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Why Choose Surgery When Natural Homeopathic Medicines Can Treat Your Enlarged Prostate

The prostate gland is a gland about the size of a walnut that surrounds the first part of urethra just below the urinary bladder in males. Its job is to secrete prostatic fluid. Prostatic fluid is a component of the semen and forms around 30% of the total semen. Prostate gland muscles also aid the expulsion of semen during ejaculation. The approximate weight of prostate gland ranges between 8-15 grams. The normal size of the adult prostate gland is about 15cc to 30cc. A prostate gland of more than 30cc usually indicates benign prostate hyperplasia. Benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH refers to a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. It is also termed as benign enlargement of the prostate. The enlargement of the prostate gland blocks the urinary outflow and results in many urinary symptoms. Homeopathic medicines for prostate enlargement can potentially save a person from surgical intervention.

Homeopathic Medicines for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)

1. Sabal Serrulata – Top Grade Medicine for BPH

Sabal Serrulata is one of the top grade medicines for benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP). There are many symptoms that guide the use of Sabal Serrulata. The first among them is difficulty and pain once you start urinating. The person also experiences a frequent desire to pass urine at night. Dribbling urine is another problem. Aching pain in the prostate that extends to the abdomen is another symptom indication for prescription of Sabal Serrulata. Retention of urine from prostate enlargement can also be treated well with medicine Sabal Serrulata. It is also the treatment for emission of prostatic fluid during stool or urination. Last but not least, Sabal Serrulata effectively treats the complaint of erectile dysfunction from an enlarged prostate.

2. Conium Maculatum – For Interrupted Urine Flow in BPH

Conium Maculatum is another extremely effective medicine for benign prostate hyperplasia. A major indication for use of Conium Maculatum is interrupted urine flow from enlarged prostate. Here the urine starts and stops several times before complete voiding. After passing urine, burning pain may be felt in the urethra.

3. Cantharis Vesicatoria and Sarsaparilla Officinalis – For Burning Pain while Passing Urine

Cantharis Vesicatoria and Sarsaparilla Officinalis are top rated medicines for burning pain while passing urine in BPH. Cantharis Vesicatoria is prescribed if the burning in urethra is felt before, during or after passing urine. There is also a constant desire to pass urine in such cases. In some cases, the scalding sensation is extreme, with passing of urine in drops. Sarsaparilla Officinalis is taken when there is severe burning pain at the conclusion of urination.

4. Lycopodium Clavatum – For Frequent Urination at Night

For frequent urination at night from benign prostate hyperplasia, Lycopodium Clavatum works wonders. Besides frequent urination at night due to enlarged prostate, another guiding feature for use of Lycopodium Clavatum is the need to wait to start urinating. In short, a person who needs Lycopodium Clavatum passes scanty urine during the daytime and suffers profuse urination at night.

5. Baryta Carb – For Dribbling Urine

Baryta Carb is known to effectively treat the problem of dribbling after urination in benign prostate hyperplasia cases. Another indication for using Baryta Carb in BPH is sudden urge to urinate, with the inability to retain urine. The urine may be scanty. Burning while passing urine may also be observed.

6. Clematis Erecta and Chimaphila Umbellata – When there is Difficulty in Initiating Urine

Clematis Erecta and Chimaphila Umbellata are very helpful in treating benign prostate hyperplasia. Clematis Erecta is indicated when there is difficulty in starting to urinate due to prostate enlargement. The person needs to strain hard before urine starts to flow. Intense burning may arise while passing the last drops of urine. Dribbling after urination may also be present in some cases. Chimaphila Umbellata is just as helpful where a person needs to strain hard to start passing urine. Urine is scanty and may also be offensive. Burning or scalding while passing urine may also be present. In extreme cases, the urine is passed with a lot of strain, with the body inclined forwards.

7. Thuja Occidentalis – For Urgency to Urinate

In case of marked urgency to urinate in benign prostate hyperplasia, Thuja Occidentalis is the most appropriate prescription. The urine stream is small. Frequent urge to pass urine may be present. Burning or cutting pain while urinating may be observed. Thuja Occidentalis also effectively treats involuntary urination at night.

