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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Body Pains and Aches

Homeopathic Medicines for Body pains

Homeopathy Remedies are very effective in treating general body pains and aches. These body pains can be general body pains caused by exertion etc or caused by more specific reason like fevers or joint inflammation. As homeopathy is a more symptom-based system of medicine ( this means that symptoms are given more preference over pathological condition while choosing the right remedy ) the medicine set remains quite same for general as well as specific reasons for causing body pains. Homeopathic medicines for body pains are a natural substitute for painkillers. The best feature while using medicine for treating body pains is that they are totally side effect free and are made from naturally occurring plants and substances.

Homeopathic Medicines for Body Pains and Aches

Rhus Toxicodendron, Arnica Montana, Bryonia Alba, Magnesium Phosphorica, Ruta Graveolens, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Causticum, and Colchicum Autumnale are the top medicines for body pains and aches.

1. Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus Toxicodendron is a natural medicine that occupies the highest rank in treating general body pains and aches. This medicine is prescribed for patients in whom the body aches are worse in resting position and are better by walking. The body pains are accompanied by anxiety and restlessness. The patient feels a need to constantly move to get relief. The body aches are worse on starting to walk after rest but as the patient walks by the aching goes on decreasing gradually. Marked stiffness always accompanies the body aches. This medicine is almost specific if the body pains start after getting wet in rain. Its use is highly recommended in those body pains that are a result of overstraining or overstretching of muscles.

 2. Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is also an excellent medicine for body aches. This medicine is used where excessive sore bruised aching of body is present. The whole body feels sore as if beaten. The patient requiring arnica finds it difficult to lie down calmly in bed. The bed feels hard on which he lies, which makes him constantly changes. The whole body feels lame. Arnica can very effectively treat the soreness and body aches due to overexertion. This medicine has the great ability to reduce body aches which occur due to injuries either recent or old. Even the joint pains that result out of injury can be treated with this remedy.

3. Bryonia Alba

Bryonia Alba is yet another natural medicine used in homeopathy for treating the general body aches and pains. This medicine gives marvellous results when body pains result from either muscular or joint involvement. The prominent symptom guiding the use of this medicine is –  worsening of the body Pains on the slight motion. The body pains are better on absolute rest. Every part of the body is painful to touch. An increased thirst for large quantity of water is always present in patients requiring this medicine.

4. Magnesium Phosphorica

Magnesium Phosphorica is used for a wide range of body pains and aches. Main Indications for its use are  – severe body pains that are shooting, cutting or stitching in nature.; The severity of  pains are almost unbearable making the person mad. The pains are worse by cold air exposure. Warm application gives relief in body aches. Patient feels better by applying pressure to the parts of body.

5. Ruta Graveolens

This medicine is used for body aches where the whole body feels painful and bruised. The main indications for its use are – All those parts of body on which patient lies are tender.  Extreme weakness is always present with body pains. Patient has a great difficulty on rising from a chair. The lower limbs lack strength. Back pain is more prominent. Patient feels relief in backache by pressure.

6. Gelsemium Sempervirens

Gelsemium Sempervirens is a wonderful natural medicine for treating body aches that are accompanied by dullness and drowsiness.Other main indications for its use are – The whole body feels tired with excessive muscle weakness. Mostly used where pain is present in neck, back and lower limbs. The body pains are attended with weakness from slight exertion. This medicine can also help in relieving the neck and shoulder pain with headache.

7. Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Arnica Montana, Chamomilla and Rhus Toxicodendron – Natural Remedies for Body Pains and Aches during Fever

Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the best natural medicine for treating body pains that occur during fever. This is mainly given where the severe and general bone pains predominate. This medicine gives quick relief in the body aches during fever like malaria or influenza. The patient feels as if the whole body is broken down. Arnica Montana is used for sore and bruised type of body aches in fever. Whole body feels lame. Patient feels worse on lying down. The bed feels hard on which the patient lies. Body aches are worse from touch. Chamomilla is an important medicine used for unbearable body aches in fever. Patients requiring Chamomilla are very sensitive to cold air. Such patient turns irritable or violent due to pains. Rhus Toxicodendron is used for body aches in fever that are better by walking and worse at rest.

8. Arnica Montana, Rhus Toxicodendron and Bryonia Alba for Treating Body Aches due to Exertion

The first medicine Arnica Montana is used where the person feels excessive soreness over whole body due to exertion. The body is very sensitive to touch. The bed on which person lies feels hard. Body aches are felt as if someone has beaten the body. The next two medicines Rhus Toxicodendron and Bryonia Alba are both natural remedies for the treatment of body aches due to exertion. The main indicating feature for selecting the medicine out of these two for body aches – Rhus Toxicodendron is prescribed when the body aches are better by walking and worse at rest whereas Bryonia Alba is given when the body aches are worse by walking and are better by absolute rest.

9. Remedies for Painful Joints

The medicines Causticum, Bryonia Alba and Colchicum Autumnale are natural joint pain remedies for the treatment of body aches due to acute inflammation of joints as in Rheumatoid arthritis. Causticum is mainly used where the joints are inflammed and very stiff leading to body aches. The aches are worse by slight exposure to cold air. Warm applications give relief to the patient. The second medicine Bryonia Alba is prescribed when the body aches occur due to swelling and intense pain in joints. The worsening of aches by slightest motion and relief by rest are strong indicating features for using this medicine. The last mentioned medicine Colchicum Autumnale is mainly given when the body aches are a  result of intensely swollen, stiffened and painful joints. Here the body aches are worse by slightest touch and at night time.                               

10. For Body Aches due to Muscle Soreness

The natural medicines for body pains due to excessive muscle pains are Rhus Toxicodendron and Magnesium Phosphorica. Rhus Toxicodendron is the best medicine for body aches due to muscle soreness. The muscle soreness can be the result from over-exertion, over-stretching, over-straining. The patient requiring Rhus Toxicodendron will complain of relief in the body aches by motion and worsening by rest. The second medicine Magnesium Phoshorica is well suited to persons who have body aches that are better by warm applications and by pressure

11. For Nerve Pain

Nerve pains can also lead to severe pain in the parts of the body eg sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy in feet etc. Hypericum, Mag Phos are natural pain remedies for conditions arising out of afflictions to Nerve.

12. For Joint Pains with Ulcerative Colitis

Joint pains can occur secondary to other disorders such as Ulcerative colitis. Rhus Tox is wonderful medicine for treating joint pains in ulcerative colitis. Read the detailed feature on medicines for ulcerative colitis.

