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Why Choose Surgery When Natural Homeopathic Medicines Can Treat Your Enlarged Prostate

Homeopathic Treatment of  Enlarged Prostate

Homeopathic Treatment for Prostate

Homeopathic Treatment for Prostate

What is prostate gland, what is its role in the body?

Prostate gland is a gland about the size of a walnut that surrounds the first part of urethra just below the urinary bladder in males. Its job is to secrete prostatic fluid. Prostatic fluid is a component of the semen and forms around 30% of the total semen. Prostate gland muscles also aid expulsion of semen during ejaculation.

What is the normal size and weight of the prostate gland?

The approximate weight of prostate gland ranges between 8-15 grams. The normal size of the adult prostate gland is about 15cc to 30cc. A prostate gland of more than 30cc usually indicates benign prostate hyperplasia.

What is benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH)?

Benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH refers to a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. It is also termed as benign enlargement of the prostate. The enlargement of the prostate gland blocks the urinary outflow and results in many urinary symptoms.

Can Homeopathy treat benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP)?

Homeopathic medicines offer much help in treating benign prostate hyperplasia. Homeopathic medicines for BPH are prescribed based upon the symptom presentation in each individual case. They decrease the intensity and frequency of symptoms arising from benign prostate hypertrophy. In fact, a visit to a Homeopathic physician well in time may save a person from surgical intervention for BHP. Homeopathic medicines that work wonders in treating benign prostate hyperplasia cases include Sabal Serrulata, Lycopodium Clavatum, Conium Maculatum, Clematis Erecta and Chimaphila Umbellata.

Why does benign prostate hyperplasia occur?

The exact cause of benign prostate hyperplasia is not yet known. It is, however, age related. An imbalance in male hormones as age advances is thought to play a role in benign prostate hyperplasia.

What are its symptoms?

A few key symptoms can aid a clinical diagnosis of benign prostate hyperplasia. However, to get a confirmed diagnosis, medical investigation is necessary. The clinical symptoms of BHP include straining to begin urination, frequent urge to pass urine, weak urine stream, dribbling after urination, urgent need to urinate, interrupted urination and sensation of incomplete emptying of the bladder. In case of a urinary tract infection, pain and burning while urinating is also felt.

Is benign prostate hyperplasia related to age?

Yes, benign prostate hyperplasia is an age related complaint in males. There are more than 50% chances for prostate gland enlargement between the age of 50 years and 60 years.

Can benign prostate hyperplasia cause sexual dysfunction?

Yes, benign prostate hyperplasia can lead to sexual complaints. Complaints of erectile dysfunction and reduced sex drive are common in BHP.

I have frequent urination at night (nocturia), could it be due to BPH?

Yes, it could be. Frequent urination at night is one of the indicating features of benign prostate hyperplasia. But, there are many other conditions that can cause frequent urination at night as well; diabetes, urinary tract infection and overactive bladder, for example. Therefore, a detailed case evaluation and investigation must be carried out before a conclusion can be drawn.

Does a weak urinary stream necessarily mean prostate enlargement?

No. A weak urinary stream is one of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. However, urinary stricture may also lead to a weak urinary stream.

Do we need to conduct tests to investigate suspected benign prostate hyperplasia?

Various tests need to be conducted. Investigations include an ultrasound of the prostate gland, transrectal ultrasound, cystoscopy, postresidual volume test, urinary flow test. A urine test is also conducted to rule out urinary infection. PSA (prostate specific antigen) is checked. If the PSA value is above normal, biopsy of prostate tissue needs to be done to rule out cancerous changes.

What is PSA and what does it signify?

PSA is prostate specific antigen. It is produced by prostate gland cells. PSA is a screening test to rule out prostate cancer in men. The normal PSA value is below 4.0 ng/mL. A raised PSA arouses suspicion of cancer of the prostate gland. Therefore, in such cases, a biopsy of prostatic tissue is recommended.

I have been advised surgery for BPH, can Homeopathic medicines help avoid it?

Homeopathic medicines can work wonders in such cases and help avoid surgery. The conventional system of medicine considers benign prostate hyperplasia a case for surgical intervention. Not Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating benign prostate hyperplasia. In fact, most cases of mild to moderate enlargement of prostate gland respond exceedingly well to Homeopathic treatment.

My USG shows post voidal residual urine with enlarged prostate, what does that mean?

Residual urine refers to the urine remaining in the urinary bladder at the end of micturition. Residual urine from benign prostate hyperplasia shows incomplete emptying of the bladder due to obstructed urinary outflow. A post residual urine volume of less than 50ml is normal. In elderly people of over 65yrs of age, post residual volume ranging between 50 ml – 100ml is normal. However, acute urinary retention, where a person is completely unable to pass urine, needs to be treated as a medical emergency.

What are grades of BPH, what do they signify?

There are three grades of benign prostate hyperplasia and they show the level of progression of the disease. In BPH grade 1, there are no troublesome symptoms and no significant obstruction. In BPH grade 2, bothersome symptoms appear, but there is no significant obstruction. In BPH grade 3, there is significant obstruction and post residual urine volume of more than 100ml.

Is prostatitis different from benign prostate hyperplasia?

Yes, prostatitis and benign prostate hyperplasia are different conditions. Prostatitis is swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Prostatitis can be acute or chronic. The main cause of prostatitis is bacterial infection. On the other hand, benign prostate hyperplasia is enlargement of the prostate gland, which is mainly age related.

Why are people with BPH vulnerable to urinary tract infections (UTI)?

In men with benign prostate hyperplasia, urine outflow is obstructed. This results in incomplete emptying of the urinary bladder. The urine that remain in the urinary bladder gives a chance for bacteria to grow and leads to urinary tract infection.

FAQs – Homeopathic medicines for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH)

What are the best Homeopathic medicines for treating benign prostate hyperplasia?

Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines for benign prostate hyperplasia. However, in my clinical practice, I have seen remarkable recovery with Homeopathic medicines Sabal Serrulata, Lycopodium Clavatum and Conium Maculatum, which I recommend.

I have difficulty initiating urine due to BPH, which Homeopathic medicines will help?

In persons having difficulty in initiating urine from BPH, Homeopathic medicines Clematis Erecta and Chimaphila Umbellata will show best results. In such cases where these medicines will aid recovery, the urine does not start flowing freely. One has to strain hard to initiate urination.

For dribbling urine in benign prostate hyperplasia, which Homeopathic medicines are beneficial?

Dribbling urine in benign prostate hyperplasia can be effectively treated with Homeopathic medicines Baryta Carb and Clematis Erecta.

I have interrupted urine stream from BPH, which Homeopathic medicines do you advise?

There is a vast list of Homeopathic medicines to choose from for interrupted urine from BHP. In my clinical experience, Homeopathic medicine Conium Maculatum can fix is problem most effectively.

I have BPH and I always feel the urgency to urinate. How can Homeopathy help?

Homeopathic medicine Thuja Occidentalis is an ideal choice for treating BPH where urgency to urinate is well marked.

Does Homeopathy have a medicine to treat a weak urinary stream due to BPH?

Yes, it does. Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum and Clematis Erecta are well indicated for weak urinary stream from BPH. They can efficiently treat the condition.

What are the most useful Homeopathic medicines for burning during urination in benign prostate hyperplasia?

Burning while urinating in case of BPH mainly arises from a urinary tract infection (UTI). Homeopathic medicines Cantharis Vesicatoria and Sarsaparilla Officinalis are a sure remedy for this condition. Among them, Cantharis Vesicatoria is suggested when there is burning while urinating or burning before and after urination. Sarsaparilla Officinalis is the better choice in case of BPH where burning is mainly felt at the close of urination.

Can Homeopathy help a person who suffers erectile dysfunction due to BPH?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can treat erectile dysfunction resulting from benign prostate hyperplasia. Agnus Castus, Lycopodium Clavatum and Sabal Serrulata are established Homeopathic prescriptions that are known to treat this condition.

Homeopathic medicines for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH)

Sabal Serrulata – One of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for benign prostate hyperplasia

Sabal Serrulata is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for benign prostate hyperplasia (BHP). There are many symptoms that guide use of Sabal Serrulata. The first among them is difficulty and pain once you start urinating. The person also experiences a frequent desire to pass urine at night. Dribbling urine is another problem. Aching pain in prostate that extends to abdomen is another symptom indication for prescription of Sabal Serrulata. Retention of urine from prostate enlargement can also be treated well with Homeopathic medicine Sabal Serrulata. It is also the treatment for emission of prostatic fluid during stool or urination. Last but not the least, Homeopathic medicine Sabal Serrulata effectively treats the complaint of erectile dysfunction from enlarged prostate.

Conium Maculatum – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for interrupted urine flow in BPH

Conium Maculatum is another extremely effective Homeopathic medicine for benign prostate hyperplasia. A major indication for use of Conium Maculatum is interrupted urine flow from enlarged prostate. Here the urine starts and stops several times before complete voiding. After passing urine, burning pain may be felt in the urethra.

Cantharis Vesicatoria and Sarsaparilla Officinalis – Homeopathic medicines for burning pain while passing urine in BPH

Cantharis Vesicatoria and Sarsaparilla Officinalis are top rated Homeopathic medicines for burning pain while passing urine in BPH. Cantharis Vesicatoria is prescribed if the burning in urethra is felt before, during or after passing urine. There is also a constant desire to pass urine in such cases. In some cases, the scalding sensation is extreme, with passing of urine in drops. Homeopathic medicine Sarsaparilla Officinalis is taken when there is severe burning pain at the conclusion of urination.

Lycopodium Clavatum – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for frequent urination at night from benign prostate hyperplasia

For frequent urination at night from benign prostate hyperplasia, Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium Clavatum works wonders. Besides frequent urination at night due to enlarged prostate, another guiding feature for use of Lycopodium Clavatum is the need to wait to start urinating. In short, a person who needs Lycopodium Clavatum passes scanty urine during the daytime and suffers profuse urination at night.

Baryta Carb – One of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for dribbling urine due to BPH

Homeopathic medicine Baryta Carb is known to effectively treat the problem of dribbling after urination in benign prostate hyperplasia cases. Another indication for using Baryta Carb in BPH is sudden urge to urinate, with the inability to retain urine. The urine may be scanty. Burning while passing urine may also be observed.

Clematis Erecta and Chimaphila Umbellata – Valuable Homeopathic medicines for BPH with difficulty in initiating urine

Homeopathic medicines Clematis Erecta and Chimaphila Umbellata are very helpful in treating benign prostate hyperplasia. Clematis Erecta is indicated when there is difficulty in starting to urinate due to prostate enlargement. The person needs to strain hard before urine starts to flow. Intense burning may arise while passing the last drops of urine. Dribbling after urination may also be present in some cases. Homeopathic medicine Chimaphila Umbellata is just as helpful where a person needs to strain hard to start passing urine. Urine is scanty and may also be offensive. Burning or scalding while passing urine may also be present. In extreme cases, the urine is passed with a lot of strain, with the body inclined forwards.

Thuja Occidentalis – Well recognized Homeopathic remedy for urgency to urinate in benign prostate hyperplasia

In case of marked urgency to urinate in benign prostate hyperplasia, Thuja Occidentalis is the most appropriate Homeopathic prescription. The urine stream is small. Frequent urge to pass urine may be present. Burning or cutting pain while urinating may be observed. Thuja Occidentalis also effectively treats involuntary urination at night.

Agnus Castus – Valuable Homeopathic medicine for sexual complaints in benign prostate hyperplasia

Agnus Castus is a very well indicated Homeopathic medicine for treating sexual complaints in men from benign prostate hyperplasia. Agnus Castus can treat weak erections or complete loss of erections from prostate enlargement. Loss of sex drive in men who suffer BPH can also be treated well with Agnus Castus.

What lifestyle changes can I adopt to manage benign prostate hyperplasia?

Reducing daily fluid intake, avoiding alcohol and caffeine, limiting intake of fluids towards the evening and trying to void urine whenever the urge arises are some basic lifestyle patters to adopt to be able to live more comfortably inspite of this condition. Going to void urine every time the need arises is a call that must never be ignored.


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  5. P.S.Rathore says:

    BPH diagnosed. Prostate removal advised.
    Prostate size 43 grams. Non cancerous.
    PSA normal value.
    Uroflow : Peak flow till 200 ml , 12ml/sec.
    Afterwards ..5ml/sec.
    Average flow 8ml/sec.

    Daily liquid intake is about 3200 ml.
    Daily urine output is about 3000 ml.

    Toilet visits to pee :-
    Once in the night.
    And about 10 times in day time.

    Taking ayurvedic treatment from last 6 months.
    And , Homeopathy… REPL Dr. Advice , No. 84 from last 6 months.

    What is your advice ? Can Homeopathy be helpful in my case ?

    • Syed Inkesar Hussain Shah says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma

      My father is 75 yrs old and he is suffering from a prostate gland problem.

      USG full abdomen on 11th Jan 2018 indicates:

      Urinary Bladder:
      1. Normal in outline. walls thickness measures 2.7mm.
      2. Low level internal echoes are seen in bladder lumen. prostate is bulging into the bladder base.
      3. No stone, growth or debris seen.
      4. prevoid urinary volume: 354 ml.
      5. post-void residual urine: 280 ml.
      6. prostate is grossly enlarged in size measuring 47 x 63 x 58 mm.
      7. weight = 91 grams approx.
      Doctor suggest that it should be operate. But we want that if medicine is good for this.
      Kindly suggest any homeo medicine.
      Please advise…

  6. P.S.Rathore says:

    BPH diagnosed. Prostate removal advised.
    Prostate size 43 grams. Non cancerous.
    PSA normal value.
    Uroflow : Peak flow till 200 ml , 12ml/sec.
    Afterwards ..5ml/sec.
    Average flow 8ml/sec.

    Daily liquid intake is about 3200 ml.
    Daily urine output is about 3000 ml.

    Once in the night.
    And about 10 times in day time.
    Taking ayurvedic treatment from last 6 months.

    What is your advice ? Can Homeopathy be helpful in my case ?

  7. Pradeep Kumar Agarwal says:

    Wt. Of prostate glad is approx. 90gm.and PSA is 2.75 .I amtaking Sabal Pentarkan sincelast one year please suggest

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    Dear Doctor, I have been told that I have an enlarged prostate and sometimes it is difficult to urinate, especially at night time. Do you have any homeopathic products that can help me? The doctor put me on medicine to help my urine flow but it doesn’t work as it should. Any advise would be appreciated. I am 81 1/2 years of age. Thank you

  10. Premanand Ootukuru says:

    Dear sir,.I am 71 yrs old and suffering fromgrade 2 BPH. My PSA is 0.54ng/ml. Symptoms are burning micturition , unable to empty the bladder completely,
    Frequent urination at night.wetting of under garments.
    I am type 2 diabetic but recently on Insulin also. Recently I have undergone CYSTOURETHROSCOPY and advised to undergo TURP..
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  17. Sir
    InUSG report BPH GR2 has diagnosed.I have problem of frequent urination particularly in morning & in day on cloudy weather.After passing urine mild to severe burning being felt.Some time I feel mild pain in lower abdominal.Presently I am taking Urimax 0.4 capsule,Rosuwas F10 for cholesterol & veloz20 for gastric but no medicine prescribed for Enlarged Liver gr2.
    What medicines in homeopathy will you suggest me.Please guide.

  18. Muhammad Aabid says:

    My father is 61years old. Last 6month Se enlargement of prostate gland & urine inflamation. Please help me

  19. Prostate size 42. PSA 5.8. No urine problem.
    What can I take to further reduce size and PSA level

  20. my b.p. was uncontrolled even after medication physician dout prostatomegaly.he advised ultra sonography.
    results are asmeasures 5.1*4.6*3.8
    prostate volume 46ml
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    dear sir,
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    Hello Dr sharma
    Do sugar level down for diabetic person cause less urge of urinatio

  26. I am 80 years of age.
    Ultra sound whole abdomen in my case doe on 12 Dec 2017 reveals, ‘PROSTATE: IS MILDLY ENLARGED IN SIZE (4.0 x 3.3x 4.4 cm, Vol = 30cc) @ shows normal ecotexture.
    No free fluid is noted in in peritoneal cavity. No evidence of any pleural effusion seen on either side.
    ** Mild prostatomegally.
    Can this be reversed sir and if yes, how?

  27. shafique Mohammed says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma. My name shafique mohammed. I was under treatment from you for bed breath. I used to leave in new york. now permanently living in my home country Bangladesh. Hope you will find out my information after review my following information. I like to discuss about my toe nail problems Nd prostate enlargement. please back to me. thanks.

  28. SUBHASH Sarwate says:

    I feel initiating urination, weak urinary stream and light pain in right side above urinary bladder. As per Abdo-Sonography “Prostate appears enlarged, volume approx 88cc(93grm)and median lobe onto bladder base” pl. suggest homeopathy treatment is possible, if yes please suggest treatment.

  29. Please list all the medicine for me please

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  31. amit mohan bhattacharjee says:


    I have frequently urinating problem say every one/ two hours. The size of prostrate is 25 grams. I take ber ber vulgeries 10 drops in the morning and sabal surreluta 10 drops at night. Before I was ok after taking these medicines. But recently my unrinating frequency has been increased. Is there a medicine that can reduce the size of the prostrate and stop frequent urination. I go to urinate 4 times at night.
    amit mohan bhattacharjee

  32. Sathya Hospital says:

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  33. I have BPH since long tried many ayurvedic and ulophathy medicine but not much of a help.
    have problem in urinating start burning sensation frequent urinating.

  34. Dr,I am 63 year old suffering from BPH,enlargement prostate,size on USG.73.,grams,I am taking on cap.MEXFLOW, a day,I am having problems difficult to urinate,and week flow,plz advise best homopatic medicine for me.thanks Regards

  35. Jayasankar says:

    Dear Doctor

    I have Prostrate Gland Enlargement for the past 4 years. I take AFDURA Allopathy Drug one at night.Taking it for the past 3 Years. My age is 60 and I was taking Ayurvedic Medicine also. But if i stop Afdura i find difficult in Urinating at night. I get up 2 to three times from 11.30PM to 4.30AM. I do not want to continue with Allopathy Drug as i have problem -in Premature Ejaculation during sex. What Homeopathic Medicine do you suggest to completely get cured from Prostrate Enlargement.

  36. Hi Dr Sharia
    I have every sign of prostate enlargement but have undergone three times text of which was told negative. I complained at one time to my GP who gave me “Tamsulosin MR 400mcg (Contiflo XL)
    I am currently experiencing the side effects of this Tamsulosin which gives me only relive. But the problem is there.
    Please advise me what kind of Homeopathic medicine to use.
    Thanks very much.

  37. namaskar dr. sharma, i am diabetic from last 20 years. it is uncontrollable. my 3months back hba1c was10.0 inspite of so many allopathic and homeo medicine gymnema sylvestre. now i am suffering from BPH from almost last 6 months. please guide me if you can help me with totally homeo medicines. i will be extremly obliged.



    Pls advice medicine for my pain full NEUROGENIC BLADDER.

  39. Dear Dr Sharma
    I am 70 yrs old and am suffering from BPH. The size of the prostate is approx 40 gms. my main discomfort
    is frequent urination say every two hours both during day and night.I have to urinate immediately after getting up from sleep and a second time within an hour. Flow of urine is okay.

    Please advise treatment with potency of medicine and frequency

    Warm regards


  41. satish somani says:

    Sir, my urine flow is strong. I have frequently urining problem say every two hours. The size of prostrate is 62 grams. Is there a medicine that can reduce the size of the prostrate and stop frequent urination. I go to urinate 4 times at night.
    satish somani

  42. Awadhesh Kumar pandey says:

    Hello Dr Sharma, Goodafternoon.
    I am a 54 years men suffering from frequent urination in night and prostate as well as erectile sex problems. I request your kindly look into my problem and suggest me the best medicine with dosages.

    Can I take Lycopodium Clavatum ? dosages ?

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  44. Mudassir Hayat says:

    My PSA level is 3.87 , when I urine only few volume of urine come out , rest remain in the bladder, after some time it automatically comes unknowingly, and when I found my underwear wet , only then I come to know. What is the problem of mine
    how can I cure it

    • mozammel haw says:

      I have bph , poor erection and ejaculation very quickly even before penetration. Age 64 taking one tablet for blood pressure. Suggest me

  45. Asif hameed says:

    Which medicine reduces the size of prostate and how does one take it and in which potency and no of times a day

  46. Ignacio Hill says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I have a double problem, enlarged prostate and a bladder stone at the same time. My age is 60. According to recent tests, the prostate weight is 83 gr. and the stone on the floor of the bladder is 2,7 cms. PSA is 0.31. I wonder if a prostate that size can be cured with Homeopathy. If so, are there any records or testimonies supporting such a cure? I do not want to have unrealistic expectations although I have always trusted on Homeopathy and alternative medicine. In fact, I got rid of gallbladder stones with Homeopathy years ago. I have taken Sabal Serrulata -mixed with Calcium Fluor and Populus Trem- in plain homeopathic globules for 4 years, flaxseed powder for 1 and half year. Both are good but does not necessarily solve the problem. After a crisis with urinary retention a year ago. I was prescribed Tamsulosin. I am not sure if this medicine is as effective as Sabal Serrulata since now I am taking both simultaneously and I do not dare skip either of them. The most bothering symptoms are relatively under control within certain limits, but occasionally crisis arises with pain,urge to urinate and partial urinary retention, etc. Apparently the bladder stone is the culprit. I am under pressure to undergo a double surgery. Nevertheless I refuse to give in until I exhaust all the possibilities. Please advise me on this double problem.

  47. Abdul Rashid says:

    My condition is prostatic. I am suffering from leakage after every urination for ten to twenty minutes then it is ok. For the last more than a month I have been taking DROX 22 for this treatment but no any sign of improvement. Besides, from the day I started these drops my libido has gone dead for which the homeopathic physician prescribed me bioforce blooume 33. This medicine I have been taking also for the last near about a month but still no erection takes place. Please advise should I consult next homeopathic physician or ask for change the medication. A.s per ultrasound my prostate size is 27.8 grams. Others tests are normal and my PSA done last year is 4.1

  48. Dr Raymond says:

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  49. Ramakrishna Echampati says:

    Since 2015 March I am suffering from frequent urination every half hour day n night ,,
    Tested for bph it’s normal
    No UTI
    Sometimes pain but not always while urine pass
    It sometimes under while taking medicines like

  50. Awadhesh Kumar Pandey says:

    Sir, my age is 52 years. Since last 07 months I am suffering with burning sensation in penis and rectum. Initially UTI was diagnosed by the normal Urine Test. For that sufficient Antibiotics (for approx 15 days) have been given, but did not get full relief. Thereafter I have shown to a urologist of my Air Force. He suggested for USG KUBP, Uroflometry Test, RFT, Blood sugar, Urine Culture & Urine RE/ME. In that, prostate size-12gms/29cc,PUR-200ml,Uroflometry Max flow rate – 25ml/sec,Mean flow rate-11ml/sec, S Creat-0.9mg/dl,Bun-13mg/dl,Blood sugar – Normal, Urine Culture – Normal, Urine RE/ME-Normal, S PSA – 1.23ng/ml,CPE-Normal. Medicine being used since then(since Apr17) – Tab Alfuzosin 10mg. But in burning sensation not got full relief. I think my problem could not be diagnosed and understood correctly. Please help me and advise me. Thanks.

  51. Maheshkumar J Shah says:

    Right Kidney : Simple eyst septation MA-10*5.5 cm
    Left Kidney. : Normal
    Bladder. : Normal
    Prostate : 62 GM
    Post voide volume. :30cc
    Please advise me about treatment required
    Is I should under go for surgery?
    I will thankfull for your valuable advise

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  53. Kishor Kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma ji, my age is 65 suffering from enlarged prostate since last one year. 2 or 3 times urination during night with less flow. Prostate size is 100cc & PSA level is 239.213. No sugar No pain during urination. Slightly pain in left lower portion of back side since last 3 days. I need your guidance for proper treatment.

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  55. SUNIL SAINI says:

    I am 59 yrs old having prostrate size 78 cc by ultrasound but at this moment have no typical symptoms as associated with BPH although feel a bit uncomfortable had no tummy earlier.

  56. BLK Super Speciality Hospital says:

    BLK Super Speciality Hospital

  57. Dear Dr Sharma Sahab,

    Thanks for posting the information, it is very important and useful.

    I have enlarged prostate and my age is 65.

    I used: 1. Conium Maculatum 200 nearly 4-5 bottles together with 2. Urtica Urane. But having some side effects of Conium Maculatum 200, so stopped. Now using only Urtica Urane.

    I got relief from above medicines.

    It takes time in initiating urine. I have two questions:

    Pl let me know:

    1. Should I use both Clematis Erecta and Chimaphila Umbellata together and

    2. What potency of these I should use?

    Thanking you

    Best regards

    MM Khan


  58. . Syamal Pal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, , I am 62 year old and suffering from BPH & ED for thelast two years. My diabetis is now normal. I take medicine for some minor heart problem. But now the heart condition is good. Main problem is BPH & ED. I go to toilet every 2 hours. At night I go toilet after 4 hours. At the time of urination it take 7 to 8 minutes time. The flow is very poor. No pain at all. Prostrate size is 25 gms. Please prescribe me the best medicine for BPH & ED..

  59. milan kumar palit says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    At the outset, I must thank you for your invaluable service like this and the gamut of information given above. Now let me present my case below:
    I am 69, and a retired Govt. officer. I am a known hypertension patient for nearly 25 years, and also diabetic for more than 15 years. about a year ago I suffered from DKA, due to diabetic complications, and had to be hospitalised in unconscious condition.
    Now although I am under treatment of an endocrinologist, and been taking insulin and other medications,the present problem is PROSTRATE ENLARGEMENT AND ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION.I take more water normally in order to flush out toxins from the body, go for urination once or twice in the night time, But urine flow is not satisfactory, as Ispend more time standing near the urinal, and sometimes there is mild pain also. ED is more pronounced now, as there is hardly any erection. If u can suggest a suitable homoeopathic medicine, keeping in mind all such factors, to cure me I will be grateful.
    Thanking u,
    Cuttack,Orissa, 31/10/2017
    Milan k. Palit

  60. actually i asked a homopathy doctor for increase b cup size and he suggest me to take sbl serrulate droops to increase b size but i ask from online and now i did not find that one doctor i forget his name and now i bought sbl sabal serrulata droops and i don’t know hoa to take in a day could u tell me is it really work to increase v size if is it so how can i take in a day for better result

  61. Md Toffique Ansari says:

    I am 46 yrs old diabetic and problem of enlargement of prostate gland having abdomen pain,frequent unine,burning me homeopathy medicines with doses.

  62. Hubby (68 year old male) has enlarged prostate. He’s always had to get up 4 – 5 times per night to urinate but after a recent should replacement surgery he ended up with 4 in/out caths in the hospital on top of the surgery cath. Then ended back in the ER to get a home leg cath 1 days after discharge with 1200 ml of urine. He had this cath removed by urologist on Tuesday and urinated better that afternoon and next day. But last night, Wednesday (8 days after initial surgery) he was up 5-6 times lats night. He was Rx’d flomax in the hospital and had been on it 8 days now and still he’s still urinating a lot at night. Slow to go and not a great stream. Any suggestions?

  63. andy maslack says:

    what a great imformation site .how iwish i would have found it sooner . two years ago i stopped flowing . had to be drained . then a cathater. then infection . thjen a turp operation then cancer then. then hormone injection eligard thenzoladex .then a heart attack’. now back eligard . is there any thing you would suggest ? i have lost hope in pharma meds.

  64. narayan manna says:

    i am narayan manna suffering last 8 years premature enjuction susgst by cnc vellore from banglore married 8 years one son 7 years…help me

  65. TAHIR HUSSAIN says:

    Dr Sharma,
    I am using \sabal Cerrulutum in mother tincture fot BPH; i feel i hv not urinated completly and have desires to do more. would this help, am i using the roght potency?

  66. I am James 28 years, from Uganda, I do experience some pain in one the testis and there is some hard thing on top of the testis that pains me, I had suspected to have prostate cancer and went to the hospital and the physician said its Epidermis and was given treatment but still no change. Could this be a sign of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer?

  67. Dr,Richard says:

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  68. Sumita Dash says:

    My husband is suffering from enlarged prostate and frequent urination . Please advise some medicines .

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  70. I am suffering from enlargement of prostrate since last one year . I have only one problem i.e. frequent urinating at night. Please prescribe some homeopathy medicine. Thanks

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  72. Bharati Bokil says:

    Hi doctor….my husband was suffering from harnia so he went to a gastrologist and d doc confirmed harnia but he didn’t suggest any investigative tests like ultrasound and he operated my husband on 18 of August.even 7 hours After operation my husband didn’t feel like going to urinate…so we told d doc ,..but he didn’t come to see my husband,nurse and some assistant dr. Told that it may because of anaesthesia. Next day doctor discharged milind. On20 August Milind was in very bad condition because of retention in urinary bladder.again we went to doctor and he bluntly sent us to Urologist …….and this second doctor without doing any investigative tests put cathedral and repeated it 3 times….so 12 day s passed with having cathedral and after that doc said that you need a surgery for prostate but till that day we completely lost faith on those doctors..we went to Indore and had operation done successfully. My husband is good now but I want to know that now what restrictions he should follow?is there any homeo medicine to prevent. Any urinary problem in future. Plz Anwer me I am wanting for ur reply. thanks

  73. Sanjit Bhattacharya says:

    I am 70 yrs. old and during a routine check up, I requested the doctor for prostate check, as I was having frequent urination
    in night, and less flow of urine and in drops. The doc. conducted USG, of abdomen and found enlargement of prostate.
    He also noticed a elliptical cyst in the upper right. side of liver size 5-6 cams. He advised for needle Aspiration.
    I contacted a very senior homeopath of my town and showed him the report. He prescribed me Digitalis 30 for two months
    and then have a MRI of upper abdomen.
    Now pl. tell me whether I can take Sabal serrulata alongwith Digitalis for my BPH.

  74. Praveen Bhatiya says:

    Sir I am of 49 and had urinary problem almost 10 year ago. I was not able to control the urge. I had visited the urologist and after thorough checkup they have told me that my organs were perfect at that time. I got relieved from this problem after 3-4 years of suffering but I would like to add that I drink less water now. So I can say I have an overactive bladder.
    Now I am having another problem. If I have to control the urge of urination for slightly longer period then I have problem of initiating the urine. In spite of the pressure there is very less urine. I had to wait long. Urine starts and stops several times before complete voiding but it does not happen always only after controlling the pressure of urination. There is no pain or burning.
    Is it BPH? What are the homeopathy remedies in this case?
    I shall be thankful to you for your advice.
    With thanks and best regards,
    Praveen Bhatiya

  75. Rakesh Arora says:

    My age is 54. From last 2 years I m suffering from BPH 1. And now grade 2 shown in ultrasound.
    Urgency feels some time when delay pactice adopted urine pass with slowly and take some time to pass.

    Kindly advice me further

  76. Syed. mohammed taqui Imam says:

    My age 58yrs and i have problem that urine not fast clear. Prostrate enlarge (bph) but not any infection. i need safest medicine.
    M.T IMAM.

  77. Samarth Konety says:

    Hi Doctor, I was writing about my Father. He is 85 years old and developed BHP over the last 3-4 months. He is currently on catheter. He was advised surgery but given his weak heart condition (ejection factor of 38%), the cardiologist did not approve him for operation. Can he be treated with Homeopathy? He is very weak but is trying hard to get back some energy by walking.

