join forearm muscles to bones of hand. These comprise four tendons from the flexor digitorum superficialis muscle, 4 tendons from the flexor digitorum profundus muscle and one tendon from flexor pollicis longus muscle.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

CTS is a medical condition in the hand arising from compressed median nerve as it passes through carpal tunnel in wrist. Whenever there is swelling in the tissues of the carpal tunnel it leads to the compression of the median nerve and hence the whole syndrome or symptomatology of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome starts taking place which basically means pain, numbness, weakness, and tingling sensation in the hand or the fingers.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The main medicines for treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are Causticum, Ruta, Hypericum, Arnica, Rhus Tox and Bellis Perennis.

1. Causticum – Top Medicine That Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Causticum is ranked at the top to treat cases of CTS. I have treated many cases (successfully) with Causticum. The main symptoms are weakness in hands, numbness, and pain in the fingers. It is more indicated when the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has increased to a level where there is an excessive weakness in hands and the muscles of the hand have atrophied. Causticum should be administered in case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome if the palmar side of the hand has a flat appearance (reduction in the musculature of hand).

2. Ruta – For CTS From Overuse Of Wrist (Strains), Tendonitis Or Wrist Fracture

Ruta is one of the best medicines which helps treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is used when from the overuse of wrist, tendonitis or after a sudden strain or fracture of the wrist CTS symptoms appear. There is marked pain in the wrist in those who need Ruta.

3. Hypericum – When An Injury (Damaging Median Nerve) Triggers CTS

Hypericum comes in handy when there is a nerve injury related to the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The injury damages median nerve. This medicine manages numbness, tingling and burning pain in the fingers and hands.

4. Arnica – To Help CTS Cases From Injury Or Overuse Of Wrist

This medicine is very useful in managing cases of CTS from injury or overuse of wrist. It is suitable when there is pain in the hands. Along with this, there is tingling in hands, and arms in some cases. This medicine helps in healing injury, and removes effects of the worst kind of overuse of wrist, with resultant symptom relief.

5. Rhus Tox – For Wrist Joint Inflammation Or Overuse Of Wrist Triggering CTS

Rhus Tox is very effective if one is suffering from CTS that follows overuse of wrist and hands causing strain or wrist joint inflammation (arthritis). Overuse of wrist or hands for example may occur from excessive typing work on computer, sewing, car driving just to name a few. Those who need Rhus Tox have pain and tenderness in the wrist. Any pressure exerted on the wrist is unbearable. There is numbness in fingers especially index and middle finger in the morning.

6. Bellis Perennis – For CTS Related to Repetitive Strain Injury 

In addition to the above-mentioned medicines for CTS linked to repetitive strain injury, Bellis Perennis can be used as well. The characteristic symptom indicating its use is a contracted feeling in the wrist. It feels as if there is an elastic band around the wrist contracting it.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

1. Numbness, tingling and pain in thumb, fingers except medial half (medial means towards the body side) of ring finger and little finger and palms of hands. These symptoms may radiate up the forearm, elbow and even to shoulders in some cases. The symptoms tend to worsen while holding objects. In the beginning, the symptoms get worst at nightwaking the sufferer from sleep, and also in the morning upon waking. The symptoms may also get worse while holding an object like a mobile phone to the ear when attending a call, newspaper or book when reading. A person may feel fingers are asleep, and may shake hands to feel better, which helps only in the early stage only. But as the condition progresses, the numbness becomes constant. Besides, a burning sensation or a sensation like an electric shock may be felt in these fingers and thumb.

2. Weakness of Hand Muscles & Reduced Grip Strength Of Hands. As a result of this, the sufferer may have difficulty forming a fist, buttoning up a shirt and dropping of objects from hands. Thumb muscles that help in pinching also get weak.

3. Wrist pain

4. Muscle atrophy (wasting/shrinkage) at the base of thumb. There is wasting of muscles of thenar eminence (mound on base of thumb on palmar side) in severe cases. The thenar eminence is composed of three muscles named – opponens poillicis, flexor pollicis brevis and abductor pollicis brevis.