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  1. Soma Biswas says:

    Please suggest me the Best medicine for Knee ostioartharities for my 76 yrs old mother

  2. I am 49 and I’m living in Toronto Canada

    My pain sometimes happens all over my body especially when I wake up in the morning it took a few hours for it to go away at least 2 to 3 hours At times it will feel as if I get a beaten in my sleep sometimes the pain would be steadily around my neck my head my shoulder lower back Abdominal legs Nice and Cavs at times the pain will happen all over the body the Same time sometimes it’s only my feet my lower abdominal And sometimes just my upper chest this pain is been going on many years now every time when it happens I go to the doctor they do the bloodwork the Xtree the ultrasound the whole 9 yard stress test nothing comes up I don’t know what’s going on and I can’t live with this pain constantly there are times it will go away for two or three years then he comes back I don’t know what’s bringing it back But I really need to get rid of this body stress that I’m going through thank you

    • hey doc,
      my name is Ricky & i am 59 yrs old. 21 years ago i was in an airplane crash, my airplane. I am a licensed pilot & what happened to me 21 years ago i should have died on impact alone along with a big ole fireball, that’s what usually happens every time you fly an airplane into the ground at 220 mph, they blow up & you die, end of story. well i hit the ground almost perpendicular, yeah tell me about it. well a second or two before i hit i closed my eyes thought of my daughter & bam! i hit the ground! No explosion, but most of all
      No loss of consciousness ! i was still alive but i knew my legs were a mess. airlifted to hospital, two surgeons wanted to amputate both legs one said he could save them. both tib fibs were broken, compound fracture at right right ankle along with the aviator fracture on my right foot. both knees were as the doc said “pretty much disintegrated” over the next 3 years & 8 operations on my legs i was as good as i was gonna get from the doc & that was ok. for the next 2o years i have been on narcotics, that is a rough road for anyone to go down. but when the whole world changed there was no way i was going into my pain doc. this pandemic has scared the hell out of me so i have been narcotic free for the last year. wow! talk about feeling like rip van winkle. but years ago i was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. now of course i started to feel the neuropathy setting in my left foot & hand. i started taking r-alpha lipoic acid & the neuropathy in my left foot & hand has disappeared. i stii have some very bad flare ups that keep me up all night, not near as many but i still get them & it can get pretty bad pain wise. so Doc my question to you is: is there something homeopathic available that might help me get thru the flare ups? because i am not getting any younger & i really enjoy being off of the narcotics!
      most respectfully yours

  3. Saran Subramaniam says:

    Hi Dr..i am having some sore throat (around upper throat area) and body pain (muscle and joints pain).
    iam also having some headache like sinus in the head which gets relieved after steam inhalation.
    So i would say as summary..congestion in head, nose, throat with body/joints pain. i do not have any fever.
    Can you please suggest a homeo medicine to cure this issue?.

  4. R/sir
    My sister is 22 unmarried. Befor 3 year she was typhoid. She was treated by allopathic medicine then recurrent attacks starts every 6month Then treated by homeopathic medicine she taks a lot of homeopathic medicines. Know she suffring from ibs ( diarrehea continues abdominal pain some time headache some time indigestion etc) but the proper selective homeopathic remedy dont work on her. Plz help

  5. PULAK PAL says:

    Sir, Namaskar. I am 48 years old from Kolkata.Facing Knee Joint Pain from October 2018.
    I had taken Ayurvedic Medicines for it. But some time I am facing Knee Joint Pain.
    Please suggest Medicines .

  6. Ramananda gupta says:

    Dear sir
    I am from Anantapur about 73 of age, a few months back in right leg near ankle I had nerve pain. Which causes much pain, due to this I couldn’t walk more distance. I used pain killer ointment for few days . Now nerve pain reduced but I had much muscular pain.
    Pl, inform me the remedy Thank you
    Ramananda gupta Anantapur

    • Chandu Palan says:

      I am 72 years old. Male. For the last few years I am having full body pain. I have consulted with many Doctors.but no cure Pl advice me homeopathy medicine.. please thanking you

  7. Collette says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Love, Blessings & Light.
    I am writing to you for assistance as I have a long been looking to encourage normal platelets. I do not have dengue, but also the red and white cells are in need of help as well. However I do not know the source or core issue and thought and expert in Homeopathy could assist as allopathy has totally failed me.

    • Dr. Meenakshi Sharma says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma
      Greeting of the day.
      I’m suffering from Herpes Zoster since 5th June 2018. Outer skin is cleaned almost but still have burning on the effected area and severe stomach ache in the effected side. It was from back to belly upto navel. Taking medicines but docs are giving of body pain and the medicine for stomach ache meftalspas is not working. Pl suggest what to do?

  8. Rakesh Kumar Pandey says:

    Sr my wife has been suffering from heel pain from a year. she feels trouble to take steps just after awaking. she is 40 years old.

  9. Hi Dr Sharma I am lady of 58 years old. I am diabetic since17 blood pressure is ok. But these days I am facing a lot of pain in my legs, thighs neck & shoulder. My neck xray shows that my neck is stright & neck bones r becoming sharp .
    I sleep 4 very short my feet finger r itching. Last year I take R71 ,it make me comfortable. I was ok .plz suggest some wonderful medicine. Thanks

  10. I’m suffering from waist and legs pain plz help me…..

  11. Lakshmi Suresh says:

    I have pain on my right foot which is very painful in the morning. It becomes really bad after walking for a while. X-rays show no abnormalities in the bony structure. Hence allopathy has no cure other than pain killers. Hence decided to resort to homeopathy. Kindly advice.

  12. Hello Doctor,

    I am having joint pain and back pain, body
    Dullness. Are these the symptoms of allergy
    Because when I take anti allergy medicine feel better. If yes, please suggest something.


  13. Ramamurhy says:

    Co tenuous nagging pain in lower back and abdomen both on left side die to Herpes

  14. Subhashchawla says:

    I am suffering from joint pains.

  15. Muhammad naseem khan says:

    I’m Muhammad naseem khan
    I’m I’ll 13 years ago i have muscles pain and muscle weakness please help me for reducing my pain all body brain in foot very effect


    Remedy for full body pain, in elderly.(at,61years)

  17. Dear docter
    I am suffering from migrain head ache and right side body pain since from two years .Pls will u have medicine for this

    With regards
    Rahul achar

  18. D.m.Bhattacharya says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from pain in my finger joints of both hands.I am seventy three years old.Will you please suggest me a medicine?
    With regards.

  19. Shailendra Dubey says:

    I had fever 20days before.
    I had taken allopathic medicine. Now l have no fever. Now a days I have a pain iñ joints. My fever was started with pain in anklet. I have a calcaneal spur in both legs and causes​ pain also.please suggest medicine with its potency and way to take.

