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Homeopathic Remedies for Schizophrenia

There is a vast scope for treating many psychological complaints with homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are found to be very effective in treating Schizophrenia. Being of natural origin, they are free from any toxic side effects and are safe to use. Apart from safety, homeopathic medicines for schizophrenia are also not habit forming, and one can withdraw their use once recovery ensues.  Homeopathic Medicines for Schizophrenia

Homeopathic medicines are deep acting remedies that aim to work on correcting the cause from which the whole disease is initiated so as to bring about remarkable recovery in Schizophrenia. Delusions of varying kinds, hallucinations, and the other attending features of Schizophrenia are treatable with natural homeopathic medicines. With the use of these medicines, the intensity of symptoms is seen to reduce gradually with the regaining of a sense of general wellbeing.

Schizophrenia and the Reason behind It

Schizophrenia is a severe and complex mental health condition in which a person fails to understand or to differentiate between reality and unreality. It is mainly characterized by delusions and hallucinations. Disordered thinking and abnormal social behaviour also accompany these characteristic features. It most commonly begins in teenage or early adulthood. The exact reason behind Schizophrenia is still not understood. However, a combination of genetic and environmental factors seems to play a vital role in making a person prone to developing Schizophrenia. Other factors that raise the risk of Schizophrenia include—using psychotropic drugs, positive family history, stress/infection to the mother during foetal development, exposure to toxins during foetal life, and autoimmune diseases. Some factors like childhood trauma, abuse in childhood, dysfunctional families, death of mother/father, unemployment or any deep insult in the past don’t cause Schizophrenia but tend to trigger it in a person who has a predisposition for it.

Symptoms of Schizophrenia

 The primary symptoms of Schizophrenia are hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations are mainly auditory, in which the sufferer hears voices in the absence of any sensory stimulus. Delusion is a firm belief in something with the lack of evidence to support it. Delusions are mainly persecutory in nature. In these delusions patients feel that someone is plotting to harm them, someone is spying on them, they are being followed by someone, or someone will poison them. A delusion as if someone is controlling their thoughts and/or is keeping a watch on them is also a prominent feature in some sufferers. Along with this, disorganized thoughts and speech are present. The sufferer may give an answer to a question that has no link to the asked question. Senseless talking, jumping from one subject to other quickly while talking and saying meaningless words may also arise. They may also feel as if some external source is controlling their thoughts, or think that they have some extraordinary powers. Other attending features include social withdrawal, losing interest in life activities, weak expression of emotions, poor concentration, lack of facial expressions, difficulty in recalling things, confusion of thoughts, neglect in maintaining personal hygiene, difficulty in making decisions, changes in sleeping pattern and suicidal thoughts. Anxieties, obsessive-compulsive disorder, aggression, drug abuse are a few things that may complicate Schizophrenia.

Homeopathic Medicines for Schizophrenia

There is a huge list of homeopathic medications for treating Schizophrenia, and the proper remedies are selected symptomatically for each case. The top ranked homeopathic medicines for Schizophrenia are Lachesis Muta, Anacardium Orientale, and Hyoscyamus Niger. The keynote symptoms of these homeopathic remedies are as follows:

1. Lachesis – For High Degree of Suspiciousness

Lachesis Muta is a highly reputed medicine for Schizophrenia treatment. Paranoid delusions are mainly indicative of the use of Lachesis Muta. These delusions include high suspicion of being poisoned, of being harmed and of being followed by enemies. There is suspicion in an extreme degree towards everything. A sensation of being under some superhuman power is yet another unique feature in persons needing Lachesis Muta. A wish to isolate themselves, aversion to work, and a marked loquacity are also present among such subjects. In loquacity, the prominent symptom is continuously talking with quick jumps from one subject to another unrelated subject. Repetition of the same words over and over again is also present in speech.

2. Anacardium Orientale – For Auditory Hallucinations

Anacardium Orientale is an important medicine for Schizophrenia where a person hears voices. The voices are mostly of spirits or dead people. A few patients narrate that the voices say that they are going to die soon. Some patients say that the spirits call their name and command them to follow them. Some patients state that the voices inside them speak in abusive language.

Other attending features are extreme sadness, absent-mindedness, and suspicion. Forgetfulness, aversion to work, desire to swear and curse are also some characteristic symptoms that may accompany. Another unique feature is the feeling that everything is a dream, and nothing is real.

3. Hyoscyamus Niger – For Delusion of Being Poisoned

Hyoscyamus Niger is useful in cases where the patient thinks someone is going to poison them. In most cases, as a result they avoid eating or drinking. There is also a suspicion that family members are keeping a watch over them all the time.  Sometimes the patient does things that appear foolish. Laughing loudly at everything is also markedly present. An impulse to strike and bite others may also arise along with delusions. Unintelligible chattering can also appear.

