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Homeopathic Remedies For Osteophytes

Homeopathic Remedies For Osteophytes

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteophytes

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteophytes

The bony outgrowth projections along the margins of joints are known in medical terminology as Osteophytes, and commonly called bone spurs. Osteophytes are formed as the repair process along the joint margins whenever a joint is degenerated, damaged, inflamed, or in the Osteoarthritis process in joint. Osteophytes are commonly seen in knees in Osteoarthritis condition; vertebra, especially of cervical spine; and the heels, where it’s called calcaneal spur. Usually, no symptoms arise from the formation of Osteophytes in bone and these are noted accidentally on X-Ray findings done for some other purpose. But when symptoms arise, they depend upon the site of Osteophytes appearance. The Homeopathic mode of treatment works to get rid of Osteophytes or the symptoms. Homeopathic remedies for Osteophytes are sourced from natural substances, are completely safe and have no side effects.

Homeopathic Treatment for Osteophytes

A physician is usually approached when symptoms arise due to formation of Osteophytes in joints and not when Osteophytes are present silently. The Homeopathic treatment for Osteophytes will mainly target to provide symptomatic relief to the patient. There is no specific remedy in Homeopathic treatment either to get rid of Osteophytes or the symptoms emerging as a result. The best natural Homeopathic medicines are prescribed after minutely observing the symptoms described by the patient. When the properly selected Homeopathic remedy is given, the symptoms start to improve in a short time.[toc]

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Osteophytes

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteophytes in Spine

The spine (backbone) consists of 33 vertebrae – 7cervical, 12thoracic, 5lumbar, 5sacral and 4 coccygeal. The main site of Osteophytes in spine is cervical vertebra. The cervical vertebrae are present in back of the neck. The symptoms arising from Osteophytes in cervical spine are pain in back of neck, weakness, numbness, sensation of pins or needles, and tingling in hands and arms due to pinching of nerve between two vertebras, which is narrowed by Osteophytes’ formation. Natural Homeopathic remedies provide relief from these symptoms. A few important and effective Homeopathic remedies for osteophytes are listed below.

Phosphoric Acid and Paris Quadrifolia: Homeopathic remedies for weakness and numbness of upper limbs

When the Osteophytes have formed in the cervical vertebra due to inflammation — in case of cervical spondylitis — Phosphoric Acid is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help. The main symptoms that can be controlled with this remedy are weakness and numbness in the arms due to nerve impingement between cervical vertebra. Phosphoric Acid can also help persons who have lancinating or stitching pain in the fingers.  Homeopathic medicine Paris Quadrifolia is very beneficial in treating numbness in the fingers with pain in cervical back.

Bryonia and Rhus Tox: Homeopathic medicines to relieve pain and stiffness in cervical back

Both Bryonia and Rhus Tox are wonderful natural Homeopathic remedies to relieve the stiffness and pain in cervical back. Bryonia is mainly prescribed for patients who get relief from pain and stiffness by rest and whose condition worsens by motion. Rhus Tox is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when pain and stiffness get worse by rest and the patient gets relief by neck movement.

Hypericum: Homeopathic medicine for tingling, burning pains due to nerve pinching

The best natural Homeopathic remedy to treat tingling and burning pains in upper limbs due to nerve impingement between cervical vertebra is Hypericum. Hypericum is a very successful and efficient Homeopathic remedy for this complaint. Along with the pain, numbness in arms and hands may also be felt. Pain in the cervical back is usually present.

Homeopathic Remedies for Osteophytes in knee due to Osteoarthritis

Osteophytes in the knee appear mainly due to degeneration caused by wear and tear of the knee joint. Here also, no specific remedy can be prescribed. The best Homeopathic medicine depends upon each individual case. The main symptom is pain in knees that worsens by various conditions like bending knee, walking, extending knee, ascending or descending knees. The Homeopathic remedy is selected based on the symptoms that are aggravating knee pain or providing relief. A few important Homeopathic remedies are Bryonia, Calcarea Carb and Ruta.

Natural Homeopathic medicine Bryonia is of great help when pain and stiffness are marked in knee joint. Main worsening factors in knee pain are walking and going up the stairs. Crackling in knee joint is also noted.

Calcarea Carb is a wonderful Homeopathic remedy for knee pain that gets worse when a person rises from a sitting position. Sensitivity to cold air is noted among these patients.

Homeopathic medicine Ruta is the best remedy when going down the stairs and bending of the knee worsen the knee pain.

Apart from these, there is a wide range of natural Homeopathic remedies in such cases but again, these medicines come into the picture only after taking up each individual case.

Homeopathic remedies for Osteophytes in heel (calcaneal spur)

The main symptom arising from calcaneal spur in heel is pain in heel. The best Homeopathic remedies for Osteophytes in heel are Calcarea Fluor, Ammonium Mur and Aranea Diadema.

Calcarea Fluor is prescribed for dissolving the Osteophytes in heel, whether painful or not. Calcarea Fluor is frequently used to get rid of Osteophytes in heel owing to good clinical results with its use.

Ammonium Mur is the Homeopathic remedy for pain in heel getting worse from walking. And the pain is most of the times stitching in nature.

Aranea Diadema is prescribed when digging or boring type of pain in heel is felt by the patient. Numbness in heel may also be found to alternate with heel pain.


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  1. Sir, l am suffering from osteophytes my condition is very worsen. Tingling,stiffness,numbness,pain ,weakness all these symptoms l have please tell about medicine.