  20. How many time’s can take Annika Montana re.
    In body aches.

  21. Dear Dr. Sharma, Namaskar
    I am 63 yrs , diabetic for more than 8 years but in control;

    I have pain/tiredness in legs while walking. I feel too week to walk. Legs remain painful.

    Numbness in feet, burning sensation in feet at night. Massage is helpful to some extent.

    Kindly advise suitable treatment. I shall be grateful.

    • Maggie porter says:

      Dear Dr Sharma I am 67 yrs I have bad kneck pain when I move my head I read a lot and hold my tablet in front of me so my head is always bent slightly my posture is not good either so I have a lot to address .ca you please advise me with thanks

  22. Myself Kaushalya ,28 for the last 4 years suffering from swollen body on right side from top to bottom now moving towards left. Total body pains and expands while touching no pain. If massage done then relief . Please tell me the right instructions sir only remedy I use to massage mustard oil on the body back as well.please suggest to get relief from body pain swilling.

  23. Hello Dr,
    I have thyroid from last 15 years and have a pain in my body, backge, and legs. I’m suffering from gas and getting weight so sir please tell me what is best homeopathic medicine for me

    • I have thyroid from last 15 years and have a pain in my body, backge, and legs. I’m suffering from gas and getting weight so sir please tell me what is best homeopathic medicine for me

  24. My daughter is getting fever on and off from past three weeks . She has been already under gone Dangoue test and the results were negative. She has been taking paracetamol on SOS. Could you please suggest any medicine in Heomeothay. I am placed in Bangalore and i can visit any homeopathy hospital if u suggest.


    Extreme pain due to fall on right side. Rib cage to hip. Any recommendations would be helpful.

  26. Kerry Scott says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me of a remedy for pain due to a tattoo given, as customer came into health shop inquiring. All that we could think of was rescue remedy.
    Thanks for your time


  27. Amrita Kapur says:


    Please advise for below bad health condition of mine:

    My problem started after I got 4th anti rabies injection.. after that I get horrible muscle spasms on legs n arms and back.. I should say whole body..the injection reacted in my body.
    and also my arms at times behave as if I have some neurological dis order too.
    Please advise wat homeopathic medicine I should take for recovering my acute muscle spasms and nerves disorder.. also bcoz of injection my cervical has also increased…im living with constant pain,…its been 2 months now n im still suffering.

    Please guide me with correct medication and how long will it take me to cure myself??

  28. Narendr Singh Yadav says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from thyroid since 2012, body pain whole body back ,legs arms etc, bit of coldish feeling while getting up, perspiration, tongue cracks, short breath while exhale, digestion weak, heavy gas, heavy mucus and phelgum, asthamatic since 1977. date of bith 1970

    Narendr Yadav

  29. S Prem Sagar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    Shoulders’ pain, thighs, knees legs feet and toes, lower back very painful – bbruising pain. Knee joints shooting pains. Feet ankles swollen and painful. After rising from chair painful to walk.. Walking very painful. Thirst normal and appetite normal. Pl indicate medicine with potency and duration.

    S. Prem Sagar

  30. M Aslam says:

    Sir I have pain in my leg and hip from last 10 years. I tried already many treatment but helpless. So please tell me best medicine for it.

  31. Charan Singh says:

    Sir , Please advice that I am facing problem during the summer. when I sleep in front of fan then the next day or same time pain start on feet, legs and hand, joint as well and these are heated a lot.

  32. respected sir
    I am samrat Sk I am an electrical engineer, my problem is all right side pain specialy two fingers of end right hand and lage. lower back pain which is soooooo much and lage Muscular senseless. I take medicine sanganiria 30, belladonna, rustox, bronia, arnica,, bt problem is not solve still now. this pain is not new before three years I am suffering this problem.please do something for me.

  33. Ranjeeit Patil says:

    I had pains in left eye only when acidity level increased, I suffer from the acidity weekly now before it once in month, impact of acidity increase affect to my only left eye get painful for two days, meantime as part of practice, i use to omit in morning. My age is 38 working in office administration 10- 6, I really get fed up of this situation.I had tried Homeopath, aurvedic, allopathy, but nobody can help me from this disease since 2004. I want any painkiller which can help me from the pains which i get in my left eye within half or one hour after consuming the medicine. I do not want ay medicine for acidity but for the pains which I cannot survive for two days in week. Please help me if you can.

  34. I had a fall 3 weeks ago. I went down and hurt my leg initially it really hurt. I got up and walked home. It was very painful but I carried decorating for quite a few hours. After a while it didn’t trouble until a few days later I was running upstairs and I noticed a weird pulling sensation.

    The pain disappears with rest. I looked after and picked up my grandchildren and ran to the car the pain came on again. Now I notice it only if I walk and stand.

    What do you recommend, is there any homoepathic remedy that could speed recovery. Many thanks Elaine

  35. Bernard mccloskey says:

    I’ve a lot of lower back discomfort and dull pains in my upper legs it’s worse in the mornings but is there at most times and in bed there when I turn or move some times in between my shoulder bones

  36. somwanshi p.n. says:

    My leg joints are painful suggest me some perfect remedy.

  37. Marc Baissac says:

    Good day

    I have been suffering from various aches and pain since about 2 years. The current problem that is harassing me is pain in my muscles, neck, shoulders and upper back. My doctor said that it is due to 2 things, 1. Premature pain from old age (I am 65) and pain from diabetes. The first time he has given me a treatment of cortisone which made the pain go away. This time round, I could not carry on feeling the paid, so I self medicated with cortisone again. (I could not go and see the doctor again for financial reasons as well as long distance travel.

    I suffer from an other number of problems which require me to take the following medicines : Clopidogrel and Aspirin (TIA), Atorvastatin (Cholesterol), Betaserc 24mg and Stemetil (Vertigo), Metformin (Diabetis), Lasix and Amlodipine (HBP), Amitriptyline, Sertraline, Quetiapine Furamate and Timipramine (Depression) and finally Lormetazepam (Insomnia)

    I am trying my best to go on a natural, meditation, Acupressure regimen to stop (in due course) to stop taking allopathic drugs. I have used homeopathy for a long time and even cured my wife from chronic sore throat. But I do not practice it anymore for various reasons

    Could you see if their is any way that you can help me?

    Many thanks

  38. My pelvic/hip bones have shrinked, whereas the rib cage has widened hugely. Can I get the normal structure back by Homeopathy?

  39. Gita Chakraborty says:

    I have suffering body ache almost 20 years . I also bad muscular pain waist ,leg and neck .
    I feel fatigue and depression . No sleep .|Muscular strain feel whole body.
    Fo the reason I never fell in peach in mind.

