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6 Best Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Cellulitis treatment

Homeopathic medicines for Celulitis

Cellulitis is a very common bacterial skin infection in which there is inflammation of skin and connective tissue. Cellulitis can occur on any part of the body but face and lower legs are the most common site for cellulitis. Homeopathic medicines for cellulitis treatment  are very effective in fighting out the bacterias without the using antibiotics .

Cause of Cellulitis

The main causative agents for causing cellulitis are Streptococcus pyogenes and Staphyloccus aureus bacterias. In healthy condition the skin act as a protective barrier against infectious agents, preventing their entry into the body. When the integrity of skin is broken due to various factors like insect bite, cuts, scratch marks, injuries, surgical incision etc, the bacteria gain entry into the body through this broken skin and leads to inflammation of skin and connective tissue. People with diabetes mellitus, suppressed immune system and venous stasis are more prone to cellulitis.

Symptoms of Cellulitis

The main symptoms of cellulitis include redness, swelling, heat and pain in the affected area. As the disease advances blebs and bullae appear on the skin. Blebs and bullae are fluid containing eruptions on skin. At this stage fever occurs. If the condition is not properly treated at this stage then it goes further deep into connective tissue and gains access to the lymph nodes. Then the infection spreads to blood leading to septicemia or blood poisoning which is a very critical condition.

Homeopathic Medicines for Cellulitis

Homeopathy medicines are very efficient in treating cellulitis. The medicines work wonderfully by increasing the immunity of patient thereby reducing the swelling, pain and burning in cellulitis condition. Even in cases of cellulitis with bleb formation medicines works wonders that too very gently preventing the physical and mental trauma of surgeons knife intervention. In advanced complicated cases of cellulitis where septicemia has set in homeopathy holds a ray of hope in treatment according to well-selected medicines. Belladonna, Apis Mellifica, Ledum Palsture, Silicea, Pyrogenium, Calendula Officinalis are the top remedies.

1. Belladonna – For Marked Redness of Skin

Belladonna acts as a very good natural medicine for cellulitis where the skin is markedly red and swollen giving it a shining appearance. Patient requiring Belladonna will also experience pain which gets worse by touch. The character of pain is that it appears and disappears suddenly. Another marked feature where this medicine Belladonna can be used for cellulitis is dryness of skin with much heat.

2. Apis Mellifica – When Marked Swelling is Present

Apis mellifica is suited in those cases of cellulitis in which there is much swelling of the affected area along with much burning and stinging type of pains. Apis mellifica also respond to those cases of cellulitis in which the burning pains are relieved by applying something cold over skin and the pains that rapidly shifts from one part to another. Another feature of this medicine indication is rosy hue of skin with much sensitivity towards touch. Apis mellifica can be taken in all those cases where cellulitis is a result of honey bee sting.

3. Ledum Palsture –  For Cellulitis resuting from Insect Bites

Ledum palustre holds a very good image in treating those cases of cellulitis resulting from insect bites. This natural medicine is used in cellulitis when there is  coldness of affected part with tearing type of pains.  Ledum palustre can be used in long-standing cases of cellulitis in which the skin colour changes from blueness to green.

4. Silicea-  For Cellulitis when Blebs appear upon Skin

This remedy Silicea gives very good results when blebs are formed on skin in advanced cellulitis cases. These blebs can contain pus which is very offensive. Silicea is also used when along with cellulitis there is fever with chilliness and offensive perspiration.

5. For Pyrogenium for Septicaemia in Cellulitis

Pyrogenium is an excellent remedy for treating septicemia. The points that guide towards its use in septic conditions is  a) fever with chills b) The body temperature being 103 to 106, rising quickly with abnormally very rapid pulse rate making the patient restless.The patient requiring pyrogenium complains of excessive chilliness in the back. In cases where septicemia occurs after surgery or after childbirth, Pyrogenium acts very effectively.

6. Calendula Officinalis in Post Surgical Cellulitis

Undoubtedly the best remedy for cellulitis that has come after surgical cuts is Calendula officinalis. This medicine acts very efficiently not only as a curative but also as preventive for excessive suppuration/pus formation on the skin in cellulitis developing post surgically. If applied locally to the wounded skin after an injury it helps as preventive for cellulitis.