8. Agnus Castus – For Sexual Complaints in BPH

Agnus Castus is a very well indicated medicine for treating sexual complaints in men from benign prostate hyperplasia. Agnus Castus can treat weak erections or complete loss of erections from prostate enlargement. Loss of sex drive in men who suffer BPH can also be treated well with Agnus Castus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Homeopathic Treatment for Prostate

1. Why does benign prostate hyperplasia occur?

The exact cause of benign prostate hyperplasia is not yet known. It is, however, age related. An imbalance in male hormones as age advances is thought to play a role in benign prostate hyperplasia.

2. What are its symptoms?

A few key symptoms can aid a clinical diagnosis of benign prostate hyperplasia. However, to get a confirmed diagnosis, medical investigation is necessary. The clinical symptoms of BHP include straining to begin urination, frequent urge to pass urine, weak urine stream, dribbling after urination, urgent need to urinate, interrupted urination and sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder. In case of a urinary tract infection, pain and burning while urinating is also felt.

3. Is benign prostate hyperplasia related to age?

Yes, benign prostate hyperplasia is an age related complaint in males. There are more than 50% chances for prostate gland enlargement between the age of 50 years and 60 years.

4. Can benign prostate hyperplasia cause sexual dysfunction?

Yes, benign prostate hyperplasia can lead to sexual complaints. Complaints of erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive are common in BHP.

5. I have frequent urination at night (nocturia), could it be due to BPH?

Yes, it could be. Frequent urination at night is one of the indicating features of benign prostate hyperplasia. But, there are many other conditions that can cause frequent urination at night as well; diabetes, urinary tract infection and overactive bladder, for example. Therefore, detailed case evaluation and investigation must be carried out before a conclusion can be drawn.

6. Does a weak urinary stream necessarily mean prostate enlargement?

No. A weak urinary stream is one of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. However, urinary stricture may also lead to a weak urinary stream.

7. Do we need to conduct tests to investigate suspected benign prostate hyperplasia?

Various tests need to be conducted. Investigations include an ultrasound of the prostate gland, transrectal ultrasound, cystoscopy, postresidual volume test, urinary flow test. A urine test is also conducted to rule out urinary infection. PSA (prostate specific antigen) is checked. If the PSA value is above normal, biopsy of prostate tissue needs to be done to rule out cancerous changes.

8. What is PSA and what does it signify?

PSA is prostate specific antigen. It is produced by prostate gland cells. PSA is a screening test to rule out prostate cancer in men. The normal PSA value is below 4.0 ng/mL. A raised PSA arouses suspicion of cancer of the prostate gland. Therefore, in such cases, a biopsy of prostatic tissue is recommended.

9. I have been advised surgery for BPH, can natural medicines help avoid it?

Homeopathy can work wonders in such cases and help avoid surgery. The conventional system of medicine considers benign prostate hyperplasia a case for surgical intervention. Homeopathy is very effective in treating benign prostate hyperplasia. In fact, most cases of mild to moderate enlargement of prostate gland respond exceedingly well to natural treatment.

10. My USG shows post voidal residual urine with enlarged prostate, what does that mean?

Residual urine refers to the urine remaining in the urinary bladder at the end of micturition. Residual urine from benign prostate hyperplasia shows incomplete emptying of the bladder due to obstructed urinary outflow. A post residual urine volume of less than 50ml is normal. In elderly people of over 65yrs of age, post residual volume ranging between 50 ml – 100ml is normal. However, acute urinary retention, where a person is completely unable to pass urine, needs to be treated as a medical emergency.

11. What are grades of BPH, what do they signify?

There are three grades of benign prostate hyperplasia and they show the level of progression of the disease. In BPH grade 1, there are no troublesome symptoms and no significant obstruction. In BPH grade 2, bothersome symptoms appear, but there is no significant obstruction. In BPH grade 3, there is significant obstruction and post residual urine volume of more than 100ml.

12. Is prostatitis different from benign prostate hyperplasia?

Yes, prostatitis and benign prostate hyperplasia are different conditions. Prostatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Prostatitis can be acute or chronic. The main cause of prostatitis is bacterial infection. On the other hand, benign prostate hyperplasia is enlargement of the prostate gland, which is mainly age related.

13. Why are people with BPH vulnerable to urinary tract infections (UTI)?

In men with benign prostate hyperplasia, urine outflow is obstructed. This results in incomplete emptying of the urinary bladder. The urine that remain in the urinary bladder gives a chance for bacteria to grow and leads to urinary tract infection.

14. What lifestyle changes can I adapt to manage benign prostate hyperplasia?

Reducing daily fluid intake, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, limiting intake of fluids towards the evening and trying to void urine whenever the urge arises are some basic lifestyle patterns to adapt to be able to live more comfortably in spite of this condition. Going to void urine every time the need arises is a call that must never be ignored.