  40. Anne Ledgerwood says:

    I’ve had nori virus and now I ache all over , can’t sleep but it doesn’t help when I walk about

  41. Mattt Walther says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma,
    I have a slight tear in my meniscus on the inside of my knee. It gets painful after running and I would like to ask you kindly for a recommendation for rebuilding/repairing the cartilage.
    Best regards,

  42. Very hard fever and all body joint pain and do not able to walk stand sit any thing on after sleeping can not able to move body become thick what to do?

    • hello Dr ,
      I am suffering from full body pain, the pain gets transferred I mean sometimes I have lower backpains ,sometimes upper back pains,right leg n left leg,sometimes all these pains,with back shoulders joints n below neck I even feel tough to cough.I m in medicines with consultation of gynecologist with calcium,vit d3 tab with pain killers,she gave me multivitamin injection withdrips Pls suggest me should continue with these r any home remedy. I m suffering from pains almost 2 months.just blessed with a baby 6th month running by cesarean.sometimes I m not even able to lift my baby

  43. Please suggestions for curve cal spondilat neck Mexican in homeopathy my age 58

  44. Kathy Davis says:

    I am 67 yr old, had 4 LS spine surgeries over last 15 yrs. Had TKR 5 years ago resulting in RSD at the site. I am living 24/7 with constant body aches. & pain. Am on Percocet for pain, but does very little to help. Read about Arnica & Rhus. Would like to try, but do not know how to take them. Your help is appreciated.

  45. Deepa mukherjee says:

    I am 56 year old and suffering from chronic constipation since my childhood now since few days there is constant uneasiness in the stomach even after passing motion and lot of burping too. Please help

  46. Davinder Singh says:

    I am suffering from impotency due to more masturbation. My age is 35 yrs. Can u plz tell me any medicine in homeopathic and how to use it

  47. Hello

    I am very stiff on waking up. Tense in the head. Lower back and sometimes buttocks. Clenched teeth.

    Can you advise me on what remedies there are?

    Meditation helps me. I feel more alive after that.

    Thank you

  48. Dr. S. K. Srivastava. Lucknow. says:

    No doubt, Dr. Sharma. Your prescriptions are very effective. This way you are extending your best services to socity. The laguage is so simple, that a non homeopath can also understand.
    Dr. S.K.Srivastava, Lucknow.

  49. Garasiya Ruksar says:

    Hello sir
    My father’s age is 45 year old. When he was 30 year old that time he took up some heavy Wight on his own shoulder. During this time they suffer from hand and shoulder pain. The pain is unbearable. Please tell me what we do .

  50. My mother is suffering from whole body pain.her age is85 yrs.without any apparent reason.blood report is also normal except deficiencies of iron.

  51. Sir, My name is Ajay. I am 30 years old. I have been exercising for last four months. But there is a continuous pain in my leg in the region over the ankles. Even if I sit on my legs. They pains a lot in that particular region and it is almost impossible to sit in that particular position. Further if I leave exercise, then I feel back pain. Even I have got done all the tests but nothing was found the Harding packpain. The doctor said it must be a back pain. In addition I got done the test for Vit-D and B-12 and found these deficient. Please suggst .

  52. Deepti singhal says:

    hello sir i m deepti singhal,
    i have very much pain in back also have cervical spondilytis.from last few years get swelling in feet but uric acid is normal.muscular pain in body is intolerable.
    pls advice me

  53. I am 23 yrs male and having leg and joint pain. If i do any slight job also i feel pain on that particular muscle and joint..I am taking homeo medicine. Will it cure fully? I got huge relief after taking the medicine. I smoke sometimes but after that the pain on paticular areas comes back with a burning sensation. Sometimes i take pain killers for severe pain, then also there is a burning sensation on these areas.Why is it?

  54. Sunita Puri says:

    My mother is 88 years old, she has cervical and acute body aches all over the body. She always feel uncomfortable and is unable to sleep at night. She is getting every kind of allopathy treatment but no respite. She taken thyroid tablet and BP tablet also. She also feels heat out of body. Doctor says that some nerve presses that is why the symptoms occur. Please advise some homeopathy medicine. Please help.

  55. Goutam Acharyya says:

    Hallo Doctor
    Pranam , I goutam acharyya behalf of my wife age 43 suffering body pain mainly joint with ulcerativf colitis last 2 years , kindly advice
    with regards
    goutam acharyya

  56. Good morning
    I am gurmeet writing behalf of my father age is 63 year old i always noticed from last year i the morning wakeup time my father feels very tires and bodyache
    That is why several times i suggested to my father once you consult with doctor
    But they are not listening to me carefully always ignored and always said because of work load i am feeling tired ok i understand that but in the eaely morning tired for what

    Thanks and regards
    From New delhi

  57. ikram raza says:

    Dr. i am a poor boy please tell me my back pain cause and medicine Please Dr.

  58. Nisha Kejriwal says:

    My wife 28 yrs old pain all body she is fade up
    So plz any salotion or treatment plz and side pain

  59. adil khan says:

    I am sufferign from burning disorder. since 10 year my whole body is burnign and pain in my all body also back whic medicin i take sir plz help me

  60. nwakaji chioma says:

    Doctor my father is 58 years old.he complains of acute body pains which initially was centered in the waist.But sometimes this pain moves from the waist to the legs or from the legs to the hands. He started complaining last year but this year the pain became severe. Please advice me

  61. Gopalakrishna says:

    My father is 93 and is suffering from body pain all over. His general health is OK. No BP or sugar.
    His mobility is now hampered and is bed-ridden. Please advice.

  62. Respected doctor iam 28.5 years old and mother of two children. I am constantly suffering feom body pain especially the middle of my spine . My mornings are like I didn’t sleep whole and my body aches specially in morning iam badly tensed and over much worried as iam a housewife and have to take care of whole family.

  63. Sadhana Rathore says:

    R/sir ,I am 32 years old.
    I am having a sever pain below my waist line to legs its very problematic to move n put legs on floor specially in morning.most of the time my all joint aches too. Plz help n prescribe any medicine with no side effect. Actually i am planning to conceive.
    Thax wd regards

  64. M ELYAS KRAIPAK says:

    i am 55 yeas male, diabetic for last 16 years , i am feeling pain in different parts including lower back, fatigue and drowsiness , the condition worsens with extra physical activity , pl advice.

  65. I am suffering from severe pain in whole left side of body from neck to toe I am not able to hold a book also plz help with this

  66. Bhupendra Choudhury says:

    I am sufferign from burning disorder. since 8-9 year my whole body is burnign. I can not sleep properly.

  67. Neelam Khatri says:

    Doctor, I m suffering from positional vertigo since ten days. While lying down and while turning head on either sides I feel dizziness. Plz advise some effective medicine.

