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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Body Pains and Aches

Homeopathic Medicines for Body pains

Homeopathy Remedies are very effective in treating general body pains and aches. These body pains can be general body pains caused by exertion etc or caused by more specific reason like fevers or joint inflammation. As homeopathy is a more symptom-based system of medicine ( this means that symptoms are given more preference over pathological condition while choosing the right remedy ) the medicine set remains quite same for general as well as specific reasons for causing body pains. Homeopathic medicines for body pains are a natural substitute for painkillers. The best feature while using medicine for treating body pains is that they are totally side effect free and are made from naturally occurring plants and substances.

Homeopathic Medicines for Body Pains and Aches

Rhus Toxicodendron, Arnica Montana, Bryonia Alba, Magnesium Phosphorica, Ruta Graveolens, Gelsemium Sempervirens, Causticum, and Colchicum Autumnale are the top medicines for body pains and aches.

1. Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus Toxicodendron is a natural medicine that occupies the highest rank in treating general body pains and aches. This medicine is prescribed for patients in whom the body aches are worse in resting position and are better by walking. The body pains are accompanied by anxiety and restlessness. The patient feels a need to constantly move to get relief. The body aches are worse on starting to walk after rest but as the patient walks by the aching goes on decreasing gradually. Marked stiffness always accompanies the body aches. This medicine is almost specific if the body pains start after getting wet in rain. Its use is highly recommended in those body pains that are a result of overstraining or overstretching of muscles.

 2. Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is also an excellent medicine for body aches. This medicine is used where excessive sore bruised aching of body is present. The whole body feels sore as if beaten. The patient requiring arnica finds it difficult to lie down calmly in bed. The bed feels hard on which he lies, which makes him constantly changes. The whole body feels lame. Arnica can very effectively treat the soreness and body aches due to overexertion. This medicine has the great ability to reduce body aches which occur due to injuries either recent or old. Even the joint pains that result out of injury can be treated with this remedy.

3. Bryonia Alba

Bryonia Alba is yet another natural medicine used in homeopathy for treating the general body aches and pains. This medicine gives marvellous results when body pains result from either muscular or joint involvement. The prominent symptom guiding the use of this medicine is –  worsening of the body Pains on the slight motion. The body pains are better on absolute rest. Every part of the body is painful to touch. An increased thirst for large quantity of water is always present in patients requiring this medicine.

4. Magnesium Phosphorica

Magnesium Phosphorica is used for a wide range of body pains and aches. Main Indications for its use are  – severe body pains that are shooting, cutting or stitching in nature.; The severity of  pains are almost unbearable making the person mad. The pains are worse by cold air exposure. Warm application gives relief in body aches. Patient feels better by applying pressure to the parts of body.

5. Ruta Graveolens

This medicine is used for body aches where the whole body feels painful and bruised. The main indications for its use are – All those parts of body on which patient lies are tender.  Extreme weakness is always present with body pains. Patient has a great difficulty on rising from a chair. The lower limbs lack strength. Back pain is more prominent. Patient feels relief in backache by pressure.

6. Gelsemium Sempervirens

Gelsemium Sempervirens is a wonderful natural medicine for treating body aches that are accompanied by dullness and drowsiness.Other main indications for its use are – The whole body feels tired with excessive muscle weakness. Mostly used where pain is present in neck, back and lower limbs. The body pains are attended with weakness from slight exertion. This medicine can also help in relieving the neck and shoulder pain with headache.

7. Eupatorium Perfoliatum, Arnica Montana, Chamomilla and Rhus Toxicodendron – Natural Remedies for Body Pains and Aches during Fever

Eupatorium Perfoliatum is the best natural medicine for treating body pains that occur during fever. This is mainly given where the severe and general bone pains predominate. This medicine gives quick relief in the body aches during fever like malaria or influenza. The patient feels as if the whole body is broken down. Arnica Montana is used for sore and bruised type of body aches in fever. Whole body feels lame. Patient feels worse on lying down. The bed feels hard on which the patient lies. Body aches are worse from touch. Chamomilla is an important medicine used for unbearable body aches in fever. Patients requiring Chamomilla are very sensitive to cold air. Such patient turns irritable or violent due to pains. Rhus Toxicodendron is used for body aches in fever that are better by walking and worse at rest.

8. Arnica Montana, Rhus Toxicodendron and Bryonia Alba for Treating Body Aches due to Exertion

The first medicine Arnica Montana is used where the person feels excessive soreness over whole body due to exertion. The body is very sensitive to touch. The bed on which person lies feels hard. Body aches are felt as if someone has beaten the body. The next two medicines Rhus Toxicodendron and Bryonia Alba are both natural remedies for the treatment of body aches due to exertion. The main indicating feature for selecting the medicine out of these two for body aches – Rhus Toxicodendron is prescribed when the body aches are better by walking and worse at rest whereas Bryonia Alba is given when the body aches are worse by walking and are better by absolute rest.