  78. I got check prostate enlarged 5 years back but not having major problem. Now in night i feel to go for urination and it take time and slow urination. In day thete is no problem.
    My age is 65 years and having diabetes and taking medicine for diabetic. Pl adivise me for prostate which should be simple to take and easily available in delhi

  79. Dear Dr. Sharma

    USG full abdomen on 23rd Sept indicates:

    Liver ( Transplanted)

    1. Transplant liver measures 14.4 cm and shows mildly increased echogenicity. Intrahepatic biliary radicals are not dilated. No focal lesion is seen. Portal Vein is normal. Grade 1 fatty changes in transplanted liver.

    Urinary Bladder:
    2. Urinary bladder is normal. Wall thickness is normal. No evidence of calculus.
    3. Pre void volume is 162 cc. Post void residual urine volume is 49cc.
    4. Prostrate is enlarged in size and measures 5.6x 5.3×4.6 cm , volume 71 cc.
    5. There is no ascites.

    I am leading normal life at the age of 68. Transplant done in August 2010.

    Please advise…

  80. size od prostate is 73 cc. No pain during urination. frequency and urgency is felt. Pl suggest medication and duration n doses to be taken.


  81. Satyendra Kumar says:

    My prostate is 23.5cc and shows normal echogenicity and post void urine volume is 15cc. It is stated that it is grade 1 prostatomegaly with insignificant PVRU. Kindly suggest which medicine shoud i take. I have a tendency to go to toilet once for urine in the night, but not always.

  82. VENKAT REDDY says:

    Sir recently had an ultrasound for abdomin and pelvic. Grade 1 BPH detected….I need homeopathic treatment…

  83. richard woolley says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    I have had an enlarged prostate for some time and suffer from freuqent urination and sometimes difficulty in urinating. I am also a regular user of homeopathic medicine, but have nver used it specifically to deal with my prostate issues. I now have a higher PSA reading and have been to the Urology clinic. Mmy constitutional remedy (as prescribed by my original hopeopath) was Thuja and I have found it to be most effective in the 30C format. But usually I only take on tablet one dose two consecutive days and leave it at that. Recently a classical homeoptah suggested my constitutional remedy was Arg Nit and gave me that to deal witha chest rash with mixed results. Now the prostate is my primary leath concerm, and given Thuja has been a constitutional remedy for me, could you suggest a dosgae of Thuja (frequency and duration) to deal with the current prostate flare-up. I can access 30C Thuja tablets with no difficulty and as I say this potency seems to have worked best on me on other issues rather than the IM/200C or the very low 6C potencies.

    With thanks in advance for your help,


    With th

  84. Ratan Sarkar says:

    I am 63 years old with enlarged prostate is enlarged in size and is slightly heterogeneous in echotexture Calcification noted in prostatic tissue. Prostate weight 36gms(approx).28-02-2017 culture report of urine…E. coli. Colony count 1,15,000 cfu/nil. As advice by Dr. Amikachin injection I took that injection 2X7 days i.e., 14 injection. There after I feel good. But again attack E. koli on 25-08-2017..Cifran CT tabs take 1tab twice daily for 10 days. Now I am oky. Plese advise me a good homeopathic mecicine. During E. koli attack, only fever and week ness.

  85. ABDUL KALIM says:

    I am 65yrs old man with enlarged prostate -wt-37grms frequent urination-ps-0.81ps BPH.
    I have hypertention, hypothyroid and a stent fitted in one artery,had heart attack in2010.
    Taking eltroxyn 150mg, losarton 50mg,amlodipin-5mg, attorva 10mg,ecospirin75mg and
    urimax-0.4mg withCGTOI-2 Tabs
    Request advice homeopathic medicines.

  86. PJ CHAKRABARTY says:

    I have Grade I prostrate gland enlargement (20 gm). I am 55 now. Would you please suggest a medicine for a complete cure.

  87. Good morning Sir,
    My father age 69years, having enlarged prostate with 59cc and PSA level is 9.510.
    Kindly help for homeopathy medicine.

  88. Satwant Singh says:

    I am 78 yrs. PSA is31 . prostate is 96 gms . No cancer as per mp MRI . Also inguinal hernia L and R. Urine is OK ,taking daily rapilif 8 and dutas 0.5 .Can homeo treatment is possible.

  89. I generally go to sleep at 12 am past. I go to urinate every 2 hrs, three times a night. Urine flow is week. In the end sometimes the flow stops and stars 4 to 5 times before clearing. The errection is weak. Rest every thing ok. No BP no sugar. Completed 80 yrs. I had cunsulted Dr Rajesh Arora at Lucknow on 13/10/12. He wrote se P.S.A. 1.12ng/ml and advisedU.S.G. KUB, PVR but i did not go for it. Kindly advice which medicine should I take .Thanks.

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  91. Pankaj Jain says:

    Dr. Sharma
    Good Morning, after passing the urin ,i geel my blader is not empty after few seconds i pass few drops of urin . I have done Ultrasound the findings are :- The prostate gland is enlarged in size ( 45*38*47 mm)and shows homogeneous parenchymal echotexture. Prostatic weight is 13 gms with hypertropic median lobe indenting the bladder base. Total PSA 0.94 ng/ml . kindly advice me what to do.

    • My grandfather (age 80+) is facing enlarged prostate with psa-100 and doctors are suggested for the surgery. I want to know that …there is any other options for this.??

    • Francis Thuruthimattom says:

      I am Francis 66 yrs old male. I take ayurvedic tablets,Chandra Prabha,Prostine tabs for my prostate problem I feel better now should I swich over freom Ayurvedic medicines to Homoeopathic medicine ?

  92. my sperm is zero sperm count so increase of sperm count medicine

  93. George Burns says:

    I have elevated psa readings per my urologist (he says the readings are up from 300 to 500 over the last year.. The doctor tells me that the levels I have suggest there may be cancer involved. He wants to do a biopsy. In lieu of a biopsy I am scheduled for an MRI and bone scan on 12 September. I don’t want to undergo a biopsy given the things learned in research.

    He encouraged me to check around to see what other practitioners tell me. I found you on the net. Hence, my note. Please provide me feedback.

  94. Parvez Samuel says:

    Dear Sir
    I have not mentioned my age I am 67 years old

  95. Parvez Samuel says:

    Dear sir
    My name is Parvez Samuel I am from Pakistan I am heart patient four extant were passed in block artery. I am also sugar patent from lost 27 years now I am prostate patent from lost seven years I was using elophatic(English medicine) DUODART 0.4/ 0.5 mg Cap.but my prostate size size is now 55 gems it’s requested to disgust homeopath medicine for me

  96. Ashwani Kumar says:

    My age is 62years and I have frequent urination problem for last one year. In night I used to go for urination at least 3 times and during daytime it’s around 8-10 times for last six months. Earlier it was 3 or 4 times I have also sleep problem,I used to awake 2 -3 times for long time. In ultrasound prostate size comes 38.77 cc. My sugar levels are Fasting. 110 and pp 140. Kindly comment and suggest treatment.

  97. Rishiram Sharma says:

    Dr. sharma
    I myself find the suitable medicine( sabal) for me. My curiosity is that the medicine SABAL can help in reducing the size of prostrate gland. one year Back my prostrate size was about 50gm and post residual urine was about 100cc. Finast 5mg and urimax.4mg taking regularly. Consequence is good. But my semen volume is much rreduced and very thin. I am 70. wife is 55. facing awkward situation. I want to swift to homeopathy. Pl kindly suggest.

  98. pullarao.y says:

    suffering BPH & ED Suggest medicians sir

  99. Udit Kumar says:

    Respected Dr. Sahab, My father is suffering from B.P.H. and his Prostate size 4.0 x 4.0 x 3.4 c.m. , Prostatic volume 28.55 c.c. , Prostatic Weight 28 gm , Post void Urine 174 c.c. And alongwith heart problem treatment (MyOnit SR 2.6 mg and Ecosprin AV 75 mg). Please help me. Thanking you.

  100. hi Doctor, i’m kaveeta from malaysia . last year in sept i removed my gallbladder due to gall stones and it non function. now after 1 year i have pain in my stomach and frequent urine problems so i went to india and did my top to toe medical scanning and my reports says that i have 4.6cm cysts in my kidney and also my endoscopy test shows that positive h.pylori . i’m really scared of google search results which give me negative pictures of kidney failure and stomach cancer. plz advise. i need to go head for another 15 year to complete my responsibilities. doctor plz help me. thank you.

  101. Dear Doctor, I m 60, got two three stents in 2012… no apparent health issues… but after stents, my sexual life graduated downward. Desire low, erection issues, premature ejaculation….I m taking blood thinner and anti cholesterol tablet.. .. my wife is 32, and need ur kind help…

  102. Abhishek Kumar says:

    My father is facing the frequent urination especially at night up to 9-10 times, as it somehow causes sleeping disorder. As a report shows the enlarge prostate as he is taking one of the homeopathic medicine – R 25
    From the last couple of months but their is no such relief in urination problem.
    As it’s a humble request to you Sir kindly suggest me even let me know which is the best way to cure such problem. & Suggest me the name of the medicine especially for the urination problem. Hope will get some positive response from your end asap.

  103. Suppani Subrahmanyam says:

    Dear sir gud mng Im subrahmanyam 54 yrs, non alchoholic ,90% vegetarian, kamareddy. Im suffering from difficulty pain to start urine,frequent urine,interrupted urine flow,urine stops & starts several times before complete voiding, need to wait to start urination and eretile disfunction. Pl suggest

  104. Dr Joshua says:

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  105. Sanjeev kumar says:

    My age is 51 having asthma & IBS-dysentary, now diagnosed with BPH – grade 2, my PSA FREE IS 0.366 ng/ml & PSA Total – 1.360 Facing problems of Low flow of urine during day time& after every 2 hrs urination at night and ED, STARTED TAKING Sebal serulatha 15Drops at night with not much relief, please help and guide in detail.

  106. ddbhatia says:

    I have just done a medical chekup & one ultrasound of abdominal the report showing only
    grade 1 prostatomegaly and adv me to attend urologist

  107. Dr Austin Betel says:

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  108. I am 55 male and suffering from high BP from past 23 years and diabetic from 3 years.My prostate is enlarged and I am facing erectile difunction.Which medicine is suitable for me?

  109. Sandesh Chand says:

    Dear Dr.

    I would like to ask a question regarding prostrate enlargement. My father is a Patient of prostrate and he is 62 years old. He is also doing doctor checkup of prostrate . yesterday, he visited doctor for checkup and found his prostrate Level is 80 gram. he told me that the data is not accurate. could you suggest me , is this Level is high? i Need your sugestion does he Need Operation for prostrate Gland?

    i am eagerly waiting for your email.


    • Raghavan PV says:

      Sir, Since 7 yrs I am having BPH problem. During last 3 months it is deteriorated. I have problem of frequent urination in night, no force, and dribbling the after urination. No pain or burning sensation. Getting pain right and left side below stomach. The latest ultrasound scan result (02.8.2017) is given.

      Both kidneys normal.
      UB: normally distended, shows diffuse mild wall thickening (5.1mm)
      Prevoid:244cc,post void:25cc
      Prostate :32gms,enlarged in the size and show heterogeneous parenchymal echo texture with Medina lobe hypertrophy causing the bladder base indentation.
      Focal anechoic Central parenchymal cyst (12×10mm) seen at the level of prostatic urethra.
      Impression : 5.1mm bladder wall thickening the s/o? CYSTITIS,
      Parenchymal cist (12×10mm) s/o UTRICULAR CYST
      Grade 1 prostatomegaly(32gms).
      Kindly advise you what should I do and mention the medicines.

  110. Prem Verma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 53 year old suffering from Enlarged prostate since almost 10 years & have been on several medicines like “Finast”, “Veltam”, “Veltam+” & “Flotral” prescribed by few doctors . All these medicines now don’t have any effect and my suffering has increased. In May this year I got Sonography done, it shows the size of Prostate Glad is “63CC” but PSA is absolutely normal.

    The symptoms are frequent urination, irritation and sometimes burning during urination, dribbling, prolonged urination, with very poor flow, bladder never gets emptied completely. Earlier my sex life was fine but slowly I am experiencing poor flaccid erection. Sperm too comes in few drops & that’s it. In general I am fit with no other ailments. Blood pressure is normal, Sugar and cholesterol too is normal. Heart & lungs are perfect (I used to smoke but gave up last year, it’s been 15 months & I’ve never touched, drinking is occasional but it’s not an addiction, sometimes I don’t touch for weeks.

    I’ve heard of several treatments but their side effects are cause of concern. Your treatment with Homeopathic medicine seems to be convincing. Please let me know how I can get rid of this disease

    • Please my name is Bernard. I need homeopathy help for the treatment of my prostate enlargement. I have a scan and my prostatic volume is 22cc I frequentky urinate and also it was indicated that my urinary bladder is mild distended kindly help me treat this problem.

    • Anil Kumar Jain says:

      Dear Dr, Sharma,
      I am 66 yrs male suffering from BPH sise 4.6*3.9*4.3cm.Volume 41cc with normal excotexture pushing to bladder wall. Previod volume 358cc Postviod volume 199cc in 1st attempt.
      Two diverticulam seen. larger one on right side & small on left side. Wall thickness is normal. No calculas/mass lesion is seen. I take 8 to 9 glass of war water in the morning empty stomach to beable to answer natures call.
      Frequent urination till lunch time.If I sleep than just get up once for urination. If unable to sleep than
      hourly urination till able to sleep.
      PSA – 0.813, Urine normal – WNL, Urine Culture- Sterile, Uroflowmetry : Max flow rate: 005.8 ml/sec
      Average flow rate:002.3ml/sec. Please advise homeopathic madcine. Regards, A.K.Jain

  111. Javaid Butt says:

    Dear Dr, Sharma.
    I am 70 years male suffering from Enlarge prostate and living in Canada. I always read your suggestions/remedies on internet. There are many remedies you prescribed, can you pl tell me 2 to 3 remedies that I can buy from here. Even I have to go to washroom for 5 to 6 times at night.

    Thanks in advance


  112. Santosh Kumar says:

    Sir I’m suffering with urin burning sensation . Frequent urin mostly at night age 56 prostate size 24mg no daibatie .

  113. Sisir Kumar Sahu says:

    I m sffuring from BPH. Low and thight urin flow Max time, Low Sexual ability having since one year.

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  115. Shaik Ganshavali says:

    sir, I am urinating six to seven times at night. my prostate 64 ml on 01 July 2015. My age is now advice me what type of homeopathy medicine, to reduce the frequency of urine and shrink the prostate.

  116. Dr David James says:

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  117. Surinder Pal Singh says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My name is Surinder and my father Col.Rajvir Singh (retd) age 76 years .After conducting test of Prostate total PSA is 15.29 and chelostrol 239
    Doctors are recommending operation. He don’t want to get operation done due to main reason that any antibiotic medicines reacts to his body. So please advice right prescription
    thanking you in anticipation.

  118. Dr Joshua says:

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  119. Stephen Cimini says:

    I am having all the symptoms from weak, frequent need to urinate to UTI which I took antibiotics to get rid of about a year ago but now it’s returning. Is there a homeopathic treatment that I can try. I have had several blood tests etc and my condition is benign but causing me some uncomfortable sensations and frequent night time urinations.
    Thank you for your consideration
    stephen cimini

  120. Satya Ranjan Prasad says:

    I am 55 years old. TURP was done for chronic prostatitis in 2007. They detected it to be granulomotus prostatitis. Again I have started having severe burning feeling in the left side of lower pelvic region, pain at the tip of penis, burning in urethera and pain at the tip of penis after passing urine. Also, while standing it seems like some lump is hanging immediately on the left side of Anus. Doctors performed VIU recently and apart from dilation also did prostatic massage and removal of puss during the surgery, but still ther is no relief. Now they are suggesting second TURP for chronic prostatitis.

    Can you please help me and suggest some effective homeopathic medicine.


    Satya Ranjan Prasad

  121. Dr Joshua says:

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  123. Dr Besides reduction of fluid intake, does meat intake cause prostate enlargement(BPH)?
    The suggested drugs, are they available in the local pharmacies(Nigeria)?

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  131. What’s the remedy for reduce prostate and testes size

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  133. Godfrey says:

    I have lower back pains and weak urination

  134. Javaid Latif Piracha says:

    Good Morning Dr. Sharma,

    What medicine do u suggest please for the following symptoms for me, a male of 66 years,

    1. Prostate : 60 g, PSA 3.085, frequency & urgency of urination, more at night if water drunk after evening, and
    No or weak erection, etc.
    2. Angina while exercising, climbing stairs, walking briskly,
    3. Borderline diabtese
    4. Knee pain if keep standing for more than 20/30 minutes,
    5. Lower Backache off and on
    6. Poor memory
    7. Gas trouble due to poor digestion
    8. Blunt brains (not sharp)
    9. Put up weight if I eat
    10. Laziness

    If my email ad is needed:

    Javaid Piracha

  135. Ali Abdi says:

    He to all.
    Am Ali Abdi currently in Gilgil KENYA. Am 26yrs old. I have been suffering for almost a lip year know. My RIGHT TESTIS SWELLING, with a lot of pain, a feeling like full of PRESSURE IN MY BLADDER, LOWER BACK PAIN and Sperm DLIBLING after my Urine. I have been taking several ANTIBIOTICs and also done several of ULTRASOUNDs but still the same way.
    My doctor used to talk of Epididymo-cyte and also Epididymo-orchitis. Am know to visit my SURGEON on the coming Monday. But am still stuck. I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND, WHATS THE DECEASE NAME and Am I surprised to go for SURGERY.
    Thank you in Advance

    • continentalhospital says:

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  136. BHARATH BHUSHAN T.R says:



  137. Krishna Kumar says:

    I have benine prostatic hyperplasia means enlarge prostrate
    symptoms are frequency ,poor urine streams in night, my age is 70 years.
    My allopathic doctor has planed for operation(TURP) meaning transureathral resection of enlarged prostrate, this is only operation available present
    please suggest homeapathic medicines to regress the prostrate and help to go away the symptoms. Thanks

  138. lovy sri says:

    i m 48 year old male. my prostate size 36 cc in ultrasoud report. i hv problem is sloe urination but feel high. low frequncey of urination and some time i feels problem in sexual life my penice not complete r\erect at the time of sex and i dischareged early in comperision of before time. so plz sujjest me which homiopeth med i will take for these problems.
    with regrd

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  140. haripada ghosh says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffering penis burn in urine since last six months tome and it not cleared completely.wnating each and every time of uriniation.I consut my loacal doctor . He advised me to examine KUB ultrasosnograpy
    I examined my KUB ultrsonograppy which reavealed as impression mildly thickened urinary blader wall with approx..44cc. of residual urine. What kind of medicine take I? Is it a curable symtoms? plz advice me as soon as posiible

  141. biswajit bhattacharjee says:

    little enlargement in prostrate gland after taking medicine now its ok but pain is there always near that area passing stool. Now four months going on. Doctors medicine does not work at all. kindly advice me how to reduce that pain required to take pain killer everyday. Regarding sex is very week this days. white things are coming out all the times. thanks.

  142. Dilip Kumar Chatterjee says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    I am an old male person, have undergone angioplasty in last December, 2012 and a diabetic – 2 patient. Taking allopathic medicines for the same. I have prostate gland enlargement problem with burning sensation during urination since last one year. I was taking allopathic medicines for this problem too. Finding no improvement specially of burning sensation problem, I am taking homeopathic medicines. Dr. of National Institute of Homeopathy ( Govt. Of India ) has prescribed me Lyco – 30 – 5 globules, AD for 10 days and Vin – 200 – 1 globule, O.D, for 1 month on 09 06- 2017. From that date, I am taking these medicines. But burning sensation problem is still there. Will you kindly suggest appropriate medicines for recovering my problem?
    Thanking you in anticipation
    Dilip Kumar Chatterjee

  143. Dr Raymond says:

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  144. Mathew john says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I’m 63 yrs old male.Sufering from BHP for the last 12 Years.I was taking english medicine tab.”Flokind F” since 2014. Last month onwards I am taking “PROSTATE AID”homoeo medicine.No significant improvement noted so far.What should do next ? Pl advise me.

  145. Where can I get genuine homeopathic medicine
    For prostrate problems?

  146. Mukhtar ahmad bhat says:

    sir i have 23 gm prostrate gland how i reduce it 20 gm. plz. also tell me can any medicibe reduce it.


    I am 70 yrs. Present PSA is 12.17 ng., as per last USG , weight prostate gland is 35 gm. I have

    started taking SABAL SERULATA (MOTHER), LYCOPODIUM 200. I feel no other problem. Is it

    helpful for me ?

  148. A K Joshi says:

    Good evening, Dr Sharma
    I am having micturition problem for more than thirty years. This has been aggravating since last three years. During last three years I have taken several homeopathy medicines e.g. cantharis, Apis malifica, Berb. vulg, Sarsaparilla, Clematis, Uva ursi, B/35. Nothing of them has worked. For last six months I have developed Prostratomegally stage 1. I have already had urine infection thrice during last three months. Now my doctor has advised me Cannabis sat Q and Rhus Aroma 30 which I have been taking for last ten days.
    My complaint is 1) pain during and after urination, 2) weak and feeble flow of uriine 3) repeated urge for urination during night 4) poor sleep 5) fearful dreams in night 6) headache 7) low back pain 8) constipation
    I had recently gone through your advice on conium maculatum. Went through different lectures on con. available in net and found that this single medicine con. perfectly addresses all my complaints. Can I stop Cannabis sat and rhus which I have been taking for last ten days and start Conium. If yes, please advise me dose and if at all any other medicine for speedy recovery

  149. K.K.Aggatwal says:

    My prostrate ploblem was diagnosed about one year back. PSA was 9.5 and prostrate 95 grams. Dr. Prescribed Siladal D 8 which started taking. I also started homeopathic along with it. Dr.gave his own medicines alongwith Sabel serrulata. After 4 months PSA came down to 4.7 and prostate 79 gram. My homeopathic Dr.asked me to discontinue allopathic medicine.He also discontinued Sabel serrulata and continued with his own medicine. I am taking his medicine till now but find no further relief. Prostate now is 76 grams and PSA gone upto 5.9. My urologist saysI should go for surgery without wasting further time. I am also a cardiac patient since more than 20 years with angioplasty 2 times and diabetic.Age 66 years. Please advice

  150. Rudranarayan says:

    Sir,please sujest medicine for interstitial cystitis. Thanking you, rudranarayan tripathy. 9439769886

  151. Pradeep Chandra says:

    Can homeopathy medicine 100% cure bph after full course of medicine no need further medicine please advise

  152. Rana Basu says:

    I am Male, 61 years old from Kolkata and was having trouble while urination early in the morning. I was advised by an Urologist for getting a USG KUB done along with a PSA Test. The USG Report states, both Kidneys are normal in shape, outline, position and show normal cortico-medullary differentiation, Ureters are not dilated, urinary bladder is normal in shape, size and wall thickness. Post void scan shows 22 cc of residual volume. Prostate is enlarged, otherwise normal in shape, outline and shows homogeneous echo pattern. No focal lesion is seen. Prostate gland measures 3.8 cm x 4.3 cm x 4.6 cm. Weight 40 gms. Impression : Prostatomegaly grade II.

    The PSA Report shows value 4.32 ng/ml. The doctor has advised me to take SILODAL D8 (1 Kit daily at bedtime for the next 3 months). However, I do not want to take allopathic medicines and will request you to advise me whether there is an effective homeopathic medicine for cure in my case. Looking forward to your advice. Thanks and regards,

  153. Santosh Kumar Talukder says:

    Dr. Sharma Sahib,
    I am a 72 years old person from Durgapur,W.Bengal suffering from problem of Prostate since two and half years. At that first time when it was detected it was 40 gm. as per USG and PSA under normal range. But I had burning sensation after urination. The Urologist gave me the medicine Tasuline-D to take regularly. After three months the burning and pain reduced and after six month the weight of Prostate came to 28 gms. Dr. stop the medicine but after few months the burning and pain came back and the gland began to enlarge causing difficulty in urination. Further, Dr. advised to continue the medicine life time.
    Would you please help me to select the right medicine in Homeopathy so that the gland remain in normal size and my sex life come back again which snatch away by the Allopathy medicine permanently.

    Thenk you sir. Helpless Santosh Kumar.

  154. mumtaz ahmad says:

    Dear doctor,
    Thanks .your page is very helping .I am 65(male) suffering prostate and bladder problem.
    A usg says 43 gram of of weight and psa 2.1. Need help.

  155. SimonSSSit says:

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  156. zahid mehmood says:

    Dear Mr Sharma this Friday my doctor advice me Urine and Ultra Sound of my Gal Bladder and Kidney in the ultra sound report shown that there is 32mg prostate find in the bladder so Mr Sharma which is need to operate or its reduce with medicine of if i need medicine then which one is most affected i mean dear Mr Sharma what could i do

    Right kidney: 10.1cm
    left Kidney : 10.2cm

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  158. Humayun Aqil says:

    I have been using Sabal Serrulatum MT for for the last several years for BPH.Can it be used indefinitely & if so are there any adverse side effects.I also have Peyronies disease.Is there any homeopathic medicine for it.

  159. Narender cobra says:

    Hello sir : am suffering hereditary sphrocytes with gilbert syndrome from 9year and these deases enlarge spleen,break red cell before normal time and high bilirubin(indirect) ,loss of appetic ,so please take advise and help me….

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  161. GS RATHORE says:

    I am a male 65 years old ,having BPH enlarged prostate since last 8 years. PRESENT SIZE IS 60 gms.I have been talking Sabal serrullatta ,prostonum and taken Urimax-D .I am managing my life .
    But now these days first time in the morning I have to wait for start of urination,steam is small,interrupted,almost loss of erection.i am also high BP ,take Ayurveda medicine Mukta vati to control.

    • kamal nain sharma says:

      My age is 59 years please guide me if there is some medicine for this ailment
      I have grade prostomegaly grade 4 in night i get up for urine thrice or more my psa level is0.737.
      Prostrate measures 5.2×5.0x5.8 cm shows medium lobe bulge in to bl base however normal in outline
      Prevoid volume 219 cc
      Residual volume 63.3 cc
      Fatty liver grade 1

  162. Dr Raymond says:

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  163. Capt. Sanjay says:

    As per ultrasound report of whole abdomen Prosrate reading is as follows :
    PROSTATE -is enlarged in size and measures 36x35x36 mm in size with approx Vol of 24 cc. Prostate capsule is intact. Surrounding fat planes are preserved. Post-void all urine is 25 cc.

    I am 57 years old married man.

    Please advise if homeopathy treatment is available for reducing / treating this above prostate problem.

  164. Jawed Ahmad Andari says:

    My age is 44 yrs. Today USG reveals 36 cc is the size of my prostate. I feel difficulty in initiating urination, weak urine stream, no full emptying of bladder, burning during and after urination, last drop burning, post urine dribling, frequent erectile dysfunction, inability to have longer intercourse.

  165. Charlse says:

    I am 63 and had prostate enlargement a year ago. I couldn’t sleep well since I had to go to the bathroom up to 5 times at night. When I urinate, the urine flow is weak and it was hard for me to start urine. The medicine that helped me get rid of this disease was a herbal medicine called diuretic anti-inflammatory pill. It’s effective in my condition.

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  167. Bishan Singh Bisht says:

    Sir, I am 55 yrs old man suffering from BPH WITH LUTS and esophageal candidiasis and astral gastritis and piles since last two years. Now my main problem is that burning and pain in urination track before and after passing urine. After passing of urine severe pain up to 2 to 4 hours. I have constipation coming very hard stool and pain and burning my stool passing trucks and a particular type of extra part coming out while passing of stool. I have taken a lot of medicine from alopethetic and ayurvedic but no cure. Steel the problem occur. Severe pain and burning on the top of penis and seen redness please give me solution

  168. umair khalique says:

    Dr. Sahib, I am of 68 years, a bph case catheter dependent for last 2 years. prostate about 80 gms. Bladder has shrunken to a lower capacity of 110 ml. another miserable problem is that my bladder has no pressure to pump urine towards outside. I tried to clamp catheter but influx is noted. Dr. said only once or twice a month which seems not fruitful. Presently using herbal and one homeo combination. Whether bladder has shrunken if its pressure develops to urinate and fluid discharge my problem will be solved. I do not suffer any cancer problem as per test report. Looking for effective advice. Thanks.

  169. Richard Ruggieri says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am a 72 year old maleI had bladder cancer and after resection surgeries and BCG treatments am clear and has been over three years. I have an enlarged prostate and have regular PSA’s, cystoscopies, CAT scans, urinalysis, and have had 21 BCG treatments and have 6 remaining. I have noticed a tiny bit of near coagulated chips of blood, have had discomfort in my testicles and bladder in waves for about 3 months and the urology team is aware and can’t seem to define the problem. I have read extensively and deduct it is caused by my enlarged prostate. Is there anything that can help this condition? Thank you very much, Sincerely,
    Richard Ruggieri

  170. abdullah says:

    swollen prostate gland to the left
    severe hip joint pain with swelling of the face on the left a little and some swelling on left lower hip area

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    • I did use this method, and it actually is working very well for me.

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      Thank you very much for this info… vastly helpful!

  172. Buy shilajit says:

    I have been searching the internet for this, and I am glad I found it here! Thanks

  173. Pranoy Banerjee says:

    Hi Doctor, I have a 1.3 cm inguinal hernia on the right side as per the USG report. Please suggest an appropriate homeopathy medicine to heal hernia naturally as an alternative to surgery. Thanks.

  174. Prof Mohammad Reza says:

    I am 63 years old and have enlarge prostate with high PSA. PSA was 4.91 on Nov 2015, it became 5.215 on Nov 2016. My Doctor suggested me to take Avodart 0.5 mg and Carzin 4 mg each once a day and told me to continue this forever. Can I take Sabal Serrulata instead and give a try even before starting Aliphatic treatment? Will this medicine (Sabal Serrulata) reduce the prostate size? If yes what is the dose and how long I have to continue this medication?

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  177. Joginder sud says:

    I am 81 year old. I am taking Tumolsion 0.4 cap and dust ride daily at night. I also occasionally 8 drops of berberis vulgaris to improve flow. My residue volume is very high . Please suggest homeopathy medicine to improve flow of urine and reducing residue volume

  178. S p sharma says:

    I am 68 male prostate enlarged in night start to urinate took time and it do not come in stream rather fractured and in droops pl suggest treatment

  179. T.karmakar says:

    I am a Patient of autoimmune disease and frequently got rheumatoid attack ,presently bed ridden for knee and feet swelling unbearable pain and burning sensation, under treatment of homeopathy as well as orthopedic doctor but not getting relived,help me suggesting proper homeopathy medicine

  180. mayank gupta says:

    sir my genital flow blood
    ten i see connect line is cut ..sir what can ido
    my age is 18 plz help me

  181. Ronald Aldrich Bastian says:

    My psa number came back 4, I am 6months shy of 77yrs. old should I worry about this number ?Or should I talk to urologist and take a wait and see approch? Thanks

  182. Ronald Aldrich Bastian says:

    My psa number came back 4, I am 6months shy of 77yrs. old should I worry about this number ?