  68. AshwiniDevraj says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from heavy body pain.
    In ESR testing ESR is 82m
    Please help me… For your valuable treatment.
    Thanks & regards

  69. usha sundari says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma
    I am 75 years old. I feel my legs very heavy and stiff and I cann’t walk even 100 yards comfertably. I have no joints pain. I have no strength . When I go to washroom to urinate, some semi liquid stool also passes with sound every time. Please help me.

    • Esmeralda Quiah says:






  70. krishan kant singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from hole body pain. Pain is high on whole legs, back pains etc. So please give reply for the same. Body is paining every time my age is 36 running. pain has started from 2007 when i was got ill by depression but now the pain is increased on high level. kind request to solve my problem. for hole body

  71. Hello sir my name is priya age 39. Sir my legs start pain as the summer start from March to August . I suffering from last four years every year in March.all tests are OK alopathy Dr give only pain killer. Please suggest me.Thank you.

  72. Hello, Dr. Sharma My name is Akbar. I m 25 yea’re n I have been suffering with pain for a long period. But not continuously. I have pain in my back, ribs, hips n waste specially when I go to bed some time severe plz suggest me I’ll b highly grateful to you.
    Thanks n Regards

  73. Jarnail singh says:

    I have pain in my legs it’s too much when I get up n it reduces at 1pm please suggest some medicine it’s in whole of the legs I can’t bear I have to take some pain killer

  74. Ajay B. Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am suffering from hole body pain. Pain is high on whole legs, back pains etc. So please give reply for the same. Body is paining every time my age is 36 running. pain has started from 2007 when i was got ill by depression but now the pain is increased on high level. currently i am talking the medicines of ramdev baba but pains are not getting kind request to solve my problem. for hole body
    Mobno: 7208221879

  75. Bhumi Sharma says:

    I had written to you earlier also.

    I am taking ayurvedic medicines..However there is pain in the back of my head and a push comes from the back of my body.

    Can I start homeopathy along with ayurvedic medicines?

    Please advice


  76. Irshad up Haque. G M says:

    I am male 54. I work on computer from 11AM to 9PM with 10 mts gap for lunch.The place is clouded with goods and there is no provision for fresh air.I suffer from Asthama and migraine major problems .Can u please write me homeopathic remedies and potency to allocate my problem please.

  77. dr. jaimala says:

    Dear Dr.
    I am 48 years old professor by profession. From last 30 years I am suffering from a pain which is moving in nature and important symptoms are:
    it is not regular. Many times it does not occur even for months and when it happens it remains for one to seven or eight days
    it is caused by no particular reason many times it just occurs only by having a thought about it
    it concentrates in one part of leg or arm but mainly it appears in frontal portions
    i feel relaxed on walking
    it increases at the time of rest
    it starts immediately after awakening
    i have a feeling to press the particular area again and again but get no relief
    no pain killer works on it
    I have taken homeopathy treatment of many famous Drs of Ghaziabad and Meerut but of no worth
    Once causticum worked and i had no pain for two years but then it failed on recurrence of the pain
    I have deficiency of calcium
    I am quiet emotional, lean and thin and wheatish complexioned
    recently negative rheumatism is diagnosed but it is not related to my pain which has a history of 30 years
    Please suggest some medicine

  78. Muhammad Shafiq says:

    i hope u r mother is 50 year old.she have fell pain in legs and feet.some time his feet was swelling and fell very deep pain.kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine.

  79. Thelma Smith says:

    2009 I was diagnosed with chronic spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia and now arthritis. I have taken numerous
    prescribed drugs with little to no relief, the pain has driven me into depression and nervousness. Please help me.

  80. Sir,

    After sprain my knee i was regularly taking thus tox 1m and bryonia alb 30. But i am worker. I can’t stay in one place. I am staying in computer lab. Actually now without keen belt i can walk better. Before I used. Means now i feel internal pain in my knee. Sir please tell me the remedies for my internal knee bone problem.

    Thanking You…..

  81. Sir
    Im suffering from my hole body pain plz plz suggest me what to do

  82. Wilma Fortier says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I have been taking Rhus toxicodendron 30ch for several years now with good effect for arthritic type pain mostly in the fingers, knees, and neck. I recently fell and sustained an injury in the rib area and treated it with Arnica Montana 1m and changed up to rhus tox 1m. As the days went by, I started to suspect the possibility of a fractured rib 4 days after the injury went to have an x ray which showed 2 fractures in the Rt. back area. The day before I had increased the Rhus tox to 10M at bedtime and if I wake during the night and once during the day. I drop down to the 1m if I need it in between and also have been dropping back to the arnica 200ch when I can. My decreasing the doses when I can is largely due to the local health food store having to order the stronger doses for me and I am afraid of running out before they get them in. I did fill the Rx for Tylenol #3 the Dr. gave me after the x rays, but I would prefer not to take any. Would appreciate any suggestions on the above regime. Thank you

  83. Dr Morning ,

    I agree with what I read I am 55 years old getting pain in my body , fever in the night what can I do to get help .my hand can’t hold the broom to sweep the home .

    How can u help me Doctor


  84. vijay kakra says:


  85. pradeep Kumar dwivedi says:

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from a severe pain at resting position relief by pressing at whole body plz suggest

  86. I am suffering from severe accumulation of gas in body , due to which severe painis there inbody, once released gas through massager, the pain ends but in few days the pain is back becz gas is accumulated help

  87. vikram shah says:

    dear dr.
    i m travelling to a piligrim on 26dec n will have to climb stairs..i m sure i shall have stiff n sore calfs..i wud need help to ease them asap. i have to travel again once i m back..pls suggest some quick relief medicne.

  88. My mother is patient of lever cirrhosis. She is on no salt and high protein diet to maintain albumin. Around 14 litres of water was removed from her stomach around three years back. She is having severe joint pains in her complete body, we cannot give any pain killer as any strong medicine worsen her lever. She is 63. Is their any remedy in homeopathy which will give her pain relief without effecting her lever any further. Please let me know if you need any further details. Thanks in advance.

  89. My daughter suffers chronic neck pain due to a car accident. She is somewhat depressed and is quite prone to anxiety. She sees a chiropractor, but only gets a small amount of not lasting relieve. I am trying to figure out what homeopathic remedy to suggest for her

  90. Sir, I m suffering from ankle, back, knee and waist pain since five years. I HV not diagnosed or taken any treatment. I HV no diabetes or cardiac problem. If I take pain killers constantly feel less pain, and stopping same condition. What should I do ? My age is 55 and I m retired guy. Thanks.