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  1. A. K. Gupta says:

    My lef t leg is swollen between ankle and knee.Also few pain.condition started with 103 fever with chill. Redness is too much.
    Kindly suggest medicine. I will be highly obliged

  2. My dog has cellulitis, can I give Silicea while she takes antibiotics?


  3. My sister is suffering from selulitis since 7 years, she went to the hospital for treatment but nothing helps. Please doctor can you please help her

  4. EMUAID is coloidial silver and oils. Good product approved by FDA AND accepted by Naturopathic association given a number. It’s working slowly. Tumeric and oregano in coconut also brings down swelling. Antibiotic is a challenge Keflex since I’m imune compromised by radiation of thyroid. EMUAID is online and 65$ for 2 oz. how long does it take to cure

  5. Debiprasad Aikat says:

    My wife is suffering from cellulitis since last 3 years. If I get your whats app no. Then I can send you photograph of actual position of cellulitis on her both legs. After seeing those photos you can suggest proper medicine. Pl help.

  6. Sumeet Jain says:

    Sir I’ve been affected with cellulitis 5 times in last 5 yrs
    I am taking Homeopathic medicine since last 2 yrs for this.Now I’m currently down with cellulitis occurred in 8 months from the last one.Im fed up of this.Can u guide me

  7. Bhaktahari says:

    Sir good evening, suggest me for rebuild and stopping hair fall ,my age is 24 .

  8. Bhadribalasubramanyam says:

    My mother suffering from cellulitis aged about 80 YEARS since I year at the ankle. Now we are takeing anopathy medicine now it is controlled.
    What is the homeopathy medicine to be take for not to come the disease in future

    • My mother suffering from cellulitis aged about 60 YEARS since some months at the ankle (right leg foot area) . Its getg worse day by day. She s suffering so much in pain. Pls help.
      What is the homeopathy medicine to be take for not to come the disease in future.

  9. Prakash chandra says:

    Sir,my father 100 years old suffering from un healing skin wound in his leg since 3 years.

  10. Rahul Kudesia says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    Sir my father who is 63 years old is suffering from cellulitis since past two years. There was swelling from quite a long time in his legs but around two years ago early morning his BP got very low and we admitted him to the hospital, there he was diagnosed with cellulitis in his right leg. He got discharged from hospital after one month when doctors said they have successfully removed all the infection from the body. But till date swelling has not gone and is also increasing day by day. Everything other than swelling is normal there is no fever but swelling is getting worse. Kindly suggest Sir what homopathic treatment could be done to get relief from this condition. It will be great help. Thank You.


  11. Dr. A K Gupta, PhD says:

    Excellent web site and Service.
    Long live Dr. Sharma.
    Most your medicines are highly effective. More so who have some knowledge of Homeopathy.

  12. Hello. My mom has diabetes. She is 65 years old. She was diagnosed with the disease I believe when she was around 40. She didn’t take care of herself at all, because she was too busy with us kids and trying to make ends meat. She always worked 2 jobs. So her diabetes has gotten worse, way worse. She has struggled the past 8 yrs, getting cellulitis in one of her lower legs by stepping on a stick that pierced her foot. Long story short, she ended up with an amputated toe, then lost her leg from knee down. She has so much will power, she didn’t let that stop her! She drives still, does everything for us and our kids! Amazing woman! Well now, infection in her other toe, has cellulitis in her good lower leg, now they want to take the toe off. I worry because I know where this might be going. She’s on antibiotics now for her cellulitis that is so so so very expensive and is making her so sick! She cannot keep anything down. I just wonder if the homeopathic remedies will help? Or is she too far gone with this disease? I’m just frustrated.

  13. My mother has cellulitis on her legs from bring sedentary… her legs looked all blistered and scabby. I have tried a lot of other products, but nothing worked as well as the Made from Earth Pure Aloe Skin Treatment. Within three days her legs were definitely much better, and after a week of using this just once a day, the problem is almost gone.