  183. Manju devi says:

    Respected sir,my mother is having problem of frequent urination at atime interval of 1 hour.The situatiom becomes worst when the urine dribbles in the way to toilet.In my knowledge there is no any pain during urination.She is having prostonum drops since 15-20 days(15 drops 3 times a day).But after having this medicine the problem became more worst.Sir plz help.

  184. J N Choudhary says:

    Hello Dr sharmaji,
    I am suffering from BPH.problem is:weak urine takes 3to4 mts to pass the urine.first time in ultrasound 22 months back void result was 25cc.size 21cc. One week back result of USD is void-25cc, size 26cc.
    Pls suggest homepath medicine to relieve me from this problem.

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  186. Ravinder singh says:

    sir i m suffering from bhp . Sir i feel pressure in rectum before going to stool passe .please tell me the medicine.l took ferrum pic on this sympome 3x potency .no rsponse then i took in 30 it aggravate severe .please tell me the medicine

  187. TS.VIJAYAN says:

    sir, night time i useto getup more than six or seven time from the bed and go for urinating,but still ifeel not emptying fully. I use to press my lower abdomen by both hand to pass the urine.still not satisfy . My name is VijayanT.S and residing in Clicut.Kerala

  188. brittany yates says:

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  189. Dr. R.C.Srivastav says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from BPH for more than five years. I am 75 year old. Prostate weight is 35g. My urine flow is very poor. uroflometry confirms the same. As soon as I feel urging for urination, I start feeling pain and when I am through, do not feel any pain. My PSA, S. creatine, S. urea and BUN is normal.
    I have been taking Sabal for a long time. I am also taking Urimax F for more than three years. none of the. Medicines are helping me. I have also tried Cantharis 30. But no relief. I have also taken CLIMATIS, BUT NO RESPONSE. Also tried Conium 200, but no response.
    Doctor has advised for operation.
    I would appreciate, if you could advice me Homeopathic medicine so that I need not go for Operation.
    Dr. RC.Srivastava, Retd. Scientist

  190. Dr sharma

    My daughter is suffring from frequent urinationproblem since 6 month age 4th year she is unable to controle urine during day & night with in 15 minutes .plz suggest me who homoeopathy help me.

  191. Mohammad Ismail says:

    prostate enlargement 80gr

  192. Rohit Dubey says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My father is suffering from frequent urinating problem since last 20 days, age is 70 & he is unable to control urine during sleep & pass the urine after 03 attempts with in 15 minutes…please suggest?

  193. Abu Hassan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Good Day Sir
    i post a comment for myself having prostate enlarge also please keep along with u

  194. NS Sastry says:

    Sir, I am 80 years old active male. I am diagnosed with BPH-Grade 2. My only problem is frequent urination at night. After about two hours of initial sleep, i wake up almost every hour to go to toilet to pass urine. About 5 to 6 times I have to urinate at night. In day time once two hours is normal frequency.

    Please advise suitable homeo remedy to reduce frequency of urination at night to improve quality of sleep esential for next day.

    • Dear Doctor,

      I have been suffering from enlarged prostrate for more than 5 years now.
      Initially I took Allopathic medicines, but after few months switched to Homeopath and
      now for 2-3 years regularly taking, Sabal Serrulatum and Solidago together and feel mostly comfortable in passing urine.

      Feel that my prostrate size is not reduced and when I stop taking these medicines the difficulty increases.
      Please advice can I continue taking these medicines without side effects for long term.
      Can you advice a change for a full cure and better results.

      I shall be grateful for your advice.

  195. jaweria says:

    hello sir my father is about 65 years old he is cardiac patient(bipass done) now he have a complain of prostate enlargment with these symptoms( frequent desire to pass urine Dribbling of urine Aching pain in prostate that extends to abdomenand back as well and some times emission of prostatic fluid in starting of urination. and after this he feel weakness in legs and hands weak stream of urination constant desire of urination
    please sir kindly inform what medicine i gave him i m disturbed about his health in what potency what medicine i give him and he have no complain of hypertension but sometime bp raised about 160/100

  196. Rakesh Saini says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am 58 years old and I am suffering from Enlarged Prostate for the last more than 10 years. I has to pass urine almost after every 1 hour in night.

    Please advise.

  197. Rama Murthy says:

    Aged 76. Had Prostate operated 3 yrs back.
    6 months back Lab report says PSA 12 & ESR 54,
    I am a home practitioner of Homeopathy.
    Now, Lab report says PSA 8 & ESR 34.
    No strain or burning while urinating. weak stream, slight dribbling, night urge 2 to 3 times, little retention could be & in chill weather difficult to hold.
    To bring it to normalcy your advise please.
    Is it OK to take –
    Sarasa Parilla Q 1-1-1
    Baryta carb 30 + Arg Nit 30 + Clematis 30 … 1-0-1-0
    Lyco 30 + Conium 30 + Chimophila 30 … 0-1-0-1

  198. Slightly enlarged prostate.psa level normal.urine culture result post void difficulty in urinating.urine flow normal.frequency and urgency in urinating.Lack of erection.lack of pleasure during ejaculation on masturbation. Please prescribe medicines.

  199. Dear sir

    I am suffering from mildly enlarge prostrate, size 48x38x35mm weight is 33gm.
    I m taking prostonum drop. Thrice in a day.
    Kindly suggest me medicine.
    S c singh

  200. Parameshwar Wagdargi says:

    Sir I’m suffering from prostrate enlargment and PSA level is2.13 and prostate 31gr I have consulted urolology but they suggested me turp surgery I’m just 50 years old

  201. Dr i cant getting plesure on sex too fast i quit

  202. Marvin Powell says:

    Hi I am 71 years old and have an enlarged prostate. However, I have just started having problems being able to release my ejaculation. Prior to this problem my stream is weaker than it use to be and I now dribble and have to rise from sleep at night usually at least once during the night. Is my problem consistent with enlarged prostate or could it be something else related to the prostate.

  203. C.SURYANARAYANA says:

    Dear Doctor, I have been advised for Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) and Hernia operation. I want know whether I can get Homeopathic tretment for this problem.I am 62 years old. I am grateful to you if you help me in this regard.
    Thank you

  204. Dear Doctor,Is their homeo treatment for grade 3 prostatomegally and pvr of 157cc.Are they reduce size of prostate to normal size.My age is 68 years.Thank you

  205. barry white says:
  206. VIJAY AGRAWAL says:


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  208. ratan khare says:

    Sir my father is 87years old .he is suffering from prostate gland (enlarge prostate gland) pl suggest me the treatment.alopathy dr.told him to operate.

  209. D S Pandey says:

    Sir, my father is suffering from brain hemorrhage of left side, since 2009, he has developed prostate III stage. The urination during night is very frequent however during the Day is less, nowadays he doesn’t even come to know when he has passed urine. He had fall in 2014 and suffered inter-trochantic fracture because of which he is also immoblised. Please suggest Homeopathic medicine.

  210. Ashok Shastri says:

    Sir I am 63 years old .Recently I observed a bloated little swelling at the right side of my lower renal function s are OK but sometime I feel retention of urine. I am not diabetic and regularly do yogic exercise and pranayama. I’d it possible that I may have prostate ailment if so please advise homepage medicine

  211. L R Krishnan says:

    Respected Doctor

    My name is L R Krishnan and i am writing these email prostate problems. In these regard I need your advice. Please let me know your fees and i can transfer the amount either thru online.
    Please find below my current health status and also attached Ultra Sound images, Ultra sound and cystoscopy report.

    Patient name : L R Krishnan, Age : 55, Medication for : Diabetes, Hypertension
    November – 2014
    Urological problems :
    1. Diagnosed for BPH December 2014, Prostate 29gms.
    2. Medication started with AlFusin – D for 3 months, AlFusin – daily
    November – 2016 – Frequent urination and urge to urinate often.
    Underwent ultrasound and CT Scan. Report says Prostate volume is 20ml with median lobe indenting bladder neck. Advised AlFusin daily. DETRUSITOL 2MG TABLETS for two months.3

    Kindly advice do I need to undergo surgery.

  212. Dear sir
    I am 61 years old having BPH for more than 3 years. Prostate size 50cc, post urination- 27 cc. Had been taking sabal serrulata nd adel 21. Due to urinary infection, i had to take allopthic treatment. Doctor advised siladol d capsule, which i have discontinued. For last six month taking prostonum.

    Recent problems are;
    Frequent urination, once urination at night, dry ejaculation, weak errection, weak urin flow.
    Doctor is advising for surgery, which i want to avoid.
    Kindly suggest homoeopathic medicines.

  213. Zafar Malik says:

    My last year PSA was 2.65 but now it is 3.48 What does it show May I use Sabal homeo medicines I am 70 yrs old The urologist diagnosed it Enlarged prostate and advsed medicine

  214. Krishna Saha says:

    I Mrs Krishna Saha is Having HLA B27 +ive, Can it be Ankolysing Spondiliasis or it can be always + ive,Can it makes any Hermfull for me,Is there any Homeopathy medecine for me.

    Krishna saha

  215. Pradip Kumar De says:

    Respected Sir, I am have diagnosed ( by USG of abdomen) as having enlarged prostate gland. Suffered uti with bleeding. Now OK after alopatthy treatment. But Dr. Suggests surgery. As such I request your advice on homeopathy treatment for enlarged prostate. Your early advice will be highly solicited. I am 65 years old. Thanking you, P K De.

  216. Pradip Kumar De says:

    Respected Sir, I am diagnosed as having e
    Enlarged prostate gland(by USG of abdomen) , suffered uti with bleeding urin one month back. Got treated with alopathy , now bleeding stopped and urin clear. But still having frequent urge to urinate at night/day. Request your advice to recover enlarged prostate and improved urination by homeopathy. With thanks, P K De.

  217. My father he has suffering from htn and infection and he has surgery for bph problem

  218. Krishnakumar says:

    Dear Sharmaji
    Wish you have a year even better than the best and put smiles on the faces of everyone you come across.
    Age 72, Part time Professor in management in Univ & Trainer Coach
    BP – heredity – dianosed since age 25 – Amplong 2.5 & Telam 20 Daily- Generally under control except occassional high
    Diabetc Borderline diagnosed recently – on Glycomet SR500 & Glycomet P1
    Looks like it increases on and off – Feeling sleepy afternoons – work efficiency come down by half
    Diagnosed BPH (mild Prostrate enlargement since 8 months -Freq urination max holding 60 to 90 mins- but free flow- no pain anywhere- On Rapillif D 8/0.5
    Will be grateful for your advice as to which Homeo Medicines I can take for Diabetes Cum BPH and may be BP also

  219. sabal serrulata &lycopodium are very effective.tnx

  220. GHULAM MUHAMMAD says:

    HI Dr . Sharma,
    I have BPH,frequent urination,slight burning at the end of penis while urinating.At night 3-4 times visit of bath room.Prostate is 50 gram,10ml urine retention after urination and yesterday PSA was 16ug/ml.Used tamsolin tablet,levofloxacine 250mg tablet and nimslde for 10 days.Now I am 80% comfortable but PSA result of yesterday,s event. My age is 67 yrs,takinghypertensive drug to control BP.Pl comment en regards.ghulam49@

  221. Mohd Mojibor Rahman says:

    Assalamualikum .I am glade to know about the treatment.So I have prostate gland and how to know about the treatment.PLs

  222. Navid rashid says:

    48yrs old having bph. All features present , kindly advise med

  223. still don’t know the right words to express my Gratitude to the Great Health Herbal Clinic After been diagnosed of hepatitis B in 2014, i was given so many health prescription and advice with no improvement, I totally lost hope, until i found testimonies of Health Herbal Clinic in an online research and on Facebook, Like anybody would be, I was very skeptical about contacting them, but i later did email them and they started the remedies for my health. Thank God, i was cured from hepatitis by the herbal medication I received from Health Clinic. I never thought that hepatitis can be cured, from the bottom of my heart I’m truly grateful,Contact Health Herbal Clinic, Email: Healthherbalclinic(AT)gmail(DOT)com or website on www(DOT)Healthherbalclinic(DOT)weebly(DOT)com

  224. KDoraiswamy says:

    Dear Dr Sharmaji
    Iam K Doraiswamy Age 76 on vacation in Miami with son D Suresh . Iam having urinal problem frequent going.In night I go every two hours. I have consulted Dr in chennai .Icame in June and brought Sildol capsules.Ihave stay for two more months.Silodol is completed.As alternate I was advised to take homeopathy Tthuja, may I go for that..Pl.advise
    Doraiswamy .

  225. Let me know remedial for vitilagop

  226. Sir I have mild enlargement of my prostate.I want to use sabal serrulata tell me what is proper dose…

  227. Dr. I have BPH I get burning sensation during urinating and difficult to intiate urine.
    Please recomend Homeopatic medication. and dosage.

  228. I have recurrent prostate problems , are there any supplements, vitamins or homeopathic medicines that you can recommend ?

    • At the outset we would like to give brief history of Dr. Gaurav Rathi M.S.(Ortho.) Gold Medalist & Dr.Purvi Rathi M.D.( Gynec ) who are A.O.P of “Rathi Hospital”. Ahmedabad.

      Rathi hospital is well specialist for Orthopedic Surgeon in Ahmedabad , meet Dr. Gaurav Rathi…

      • Francisco Menezes says:

        Dear Dr. Sharma,
        Since the last 6 months or so I have been urinating frequently around 10 to 12 times/day, urge to yrinate, dribbling of urinationand little urine remaining in the bladder. How ever my erectile function is very good and I do not get up in the nights to urinate. I am aware that this may be a case of enlargement of prostate.
        Just today the medical store gave me SBL Homeopathy Prostinon Drops and I started the dosage today 20 minutes after lunch and as per what is printed on the box, I need to take 3-4 times per day mixed with 1/4 glass of water.

        I take Telma 20, Ecosprin 75 and Storvas 5 daily and 51 years of age.

        Please advise if this will improve the prostate symptoms of urination.



  229. I want to improve my sexual health resulting from BPH

  230. I have to frequently urinate during the night which disturbs my sleeping. Can you recommend a homeopathic remedy with potency level. Thank you for your help.

  231. Pathological And Ultrasound Reports Results Of Mr. R.S.YADAV 59 Years / Male
    Usg For Kub,P.Pvr Dated 28-10-2010 At S.N. Medical College And Hospital Agra
    Kidney—Normal In Size ,Shape
    Ub—-Normal,Wall And Lumen Are Normal
    Prostate—Enlarged In Size 27 Cc In Volume
    Postvoid Residual Urine –Non Significant
    Others—No Free Fluid Seen In Peritonial Cavity
    Opinion—Mild Prostatomegaly
    Urodyanamic Lab Aiims New Delhi Uroflow Report
    Voiding Summary
    Maximum Flow———–19.4 Ml/S
    Average Flow————-8.1 Ml/S
    Voiding Time—————59.3 Mm.Ss.S
    Plow Time——————58.6mm/Ss.S
    Time To Max. Flow—-4.7mm.Ss.S
    Voided Volume———478.4ml
    Flow At 2 Seconds——–13.7ml/S
    Acceleration————–4.1 Ml/S/S
    Usg Kub,P.Pvr Dated 11-03-2015 At S.N.M.College Agra
    Kidney—Every Prt Normal Size ,Shape And Surface
    Ub—Normal Out Line Wall Is Normal Lumen Is Normal
    Prevoid Volume—171 Ccpostvoid Residual Urine –100 Cc [Significant ]
    Prostate —Enlarged In Size 28 Cc And Normal In Echotexture
    Usg Kub, P.Pvr At Aiims New Delhi Dated 02-06-2015
    Ub—Normal In Distension And Outline
    No Free Fluid/ Lymphadenopathy
    Prostate—– 45 Cc
    Pvr————–59 Cc
    Uro Flow Report Diagnosed At Aiims New Delhi On 24-06-2015
    Maximum Flow———–19.0ml/S
    Average Flow——————8.5ml/S
    Vioding Time—————-42.1 Mm.Ss.S
    Flow Time——————–41.3mm/Ss/S
    Time To Max. Flow——-5.1mm/Ss/S
    Voided Volume———–352.9 Ml
    Flow At 2 Seconds———–12.5 Ml/S
    Usg Dated 21-08-2015 At Ahuja Ultra Sound Agra For Kub,P.Pvr
    Kidney—Right——11.1 X 3.8 Cm
    Left——–10.4 X 4.2 Cm
    Rest Normal , Ureters Are Not Dilated
    Ub—-Normal.There Is No Mass Or Calculus
    Prostate—–4.3 X 3.2 X3.1 Cm Volume 23 Cc
    Impression—-benign prostatic enlargement grade—1
    Usg for kub,p.pvr at aiims new delhi on 02-06-2015
    Ub—normal no free fluid / hymphadenopathy
    Prostate—45 cc
    Pvr———59 cc
    Usg at S.N.M college Agra on 16-11-2016
    Kidney—right—-9.9 cm
    Left—–9.8 cm
    Cmd and echogenicity normal
    Ub—-wall is normal prevoid—-205 cc
    Postvoid residual volume—30 cc[ insignificant]
    Prostate—enlarged in size—31 cc , prostatomegally
    PSA tests
    Dated 01-04-2015 at aims new delhi ——–.97ng/ml
    PSA dated 26-10-2016 at lahiri path Agra
    Pathological test reports on 16-11-2016 at S.N.M College Agra
    respected doctor sahab excet above urine flow test also done on 18th nov 2016 and result is
    maximum flow—12.7ml/s
    average flow 7.0 ml/s
    voiding time —
    time to max. flow—–7.3
    vioded volume 353.0 ml
    flow at 2 seconds 7.8 ml/s
    acceleration 1.7 ml/s/s void 12/350
    kindly advise me the best treatment for this problem .my mind is totaly disturbed due to this .i shall be obliged sir
    yuor faithfully
    rs yadav
    agra up
    mob 8410713949

  232. Col. Sajjan Singh says:

    I am 69 years old with BPH 52 GMs and PVRV 45 cc. Blader-Distented. Blazer wall thickness 5 mm
    Problem- 3-4 times passing urine in night. Disrupted flow appx 6 ml/per second as per UFR.
    Sir, please advise whether I should go for surgery or take homeopathic treatment

  233. RAJEEB NANDA says:

    Dr,Good Morning,
    I am Rajeeb Nanda from Orissa.Last Three months I have noticed frequent urination and sometimes burning after urine.

    Can it be treated with homeopathy.


  234. Sir l am suffering from prostrate gland enlargement of grade ll and urine is not completely emty which is dribbling and come drop by drop come while sitting. Please give madicine for treament. With thanks.

  235. Azhar majeed says:

    Suggest the medicine for pennis shrinkness

  236. Many people choose to go through surgery and other treatments even if there are natural options that are safer, cheaper and better! I respect those that choose the surgery but I just dont understand them, I try to have a balanced and healthy alimentation and I take a supplement my doc recommended me named alpha rise, it is very good. I have been taking it for a couple of months and it stopped my prostate symptoms

  237. Goher raham says:

    My age is 48 years my problem is prostate enlarge
    Size 36ml valume
    pre voiding urine ………. 345ml
    Post voiding urine……….37 ml
    so please dear doctor dignose hemopathic medicine to me i will waiting for your answer

  238. Pavin Kumar says:

    my prostate size is 42 x 32 x 36 mm. is it normal. i am 54 years male.

  239. Hi dr i m suffering from
    Mild prostatemalegy and feeling urgency in urination
    And leakage of semen at morning time
    After awake up
    I m using
    Sabel 200
    Conium 200
    Iodine 200
    But not too much effect can u plz suggest me the best medicine for reducing the size of prostate tha size is 42cc
    Upset plz help me out

  240. utpal kuila says:

    I am 34 years young man , now i hearing less in right ear.I feel headache in right side & feel several time to urinate in day time.but urine is very little amount ,so please inform the homeo pathy medicine.

  241. deepak Talwar says:

    I am 70 yrs old . In Feb 2016 I got an Ultra sound done due to frequent urination both during day and night , the prostate weighed 35 gms .PSA 10 . After taking sabal serulatta Q ,Conium 200 and Thuja 200 intermittently for two months , frequency of urine during night is now at 1 or 2 incidents , but during day particularly Upto 11 AM it is hourly The flow is good , no dribbling and no burning . Weak libido . No erection

    Plz advise suitable remedies with dosage and potency.Thx

  242. Dear Sir, What it means –
    My father ‘s USG Report shows that Prostateis enlarged in size and volume is 44cc Median lobe is seen Capsule is intact PVRU is

    IMPRESSION : US Shows Prostatomegaly and Billary Sluge in GB

  243. Shamsher Singh says:

    i am suffering from 4 mm prostate calcification. bladder is never filled fully. no strain, no pain etc. ED is present. Wish to get rid of calcification. Please prescribe some homeo medicine.Thanks.

  244. Aftab Jehangir says:

    Dr. I have urine problem to many times a day I want to go toilet but very small pas through and sex problem also please recommend me medicine

  245. Paramjit Singh (Son) says:

    My father is 88 years old was suffering from last 3 yers urine problems and was put on Flotral Tab which helps him a lot but One MD Physician detected TSH above normal range started Thyrodorm tab and stoped Flotral for three months.

    All of of sudden the urine stops and put catheter to release the urine followed by UTI now he is case of Mild Enlargement Prostrate Gland as per Ultra Sound report and Catheter inserted and removed after 10 days and again inserted on 01 Nov 2016 Next visit to Uorologist is on 11 Nov and checking the catheter

    Can he be treated with Homoepathic medicine and catheter can be removed Please reply


    Yours faithfully
    Son of Shri Karam Singh

  246. Homeo Dr.Afzal says:

    2.Prostate enlargement is 39gm.
    3.Frequent urination at night-after every hour.
    4.Urge with burning pain.
    5.Aggravation when in a lying posture.
    6.Amelioration while standing,sitting or walking about.
    7.Urine flow is weak.
    8.Urine starts and stops.
    10.This situation creates anxiety.

  247. R P Mehta says:

    Dr Sahib
    I was suspected of cine BH My biosopy showed PS over 4 I took medicce from 2013 to 2015 Then on medical advice stopped that medicine My PSA has increased to 1.00 over morethan on year.
    Should I restart the medicine or go for surgery ?

  248. Dr. Sharma
    i am facing the problem of BHP of may be of 2nd stage of 39 grams.My age is 59 yrs and at the age of 46 yrs done hearth bypass surgery ,my regular check up is going on.Recently facing ED problem may be due to bhp.My PSA level is approaching to 4 .pl advice medicine.


  249. Terence Westlund says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I have BPH I have until the last 2 weeks i always managed to wake up at night to urinate, but i suddenly lost a good friend and i had a bout o f hyperventilation caused by anxiety after my friends death, i am finding it difficuilt to sleep , and when i do sleep i do not wake up to pass urine , resulting in bed wetting , can this anxiety be the cause of this , and is there any Homeopathic medicine i can take to stop me =urinating at night

  250. A.K.M.Nurul Islam says:

    My prostate enlarged 72 cc,Found uneven wall thickness of urine bladder,cysts fond 0.97 cc,Serum creatinine of kidney is 1.4,Diabetics fasting 7.5 after one hour foods is 11.6.please advise me the suitable homeopathy medicine in my e-mail Or tax # +8801752129809.

  251. Ineikinimi abraham Uzakah says:

    i use to have occasional difficulty in passing urine. can you help in treating me. i am in Nigeria. how do i get treated in Nigeria

  252. hi… my father have a prostate with 42 mm size and using a catheter coz he can’t urinate without it…. the doctor advise us on surgery…. but my father doesn’t want to do surgery…. can he take those medicine you suggest… if yes…. is it possible that he can urinate without the catheter?
    hoping for your reply

  253. Sandeep kishor labade says:

    Sir, I’m sorry 27 year old, I have prostate cyst in small size. I’m suffering so pain in my abdomend and back pain

  254. Homoeopathic Dr.Afzal says:

    Age 68 years,weight of prostate is 39 gm.
    1.Weak flow of urine.
    2.Interrupted urine flow.
    3.urination painful.
    4.sensation of a drop rolling down the passage even after urination.

  255. I am 68. Sonography resultshows enlarge in size (volume 30ml). Heavy mucus is noticed in toilet motion since one year or more.laxative ayurvedic medicine is required for toilet. I have back pain in right lumber area, right neck sideand right shoulder and knees. Digestive power is an most lost. On very thin two chapatis,little rice and curry subji sufice to satisfy my hunger that too once in a day. My weight is 62 kg since so many test pleaseadvise me right medicine..thanks..

  256. anura perera says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    When i went to full body check up I came to know that i have protatomegaly before 04 months ago.I consulted a Urologist in this regard I gave tablet to be used for 03 months after flopoint test (peak flow was 9.2 at that movement.)After 03 month i consulted doctor having done flo point test 9peak flow 8.00).He advised to do ultra sound scan report too.Report denote that i have post bladder volume of 191Ml.with moderly enlarged prospate gland.Further denote that I am suffering from Bilateral early rentel parenchymal disease.At last doctor informed me to do surgery urgenty as my position is not good. I am 48years old. I am not interest in surgery due to bad consequenses of it.Please advise. THANK YOU.

  257. Trilochan singh kalsi says:

    Dr. I am M/78. with heart echo 25%. I am having enlarged prostate . I have to go 6 times to bathroom At NIGHT to pass the urine. There is no pain ,no dribbling it comes with normal flow,and mostly in one go. Total urine measures about 800 ml. very rarely I have to wait for 5 seconds. Pl. advise homeo medicine.

    • Akash yaqoob says:

      Hi dr Sharma. Akash here my age is 30
      I m suffering from mild prostatomelagry . Dr advise unrime infection Medicine for 9 weeks and I feel urgency in
      Urination , frequent urination . I m very upset and plz advise me Medicine I m living in Australia Seggest me Medicine Which works on me and available in Sydney

    • Jigmat Lotus says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, my father is 71year old he have prostate seen in 47 grams in the report of CT and altar sound etc.Dr ask me to surgery. and before 14 year he also done prostate surgery now it is possible to make surgery plz give me suggest. Thank you.

  258. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am feeling urgency to urinate and sometimes to lose before I enter the wash room,also I think I have enlarge prostate ,so please advise me what homeopathy and remedies for this problems.


  259. K K Singhal says:

    My prostate size is 32.1 gms and flow of urine is at very low pressure. After passing urine, many drops come out cloths become wet. Some burning is also felt at stating of urination. Pl suggest some homeopathic medicine

  260. T.Muruganandham says:

    Dear madam,
    my father age around 65 years . he is urine infliction treatment started on august 2010 in famous hospital in vellore Tamilnadu indian country.

    that time they are identified the prostate gland enlargement .
    that time they are suggested for dynapres (0.4 mg ) tamsulion tablet without surgery .till date we have followed that tablets.
    that is some side effects observed , very tied and very laziness .
    so please any homeopathy treatment of alternate that tablets is there in our world .
    please suggest to me and please guide to me for my father helps for smoothth function of kidneys ……please…….
    thanks and regards

  261. BOBBY ARORA says:


  262. Laxmam Singh Suyal says:

    Sir, I am 64 years old. I am having ptostate enlargement for last 3 years. Initially it was 50 gms grade I. Now it is 51 gms grae II. And uerine retention is 35 mm after urination. For that I am taking urimax. At night I have to go for urination once or twice. But at day time I go many times. I also feel slight pain at times after urination. Please advise medicines. I do not want to undergo surgery.

  263. Nihalani G F says:

    I have grade one Prostate enlargement as per sonography. Frequently l wake up at night 4/5 times with disturbed sleep
    Even morning on duty I do have frequent urination. The residual urine has very foul odor .
    Suggest line of treatment.

  264. MAHA KANT JHA says:

    Dear Sir,
    I append hereunder my Ultrasound report as on 15th September, 2015 for your observations and arrange to advise me the best suitable medicines, although I have used Sabal serreleta 10 drops in half cup of water twice daily on frequent monthly intervals for one month daily .
    Prostatomegaly with significant post void residual urine.

  265. P.SIVAPATHASUNTHARAM- Srilanka says:

    Dear Doc.
    I am 68 years old and having enlarged prostrate problem. I take urimax and controlling. I wish to try the homeopathic medicine -SABAL SERRULATA I do not think I can get this in Srilanka . So could you pl. let me know the ways to get this medicine with detailed payment process to receive it to my home address. I SHALL BE GLAD IF PAYMENT IS DONE TO THE CURRIER ON DELIVERY TO SAVE TIME. Expecting your early reply to my mail address.

  266. Hello Dr.Sharma I am 31 years old and I have done a test on 17sep2016 of USG ABDOMEN WITH PELVIS In that it shows like this Liver is increased in size ( 17.4 cms) & Shows Increased echotexture. No Focal parenchymal lesion noted.Intrahepatic biliary tree and venous radicles are normal. one month before also I have done this test at that time the size of lever was 17.5 cms. So please let me know which is the best medicines/way to reduce this fatty lever.

  267. I am running 89. Enlarged prostrate benign with frequent urination say hourly. Taking urimax for the past 4 years suggest effective medicine. No pain or any other discomfort.

  268. Sudipta kumar Nandan says:

    I am 64 years old. It is observed that I am having an enlarged prostate, through which the urine flow is interrupted. There is difficulty in emptying bladder and pain in prostate also appears. Sometimes, urine flows out drop by drop. Therefore I need to urinate frequently in night time, at an interval of 1.5 to 2 hrs. Sometimes, urine comes and stops again and again.
    Kindly suggest some suitable medicine with power & dose to be taken.

  269. Narain Dass says:

    Sir, I am of 68 years and am SUFFERING from CAD /LBB for the last so many years.Beside it I am am also SUFFERING FROM Hernia on the right side with Enlarge Prostate I took Kahjoor with milk with control my problem but due to summer I had to discontinue the same for the last 45 days I am taking Nux Vomica for Hernia problem. Please advise how many days Nux Vomica should be taken. Thanking you

  270. when is the best time to give SABAL SER MT . At night or during the day. HE IS ALSO TAKING SILODAL D8. AND PASSES URINE FREQUENTLY AT NIGHT.

  271. i am 76 ,i have moderate prostate enlargement .my prostate size is 40 gm.psa 4.20.the residual urine retention is 50 ml.i am on afdura for last 2 years,can i take homeopathic treatment.i do not want i take homeo treatment along or without allopathic medicines.what is your advice?

    • My psa is 6 & size in ultrasound is more than 45. I have no difficulty in urination or dribbling
      I urinate twice during sleep.

  272. sharad bansal says:

    my father liver shkrun age 62

  273. DINESH AGARWAL says:

    I am taking Veltam 0.4 since last 13 years. Last year i was precribed veltam plus and velan 0.4 one each daily. My median lobe is enlarged and pushing in bladder. The size was 50 cc before veltam plus but know it is 36 cc.
    From last three month i have been having pain below bladder and also burning sensation on whole area. i had tries sabal serr for 2 years. Bladder retention is very high.
    i have been told to go for surgery.

  274. Manmeet singh says:

    Hi dr. I have this prostatic calcification since January. And it doesnt go away and when i read on google about it. It says no cure for it ! Is it true ? I am too much scared cuz i am just 23 years old. And want to leave more and freely. On homeopathy from last 3 months. But again am having the same pain in left part of lower body. Acidic pain. Please and and rwvert back asap with positive answer. Need you dr. :(.