9. Remedies for Painful Joints

The medicines Causticum, Bryonia Alba and Colchicum Autumnale are natural joint pain remedies for the treatment of body aches due to acute inflammation of joints as in Rheumatoid arthritis. Causticum is mainly used where the joints are inflammed and very stiff leading to body aches. The aches are worse by slight exposure to cold air. Warm applications give relief to the patient. The second medicine Bryonia Alba is prescribed when the body aches occur due to swelling and intense pain in joints. The worsening of aches by slightest motion and relief by rest are strong indicating features for using this medicine. The last mentioned medicine Colchicum Autumnale is mainly given when the body aches are a  result of intensely swollen, stiffened and painful joints. Here the body aches are worse by slightest touch and at night time.                               

10. For Body Aches due to Muscle Soreness

The natural medicines for body pains due to excessive muscle pains are Rhus Toxicodendron and Magnesium Phosphorica. Rhus Toxicodendron is the best medicine for body aches due to muscle soreness. The muscle soreness can be the result from over-exertion, over-stretching, over-straining. The patient requiring Rhus Toxicodendron will complain of relief in the body aches by motion and worsening by rest. The second medicine Magnesium Phoshorica is well suited to persons who have body aches that are better by warm applications and by pressure

11. For Nerve Pain

Nerve pains can also lead to severe pain in the parts of the body eg sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy in feet etc. Hypericum, Mag Phos are natural pain remedies for conditions arising out of afflictions to Nerve.

12. For Joint Pains with Ulcerative Colitis

Joint pains can occur secondary to other disorders such as Ulcerative colitis. Rhus Tox is wonderful medicine for treating joint pains in ulcerative colitis. Read the detailed feature on medicines for ulcerative colitis.

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  1. devanand dhyani says:

    My complete body is paining whichc is best homeopathic medicine which can root out all these diseases from my body

  2. Elaine Hewitt says:

    What would be the dose for any of these remedies?

  3. Surinder St Sathor says:

    My wife is suffering from chronic tonsils problem. Pain in throat extends to ears either in left or in right side along with high temperature. Please guide me.

  4. DR. ALBERT NDEZE says:

    Dr. Sharma, do you have a distributor in Nigeria where these medications can be bought. Please let me know as quickly as possible.

  5. Sarbjit Singh says:

    Can these be mixed, for example we mix 10 drops each of Arnica Montana, Rhus Toxicodendron and Bryonia Alba for Treating Body Aches and so on

  6. janza coar says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Please suggest a pain medication for joint pain. My knees, my mid and lower back, ankles and feet hurt. I was diagnosed with Polyneuritis at ten years old and Gilliam Barae at thirty. I now am 70 and have undergone partial colon removal and an implanted mesh for a hernia. I am participating in physical therapy twice weekly. My strength is gradually returning but my low back and hip hurts. What can I take for the pain. I have had spinal neck and low back fusion.

  7. Avleen Kaur says:

    Please suggest me medicine for colitis, my 14years old daughter suffering from the last eights months both ears please help me,

  8. Soma Biswas says:

    Please suggest me the Best medicine for Knee ostioartharities for my 76 yrs old mother

  9. I am 49 and I’m living in Toronto Canada

    My pain sometimes happens all over my body especially when I wake up in the morning it took a few hours for it to go away at least 2 to 3 hours At times it will feel as if I get a beaten in my sleep sometimes the pain would be steadily around my neck my head my shoulder lower back Abdominal legs Nice and Cavs at times the pain will happen all over the body the Same time sometimes it’s only my feet my lower abdominal And sometimes just my upper chest this pain is been going on many years now every time when it happens I go to the doctor they do the bloodwork the Xtree the ultrasound the whole 9 yard stress test nothing comes up I don’t know what’s going on and I can’t live with this pain constantly there are times it will go away for two or three years then he comes back I don’t know what’s bringing it back But I really need to get rid of this body stress that I’m going through thank you