  14. ahmed Waqar says:

    Dr. Sharma, I am male age 53 … suffering from dust allergy since long. Now for the last 3 years i got red spott dry skin all over body and now i got cellulitus and when i done culture of the pus the report says i have MRSA. I used so many anti biotics… for staph skin bacteria infections, but could not survive completly. Before that two years ago i have also dengue fever for which i survived. I have itching on my whole body especially in the groin, under the legs, on gonades. The starts in the evening and suffers me all over night especially when i come in the bed. I have now also pain on my left leg and kneee. Sir please help me to recover completley

  15. Arvind Goel says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    I had a total Knee Replacement Surgery on 13th September, 2017. After one week of surgery I started swelling below the operated knee, but no pain in in the knee. My Doctor said it is because of some Bacterial Vascular Infection and prescribed me about 3 cycles of Antibiotics . The swelling has has reduced but I still have some Cellulitis in my ankle with some etching and swelling all the way to the knee. When I lay down, it go down, but when I stand up or walk it goes up.

    Will you please suggest me any homeopathic remedy to cure my bacterial vascular infection and cellulitis

  16. Noreen raphael. Bettiah. says:

    Namaskar doctor sahab, i am mr, ranjan telling you about my wife she is suffering from cellulities from15days before, doctor has given higher antibiotics injection 6 injection in a day till 5days. Now she has got relief, but for redical cure i want homeopath treatment fromyou. I shall ever be oblize to you for tellingme the medicine.

  17. Usha mehta says:

    Knee replacement in 2009.It was ok Upto2013.There was a boil on the leg which was later found to contain T.V infection .Operation was conducted and to treat the infected fluid treatment a tunnel was created for which a dressing was suggested which we carried at the hospital and at home as suggests. TV treatment for nearly two years continued and in the meantime an operation of the spine was conducted to remove the fluI’d collected there two years back.presently I have developed infection on the knee which has infectious granulated tissues. All the treatment was continued at the fortis hospital.It is now suggested that a revision surgery be carried out to find out whether the infection is to the un acceptability of the implant or something else. I understand there are homepa thick medicines which can curè and dry such discharges. All tests X rays MR I sonu graphs imaging do not find any problem with the implant but suggest infection of the skin around the implant.

  18. Age 57 male. Diabetic since 17years. Cellulitis with advanced stage on rt. Foot with offensive perspiration. Wound become deep to tissues

  19. Purnendu Mahapatra says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have been diagnosed with Lymphangitis with swelling of Right leg with skin red and warm. Initially had fever but with antibiotics fever subsided after 04 days. continuing Azithral 500, Chymoral Forte, Vibact DS and Decet BD since last week. (Platelet count:488 x 1000/mm3, ESR : 154 mm/1st hr, TLC count : 11.7, CRP: 8.06). Doctor has advised for foot rest, leg to be kept raised during sleeping and to avoid prolonged standing.
    with all these precautions, In the morning the swelling decreases substantially and by evening it swells due to routine activities.
    Plz suggest Homeopathic remedies for the same. How long it will take to overcome this.
    With Regards.
    Purnendu Mahapatra

  20. June Owczarek says:

    Recurring cellulitus on lower and upper legs with dark immune system due to heart condition diverticulitis and other ailments.Been in hospital once on antibiotic intravenous drips Don’t want this to happen again.

  21. I had cellulitis / candida of the chest wall (yeast) for over 2 yrs. Not looking forward to several surgeries so I now just use the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse supplement. It has worked. I have tried over 20 different candida
    supplements for my chest, but the Lady Soma Candida is the only one that removed the candida completely. Right when I start to feel it coming back, I take 3-4 pills right away, and the outbreak never happens. I would definitely recommend this product for yeast infections, as well as chest cellulitus like I had.