  275. J.N.Mandal says:

    Dr iam suffering from prostate enlargement recent altrasound report indicated size of prostate is 13 gram only but urologist said that the midle lobe is enlarged due to that urin is abstructing and urin flow is not suffecient and urin is not fully drain out during urination and a considerable urine retained in the urin blader. I having following problems burning in prostate before and after urine now it is continue burning is prostate Kindly suggest suitable homiopathy medicine for early cure of the desease

  276. Kaushlendra Singh says:

    Sir i am 60 yrs old diabetic since last 25 years.
    i am having following symptoms since last one year.
    – intermittent urination (passing urine in drops)
    – need to wait for appx 2 mins before urine passes.
    – no irritation exists.

    i am using SABAL Serrulata 10 drops twice in a day since Feb 2016. However no improvement is there. kindly advise.

  277. manzoor ahmed says:

    sir Sharma I have a enlarged prostate. the problem is that the frequency of urination is high,even if I had not consumed more water. before urination the urine flows after a pause. however the urgency is very high and urine dribbles. it is very difficult to hold urine. please dr sahib help me out thank you manzoor

  278. Dharam Das Murmu says:

    Sir, I am Dharam Das Murmu have been suffering from enlargement of prostate gland grade, please suggest me for better cure of my prostate problem.

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  280. Q I SIDDIQUI( Age; 67 yrs) says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Good Morning. Pl note that I am suffering from prostate problem since last one year, elopaethic treatment is continue since then and ultimatly Dr suggested Surgery.I wish to get your advise , I am suffering with freequent problem of Urination,at least two times in a night time and at the interval of 2-3 hr in a day time.
    Size of prostate;75.6×63.4×61.3mm(153g)
    PVR ;37cc
    Max.flow rate;13ml/sec.
    Aeverage flow rate; 5ml/sec. MED. Taken;Tamdura for six months and Tamflo is sinc last 4 months. pl advise. Thanks

  281. shambhu singh says:

    right kidney nephrectomy in 2004.prostat enlarge 35-40 grms during 3 many %patient cure for this deasese inhomeopathy.yr article is well defined.thanks.

  282. Sir .
    I am a 27 years old male
    I have a very serious problem
    My lower part of my body have no feel any type
    And no pain .
    And I can’t nothing with my lower part of my body
    I am very sad ..for 6 month
    6 month before I feel weakness in my
    legs Slowly slowly this deseise increase
    I am now in bed
    And my urine is free
    I can’t stop and open urine
    And toilet is very hard and done every 4-5 day
    So plz tell me what can I do
    Plzz tell me any homeopathic medicine


    I am am old person of 72yrs
    I have enlarged BPH.
    Prostate size 40.
    Ratio of free and total PSA is 23%.
    Creatinine 1.2
    Frequency of urination is Normal.
    PVR is 43 ml.
    But there is interruption in voiding and it takes quite sometime in completing urination.
    I have tried Sabal serrulata 200 and mother Tincture but this causes constipation.I am chronic patient of constipation and on regular Aelopathic medicine for constipation.
    Presently I am taking Ferrum Picricum 3x thrice
    but no relief .
    Kindly advise suitable Homeopathic medicine
    Thanking you

  284. Sir i am 58 old male sulfuring uti from 10 year use medicine relief for one month but again problem occur . burning sensation& pain continue after sex problem is increase kindly suggest medicine already take Arcenic alb. selecea

  285. Kuldip singh hundal says:

    Sir i am 55 years old male.i am having prostomegaly grade 2 measuring 40 cc.please guide me some medicine.

  286. How long I should take sbl ltd.’s prostonum drops for my enlarged prostrate gland. My PSA total blood test showed 5.5. Whether prostonum will reduce the PSA count?

  287. parvez ali says:

    Is SABAL SERRULATA and LYCOPODIUM avaialble in the Dr Schwabe range?

  288. Sanjeev yadav says:

    I am 50 years suffering from prostrate of 70 grams I don’t won’t to get operated what medicine should I take Iam alcoholic I take 2 beer daily I don’t smoke n I don’t chew tobbacoo I want you to suggest best medicine for it n precautions n doses but for God sake I don’t want to leave beer

  289. Prabir Ray says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, Am 53 yrs old, suffering from enlarged prostate approx weight 50 gms., size 4.9 x 4.5 x 4.1 cm, BEP Grade II without significant post void residue in bladder.

    Kindly advice me how to remove enlarge prostate.

  290. Kirkpal Singh. says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,I am 66 years of suffering from enlarged prostrate 37gms.I am suffering frequent urination day and night at least 15 times daily,sometime flow is weak not always.At night I have my tongue extremely dry.have no pain.l have been treated with dutastride,tamsulucin,tabs for last one year but no change in size of prostrate please suggest treatments.Thank you.I am in Australia now

  291. I am suffering from 24.7 gm prosted at right side since 19 Mar 16 as per ultrasound report . request advise for prosted medicine.

  292. I am 66 yrs old and during my health checkup it has been observed that i am having enlarged prostate. During night the motion of the urine is very slow and sensation of dribbling of urine.
    Although i am not feeling frequent sensation for urinate but I feel that something is not normal with my urinary system. Pl suggest the correct remedy for me.
    O P Vora

  293. Balbir Singh says:

    Sebbal serrulata can cure prostate gland permanently.&free flow of urine.

  294. Bachan singh says:

    My father age 74 yrs psa test 18 pls treatment and advised homopathik treatment le rahe h last three months

  295. i am ibrahim age 47 years. enlarged prostate with prominent median lobe.
    significant pvr (97 ml). no clear urine flow,urine comes slow drop, drop plz
    advice me, emale

  296. I am 58 yrs male i hv prostate gland enlargement urine no clear flow pl advise.

  297. shashank
    Age =26 yr, male
    My prostrate is NIL in urine examination but since few days about 2 to 3 months urine come and again many times in day and 3 times in night and bladder is full of urine in every time when urine passes
    but no itiching in penis and no burning sensation,
    no pain is there so why urine is come again and again
    so, dr sahab give me advice what should I do for that

  298. Vinod Sharma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am 65 Yrs of age and while doing an US Abdomen it was noted that my Prostrate appears to be mildly enlarged with approx. vol of 24 cc . It also indicate few prostatic concretions but the seminal vesicles and the other pelvic structure appear normal .

    I had no symptoms or problems related to Prostate issue or I don’t even know what are these .

  299. Adv Rifat Niloy Joardar says:

    My father is a Patient of Prostrate Cancer from 2002. At that time TURP AND biolateral orcadectomy was done. He also got radiotherapy. Since 2002 bone sack report says suggestive metastesises. But his PSA level was below 4. Recently bloods goes to urine and we found his PSA level is 60, after a week it reduced 52 and now it is 66. His age is now 99. Dr’s are confused whether he has cancer in bone or not. He has no pain in the body. If the cancer in the bone he cann’t move. But he moves easily. Dr gave Flutamide 250mg 1+1+1 daily. Ultrasonography reports are normal. Acid Phosphate is normal. I want to know is there any medicine for reducing PSA level?

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  301. suresh nehete says:

    Respected Doctor/Sir

    I am 63 years old man having problem in passing urine, bladder is not empty in one go.

    No pain at all anywhere.

    Kindly suggest medicine with power.

  302. Dear Sir
    I am 65 years old. I get urge for urination and feel the bladder is not fully emptied even after passing urine. The urgency is severe while standing or walking. Mild pressure required during urination. Feel burning sensation when urine in bladder retained for more time i.e. During night while sleeping. Burning sensation subsides after passing urine.
    Request your advic.

  303. Nandkumar Chure says:

    I am 62 years old I have prostate enlargement problem with dribbling urine problem my enjopasti made on last may 15

  304. pankaj gour says:

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  305. Hari Singh says:

    I have urinatory problem 1.Urine passes after taking some time in the morning
    2.Urine passes away in slow flow and in breaks.
    3.Prostate enlarged. age-62 years
    I am already taking Prostonum Drops since last three months near about 5 Bottels.consumed.
    Whether i should continue this medicine or not or take some other medicine alongwith this.Please advise me.

  306. Dear Dr.
    I wanna increase my dick size without oil and creams..
    Plz Tell me any homeopathic medicine..
    I am 20 years old.

  307. Ghulam Sadiq says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I had the problem of blocked urine. Whenever I urinate it takes longer time not only to pass but also it comes out very slowly. Then got ultrasound and according to Radiologist report I have enlarged prostate of 64 ml volume. I consult allopathic doctor and advised me Prosper and Maxflow tablets for two months. After two months when I got ultrasound prostate was 60 ml volume and now the problem still exist. I am 47 years old and do not want surgery. As I believe in homeopathy too much therefore contacts you.

    Sir Plz advise me medicines.


  308. KS Prabhakara Rao says:

    I have a problem of frequent urination during day and night, almost once in an hour or some times less than hour too. I am aged of 62 Years

    After scanning Just above the penny base towards abdomen doctor says enlarge of urinary discharge nerve, and need to operate.

    One of my friend suggested one Homeopathic medicine, called PROSTONUM Drops 30 ml bottle by SBL.

    Suggested by him to use 14 drops mixed in a chutney cup of water ever four hours. I used that but not much improvement.

    Pl suggest a correct medicine for my problem. I have no sugar problem and has BP, using medicines for BP EMALONG 5MG.

    Looking for better suggession

  309. harjit singh says:

    is bakson d plus can be taken in prostate having age of 85 yeara man

  310. sir i am having dibetes and enlarge prosted gland so urin problem slow urin flow frequenty is more time
    how to control that age 60 years good helth.

  311. shankar d. patil. says:

    sir i am having dibetes and enlarge prosted gland so urin problem slow urin flow frequenty is more time
    how to control that age 70 years good helth.

  312. Shah Riazuddin says:

    My Name is Shah, age 62, facing a prostate problem. blood work have done, Dr says size is normal but still a frequent urination. I want to know the best medicine in homephetic for this treatment.

  313. Williams jacob says:

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  314. Aman Sodhi says:

    Sir my father is 62 ..He us having prostate problem….Doctors of P.G.I have recommended surgery..Is there any medicine for cure his problem?

  315. V.P. Mittal says:

    I feel urination in the night. I go for urine in night for 3-4 times. I am not having any pain . I feel thirst. I take too much water. Whenever I go for urine but urine flow is not full and feel urination immediately. I take some time for urination but inside I feel that I should go for urine. I have alreay taken one bottle of Prostonum drops as suggested by Homeopatheic doctor. Should I go for Mother Tincture Sabal Ser Q H.P.I asnow suggested by the doctor. Do you recommend for operation at this stage. Kindly give your advice in the matter immediately.
    V.P. Mittal

  316. J K JAIN says:

    sir i am 55 years old . I am suffering from BPH since 2011-12 and on medication like urimax . now the urine flow rate is rudeced ( below 10 ) and doctor wants to go for operations., the prostate size is 32 grams.
    i understand that it can be trated with homeopathy . can you please suggest me the remedy .
    shall be gratful for advice

  317. Colonel B D Bhatia says:

    Sir, I am a Retired Colonel and having enlarged prostrate (155 Gms ), poor flow of urine on flowmetery test) My PSA was 13.09 on 13 Jun 16 and therefore was given antibiotics(Tab Levolfox 500 mg OD for 4 weeks) to reduce it, BUT WAS SHOCKED TO CHECK IT ON 20 Jul (After one month of medication ) that it had gone up to 21.280. The PVR is 88cc. The urine is sterile on culture after 48 hours of Aerobic Incubation at 37 degree c, culture result Negative. Request you to kindly advise how we can manage it through Homeopathy. I live in Gurgaon (Haryana)

  318. Sohail Razzaq says:

    My prostate size is 49 grams kindly diagnose some medicine. Thanks.

  319. harpreet kaur says:

    My father’s report for prostate : 5.5×5.3×4.3cms,volPVUR:39ml

  320. Bhuwan sharma says:

    I had UTI in 2012 and this lead to an enlarged prostate which was cured by NFT for six weeks andbyUrimaxtablets which I still continue
    For two years no problem then in 2015 July ultrasound exam showed grade 1progemalDoctors said no action required but keep taking Urimax
    This year USG shows grade 2prostate enlarged
    I have no problems I also only wake up once in the night I do have to incline forward to completely finish passing urine

  321. My partner has been told he has high PSA levels and it has been suggested he takes another blood test in August (he has had 2 biopsies) and then the recommendation of either chemotherapy or removal in October. Is it absolutely necessary or could he treat himself homeopathic ally? He feels good, exercises a lot, has a good diet, etc and is terrified of the two options.

    Thank you

    • Colonel B D Bhatia says:

      Sir, I am a Retired Colonel and having enlarged prostrate (155 Gms ), poor flow of urine on flowmetery test) My PSA was 13.09 on 13 Jun 16 and therefore was given antibiotics(Tab Levolfox 500 mg OD for 4 weeks) to reduce it, BUT WAS SHOCKED TO CHECK IT ON 20 Jul (After one month of medication ) that it had gone up to 21.280. The PVR is 88cc. The urine is sterile on culture after 48 hours of Aerobic Incubation at 37 degree c, culture result Negative. Request you to kindly advise how we can manage it through Homeopathy. I live in Gurgaon (Haryana)

  322. Dr G.S.KHATTI says:

    Prostate wt 50gms and psa is 2.62 difficult y in nutrition.

  323. If a patient also complains of erectile dysfunction with luts due to beningn hypertrophy of prostate then which drug will work

  324. K SRIDHAR says:

    Namaskarams Dr Sharma. I am a patient of prostatomegaly grade 2, with scanty urination. sensation of urination many times.

    one particular , peculiar symptom is that when feeling of urination is there, the fissures pain .

    I am diabetic – fasting 180 and pp 310 latest reading. Upto one/ two months earlier the fasting was around 140 – 150.

    The ultra-sound scanning revealed a fatty liver gr 1.

    At present I am taking allopathic medicines for high bp and blood sugar, – after an angiogram last year.

    I go for morning walk regularly 3 to 4 km . In the starting of the walk, little sourness at the throat and much saliva. After 7 – 10 minutes of
    walk I am absolutely free and walk the distance without strain.

    Can you please suggest me homoeo remedies for a better health.
    with regards,
    K Sridhar

  325. S K Dutta says:

    Dear Sir, My father is urinating frequently almost 15 times during whole day.
    According to USG report Postrate is enlarged. kindly suggest me the medicines for the same.

    S K Dutta

  326. G.N.P age: 67 years.
    report: sugar (fasting) 95 , P.S.A – 5.47, Bladder distended.
    prostate enlarged
    prostatic vol – 30 cc. urine routine and culture – finding nil

    symtoms – frequent urination in day and night . feeling urin in the urinary tract

  327. Ajay Kumar Mehra says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having problems in urine emptying from bladder as ultra sound reports shows enlarged prostate of size 51x49x51mm and weight about 67 gms. Moderate hydronephrosis is seen in left kidney.Prostetomegaly grade III with cystitis. Kindly suggest me right product to resolve my problem with out surgery
    Ajay mehra

    • G.Praksh says:

      Dr. Sharmaji, recently i have developed difficulty in urination, in day time i am little cmfortable but in night passing urine is interrupting coming in aliquots. Slight unesiness above pennis area, please suggest me

  328. Subhash pathak says:

    Sir, jab mai urin pass karata hu to mujhe pain hota hai. hame bladder outlet obstruction bataya hai. Please sir mujhe kuch upay bataie

  329. Siddhartha Datta says:

    I developed prostate enlargement since 10 yrs back when I was 64yrs old ( now 75 +yrs). Then it was frequent urination need during night times about 2-3 times. But recently I have to urinate even in day time as soon as I take some liquid ( water or tea) and also in night times. I took Sabal Serulata in between but discontinued because not getting much relief. My blood sugar test result is within normal level. I take Atorvastatine/Ecospine (10/75mg) as precautionary measures for my heart when LDL was increased beyond normal level.
    Request you to suggest what should I do. I do not want to go for surgery.
    Thanks for giving your valuable time.

  330. Nasim Ahmed says:

    Muhtram Dr,Sharma,
    I have a prostate problem for at least 4 years.The Dr. advice me Surgery but i started Homeopathic medicine Sabal in Q.Recently a homeopath advice to first take Lycopodium 200 c for three days then take 6 drops of Sabal in Q three times a day .This makes my position very worse.I have to get up so many times at night but this was not the position when i am taking Sabal Q alone.This is in my opinion a substandard co making Sabal,The Co name isHOMOCAN Inc,Now i am also feeling pain in my stomach which is permanant.Kindly advjse,I will pray for you ,My age is 70 years,

    • S.Bhaskar says:

      Dear Dr Sharma

      I am 69 years old and suffering from prostate enlargement. My PSA is 0.93 ug/L. Prostate volume is 30cc. I have difficulty in passing urine at night times. Urine flow is generally weak. I take 1mg mini press twice a day.

      I shall be grateful if you suggest suitable medicine to overcome this problem.



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  332. Uttam Banerjee says:

    Sir, Last two years I am feeling problems in my lower abdomen left side just penis starting upper side , getting obstruction/pain when walking and some time irritation in my urinary track. I am under treatment with an urologist lot of test like- blood,urine culture, PSA,Uroflow,USG done and getting medicine continue but nothing improve moreover side effect is feeling like acidity problem, sleepless, less sexual feeling. So now I want to try once on under Homeopathy treatment if gets relief from prostatitis. Please suggest & help.Mentally day by day going down for this diesease. My age is now 53 years.

  333. Samaji. I am 58 l have 25 cc proste great discomfort .and I am using R 25 drops.from reckeweg. What is your great advise. My email is Thank you

  334. sir
    1 have looking prostate problem and i am 55 year old,my urine is not discharging properly. but discharging with low pain and low speed.
    i am diabatic since last 10 years but sugar is controled.
    kindly advise.

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  336. Dr. Sharma,
    I am a 57 yo white male. I am diabetic (Type 2). I was hospitalized two months ago with kidney failure. My creatinine is now 1.40 and initially was 10. No dialysis required. I also have high blood pressure which is under control as well as my diabetes. I had a prostate exam a few weeks before being hospitalized and it and my PSA were good. My issue is that I urinate frequently, especially when trying to sleep. No pain, burning, etc. I have normal output, no problem starting, or leakage/dribbling. Is this a symptom of an enlarged prostate? Is there a natural medicine I can take that will help without causing damage to kidneys, diabetes, or blood sugar?

    Thank you in advance for advise.

  337. MARK JOHNSON says:

    difficult to urinate and urinating frquently.

  338. Rajendra Banerjee says:

    I am having acuit problem of prostet.fequent urenation in night advice me

  339. Rajendra Saini says:

    Dr Sharma
    Thanks for providing useful information regarding BPH.
    I am also facing this problem since Sept. 2015 while came to know about the enlargement of my prostate glands. The size was 31x46x31 mm with estimated weight 24 gms. That time my doctor did not advise me for any treatment as i was not having any urination trouble. Since last 3 to 4 months I am feeling difficulty in passing urine at night and especially in morning. During day time there is frequent urination. however there is No itching, no burning during urination.
    Kindly suggest me an effective homeopathic treatment, i do not want to go for allopathic treatment.
    Looking forward for an early response.
    Thanks and Regards
    R S Saini

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  342. Mahesh Chandra shukla says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My father in law , age 72 , has problem of Prostate and urine infection . He has catherized from last 4 months. As he is getting treatment of TB and because of his weakness , doctor are not ready to do surgery of Prostate.
    His prostate is of 5o gm , fifteen days before doctor tried to remove catheter but it’s s got fail as urine retain bladder near about 263 ml and pain in lower side of abdomen
    Because of catheter , he is getting fever frequently.
    We are looking some option in Homeopathy which help him to recover from prostate and can be helpful in removal of catheter.
    Please guide us for the same.

  343. Sashanka says:

    Hi Dr. What med do you recommend for Idiopathic calcinosis of scrotum? Is there any cure for this in your branch of medicine?

  344. C.A.DAS says:

    I am diabetic patient 66 years old Now Ihave urine passing at every one hour day and night

  345. china vinyl sticker says:
  346. S A Haider says:

    as per USG my prostrate gland is 29 gms. i have frequent urination my bladder is not empty after urination so there is feeling of unemptiness. The residual urine comes out after strain. What homeo medicine i should take

  347. wali mohammad says:

    Hello, Mr. Dr. Sharma I have a prostate problem,my age is 58years, my urine isn’t properly discharge, I using clay may tus 45 regularly,but no benefit still gain,Lycopodium/thuja have been used for few days,so plz recommended me to the point homeo medicine to solve my problem forever.thnx
    2. Mr. Dr. Is it possible to increase the size of penis in this age? I have also this problem,my penis isn’t sufficient large & thick, and also not a good erection /hardness,
    3. Another problem my penis craved to right side because a hard muscle is raised in my penis bottom & go to the middle of my penis, in the middle the muscle became little thick & my penis carved to right side at that place.I feel so difficulty, please help me with the best of your expertise, I will be simple thanks to you, Good luck. My urine dropping craves to right not straight

    • Raheel Hafeez Sehgal says:

      Dr Sharma my prostate is grown inside the bladder. My Dr says most of the medicines does not work on the glad which are ingrown, could not empty my bladder little drinking take me for urinating means difficult to sustain, some time I feel uncontrol drooping. I have no pleasure in sex specially during education. Day by day my penis is becoming thin and reducing length. I will be obliged if you suggest me homeo medicines with dose for prostrate and sextual problem

  348. Sabir Hussain says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Hi
    I have the Enlarged Prostate Problem From the last two years, and that is increasing by time. I try homoeopathic Medicine Sabal Serrulata Q , That is some what helpful ,I need any homoeo medicine whish can shrink the Prostate Gland, my age is 54. I will be much grateful for your faver,

    Best Regards.
    Sabir Hussain

  349. Sanjeev sharma says:

    Hi sir my cretinine also increasing .also urine prblm

  350. Ratan Singh says:

    I am having enlarged prostrate for last 4 years,Urine retention is 15-20%.
    Frequency of urination is high and urge is strong. It is difficult to hold for long time. If try to hold forcefully, some urine leaks and that gives me some relief.
    I also get up three-four times during night.
    Usually, early morning First urine, I find it difficult to pass urine. It take long time. Although, there is no pain in bladder or while passing urine.
    Later during day, I do not have such difficulty. The flow is good. Yes, I do find at the end that i have not fully emptied. I wait and it comes out.
    Currenly I am taking allopathy Veltam o.4 mg.

    Would be grateful for your help.

  351. prasanta das says:

    my father suffering from last 1 year still now for prostate gland problem,hernia,hydrocele & last usg
    report is sol to kidney so always passing urine & pain to penish we also running treatment allopathic
    all doctors advice to me it will be operated but there is problem he is 80 years oldhert condition is poor
    one heart is blocked & resptory problem. what can i do pls. suuggest me.

  352. MD.ABDUS SATTAR says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    After testing it is found that my prostate is moderately enlarged for which I am suffering since long but started medicine UROMAX very recently.In my bladder PVR was significantly found.
    In the night if I drink too much water I feed pain in the lower abdomen.My PSA was found normal and kidney was normal in function creatinine was 1.2.
    I am 60 years old and I am interested homeopathic treatment and pls advise how we can reach for such treatment. Pls let us know if it is possible to be free from PROSTRATE ENLARGEMENT by Homeo treatment.?
    Waiting for your reply.


  353. C V L N Sastry says:

    Respected Doctor:
    Sir. I am 70 year old. Some feeling of obstruction, small amount of discomfort and some burning sensation are the symptoms. It all started 16 years ago. Prostate is 38 cc in volume, as shown in ultrasound diagnosis. I use Finasteride 5mg and Tamsulosin 0.4mg. The condition is under control. If I use Sabal Serrulata or Perera Breva or some other Homoeopathic Medicine suggested by a Pharmacist or a Homoeo Doctor in my town, does it make the symptoms worse before it gets better? Kindly advise.
    People usually say that Homoeo medicines first aggravate the condition and then cure it. Please help me.

  354. Manidipta Roychowdhury says:

    I want to thank you for the superb post!! I surely liked every bit of it. I?ve bookmarked your internet site so I can take a appear at the latest articles you post later on. Urology treatment in India

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  356. You’ve gotten one of the greatest online sites

  357. Ashok Jain says:

    Dear Dr Saheb
    I am Ashok jain age 62. I had enlarge protrate n was suffering fron urine problems. I was operated this year. But unfortunatly got Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection from hospital. Due to which i get viral effects like fatigue feverish feeling down etc. Kindly advise proper homeopathic medicine to eradicate this infection permanently. Any fees kinly advise.
    Thanks regards
    Ashok jain

  358. Amanat Ali says:

    I am 68 year old. I go to urologist, ultra sound and blood tests carried out, Enlarged Prostate Gland, Weight 39 gm, No Cancer reported. In night I go to wash room after every one or tow hours, Some time I am in a hurry, Some time I can’t reach wash room in time. Some times urination take so long time, drops come out, but I feel to urinate more. I feel no pain but feel uncomfortable. As prescribed by the Urologist I take (Max Flow Tamsulosin HCL ) 20 Capsules accordingly. I am still on same condition. Regards.Amanat Ali.

  359. Rajkumar Krishnarao says:

    I am 70 years. Prostate 48 grms. PSA 0.9
    Sometimes I get urge to urinate even when bladder is not full. This symptom is occasional. There are no other problems. Can the prostate size be reduced by homeo medicines? Please advise.

  360. B S Tyagi says:

    my rostat is enlarged Theurine is not passed in on go.Initially urine is released. stopped and then dribble.After few second ist again starts to release. and finally stops

  361. Ambika Prasad Tiwari says:

    I A.P.Tiwari age 64 yrs prostate size 108 psa 13 no any problm pl advise

  362. Rana singh says:

    Hi I have problems with prostate and my question is always Harmon leaking and no urine stream please tell me what to do thank you

  363. Muhammad Haroon says:

    Gud evening sir my father is 80 Years old and having problem of Bph and also Lvhf (congestiv heart failure) pataint he is already using Cardura 1mg but having side effect like acid reflux , headache plz auugest me the homeo drops for treatment of Bph .
    I will b thankfully

  364. Ravi Raiou says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am a 50 year old male. I am having stones in my right kidney 8mm & 5mm as per USG report in addition there is urine retention as well. The wt. of prostate gland was found to be 32gms. The problem I am facing now is that my urine flow has got disturbed as it does not come out in full flow and secondly I need to get up at least once or twice in the night for urination. Kindly suggest some medicines for me.
    Thanks & Regards
    Ravi Raiou

  365. RAMAVTAR says:

    80 gm prostrate size found in Ultrasound.Can cured withpot surgery.
    Sympton Frequent urination every one hour
    urination not coming with force.
    small feeling after urination
    R A Gupta

  366. Sir,

    My father is 60 years old. He is quiet fit. But recently he suffered in passing urine. Doctor detected urinary infection. When PSA test was conducted by Dr.lal pathology he has high PSA level of 27.014. Doctor has suggested for Biopsy. But After 10 days of Biopsy Right Leg Pain increase . Kindly suggest some guidelines to relive the Leg pain and we are still waiting for Biopsy Report.
    Thanking you,

  367. K. Sankar says:

    Iam sankar from madurai, tamilnadu. Sir I have affected from mildly enlarged prostate ie., 3.8*4.4*4.1 size (36 cc) recently taken abdomen scan result. Now iam suffering from urine tract problem for 3 years. Doctors prescribed contiflo icon 0.4 mg per day at night . but prostate size is not decreased , still every year raising the size.
    Please sir kindly refer any homeopathic medicines for my prostate enlargement cure .
    Awaiting your favourable reply sir.
    Thanking you,
    K. Sankar

  368. VIVEK ANAND says:

    My father is 77 years old. He is quiet fit. But recently he suffered from fever and itching in passing urine. Doctor detected urinary infection. When PSA test was conducted by Dr.lal pathology he has high PSA level of 27.014. Doctor has suggested for Biopsy. But now by antibiotics he has no problem now. Kindly suggest homeopathic treatment as he is not willing to conduct biopsy.

  369. John Pierre says:

    I had a kidney transplant about 6 months ago, I did a prostate biopsy about 3months ago which showed something on one piece of specimen. About 2 week ago my PSA test showed a reading of 12.3.
    What does this means for me?

  370. Rick Babur says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    I am 63 Yrs old. For the past 7-10 years I have had history of (marginal or much more) higher PSA readings. 3 years ago I had a biopsy done and the result was negative.

    My recent test shows Serum PSA = 6.93

    I have no issues such as frequent urination, multiple trips to bathroom at night etc. The only thing I can say is the urine flow is not as “Free” as it used to be and I have a burning sensation at the time of ejaculation.

    Thank you

  371. Can homeopathy can reduce the enlarged prostate (Hypertrophy grade II) permanently. If yes in how many months?

  372. Dr A R Khan says:

    I am suffering from prostrate enargement for 4 years .Used Sabal Serrrulata Q for months. But no reslts. Now taking Allopathic drug ” Uromax .04″ which worked . But now it is enough to make flow , pain and buring sensation. I am 68 and a Pofessor of an University. Be kind to suggest drug with potency and duration to continue. Please.

  373. Reddynagendra says:

    Prostate middly enlarged 29gm PVR 30cc

  374. dhruv kumar govil says:

    my urine frequency is high,though no diabetes and no prostate gland advice medicine.

  375. ofonmbuk Sambo says:

    Dear Doc, pls advise on type of homeopathic drugs to for severe and chronic waist pain .

  376. smith brown says:

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  377. c.p.raju says:

    I am 77 years old male living in Hyderabad. My sexual desire is normal to my age.
    I have BPH. No pain and no burnng sensation. I am unable to empty the bladder
    fully. I pass small quantities of urine one or twice during the night. There is no
    urgency and stream is slow and not forceful.

    I take saw palmetto once a day and some ayurvedic medicines like Varanadi kashayam
    and Chandraprabha.

    Allopathic doctor prescribe sildura-2.

    Kindly recommend homeopathy medicine to help me to bring down the enlargement
    and increase the stream flow.

    Are there any exercises or asanas that will help.

    Thank you very much

  378. my sperm out very soon after when i sex
    I am from Maldives
    when i sex with my partner then with is few second my sperm come
    so you tell me what can i do or they have any medicine to not come out my sperm soon after when i sex

  379. my sperm out very soon after when i sex
    I am from India
    when i sex with my partner then with is few second my sperm come
    so you tell me what can i do or they have any medicine to not come out my sperm soon after when i sex

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  381. Santosh Kumar Talukder says:

    Respected Doctor,
    I am a 70 yours aged person suffering from enlarged prostate with vol 30 gms, PVU 65 cc with disturbed flow of urine and having pain and burning after urination. PSA is quite normal. No sexual urge. I am taking Cantharis Thita with Tasuline-D which reduced my sexual urge. Please advise me the right medicine on Homeopathy.

  382. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am of 58 Years of age.
    I am having enlarged prostate problem (its volume is 36.0 cc). Pervoid & Postvoid Urine Volume is 153 cc & 5.4 cc respectively. For last two years I am taking allopathic medicine named Urimax-F. doctors advised for operation. I have started facing Sexual problems (such as decreased sexual interest/ability, erection problem).
    Please help me by suggesting medicine for Prostrate as well as for regaining my ability of enjoying Sex.