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  1. Sri Vijaya Bhaskar Varanasi says:

    I, aged 66, got tested “ultrasound whole abdomenTest” It indicated “Grated II Prostato maiy”

  2. Hi Dr. My dad is 68 yrs old, has had a catheter for 4 years already. Every month/2 months it needs to be changed, operation apparently not possible because of anasthetic too harsh? Is it too late to use these remedies or can he still take them to reduce gland enlargement?


    SIR MY FATHER HASI prostatomegaly GRADE 3.CAN IT BE CURED.age 70 years

  4. Mr.Sudipta Mukhopadhyaya says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I have undergone prostate removal last year as my prostate was very enlarged and PSA a was above 10.5.
    Now on 20th of March 2021 when I checked my PSA, it was found to be 1.24. Three months back my PSA was 0.588. So there is a major jump. Normal USG of prostate was absolutely perfect which was done on 20th March.
    I am suspecting I still have prostate cancer.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine please.
    Sudipta Mukhopadhyay

  5. Dear Dr
    I m 53 yrs old, married since 1993, recently started experiencing following symptoms :
    1. Difficulty in starting urination inspite of its urge
    2. Drilling pain during & towards end of urination
    3. Don’t feel completeness… Feel bladder is not fully empty
    4. I consulted my physician. He did ultrasound & urine test & diagonosed early symptoms of enlarge prostrate… He gave me sildat medicine to take once in a day. I took it for almost two months.. Found relief in pain but then experienced weakness in marital relation. Means weak sex desire, erectile dysfunction & dry ejaculation. I left the medicine almost week back & now again feeling the same early symptoms.
    Thereafter I visited nearby homeo. He prescribed me 2drops four times a day of apis mellifica 30. Need ur advise please.


    Dear doctor,
    I am 54 years old and have an enlarged prostate about 32gms, how much sabal saraluta mother tincture should i take daily?

    • jp chaturvedi says:

      dear doctor i am 67 year old and have an enlarged prostrate 51 gms ,how much sabal saraluta mother tincture should i take daily.

      • Shri Ram Yadav says:

        I have enlarge prostrate size 52 cc and having PSA 4.11 .having burning sensation and some time obstruction while passing urine . Please suggest medicine and treatment . My age is 80 years .

  7. Subhash chand bhatia says:

    I have difficulty in passing urine, more at night. The situation is aggravated by juicy fruits,juice even drinking water at night. Fear of death during operation. Kindly suggest homoeopathic medicine.

  8. Jibachha Shah says:

    My Prostate weight is 32 gm,PSA is 1, need my treatment,I am from 2-month taking sabal serrulata 15 drop x2 a day.

    • ASHWANI MITTAL says:

      Dear doctor,
      I am 54 years old and have an enlarged prostate about 32gms, how much sabal saraluta mother tincture should i take daily?

  9. Anant Choudhari says:

    Do you have examples of cured cases of enlarged prostate by homeopathy ? within how many days enlarged prostate can be cured ?

  10. I am 62 years old and have get up and pee 2-3 times a night since the last six months. It takes a while to start peeing, but my streams are fairly strong. I do drink quite a bit of water and will stop drinking after 6:30 pm. Sex drive went from once a week to once a month, but no trouble ejaculating. No burning or pain once I start peeing. My pee is usually yellow. Which of the homeopathic remedy is best? Thanks.

  11. Dear sir, Recently I was diagnosed with mild prostatic hyperplasia, other day I had acute retention of urine for that I was catheterised. Will you be kind enough to let me know homeopathic medicine for B.P.H. READILY available in market. Or which can be bought through Amazon.
    Thanking you,

  12. AoA. Sir My father have a age 70 year. Their urine pass after 10minute. We very worry this problem. we have been all Tests these diseases. Test Repot show increase Prostrate. Dr. Recommended to Operation. We do not operation my father. I am request to advice any Heomo pathatic Medicine this diseases. I am Very thank you.