  22. Lalit jain, advocate, Chennai says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma , I am 60 yrs old staying in Chennai and suffers from cellulitis since last 4 years due to removal of lymph nodes in right groin for suspected sarcoma/ hystio cytoma. surgery was done at Apollo hospital in July 2012 to remove the affected tissues of her right upper limb and femoral vein is removed. Radiation was given. Right from 2014 at interval of 6 month to one year cellulitis occurs. Admitted to hospital four times for one week at a time averagely . I am practicing lawyer with work pressure too. Dr. Says keep your limb allevated fir better relief. Now they suggest me to take penicillin prophylaxis one in 21 days to prevent reoccurrences. Kindly advise if there is any medicine in homeopathic which can help me to prevent reoccurances of disease.Kindly help me sir.


    Respected Dr.Sharma , my mother aged 74 yrs is suffering from cellulitis since last 4 years.4 years ago she was in critical condition due to this disease and 4 times it was operated to remove the affected tissues of her right lower limb. After some time she was cured .wounds were healed up.since then at interval of 3 to 6 month her disease revert back.but at initial stage we give high antibiotic .it cures again after some time it is backed.she has controlled there any medicine in homeopathic which can help my mother to prevent reoccurance of disease.Kindly help me sir.

  24. Debjani goswami says:

    Respected dr sharma
    My father 78 years is suffering from lymph edima though he is non diabetic..he was treated for infection in his legs.he was admitted to hospital.he Is home now but his esr blood is very high.he gets very big blisters on his legs..more on the right leg .he is being given compression socks and bandage.swelling has decreased but small blisters are forming on his hand and back.what to do now.sir kindly help.

  25. I was dx with Mrsa on face 2mtha ago started clindomycin. Now 1mtg later I woke up with numbness in left leg warm touch. Feels like I have something wrapped around my ankle area tightly. I’m 50 yrs old n 10 yrs ago had 2 cervical lumbar surgery so my immune system is poor. What could be wrong

  26. I was dx with Mrsa on face 2mtha ago started clindomycin. Now 1mtg later I woke up with numbness in left leg warm touch. Feels like I have something wrapped around my ankle area tightly. I’m 50 yrs old n 10 yrs ago had 2 cervical lumbar surgery so my immune system is poor. What could be wrong

  27. rahul mishra says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,I would like to inform you that my is suffering from cellulitis in her abdomen and pelvic region,this happen due to surgical infection…from last one month we are taking treatment for this through antibiotics .twice she was admitted to hospital and given IV antibiotic and now she is on Oral medicine..there is 50 percent development but still stiffness,swelling and pain is there can Homeopathic treatment is advisable for this If it is then kindly Guide.
    Rahul mishra

    • Kaniz Fatema says:

      Hello Sir.
      I have varicose veins with cellulitis. Low fever always. Itching and burning. Sometimes blood come out from the itching place. Too much pain and i have swelling leg and problem to walk.
      Which Homeopathic medicine I will use as oral or to apply.

  28. leon VERMEULEN says:

    Dr Sharma
    hi i have cellulitis to the extend my skin has open wounds that is not healing and it burns like fire,
    Ihave been on a antibiotics full treatmint but it is still not helping,
    This has been on going for 6 months allready can you give me some advice please
    leon vermeulen



      My father got cellulitis 9 years back for both legs and undergone for surgery. Now his age is 78 years. There is a improvement and small wound is still above ankle. Now it is bleeding heavily and he is suffering a lot.

      Can you please advise good medical remedy for this problem.

      Waiting for for your valuable remedy.

      thanks !

  29. Sai Sethuram Iyer says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Sai Iyer, 42 years old. i got diagnosed for Cellulitis 2 years ago and got operated. It has infected on my left leg. Now the scenario is most of the time my leg; calf and ankle area is swelling.

    How to get ride of this.

    Would be grateful, if you could help me with your kind advise.