  383. If anyone is suffering from prostate problem/cancer like I was, I was diagnosed with enlarged prostrate, there was burning sensation during and after urinating, my urine flow was also very slow and painful, mixed with blood at most times, persistent urge of urination especially after every 15 minutes. It was a terrible experience that I wouldn’t want anyone to experience, All hospitals I went to advised me for operation, not until I was referred to “Dr Irene Mac Donald” who turned my life for the greater good, he provided me with his drugs which I took for just 4 days or less if I remember correctly and I was finally cured, without going through with the operation. It was a permanent cure. Up till this moment I feel fine, went for a scan and the prostate problem was gone just like he assured. God bless him for me and those he has helped also, so I am advising those in similar situations such as
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    Good luck…

  385. Sir, I have pain in my lower abdomen, frequent urination, urgency in urination, feels urine bladder is full always.
    What is the homeopathic treatment for the same.

  386. ajay lal says:

    age61 prostate grm92 dylasis going on from april16 bec.of kiney problem

  387. SHYAMAL ROY says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am of 58 Years of age.
    I am having enlarged prostate problem (its volume is 36.9 cc). Pervoid & Postvoid Urine Volume is 372 cc & 55 cc respectively. For last one year I am taking medicine named DUTAS-T & I have started facing Sexual problems (such as decreased sexual interest/ability, erection problem).
    Please help me by suggesting medicine for Prostrate as well as for regaining my ability of enjoying Sex.

  388. S C Agrawal says:

    Sir, Iam 74, with 4 cardiac stents. BP with amlodipine is 120/80. Kidney function is 45%(both together)
    Suffering from poly fibro neuralgia. Painful legs and soles. As if I am walking on cotton balls. Penis seems to have least blood flow.Nil erection. Indigestion and acidity. Prostate 26 enlarged though symptoms are not prominent. Blurred vision. Difficulty in sleeping. Can sleep 3 hours in one night.Brain is working in sleep.Fatigue. No freshness after sleep.

    Please advise me if I can take (1) Bacopa Monnieri and (2) Hypericum Perforatum for my neurological problem and in what potency and how many times.

    Kindest regards. S C Agrawal, New Delhi.

  389. marcia richards says:

    With no symptom I did my prostate ultra sound . My prostate is 75 gm .I am 60 years . advice

  390. Vasudevan P.N. says:

    I had written a mail to you a few days back. So far I have not received any reply. Many messages go to the junk box. Without noticing all mails, I deleted them. May be your message has come as junk mail. I am giving an alternate e-mail.

    I am 75 years old. Since the last 8 years I suffer from enlarged prostrate glands. I started with Sabal sarulata. Found effective, but later effectiveness lowered down.

    Then I used Baksaons Formula P tablet. For two years I used. Was effective. Now that also is found not effective.

    I consulted a urologist and he prescribed Dutas T tablet.( weight was 50 gms with a post void of 244 cc. Four months treatment over. He suggested to take this tablet six more months and to report with a sonography. ( now the weight is 48 gms with a post void of 142 cc). Dutas T was effective in the beginning. Now I observe that urine is passing in a thin line. Often there is no urge. Rarely get up at night.

    I have no other health problem but suffers from mild constipation.

    Kindly help me. I am going out of Mumbai by evening of 24th May and will be back on June 1st evening.

    With regards,
    Vasudevan P.N

  391. Murli Shukla says:

    I am 82 year old. Got prostate operated 12 years back. Ultra Sound showed it is 40 oz now. Urine output has slowed down but there is no feeling that bladder is full. Diagnosed as Cystitis. Find no relief after taking Sabal for two months with Berberies.I drink 1.5 liters of water but urine output is hardly half a lier in 24 hours. My medical history in

    • Prostate problem permanent cure says:

      If anyone is suffering from prostate problem/cancer like I was, I was diagnosed with enlarged prostrate, there was burning sensation during and after urinating, my urine flow was also very slow and painful, mixed with blood at most times, persistent urge of urination especially after every 15 minutes. It was a terrible experience that I wouldn’t want anyone to experience, All hospitals I went to advised me for operation, not until I was referred to “Dr Irene Mac Donald” who turned my life for the greater good, he provided me with his drugs which I took for just 4 days or less if I remember correctly and I was finally cured, without going through with the operation. It was a permanent cure. Up till this moment I feel fine, went for a scan and the prostate problem was gone just like he assured. God bless him for me and those he has helped also, so I am advising those in similar situations such as
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      21.prostate problem/cancer
      And many more, all Should contact him through his mail.
      You can also Whatsapp or call him +2349027590580

  392. KRISHNAN.K says:

    hai Dr. the size of my prostate gland measures 3.4 x 3 x 3.5 cms (18 grms) with intra vesical bugle of 15 mm/. No evidence of ascites/basal pleural effusion. At night I have to go tO bath room three or four times for urination. no pain or itches during urination. flow of urin is slow flow thickness IS HALF OF ITS NORMAL SIZE. BP SUGAR NORMAL.IAM 69 YEAR OLD MAN. KINDLY ADICE ME TO OVERCOME FROM THIS. WAITING YOUR REPLY. THANKING YOU SIR.

  393. my father age 83, with sugar but controlled, not able to perform surgery, plz advise medicine for urine stoppage. plz help dr.

  394. Rajendra H.S says:

    enlarged prostate has slow in starting urination. Dull aching pain in prostate gland may also accompany. Pain from prostate may extend to abdomen. Other symptoms are retention and dribbling of urine. When body temperature goes up, pain in abdomen. Please guide for suitable homeopathy medicine

  395. josseph says:

    Dr.I am suffering from Enlarge prostate can u help me priscribe correct medicine for this problem.

  396. A.Irani says:

    Having problem of enlarged prostate for the last 3 years taking silodol d8 for the treatment ever since the problem with the medicine is it’s side effects mainly it causes retrograde ejaculation well the prostate is no troubling me much even if I skip taking the medicine 3 times a week can you recommend any homeopathic medicine by which I may stop taking silodlol d8 completely and also solve my ejacolation problem

  397. krishnan says:

    i urinate very frequently in day time and my pennis shrinked very badly only 1.1/2inches

  398. Shamsher Singh says:

    I m shamsher singh M-63, on 25/4 urine stopped . To drain out catheter fixed. Sugar is high.
    PSA- .866. On alopathic medicine. To avoid surgery I wish to adopt homeo. Pl. Advise homeo drug to get rid of catheter.


  400. How to use Lycopodium & Sabal Serrulata

  401. Pls Dr. Any time I pass urine ;there is division and it sometimes accompanied by a slight pain in the penis n anytime after having sex:I feel a slight pain when passing urine. And anytime I visit the toilet especially in the morning I see the closet soiled with some creamy yellow fluid which comes unaware without pain . So pls am 25yrs .What medicine can help me stop this.?

  402. Annah Ntshodishane says:

    Hi my name is Annah, my husband Isaac his got enlarge prostate cancer he is strugling alot.
    he cant sleep at nyt always he go to the toilet to urine but nothing is coming out is just only few drops coming out he dont want to remove it he want natural treatment how he can get help and where we are in Pretoria.

    many thanks

  403. J C Vijh says:

    Doctor Sharma,
    Namaskar. I am 86
    1. Suffering from enlarged Prostrate.
    2. Blood pressure remains abnormal.
    3. Knee pain on getting up, feel better on walking.
    4. Itching on testicle during night. Feel better after scratching. Using Calandula
    Ointment without improvement.
    5. General weakness.
    At present one of the Doctor has prescribed Conium 1M 1 dose,
    Baryata Mur 200 Morning, Rhus Tox 30 & Mag Phos afternoon & night.
    Sabal Serulata 10 drops tds. Have started it since 5.4.16.
    Kindly see if any change is required in the treatment.
    Thanking you.

  404. imtiyaz Ahmad says:

    i am 49 years old having prostrate 44 grams in weight with PSA 1.4 taking medicine dutalfa since two months .
    Please send me futher guidece and advices .rest ok

  405. MANORANJAN DAS says:

    Dear Sir,
    since, from March,2014 I have been problem with prostate problem , which I have tried to take English medicine . which there is no positive answer at all.

    Kindly help me .


  406. v k agarwal says:

    Sir I was taking Alfoo medician for last 2 years not having problem in passing the urine .I am having a little pain in my bleddar and some times urine come in little and have to frequently 2 or 3 times . my age is 66 years having the problem for last 5 years please suggest me the medicine . My testicals are some bigger than before.

  407. Z. S. C H H I K A R A says:

    In 2011, I had retention of urine due to enlarged prostate. Used catheter for some time but could not get the relief..In Sept 2011, underwent surgery . For about 4 years there was no problem in passing urine but in 2016 for the past two months I am facing the problem in passing urine in the morning and sometimes at night when my sleep is disturbed. Though I do not feel any pain as such but urine is passed drop by drop at night or in the morning and takes a long time. It is more or less O.K.during day time.
    My enlarged prostate was not cancerous.
    Kindly suggest some suitable medicine. I am 74 years old and otherwise healthy as per my age.

  408. Can my grade 1 prostate be reduced to normal size of 11 GMs right now it is 26 GMs and I am facing problem in utinating do I need operation or how long it will take to reduce my PSA is 0.9 s.creation is 1.2

  409. raghavan says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I am 58 yr old male. In 2012, I had an incidence of hematuria and subsequent USG of KUB revealed prostatic hyperplasia with 28 gm weight. cPSA test showed 1.18 ng/ml. Subsequently, I followed up the psa evaluation and it showed a steady increase from 1.18 to 3.4 ng/ml in 2016. I do not have any other sympoms except 1-2 times night urination. The USG in 2015 showed prostrate weiging 49 gm.
    DRE done at difernt points of time from 2012 did not reveal any node/lump. What should I do? I am worried about any malignancy. Is there any homeopathic medicines to control/remove malignant tendency? In fact, I took R-17 and R-25 but did not give any improvement. Kindly advise

  410. Ahmad Qureshi says:

    I am 58 years old having symptoms of irregular urination weak urinary stream intrupted urine process please advice some suitable medicine for my prostate problum.

  411. Ashok pandey says:

    I m suffering from Ito for last 8 years recurrent uti
    Particularly when after intercourse.residual urine is 50 to get rid of this

  412. Richard dsilva says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    recently I was admited to hospital for difficulty in passing urine.They have to catheter to releve the urine.they found out my prostate gland is enlarged.Now I am o.k with medications but I want permanent solution to this.Please help

  413. andrew monter says:

    i have very enlarged prostate currently have a catheter in me urinating in bag flomax does not work will be switching to cardura also have large bladder stones any help would be much apreciated

  414. There are hundreds of case histories but not a single reply which would have given more encouragement to the prospective patients.

    If you reply through individual emails, then I must salute you.

    I am also a patient of Prostate Enlargement; Would I get an email reply if my problems are mailed to you.

    • Edgardo C Jusay says:

      Enlargement of prostate. I am having difficulty in starting to urinate. In my experienced Here in Brunei, some of my homeopathy medicine from was allowed.

      I would like to order you medicines for my problem but am worried again that Brunei may holdsome of it.

      Please reply. Thank

  415. S.K.sarkar says:

    I have an enlarge prostrate for past 4years . weight of the gland as per last USG is 48 gms. Psa is low. My problem is getting up at night 3 times. what i observed that through the day and night i get pressure to urinate almost every two hours. I am now taking Urimax D one tablet at night per day. Even with cosumption of less warter at night every two hourly visit to wash room is ON. I am at 68/69 years old. if you need any other details like size of the gland and last Psa value i can provide the same on hearing. Day time i donot face much problem of visiting wash room every two hoursly by and large but at night it is a disturbance to sleep .

  416. lakshmi kant says:

    suddenly urge to uritrate due to overact urinary bladder

  417. Dr Sathya says:

    We are urgently in need of kidney donors in Sathya Hospital India for the sum of 90 Lakh, Contact Dr. Sathya now on email for more details. ( or call +919168752489.

  418. Prof. Asok Kumar Bera says:

    I am 67 years old. USG of KUB indicates enlargement of prostate, weighing 30 g. PSA recorded 3.2. I use to go for urination frequently at night. Although this frequent urination problem reduced by consuming Silodal D8 capsule as per advice of my doctor, yet size and weight of prostate have not been reduced considerably. I like to use Homeopathic medicine to reduce size and weight of the prostate in particular as well as to eliminate urinary problems.
    I shall remain grateful, receiving your advice in this matter.
    With best regards,
    Prof. Asok Kumar Bera

  419. S K CHATTOPADHYAY says:

    I had an USG done as advised by me physician and it is observed that I am having an enlarged prostrate. The PSA is also on the higher side and is ranging between 10 – 10.5.
    I would like to take homeopathic medicine for reducing PSA.

    Your valuable advice would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards.


  420. arun kumar says:

    Sir, i have problem of frequent urination and take few second to initiate urine. Some times there is burning in urethra after passing urine . At the time of passing urine i feel no burning sensation. Doctor sab pls suggest what remedy to take.thanks

  421. Uttam Prajapati says:

    I am taking flodart plus .4and .5 for about two years. Recently I have seen very less semen discharge and keeping erection for long time I do get rection but can not keep it up. I does come Back but on and off. I have no problem with ruination ,I do not have to wake up at night or go to utination often. What should I do , should I talk to dr. To change medication. I do feel less sexual desire.

  422. Dr Hassan says:

    We are here to help you with good money to do anything you wish, Contact us if you are interested in selling your kidney. Contact ( Or Call Us +919168752489

  423. Pawan Kumar says:

    For the last three years or so I am having a urinary problem.. I have to pass urine frequently in the night time which disturbs my sleep. My age is now 60 years. I am a male. The urine passed is little and the speed is very slow. I have Diabetes but it is totally under control. I am taking Alopathic medicines.(Met forming & Jauniva/vita I am consuming sufficient water during day time.

  424. Dilip Sane says:

    Age 65 years. Physically and mentally fit, active and healthy Male. Do a regular exercise every day. Very mild feeling of pain sometimes (only when bladder is full) in a little right of center of lower abdomen. Slow stream of urine. No pain during urination. No frequent urination during day or night. There is also an Erectile Dysfunction. Unable to indulge in sex during last 3 years due to this ED. No major illnesses in past and present, no surgery etc. Have not carried out any prostrate examination etc. No adverse reports in pathology.

  425. Dear Doc,
    I AM 66 years old now.Since about six months or I started feeling urgency to urinate and started feeling difficulty in controlling urine,particularly once I start thinking of going to washroom. During night i don’t have to get up-for urination. Today I got ultrasound done that shows slight enlargement of prostrate.
    I thought to use homeopathic med to begin with. If you think it is good to do that I will be happy to take your advice. Regards

    • Sir,
      My age is 51 years. I have enlarged prostate problem.
      Prostate size is 34cc.
      PSA is ok.
      Urine test is also ok. No infection is there.
      Urine flow is very less.
      post void urine is 27 ml
      i have facing Following problems:
      feeling that the bladder never completely empties,
      desire to pass urine much more frequentlysay after every 1 hour,
      difficulty in getting started when urinating (hesitancy),it takes time to start
      very Poor flow of urine.
      Dr suggested me to take silodal d once a day at night.
      But sir Suggest Homeopathy Medicine and can i take homeopathy medicine with this Silodal D
      which is Allopathic.

    • d sadanandamurty says:

      urgency of urine Icanot control even two seconds when Igot thoutght hn my mind nearl shx months above recetly SURGERY Done (TURBT)

  426. T C GUPTA says:

    My prostate size is 76 C.C. and post void urine retention is 111 cc.
    Three months back size was 72 cc and post void urine retention was 57 cc
    One and half year back size was 62 cc.
    I am worried for size of prostate gland.

  427. Janardanan Nair says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 92 year old. I have problem in passing urine . During ultra sound scanning , there is 500 ml retention of urine. however the prostrate size was found to be normal. The Urologist had recommended surgery. The Urologist is of the opinion that the inside walls of the Urethera has thickened causing the constriction and hence the difficulty in passing urine.
    Thereafter, I have consulted a Homeopath in Kereala who has prescribed Dr Reckeweg Prostrate drops R 25(Prostatan – Prostatitis drops) and R 18(Cystophylin- Kidney and bladder drops}. I have been taking it for the past one month but still the flow is in small bits several times at night. Is there any need to go for surgery or do you advise any other treatment?


    Janardanan Nair

  428. I have enlarged prostrate but no problem in passing urine etc. My PSA is 2.8. Are there any side effects of PROSTONOM which I am taking now. 29 drops once a day.

    I N sexual activity I get good erection but there is no discharge even after 45 min of activity. Is it due to this medicine or is there a cure for it.
    Best regards

  429. My father age of 80 years , USG report says that reduced C-M demarcation in both kidney—medical renal Ds.

    Is it operatable or can be dealt with medicinesir?

  430. A Raashid says:

    I have 30.7 prostate enlargement and after urination feels again to go to urinate but I control and after half an hour the urgency slows down. I am taking tab dutalfa for the last one month and 12 days. Should I change the medicine or continue it.

  431. Raman Kumar says:

    I am 65 years old male. I have been taking Urimax 0.4mg for the last few years. The problem I am facing is that I have the feeling of urination after about half an hour after I have urinated. Can an homoeopathic medicine help in this. I want to take homoeopathic medicnes instead of allopathic medicines as it has no side effects.

  432. THAKUR DAS SARDAR says:

    we have suffering enlarge prostate gland 89. gm kindly send name of the homeopathy medicine. Is the prostategland size will can be normal

  433. purushottam sharma says:

    my father heart patient.
    but unko prostate problam ha.
    urine slow- slow and baar-baar aata ha.
    kya homeopathy mai is problam ka permanent solution ha.
    kya time lagta ha isse theek hone mai

  434. Ali Akhtar Refai says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma.
    in 2013 I got prostate problem and after ultrasound it found in little larger size like 3.4×2.9×4.1 they called it grade-1. now for the last 4 month I was feeling the urine problem . when I feel to pass the urine and as it reached to washroom , immediately drops get out by force. again three ultrasound has ben done .The prostate size is same buy the blood test of PSA is 8.05. By the grace of Allah , no any tumor visible in all ultrasound and rectal TRUS test. now they planned to do the MRI.
    All others blood and urine tests are normal except blood PSA is 8.05.
    Dr my question is , By present investigation, is any thing indicate the prostate tumor or cancer ?
    By my present medical situation, Pls suggest some medicines which help me to cure the problem
    Thanks & Regards.

  435. I have an enlarged prostrate my prostrate size is 4.8×3.9×4.0cms and the weight is approximatly 40gms please advise my urine flow is slow and at intervals

  436. khalid khan says:

    I have enlarged prostate dr said it is bph and also facing ed problems kindly suggest any medicine for me thanks

  437. Rajendra kumar says:

    Flow of urine is very thin and also take one minute to start passing. Taken medicine alfoo,dutas. Dutas t for two months but no use .now taking alfoo one at night now the disease start before 6years. Pls help me sir.

  438. a k sharma says:

    Prostrate enlargement

  439. gopal krishna goel says:

    I am 70 years old having prostate 99 grams. Please advice the medicine

  440. Meghnad Ghatak says:

    Mild Prostatomegaly.Postate Volume=31-5 cm3
    Residual Urine 18.3 ml
    Please Advise treatment

  441. Mark michaels says:

    Hi Dr . Sharma,

    I am a Vegan who is 65 years young and is the president of more wellness and I have had an enlarge prostate for about 10 or more years. I go to the bathroom one time at night but have gone as much as 4 to 6 times even dribbling. The only drug i take is flow master and herbs. What is your suggestion based on what i have said with out an examination.

    Thank you,


  442. AJAY AVASTHI says:


  443. RAKESH KUMAR says:

    prostate enlargement caused urine intruptions, . one month back, blood also comes through urine, and now this problem is ok as i hae taken allopathy medicine for 30 days. But advice me homoepathy medicine to be usedRAKESH KUMAR AGE 54 YRS

  444. Dr.B A Roy was very friendly and kind. Discussed all problems and made me feel good. Very much statisfied, Surely if you need a clean and clear explanation and examination . this is the right place. For more information u can visit his website

  445. Shamsuddin Chowdhury says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    Good day

    Kindly note my name is Shamsuddin Chowdhury, age 55. I am from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Recently I was having trouble with urination and went to Doctor for check up after doing some test Doctor diagnosed that I am suffering with enlarged Prostrate gland.

    Following test were done:

    USG – Result : Prostate is mildly enlarged 5.0×4.1×4.0 cm, volume 50 gm with medial lobe for abt 1.5 cm indenting bladder base. PVR 90 ml.
    Uroflowmetry – Result : voiding time 70.8 s, flow time 70.8 s, flow vol. 285 ml, average flow 4 ml/s, max. flow 9.5 ml/s, time to max. flow 12.3 s.
    Serum PSA – Result : 3.24 ng/ml

    Doctor has prescribed following medicines:
    (1) Cap. Uromax (Tamsulosin Hcl – 0.4 mg) – for 1 month and
    (2) Nintoin SR (Nitrofurantoin 100 mg) – for 7 days.

    and advised that if situation does not improve in 1 month, I need go for surgery.

    I would like go for homeo treatment first before going for any surgery.

    Thanks & Kind regards
    Shamsuddin Chowdhury
    House #10, Road # 1, Lane # 2, Block # H,
    Halishahar Housing Estate,
    Chittagong, Bangladesh.
    Mob: +8801712029818

  446. shahmuhammadmahesar says:

    Dear Dr. SHARMA

  447. BP Singh says:

    sir ,
    I am 49 years old.prostate 30 mg.

  448. Sir,
    I am 65 years old. Prostrate 25mg.
    Resides st Jamshedpur. Pure vegetarian.
    More than 2 times at night time.
    Inability to retain urine during day times when the urge comes.
    Both of my kidneys are ok.
    Preseently using tropan-xl 5mg, urimax 0.4
    Please suggest how to to retain urine without pain in abdomen
    kind regards

  449. Mitch Babkes says:

    I have advanced BPH. I have tried most homeopathic herbal remedies. Some helped for a while, but 5 years later, none work any longer. Two Flomax capsules have a slight effect. No other pharmaceutical remedies work at all.

    What do you recommend?


    I got pain in left hand side on 20th morning it starts very high but after some time I got somewhat relief but slightly it remain. on 21st Jan 2016 I got ultrasound and reports says prostate App. weight is 45 gms. Bladder is normal and no intravesical mass or calculus seen. Prevoid volume = 408 ml Postvoid volume = 167. Both kidneys are normal in size, shape nd echo pattern The cortical thicknesses are normal and cortico-medulllary junctions are well demarcated in both kidneys Left kidney shows a small echogenic calculus ( app.4.8 mm) in the superior calyx. No calculus seen in the right kidney. No back pressure changes seen in either kidney.

    I consultuted urologist and he had suggested for surgery and given me medicine DYNAPRES 0.4 to take one in a day in night.

    I am also heart patient since Jan 2007 and got two stunts in arteries and taking medicines regularly for that also.

    Today in the night I got so much difficulty in passing urine and pain on left hand side. I want to take homopaty medicines.Please guide what type medicines I shall take.
    May age is 57 years.

    Shashi Bhushan Arora

  451. Masud daher says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Greetings to you and I pray blessings for you !
    Ultra Sound report reveals that prostate is enlarged to 53 Grams. PSA is 1.5 . Residual urine is 86ML.
    I am 77 years old but in excellent health otherwise –NO major disease . I take brisk walk 5 days /week-6 km. Due to BPH I have to get up 4 times during night. This has disrupted my sleep badly.
    I shall be very thankful if you may kindly suggest a Homeopathic remedy to help SHRINK my prostate and help in urine flow to empty bladder. Thanks.

  452. C M Suri says:

    I am 66 year old and diabetic. may be I am not with enlarged prostate but for precaution which medicine I should take so that prostate could not get enlarged.

  453. Mudasir says:

    i am 25 i have 27 prostate weight ultrasound showed it.
    i feel the urgency to urinate and when i stand up i feel the inflamation at the bottom of bladder and urethra.

  454. Krishna Bhagavan says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma: I had a botched up surgery where where s surgeon did colostomy and finally did the reversal. Since the two stupid surgeries I developed Hernia which got fixed. Since then I go to toilet too many times like 1o to 12 times to poop. I also have BPH. I am kind of homebound. Do you have any suggestion or treatment frequent pooping? Appreciate your response. Thanks.

  455. Dear Dr.

    am 37 years old, my problem is I could not control urine sometimes and always having some drops coming out after urinating and leaving the washroom.

    please suggest some good medicine to overcome this problem.


  456. Mrs Mancini banerjee says:

    My six years old lasa apso is suffering from enlarged prostrate with pain .What medicine you suggest?

  457. kuppusamy says:

    my medical report. without siginificant postvoid. do i require any medicine. i have no problems .

  458. I have inflammed prostate size 54 Gm my age is 45 ; I use to have pain in genetic region all the time pl any homopathy treatment

  459. pawan bagri says:


    • M.R. Khan says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      Greetings to you and pray for blessings.

      My father is 100 years old. His prostate has been enlarged to big extent. He can’t digest the food and soon after taking the meal, 4-5 glass water like fluid comes out in the form of vomiting or application to blow out.

      In the day time, he becomes often normal and do not suffer from quick urge of urinal release. But with the begining of evening, his application of urinal urge becomes fast. He can’t control droping down the urine in Pajama even. The application feels that he need to drop out big amount of urine but when he attend the toilet, urine comes out in the amount of few drops one by one.

      I have taken him to the specialist who have advised him to take….D at night time. It is being given to my father but not a significant relaxation has been observed so far. I have consulted with a Homeo Doctor but despite his big claims, no significant improvement has been observed so far. His ultrasound report will be send to you tomorrow if you please email me back your email id. I shall be highly obliged if the best homeo medicine is advised by you for a quick and permanent relief which also help his digestion system also. I shall be highly obliged for your kind help and best medical advice purely on humanitarian gronds. May God bless you and your family with long life, good health, dignity and prosperity in your lives. Ameen. Truly yours, M.R. Khan Mirpur Pakistan

  460. Syamal Sengupta says:

    USG report since 2008 suggests that I have enlarged prostate. My problem is frequent urination particularly in night & facing difficulty sometime while passing urine. I am 68 & need to know whether there is any total cure for my problem in Homeopathy.

  461. BRIG MPS BAJWA says:

    Doctor, I am 68 yrs old army vetran, recently diagnosed with enlarged prostate grade 1. No problem except slow flow of urine, mild retention. Am hypertension with mild diabetic, kindly suggest as to what medicine should I take ? PSA is normal

  462. Rakesh Yadav says:

    Age 55 yrs ….Enlarge prostate with three time surgery last five years now me very disturb painful and small amount of urination

  463. I have urine urgency feeling and frequent I am taking English medicine but it’s not working out

  464. Robert Bale says:

    I am 66 years of age and I have a problem with the urge to urinate very frequently it is getting embarrassing I only have to drink fluid and have to urinate urgently.It is getting so bad that on times I can’t get to the toilet quick enough I have suffered with this for several years now what is wrong with me

  465. Ranjit singh says:

    Prostate is enlarged in size measuring 71cc in volume with median lobe projection of 17mm into lumen of UB.


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  467. RAJANI prakash sinha says:

    I am 66 years old. In the first week of dec.2015 I suddenly had a problem in passing urin & could not pass urin ultimately it was passed through cathator and doctor prescribed to take silodal D 8 onece daily bed time. Intially the prostat size was 79cc. I took the medicine for 30 days no positive result observed. Then I consulted other doctor is prescribed me Alfusin D for 15 days . After 15 days cathetor was removed & after 1/1-2 boys I passed the urin with good flow &155 ml of urin with 23ml residual in the bllader since then I am passing urin and taking Alfusin D daily at night&
    From 4.1.2016 I am not on cathetor . Now I want to shift on homeopath. My PSA was 4.69 & prostat size is 43ml on 21012015 as per sonography report pl. Guide me what medicine I should use to get rid of the decease.


  468. Mohammed Salman says:

    I am 60 years old ,having problems of urination since 2011, My Doctor prescribed Alfozosin 10mg .After about ten days I consulted A Homeopath He Prescribed Sabersarolata 10 drops bi a day. I became fit. After about 4 yrs in 2015 again the problem developed burning sensation while urinating and Very low flow.Again Ireprted to Militery Hospital Doctor gave me same Alfozosin tab . After one yr the problem agrivated frequent urination with low flow .This time doctor gave me Alfozosin _Destrose of Cipla. I am affred of its side effects. Please advise me .Thanks And Regards. Mohammed Salman 18 feb 2016

  469. Age 55 yrs. having Prostate Enlargement- done USG on 22.01.2016, in size is 60 mg. PSA is 8.24 PVR p7 ml. Rest medical examinations are Normal. Biopsy done on 04.02.2016. Report suggested it is negative. Doctors have diagnosed me BPH. I am taking Silofast -D 8mg. for BPH and for B.P Nexovas-CH in the morning and Prolomet-XL 50mg. in the night. I also observing some side effect since taking this medicines. Some dizziness, weakness and even there is no feeling of sex erection. Pl. advise-Regards-Jagannath, New Delhi. (India).

  470. Mark Michael says:

    Dr . Sharma
    What is the best and fastest way to reverse enlarge prostate at the age of 64 vegan and fit.


  471. Abdul hannan says:

    Respected sir,

    Sir iam supper for a prostate problem. I examin in my prostate size now near about 39. In this regards,kindly request u pls help me how to recovery from this problem. My ages 38 years. Thank you sir. And suggest me about homeopathic madichen.


    TURP done in Aug’2009. Now weighs 49.7 GMs; PSA-1.62, DRE : firm gr II prostatomagaly with nodule(+) at the base. At times Blood passes with ‘Urine’; urine cytology x3 shows no malignant cells. How to arrest the growth and formation of nodules.Urine flow test result shows normal. Residuals insignificant. Urine passing once mostly in the morning.

  473. M. SYED MOHAMED says:

    I am 66 years of age and I have enlarged prostate. Pls suggest some Homeopathic medicines

  474. Syed Imran Reza says:

    I am 54 year old. Six month back started burning sensation in the penis, also felt during urination, went to the doc nd had all sort’s of test, finally it’s little prostate enlargement 35m nd started XATRAL XL 10 mg everyday now. Also had urine flow test which is normal. Also no urine infection. If I take XATRAL I feel fine without that the symptom returns. I do regular exercise, my physical condition is fine. Kindly advise homeopathic medicine which will revert the prostate to my original size nd give me relief from the burning sensation nd comparatively less urine flow. Rgds

  475. daitaripradhan says:

    i am 34yrs old.pain before &during urination.dull aching pain in prostate.frequent need to urinate at night. pain from prostate & extended to thigh.feels the bladder is not empty.urine flow is weak or comes drops at last.please help me.

  476. Tommy Carpenter says:

    I an enlarged prostate I was taking flomax which seems to help can’t afford it suggestion for another treatment that’s not expensive I have severe Blatter retention need help Now thanks Tommy




  478. I have problem of gums bleeding and gum boils. I touch gums then having bleeding.plz help me. Thanks

  479. D.D.Purohit says:

    I have an large prostate from last five year, and I take tab. URIPRO .4 since last four year. I want homeopathy medicine for my problem, pls. suggests me.

  480. saeed Ahmad says:

    I am 50 yrs old and have problem enlarged prostate. due to this problem I am facing blockage in urination. frequency is high and flow is low. need some medicine to recover

  481. TREVOR DCUNHA says:

    Have had an Enlarged prostrate and high PSA problem for over Three years with my PSA levels varying between 9 to 18. currently it is 16, Have been through Two prostrate biopsies ayear apart due to the high PSA but both have proved negative. Do have a urination problem but only occasionally and certainly not on a regular basois. Have been advised no medicines whatsoever by allopathitic doctors as my urinary problem is infrequent only . please advise Homeropathetic medicoine to shrink the prostrate and bring down PSA levelsI samn69 years

  482. anil sharma says:

    A prostrate operation had done three year ago but the same problem has arisen now nd slowly urine passes nd frequent urine flows at night so what should I do?