Other Significant Medicines for Symptomatic Treatment

4. Baryta Carb – For Suspicion that a person is being Talked About

Baryta Carb is helpful in treating Schizophrenia where sufferers have a high suspicion that other people are talking about them. There is also a feeling that they are being made fun of and people always laugh at them. Other symptoms that attend accompany are difficulty in concentration and confusion of mind. Childish behavior is also common among patients needing Baryta Carb.

5. Stramonium – Where Patients Talk with Imaginary Spirits

Stramonium works well in cases of Schizophrenia where the patient thinks that they can talk with spirits. Patients needing this remedy say that they are under the influence of these spirits. They may also say that they are in communication with God. They carry out conversations with imaginary people. A feeling of restlessness attends this talking with spirits and imaginary people.  Delusions of the presence of multiple persons in the room may also arise though none are there in reality. The patient sees people coming out of all corners of the chamber.

Patients who hear voices that scold them are also treated well with Stramonium. Another delusion that points towards using Stramonium is a firm belief by the sufferer that he is going to die soon. As a consequence, they start to give directions for their funeral. A constant praying and recitation of religious rhymes also predominantly appears with the above features.

6. Plumbum Met – For Delusions of Conspiracies of being Murdered

Plumbum Met is well indicated for Schizophrenia in persons suffering from delusions of others conspiring to murder them. These individuals think everyone around them is a murderer and their life is in danger. Sadness, melancholy, restlessness, anxiety, aversion to talking and absent mindedness also prevails among them.

7. Thuja Occidentalis – For Sensation of being under Superhuman Control

Thuja Occidentalis is of help in cases where the patient feels as if he is under the control of some superhuman power. The patient has a vacant look with staring eyes, and may talk in a hasty way or use wrong words while talking. They are also sad, irritable and suffer from insomnia. They are usually unable to manage daily life tasks.

8. Platina –homeopathic medicine for Schizophrenia accompanied by delusions of grandiosity

Platina is a high-grade homeopathic medicine for Schizophrenia with delusions of grandiosity. Patients who need Platina think of themselves as superior to others and of great value to humanity. They believe that they are better than everyone else and all others are insignificant in comparison. Even the closest family members seem of no value and inferior to them. They exhibit great pride and are extremely critical of others.

9. Calcarea Carb – For Delusions of being followed by Someone all the Time

Calcarea Carb is well indicated for Schizophrenia with a delusion of being followed by someone all the time. Along with this, there is the fear that something bad is going to happen. Fear of misfortune and of losing reason is also present. Anxiety, high irritability without any reason and the constant fear of death also appear.

10. Kali Bromatum – Where Persistent Sleeplessness attends Delusions

Kali Bromatum is a medicine for Schizophrenia where there is persistent insomnia accompanied by delusions. The delusions are of varying kinds. They mainly include delusions of conspiracy and of persecution (as if someone is conspiring against them or pursuing them). Symptoms of depression, which include profound melancholy, indifference to life and uncontrollable weeping, are also present. Such patients fear talking to people. Another very marked symptom is a feeling of being singled out as the only person for divine wrath.

11. Cannabis Indica – For Disorganized Speech

Cannabis Indica is a very useful medicine for Schizophrenia with the presence of disorganized and incoherent speech, with the tendency to stammer and stutter. A person needing Cannabis Indica begins speaking but is unable to complete a sentence. They forget words while talking. A lot of ideas tend to crowd their brain, and they get lost in thought and/or are unable to fix their attention on one subject. Uncontrollable laughter may arise where the patient laughs at every word spoken to him. They even laugh at serious matters. They, however, have the persistent fear of becoming insane.

Medorrhinum is a medicine for Schizophrenia when nothing seems real, and the person feels everything is a dream. This is accompanied by feelings of anxiety and of always being in a hurry. Patients are also impulsive, cruel and tend to use abusive language. As night approaches they are overwhelmed by the fear of someone following them. They have delusions of people looking at them from behind the furniture. Apart from the above symptoms, sudden mood changes may also be present. A very characteristic feature is that patients constantly think that they have done some unpardonable sin and are going to hell, and so keep praying.

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  1. Rhiannon A Anderson says:

    Hello, i am seeking help for 2 peoe who are very close to me , both are acizophrenic both exhibit all of the signs that were just talked about in the paragraphs above rhat i just read . Neither takes any medication and both seem to be getting worse . I am a long time friend/ caretaker and hknestly this has put great stress on me for a.long time. Where can i find these.medications and some kind of help getting them, and some advice on how to get them to, i fear my health is at risk as well if indo mot do sometbing soon. Tbank you kindly from the bottom of my heart,, Rhiannon Anderson

  2. Ghulam Muhammad says:

    Hey My brother is suffering from delusions he says that we are hurting him teasing him he is taking medicine since last 4 years but not getting completely well he is also suffering from depression. Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for him. And dose also. He is 19 years old.