  13. Rajeev Kumar kulshreshtha says:

    I have been recently detected prostat,uti with horrnea , feeling pain,burn, since last month,and dibetese since last 20 years
    I want to know about the treatment to be taken economic

    • Hello Dr. I am 48 years old . I am suffering from urine leaking problem during night and I am using diapers. My PSA level is 0.39 and prostate size is 24 cc. Dr suggested during enlarged prostate u are suffering from urine leaking problem.. dr.also suggested that prostateSurgery is only way to get rid from this problem.. sir I don’t want go through with surgery because I am also diabetic. Sir please advise me what should I do . How can I get rid from
      prostate problem.. Thanks , waiting for your response

  14. Dear Dr. sb
    How the homeopathic medicines can help in the treatment of BPH. Detail answer is required please.
    Thanks and regards

  15. I have had holes surgery for enlarged prostrate.But even though it is 6 weeks I still have incontinence.Please advise me regarding the medication I should take.

  16. Salah Uddin says:

    I have severe prostatomegaly at volume of 101 cc. Prevoid volume is 178ml and post void volume is 79 ml. No evidence of diverticulum, intravesical mass or calculus.
    Problem is frequent urination day and night, but feeling of bladder not empty. Also, dribbling and lack of urine control.
    No pain or burning sensation. Please advise medicines with dosage.
    I am heart patient gone through CABG, blocked carotid arteries, diabetes type 2 under control with medications.

  17. asad khan sherwani says:

    pl help that I am feeling much pain when urine pass very slow like dropwise desire to urinate but urine not pass easily what to do

  18. Sir my father aged about 78 years suffering from BPH he urinate frequently at night some time in half an hour and I. Day time too but competitively less as night he is also suffering from pyralisis since 2006 kindly recommend some very effective medicine that really work I will be very grateful to you.

  19. Abdus Sobur Ahmed says:

    Prostate: It is enlarged in size and measures 4.18cm*3.45cm*3.95cm Weight is 29gm. Median lobe of prostate is vizualized and measures 1.09*1.68cm

  20. Dr KAZMI Shahid says:

    It is a very good article. Every Aspect has been well covered.

    I am suffering with BPH and also there a 5.4 mm stone in my left Kidney. I am using Dr Reckwig’s biochemic R 27. Will it bring any relief to my problem of BPH ? So far I have not found any relief, except that urine is not obstructing, but emptying is a long dream.

    • Abulbashar Chowdhury says:

      Hello Dr Sharma,
      I am 70 years old and have BPH for ten years.
      I am fed up with allopathic medicines as it treats the symptoms , not the problem.
      Would you please advise me if there is a homeopathic cure for BPH.
      I want to get back my normal sexual life as well.
      Please advise.

      • Dr. I am 56 yrs age having 80g enlarged prostate with urine retention. 100 ml . PSA level 3.0 I have issue of frequent urination at night,foul smelling of urine and Erectile disfunction . I have tried allopathy ,Ayurvedic treatment for last 4/5 years but no relief prostate enlargement increases year by year. Doctor is not advice for operation as symptom is not severe at this moment . My question is can Homeopathy can help in my case Regards Sunil

    • dr,i have frequent urge for urination and some times dribbling of urine.
      please advice

  21. Viresh Singh says:

    I have 35 cc enlarged prostate at 51 yrs age in USG, no urine burning issue , back pain , ribs left and side back , lower abdomen left & right shifting pain occur at times , feeling fatigue , otherwise no other problem . What should be further treatment or advice , care to be taken.

  22. Jibesh Mukherjee says:

    Dear sir
    I am 68 years old. Urinary bladder is partially field and regular in outline. MCC is about 113 mi.PVR is 18 mi.The prostate size 5.5×6.3×5.6 cm Weight 100 gm. PSA 6.8.Present position frequent urination in night more than 3 times Very difficult to hold urine most of the time.Diabatic level marginal
    Can I go for homeopathy. What will be medicine

  23. Srikanta Samal says:

    I am 65 Plus yrs old and being Diabatic since 10 years and in medicated insulin once in night after food. The blood sugar is 93 (fasting) and 117 (pb ps) as on 18.05.20. Ultra sound report. Prostrate size volume 31. Post void urine 40cc
    PSA 0.876 as on 16.08.19

    Prostate grade 1 as report dated 16.01.20
    Present position frequent urination in night more than 3 times taking Silodal D8 alopathy medicine one in night.
    Can I go for homeopathy. What will be medicine

  24. Straight after reading this blurb I feel like a person are the greatest short article writer now.
    The article is actually a substantially structured as well as well-thought one.

    It advised me concerning . Looks like the writer genuinely know the case in point.

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    Consequently a lot of interesting realities I really did not realize in the past.
    Thank you for an excellent functionality. Keep it up in the future!