5. In severe cases, there may occur inability to feel hot and cold by touching with fingers.

What are the Stages of CTS?

Stage 1 (Mild): There is numbness, tingling, pain mainly at night; shaking hands make symptoms go away. Stiffness in the hands may occur in the morning.

Stage 2 (Moderate): At this stage, the symptoms appear in the day as well when doing repetitive hand movements or when hands are kept in the same position for long. Hand weakness may start and sufferer may accidentally drop things from hands from weakness.

Stage 3 (Severe): In this stage, there is atrophy of thenar muscles and these muscles shrink permanently.

What are the Causes Of CTS?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome occurs when median nerve is compressed or irritated in the wrist when it passes through carpal tunnel.

Risk factors

A variety of factors are linked to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome development as follows:

1. Repeated trauma (overuse injury) to the tissues inside the carpal tunnel:It is quite common to find the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in people who perform repetitive movements of hands and of the wrist on frequent basis. Carpal tunnel is most common in people who use computers. Typing is one of the most common causes that lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Certain mechanical jobs that repeatedly strain the wrist may lead to the development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, for example driving vehicles, sewing, using hand tools (especially the ones that vibrate – carpenters are at high risk of developing CTS), writing, piano players, knitting and playing other musical instruments.

2. Arthritis (joint inflammation) in wristjoint: for example, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. The swelling and inflammation related to these conditions can reduce carpal tunnel space and compress median nerve.

3. Wrist injury/fracture/dislocation

4. Having small carpal tunnel

5. Tendonitis: Inflammation of any among the nine tendons of carpal tunnel can occur and compress the median nerve

6.. It is common in females as compared to males. Women are thrice more at risk of CTS as compared to men. The reason could be a smaller carpal tunnel in women as compared to men.

7. Certain medical conditions also predispose a person towards the development of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These are diabetes (it increases chances of nerve damage), hypothyroidism and high blood pressure.

8. Obesity, alcoholism, smoking, excessive salt intake also increases risk of CTS

9. Having a family history of CTS

10. Pregnancy and menopause: Here retention of fluid contributes to CTS by raising pressure in carpal tunnel and causing irritation of median nerve.

11. Use of certain medicines for example anastrozole which is used for treating breast cancer

12. A tumour in carpal tunnel

Diagnosis and Investigations of CTS

The most important tests that diagnose CTS is nerve conduction study. Though there are physical examination tests that can hint towards CTS but to confirm diagnosis, nerve conduction test is the best.

Physical examination test

1.Tinel’s sign: As per this test, tapping the median nerve (on palm side of wrist) on the wrist triggers a tingling sensation in the fingers in case of CTS.

2. Wrist flexion / Phalen test: Pressing the back of hands against each other that bends the wrists causes numbness/tingling within 60 seconds if the median nerve is damaged.

Differential diagnosis -What other medical conditions we need to differentiate CTS from when make a diagnosis of CTS?

1.Cervical radiculopathy: It can mimic CTS. It arises from compression or irritation of nerves in the neck.

2. Brachial plexopathy: Brachial plexus is a network of nerves that is responsible to send nerve signals from the spinal cord to the arm, shoulder and hand. Brachial plexopathy results when there is overstretching, compression or tearing away of these nerves.

3. Motor neuron disease: A rare progressive nervous condition that cause weakness of muscles and eventually paralysis.

4. Forearm or hand compartment syndrome: It is a condition of the upper limb in which pressure in the osseofascial compartment increases that may cause never and muscle damage.

5. Fibromylagia: In this condition, widespread musculoskeletal pain in the body and numbness/tingling may occur in different body parts.

6. Raynaud’s phenomenon: A disorder affecting small blood vessels of fingers and toes in which constriction of small arteries (as from cold or stress) of fingers and toes cause reduced blood supply.


1. Nerve conduction study test: It is the main test to diagnose CTS. In this test, electrodes are placed on hands and wrist and a little shock is passed through median nerve that measures the conduction speed of nerve impulses. A slower than normal nerve impulse in carpal tunnel suggests presence of CTS.