  483. Dr T M Dak says:

    Please suggest best homeopatic medicine or their combination for the following conditions:

    1 incomplete emptying of especially during day hours;
    2 While passing stool, bladder gets fully emptied;
    3 After hugging, kissing etc, bladder gets fully emptied
    4 Using Sabal Serrulate ,15 drops thrice a day for the last about 5 months but problem still exists
    5 What non-medical measures can reduce the problem ie exercises, foods etc

    T M Dak

  484. N.C.MISHRA says:

    i have problem of frequently urin passing.urine comes and stop again and again.flow is interrupted
    Sir please advise

    • Maxwell Anukpui says:

      My problem is urinating frequently. And rushes on my Penis which comes and goes. And not often pains in my lower abdomen. Please advise

  485. I have problem of frequent urination, bad bladder control and dribbling of urine. my age 59. pls suggest remedy . thks

  486. dear dr. sharmaji

    About a year back enlargement of prostate has been found in the ultrasound. Thereafter, i consulted a physician; who has advised that no surgery and medicine is required at this stage. Now, I am having pain on both sides of pubic area. Due to this i am unable to sleep properly. What is your advise in this case? Should I go for a surgery or take homeo medicine?. Pls advise


  487. Dr. Kumar says:

    We are urgently in need of kidney donors for the sum of $320,000.00 USD, Contact Dr. Kumar Smith now on email for more details. ( or call +918123924808.

  488. I have taken Sabalsarulata for one year but prostate has increased from 25 gm to 32 though psa has smal decrease from 1.7 to 1.6 Urine flow is normal in day but disturbs in night two or three times with sleep disturbance No pain during urination but bladder is not empty in one time .

  489. Savtanter Kumar Malhotra says:

    Respected Dr Sahib
    Prostrate Enlarged moderately of first grade in ultrasound.And E Coli Bacteria in puss cells now in routine urine.Frequecy of urine after 25 to 30 minutes.Miserable Life.Cystitis in ultrasound.Age 66 years Male.Nervous Personality.Overweight.Constipation.Pressure on Rectum while straining for passing stool causes frequent urination after every 15 minutes even making it more miserable.No diabetes.Blood Pressure High for last 30 years manageable with Betablockers
    Pl advise medicine for Such High Frequent Urination and controlling Prostrate and treating acute cystitis


  491. Dr.Madhuri says:

    My grandfa had the complaint of prostatomegaly..he had frequent micturition nd defecation.urgency also present..he is having chronic cystitis nd cholelithiasis…so allopaths said go for surgery but his age is 75 so we r not prefering what extent out Homoeo can cure dis condition??

  492. Claude Noronha says:

    I am 70 years old. I have been a student of homeopathy for the last 30 years. I also do consult a homeopath friend of mine for serious problems and when in doubt. I suffer from kidney stones, for which I have been taking Berberis Vulgaris, which has helped. For the past one year, I have been experiencing excessive urge to urinate whenever I handle water. The stream is weak. An ultrasound examination shows a slight enlargement of the prostrate, and with about 6% retention after urination.

    Can you please advice me on the best treatment?

  493. Birendra Kumar Behera says:

    I’m 60 yes old having mild problem of beginning to urinate and also feel as if bladder is not fully emptied in one go ,I have to push 2-3 times.On USG reports, the prostate size is 27x43x33 mmand volume is 20cc,No SOL seen but on PSA value is 16.55 was found on blood reports.what homoeo remedies should I take now,kindly advice.
    With regards.

  494. Hasmukh Parekh says:

    I am now 65 years old. I have been suffering from Prostate Enlargement for last 6 months. The sonographic report says that My Prostate is 27gm weight. Full bladder urinery volume is 27gm. Post void residue is 25 cc volume. 3mm to 4mm thickened bladder walls.. I fees sometime pain on left side of my Urether inside my body. I have urinr flow problem and doctor says its biginning of Prostate Enlargement. I am living now a days in Australia. I have to talk in details about my problem. so yu give yr telephone no so Ican make yu call to know about treatment period and charge of yr treatment.
    Thank yu

  495. Kallol mitra says:

    I feel hard at the starting of urination and it will take more time to start .i need freequent urination on day and night.the flow is age is 48 now and i am suffering since 3or4months ago .i am afraid of it a case of prostrate enlargement?if so please suggest me what to do or what medicine i have to take and gor how many days?

  496. Augustine Nweke says:

    Am in my late twenties but I fine out that I do urinate like frequently like 2 to 3 hours interval an I also do urinate like three to four time @ night before day break so what should I do because is rather becoming embarrassing. Thank you

  497. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 72 year now and have the problem of enlarged Prostate which was experienced around 4 years back. The retention of urine was high. I consulted an Allopathic Doctor who conducted the physical examination, Urine Flow Test and did blood test, perhaps PSA and advised to take VELTAM-0.4 tablet daily one and there was improvement in the URINE FLOW TEST. I am still taking the same medicine but in the last few days, the problem of frequent urination, but small amount and cannot resist the urge. In night time also, I have to wake up 3-4 times for urination which disturbs my proper sleep. There is no pain while urinating anda small stream of urine comes but I feel as if more is left back in bladder.
    Can you please advise the homeopathic medicine like THUJA or LYCOPODIUM or some other alternative along with the potency and frequency of intake? I shall be obliged.


  498. rakesh Kumar says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I am 54 years and have enlarge prostate resulting frequent urination during day and night and poor flow. PSA test done several times as below:
    07/10/2014 8.93 ng/ml
    15/12/2014 7.06
    28/1/2015 6.58
    06/5/2015 7.49
    24/8/15 5.99
    04/11/15 5.62
    08/1/16 6.85
    Please suggest me homeopathy medicine, thanks!

  499. Mohammad Iqbal says:

    Sir, My age is 68 years, I m a HPB patient and have gone under plaster surgery in 2007. Now a days I feel casual BP because of regular yoga exercise, I do not use regular medicine becoz I am tired of using medicine. Now I am suffering joint pain particularly in knee. and after testing I was informed that I suffering from enlarged prostate glands. size is 4.4cm x 4.6cm x 4.5cm. There is no pain in my prostate but at night I use to go for urine 3-4 time. Urine passing is slow and have wait a little for smooth flow.

    I will appreciate your kind advice in this regard. Thanks and my best regard.

  500. BRIG MPS BAJWA says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am 68 yrs old veteran army officer who has seen most active life including bangla desh & kargil war. Am on hypertension medicines & mild diabetic, recently diagnosed with enlarged prostate. No pains but flow of urine is slow , took prostonum drops & presently on R25. Pls advise which is the best homeopathic medicine at this stage?

    • BRIG MPS BAJWA says:

      Doctor, I am 68 yrs old army vetran, recently diagnosed with enlarged prostate grade 1. No problem except slow flow of urine, mild retention. Am hypertension with mild diabetic, kindly suggest as to what medicine should I take ? PSA is normal

  501. Sir my husband suffring from prostate enlarge for few monthmonth plz advise best treatment with our surgery nd her age 36

  502. Col y L Saha says:

    My age is 70. I am not having enlarged protrate but i have to rush to urinate on urge and sometime it leaks our too. Which is the ideal Homeopathy medicine? Is it Thija?/
    I do not have any pain or less qty of urine.

  503. Col y L Saha says:

    My age is 70. I am not having enlarged protrate but i have to rush to urinate on urge and sometime it leaks our too. Which is the ideal Homeopathy medicine? Is it Thija?/





    A USG OF PELVIS ON 24-09-2015, AFTER TAKING HOMEOPATHIC MEDICATION AS MENTIONED ABOVE, THE PROSTATE MEASURE IS 43 x 41 x 33 mm, enlarged in size weighing 33 gms.











  505. Ajay katiyar says:

    I am 23 years old and i have a problem of leakage of white thick liquid from penis while watching porns , talking to girls , running or jogging , lifting weights etc. while running my penis gets shrink and when it comes in its original position then the leakage starts. I feel numbness at pelvic region while driving bikes. Whenever i get erection there occurs leakage and my erections are soft . I tdidnot able to concentrate properly . Due to this problem my face looks old and guilty and my eyes are sunken. My penis girth seems to be thin and didnot have the sufficient power for proper erection. Please suggest some remedy so that erections occurs without leakage

  506. dr.farrag haroun says:

    i need treatment for prostatomegally with significant post voidning residual urine and chronic outlet obstructive changes

  507. Dr. Nizam Elahi says:

    Frequent urination during night, 6-7 times. No pain in urination. After taking lot of water in empty stomach before breakfast, the flow is fast and urinate after every half an hour till the intake of water before breakfast is over. The moment, I take water, there is frequent urination after half or one hour during the day. In winter, when I wash hands with cold water, feel to pass urine and cannot stop. Sometimes during the day, unable to hold the urine and after one drop, do not feel the pressure.
    Medicines being taken under the prescription of qualified doctor from Nehru Homeopath College, Defence Colony, New Delhi. 1.Sabal Serr. 10 drops thrice a day with Ferrum picricum-30 having 02 drops thrice a day and Baryta carb-30 taking 02 drops thrice a day. All Dr. Reckeweg, Made in Germany medicines.
    I do not have much improvement. There is still frequent urination during the night, disturbing sleep and owing to which having tension and stress. Loosing weight also with no sugar as got tested many times. Ultrasound after every three months does not reveal much improvement. The prostrates are static but not shrinked. But there is no pain in urination. Pl advise as what to do?

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    Dear Doctor
    i started BPH medication in December 2010 with Nafotomax 50 Mg when psa was 0.20ng/ml and USG showed weigt of orostate gland as 18 grams and again took psa test in october 2013 which was 0.18 and
    USG said the prostate wt as normal at 19CC. since october 2013 the urologist advised SILODAL 8 mg – one per day. Even while taking this some times still feel the need to exert pressure to get relief due to an incomplete sensation while passing urine.
    As i am taking the SILODOL 8 Mg for almost 3.5 years there is no ejaculation ( now i am 67.5 years old )
    Since 2005, after angiogram ,Due to LAD – single vessel disease 40-50% stenosis i am taking PLAGIERINE A 75 Mg -clopidogrel aspirin besides medicines for CONTROL OF BP AND BLOOD GLUCOSE and my BP and sugar levels are normal.
    with above allopathy medications for heart condition , do you advise i can switch to homeopathy medicine for my for treatment of BPH for better relief and ovecome the side effect mentioned above due to silodal.

  510. M. Krishna says:

    My age is 56. I am a diabetic patient. I am having pain on the lower part right side of abdomen. Urine is not flowing freely as earlier. It is releasing slowly after few seconds. Sometimes I have a feeling that if I do not pass urine it may release automatically. But if I go to pass urine much of the urine is not coming out even though there is urine in the bladder.
    Pl. suggest suitable medicine and advice.

    • Gp Capt GS Rathore says:

      I m 63 years old retired officer.have Enlarged prostate last six years.Tried all pathies.Now last one year on Homeo taking Sabal serulata mtinchar,Prostonum three times A day .prostte size 70 mg.
      Urination intermittent,finish in three streams,last part dribbling.No burning, no pain,get up two times at night.NO ErECTION,
      What homeo medicin to take,please.Regds GSR

  511. S Sundaramoorthy says:

    I am 73 years male. I have been suffering random pains in my right side groin for two months. There is also a bulge in my right side next to root of penis. The ultrasound result says I have prostate expansion and urine retention is 30 ml.

    Pl advice

  512. Sir,
    I have been under treatment (Allopathy and Homeo) for B P H since last 4 years. My latest USG report shows that:-
    -normal prostate with volume of 24 cc
    -Pre void volume of urine 280 ml and post void volume of urine 40 ml.
    -PSA level is 0.15
    -prostate calcification is seen ……….?
    Kindly advise me medicines or what Ishould do? Iam 64 years old .No alcohol. Smoker.
    Mob No: +91-9414172389

  513. Tarun Kumar Nath says:

    2 or 3 i fell pain in my lower abdonment, after urine i fell some relife but pain is continue. pl suggest medicine

  514. purushottam says:

    हैलो डॉक्टर,
    मेरे पिता जी को एक साल से गदूद की समस्या है.वे 1 साल से मेडिसिन ले रहे है.उनको भूख ना लगना,उलटी की समस्या हुई तो यूरोलॉजी डॉक्टर को दिखाना पर उन्होंने प्रोस्टेट बताया और ऑपरेशन को कहा है.
    उनकी उम्र 70 साल की है.
    उम्र ज्यादा होने की वजह से ऑपरेशन करवाने मे डर लगता है.वे हार्ट पेशेंट भी है.जिस वजह से ब्लड प्रेसर का भी डर रहता है.
    क्या होमियोपैथी मे इस का इलाज़ है.क्या वे बिना ऑपरेशन के ठीक हो सकते है.
    कृपया कर मेरे इस समस्या का समाधान करे.कुछ अच्छे होमियोपैथी डॉक्टर्स के नाम बताये जो इस क्षेत्र मे अच्छा काम कर सकते है.क्या खुद भी बाजार से मेडिसिन ले कर पैश्येंट को दे सकते है.
    मेरे मोबाइल नंबर है 9896035292

  515. Tapas Kumar Dalui says:

    cholesterol 244,triglyceride 191. i take allopathy medicine, but
    i want to take homeopathy medicine. pl.give me suggestion

  516. Tapas Kumar Dalui says:

    cholesterol 244,triglyceride 191. i take allopathy medicine, but
    i want to take homoeopathy medicine. pl.give me suggestion

  517. Prostrate is 42 gram and psa is .4 wheras weak urinine stream and not not fully vacated pl give also potency of mediines to get full uses

  518. vgchandrasekaran says:

    i have been using some white kurnal and prostonum drops for the past one months for prostate swellings given by a doctor. but after one week of in take of medicine i feld some irritation while going for motion. now after taking of one month medicine i felt the possing urine is long that i have to take such medicine?

  519. kali kant jha says:

    i am taking DUTAS T allopathy medicine for BPH my psa level is 2 other symptoms low urine flow .significant post resudle urin but not any pain prostate size about 45 grms. pls. reply ,in this condition homeopathy medicine can be taken with DUTAS T

  520. BRIG MPS BAJWA says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am ex army (Brig) aged 68 yrs, recently been diagnosed with enlarged prostate (grade 1)
    Being an old hypertension patient ( on telma80, clinidipine 5mg & nebicard 2.5 mg) am allergic to Urimax 0.4 which when taken lowered my pulse rate & had to be hospitalised. My PSA level is OK ie .94 (not even 1 as yet) I have no pain in urination & frequency is only once early morning ,by the way I am on metaformin (glycomet SR 850 BD) mild diabetic type two. Recently I have started with Prostnum drops (10 drops thrice in a day) someone hs recommended R25 , kindly let me know if R25 is better or I continue with Prostonum drops? Shall feel obliged . Also could I combine Himplasia the ayurvedic drug as well?

  521. I have a problem of 40% enlarged prostate with E.D as well, may be due to enlarged prostate. You are requested to kindly prescribed suitable Homeopathic Medicine for both the problems which can reduce enlargement of prostate and cure E.D. problem as well. Thanks a lot.

  522. Dear Doctor Sharma,
    I am 65 yes old. I have Bph associated with sexual problem. My sexual ability until some months ago was very minimal with occational (soft) errection. But now I find no errection at all, but I eject without an errection and that too immediately within seconds after I make an attempt. As far my Bph symptoms, I pass urine frequently. Sometimes with starting trouble and sometimes normal. But always, I have the feeling to pass again with a small qty or a few drops only. sometimes, I have the uncontrollable urgency to pass urine, had to run to the urinal with fear to pass on my way yo urinal. Plus study mycase and advice me your treatment and fees etc.

  523. Shiva Mishra` says:

    Mydear friends, I am a senior citizen of 73 years old and was suffering from enlarge prostate gland which I did not disclose to any one. Finally I told to doctor and they prescribe Beltham which is very useful to be me and I request all friends to use Beltham, uricon , urimax and you will feel better. This is my own experience

  524. prabhat kanodia says:

    sir,i am 69 years old;diabetic since last 35 years on insulin.I have been operated for prostate two times.My problem is urine retention and week slow flow of urine.I have to go to pass bladder 2/3 time.I am taking sabal ser 15 drops twice and sparsilla 10 drops.There is no advantage.Please suggest suitable remedy and oblize.

  525. mohaned ali says:

    I have prostamegally grade 3 psa .97 psr13ccpls suggest me which reduce my prostate weight 59 gram pls.docor

  526. Hi Sir,
    My father is 62 years old. He is having enlarged prostrate and have to urinate very frequently at almost an interval of half hour. PLease suggest

  527. S P Chourasia says:

    I have suffering from frequent urine mostly in cold, Dr says that enlargement of prostate what I can use homeopathic medicine

  528. Jayanta Banerjee says:

    I am submitting my problem for your kind perusal& prescription:
    1.Prostrate gland enlarged.Now size 29cc.Urinary blooder&kidneys are normal.
    2.As per USG -GRADE 1 PROSTATOMEGALY with significantpostvoid resedue(126cc)
    3.My age is about 59.I do not want surgery
    4.frequent urination, slight pain,stool pressure when urination stopped.


    I am suffering from varicocele in left side..I want its treatment without surgery.. Is it possible?

  530. Suman Subba says:

    Sir, it is a great relief to seek advice from you.
    My father is 58 yrs old and he is suffering from enlarged prostate, every possible tests have been done as per the suggestion of doctor. As per the test , his prostate is 91 grams and doctor says, he has locally advanced tumor and is suggested for surgery(channel TURP ).
    moreover, the doctor says there is no option for non-surgical treatment.
    I would be very grateful to receive your response on this emergency.

  531. SUBHASH SANGWAN says:

    I have the following problems in passing the urine.
    Age: 48 years. My mobile No. 999078267
    1. Frequent urination at night appx. 6-7 times and very difficult to hold urine at night.
    2. Urine stream is very thin and falls nearer.
    3. pain in bladder and upper side of penis during the pressure of urine.
    4. No holding capacity and very low volume, very weak flow of urine.
    5. another big problem:- white & thick flued like semen during toilet at morning. During the toilet, first
    two to three drops comes like semen type fluid during passing the urine at the time of toilet at morning.
    6. Prostate is slightly enlarged shown in the ultrasound.

  532. SUBHASH SANGWAN says:

    I have the following problems in passing the urine.

    1. Frequent urination at night appx. 6-7 times and very difficult to hold urine at night.
    2. Urine stream is very thin and falls nearer.
    3. pain in bladder and upper side of penis during the pressure of urine.
    4. No holding capacity and very low volume, very weak flow of urine.
    5. another big problem:- white & thick flued like semen during toilet at morning. During the toilet, first
    two to three drops comes like semen type fluid during passing the urine at the time of toilet at morning.
    6. Prostate is slightly enlarged shown in the ultrasound.

  533. Sir my prostet size 34 cm what are you solution of this promblem

  534. Suraj karki says:

    I am suffering from frequent urination and pain in root part of my gorin before one and half years. Now sometime I have seen prosteatic fluad before urination and toilets. So sometime I am feeling burning pain in tips of my penis. I am living very painful life day by day . I visited many poly clinic and hospital took medicine but it can’t solve my problem . Sir what can I do give me your valuable suggestion sir

  535. rohit singh says:

    Please contact me

  536. Plz suggest me which homeo medicine can I use along with railif-d my age is 50

  537. my prostate is enlarged and regularly taking tamsulosin now doctor suggested turp surgery but i want to avoid surgery can you suggest alternative?


  538. I am having median lobe enlargement.i am on tamsulosin & dutastraiod combination. Pvr is significant.prostate weight is 25 gm.what should i do to reduce median lobe and pvr urine ?

  539. K.R. Oberoi says:

    Sir I am a patient BOG. I am 62 yes. I have a problem of frequent urination , drop out Tec but last 3 days my urination decreased enormously with burning senstion. Ok help

  540. Very good article on BPH.People will certainly benifited.

  541. Surjit Singh Sethi says:

    I am 65 year old.
    my prostate is 64 cc. Doctos have rrecommended for surgery. Please suggest.

  542. Dr. Rajib Chakraborty says:

    My father aged 65yrs is suffering from enlarged prostate. PSA result is 6.5. He frequently urinates mainly at night. He suffers pain at lower abdomen. At the end of urination there is drop by drop outflow. But there is no pain otherwise. Please help.

  543. I am having increased frequency when liquid is consumed. Urine stream is weak and flow rate is less than normal. PVR 140 ml. Prostate size is normal (15 grams). PSA is .8. Pl advise suitable medication.

  544. Age-72 yrs Prostate enlarged in size 46 grms. PVR 10ML Prostomegaly grade-2 with INsignificant post void residue. PSA 1.722 and glucose is 90.00. I am feeling weak urination and dribbling at end and my sinuses are also enlarged. Please advise which homeopathic medicines would useful to me. Thanks & Regards

  545. jagdish kumar sinha says:

    Dear Sir,
    mujhe left eye mai motiabin ho gaya hai. mai 52 years ka hu. mujhe diabities bhi hai. mai operation nahi kawana
    chata hu. aap kirpya koi medicine batiya mere eye ka motiabin thik ho jai. mai aap ka sada avari rhauga.


  546. I BPH difficult in urination, frequently night urinating, urine retains,

  547. thanks for ur artcle . too good

  548. My ultrasound report shows- IMPRESSION :- FATTY LIVER WITH PROSTATOMEGALY GRADE 1.

    I am suffering from urine problem not void in once ie some drops remain after once go and repeated after one one minute. After laterine this urine problem is repeated 2 times. Kindly suggest any German homoepathy medicine with diet chart .I never use alcohol or smoke but also using allergic (Flu and cough) tablets in routine for last 7 years, also used skin allergy medicines both ayurvedic and allopathy both but now left for four years.

    With Best Regards

    L D VERMA, Age -58 years

  549. Enlarged prostate on intermittent catheter psa 0.8 gfr 58
    Trying everything now homeopathic
    Can you help

  550. govindarajan subramaniam says:

    I was using ta mflow 0.4 mg after inspection at cmc vellore. Now I am using sbl product prostonumdrop. my mob no 00919791779751.

  551. sudhir kumar sinha says:

    sir my mother in law suffering from both lost of kidney. here’s kidney 90% damage. the measurement of kidney 6.77mm. sir please tel me homeopathic medicine. I live in gaya (bihar)

  552. ashok purohit says:

    Pain in urethera pin like pain inside the urethera difficulty passing stool pain in bladder and lower abdomen pain in kidney dribbling of urine and flow is less and small amount of urine comes out
    frequently. pain in rectum sometimes

    please help me with this since in done sonography it showed slight enlargement of prostate

  553. thomas chandy says:


    It is my private mail to you for your advise in Homeopathy cure for my issues. I am 63 year, male.

    Sonograpahy of KUB & Prostate Report:

    Right kidney 10.4×5.0 cm
    Left Kidney 9.7×4.6 cm (calculus in mid pole of left kidney of size 4.1 mm)
    Ureters: not dilated. No. e/o UV junction calculus in the present scan
    Urinary Bladder: is distended and appears normal. Wall thickness is normal. Lumen appears clear. Pre void: 220 cc, Post void: 21 cc.
    Prostate: normal in size meanuring 3.9×3.0x2.3 cms (vol 14.7 cc) and shows normal echotexture.

    Blood Tests:

    PSA: 0.442 ng/ml.
    Total Bilirubin: 1.2 mg%
    Creatine 1.0 mg/dl, EGFR : Creatine: 1.0 mg/dl
    Glucose (fasting): 105 mg/dl
    Urine: Normal.


    Left side below abdomen, bottom back, middle back- pain
    Night: Urine pass- 3/4 times
    Day: sever times, 1-2 hours.
    Strain, flow weak, and burning.

    Medicine: Urimax 4mg/ 20 days- no improvement.
    Now taking Roliflo OD 0.4 mg- now for 2 days.

    History: Savior Acidity, Gas, constipation, morning cough with white flame, breathing issue etc. allergic issue, eye watering, nose blocking, sneezing etc.

    I want to switch over to Homeopathy. Can you suggest the best medicines I can start with for all my problems.

  554. anisul rahman says:

    Prostrate inflammation with high blood pressure history suggest cure

  555. Hemant Borker says:


    I had the problem of prostate enlargement a year before and for this I consulted a Homeopath. As per his prescription he suggested to take SABAL SERRULATA. I continued this for about 6 months and stopped this homeopathic medicine. But now this problem has again started and testicles feel heavy and many a times come in between my inner thighs.

    Sir, Should i continue with this medicine and what precautions should i take to keep my testicles tight . Secondly is it because of my wearing loose underwear (Traditional).

    Please guide me.

    With best wishes & regards,

    Hemant Borker

  556. Gunaseelan says:

    Dr. My father in law has prostate enlargement with abscess of 6.7cm. Doctors are advising for abscess drain. Is there a treatment in homeo to cure with medicine. Please advice.

  557. P.n. Kundu says:

    Enlarge prostate,measured 32cc.urine culture shows esbl ecoli. Nowdays suffer from pain,burning. Taking sabal mother since last 2 yrs

  558. N.Venkateswarlu says:

    Enlargement of prostate gland and no erections

  559. K.VENKAT RAO says:

    Sir.i have some problem that my prostate is 4.5*.6*3.8cms.Volume-36cc.Enlarged in size with echotexture. No free fluid noted in the abdomen/pelvis. No para aortic/para caval lymphadenopathy .IMPRESSION:-GRADE 1 PROSTATOMEGALY WITH SIGNIFICANT PVR-101CC.
    IS IT CAN BE CURABLE WITH MEDICINES. Is Sabal Serrulata useful to this problem.

  560. Dear Dr Sharma.
    I am 61 , although physically fit and working but i have enlarged prostate of about 59g in the median lob. my uroflowmetary average flow is just above 5 against desired 12 ml/second. PSA is 2.8
    i am being advised surgery which i want ot avoid
    i have issue of late initiation of urine, weak stream, and feeling of not completely empting of bladder.
    frequency and urgency of urine is not much
    i am taking capsul MAXFLOW.
    I shal be very grateful if u kindly advise Homeopathic remedy as i have great believe in Homeopathy
    Best Regards

    • Kalicharan Sethi says:

      Ihave issue of late initiation of urine, weak stream, and feeling of not completely empting of bladder.
      frequency and urgency of urine is not much

      I shal be very grateful if u kindly advise Homeopathic remedy as I have great believe in Homeopathy
      Kindly advice please.
      Best Regards

  561. sir my routene health checkup ond dt. 17/10/15 and found MILD PROSTATOMEGALY & GRADE II LIVER
    2. MILD CONCENTRIC LV H seen Grade I LV daistrolic dysfunction noted, Normal LV systolic function noted, No RWMA; LVEF=60%
    3. vitamin-d 9.04 ng/ml


  562. Pradeep Agrawal says:

    I have been diagnosed with enlarged prostrate:

    I reproduce the findings below;

    Urinary Bladder: is distended and shows normal lumen and walls. Pre void volume is 236cc, Post void residual urine is 42cc
    Prostate: is mildly enlarged in size with normal echotexture (est. volume =32 cc)
    No peritoneal collection or free fluid identified.

    1. Fatty changes in liver
    2. Cholelithiasis
    3. Mild prostatomegaly with mild residual urine.

    I am overweight (92 kgs) No diabetes for myself though family history of diabetes exists. No Hypertension. BP is normal. TMT is normal

    There is a cyst in Gall Bladder (A 8.3 mm calculus is seen in the lumen with echogenic sludge).

    I am not on any medication at present. The above report was obtained during Preventive Health Check.

    I would like to find out the non surgical treatment in Homeopathy, if any, for the above mentioned indication. What treatment is suggested and where can this treatment be obtained.

    I am a resident of Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR)


    Pradeep Agrawal

  563. Mohammad Osman Khan says:

    My problem is this, icannt control urine sometimes i pass urine twice or thrice in one an hour. I am using causticum 30, 10 drops of dose for three times. please advise me to get rid of this problem. sometimes urine passes in my trouser. Hope u will reply me on my email address.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Mohammad Osman Khan

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  565. TAriq Ahmad says:

    My father is 71+ yrs and after doing USG we came to know that he is having 3rd grade prostatomegaly with singnificant PVRU alongwith fatty liver.
    What is your opinion in this regard Sir

  566. Ashok Verma says:

    Dear Dr Sharma Sir,
    I am 62 years of age and maintain a good health, food and exercise regimen. For the past 6 months, I felt that my urine stream is slightly weak and throw has shortened to about one feet. The frequency of urination has also increased from 7-8 to 12-13 per 24 hours. The frequency goes high after intake of water and any fluid. There is dribbling of urine post urination which trickles down to knee even after vigorous shake. By night, if I vacate my bladder around 11 pm and do not drink water thereafter , I do not have to go to pass urine till morning. There is no pain while urinating. However, by night, after full urination, it seems as something is still left. If I visit again after 10 minutes, I pass a very small quantity of urine and then feel satisfied.
    I am a vegetarian. I do not smoke, do not take coffee or alcohol. I exercise regularly for 6 days a week.
    There is no pain. Also, except in the morning hours, up to 10 am, I can control the urge of urination for about 45 minutes to an hour,
    Kindly suggest remedies and treatment.
    Best regards,

  567. Nilkanth Mailapure says:

    Dear Sharma sir,

    My age is 47 years.I have prostate problem. Bladder does not empty at one go. I have to wait for urine to come out. Drips and again comes out. It takes longer time to empty the bladder.
    Please advise me about homeopathic medicine. And also clear that the enlarge prostate gland after taking the medicine. Please reply on my mail.

    With Best Regards,

    Nilkanth Mailapure

    Aurangabad (Maharashtra)



    Hello sir, my age is 21 i have the problem of premature hair(white hair) please solution for it. And tell what reason of it the young age white hair.

  569. S.KAR CHAUDHURI says:

    I am 56 years old.One month back my report on PSA was 10.92.The Urologist carried out DRE test and found normal feeling.He advised oral medicine -Silodal 8mg for 15 days and antibiotic for 10 days.He also advised to report after 15 days with the report of USG-KUB&PVR ,Uroflowmetry test and PSA.
    Of late I have undergone all the tests and report is as under:-

    i) PROSTRATE SIZE-4.7X5.8X5.0CM=73CC.
    ii) Post Void residue-150cc
    iii)Grossly enlarged size with heterogenous texture.

    Max.flow 16
    Avg.flow 7

    Report is yet to be received

    Kindly advise whether report reveals malignant.

  570. Syed Adil Ali says:

    Prostate Gland has been enlarged or swelling of right side only. there is no pain or any type of urine problem. what to do and which homoepathic remedy should use for this problem so that gland become in normal shape and size. please help me and suggest one of the best remedy for this problem.
    waiting for your reply

    thanks & regards

  571. Ramesh Chandra Baliarsingh says:

    I am 59. I have enlarged prostate. I do not have much symptoms except may be at times say after a long meeting i would hasten to wash room. The weight is 41 gram. Kindly suggest.

  572. I am 69+ mildly enlarged prostate since last 1 1/2 yr no treatment could be taken nor any test done by me.
    By pass surgery was taken in the year nov 2010.
    Now i have to urinate during night 3 or 4 times. some times it seems urine has been left out in the bladder and comes in drop or little slow.
    Pls let me know which medicine i should take or any test i have to get it done. Enlargement of prostate is cureable or not.
    with best wishes

  573. I am a 37 year old Male. My scanning report shows borderline prostatomegaly with features of BPH. Asper report My prostate size is 41 x34 x 42mm(vol:30cc) Is the situtaion worse ?Please answer for further steps.