  25. DS Sindhu says:

    Age 60 yrs, prostate size 34cc, PSA 2.4 ng.
    post void bladder volume 4occ
    Feel pressure durring urination and thin stream
    pl. suggest treatment and sugessions

  26. Bhattacharya jibitesh says:

    Jibitesh bhattacharya
    I am a BPH patient.for 3years.
    Taken Silo dal D-8 for 10 months. Followed by Finast-T last 8 months. Silo dal D8 gave good result. Flow was very good. But now slow .
    Prostrate 38gm.
    Urine retention 30 to 50 ml
    PSA always <1
    I wish to start homeopathy..
    Please suggest Medication with doses

  27. Ismat Kabir says:

    My doctor prescribed me homeo medicine (Clamatis q + Sabsl serr q + Chimaphila q) mixed 25 drop 3 time in aday And Thuja oc, Conium m & Apis mel (All 1 M) 3 time a day for my BPH problem.

    I have problem during urination, much time required to stsrt, not clear blader at a time, 5 to 8 time stop & stsrt, light burning Sensation often,

    Please Provide your valued suggestio. I am 60.

  28. Jagdish Desai says:

    Vey informative article, I am 79 yrs. old, having BPH problem ince last eight yrs. my prostate dize varyfrom 60 to 84 c.c during the period , last dongrapphy n Aug. 2019 it was 62 gm. and PVR 75 c.c., PSA level 1.57. I have to urinate 4to 5 time in night withdifficulty in urinating, flow is interputed. PSA level never exceed 5.0. I am having medication of Veltam plus regularly once per day. Also having homeopathy treatment since last 2,yrs bit no remarkable releif. please advise.

  29. Himanshu says:

    Hello, I am asking for my father
    he is old age
    he is healthy, but since few years he is experiencing problem in urination
    all symptoms are like enlarged prostate as I studied on internet and several books
    he won’t never go for surgery
    so can i help him through homeopathy ?

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  31. MAHBOOB HASAN says:


    I am suffering prostate glands issue since couple of year in this regard cystoscopy has been done and finally baby gland present in the report.

    Kindly guideline is required.

  32. My prostate volume 32 cc (scanned on Feb 1st 2020) during December 2018 it was 24.8 cc. also i have issues of urine dribling after urination, during urination slight pain in the tract as if it is urine infection, the test does not show any infection. Night time i do not have a need to urinate during sleep. age is 51 and weight is 85 kgs. also not having proper erections in the last year or so. last one year i did not use tablets for BP, now iam using from 33 days. can you please suggest homeopathic medicine to improve my condition.

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  37. Tarsem Lal says:

    Sir I go 4-5 times for urine at night. There is no other problem. What medicine shuold I usr?

  38. B. Mazumder says:

    My psa level is running above 22 for last 4 years. My age is 73. I do not have much urinary problem except usial old age muscular apsthy during urinstion which goes off by itself after sometime of wakening. Kindly suggest medicines to bring down psa as ot is said to br cancer producing. I believe my case is BPH. I jave developrd knee srthritis oof late. Your help highly appreciated at this end

  39. Arun Kumar Singh says:

    My father’age is 80 years. He is suffer from inlarged prostate gland now its measurements 68 gms. He is also suffer from chronic constipation and gastric.
    He is a patient of hyposugar and blood pressure.
    Please advice me for best medicine for prostate and gastric and constipation.

  40. M. Idrees Khan says:

    My father’s age is 81 years. He has not only prostate problem but also backache, slug in gallbladder and severe cough due to severe cough prostate becomes worst and severe pains starts in the back Kindly advise me. I will be thankful to you sir,

  41. S s Dubey from Lucknow. says:

    Dr.shermaji, can homyopathic medicine reduce enlarged prostate.

  42. sir, what test are usually recommended to judge enlargment of prostate glands in men

  43. Chandan nandy says:

    Good afternoon sir , madam,

    If I have to choose Sabal Serrulata medicine for treatment of bph what potency should I use and for how many days.
    Does it help my constipation problem.

