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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a skin complaint characterized by red inflammed lesions on the scalp covered with silvery white scales. Scalp psoriasis is a fairly common skin complaint. The exact reason behind scalp psoriasis is yet not cleared. However, it is considered to be a disorder of autoimmune origin. Homeopathic medicines for scalp psoriasis don’t suppress the complaint and follow a curative approach. homeopathic medicines for scalp psoriasis

In scalp psoriasis, due to a misdirected immune response, the cells of skin start to grow at a very quick pace (in day’s time instead of a few weeks). The body remains unable to shed these excessive cells which tend to pile up on the skin surface forming thick scaly patches. A person having a family history of psoriasis is at risk to get it too. Injury to scalp, smoking, and stress are a few factors that raise the risk of scalp psoriasis. These similar factors are also linked to worsening of scalp psoriasis.

Homeopathic Medicines for Scalp Psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis can be treated wonderfully with homeopathy. They are mild, safe remedies that treat scalp psoriasis gently with zero side effects. They moderate the immune system of the body thus preventing quick multiplication of the skin cells and bringing excellent recoveries in case of scalp psoriasis. With their use, the redness, inflammation, and scales on the scalp get reduced markedly. The psoriatic patches tend to heal and its further spread is well controlled. Itching, burning on the scalp and associated hair fall also gets managed with them in a magnificent way. Homeopathy for scalp psoriasis are selected individually for every case of scalp psoriasis as per constitution of person to yield best results. Arsenic  Album, Arsenic Iodatum, Graphites, Sepia, Natrum Mur, Sulphur, and Petroleum are the top remedies to treat the condition.

1. Arsenic Album – Top Grade Medicine for Scalp Psoriasis

Arsenic Album tops the list of therapeutics indicated for scalp psoriasis treatment. A person requiring Arsenic Album have dry eruptions on the scalp covered with scales. The scales are abundant that fall off continually from the scalp. The lesions may extend from the scalp to forehead, neck and the ears in most cases. The scalp is also rough and dry. Intolerable itching and burning also appear on the scalp. After scratching the scalp becomes painful and sometimes bleeding appears from the psoriatic patches. The scalp is also sensitive. A characteristic feature is worsening of the complaint from cold and relief by warmth in general. An associated hair loss may also be present with the above signs and symptoms.

2. Arsenic Iodatum – For Scalp Psoriasis with Large Scales

Arsenic Iodatum is next beneficial medicine in the list for treating scalp psoriasis. Arsenic Iodatum is most suited to the cases of scalp psoriasis where exfoliation of large scales is present. The rawness of the scalp surface beneath the scales appears following its exfoliation. A marked inflammation of the scalp along with the above features is also well noted.  Arsenic Iodatum will help to reduce the excessive scaliness of scalp and the associated inflammation of scalp psoriasis in a very effective manner.

3. Graphites – For Scalp Psoriasis with Marked Dryness and Roughness

Graphites is used in scalp psoriasis cases in which there is marked dryness and roughness of the scalp. Thick-crusted plaques on the scalp are present. There is extreme scaliness of the scalp. A marked burning on the top of the head attends most cases. Itching on the scalp also appears. The psoriatic spots are also sore and very painful to touch. The hair may be matted together and tends to fall out.

4. Sepia – For Shiny White Adhesive Scales

Sepia is next well-indicated medicine for scalp psoriasis with shiny white adhesive scales on the scalp. There are red, large oval spots on the scalp that are covered with shining white adhesive scales. The lesions are dry and tend to extend behind the ears in some cases. There is itching on the scalp and the scalp is also painful to touch. A sour-smelling sweat may also be present with the above features.

5. Natrum Mur – For Managing Hair Fall in Scalp Psoriasis

Use of Natrum Mur is considered for treating cases of scalp psoriasis where hair fall attends. The psoriatic lesions appearing on the scalp tend to extend to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. The scalp is covered with white scales. The scalp is also very raw, sore and red. Itching appears in the psoriatic patches. Natrum Mur will help to heal the psoriatic patches as well as manage associated hair fall.