    • pervez alam khan says:

      mai kafi salon se dard se pareshan hun kafi pain killer as spasmo paraxivon caps se 2 3 ghante aram rehta hai gardan ki haddi se sar me uljhan hone lagti hai aur phir pure jism me dard hota rehta hai kai dr. ko dikha chuka hun magar koi fayda nahi hua gase ki bhi kafi shikayat hai ab aap hi elaj karen

      • pervez alam khan says:

        mai kafi salon se dard se pareshan hun kafi pain killer as spasmo paraxivon caps se 2 3 ghante aram rehta hai gardan ki haddi se sar me uljhan hone lagti hai aur phir pure jism me dard hota rehta hai kai dr. ko dikha chuka hun magar koi fayda nahi hua gase ki bhi kafi shikayat hai ab aap hi elaj karen

  91. Mazda/
    I am short and bulky,Diabetic patient,Can’t sleep due to burning pain,sometimes in whole body,generally pain in right side ,some times moved in the left.I have fear of night.I need very cold water and always need air.I have sweating without air.I can’t tolerate hot. I feel that my skin is very thin during pain and can’t tolerate even touch of finger and cloth.

    • Saleem chaudhry says:

      My wife is diabetic since 10 years.She has severe knee pain in both knees she has difficulty in standing from sitting position, n also suffers from body pains all over body n especially in joints.we have tried thus tox,,chamomilla in 30 .can yu suggest some remedy


    Respected Dr sahab
    I m suffering from severe pain in full body especially in neck, shoulders, both hands and both legs. I feel the pain 24 hours especially at bed time. Feel better if pressed but no relief. Suffering for last one year. No doctor has yet diagnosed the desease. Several pathology test done but no result. Pl help. Prescribe some high dose for immediate relief.
    I will be obliged.
    Madhuri Acharyya( House Wife , Age 42 years)

  93. whole body feels very tired & is beaten .this pain is from knee to head .head feels neck pain also

  94. Sir I m lecture…. I m having heavy painn selling in joints n knees…… I m not able to work. feeling tired too. is there any supplements for it.

  95. Partha chowdhury says:

    Respected Dr
    i have sharp bodyache,cold and cough.a mild pain in chestbones.couging till late night.pls.suggest.

  96. Prabhjyot Singh says:

    Respected Sir, Suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis and always body is in unbearable pain, please please please help.

  97. Sandeep Tandon says:

    Respected Dr sahab
    I m suffering from severe pain in full body especially in neck, shoulders, both hands and both legs. I feel the pain 24 hours especially at bed time. Feel better if pressed but no relief. Suffering for last 15/20 years. No doctor has yet diagnosed the desease. Several pathology test done but no result. Pl help. Prescribe some high dose for immediate relief.
    I will be obliged.
    Sandeep Tandon

  98. Nancy De Souza says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I reside in Canada. Have been diagonised with osteo arthritis in both knees since some years. This year started getting severed pain in right leg starting in the thigh just above the knee. Feels like a nerve because the pain moves right to my shin and ankles. Sometimes the shin hurts even while sleeping. I find it difficult to get up from a sitting position and take my first steps. Have been told I have a bakers cyst but no remedy – only prescribed Vimovo which only kills the pain has not cured anything. Don’t want to continue with Vimovo forever as it has a lot of bad side effects. Please help me find a cure soon.

    Thanks and regards

    Nancy De Souza

  99. My son Eden have a pain since 10 years. After sleeping he get pain in bones. Too much pain. Please tell me the medicine. He is married now, age 23.

  100. My son Eden have a pain since 10 years. After sleeping he get pain in bones. Too much pain. Please tell me the medicine.

  101. Anil Hegde says:

    Dear Dr sharmaji from last week I am feeling slitly dullness like fever in the morning fever body pain if I walk hardly half km get tired please let me sujest good medicine In homeopathy thanks

  102. Daxaben Bodat says:

    My name is Bindiya. Daxaben Bodat is my sweet mom. We are Indian and reside in India.She had last 6 year pain in left leg. We are show many Doctor but they told me it is rheumatism. It cant to stop ever time rainy season to pain in left leg. But now she had pain all left body that what I do?
    which type of medical testing best and necessary?plz help me i love my mom…

  103. Harish Mittal says:

    Too much body ache from last few days, feverish feeling but no fever, passing a very tense full period due to businesses, so many times headache at occipital area specially if I take very little alcohol, no other major diseases, age 65, fairly built medium body.

  104. I can feel something in my throat which when I swallow any food and drink I hear friction in my throat but it doesn’t cause me pains….and shoulder pains

  105. mother in law age 82, has varicose ulcers on right leg above inner ankle…no sugar slight bp..
    can u plz suggest homeopathic medicines…leg bone pans are really severe..

  106. Ratna Kumar says:

    I am 44 yrs old. past 7 months back i have TSH will be 100>, present i have 8.0 . In that I have body pain especially back side and also under rib pains is heavily. while sleeping and also wake up in the bed and also while sleeping in bed to turn body pains is heavily. Including 1 1/2 months back left side shoulder joint and also hand pain also. breathing problem also and also uneasyness sir, please give me for remedy and medicine and diet also sir. I have triglycerides also it will be 250 sir.

  107. vijaykumar says:

    Respected sir,

    I am suffering from continue body and fever throughout the day and night.
    what type disease this was ? pl tell me sir,
    due to this I was depressed and some time think about suicide.

    please solve my problems , I am only son for my parents.

    yours faithfylly
    Vijaykumar m



  109. aqeela malik says:

    Severe pains like someone beaten badly.. worse when some one touch.. joints inflammation n muscular pain small joints are stiff sspecialy wrist n finger joints are more painful … hip bone n bachache are worse while lying on a bed or standing all pains are same n continious kindly suggest remedy with accurate potency

  110. sir ,my husband is 42yrs old , he is taking bp , cholestrol tablets for over 8 Yrs , last his pressure was 160/100 ,giddiness ,for2-3days he went for the blood test ,his serum creatinine was 1.03mg/dl is there any homeopathy medicines.