    • hey doc,
      my name is Ricky & i am 59 yrs old. 21 years ago i was in an airplane crash, my airplane. I am a licensed pilot & what happened to me 21 years ago i should have died on impact alone along with a big ole fireball, that’s what usually happens every time you fly an airplane into the ground at 220 mph, they blow up & you die, end of story. well i hit the ground almost perpendicular, yeah tell me about it. well a second or two before i hit i closed my eyes thought of my daughter & bam! i hit the ground! No explosion, but most of all
      No loss of consciousness ! i was still alive but i knew my legs were a mess. airlifted to hospital, two surgeons wanted to amputate both legs one said he could save them. both tib fibs were broken, compound fracture at right right ankle along with the aviator fracture on my right foot. both knees were as the doc said “pretty much disintegrated” over the next 3 years & 8 operations on my legs i was as good as i was gonna get from the doc & that was ok. for the next 2o years i have been on narcotics, that is a rough road for anyone to go down. but when the whole world changed there was no way i was going into my pain doc. this pandemic has scared the hell out of me so i have been narcotic free for the last year. wow! talk about feeling like rip van winkle. but years ago i was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. now of course i started to feel the neuropathy setting in my left foot & hand. i started taking r-alpha lipoic acid & the neuropathy in my left foot & hand has disappeared. i stii have some very bad flare ups that keep me up all night, not near as many but i still get them & it can get pretty bad pain wise. so Doc my question to you is: is there something homeopathic available that might help me get thru the flare ups? because i am not getting any younger & i really enjoy being off of the narcotics!
      most respectfully yours

  10. Saran Subramaniam says:

    Hi Dr..i am having some sore throat (around upper throat area) and body pain (muscle and joints pain).
    iam also having some headache like sinus in the head which gets relieved after steam inhalation.
    So i would say as summary..congestion in head, nose, throat with body/joints pain. i do not have any fever.
    Can you please suggest a homeo medicine to cure this issue?.

  11. LIAQAT SHAH says:

    My sister is 22 unmarried. Befor 3 year she was typhoid. She was treated by allopathic medicine then recurrent attacks starts every 6month Then treated by homeopathic medicine she taks a lot of homeopathic medicines. Know she suffring from ibs ( diarrehea continues abdominal pain some time headache some time indigestion etc) but the proper selective homeopathic remedy dont work on her. Plz help

  12. PULAK PAL says:

    Sir, Namaskar. I am 48 years old from Kolkata.Facing Knee Joint Pain from October 2018.
    I had taken Ayurvedic Medicines for it. But some time I am facing Knee Joint Pain.
    Please suggest Medicines .

  13. Ramananda gupta says:

    Dear sir
    I am from Anantapur about 73 of age, a few months back in right leg near ankle I had nerve pain. Which causes much pain, due to this I couldn’t walk more distance. I used pain killer ointment for few days . Now nerve pain reduced but I had much muscular pain.
    Pl, inform me the remedy Thank you
    Ramananda gupta Anantapur

    • Chandu Palan says:

      I am 72 years old. Male. For the last few years I am having full body pain. I have consulted with many Doctors.but no cure Pl advice me homeopathy medicine.. please thanking you

  14. Collette says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Love, Blessings & Light.
    I am writing to you for assistance as I have a long been looking to encourage normal platelets. I do not have dengue, but also the red and white cells are in need of help as well. However I do not know the source or core issue and thought and expert in Homeopathy could assist as allopathy has totally failed me.

    • Dr. Meenakshi Sharma says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma
      Greeting of the day.
      I’m suffering from Herpes Zoster since 5th June 2018. Outer skin is cleaned almost but still have burning on the effected area and severe stomach ache in the effected side. It was from back to belly upto navel. Taking medicines but docs are giving of body pain and the medicine for stomach ache meftalspas is not working. Pl suggest what to do?

  15. Rakesh Kumar Pandey says:

    Sr my wife has been suffering from heel pain from a year. she feels trouble to take steps just after awaking. she is 40 years old.

  16. Hi Dr Sharma I am lady of 58 years old. I am diabetic since17 blood pressure is ok. But these days I am facing a lot of pain in my legs, thighs neck & shoulder. My neck xray shows that my neck is stright & neck bones r becoming sharp .
    I sleep 4 very short my feet finger r itching. Last year I take R71 ,it make me comfortable. I was ok .plz suggest some wonderful medicine. Thanks

  17. I’m suffering from waist and legs pain plz help me…..

  18. Lakshmi Suresh says:

    I have pain on my right foot which is very painful in the morning. It becomes really bad after walking for a while. X-rays show no abnormalities in the bony structure. Hence allopathy has no cure other than pain killers. Hence decided to resort to homeopathy. Kindly advice.

  19. Manisha says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am having joint pain and back pain, body
    Dullness. Are these the symptoms of allergy
    Because when I take anti allergy medicine feel better. If yes, please suggest something.


  20. Ramamurhy says:

    Co tenuous nagging pain in lower back and abdomen both on left side die to Herpes

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