6. Sulphur – For Scalp Psoriasis with Itching and Burning on Scalp

Sulphur is highly recommended to treat many skin ailments including scalp psoriasis. It is very useful to manage itching and burning arising in the cases of scalp psoriasis. In most cases requiring Sulphur the itching is harsh and very violent in nature. The itching gets worse in the evening and at the night time in a majority of the cases where Sulphur is indicated. Washing also worsens the itching in a few cases. Along with itching, burning in the lesions is also present in a marked degree. Scratching mostly result in extreme burning sensation on the scalpThe scalp is dry, unhealthy with red scaly blotches. Use of Sulphur is also considered in those cases of scalp psoriasis where a person has used local medication (ointments) injudiciously for a long period of time.

7. Petroleum – For Scalp Psoriasis that Worsens in Winter

Petroleum is also used widely to treat scalp psoriasis. It is of great use to manage cases of scalp psoriasis that worsens in winters. The scalp is rough, dry, and dirty and is covered with thick scaly crusty psoriatic lesions.  The scalp is raw, red and inflammed. On scratching the eruptions tend to bleed often. The eruptions are itchy and scalp is sensitive to touch. Soreness and pain follow scratching.

Signs and Symptoms of Scalp  Psoriasis

The major sign of psoriasis is red inflammed raised patches on the scalp that is covered with shiny silvery white scales. The scaling may be fine to thick depending upon the severity. The skin lesions of scalp psoriasis also tend to extend to the neck and behind or inside the ears frequently. The scalp also appears very dry. In severe cases of scalp psoriasis thick crusted plaques on the scalp forms. Bleeding on scratching the lesions may attend.  Itching, soreness and burning sensation also appear on the scalp. Hair fall is an associated complaint that may arise in a person having scalp psoriasis. The above signs and symptoms vary in intensity from case to case.

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  1. Gayathri Murthy says:

    Hair fall with itchy dry scalp burns when I use hair color. Oil application alleviates.Itchy scalp resumes after 5-6hrs after oiling.

  2. Fran O'Brien says:

    My husband has excessive itching and scaly and scabbing on his scalp. He continues to scratch which causes the bleeding and the scabbing. He is not obese and it is fairly constant regardless of the weather. He did suffer from PMR and was on steroids and methotraxait a few years ago. Obviously, PMR is also an autoimmune disorder. He’s been prescribed an ointment to rub on his scalp in the morning and night but it has been effective only for a few hours and then it’s back to the itchiness. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    • My daughter once had the same problem you described. I bought fresh Aloe and took out the juice then applied on her scalp. Leave it on for half an hour then washed off. It really helped.

  3. Chandana Chattopadhyay says:

    Excessive itching on scalp. Excessive hair falling. No dandruff. Age is 58. Have been suffering for nearly 20 yrs. All treatments have failed.

  4. Rahul Sharma says:

    Sir i am facing a huge problem of scalp dehydration and formation of white flakes that is causing my hair loss and itchy scalp. I am using using scalp shampoo regularly from 2 years but not getting rid of this problem. Please suggest me some effective and permanent treatment for this disease.

  5. im suffering from scalppsoriasis since 9 22 year old .height 154 cm and weight 45 kg

  6. Neison Baby says:

    Hi doctor,
    I have a condition of scalp scaling. It forms immediately I scrub and wash. Maybe in a 2 or 4 days it’s back again. It started in centre of the scalp and now it’s spread towards sides and back. I’m deeply worried. It’s scales of dead skin for sure and it’s like flakes when i scratch the scalp I can feel that. I have no big itching though it’s an irritation when I move my fingers through hair.
    Between there is a lot of minute dandruff powder kind falling also. I’m too depressed to wear any dark dresses as its falling crazy. I believe in homeopathic treatments. Please suggest me something great.

  7. Respected sir, Date: 18/10/17

    I have itching problem in my scalp from long time when ever I start itching in my scalp,small small skin come out and one type of liquid comes out ,I have uses lot of medicine asper alopethic doctor says but I have not got fruitfull result.
    So if you can give me any medicine and advice for me which can be cure my this diseases permanently then
    I shall ever greatful to you.
    Thanking you sir in anticipation,
    With Regards,

    ( AJAY DEY)

  8. Caroline Minnaar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma

    I am 31 years old, female. I have been suffering from scalp psoriasis for the last 4 years. I have tried cortisol and it has just worsened!
    I did have problems with my menstrual cycle and hormones during this period- where I did not have any periods naturally- however, my body over the last 6 months has bettered and now I get a cycle every month and my hormones are working again. There has been no change in the psoriasis.
    is there anything I can do- Please!
    Eastern Cape
    South Africa

