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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a skin complaint characterized by red inflammed lesions on the scalp covered with silvery white scales. Scalp psoriasis is a fairly common skin complaint. The exact reason behind scalp psoriasis is yet not cleared. However, it is considered to be a disorder of autoimmune origin. Homeopathic medicines for scalp psoriasis don’t suppress the complaint and follow a curative approach. homeopathic medicines for scalp psoriasis

In scalp psoriasis, due to a misdirected immune response, the cells of skin start to grow at a very quick pace (in day’s time instead of a few weeks). The body remains unable to shed these excessive cells which tend to pile up on the skin surface forming thick scaly patches. A person having a family history of psoriasis is at risk to get it too. Injury to scalp, smoking, and stress are a few factors that raise the risk of scalp psoriasis. These similar factors are also linked to worsening of scalp psoriasis.

Homeopathic Medicines for Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis can be treated wonderfully with homeopathy. They are mild, safe remedies that treat scalp psoriasis gently with zero side effects. They moderate the immune system of the body thus preventing quick multiplication of the skin cells and bringing excellent recoveries in case of scalp psoriasis. With their use, the redness, inflammation, and scales on the scalp get reduced markedly. The psoriatic patches tend to heal and its further spread is well controlled. Itching, burning on the scalp and associated hair fall also gets managed with them in a magnificent way. Homeopathy for scalp psoriasis are selected individually for every case of scalp psoriasis as per constitution of person to yield best results. Arsenic  Album, Arsenic Iodatum, Graphites, Sepia, Natrum Mur, Sulphur, and Petroleum are the top remedies to treat the condition.

1. Arsenic Album – Top Grade Medicine for Scalp Psoriasis

Arsenic Album tops the list of therapeutics indicated for scalp psoriasis treatment. A person requiring Arsenic Album have dry eruptions on the scalp covered with scales. The scales are abundant that fall off continually from the scalp. The lesions may extend from the scalp to forehead, neck and the ears in most cases. The scalp is also rough and dry. Intolerable itching and burning also appear on the scalp. After scratching the scalp becomes painful and sometimes bleeding appears from the psoriatic patches. The scalp is also sensitive. A characteristic feature is worsening of the complaint from cold and relief by warmth in general. An associated hair loss may also be present with the above signs and symptoms.

2. Arsenic Iodatum – For Scalp Psoriasis with Large Scales

Arsenic Iodatum is next beneficial medicine in the list for treating scalp psoriasis. Arsenic Iodatum is most suited to the cases of scalp psoriasis where exfoliation of large scales is present. The rawness of the scalp surface beneath the scales appears following its exfoliation. A marked inflammation of the scalp along with the above features is also well noted.  Arsenic Iodatum will help to reduce the excessive scaliness of scalp and the associated inflammation of scalp psoriasis in a very effective manner.

3. Graphites – For Scalp Psoriasis with Marked Dryness and Roughness

Graphites is used in scalp psoriasis cases in which there is marked dryness and roughness of the scalp. Thick-crusted plaques on the scalp are present. There is extreme scaliness of the scalp. A marked burning on the top of the head attends most cases. Itching on the scalp also appears. The psoriatic spots are also sore and very painful to touch. The hair may be matted together and tends to fall out.

4. Sepia – For Shiny White Adhesive Scales

Sepia is next well-indicated medicine for scalp psoriasis with shiny white adhesive scales on the scalp. There are red, large oval spots on the scalp that are covered with shining white adhesive scales. The lesions are dry and tend to extend behind the ears in some cases. There is itching on the scalp and the scalp is also painful to touch. A sour-smelling sweat may also be present with the above features.

5. Natrum Mur – For Managing Hair Fall in Scalp Psoriasis

Use of Natrum Mur is considered for treating cases of scalp psoriasis where hair fall attends. The psoriatic lesions appearing on the scalp tend to extend to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. The scalp is covered with white scales. The scalp is also very raw, sore and red. Itching appears in the psoriatic patches. Natrum Mur will help to heal the psoriatic patches as well as manage associated hair fall.

6. Sulphur – For Scalp Psoriasis with Itching and Burning on Scalp

Sulphur is highly recommended to treat many skin ailments including scalp psoriasis. It is very useful to manage itching and burning arising in the cases of scalp psoriasis. In most cases requiring Sulphur the itching is harsh and very violent in nature. The itching gets worse in the evening and at the night time in a majority of the cases where Sulphur is indicated. Washing also worsens the itching in a few cases. Along with itching, burning in the lesions is also present in a marked degree. Scratching mostly result in extreme burning sensation on the scalpThe scalp is dry, unhealthy with red scaly blotches. Use of Sulphur is also considered in those cases of scalp psoriasis where a person has used local medication (ointments) injudiciously for a long period of time.