  111. I have rls but the big issue is that I have this near constant tightness in my hips and thighs and sometimes my feet that does not seem to be affected by stretching . The only thing I have found is Hyland leg cramps PM that works but so far nothing for during the day. I am also not sleeping

  112. sharad sharma says:

    Dear Sir
    My father is 78 years old. He is suffering from muscles pain specially in shoulder, thigh and back from last few years. and this problems rises more in summer. He feels hot and cold more than others. We live in Bhilwara rajasthan where whether are more effective in seasons.He suffers to pass air (called Apan vayu in ayurveda). After releasing of this air he fees very comfortable. He has age releted spine problem also so his legs does not allow him to walk much. Please suggest medicines .
    Regards Sharad

  113. Ramkesh sharma says:

    . I am 39 year old & i suffer from headache,joint pain ,stomach pain. sir I take medicine last 7 month but no result find .sir I thing this is due to gass problem please sir told me suitable medicine for this disease

    . Name:-Ramkesh Sharma
    . Age:- 39
    . please reply sir

  114. suraj mishra says:

    i live in mom feelings very trouble for his whole body paining
    many doc are fail such as,kursi hospital patna,PUCH patna,indira hospital etc and i use medicine of ramdev baba but no effect on this
    please help me…… soon
    mob no. 8271599059

  115. I am 55 years old and am having severe lower back pain accompanied with foot pain (top of foot bones) and shoulder and arm pain. These are the main pain points, in actual it is my whole body pain from head to toe.

    This pain has arisen due to lifting of heavy stuff like threadmill and big boxes of flooring while doing work with my husband and from then on the pain has never gone. Could you please help me?

    thank you


  116. Jag Mohan Bhalla says:

    I Am 71 years old my test are normal but I have body pain Please suggest some medicine

  117. Gangadhar Tiwary says:

    Age – 59 years. wt. 96 kg. B P – 140/86. Blood sugar level -normal.
    Nature – erritate with abnormal discussion .
    Hard formation on left side thigh due to slipthat side.
    whole body pain with stiffness of joint. no swelling indication.
    Gas formation after 4 hour of eating. during sleep some sliva accumulater on mouth.
    Memory slightly weeking .
    Kindly sugest homeopathic medicine.
    Gangadhar Tiwary

  118. I am principal in a school. I am feeling now a days pain in body and exhaustion. rgds.

  119. What started as Sciatica on the right side, then, two weeks later moved to the left side. Pain moves around. Fever at night when I get into bed of 100.8, now 100.3. Fever goes away in the morning

  120. Body pain & night feaver

  121. rashmi saha says:

    i m feeling numbness and tinglingness,twitching and also feeling crawling something in my body …i m 24 years old girls..i have pollycyst overy..i have tested so many blood test like LFT,URINE TEST,COMPLETE BODY HEMOGRAM,BLOOD SUGAR(which is just crossing sugar level).so many medicine i had taken.but did not work.i m very nurvous and living very irritating is continuing from august 2014..please help me out..

  122. Wayne MacKay says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and am 64 year old male. Horrible joint pain that I treated with Ruta 10m, yes 10m. Started with 200 moved to 1 m and then found out 10 m worked best. For 5 years had painful shoulder where I couldn’t move arm ( held straight ) past my waist. Had to take Percocet 5mg for pain management. After taking the Ruta for 1 week could lift arms to the ceiling. But seems like I have to stay on the Ruta. If I stop taking it for 3 days the pain in joints gets very bad again.

    Side effect of the Ruta is that my large muscles ache and are very sore. When I breathe the muscles around my rib cage ache.

    I have always had to take large doses of medication that’s why the 1m on most. Start of 200 then to 1 m.

    Here’s what I’ve tried.

    Ruta 1m, 10m
    Pulasitilla 1m
    Ledum Palustre 1m
    Baryta carbonica 1m
    Lycopodium Clavatum 1m

    Thanks for your help.


  123. i am 49 years old..i am suffring from leg pain and body pain.wn ever i use to go out side of home i use to gt head heac also..night time alwys i am gtng leg pain can u gve me sugection for thios

  124. Narendr Singh Yadav says:

    age 45yrs
    1. asthmatic 1978
    2. joined indian navy 1987 did not keep well to regularly antibiotics for doing duty.
    3. acidic and rheumatic pains medicines taken regularly.
    4. retired
    5. severe body pain , heavy weight and bed ridden in 2010
    detected thyroid.
    6. taking 150 thyronorm since then. daily
    7. acidity, full body pain always, cannot work, heavy gas making and passing.
    sometimes blood in stool
    8. urine last drop takes longer time have to wait for some time
    9. have started feeling fear from height when see down

    pl help

    narendr singh yadav

  125. Narendr Singh Yadav says:

    age 45yrs
    1. asthmatic 1978
    2. joined indian navy 1987 did not keep well to regularly antibiotics for doing duty.
    3. acidic and rheumatic pains medicines taken regularly.
    4. retired
    5. severe body pain , heavy weight and bed ridden in 2010
    detected thyroid.
    6. taking 150 thyronorm since then. daily
    7. acidity, full body pain always, cannot work,
    8. urine last drop takes longer time have to wait for some time
    9. have started feeling fear from height when see down

    pl help

    narendr singh yadav

    • I have a dull aching around the entrance to t he anus. Notice most when sitting. Comes and goes for some months now, getting worse lately. Just came from a colonoscopy (every thing fine), 62 age, generally fit.

  126. Mushtaq Tole says:

    my wife facing with cramp problem in thai
    gh from last 10 years
    and she Have crack on heel . this two problems facing from long time. Some doctors are saying she have waat problem.
    Please suggest homeopathic medicine for this two problems

  127. Sasmita Sahoo says:

    Hello sir my mother who has 54 years old. When winter has been come or any cold air flowing she has been suffer with very much muscle stiff and body pain n also weakness. Kindly suggest me for my mom’s pain relief from that kind of problem. I can’t see her problem sometime she has been crying.
    Pls sir i am waiting for your reply with gratefully.

  128. Wherever I touch, my body hurts. I have used homeopathy since a long time but nothing seems to help. All the medicines you have mentioned in your article I have taken. Please can you help

  129. champa Devi says:

    Dear sir,
    I have so much pain in both leg in the night from 10am . i am unable to walk . my age is near about 70 years plz suggest
    with hope

  130. i am suffering from left leg pain since last 10 days pl suggest medicine

  131. I am now 59 year old. When I was in teens I developed severe depression. When I was about 34, I took allopathy and homeopathy medicines for depression simultaneously. Immediately I experienced severe , a kind of pinching pain in the nerve originating from left eye, extending toleft temple. Though I did not take thereafter either of the above medicines, there is severe problem hunting me all through.
    No homeopathic medicine is found to relieve me.

    The problem is that experience numbness in the left temple, contraction of left eye lids, severe discomfort in those areas.

    Hypericum, Bellis per nor Bellodona in 30C could not give me relief.