    • सुधीर जैन says:

      मेरी उम्र 50 है अभी 48 साल में पहली बार मुझे यूरिन इन्फेक्शन हुआ तब पता चला की bph/prostitis hai एलोपैथी डॉक्टर को दिखाया psa test bhi hua tha lekin normal report ayi thi टेंसिलोसिन ड्रग ले रहा था 2 साल से लेकिन 6 से 8 महीने से उसका भी कोउ खास फर्क ये आराम नहीं मिल रहा है अभी दिन में पेशाब होती तो है लेकिन ऐसा लगता है फोर्स नही है और पेशाब शुरू होने में भी टाइम लगता है रात में भी पानी ज्यादा पियो तो पेशाब बार बार लगता है होमियोपैथी की सबाल सेर्रुलता ले रहा हु 1 साल से लेकिन कोई खास आराम नहीं कृपया आप दवाई बताये बहुत परेशां हो गया हूं

  44. I am 59 year and having grade 3 prostrate weightabout 70 gram.and PSA.5.72…At present taking Himplasia Ayurvedic medicine and alpha blocker allopathic med.
    Please suggest how to avoid surgery through Homeo.Thanks

    • I am 59 year and having grade 3 prostrate weightabout 70 gram.and PSA.5.72…At present taking Himplasia Ayurvedic medicine and alpha blocker allopathic med.
      Please suggest how to avoid surgery through Homeo.Thanks9897502131

      • इन्द्रेश पाण्डेय says:

        मेरा उम्र 43साल है मुझे 2महीने पता चला मेरे प्रोस्टेट बढ़ा हुआ है मेरे पिण्डली के दोनो तरफ दर्द रहता है पेट में चुभन होती रहती है पेट साफ नहीं होता कभी कभी चक्कर आता है बहुत कमजोरी महसूस होती है दाहिनी तरफ बैक साइड में सर से लेकर कंधे और पीठ में नस में खिंचाव होता है जिसमें गर्दन दुकानें में दर्द होता है। मैं कौन सी दवा ले सकता हूं क्या मैं ठीक हो सकता हूं? कृपया उपचार बताएं ?

  45. Santosh Kumar says:

    Good Morning Doctor
    Past medical history
    I have Left Hemiparasis after accident on 2013.
    Hip Fracture on 2016

    Currently from May 2019 i feel pass urine frequently .Need to urgency to pass urine every 45-60 minutes.Urologist did Uroflow metery test. Result is 4ml urine pass per second while require is 15 ml/sec. Dr. advice for surgery to clear block in uretha. Now i take medicine Roliten 2 mg in morning and Urimax0.4 mg at night.
    Relative and friends advice to avoid surgery and take homeopathy treatment.
    Kindly advice.

    • Ajit Kumar Banerjee says:

      Dr. Sharma,

      Please advise me what medicine can be used so that frequent urinating can be stopped.

      kindly advice,

  46. Parayil Mohan says:

    Dear Dr Sharmaji


    I am a diabetic and every 3 months i do blood testing and every 6 months undergo Ultrasonography test

    During the test the Diagonistic Centre has noticed that my Prostate is enlarged in size and measures 39 x 38 x 31 mm Vol: 25 cc No acites

    I request you to kindly let me know is there any homeo medicine treatment for the enlarged Prostate

    Kindly send me your valuable advise by return e-mail. My e-mail address is furnished below

    Thanks and regards

    P Mohan


    I Narasimhachary of andhra pradesh age running 72 yrs some times myself feeling BHP because the is effected in 2007 it has been cured by the medicines , Now I prefer to take Homeo medicines shall I take this decision please.

  48. Sivaraman.E.N says:

    i am 80 going on 81.
    I have prostrate problem last 10 years and am on Ayurveda. I take Hymplasia and chandraprabha.

    I do have Gall stone and burping once in a way.

    I was active and employed till 71.

    can homeopathy get me relieved of this ?

  49. Sagie Naidoo says:

    Dear Doc

    I am a 59 year old Indian Male living in South Africa.

    I have been diagonised with enlaged prostate.

    What natural medicine can I take?

  50. Mrityunjay Maji says:

    I am of 66 yrs. suffering from high blood sugar and bp for last 6 yrs after ptca in nov 2013. taking blood thiner and medicines for bs and bp regularly and every reading is normal under control. HBA1C 6.6 BP 130/ 80 creatinine 0.9 like that. but on usg enlarged prosate found wt 32 gms void urine 31 ml. no trouble only slow stream and slight delay in starting and ending urination PSA 1.65 please suggest next course.

  51. M. Naeem says:

    My father (90 years old) is suffering in prostate inlargment (weight 44.6 g). And 0.4-0.5 cm stones in both kidney, his blood pressure is always low in the range of 100/70 to 90/60. What medicine we can use for treatment of prostate.