7. Petroleum – For Scalp Psoriasis that Worsens in Winter

Petroleum is also used widely to treat scalp psoriasis. It is of great use to manage cases of scalp psoriasis that worsens in winters. The scalp is rough, dry, and dirty and is covered with thick scaly crusty psoriatic lesions.  The scalp is raw, red and inflammed. On scratching the eruptions tend to bleed often. The eruptions are itchy and scalp is sensitive to touch. Soreness and pain follow scratching.

Signs and Symptoms of Scalp  Psoriasis

The major sign of psoriasis is red inflammed raised patches on the scalp that is covered with shiny silvery white scales. The scaling may be fine to thick depending upon the severity. The skin lesions of scalp psoriasis also tend to extend to the neck and behind or inside the ears frequently. The scalp also appears very dry. In severe cases of scalp psoriasis thick crusted plaques on the scalp forms. Bleeding on scratching the lesions may attend.  Itching, soreness and burning sensation also appear on the scalp. Hair fall is an associated complaint that may arise in a person having scalp psoriasis. The above signs and symptoms vary in intensity from case to case.

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  1. Hello my son is 16 years old .he has many white patches in his sculp like dandruff.itching is also occur.near nose also a dry nad red spot is appear from last few weeks.please suggest medicine nd shampoo

  2. Hello sir
    Mere head me 1 year se dandruff h but ab lag Raha h ki Psoriasis h .head me white powder nikalta h shampoo krne pr hat jata h but fir se 1 ya 2 days Baad ho jata h or saat me papdi si Jami Hoti h or papdi utarne pr Pani sa nikalta h.plz sir koi Homeopathic medicine btae

    • Mere head me 1 year se dandruff h but ab lag Raha h ki Psoriasis h .head me white powder nikalta h shampoo krne pr hat jata h but fir se 1 ya 2 days Baad ho jata h or saat me papdi si Jami Hoti h or papdi utarne pr Pani sa nikalta h.plz sir koi Homeopathic medicine btae

  3. Deepak sharma says:

    Dear Dr, I have yeast cell infection from last 10 years. With some topical solution and medicines from some renowned drs of some major hospital in delhi it limits a little but occurs frequently over scalp behind ear, chest and pubic part. Treatment for almost 2 years.
    Now having homeopathic treatment but the condition is same.
    Age 28,male.
    Plz give some advices or prescribe something to cure this problem

  4. Shibashish Dehury says:

    Dear sir
    I am 30 years old,suffering from scalp psoriasis followed by severe hair fall. I am suffering from this for 2 years. Pls help me to treat this disease. Thank you

  5. ajaz ahmad says:

    Good evening ,

    I have skull psoriasis , please some medicine,
    I am 50 years old.

    I have got this for the past three years

  6. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have got scalp psoriasis that’s been triggered a couple year ago for the first time. After treating with hydrocortisone for a while, it dissapeared for about a good year. Now, over 7 months, it came back during a massive panic/stress attack. I haven’t been able to get rid of it for good this time and I am looking for alternatives to help with the excessive itching. My head gets really hot and I’ve mostly got the problems in the evening… I really hope you can give me some advice! Anything would be much much appreciated!

    Thanks, Simone

  7. Dear Dr. sharma
    i have sinus problem from almost twenty years, 4 years ago i had headache burning and skin tightness and as a result hairfall in patches started, i did head shave, skin was reddish and blue, many doctors treated with anti biotic and steroids but no improvement, few months ago i started medication from homeopathy doctor in a month i got relief in eyes pain, after a month he changed medicine it relieves 100% no headache burning and itching for almost 25 days, but suddenly it started again and now after two months no betterment even 1%.
    hairfall burning skin tightness, feeling of movement in scalp and sometimes severe headache , there is no wound and rarely itching. kindly advise.

  8. avinandan ghosh says:

    i am 45 years old .last 20 years i had a scalp itvheaing and for the cause of it i lost my hair.
    please give me some remmidies.

  9. Neha Mishra says:

    Hello sir I am neha mishra from Lucknow. I am suffering from scalp psoriasis last about 7 my head 3 or 4 patches of psoriasis and so much hair loss due to psoriasis .it seems such as dandruff .I tried more medicine from more doctors but does not cure my disease .I am so much worried about my hair so kindly suggest me suitable medicine name.