  132. Mere chest area me pain rahta he . Maine ecg bhi karaya report me ecg normal aaya tha.u suggest me ki mai or chekup krau or aap mujhe koi homeopathy treatment bataye

  133. dinesh saxena says:

    sir,i am 65yrs old diabetic patient since last 30 yrs,but i have maintain my suger level within limit via using INSULIN EVERYDAY.i have gone through TKRof both the knees before 2 yrs back,after TKR surgury i am feeling stiffness,JAKDON,inmalation,cramps in lower side of foot,specially in foot thumb and foot fingers,i could not sleep due to foot inflamation and crams,the inflamatin and cramps in foot are normal feels in morning and slowly slowly its increases with increases of day and in night the position of stiffness,jakdon,inflamation is reached in highest postion and in night cramping started and its was so trandius that i could not sleep at that time i have to taken medicine ,likes-PREGABALIN CAPSULE ,POTKILOR(POTASSIUM CHLORIDE ORAL SOULATION) for relief. it is humbly request pl suggest me how i may get relief of above problem?

  134. I am 57 year old lady. I am suffering from joints pain in fingers (Upper joint), pain in legs, cant tolerate fan air. Feel good with massage on body. Kindly suggest medicine.

  135. Ghulam Jan Niazi says:

    I have sciatic in my buttock and my tgigh gets numb. Can u precribe some medicine .pain is vorse at the morning time

  136. krishna rao says:

    dr i am having whole body pain \, sour taste in tongue and back pain, eyes burning for the last three days am having alopathic medicines sujest homeomedicnes. thanks and regards

  137. ASHOK KUMAR SINGH says:

    My wife had an uterous operated 3yr.ago. Now she has complain of
    1. Burning sense in sole,
    2Severe depression and anxiety.
    3Body ache particularly in back above waist where injection for anesthesia was administered.
    4) nerve pulling in legs and pain in sole get relief after pressure.

  138. Purnima Ghosh says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I am a housewife, with little bulky body and small hight. I am suffering from severe joint pain and back side pain over heep. kindly suggest homeopathic/Biochemic remedy for the same.
    Purnima Ghosh

  139. Ajaz Rizvi says:

    Respected sir I am suffering from fever with bodyach and hath Pair me jalan ho rahi hai. Please send name of medicine.

  140. sangita Brahmbhatt says:

    Recently I have severe pain in mybody like hand feet knee and whole body I am sefering frm thyroid
    since last ten years. My age is forty nine . I am also feeling hot flushes in my body. I used to stay in Ac
    for long time. My hair is geeting vewry dry an frize. Nails is also fragile and digsation is poor. Plz guide me for this.


    severe pain in neck and shoulder and feeling fever at night
    kindly suggest medicine.

  142. Louise Kocur says:

    I am a 66yr old female in good general health. I take only a cholesterol lowering medicine daily. After physical exertion, I notice my body aches all over. I had been taking ibuprofen occasionally. I am not a pill taker. I would rather take a hot shower and rub on some Mineral Ice instead. Is there something I can do or use that would help my pain? My right shoulder has been also giving me problems of late. I have been doing a lot of reaching and cleaning which may account for that. I have a little 4yr old grandchild and when I sit and play on the floor with her, I struggle to get back up off the floor. After she goes home, I notice my bones aching quite a bit. Thank you

  143. Babita Ghosh says:

    I had performed laproscopic surgery for removal of uterus on 12 March,14. I am having spondilytis on my neck for which I am using color prescribed by Orthopedic Surgeon. Everyday I am doing exercise as shown by Ortho Surgeon. I am having pain on my neck, shoulder, waste and nerve of my both hands and legs. Please prescribe medicines alongwith power and does.


  144. hi – I am overweight and have a sedentary desk job. I am a vegan, do not drink very much alcohol (1 x per week), and I do not smoke. I eat fresh vegetables and fruit daily. I rarely drink coffee – sticking to black or green tea and water. I do not drink soda. I sleep well, but take melatonin nightly to help me fall asleep. My muscles are very stiff and my knees hurt – stairs are painful. My joints are stiff but not inflamed or red or especially painful. I hurt. What is wrong with me?

  145. Kiran Yadav says:

    Dr. Sharma.
    Is fibromyalgia can cure by homeopathy. Pls reply me as soon as possible.

  146. kavindra singh says:

    DR .Dharma
    I live in India. Recently one month back i met with a major accident causing fracture of my right leg. There are 4 lesions where the bone has been broken into pieces. Rod has been put in my Ohio joint n also patella operation was done. Post operative there is extreme pain due to which i Have to take injection. It usually starts in night. Currently i am on no. Of antibiotics. I am also a diabetic and i am 52 years old. Kindly prescribe me a homoeopathic remedy for pain relief.
    Thanking you.

  147. manu chandel says:

    Plz give remedy for left & right kidney stone & plenty of gases. The patient is 19 yes. old.

  148. DR Sharma
    I suffer from constantly aching thighs, this began around june 2013. The ache also affects my bottom and at times my hips.Better when walking, uneasy when resting.Too much walking or standing makes symptoms worsen.Also my forearms have developed the same symptoms.
    My legs and arms feel heavy and after sleep I do not feel fully refreshed, I feel as though I had just done strenuous exercise.
    My GP tested my blood, it was ok, he thought it might be fibromyalgia.

    Regards Phil

  149. mahjabeen arshad says:

    suffer from cervical spondyolosis n have osteophytes in the vertebrae have to wear a soft collar an get up very stiff in the morning. pls help! mahjabeen

  150. I,am a diabetic patient .Average sugar level on fasting is about 200.And P.P sugar is about 300.I,am taking elopathic medicine.Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine

  151. Teodora Dometita says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I got chest pain due to exertion. This is when I lift something not very heavy around 5 kilos below.
    Last night, my chest pain worsen when I accidentally swallow food that made me cough.

    Right now I have a heavy chest with pain, but my chest is not swollen.

    Thank you for any homeopathic remedy you can give me.

    Thanks & regards.

    Teodora Dometita

  152. avinash shukla says:

    my father age 67 & suffering from digestion problem since last 20years due to this he was lot of pain in bacl and legs today he took MRI of lumbosacral spine & result shows loss of t2w &decreased height of l4-5 int.discs.doctors advice for surgery.pi advice is their any medicine in homeopathy

  153. Rajneesh Bartwal says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    I reside in India, when ever I travel or when the atmospheric temperature sores I have severe throbinng pain in my head. It starts with pain with less severity but grows to extreem severity as time passes by ,I get temprorary relief if I splash my head with cold water or if I or somebody applies pressure on my temples.
    Is there any remedy in homeopathy which can provide quick relief.

    Thanks & regards

    Rajneesh Bartwal

    • Ramesh Chander Jogiani says:


      Salutations to you. Sir, I am having pain in right knee coupled with inflammation and fluid in knee as told by the orthopaedic doctor, seeing X,ray. Please help me to come out of this predicament by suggesting appropriate medicines.


      Ramesh Jogiani
      Rajouri Garden
      New Delhi
      91 –

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