  52. Noor Muhammad says:

    my prostates are enlarged with weight of 41 grams in ultra sound 02 days before. i had not yet started medicine. I am diabetic patient since 20 years. please suggest medicine for me for prostate only. when i feel to go wash room for urine some urine passes before i set on seat and my clothes are wet with urine. other indication like dribbling or hardly passing of urine are not feeling. my urine bladder was filled 260 ml during ultra sound after urine passed 13 ml was in bladder. requested for guidance.

  53. DILIP KR. BAISHYA says:


  54. Quintas Rohana Wijekoon says:

    Hi. I qm Quintas from Sri Lanka
    Thanks Dr for this great post. May God Bless you,

  55. have prostrate oroblem. It measurw 200grams. Catheter was fixed. Blaser wash was done and catheter removed urine leaked. Subsequently urine came without catheter butcould not hold urine. Pant was completely et. After some time ultrasoun was done urine was 168gram after urinating residual was 68 gr. Doctor again put cathetar. And prescribed duta.v which homeo medicine I should use to treat it I am 73 years

  56. I have prostrate oroblem. It measurw 200grams. Catheter was fixed. Blaser wash was done and catheter removed urine leaked. Subsequently urine came without catheter butcould not hold urine. Pant was completely et. After some time ultrasoun was done urine was 168gram after urinating residual was 68 gr. Doctor again put cathetar. And prescribed duta.v which homeo medicine I should use to treat it I am 73 years

  57. Hlo
    I hv grade 3 prostrate,luckily urine pipe is not much comprssses n residual urine is always vetwsen 20 to 35cc
    I take sabal serrulata 5 drops once right after waking up. Is it ok?
    Im 64. Should i increass it to ten drops

    • Tejwant Singh says:

      Sir,Ihave BPH gr 1.taking sabal serrulata for the last 3 yrs,10 drps mixed in water daily.i am 65 yrs pain while urinating.take more time.
      Should i continue with same dose of medicine and how long or some change in medicine.

    • I have frequent urination at night. Urination is too slow and urine flow is very weak. Need to force out at the end. Feel urination incomplete. Sometimes I feel mild discomfort while lying down at night.

  58. Rajesh Bhutkar says:

    Dear Sir, Namaste ji

    I have been suffering due to BPH since last couple of years. I have been using homeopathy medicine available on counter but they are not giving me satisfactory results. I read above details and wanted to have all remedies for all those symptoms quoted above. Please guide me how should i take all 8 remedies per day to save me from surgery once my dad faced long back. i am 52 and do not have any other health problem other than BPH.

    Rajesh Bhutkar
    Contact 9689931458

  59. O.L.Sharma says:

    I m i 63 years old personnel. i m suffering diabetes last 30 years. my urine 2 way passe out. I feel weakness also. Please suggest a suitable homeopathic medicine for these problems .
    A lot of thanks

  60. krishnakanth N says:

    Prostatic volume is 35cc and weight is 38 gms.. I am 59 yars old.. Last month urine flow showed little bit low… frequent urination was there.. sometimes delayed urine also.. tiny stones in kidneys also was there ..Residual urine of 80 cc was seen

    Ultra sound scan : bilateral tiny renal calculi with enlarged prostate
    Sometimes burning sensations was there ..

    I am taking dyna press 4 mg for the last one month
    Now after taking above Dynapress, burning sensation disappeared.. However no infection was there

    kindly guide me to shrink enlargment with home medicine

    Krishnakanth N

  61. Have you got any solution? i have also the same problem. i have a cyst of 15mm in my prostate.

  62. Kiriti Mukherjee says:

    While going to finish urination, I feel a little bit of discomfort, nowadays. It is to mention you Sir, I’ve been a patient of BPH since three years long.

  63. Hi my name is sameer k my number 7095300769 mai help Khatu

  64. excellent

  65. Organ Required Urgently A+, B+, O+, blood group between the age of 22-65
    Contact: Email

    Vikram HOSPITAL


    sir my self Narasimhachary problemwith PROSTATE ENLARGE TAKING MEDICINES (HOMEO) . I taken PSA test and seen 4.0 ng anyhow I request yje beneign Dr. to give suggestions please .