2. Electromyography: In this test, a thin needle is inserted into the muscle to check electrical activity of muscles. It helps reveal damage of the muscles that are controlled by median nerve.

3. X-ray and ultrasound of wrist: X-ray will help to rule out related conditions like arthritis or fracture though it cannot diagnose CTS. An ultrasound will help to examine bones and nerves of wrist and check for nerve compression.

Lifestyle changes to manage CTS

1. Encourage short breaks at frequent intervals (few minutes every hour) when doing prolonged work involving hands and wrist.

2. When working on computer press keys softly, chose comfortable computer mouse, and place keyboard at elbow height. This will reduce strain on the wrist.

3. Avoid activities that cause over-extension of wrist and worsen the symptoms

4. When doing any work with hands, try to work with the wrist in a straight position.

5. Keep correct posture to prevent straining wrist and hands

6. Physiotherapy, exercise may be done

7. Wearing wrist splint at night may be helpful. A wrist splint helps to keep the wrist straight to reduce pressure on nerve.

8. Try to keep hands warm that will relieve pain and stiffness of hands

9. While sleeping, do not lay the head on the wrist

10. Treat any underlying medical condition if present like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure

Frequently Asked Questions

I have numbness and weakness in fingers, hands and have been diagnosed with stage 2 CTS, can homeopathy help me?

Yes, homeopathy can be really helpful to relieve your complaint. There are highly effective medicines in homeopathy for CTS that have given great clinical improvement. Stage 2 CTS means the wasting of thenar muscles have not taken place yet so the chances of recovery are even more bright.

Thenar muscle

Thenar muscle

I am a 50 yr-old male with numbness and pain in fingers, hands diagnosed with CTS, doctor advised me to go for surgery which I did not want to undergo. Can I be treated with homeopathy?

Homeopathy carries a great scope in treating cases of CTS. You can definitely be treated with homeopathic medicines, however the results will depend on the severity and stage of CTS. A detailed case history is required for assessing the severity of the problem and providing you the best suitable homeopathic medicine.

I have marked weakness in hands due to CTS with wasting of thenar muscles, am unable to hold cup of tea, write, button a shirt, Does homeopathy play a role in treating such cases of severe CTS?

There are some very effective homeopathic medicines for treating such cases, Causticum is one among these which is the most recommended medicine for such a condition. Though homeopathic medicines cannot reverse the damage already done to the muscle, these can work to halt further progression of muscle damage and provide symptomatic relief. The result varies as per the degree of damage already done to the muscles.

Does homeopathy give permanent cure for CTS?

Homeopathic medicines give excellent results in CTS cases, though the results vary as per the stage of CTS. Some cases in early stages can be permanently cured if homeopathy is started well in time. The stage 1 and stage 2 CTS cases have the highest chances of recovery and cure while for stage 3 CTS, recovery rate varies depending on the amount of damage to thenar muscle and symptom management is possible.

I have been suffering from CTS for the last one year and I am taking conventional treatment, the symptoms return if I skip medicine and the condition is not completely cured, Can I switch to homeopathy?

If you are looking for some treatment option for long-term relief, you may opt for homeopathy. I would advise not to stop conventional treatment all of sudden as your body has become habitual to it. You may begin with homeopathic treatment side by side and when homeopathic medicines start working on you, you may gradually reduce the dose and repetition of those medicines and finally with time, stop the conventional treatment.

I have numbness, tingling in fingers and hands and diagnosed with CTS, I used Ruta but it did not help, which other homeopathic medicines can be used for relief?

Ruta is one amongst the top recommended medicine in homeopathy for CTS treatment but unfortunately it did not bring relief in your case. Some other well indicated medicines for this complaint are Hypericum, Rhus Tox, Causticum, you may consider these medicines after consulting a homeopath for right potency, dosage and repetition.

Can you please suggest some homeopathic medicine for pain in my wrist and finger, I am having CTS for the last two yrs?