  574. shivakant dikshit says:

    I am 80+ mildly enlarged prostate diagnosed about25 year back. no treatment could be taken because
    By-pass surgery was imminent, followed by pace maker installation and various other problems like intestine lymphoma and 6 cycles of chemotherapy with R-chop etc. Now I have to urinate every half an hour during night. Kindly help suggest remedy.

  575. I have prostate problem. Blader does not empty at one go. I have to wait for urine to come out. Drips and again comes out. It takes longer time to empty the bladder.
    Please advise me about homeopathic medicine for 22% enlarged prostate.
    With regards

  576. Zaka Ullah Khan says:

    Dr. Sharma

    I am 59 years of age, health wise I am o.k, (I work as Senior Manager in a Catering Company, from to with one weekly off), I exercise regularly for at least 15 to 20 minutes as well.

    My first morning urine is passed with not a very straight flow line, and to finish off I have to milk the urine (Press and drag finger of my both hands from near anus to bottom of testicals)

    Other than this I am fine, kindly suggest medicine by name and strength.

    Thank You

    best regards


  577. Ashok Jain says:

    I am 78 , I go for urine 2-3. times in a day, in morning after leaving bed when I go for urine the flow is weak & small , after passing Sool ( suffering from constipation also) flow becomes normal , my weight is 56 kg., I do not feel thrust so intake of water is not much , my Dr. Says I ahavr Enlarged Prostate. Pl. advise shall start SABEL SERRULATA Q, if yes it’s dose, and any other med. With it ? Pl. guide me.
    Ashok Jain

  578. hello sir/mam,

    i have problem with my left side hydrociele this is not water it is hard i suffreing from 5 yrs please guide me

  579. s.poomariyappan says:

    respected sir, my diseas deteils fatty liver with coarse echopattern, grate1prostate enlarge ment, bilateral renal calculi please what we do sir? thanking you,

  580. viswanath says:

    when i underwent ultra scan in 2013 , the report says the enlargement of prostrate. After that recently one month back again i underwent ultra scan the report says same. But the size is same as it was in 2013.
    Whether any treatment is required.

  581. B NAGESWARA RAO says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am 62 now and I am BPH patient for past 4 years. I got my left ingunial hernea repaired 2 years back. Now I have swelling on the right lower abdomen, it is hernea on the right.
    I have used Dynapress for the past 2 years. I stopped it as I find no improvement. Used sabal pentarkan for 2 months. On the advise of Homoeo doctor, I started using sabal serulatta for past 15 days. I am finding it difficult to empty the bladder, the PSA now is 2.68.
    Kindly advise whether to continue sabal serulatta?
    B NAGESWARA RAO, 8790570762.

  582. Gud mrg sir, my father have urinary bladder small hipoechoic lesion size 1.8 × 1.1 cm is seen in left posterior wall of bladder. What we do sir…

  583. i have prostate of 78grams and urine infection also…can i be cured with homeo…my blood report…..sugar-trace…albumin-plusplus…epithelial-6-8/hpf…pus cells’-plenty/hpf…..rbc-8-10/hpf ..bacteria-plus

  584. howard rockitter says:

    does d-mannese cure it is,i take elliquis isit saf blod effective is d-mannes in curing utisi have urinary tract infection

  585. v.nagaraju says:

    sir i have a5mm kidney in right ureter

  586. Arun kumar Verma says:

    Please for medicine agst. enlargment of Prostate and my 50% urin held after urination, feef reurination immediately. kindly advise for best medicine for earliest cure.

  587. rahul dev says:

    Hello sir
    My left prostate is enlarged suggest me which hemeo medicine I have to take. There is no pain.

  588. AchyutGupta says:

    My father 82 years old suffering from Parkinson, Pot spine resulting in to Compression Fracture of spine L1/D12 vertebra along with Prostate problem of grade 1 and recurrent UTI. His prostate size is less than 20 gms. Earlier he was having a problem of uncontrolled frequent urination but since July 15 he has lost sensation of passing the urine & stool both. Can sensation of passing the urine & stool be revived by medicines. Due to Pot spine he can not move on his own and is on wheel chair/bed ridden. He is taking following Medicines:

    0600 Syndopa plus 125 mg 1.5 Teb
    0800 Rcinex 600 1 Teb
    PAN D 1 CAP
    0900 Premipex .5 mg 1 Teb
    Amlong2.5 mg 1 Teb
    Calpol T 1 Teb
    Zerodol P 1/2 Teb
    Caldikind Plus 1 Cap
    UT Forte 1 Cap
    0930 Combutol 600 2 Teb
    1100 Syndopa plus 125 mg 1.5 Teb
    1600 Syndopa plus 125 mg 1.5 Teb
    2100 Amlong 2.5 mg 1 Teb
    Calpol T 1 Teb
    Sildura 4 1 CAP
    UT Forte 1 CAP
    Caldikind Plus 1 Cap

    Kindly provide guidance/treatment.

  589. Yash chopra says:

    My PSA level came to be 8.3 during annual medical check ups . I am 70 yrs Old . Underwent bypas surgery on 1997 and since maintaining sound health . Having dirt control and regularly taking BP, cholesterol control medicines along with eco spirit .
    As PSA value was high and no urinary symptoms the urologist made me undergo following tests and all normal
    KUB US, CBC , Blood Sugar , KFT , LFT , Thyrrids
    Urine C/S , Semen Analysis , MRI Multi para metrics,DRE twice ,and finally TRUS Biopsy .
    The biopsy says NEGATIVE for MAlIGNANCY

    But after the biopsy when I sit on the chair prom Car seat or put my one leg over the other , a drop of urine comes out .
    I do not have any other problem of urination like pain in urination / starting in urinating / frequent urination urge / low stream etc .
    I can walk hour at a stretch without any urge to urinare .
    The urologist did not prescribe any medicine. He said it will be alright after some days .
    My Biopsy TRUS was conducted on 26 Sep –ie 26 days back .
    Pleas advise if I should take any medicine . If so then which one .
    Thanks and Regards
    Col (Retd ) Yash Chopra

  590. howard rockitter says:

    I have enlarged prostate and urinate every hour.they say d-mannese helps.i take elliquis blood thinner.will d-manese cure euccucurcol infection

  591. Art I. Espiritu Santo says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Based on my ultrasound, I’ve been diagnosed with enlarged prostate gland with calcification and intravesical. How can I avail of homeopathic treatment using homeopathic medicines.

    Please kindly help asap for I’m suffering from pain and sleepless nights due to frequent urinating at nighttime.

    Awaiting for your immediate and urgent assistance.

    Thank you and best regards,


  592. paul A. nsoh says:

    Your above information about prostate cancer is very educative and I wish you may send me an email on prostate cancer for me to continue my studies on subject. Thank you.

  593. dr sharma,i take blood thinners elliquis and have urinary infection eurricolli.will d-mannese help it

  594. Ashok Gupta says:

    i m 64. suffering from prostetomegali grade 3. size 54cc . psa clear .

  595. dathatreyulu PH says:

    I am 70 years short old man suffering from urgency of urination with prostrate enlargement 35 cc in sige
    flow of urination normal , PSA 0.26 mind symptoms: general anxiety, stubborn, angry and indignant.
    used sabal serulata mother tincture for about 5 months. allopathy medicine using; Silofast D- 8 since a year. but no significant response. please suggest homeopathic treatment.

  596. Shahnoor Alam says:

    I am 64.My Prostate Mild Enlarged. I am taking Uromax. I would like to take Sabal with water, Doctor advised me that. Is that good. For me?

  597. I am 31 old male , Penic not standing 4-5 days plz and why it is going and give the suggestion and how many days it will OK permanently .

  598. Penic not standing 4-5 days plz and why it is going and give the suggestion and how many days it will OK permanently .

  599. Rashmi Ranjan Muduli says:

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings of the day.

    This is to inform you that i am a male 32 years old discoved with an enlarged prostate few days back when i went for a pre employment medical screening.
    I had a problem started few months back when i realised that there is an frequent urge of urinating and also i feel my bladder is not empty after urinating.
    Few months back all these symptoms were started and subsided automatically but now it is not subsiding.
    By the begining of this month during ultrsound i came to know that my prostate is enlarged to grade 1 the primary state of prostate and there is no treatment available in yellopathy. I searched some ayuvedic medication and trying it for last one week but not having any relaxation, still i feel the same.
    I just want to know is it curable through Homeopathy? Can homeopathy reduced its size to normal and if i start the medication then how many days/months it will take to subside.

    Plz answer me so that i can start the medication homepathy alongwith ayurvedic as it has no side effects.

    • sajad Hafeez says:

      Very Gd. Evening sir, This is to inform you that i am a male 35 years old discoved with an enlarged prostate weighing 25 gram few days back when i went for a pre employment medical screening. I had a problem started few months back when i realised that there is an frequent urge of urinating and also i feel my bladder is not empty after urinating. Few months back all these symptoms were started and subsided automatically but now it is not subsiding. By the begining of this month during ultrsound i came to know that my prostate is enlarged to grade 1 with PVRU 17 ml. I just want to know is it curable through Homeopathy? Can homeopathy reduced its size to normal and if i start the medication then how many days/months it will take to subside. Plz answer me so that i can start the medication homepathy alongwith ayurvedic as it has no side effects. Reply

  600. MALLIKARJUNA B V says:


    I am having mild prostate enlargement and from 2008, I was advised to take allopathic Tamsulosin 400 mg. one capsule at bed time. At that time there was burning micturition and bladder was not getting fully void and frequent urination. Kindly suggest Homeo treatment which I can take along with the allopathic medicine for relief.

    Mallikarjuna 0998552828

  601. Kenneth Harrison says:

    for 4 years now I have asked my urologist what is the cause of my prostate enlargement they tell me they do not know but do not form test or ask questionsto find out

    I am retired and on a fixed income can you help


  603. N.R.Biswas says:

    I have enlarged prostate last 10years .My present age is 69 yrs Prostate weight is 65 grms.I am taking allopathy medicine last 10yrs with many side effects.Now I want to take Homeopathy Medicine.My Present simtom are low flow,dribbling, frfequent urge of urine etc. Please tell me medicine with protency & doses.Thanks

  604. Is Sabal Pentarkan more effective for Enlarged prostate?

  605. VIKASH AGARWAL says:

    My father aged 75 years is having urine problem since many years.
    The PSA is 14.
    As per USG, size of prostate is 6 x 5 x 5 cm and weight is 87 gms.
    Is it curable by medicines or surgery is must?
    Please guide.

  606. Can h , medicine bring prostate at its original shape

  607. abhay shah says:

    Ramniklal A Bhagat

    Age: 83

    Nature of Specimen : Prostatic needle biopsy.
    Gross : Specimen consists of eight core creamish white needle biopsy tissue totally measuring 1.5 X1X0.2 c.m.
    Impression : Prostatic needle biopsy – High grade prostatic adenocarcinoma with Gleason”s score : 4+4=8. The tumor is involving 70% of the surface area examined. Perineural invasion is seen.

    Patient is diabatic since last 50 years. No insulation is taken only pills tooked.

  608. Ezediniru says:

    Which type of medicine can I buy to treat these prostate problem in delay to pass out urine & droping of urine instead of out pssing once.

  609. i m basically an anti aging biologist.
    share the treatment for prostate cancer,
    conium is one of them

    worked in 8 countries,
    going sanfrancisco on 7th november 2015.

  610. dk pathak says:

    sir my problem is urin not open
    mera pesan purn rup se nahi hota hai,dhire dhire ordird hota hai
    mai bahut dava liya lekin abhi tak thik nahi hua,
    canthris,thuja,etc and urimax-d tablate bhi liya,
    sir ultrasound me urin bladar me prostate hai
    sir kripya mera naya koi dava bata de

  611. Dear Dr, Sharma

    I am 27 years old and I have prostatic cyst of 1.1 cm and now a days I am facing so many issues and Day by day urine output is getting less. Please advice Homeopathy medicine to cure that.

    Contact – 9884057677

    • jerry reyes says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma,

      I am 63 years old. I visited a urologist to complain about retention when I urinate. Sometime I have to exert effort to expel urine, although my urination is normal, it is just that sometimes i have to exert effort to empty my bladder, then sometimes there is retention.

      The doctor prescribed to me xatral xl 10 mg. and this is a maintenance for the rest of my life. My questions are:

      1. Is there a way that after a long use, say one year or 6 months, I stop taking the maintenance, given that I have already a maintenance for hypertension.

      2. Is it ok that I masturbate at least twice or thrice a week? My wife who is 65 does not like sex anymore. Is there a damage to my prostate if I masturbate that often?

      Thank you and I hope to get your medical advice.




  613. rathod jitesh r says:

    my prostate size is 48*36*35mm,volume of 32cc ,last 5 mont problam who solution si pls tall me…………. pls halp me….. sir

  614. Gp Capt I. Jairath says:

    In 2008 I experienced split stream while passing urine. My PSA level was then found to be. 6.57. I was
    put on urimax .4 (1 OD). Retest after three months, the PSA value came down to 3.4 I was then advised
    to continue this medicine and I have using the same dose every day. I have very comfortable since. There
    is no urgency of passing urine except hen I get upon the morning after night sleep, there is feeling to
    relieve myself as a habit. Urine flow is normal but I have to wait till the last drop is out.

    No blood test were after last test in Dec 2008 when the PSA was observed to be (3.4). My latest blood test
    done Sep/29, 2015, has revealed PSA level at 7.36. I am not having any problem . I will be 78 yrs on
    04 Nov 2015, ie just a month later. PLEASE ADVISE.

  615. Dear Dr. Saheb,

    I have a enlarged prostat gland measuring 39 gms with retention of urine after voiding is 97 cc. presently I am on Silodal D8 one combo tab a day at night time. I do not have much of a problem in night urination. One or two times in the night. Some Homeo Dr. suggested me Prostonum dilution 15 drops three times a day. Please suggest.

  616. deepak dhiman says:

    hi guyss

    prostonum is the best medicin because all the composition in prostonum like,
    sabal serrulata
    chimaphila umbellata
    clematis erecta
    conium maculatum
    pereria brava
    pulsatilla nigricans
    use the mdcn for sbl brand and any kind of problem prostate gland like enlarge,infection,urine problem..
    so take the mdcn then resolve ur problem

  617. Lakshminarayana Setty says:

    Urine is not passing from Morning
    But Motion is easier
    My age is 80 what is Remidy
    Iam not having Sugar or BP

  618. Nameskar Dr.Sahab jee, I ma fifty three old man having prostate enlargement propblems weight 42 grams. I have simple Liver cist also. Is there is any homeopathic medicines which can control enlargment of prostate glands. Please also suggest medicine for fatty liver also.
    Thanks. Waiting of your early reply pl.

    Gyan Chand

  619. I am a 50 yr old male,have had bph now for over 6 yrs,tried prescribed drugs briefly by doctor but stopped straight away because of retrograde ejaculation,i now take no medication,i have been in a horrific dilemma for over 7 yrs now & avidly on a daily basis I have tried to improve my sexual function as I have no lobido whatsoever,ive had left sided varicoceles on testicle since my teenage days,over 5 yrs ago I developed a testicle right sided cyst,no one can help myself to improve my sexual function as I can only produce a tiny amount of semen every 5-6 weeks,ive tried almost everything without any advantages,ie an aneros helix prostate massager,i wear a blakoe ball zinger ring nightly,eat a testosterone friendly diet,do high intensity interval training all to no advantages in my sexual function,im at my wits ends,i was reffered to urological department who prescribed myself trt gel but I stopped immediately because made my bph worse,ive cycled all well known supplements without any gains,COULD YOU PLEASE ADVISE WHY THIS IS HAPPENING & WHAT ELSE CAN I DO,PLEASE REPLY,YOURS FAITHFULLY JOHN

  620. Santosh maurya says:

    Ureen come out friquently, ureen flow rate is slow, pain left back upper kidney, I have laser surgery for ureen way, way was no narrow or any prevention our age is 28 whats

  621. Murali Krishna says:

    Dear Sir
    Long term usage of clematis and conium will have any side effects on prostate ?

  622. Dear Dr.

    I have been experiencing severe burning sensation during urination since April 2013.My prostrate was 31cc at that time but reduced to 17cc after allopathic medication for six months. urine flow was not normal.I underwent Cystoscopy /TURP is Aug 2013 but the symptoms continued.I had UTI and burning sensation together.I tried Ayurveda and Homeo but without success. I had to undergo a second Cystoscopy /TURP in Feb 2015 since a stricture was detected in the prostrate region. Now my flow is normal and no UTI. All my blood reports are normal, but the burning sensation still continues.What is the remedy.Kindly advise

  623. I am 23 yrs old suffering from cystitis cystica of urinary bladder I have lot of pain.during urine pass pls sir give me some medicine treatment.. my mob no 09530465607 if u text a msg pls sir… my humble request to u…

  624. baljeet madaan says:

    pain in prostate area

  625. Pritpal singh says:

    Dear sir’

    My age is 27 ,unmarried ,I am suffering from increased prostate level,frequent urination,irritation during urinating,pale yellow urine,urine is not discharged ,white discharge from penis,I am not able to sit for a long time as the drops of urine pass starts..
    I request you sir please give some solution to get rid of this problem.

  626. k. k . verma says:

    my age 72 years psa .72, max flo rate 17.4,voided volume 466, voiding time 67 sec, foo time 59 s , volume residul urine 17 ml, prostate is mildly enlarged and measure 4.3×3.3,cms ,volume 33.2 cc

  627. maity shyamal says:

    I am 55 yrs , 60 kgs thinking that my prostate have been enlarged, because freequently urinate at day almost every 1 to 1 an 1/2 hr alternatly, when not urinate with in 2 hrs feel some pain lower portion with pressure for lavatory
    At night only one time in morning when left bed at 4-45 am for morning walk,go to bed at 10-30 pm every day . every day walk at a stretch 5 km. with in 45 mnt – 60mnts.
    Sugar 90 test in this september
    please give advice for that problem and suggest HOMEOPATHY MEDICINE


  628. Dear doctor,
    hope u`ll be enjoying good health.i`m at age of 65.and having problem of increased prostate glands with the size 58mm x 37mm x 50mm (60g).can it be cured by using homeo medicine or should operate and also suggest the medicin.frequent urination with mild pain, urine comes and stops again and again.kindly suggest.regars

  629. dear doctor
    Thanx for giving me this opportunity here. few days ago I experienced considerable red blood with my urine,then consulted my doctor( general surgen) . urine test reported insignificant blood (2-3 microne) with urine and ultrasound report reveals that mild calicification and little prostate enlargement is there. suggested medicine probably for inflamation for a week taken but no satisfactory improvement with burnig at hte tip of penice. more over even after taking these medicines one week after blood was ther with semen. now I consulted my homeopathy doctor who prescribed R 18 for inflamation and R 25 ( Dr. weck wag) for the treatment of prostate enlargement and calcification. now a littile relief with burning feeling but still continued. and now I have started slight pain just below the bladder while long sitting. Please suggest whether I am going with right medicine or any more affective to cure the problem fully. I also have read about chines herbal medicine from dr. Wang who claims complete cure by medicine and no chance for any further development in futere. It will my pleasure if I am favoured by sending reply through e-mail please.
    waiting for very eagerly pls.

  630. collin reid says:

    Doc goodnite i have this problem when ever am having sex if i ejaculate am stuff up and can hardly breath what can i do to correct the problem

  631. raman kumar says:

    i am having mild prostrate as told by urologist & give medicine, but medicine is having side effects as , no semens coming in ejaculation during intercourse. & very severe pain sometimes after 2~3 days in the middle of penis & some time on the tip.

    pl. suggest me homeopathic medicine, as i am reading good treatment with homeopathic medicine

    i am 52 years male,

  632. pls Dr.Sharma am 24yrs am experiencing this freqent urination and division of urine with no pains, I have been masturbating all this well can I be recovered when I stop this. Am seriously disturb pls I need help.

  633. I am 75. i seem to have all the symptoms of enlarged Prostate as mentioned here-in. I have to get-up at night several times. What can i do?

  634. M Abbas Ali says:

    I am 60 years, my prostrate enlarged, 1.5 years, burning and pain during urination, urinary bladder wall thick, sex very weak, right kidney has a cal carious (may be stone) substance, left kidney contains cysts; I have taken Sabal sarrulata Q 3 ounches, 10 drops three times daily, then took Sabal paterkon Q 4 ounches, 10 drops three times daity, also took cantheris, sarsaparilla etc. Lastly took lycopodium 1M two times daily for two days. Now waiting, I have not get any good results from none of these medicines. Urination problem (burning and slight pain) still present like before. PSA in normal range. Please suggest me what can i do now? Thank you.

  635. ashwani kumar sharma says:

    i am sildura 8 daily. pl advice me homeopathic medicine

  636. Hi dr.!
    My father in law is suffering from this problem since 6 years first time he had large amount of bleeding one day his urine was stoped n we took him to dr.n dr.put urine bag that bag got filled with blood n utine after that dr.adviced us for surgery after surgery he was fine but now after 5 years again he is having spoting but not in regular basis it happens after 2 or 3 days only first his urine gets yellew then spotings starts but there is no pain n too much urge of urine we r worried plz help us n guide us what should we do?

  637. Dev Rambhia says:

    Dear Doctor,

    About five years back I noticed some blood stains on my under garment(only once then) and hence consulted Urologist. Physical and digital examination of the prostate confirmed BHP 48 gms. There were no other complications or problems in urination etc.. PSA was abound 2.4 I was prescribed Urimax D / Flotral D and continuing with Urimax D since then. I have been checking the status every year through digital examination and PSA tests.

    Digital examinations indicated minor reduction, say from 48 gms to 37 gms to 45 gms while PSA is steadily droping, now at 0.96 value. There are two ceists seen in the prostate of size approx. 12*8 mm and 20*8 mm. My Urologist says that becouse of ceists, size of prostate not reducing. i have started homeopathic tretment in parallel. As a side effect of Urimax D, I am facing ED problem as well. Seek your opinion whether it is possible to correct this situation corrected through homeopathic tretament?

    Shall appriciate for your valuable advise.

    Dev R

  638. surat chand says:

    I am 66 years and have problem in uranate, some time goes after half hour, and feel that the bladder is not empty. I had also taken medicene from the PGI chandigarh for about 2 years, their last decision was when extrem problem then surgery will be done. Therefore I had left the medicine six month ago i.e Janurary 2015.

  639. I am 30 years old and suffering from border line prostatomelogy ,mildly enlarged ( and SGPT (59.1) and SGOT (67.3) Is it curable and what to eat and what not, and reason of getting this disease

  640. sahazadrony says:

    Dear sir,
    sir i am 25 years old and i suffering when my urin pass that time urin pressure tidyness. i did some test ultrasonogram caught prostate midle enlarge. And i affraid to surgery so what can i do. Sir please suggest me.i wait for your reply.

  641. Hello sir,
    Iam suffering with enlarged prostate and at present iam taking TAMUSOLIN from past 1 month,but i dont see any there is any ayurvedic medicine to reduce the size of the prostate.i feel pain below abdomen and unable to empty bladder and also often feel to urinate.pls advise.

  642. Rajendra Prasad Gupta says:

    Prostate size—-18 gram
    Residual urine—90 cc
    Systoscopy says that there is median
    Lobe enlargement over bladder neck.
    I am having burning sensation since
    Last 5 days.
    Not taking any medicine.
    Dr is suggesting for operation.
    Pl advise

  643. abdul majeed mandavia says:

    enlarged prostate 68 grams

  644. Snehanshu Kar Chaudhuri says:

    I have been suffering from urinary incontinence for past two years.Besides i have also got the following symptoms:-

    i)Difficulty in starting the flow
    ii)Waking up to urinate at night
    iii)Frequent pressure for urination
    iv)Pain in back side of legs
    v) I have got no erectile problem

    I am 56 years old and my gender is male.

  645. stephen samunzala says:

    Sir, help me treat prostate cancer. Im 58 years old and have the symptoms of the following;
    1. frequent the toilet at night.
    2. no more sexual desire.
    3. very weak urine, and dosent finish in the bladder when urinating.
    pls help me i am in a serious situation. sometimes my anus will itch.
    thank you.

  646. stephen samunzala says:

    Sir, help me how can i treat my prostate cancer.
    i have the following symptoms.
    1. my urine is very weak when coming out.
    2. i wake up more than 3 times at night.
    3. i dont have any sexual desire any more.
    4. i have itching sensation in my anus and general pains.
    5. in addition to that i am a bp. patient. my doctor also told me that these signs are for prostate cancer.
    Pls help treat this disease without sugery i am. 58 years old frm botswana in africa.
    Thank you.

  647. clement ngigi says:

    my fathers weight is36kg from 70kg,has enlarged prostate and high PSA23.He is78yrs we dont like surgery advice.

  648. PREM Aggarwal says:

    sir, in ultra sound I came to know that mild prostate is occured please advice

  649. Rakesh Kuchekar says:

    Hi Sir,

    I am rakesh 31 year male, few months back i have done PCNL to remove 15 mm stone out from kidney, and at the same time dr. keep DJ stent into my body from kidney to bladder. After 1 month of PCNL doctor removed the stent.

    On a very next day after removing the stent one small 4 to 5 mm size of stone is passed away while urinating.

    And exactly after 1 month i have started facing issues with passing urine. I met to urologist and he asked me to do TRUS, and as per the report i had 10 cc abscess in prostate and my prostate size was 43.7 cc enlarged.

    Doctors asked me for immediate medical attention, and i was hospitalized with anti biotic dosses with IV.

    Doctor does TRUS guided aspiration of abscess from prostate. and discharged me 2 days after the aspiration with oral anti- biotics Faronem 200 mg twice a day.

    After 2 weeks from the date of discharge i done TRUS and reports was very good with 0.5 cc of abscess. Here i done a mistake to travel to my native place and back with horible pain.

    I does TRUS again and abscess increased to 6.5 cc again.

    after that due to monetory concern, my urologist gave me a reference of GOVT Hospital. Dr from GOVT hospital asked me to take faronem 200 mg for 1 month.

    and i found my prostate size reduced to 28.7 cc after 1 month of faronem intake. and 0 abscess.

    With this report i met my urologist and as per his guidance now i am taking Alfoo 10 mg once in day.

    2 days back i had same kind of swalling and frquent urination at night.

    Could you please help me to get rid out of these enlarged prostate and what have to do.


  650. satyaprakashbansal says:

    Dr Sharma Good Evening, I have enlarged prostate of 40gms 2years back. For last 5 years I have been taking Dynapress .4mg prescribed by Urologist. In 2006 my friend Dr Bhimsen Bansal,R.G.Stone clinic advised me for PSA checkup, it was 40% then biopsy done no negative symptoms. Again after 6 months in 2006 Biopsy done by Dr Rajan Mathew of Mool Chand hospital,Delhi it was also negative. But PSA continued in range of 35% to 45%. For urine flow I was advised to take .40 Dynapress in 2010 since than I continue this capsule. Yesterday night i might have forgotten to take capsule, I find it difficult to pass urine then 4 oclock evening I took it. Please advise what should i do? Tahanks

  651. K.c.khanna says:

    I am 76 year old and to get up after every one hour in night for urination. I have enlarged prostate. Kindly advice medicine

  652. Sukumar Dey says:

    Dewr sir, I am suffering in hydrocele since last 5-6 yrs in my right testicles I have treated so much homeopathy medicine but did not get cured I need your suggestion that how can i get cured from it.pls suggest me.

  653. During sonograpy it is opined by doctor that prostate in size is 31.8 cc in volume.
    What is to be done. ?

  654. I am having to get up about 2 to 3 times in the night for urine, usually go to sleep by 10pm by 12.30am and again by 3 I have to get up for urine, I am an early riser as I go out on my daily walk of over 5km 6 days a week. During the day also I feel the urge to urine esp after a meal. I have lessen my water intake before going to bed, even after I finish urine still sometime I feel that there is still urine leftn inside. I am 60 years old male with night of 5.11 and weight 74kg I like to go on long brisk walking everyday this problem has been troubling me from the last 8 month even my sexual life is been affected I know I am not young but the basic biological requirement I am unable to fulfilled it just like mind is will but body is letting me down.

  655. Satabdi Roy says:

    This is Satabdi Roy working @ National Informatics Center @ Agartala,Tripura.
    My father is suffering from prostate enlargement since 12 years.Now his age is 60 yrs and the urinal residue is also much higher than previous.The Doctors suggested for surgery.Is there any way to terminate the issue with HOMOEOPATHY. my mail address is given. Pls do the needful.
    Thank you

  656. Imtiaz Shaikh says:

    Hello doc,

    I am imtiaz Shaikh from pakistan. I have enlarge prostate problem, I am feeling pain in right side of pelvis. Some time in right testicle. burning when urinate and with abstraction in root. no satisfaction in intercourse. Much oblige if you could help and recommend medicine for permanent treatment. I am using Temsolosin Capsules one in a day.

  657. Can homeopathy test varicocele completely

  658. Dr. I am 33 yrs old man had 32 gm prosrrate. Psa level is 2.4 ng plz tell me about treatment coz i wanna sleep wel and urine well

  659. Robert Pinch says:

    I’m 50years old and my primary doctor said I have ex large prostate with little Uranin. Today I was just wondering why my Uranin is starting to get dark in color and when I went to the restroom my penis felt weird.then I went to go pee little dark blood come out. What can it be. I do drink water, but no change.

  660. monika okloo says:

    How to cure prostate cancer in age of 80 yrs…prostate cancer raise upto 200

  661. C D narayanswamy says:

    Dear Doctor, I am having prostate enlargement and my cousin with similar problems took Sabal Serrulata in mother Tincture and today he is fine. Can I also take it and if so what dosage should I take.

  662. pratab rai says:

    Respected sir , i am 74 yr and suffering from prostate gland enlargement , today i saw some blood in my urine , visited the urologist and he said that there is a blood clot in my urinary bladder , i m goin for a cystoscopy for declotting , the size of my prostate gland is nearly 245 grm. , pls suggeat what to do i have been taking urimax 0.4 mg capsulea from last 3 years , plsss help

  663. ashok kumar sahu says:

    my father is suffering from prostate .since last 2 yrs. i try to cure through homeopathy.
    but it not success .now prostate size is 55 grm. grand and kidney is normal shape.
    so what your advice.its success only surgery? agr 65 tyr old

  664. abhishek jain says:

    Mere papa ko urin me problam thi Dr. Ne ultrasound krbaya usme 45gram ki prostat ganth he kya ye bina opresan ke think ho sakti he
    Sir please sahi sujhab de.

  665. i am 4o year old man I am suffering from prostarte infflimation u have any treatment in homeopathic medicine.

  666. Hi my uncle is suffering from acute prostate inflammation and i want to get rid of his this disease any how. please can i get some help regarding this .

  667. Dear Doctor,
    I am 60 yrs old BPH patient. My case is 8 years old.I have been consulting with a homeopath since 2012 for my BPH.. and simultaneously I am taking allopathy medicine every day. Homeopath gives medicine and no prescription and on the hope I am taking medicine that prostate can be reduced. Still, If I discontinue allopathy medicine for 2 days ,my urination in the night take more– time.
    Is Homeo is able to reduce this problem ? Your valuable advice is appreciable.