    Sai Iyer

  30. Qaqambile Qegu says:

    greeting sir
    I have recently found out that i have breast cellulitis on my right breast… I went to c a doctor after two days of noticing that my breast is tender and heavier …I was give antibiotics and some other pills and I was referred to the hospital due on Monday…. so now I want to know what can I do to make it not to spread meanwhile I wait for my datebat the hospital… and I want to know will my breast be cut

  31. Aditya Gupta says:

    Hello sir mere face par skin infection type ka ho gya hai. Dono eyes ke Charo taraf aur pure face par red chakkte ho Jate hai aur bahut jalan padti hai aur red chakkte ubhar bhi jate hai koi help kijiye

  32. Sunny Holmes says:

    Hello Doctor.. I have cellulitis on my left leg due to a deep cat scratch over a week ago. It is still quite swollen and at times painful though the redness has diminished some. It was scary so I went to the ER and am on antibiotics. I’m mostly into natural medicine but this time it seemed antibiotics were needed. My question is would it still be effective for me to use belladonna and/or apis mellifica even though I’m on antibiotics? I feel it needs all the help it can get! So far no blebs. I’m a 72 year old white female .. Thank you.

  33. I am a 69 year white female. The skin on my arms itches and there are patches that feel bumpy to touch, it is not visible to the eye. Always feels best after a shower. I apply iodine mic d in baby oil which helps but after the days heat and presperation they begin to itch again. Any suggestions. Don’t know any other way to explain.

  34. Nelisiwe Mkhize says:

    Good Day Dr. Sharma
    Thank you very much for the information you shared with us. I believe this cellulites started to develop on my left leg in 2012 when I was cutting some small trees in my village, and it was summer time. I took the itching not serious but in three days later I to be admitted at hospital, actually they wanted to amputate my leg but I refused. The situation was worse. I don’t want my leg to be cut at all, I just need a cure by living I am in Joburg still looking for a Homeopathy Doctor because the thing is still paining, actually it goes and comes. I live by pain killers in most cases if I feel pain.
    Please Dr. Sharma tell me where can find you for consultation. I need proper medication not this antibiotics they do not help me any more.

    • I have tried to treat my chronic athletes foot w Thuja 200C and took 3 doses. Big mistake! I’ve proven the remedy and now have cellulitis on one of my toes from the eruptions from the severe athletes foot. My foot is swollen and sensitive to touch and the eruptions are painful areas. I’ve had some bleeding and weeping from the eruptions as well. What now? I hope you respond.. I don’t see responses to others below…

  35. Deepa randeve says:

    Sir,l have problem of galactoria, which homeopathy medicine is used to repture the pus infection cells.

  36. Suraj todkar says:

    Having an male RTA pt age 55 yr pt, no an know case.. as having complaint of cellulitis which is followed by pus as aggravate by pressure since 1 yr.. swelling is seen better by open air as operated for tibia facture rod is inserted .. does slicea will work it out?? M an internee BHMS

  37. nagaraju says:

    thank to give a writ about my brother foot infected due to Diabitic Cellulitas,.
    he was taking home treatment more than 15 days ..but Pains coming while walking and also swelling and some water from cracks
    sugar (FASTING SUGAR @ 87 , After the Break Fast @ 156
    pls guide me

  38. Rajesh Pathak says:

    Resp.sir my mother age is 84 year.she is suffring accute non healing wound.suger is 80 at empity stomach.she has taken many alopathy antibiotics about two month.sir suggest me effective antibiotics in homeopathy

  39. I have small black spots near my ankle in a small area actually what is this and what is the treatment
    Waiting for ur reply .I am school student .Tell me soon

  40. I have small black spots near my ankle in a small area actually what is this and what is the treatment

  41. Sakti Sankar Dhar says:

    Respected Doctor,
    My wife is suffering from cellulitis in both the legs with ulcer formation since last six years. Some homoeo medicines are helping to some extent ans sometimes it becomes verulent and forced to take antibiotic. Few years ago maggot formation was also there and skin grafter from other side thigh. She is suffering also from Psychic depression. I want your kind advice. If required,I may visit you personally. Waiting for your comment.

    • Sakti Sankar Dhar says:

      Respected Doctor,
      My wife is suffering from cellulitis in both the legs with ulcer formation since last six years. Some homoeo medicines are helping to some extent ans sometimes it becomes verulent and forced to take antibiotic. Few years ago maggot formation was also there and skin grafter from other side thigh. She is suffering also from Psychic depression. I want your kind advice. If required,I may visit you personally. Waiting for your comment.