  3. Ghulam Muhammad says:

    Hey My brother is suffering from delusions he says that we are hurting him teasing him he is taking medicine since last 4 years but not getting completely well he is also suffering from depression. Can you suggest homeopathic medicine for him. And dose also.

  4. Ghulam Muhammad says:

    Hey My brother is suffering from delusions he says that we are hurting him teasing him he is taking medicine since last 4 years but not getting completely well he is also suffering from depression.

  5. My husband is 79 years young and has been on antipsychotic meds since he was 75. After on them awhile he starts having side effects
    He took an injection of steroids in the ER visit for severe allergy and sinus infection. About 3 days later he had a dream I was trying to kill him and he believed it for awhile. Then he started hearing audible voices and was believing them. It became very confused and believing things that wasn’t true. He spent 5 weeks in hospital on the geriatric ward. Dr. of physiology said his symptoms were a side effect of the Steroid injection. He is on third med now and beginning to have side effects. Can you help us

  6. My mother P Rajalakshmi aged 79 is having Schizophrenic symptoms like Visual and Auditory Hallucinations being noticed for the past 6 months. She complains some middle aged woman character appearing and speaking to her. Since she becomes panicked, may be the Character may harm her or her near ones. She tells some people are coming and talking in her house which is not true. Undergoing Allopathic treatment with Qutipin raised gradually up to 100mg per day from 25 mg. Still she does not sleep and gets the Hallucinations. Is there a treatment in Homeo please. If yes please advice.

  7. Dear doctor shama. I have 30 year old daughter who has been schozerphni for 8 years. She has been on apiprozal medication
    It helps but soon she stops it comes back
    Please can you help. She also refuses medication

  8. Robert Sanders says:

    Hello doctor my son has schizophrenia for 15 years he’s been on traditional medication but doesn’t seem to work as well as it used to I would like to get more information on your medication please contact me at your earliest convenience I do appreciate it thank you

  9. Salman khan says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    How do we order these meds. Please advise.

  10. I have just one abnormality: recently I am seeing some things that are not there, which is proven upon revisiting the site a day later. I am able to acknowledge that something is not right. the top of my head feels a bit “fuzzy,” as though there may be a circulation issue.

  11. Hello Doctor,
    Good evening.
    My sister is a schizopheric. Can the homeopathic medicines help her or cure her disease. Please suggest if you come to Delhi or NCR. How can I get her treatment done from you.
    Moreover, she was taking homeopathic medicines but still not recovering. it seemed that the doctor weas unable to give her the right medicines and doses. Please help.

  12. Hello
    My brother is suffering from schizophrenia.
    He sees Lord Shiva talks to him and has auditory and visual hallucinations. He speakers without break and senseless sentences.Kindly help.

    • Souvik Bose says:

      I’m souvik bose living in kolkata baguihati suffering from schizophrenia I too see lord Shiva I’m taking clozapine if I stop the medicine I become mad phychosis occurs and no sleep please help me..

  13. Srinivas Satti says:

    నమస్కారం డాక్టరు గారు,
    నా భార్య కు 20 సంవత్సరాల క్రితం paranoid pscyzophrinia తో బాధపడుతోంది. Allopathy medicines సరిగ్గా వాడకపోవడం వల్ల ఆమెకు dicease తగ్గడంలేదు. Symptoms 1. ఆమెను ఎవరో follow చేస్తున్నారని 2. ఆమెను అంజనాలు వేసి చూస్తున్నారని 3. ఆమె ఇంట్లో జరిగిన ప్రతి విషయము అవతలవారికి తెలిసిపోతుందని ఆ విషయం వారు ఆమెకు చెబుతున్నట్టుగా feel అవుతోంది. ఆమె మన ప్రక్కనే ఉన్నా వాళ్ల మాటలు మనకు వినపడవు, ఆమెకు మాత్రమే వినపడుతాయి. దీనికి homeo లో ఏదయినా medicine ఉంటే prescribe చేయగలరు.

  14. sadiq alvi says:

    my son aged 25 is a patient of schizophrenia since last 10 years . Main symptoms are delusion of thought broadcasts….that other people read my thoughts. No other delusions or hallucination. anxiety is another associated problem. He is taking english medicine , clozapine, . With this medicine , he is stable but not recovered. Is there any homeopathic option??

  15. Pooja Jindal says:

    Hello Doctor

    My sister is suffering from schizophrenia. She hear voices and act accordingly. Kindly suggest for her. We have got treatment for her from several doctors including homeopathic.

  16. Michelle Bowden says:

    Hello . Do these really work and if so why are they not being used to treat and cure all the death and suffering people with this brain disease ? Im fighting for all the sufferers ! Present and past .

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