    Thanks and regards.

  668. Punamendu Sharan says:

    I have to urinate even in the night every two hourly.I have to awake for that and thereby I don’t have sound sleep.My age is 62 years.I have also vertigo problem.I can’t hear now for the last two years from my right ear.
    Kindly prescribe some medicine for me.
    Thanking you;
    Yours faithfully;

    Punamendu Sharan

  669. sherjeel butt says:

    sir i am facing this problem since 6 years long, the problem is when i finished my urinate and stand up for washing hands some drops of urine quickly come out again and after that its leaks in a little for 20 to 30 minutes, and then finished, i have tried so many medicine in this way but all is vain.

    i also tried homeopathy for consultant, allopathy or herbal but no effect.

    please advice me if posible

  670. Anwar Husain says:

    Dear Dr Sab, I am 58 years old. Feeling very poor urine flow and no pain, no irritation . Going to bathroom in the night about 5 times,
    Please advise me any medicine which improve urine flow, reduce enlargement of prostate,
    Please suggest if homeopathy is good solution. Is there permanent treatment of Prostate enlargement.

    Thank you Sir for yourkind advises,
    Best regards

  671. SHER Singh Bhangu says:

    Hi sir , my grandfather has problem of enlargement prostate , he is 85 years , now he is getting hard problem for urine, doctor suggest surgery meantime he advised to take terol la.4. ,silofast 8, so can u plz help for proper homeopathy treatment ,, whether surgery is only treatment ,,,plz reply ASAP

  672. Sir,
    Is any treatment available in homeopathy for ( Post void residual urine) son age is 7 years.

  673. Joginder pal thakkar says:

    My age is62 my protest glind is 51 gm so percibe homemedicin n how can use

  674. aktaruzzaman says:

    আমি একজন বাংলাদেশী হাই স্কুল শিক্ষক। ৫-৬ আগ থেকে আমি ইসোফেগাস সমস্যায় ভুগছি। খাদ্য খেতে ও পানি পান করতে কোন সমস্যা হয়না। মাঝে মাঝে আমার বুকের চারপাশ চিন চিন করে ব্যাথা করে এবং সেটা সহ্য করার মত নয়। যে টাকে খিচি ধরার মত ব্যাথা বলে ।
    মাঝে মাঝে খাবার গলায় আটকে যেত। পানি খেলেও যেত না। তখন বমি করে ফেলতে হত। বেরিয়াম সোয়ালো x ray করে aclacia cardia বলে মত দেন। তারা অবশ্য biopsy করতে বলেন। কিন্তু আমি বায়োপসি না করিয়ে হোমিও ঔষধ খাই। কি ঔষধ দিয়েছিল জানি না । পরে অনলাইনে সার্চ করে condurango mother tincture and sometimes Phosporus potency 30 c করি। এখনও এই সমস্যা আছে। একসময় ধুমপান ও জর্দ্দা দিয়ে পান খেতাম। বয়স ৪০। ঘুম কম হয়। এখন আমার কি করা উচিৎ? সাহায্য করবেন কি ? দয়া করে বলবেন। কি ঔষধ গ্রহন করব।

  675. prabhakar singh says:

    sir my age is 20 yrs…am suffering from prostagte calcificTION problem….as a consequence of this frquent urination is causing to me………this problem last form one year…….my other report like cystoscopy , urine cultre was normal………but not get relief….but some day before on my frnds party i have taken a beer(alchohal) which give me relief……what it mean…….plssssss telllllll me……

  676. Upender Krishen saroop says:

    Dear Dr Sir;

    I have been recently diagnosed after Ultrasound Prostatomegaly Grade 2. Prostate is enlarged vol 44cc. No abdominal mass or ascites seen.
    Prevoid Volume 178 ml, Post Void Volume 10 ml . PSA – 0.65 NG/ML

    Please suggest some good medicine. I will be highly grateful

    Thanks and Regards
    Age 59 yrs

  677. Nakka Venkateswararao says:

    Sir I would like to know is there permanent cure for prostate enlargement and Prostate cancer in Homeopathy.

  678. rajni paliwal says:

    hello sir,

    meri bhatiji age 3 years old usko urine baar baar aata hai aur pata bhi nahi chalta hai aur tiolet place
    par kuch gaanth ti dikti hai 2-3 doctor ko dikya to wo kuch nahi batate sab normal batate hai
    to please koi rai ho to dijiye aur hadapsar pune area me hospital aur doctor ki jankari dijiye

  679. Selvaraj says:

    Sir I am 53 years old and suffering from this problem since long. I have to get up frequently from my bed during night and hence I am not able to get satisfactory sleep and always feel tired next day. Please suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine. i will be very grateful to you.
    G. Selvaraj

  680. satheesh.p says:

    Sir am now 46 yrs find out sonagrph shown 28 grm enlarge prostate. How can treat in homeopathy

  681. SUBHASH VERMA says:

    Prostate enlargement, prostatitis and psa 11

  682. vikash chettri says:

    Hello sir
    How can I make my penis longer thicker and stronger suggest me some medicine in india

  683. dayanandan says:

    Sir,I am taking dutas t for 3years.due to enlarged prostrate.I am having pace my heart.I had cataract surgery advice.regards.

  684. Dr gopal singh says:

    Sir i m gen surgeon i hv some prostatic problem like thin stream dribbling other obstructive feature, on USG prostate is 45 gm, my age is 40 yr, is there any treatment in homeopathy for these feature, plz guide me

  685. Kurian M Joseph says:

    I am Kurian , age 44 yrs, i have prostate and diabetic. recently i have gone trough PSA test and the valve is 5.79. Kindly advice me whether it can be cured with out surgery through Homeopathy. presently i am taking Tamgree-D.

  686. Kannan G says:

    Dr. Sharma ..

    My dad who’s age 67, was suffering from frequent urination . and on ultrasound scan- the reports are –

    bladder irregularly thickened trabeculated wall measuring 7 mm
    – pre-void 160 tc- pvru 90cc –
    grossly enlarged prostate measures 5.6 * 5.3 * 5 cm (vol 80 cc)
    intravesical extension measuring 1.9 cms ” kindly help with this reports and suggest us the treatment to be undertaken… thanks & regards

  687. D.R. SRINIVAS RAO says:

    Dear Sir,

    I Am Srinivas Rao aged 46 years. I am suffering from prostate enlargement. I find it very painful while passing urine. Sometimes there will be pain while sitting for too long. I am getting urinary track infection very often. I am getting tired very soon and often feel very drowsiness. Kindly suggest me the remedy to get rid of my problem for which act of yours I will be very grateful.


  688. Anuj Sharma says:

    Sir ! I m 45 y o. My prostate vol. is 30 cc( mild enlarge grade 2).I feel weak urine stream and pressure needs to apply while urination. 8 months ago l had TURBT operation and diagnosed cystitis cystica et glandular is with intestinal metaplasia. I don’t feel burning or blood in urine. Urine frequency in night 2to 3 and in day time about 10 to 12. Pl. suggest medicine to shrink prostate size and to get rid of cystitis cystica et glandularis. Thanks ! in advance.

  689. VIJAY KUMAR NAIK says:

    can above mentioned problems be solved by homeopathy???
    we won’t want surgry. plz suggest us

  690. Kailash Naudiyal says:

    I have been suffering from mild enlargement of prostrate . There is urgency and frequent urge for urination especially at night while sleeping. The flow is also disturbing. I am 63 years of age. Please suggest so medication.


  691. Hi Mr Sharma
    I have urinary problem when i go for uraniy after that done i do milking make it dry still after couple of mintes smelly drops comes i dont khow where to go what to do it smelles very bad i cant even work Sir plz plz can u advise me homeopatty or any medication i would apprecaite it.

  692. i have simple prostatic cyst 12mm
    and 21×18mm simple kidney cyst
    how can i treated
    and say me is prostatic cyst creates and proplem
    age 26 years

  693. my father aged 72 does urination in-voluntarily
    he used to be very consious of it earlier, but now he is unable to know
    please do help and suggest a medicine

  694. S.Hasmathullah says:

    I am suffering from Mild Prostomegaly size-42.7cc
    How can i able to treat my Problem, Please suggest me

  695. Joginder pal thakkar says:

    I am sixty two year old my protest glind englarge 51 gm

  696. Ritesh Sharma says:

    hi sir,,I am masturbating from last 12 years & now I I am facing problem of nocturnal emission & testicular pain .I tried many medicine (ayurvedic) but not good result I seen.Now I am taking zevit one of my family Dr recommended me ,Is this will help me.

  697. Swapan Kr. Datta says:

    1) Enlarged Prostate volume 50.3

    2) Residual urine in bladder 219 cc

    3) Flowmetry 12/347

  698. b.s.tomar says:

    distal penile hypospadias with cordee having child 2.5 yr old

  699. Ravinder says:

    My PSA is 10.5 and free PSA 1.6 and no other problem. My age is 60. I want to discuss with you as I have shown in Gurgaon medicity and Fortis new Delhi. my prostate enlargements is 35Cc for the last 3 years. biopsy was done in 2013 and MRI in Feb 2015 and all negatives . No problem in Urination or for erection. I am taking allopathy Alfoo. Kindly advise / give your contact no
    Ravinderd Delhi

  700. Hi,I am 36 year old having PVR size 18 cc.frequent urination,lower back pain,lower abdomen pain,discomfort in penis is this due to chronic prostate as doctor said me? Or it can be a stone in my urine bladder bcoz I had 7.4 mm stone in my left kidney which ,I am not sure cleared or struck over there bcoz it was not found in last ultrasound.plz rply,thanx

  701. Now I am 53 years old. I am taking medicines for Diabetics, High Blood pressure and Increased Protest gland. Will you suggest me Homeopathic medicines for above diseases ? Plz send mail describing the medicines.

  702. syed mumtaz hussain says:

    suffering from prostate enlargment for last two prostate volume is 38 cubic cm.
    urine test is normal. also feeling tingling in feet for about a month. can my disease be cured in homeopath.

  703. arinivas says:

    We having 3 blockages. 1)100%2)99%3)80%..1 year back..I have taken ayur medicine.I am 54 age.remove blockages completely any in homeo medicine.

  704. Small prostate please bast medicine age 60

  705. durga Prasad Kottalanka says:

    Dr. I am 55 years old suffering urinary problem for the last two years urologist suggested urimax 0.4. For the last two years consuming urimax my PSA is1.6 iam also suffering sexual dysfunction as erectile problem Please suggest remedy Sir

  706. Kaushik Bose says:

    Sir I am Kaushik from Durgapur west Bengal.My age is 35 presently I have no any problem with my prostate but I want to know how I can care about my prostate gland?So that in future it will not be a problem. I am still not married but sometime quick semen fall occur.How it can be treated?

  707. Mohamed Qutubuddin says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma,
    I am from Hyderabad India we literally grew up on homeopathic treatments. Dr.Bhomanna in Kachiguda Hyderabad traeted us. But anyway I live in USA now we came here in 1978. I am 62 years old and I have wake up atleast 3-4 times during the night to use the restroom. And during the day time I cant hold it .
    When I get the urge I have to use the restroom. Please advice.
    I also need some help in mens Sexual performance.I am not getting a strong Erection and size please
    advice. I am on Blood Pressure Med Toporol XL 50mg once daily for atleast 5 years.
    My email
    Thanks M.Qutubuddin

  708. ish khanna says:

    sir i have some problem while passing the urine the pain in the anus and the urine come slowly iam 59 year old pls advice me which medicine i should take

  709. My age is 40, 4-Months before examined, urolologist examined through Cystoscopy
    , it is BPH, used ciproflaxin and silofast, and also used prostate drops of German manufacturer,
    Pain decreases after some time i left medicine
    again i feel Burning & pain in urine flow, Can you please suggest in Homeopathy.
    Did it can be available in UAE stores?

  710. klingel says:

    which food must a prostate patient take in/ should eat ?

  711. sanjay kr singh says:

    Dear sir, Thanks for right guide line for this problem. please conform the right treatment of this cases.some one is suffering from this cases. please help me.Age- 58years. mono-9931058901.

  712. Odongo Richard Otim says:

    I was diagonised with BPH five months ago,then later I was treated on finersteride 5mg for the last five months.The Prostate size was found to be 49mls. but now the size has reduced to normal 34mls,normal echotexture,normal KUB. I still have pain around the area and when urinating,and also suffering from ED. The urine looks clear and no smell.What treatments do I need?Can I be recomemended for Surgery?

  713. syed nehal akhter says:

    Good evening doc, 4ears back my psa was 12.THEN I had to go for biospy.nothing was my psa is16.but I have no urine problem. I am pn one kidney since last 25 years..pls give some good med. Regards.

  714. Ramesh chandra pant says:

    Sir , since very long time I am in problem of passing urine….I could not hold the urine foe long time, I have to go for passing urine without any dilay….my age is 68yr’s and in ultra sound prostate is27 ml in volume…..please suggest me what I should do in treating my illness I will be very much thankfull if you please help me…………….. your’s R.C.Pant

  715. obaid khan says:

    Hello doctor
    my father is 72 yr old and suffering from BHP and the present size is of grade 3 he is taking homeopathic sabal sulata from last 2 yrs but there is no such improvement. what should I do can u suggest. …

  716. solomon says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know how best you can help me to treat sickmess

  717. vilambaranathan says:

    My prostate gland is 31 cc Dr recomend veltam + before 1.5 years. I discontinued in one month . Now I feel slow and short urination. I request your advice..

  718. apparao says:

    sir……..i’m 57 years old…i have prostatomegaly(size:28.4cc-2014) ,,and hepaticcyst also at that time………i got urinal problem(urine comes slowly) before 1-year ..we use medicines like urimax-d,levoglax ..again now a days pain is coming on the stomach……we went for gastro enterologist doctor ….now he again did same test for prostrate (size increases to 26 cc–at present 2nd july 2015),,and no hepatic cyst is there….he gave tablets like pantop-d,dysmen…he gave advice to go for urology doctor…so pls gave me your valuable suggestion……….pls suggest some homeopathic medicines which is not having any side effects..pls advise me the diet control….

  719. john Frempong Duah says:

    Please my age is 32. I once contacted gornorhoea and after treatment I started experiencing frequent urination. I went to the hospital and I was given prota ease and some drugs. Please can you help me with homeopathy treatment? Thank you

  720. choudhary says:

    sir I am 38 years old,
    I am suffering from burning in urine and rectum some times for few hours. ultrasound report showing enlargement of prostate.
    pl tell me , what I should do

  721. dwipanjan bhattacharjee says:

    i am in 43.i develope prostate enlargement and syst.gland weight 27 gms,although no problem while uranating,how i can be cured by homeopathy?is sabina seruleta a good medicine.

  722. Sir
    My problem is frequent urination, feeling of hot, and pain in penis. While urinating it falls just below. I used aurvedic remedies till todays since 20 days but problem is not ending instead i feel now it might have increased while writing these lines. I do not have any pain till today. I am trying to walk daily and eat food simple food. No oily stuff. I do not want to go for operation in allopathy. please advice the possible solution to shrink the prostrate as earlier it was.


    D Yadav

  723. My USG…..PVR report is PVRU–400cc (after urine) What could be the reason and what should be treatment my age is 29Y(M)

  724. Subhashchandbhatia says:

    Kindly send me the name of important medicine with key symptoms. I am 68 years old and feel the difficulty in passing the urine Sep at night.I have taken Nix V 30 and Lach30 with no relief.

  725. Subhashchandbhatia says:

    Kindly send me the name of important medicine with key symptoms.

  726. Abrar Hussain Abbasi says:

    My mild prostate is enlargement. my age is 42 years. I feel pain at my right testicle point. When gas discharged, I feel relief at testicle point. This disease is 15 years old. I have used argentium met 30, 200 and 1000. First of all I feel relief but now I have pain at my right testicle point. Kindly help me.

  727. Mayen Tazim says:

    After getting trouble in urinary discharging for about one month, I made few tests for blood and ultrasonography for Prostrate. The results of the taste are:

    Alter sonography test:

    Kidney: A few bright scattered non shadowing echoes are seen in both kidneys . One tiny cyst of diameter 1.49 cm seen in the right kidney. Right kidney measures approx 10.44 x 5.52 cm & parenchymal thickness is 1.45 cm. both kidneys are normal in shape and position.

    Urinary bladder: filled with urine. Outline is normal. Wall is little thick. No significant intravesical lesion seen.
    PVR: Post void residual urine volume is about 154.86 ml ( normal up to 30 ml)

    Prostrate Gland: outline of prostrate is indistinct & ill- defined however, prostrate measures approximately 3.58×3.73x 3.22 cm and volume is 22.51 cc & weight 22.51 gm ( normal 20 gm) and inhomogeneous echo-texture.

    Blood test :

    Serum PSA test result : 3.38 ng/ ml
    Creatinine : 75 umol/ L

    After observing the blood tests and Ultrasonography , the Doctor of Urologist Specialist prescribed me to take one Uromax ( Tamsulosin HCl , USP 0.4 mg.

    Subsequent suggestion received from the doctor, I have taken two tablet in two days that will be continued.

    I need your advice based on my above mention report. Please comment on my Prostrate and Kidneys status.
    Mayen Tazim
    Cell : 8801715108687

  728. Arun Tomar says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I am 26 years old and I face all the symptoms of prostate enlargement like difficulty starting urination, dribbling of urine, more frequent urination at night etc. I do not believe in surgical treatment as it leads to more complications.
    Please suggest some medication to overcome this problem.

  729. Aakash Deb says:

    My name is aakash deb age 24 years my right side of the abdomen is swollen and frequent urination is taking place…There is no pain no irritation whatsoever.urine flow seems normal.what should I do

  730. pintu bhattacharya says:

    Sir i suffaring few many month in this problem.i have prostateic cyst size 4.5cm x5.3cm x3.9cm.i am 27yr plz suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine .i will be very greatful to u sir.pain in hole body and urine flow countine so i feel tired every moment .

  731. khadim khatri says:

    I have a prosted enlarge mild but my age is 37 suggest me some some homeopathic medicine

  732. pk sanap says:

    urine goes slow miner pain at left side bladder

  733. TERRY RAWSON. says:



  734. Prasannakumar says:

    I am 52 years old & I am having enalrge prostate for the last three years. I am under medication under the guidance of allopathy doctor. I came to know that there are treatments for the same under Homepathy.
    I am encolsing my latest results
    wating time 18.0s
    Time to maximum flow 10.6s
    Time 5%-95% vol. 41.3s
    Flow time 56.2s
    voding time 56.1s
    Max detrusor speed 7.3mm/s
    Maximum flow 16.3ml/s
    Mean flow 6.7 ml/s
    Vodied vol. at Max flow 92.0ml
    voided volume 377.0ml
    acceleartion 1.5ml/s^2
    My ultrsound report show a post void urine 30ml & prostate weight 31.8cc and size 4×3.9×3.7 it also enlarged and has an intrvesical extension of 1.4cm.

  735. Deependra says:

    Sir, My father is 68 yrs old. His prostate size is 65 grams.He is facing so much problem during pass the urine. Pls suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine .I will be very grateful to you.


    Sir I am 65 years old and suffering from this problem since long. I have to get up frequently from my bed during night and hence I am not able to get satisfactory sleep and always feel tired next day. Please suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine. i will be very grateful to you.

  737. VENUGOPALAN says:

    Dear Dr I am 65 years old and suffering from prostate problem since long.
    I have to get up frequently from my bed during night and hence I am not able to get satisfactory sleep and always feel tired next day.
    Please suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine.

    Kindly advise me .

  738. Sunil kher says:

    Recently my frequency of urination is increased. Color of urine is like water. Quantity is pains, no burning sensation. I am probability of diabetes because recent small injury recovered in 4 days.kindly advice.

  739. T S CHHATWAL says:

    i am suffering from BPH for past 4 yrs and things are under control with ALFOZOSIN 10 mg andDUTASTERIDE.these are suppresers but i want treatment to get complete cure of this disease which can produce complications at later stage.i am 68 yrs. old.Please advice treatment.

  740. R P Tiwari says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I am 64yrs have enlarged Prostate Since 2008.sleep is disturbed during night because of frequent urination.
    Prostate volume 30ml. Allopathy doctor advised to go for surgery.Kindly advise homeopathy treatment without surgery.
    Thanking you.

  741. R P Tiwari says:

    I am having a enlarge prostate (38gm) can it be cure by Homeopathy

  742. mudasir noor says:

    sir i am 35 yrs having prostate doctor suggest me himplesia for 3 months but no progress please suggest me best

  743. Ali Khan says:

    i have enlarged prostrate. Since 20 years but now at the age of 68 years my frequency of urination has increased. Pls suggest some homeopathic drug. Thanks

  744. Surendra purohit says:

    I’m 44 yrs old I had mild enlarged prostate but my problem is I had blood with urine sometimes and in urine sometimes hot and painful and sometimes seen blood in seeman/virya and mild thickness blender wall
    I have requested to u suggests me homoepathic
    medicine and I gastic problem also both of problem suggest me midicine plz. I’m from Ahmedabad gujrat India

    Your faithfully

  745. K>Rajendran says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    I have enlarged Prostate Since 2000.sleep is disturbed during night because of frequent urination.
    Prostate volume 30ml.Allopathy doctor advised to go for surgery.Kindly advise homeopathy treatment without surgery.
    Thanking you.

  746. Shirish Mody says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I have the BPH problem since 1998. Presently in the latest sonography done 2 days ago,the weight of the prostate gland is 44 gm. Post void urine is 60 mls. The PSA test value is 0.629 .I have been taking Urimax 0.4 mg since about 5 years supplemented by R-25 once every morning with 15 drops in a cup of water since 2 or 3 years . Allopathic doctor after the latest KUB test advises to switch over t o Urimax -D & the Homoeopath feels I should try Seybal. The pH of my urine is 5.There is no urine infection or any pus cells .My fasting glucose level is 94.
    I have no irritation, or pain ,the urine flow is a good stream. I go to the bathroom once every night but daytime frequency is more . I cannot retain urine for more than 90 mts.I am 80 years old with very active habits. I am a vegetarian , do yogasana & pranayam every morning , take a walk daily for 25 mts.
    Pl. advise what I should do further to handle this problem without surgery.
    Regards –Shirish Mody

  747. YPCHS Srinivas says:

    My father is 84 years old. he is a patient of alzhemers and suffering from Right haemiplegia. He is a wheel chair patient.

    He is suffering from Prostate enlargement. PSA is 28 –
    Passing Urine in small Qty and number of times – he cannot even express his pain.
    I observe his efforts when he tries to lift his legs to pass urine.

    Please suggest a medicine to reduce enlargement – I am giving SABAL SERRULATA and KALIMUR


  748. sharif ahmed says:

    I pass a small amount of urin. I usually pass urine 8/10 times daily. After passing urine I have felt that it is not completed. Before passing I have felt that something have been strong at my left lower abdomen. After some test doctor told me that I have bladder neck obstacle that means when I want to pass, my bladder neck does not want to open. Pls. Give me suggestion as early as possible.

  749. Pradeep Wale says:

    Sir i i was suffering from TB of prostate i cure then but i have problem in calicification in seminal vesicle and middle cyst of prostate and due to that i am become infirtilate pls can homeopathy medicine help me to cure my problem . What medicine recomened pls send reply sir

  750. Ashish kumar says:

    My father age 57 he has been operated of prostrat one year ago but still pain & urine flowing on bad no any control on urine and he is taking R 25 homoepathy med plz advise us for further treatment

  751. L.C. ARORA says:

    I am 74 years old having prostate problem for the past more than 20 years. I have never taken any medicine for this problem so far. I have to wake up at night3-4 times. I have not taken
    any homeopathic medicine in my life. I am not sure whether it can cure any ailment except the mild one’s. I have got examined from my doctor and he has confirmed that I have prostate problem. I would like to try homeopathic medicine first. If does’nt suit me I will have no other option but to take allopathic treatment. Please suggest me some medicine which may make me confident that homeopathic can also treat chronic cases.

    Best Regards.

  752. shyam goenka says:

    respected sir

    i have the below problems:-

    my iotic valve is replaced
    i had hernia surgery for both the sides

    i am also suffering from iressistable bowl system

    earlier i did not used to pass motion easily
    they will become hard and will pass later

    i never took any laxative

    i have been having prostate since 1992

    it was 18 and 1st grade

    now the enlargement is 53 – 2nd grade

    can this be cured

    with deep regards


  753. Krishnakant saraf says:

    I am suffering from Enlarge Prostate problem since 15 years. Since then I am taking medicine. Earlier I was taking Urimax F, then I started taking Sildura 8. Still to evacuate my Bladder completely, I have to evacuate it 3 or 4 times. I want some better Medicine. Now I am 75 years old. Kindly advise some better Medicine.

  754. Akkina Madhava Rao says:

    Sir, I am suffering with Grade-I protatomegaly with significant PVR. (Prostate gland expansion). PSA IS 1.56.
    Iam taking english medicines since 4 to 5 years.
    The main sysntoms are incomplete passing of urine, frequent urination, urgency to urinate.
    Is there any treatment in Homeo for this problems? Is there any alternative to Prostate glad operation(probable side effects or more and I want to avoid the same to the maximum extent possible.)
    Iam aged 60years without any other health problems. Iam a pure vegetarian, I dont drink, to drink tea/coffee/cool drinks/pan/supari/drugs etc.
    Please help me in the matter

  755. Nikhil J gandhi says:

    Dear Sir,

    Requesting you to suggest any medicine for Prostate calcification Size 8.7×8.9mm.

    Thanks 7 Rgds,

    Nikhil Gandhi

  756. NK VASANT says:

    I have enlarged prostates. Recently I got my medical examination done the size is 30mm and PSA count 80.
    I have frequent urination problem. Oftenly i wake up 1/2 times in night. Also once i get a signal in my brain that i need to pass urine then it becomes difficult to hold it even for few minutes.
    I have also high BP 150-100.
    For BP I am taking Allopaethic medicines. For Prostates I am taking Prostonum from SBI India
    Please suggest me some medicines.

  757. amitav manna says:

    The prostate is normal in size with approx weight of 21 gms, but it shows homogeneous echo-texture with small cysts measuring 16*11 mms, to the right of mid line. I also can’t hold the urine & frequently going for urine & frequently i got the night fall ( onces in a week). I am confused the night fall because of this or for other problem.

    Kindly suggest for right medicine.

  758. Pradeep Menon says:

    Hello Dr.
    I had done my USG abdomen and Pelvis test done recently i.e. on 20.4.2015.
    The report states that I have grade II fatty liver/ small right renal calculus/ and grade 1 Prostatomegaly.

    Any suggestions regarding this.. Kindly help if possible,
    Thanking you in anticipation


  759. Dear doctor,

    I am male 72yrs. 9yrs back I was a NHL (non-Hodgkin lymphoma) patient now in remission (no evidence of disease)for the last 9 yrs.. I went through chemo treatment 9yrs back. About 6 yrs back I had enlarged prostate. About 5 yrs. back I underwent a TURP (transurethral resection of the prostate) operation by an urologist

  760. email noordin says:

    Hi Dr I have prostate is markedly enlarge in size and measure 4.5×6.1×4.6cm approx.66gms on weight .no focal lesson of the prostate noted. And there is no evidence of ascites or para aortic adenopathy.advice

  761. I have ed n m married 2 months m taking cialis but without it no erection at all I need homeopathy to cure it .. So I can gain wt I have lost its really annoying rest if u can plz tell me u do look into ed let me knw how to contact n book an appointment

  762. padmanabhaiah says:

    I am having prostate enlargement and the ultrasound test indicated 1st grade.I am forced to go to for urination every 2hours in the day and 3–4hours in the night.I have been using formula P of Baksons for the last 20days.and finding not much improvement.May I there for seek U R advice to have any alternative homeopathic medicine please.

  763. Dua Fatima says:

    Dr :sb plz reply me mere abou ko prostate ka problem hai un ki 60years age hai or unhain diabetes or hepatits c bhi hai unhain urine pass nahi hota plz help me

  764. Purushan says:

    good day!
    iam taking homeopathy medicine from a Ddr.
    however what is the best one for stone in Bladder ( it was in between Kidney and Urinary bladder earlier

  765. Rajan P.A says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am recently diagnosed with midley enlarged(47 X 39 X 35 mm-35 gms)prostate with irregular nodular outline with central zone hypertrophy. Grade 11 prostatomegaly with hard nodule.My PSA test shows 21.3ng/ml. Prostate biopsy has done and result is negative. Kindly advise is there any medicine under homeopathy to cure my prostate problem.


  766. A.S.Ansari says:

    Please suggest me some effective homeopathic medicine for enlarge prostate. i will be very grateful to you.

  767. B.S.MADHAVA SHARMA says:

    Sir Iam 70 years recently doctor advised me to checkup for ABDOMINOPELVIC ULTRASOUND REPORT.As per the report the impression GRADE 2 PROSTATIC ENLARGEMENT WITH SIGNIFICANT POST VOID RESIDE AND MILD THICKENING OF URINARY BLADDER WALLS. Doctor advised for a surgery after PSA S.creatimine.Kindly advice any remedy in HOMEOPATHY TO CURE AND AVOID SURGERY.At present I don’t have any sugar BP etc,

  768. Mahaveer C. Upadhye says:

    Since long I am suffering from BPH. Now I have to wake up in the night 2 to 3 times to urinate. In day time when excess fluid is taken, there will be urgency to urinate and have to urinate many times in day. At the time of urination flow and stop is there 3 to 4 times.
    I tried Bakson’s prostate aid but the situation remains same.
    Please advise.

  769. irfan salim malik says:

    I have pain in scrotal region,since 2 yrs,PSA comes raised upto 5,6… Total and 12-15 % free,,,BHP is 45 ml, was diagnosed BHP vth epididymitis. Biopsy was done, negative,I would like to have homeopathic treatment,what do u suggest? Thanks

  770. s k bansal says:

    My age is 54 years. Prostate is enlarged as per ultrasound. Urine flow is very week and urine is passed at many times. Frequency of urine has been increased. Complete urine is not passed. It remains in blader and come again and again

  771. Narayan Bhattacharyya says:

    I am 64 years old. I am 5ft. 10 In High and weigh 56 Kg. I am a Heart Patient and Pace Maker had been implanted in Jan. 2010; I am on Allopath Medicine that I can not stop. I. have constipation for which I use to take Cremaffin/ Dupphhhalac. Last 10 days I am occasionally experiencing uneasiness in the right side of my abdomen. On 15.05.2015 I got my whole abdomen Ultrasonographed. According to the report under Imppression;-” Mildprostatomeglay (26.5gm)) indicated and in other occasion under Gall Bladder ” It is optimally distended. No calculus or sludge is seen within it. Wall is not thickened”. Reports on Liver, Portal Vein, CBD, Spleen, Pancreas, Kidneys and Urinary Bladder are Normal.

    I would like to have your advice.


  772. Wayne Loney says:

    I have blood in my semen and stool. Not a lot, but enough to notice. I was on antibiotics and it cleared up. But has returned after 6 months. I’m 58 years old and has a vascectomy 13 years ago….I also deal with hemorrhoids

  773. Sir.
    I am 38 years old from Kuwait and suffering from this problem since 3 months and prostate size 36 grams ,Psa blood test results 0.29<4.00
    Kindly advise me some how reduce prostate size make normal to homeopathic medicine as a remedy.I will be very gratful to you.

  774. ramesh ku