  42. Hello. I am desperately seeking help for this downright evil ailment, cellulitus! It all started this past Labor Day weekend, when I contacted poison ivy while camping. I had poison ivy except a few before, but it was no big deal, and I thought this would be the same. Boy, was I in for a ride awakening. I tried using every natural remedy I could get my hands on, but it just kept spreading and eventually, covered both of my legs from the thigh down with oozing, peeling, painful terror! I finally gave in and went to Urgent Care, after 3 weeks of this nightmare when my ankle and calf were so swollen I could barely walk on my left foot. The MD said it was the 2nd worse case he’d ever seen in his 40 plus years of practice. He gave me a shot, and prescribed me to take 20 mg prednisone twice a day for 7 days. After the 7 days, it was a bit better, but I had started getting a rash in weird places that would come and go when I was anxious or agitated, so he told me to refill prednisone and take for another 7 days, which helped the poison ivy to finally go away, but made me psycho! I was hearing music and people who were not there, and would get very confused out of nowhere. I couldn’t remember how to use a gas pump one day, as an example. Things I’ve done my whole life were new to me. It was scary to say the least. After this, I still had swollen left leg and sores that were pus filled and wouldn’t heal. I eventually went back to him again (3rd time) and he gave me prescription for Clindamycin and I took it for 5 days, then refilled and took for another 5. This was the last time I saw the MD. It helped a little but I am still battling the swelling, peeling and there are 3 sores left, 2 of which have been there for 3 months now. I’ve used tea tree, lavender and coconut oil mixture rubbed on my legs which helped for a while, then stopped helping after about a month, tried taking ACV 2 TBSP 3 x day, and directly on the sores, to no real avail, started taking Tumeric w/milk and coconut oil 3 times a day, aAs well as cutting out sugar and carbs as much as possible, which helped a lot, but stopped seeing much improvement after about 3 weeks, then finally I got some Sovereign Silver colloidal silver and have been taking 5 droppers full under the tongue 7 times a day and applying it directly to sores, along with lavender oil and a natural healing salve containing calendula, echinacea, comfrey and more and then covering the sores with coloidal silver soaked bandages to almost heal all the sores!!! The swelling had gone down a lot, but still by the end of the day is pretty swollen, bit much better than it was, and tight leg has NO SoRES!!! Left leg has 3 left out of around 10 and they are healing once I stoped covering with bandages. I am so scared my legs are going to swell like this for the rest of my life and am scared if I run out of CS, it will get worse all over again. Please help! Am I doing it right or do I need more. I don’t want to end up getting my leg amputated bc of poison ivy!!!

  43. Kate bennett says:

    my husband got poked in the leg by a needle while under our house in his lower leg the area is red swollen I cleaned it and the next day had heat in it but not bad and the next day it went from his lower leg to his ankle swollen pretty bad I have a picture of it I wish I could send u he refuses a Dr.s help at a hospital please Any advise is helpfull he is not into taking medicine he says it just kills him even more anx wants a home remedy

  44. Sonali Ghosh says:

    Hello sir , myself sonali ghosh. I’ve read this article and it is very useful. I ‘ve a query regarding my mother’s health. My mother is suffering from harpes zoster since 25th December last year. It’s been almost 10 days. There are blebs over the skin of lower leg with pus that has a bad smell. Is it cellulitis? There’s reddish colour with swelling and little bit pain in the leg. So if you kindly recommend some homeopathy medicine to get rid of this disease, I’ll be highly obliged to you.

  45. monica rios says:

    My mother has all symptoms mentioned in the article above, she injured herself when falling damaging her right leg right Below the knee, she was walking just fine before the injury, after she was injured the wound burst and left a golf ball size hole. She was in the hospital for about a week then a recovery home for about three months. She came home in a wheelchair and never walked again. It’s been three years and now she has several episodes of cellulitis.

  46. mariejosee plessers says:

    I have cellutis on right breast and nippelretraction with stitching pains, worse at night, better hot shower , I have hot flushesd on head and neck, brest is HARD swollen and red, feel sick very week , after breastsurgery removal ductal carcinoma….also headacke, pain throat.