  10. nitish shenare says:

    Hello sir iam Nitish from Pune I am suffering from scalp psoriasis last 5 years but last 3 months it become very worse I tried all medicines home remedies but there is no cure for psoriasis a single minute not goes without itching iam so frustrated by these disease please how I get rid from this please suggest


      My brother who is now aged 56 years has been suffering from scalp psoriasis for the last 20 years. silver coated and itching. he is suffering from gas problem also. some time he used Ayurveda medicine and due to it he got constipation. Let me know whether there is any permanent remedy in homeopathy?

  11. Andrea J Couto says:

    My daughter had the most awful scalp sariesus, she has had scalp problems since she was a baby starting with cradle cap, she is 36 and you can see chunks of skin in her hair, looks awful, tried everything can you help

  12. Amanda Hampton says:

    My daughter had the most awful scalp sariesus, she has had scalp problems since she was a baby starting with cradle cap, she is 36 and you can see chunks of skin in her hair, looks awful, tried everything can you help

  13. SAMIR RANJAN DAS says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My daugter aged about 19 years has been suffering from scalp psoriosis since age of 8 years. Pateches of unwanted growth cells and particularly two to three places on scalp. IT is most effected in winter season.I am also suffering from same problem but not much severly.

  14. Atanu Saha says:

    My wife is having scalp iticing for nearly 3 years. White flakes come out and due to hard scratching blood also. Kindly suggest suitable medicine.

  15. My husband has psoriasis problem from since 7 years it’s scalp psoriasis problem can it be cured we have tried many ways to cure but it’s not curable plz can u find solution to this problem.

  16. Joan Rambridge says:

    Is it helpful to apply graphites cream to the hairline in scalp psoriasis in preference to a steroid lotion? Thank you very much indeed for your help.

  17. Matthew Helms says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Thanks in advance for reading, if time permits. I’m 30 years old and was admitted to the ER last year around July with an out of the blue stroke level blood pressure issue. Prior to the random attack I had never encountered any form of an attack similar. Prior to the attack I was packing up to move back in with my family, which alone was stressful. In that time, I had a slice of pizza and took a break to watch a video on my phone while sitting. As i relaxed there was a sharp pain at the back right of my head. I knew it wasn’t a migraine as I didn’t need to lie down or shut the lights off. I found a general practitioner soon after and was told I just have high blood pressure and to loose weight.

    I feel as though I’m just another pill for them to take. And I won’t stand for it. I’ve now been off then kidd pressure meds since may ’16. In this same time frame I’ve also encountered scalp issues which I believe may be psoriasis. It’s red and scaley, also just annoying and you can see the patches through my hair. I am around 260 lbs and around5’11”. I also get inner ear pimples ususally in the same ear(left) and it hurts very badly. I’ve tried a few types of shampoos from medicated over the counter, and also organic shampoos, none of which work. I also over sweat, very badly on my face from the top of my head.

    Please help. I’m also broke, don’t have insurance, as I can’t afford,

  18. My name is Elizabeth and I need help!! For three years I’ve been very sick. Monthly blood transfusions, kidney problems and white matter lesions in brain. It all started with a lump on my scalp and my hair knotting strangely. Now my scalp is a milky white color. My skin changed drastically as well as severe weight loss. I research day in and out trying to find a cure with no luck. It feels as though my hair is bunching as my scalp is very tight. I am a naturalist and have tried every treatment I know as well as treating internally and being on a strict diet. It is blocking blood flow around the head and causing severe ringing in the ears. My children, daughter 16, and son almost 2 now have the lump on top of head and a whitening scalp. We are pale skin so doctors don’t listen and have even called me crazy. It’s messing with their little bodies as it has mine. I would just like to be able to snuggle with my babies without worry and live a happy life. Please help

    • Need to Rule Out Paracites. They get in our system and can cause all kinds of problems, like itchy skin. Google it and educate yourself. No fear here just learn to educate yourself Good Luck.

  19. Sangita Chakraborty says:

    I am 29 yr old,I am suffering scalp psoriasis & hair loss problem since last 8-9 years . My hair is too much dry. On my scalp some pimples appear (so small just like pimples with white discharge ).Please suggested me right Homeopathy medicine

  20. salman shaikh says:

    I am suffering scalp psoriasis & hair loss problem since last 3 to 4 years. Please suggested me right Homeopathy medicine. Salman

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