  67. Radhakrishna Murthy Vanama says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am suffering from BPH, urine urge and cannot pass fully retaining and after sometime again urge to pass sometimes it is every half an hour or an hour.whenever there is an urge can not wait and search urgent place to release pressure at the same time it is very slow passing takes more time to empty the bladder but cannot empty fully, immediately after about 15 minutes again to pass urine.
    My Prostate size is 65 mm and retention qty is 350 ml. I am suffering from this problem since 2 or 3 years and using allopathy medicine for 6 months without any much result and advised for surgery.I have started Ayurveda since 9 months and without much result.
    Please advise whether to go for surgery or can I cure it with Homeopathy.
    V.Radhakrishna Murthy

    • डा शर्मा जी मेरी उम्र 58 है प्रोस्टेट लगभग 40 ग्राम है 15 वर्ष से
      यही साईज है रात मे कई बार यूरीन आता है दिन कोई समस्या नहीं है
      प्रोस्टेट मे रात मे sansetion वirritation सी होती है यूरीन करके भी
      शान्ति सी नहीं होती है दिन यूरीन 2 या 3 बार होताहै psa 0.45है। सर्दी
      अधिक महसूस करता हु शुगर खाली पेट 113 व खाने के बाद 150 है
      एसिडिटी व गैस भी बनती है मन उदास व छोटी सी चिंता भी बहुत बडी लगती है होम्योपैथिक दवा भी बहुत दिनों तक की है। दवा सुझाये

  68. Doc
    Good morning. My bladder was over active since young age.However, I will be 65 in March 2019. I pass urine 3-4 times at night and during day time I go 6-7 times. I was diagnosed having bph. I already had radio wave procedure four years ago. Now urologist is recommending auto glo. Lately I noice some dribbling. I am getting tired.
    Can you recommend homeo pathetic medication and from where to buy it? I live in New York. Please help my cell is 917-217-1140 Syed Ali sincerely

  69. I am 80.suffering from bph.I am taking max flow since 6 months. I am still suffering a problem that when I sleep urine leaks and at the time of peeing the urine is slow, and I have to go several times to bathroom please prcribe medicine with potency Thanks.

    • I am 80.suffering from bph.I am taking max flow since 6 months. I am still suffering a problem that when I sleep urine leaks and at the time of peeing the urine is slow, and I have to go several times to bathroom please prcribe medicine with potency Thanks.

  70. Saleem Qureshi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I had week stream of urine, I urinate at night twice and sometime 3 time. PSA test is ok, void urin is 30 gram. My age is 75. I walk 6 day a week for 45 to 60 minuts. No sugar, no BP; both are normal, cholesterol with off and on minimum dose of medicine keep my cholesterol around 180. Pls prescribe med and oblige; I will pay your fee.
    Best Regards

  71. Hello Dr.shrarmaji
    Iam Ramakrishna age 59yrs suffering from dripping of urine after urination small drops of urine leakage this is from past 2months kindly advice us

  72. VIJAY JANDIAL says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 71 years Old and facing problem in urinating . I have to go for urine 3-4 times at night .

    As per USG the prostate size is 50.0 x47.9×56.2 mm (70.6 cc). Echo -texture is normal.Median lobe is enlargrd. Prostatic calcification is seen.

    Please advise me what should I do.

    kind rgds

  73. Santokh Singh Bindra says:

    I am 76 years old. In 2018 My prostate operated in Vig Hospital jalandhar .inthis month I am feeling some proble in urineting. During night. I gone to. Above said hospital. On 6-8-2018. in scanning Dr. Told me minor prostate Enlarged(25 mg).please advice can I use PTK 75 Drops Sabal Pentarken.

  74. Awadhesh Pandey says:

    I am 54 years old and facing problems in urinating. Frequent urinating in night about 4-5 times . As per USG the prostate size is 55CC. Also urine passing is not comfortably and some of the quantity of urine is remains in urine bladder.

    I request you to kindly advise me best homeopathy medicine for treatment of this problems.

  75. Chaman Jain says:

    I have Prostate Size 31 And urine retention Of 110. I feel the urge to go for urine About every hour .What is the Treatment

  76. L S Choudhary says:

    my psa level is 8.70, can homeopathy treatment help me.

  77. My friends psa levels are 16 .. can homeopathy help ?

  78. jyoti prakash sharma says:

    weak flow of urine, frequent urination, no pain

  79. I am 58 yrs old. I am taking Sabal Serulata Q and conium 30 for my BPH . Only its initial stage.

    What troubles me is that within few minis after passing stool, I get urge to pass urine
    again and then I pass little urine. It disturbs me

    Please advise me what can I take to cure the above matter.

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