  2. S.prem says:

    Developed oestophytes in ankle had a tallus surgery orif done after accident in2010 pl suggest releif hv stifness in ankle with pain


    I have osteophytes in left metatarsal bone that was operated in december 1999 but again the problem came out now I have following symptomes :-

    1. Growth ; 2. burning pain ; 3. some time stiffness and continuing pain

    I take homeopathic medicine – SYMPHYTUM 30 when worse condition

  4. Danielle says:

    What homeopathic would you recommend to dissolve a bone spur in the neck and one base of the hand?

  5. Goutam saha says:

    My X-ray reports showing in c4-c6 region osteophytes are there,suggested ankylosing spondiolysis bcaz fusions r thr.any suggestions for me to stop osteophytes.i have taking medicine s as per gudience of Rheumatologist but allopathic medicine s r not able to stop it as I m taking it more than yes.any suggestions ??

  6. Natalia Piendel says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I have been taking Calcarea Fluorica 30 C once every three days for 4 weeks to strengthen my teeth. I did this treatment twice a year (April and December) for three years in a row.
    I ended up with: crumbling teeth, cataracts in both eyes, painful bone spurs all over, including finger joints, enlarged bones in one foot arch (can’t fit in my shoes), painful varicose veins, problems with deep vein circulation. What did I do wrong?
    I seems Calacarea Fluorica had the exact opposite effect. William Boericke’s Materia Medica indicates that Ca Flu should not be taken often. I thought 30C potency every 3 days for 4 weeks was not often. Can this be undone?
    Thank you.

  7. left heel sever pain

  8. Brandie Walker says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have hallux limitus which is arthritus in the big toe joint where a bone spur has developed and is limiting movement. They tell me this will only get worse with time and that I will have to get the spur shaved off now or replace the whole joint later. Is there any homeopathic treatment that can help me?

  9. Rohit Kumar says:

    Hello mam
    I am suffered with osteophytes last 1 years , bone is growing on chest and right side of forehead…
    May you recommend me some effective medicines to dissolve this phenomenon…..
    Thank you Very much

    • Jesus Rocha says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,
      I am a 72 year old and I am suffering by osteophyte on my neck area specifically on C3-4, C4-5 and C5-6 as per MRI report. Pain gets worst when walking or standing for a long period of time and get relief from pain and stiffness by rest. Kindly suggest me a remedy for this condition. Thank you so much.

  10. Ankit Roy says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am 37 years old and I am suffering by Osteophytes in my lower back specifically in L5 as per last xray report from Tripura Govt. Medical Colledge. The pain is increesing day by day. Kindly suggest me the remedy.

    Thanking You
    Ankit Roy

  11. Janine Ivanelli says:

    Do you have any testimonials from folks with osteophytes in their knees or hips? I am an exercise teacher. When I twist using an exercise band the hip really hurts. When laying down and I put my right leg over my left and pull the left leg to the right, it hurts my knee.

    Rest helps but when working I cannot rest.

  12. Shahid Waseem says:

    Iam 52 years old iam suffering from osteophytes.
    Please prescribe medicine for me.

  13. Lila Okocha says:

    Hi is there a treatment for bone spurs in the lumbar area, lower back. I have neural foraminal narrowing stenosis. Bone spurs in the foramin.

  14. Mir Rabiuzzaman says:

    Dear respected Dr. Sjarma, I’m 69 years veteran gymnast,there is osteophytes at right foot big toe joint for about 2 years. Recently swelled & pain when walking. I’ve stopped morning walk from today if situation goes worst! I took hecla lava thrice in one month gap but swelling yet. Not always pain just after morning walk. Please help me by Homeo medicine.

  15. Anita garg says:

    I have pain in my right keg also. Dr. Think that I have occipital neurolagia and sciatic nerve problem

  16. Anita garg says:

    Xray found osteophtosis in c4 and C5. I have too much pain in upper neck. I do not say that i have a pain. My occipital means bottom of head and both side of head hurts 24 hours a day. MHead Mri goes not shows anything. Nut my heads hurts , no pain

  17. Can cal aria flour be used to dissolve a bit of the bone in the knee which has become very pointed thus causing pain

  18. Ambuj singh says:

    Mam I am suffering from back pain last 10 year
    Plz help me
    Age 38

  19. Sagar Roy says:

    Age:35 Gender:Male Blood Test: HlA B27 positive is more likely to exhibit spondyloarthritis X-ray Report: Bilateral sacroiliitis to be ruled out. Bridging osteophytes noted at D12 to L5 vertebral body with ankylosing spondylitis to be ruled out. Mild osteophytic lippings noted at C2 to C5 vertebral body with mild reduce disc space at multiple level. Partial fusion of posterior element of C2-C3 to be ruled out.

  20. Subrata Sen says:

    Use only calcaria flour 12x regularly 3 times a day. Use Arnica 10m (one drop mix with 15 ml distilled water, take 15 drops in the morning regularly. At the evening take 1 drop Hypericin 1m (2 days interval). Use Syphilinum CM/Medo CM one month interval. This medicines can help you to complete cure of your knee pain, cervical spondylosis ankolysing spondylosis etc. For reducing pain use these mixture 4 times a day with hot water ( Mag Phos 6 x , Kali Phos 6x and Ferum Phos 6x , Calc. Flour 12x) . After one month Calc Flour /Acid Flour 1m should be given 7 days interval. I am a chronic ankolying spondylosis patient and I have spent huge money but no doctor can not treat me properly. Then I have thoroughly studied different books and utilised so many medicines. But I found that only this medication is very effective..Please follow my suggestion and you can treat a chronic case of spondylosis.

Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.

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