I would suggest medicine Actaea Spicata for this complaint. It is a wonderful medicine for treating pain in wrist and finger.

Which homeopathic medicines would you rate as the best for treating CTS?

Though there are numerous homeopathic medicines for CTS but the top three medicines that I would rate best are Causticum, Ruta and Hypericum.

Is Rhus Tox effective for CTS?

Yes, it is highly effective for CTS. It offers best help when CTS  is linked with wrist joint inflammation or overuse of wrist like while typing, driving, playing some musical instrument, etc.

Which homeopathic medicine should I take for wrist tendonitis?

I would suggest medicine Ruta for this complaint. Ruta works marvellously on tendons to reduce its inflammation.

I have numbness in fingers and hands, am I suffering from CTS?

No doubt CTS is one of the most common reasons behind numbness in fingers and hands. But it can arise from several other causes, for example,  cervical neuropathy, brachial plexus injury, Raynaud’s phenomenon. So I advise to consult a doctor to find out exact reason behind your complaint.

Does pain in fingers indicate CTS?

Pain in fingers is one of the symptom of CTS but merely pain does not confirm CTS. In cases of CTS, numbness, tingling in fingers is usually present along with pain. If there is only pain in fingers, it could be from other reasons as well that needs to be ruled out like arthritis, trigger finger, Dupuytren’s contracture, tendonitis, ganglion cyst. So finger pain without numbness or tingling in fingers is usually not CTS.

How to know difference between CTS and arthritis?

In case of CTS, numbness, tingling, pain and weakness in fingers and hands occurs while in case of arthritis pain, stiffness and swelling in joints occurs.

Does CTS only occur to those who overuse fingers/hands while typing, driving, sewing, etc?

Though persons who overuse hands while typing, driving, sewing are at a high risk of CTS but it can occur in other persons as well especially, if a person is suffering from underlying conditions like diabetes, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure and arthritis.

Do I need to undergo any investigations to diagnose CTS?

Though the symptoms of CTS can help to make clinical diagnosis, but for confirmatory diagnosis, a nerve conduction study test is recommended.

I am suffering from CTS, will use of wrist splint treat it?

Wrist splint

Wrist splint

Though wrist splint cannot treat or cure CTS as it requires proper treatment, but a wrist splint can definitely help to relieve night-time symptoms of numbness and tingling in fingers and hands. Use of wrist splint is recommended at night while a person is sleeping as he/she can unconsciously bend the wrist during sleep. Here wrist splint will hold wrist still and straight and relieve disturbing night-time symptoms.

Are there different types of wrist splints?

Yes there are two type of wrist splints – a resting splint (this splint is worn at night when you sleep) and a working splint (this splint is worn during day particularly when doing certain activities known to worsen symptoms of CTS).

Can a person wear wrist splint during the day?

Yes, a person can wear a working wrist splint during the day when doing any activity that make the symptoms of CTS worse. But avoid wearing it continuously throughout the day as it can make wrist joints stiff in the long run and make hand muscles weak. Keep using wrist normally in the day when not wearing a splint to maintain strength of muscles and flexibility of joint.  in long term

I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, can I do typing?

Typing involves constant use of wrist and hands and it can worsen CTS. If possible, avoid typing. But if your office work requires a lot of typing, make sure to press computer keys softly, use comfortable computer mouse, place keyboard at elbow height, take proper breaks at regular intervals in between typing to reduce strain on the wrist.

Will heat application on wrist help CTS pain?

Yes, heat application can help in managing CTS pain. Heat enhances blood flow and relaxes the tense muscles and relieves wrist pain. Avoid it if wrist is swollen or red.

What if CTS is left untreated?

CTS needs to be treated timely because if not treated it can lead to permanent nerve damage and also muscle damage. This leads to loss of sensation in fingers and also weakness.

Is surgery the only option to cure CTS?

No, CTS can be treated with conservative (non-surgical) treatment as well. Only in the severest of cases that do not respond to conservative treatment, surgery can be opted.

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