  9. Hello Dr. sharma i am from Lahore pakistan. i am suffering with psoriasis arthritis hi blood pressure insomnia kindly recommend me some medicine Thank

    • Louise Niemi says:

      hello Dr. Sharma
      I am 71, obese, take medication for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid. I have a serious case of scalp psoriasis for several years, constant tremendous itchiness, very dry scalp, snowfall like dandruff. I have redness on forehead along hairline and one patch at temple area, crustiness behind ears. All this despite regular hair washing. I have seen a dermatologist who recommended Sebcure to wash my hair, no particular recommendation for a Conditioner so I have been sing a light Dove product, and she also recommended a product called Dovo-gel to rub on scalp and keep keep overnight once or twice a week. None of this has helped. Can you kindly advise me on this case which seems to be uncontrollable.
      Thank you for your kind assistance
      Louise Niemi

  10. DKTALUKDAR says:

    I am suffering from itching on my head and back for last three years sometime red and black patches come on my both forehands.after few days 15 to 25 days patches vanished automatically i have constpation from my very boyhood taking patsafa almost evrey night.
    Pl give advice.D

  11. Usha rao says:

    I feel pain on head in one spot on right side above ear. Nothing happened. I apply hair dye. Suggest homeopathic medicine please.

    Usha rao

  12. Subhasree dutta says:

    i have scalp seboherric dermatitis from last 10years.. i used many shampoo took many medicines bt my condition of scalp is the same as previous .. and other problem is sticky discharge found from scalp even i dont scratch my scalp.automatically its coming from scalp. i used sulpher..graphaits .. h.s.. like many homeo medicine .bt no improved .plz help me..m eagerly waiting’ fr ur rply.
    thanks in adv..

  13. Gian chand jain says:

    Dear dr sharma ji
    Please suggest dose of sulphur potency and frequency for scalp psoriasis
    I have bp 85 -150 on medication
    Blood sugar 95 – 155 no medication

  14. K.Venkatesh says:

    Sir what are complications in Scalp psoriasis disease.

  15. Thandazo says:

    Dear Doctor

    My name is Thandazo, I have lost my entire hairline, it has gone completely bold, now my center head hair is drying out. my scalp itches and burns after scratching. my hair falls out.

    I have bad pigmentation around my eye also on the eye socket. please assist.


  16. K. Brojesh Singh says:

    Hello doctor I’m having small red spores on my scalp,eyebrows and some body parts. It is itchy indeed. Sir, what can be the reason.Its been almost half a year

  17. nina richie says:

    doc my scalp is always itchy ,and always dry . i have a big dandruff too that cannot easily to remove . i have some redish and sometimes a white a little in my forehead . ive tried many kinds of anto dandruff shampoo and contidioner ,aloe vera,lemons etc but all of that are not working ? . i think its a scalp psoriasis . i have an itchy and dandruff for 2 years . i am busy and stress for 3 years because of my work abroad that is why i am not focus in my scalp . i thought its just a dandruff because of cold weather there but now i think that iiy is like a scalp psoriasis . doc what is good in my scalp ? what is a better shampoo and conditioner for me ? what is bad food at me ? what is the best medicine at me ? i am here in philipnes . i wish there is medicine and shampoo that i can buy here in philippines as soon as possible . because i do not want to have a psoriasis too in my skin/body ? . i am the only one who live . i dont have parents too and a siblings . just me by myself . that is why i do not want to always give up for what i always encounter in my life. please help me. thank you. god bless

  18. Nidhi raykhere says:

    Hello sir, I m having diffuse gradual alopecia since 5 years. Having dandruff with dryness, no itching or burning on scalp. Painful eruption on scalp.excessive hair falling from scalp. Can I got my hair back, is it possible to cure my alopecia.

  19. Hello Dr Sharma,

    I started getting psoriasis on my scalp around 2 years ago , in my early 50’s. I am menopausal. I live in a very dry climate in Arizona. The itching on my scalp is so severe at night that I can’t sleep. I generally have cold hands and feet and crave hot drinks. Which homeopathic medicine should I take ? Thank you.


    Dear sir,
    i m aged about 30 years has been suffering from scalp psoriosis since age of 4 years. Patches of unwanted growth cells occurs many parts of the body . IT is most effected in winter season. i used “formula D” TABLET of homeopathic medicine but get no results,so please advice me, so please suggest medicine & shampoo..

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