  47. Mohammad S Wahab says:

    I was hospitalised for cellulitis of my lower right leg. I was discharge after 12 days in hospital. There’s no wound on my leg but the redness of the skin becomes darken and I still feel pain and warm every now and then. Please advise what medication should I take to clear this post cellulitis symptoms.

  48. Joseph George says:

    My mom has cellulite .it is very painful and it is coming black on skin texture .can you help doctor .

  49. My husband has cellulitis now for two weeks, he has been on two different antibiotics and also antibacterial cream, although the swelling has gone dow he is in terrible pain around the lovely wer caldf and ankle, pain killers only help a little his leg is very red and also a little black in places. Can you suggest anything please?


    • jyoti rajput says:

      Hello doctor,
      my mother is suffering cellulitie and having redness swelling and pus in lower part of leg and frequently spread upper body and hand as redness. Mother is in painful condition and even not in condition to sleep . She taking allopathetic treatment but not having any benefit for this treatment. kindly suggest the treatment for this condition. She is in Delhi.

  50. I had surgery for cellulities in my right leg recently.MY wounds are almost getting healed. But my affected leg is in swoolen condition with heavy numbness.Kindly heip me.

  51. I was treated 7/26/16 for cellulitis at hospital ER and given Ultram 50 mg tablet for pain, ER Dr prescribed Qty 20 Clindamycin 300 mg capsule twice daily also same prescription by primary care physician after approximately 3 weeks my leg was better no blistering or redness most swelling and warmth of skin to the touch much better too, but still some swelling and slightly painful, return to my Dr on 9/15/16 he gave me a shot and prescribed Sulfamethoxazole – TMP DS tab, Gen for: Bactrim DS tab. I finished medication yesterday, and last night still slight pain and some swelling. What should I do now.

  52. My mother was treated for cellulitis for her leg four years back which took long time to diagnose. She had severe swelling, redness, high fever hospitalized, small surgery of 5 holes been done to drain the pus. She was given antibiotics for a year with less improvement. Again she was put on antibiotic and ultracet, but still she has swelling, itchiness, burning sensation. Now she lost hope getting normal and lost belief in doctors. Added to this recently I lost my father and she is more depressed. Now she is 70yrs with no other health issues except for glaucoma for which she takes drops. Kindly suggest and relieve her problem, we will be grateful to you doctor.
    Thank you

  53. Padmanabha.V says:

    I am cellulitis patient and I have been tested by an allopatic doctor Dr.Amit Kumar Jain General and Podiac surgeon and diabetic limb -foot care.It was an opinion of a vascular surgeon.Since my leg was swollen, redness of skin and wharmth I had fever and shivering body a week before consulting the doctor who is an Allopatic.I was admitted and I was administered mild antibiotics like cifloc and cylindamicin for 60 hours and I was discharged and have been prescribed to consume pan half an hour before tiffin and ciplox 500 mg, 1_0_1 and Dalacin C 300 mg (Clydamicin Composition),1_0_1 and Dolonex DT for 5 days and I am a Insulin dependent diabetic patient ,and I am consuming janumet 100/500 as prescribed by Diabitologist.Can I take homeopathic treatment will I have any side effects or do I get any allergies please clarify

    • Padmanabha.V says:

      I am cellulitis patient and I have been tested by an allopatic doctor Dr.Amit Kumar Jain General and Podiac surgeon and diabetic limb -foot care.It was an opinion of a vascular surgeon.Since my leg was swollen, redness of skin and wharmth I had fever and shivering body a week before consulting the doctor who is an Allopatic.I was admitted and I was administered mild antibiotics like cifloc and cylindamicin for 60 hours and I was discharged and have been prescribed to consume pan half an hour before tiffin and ciplox 500 mg, 1_0_1 and Dalacin C 300 mg (Clydamicin Composition),1_0_1 and Dolonex DT for 5 days and I am a Insulin dependent diabetic patient ,and I am consuming janumet 100/500 as prescribed by Diabitologist.Can I take homeopathic treatment will I have any side effects or do I get any allergies please clarify.And I am an epileptic and taking eption 100mg 1_0_1 every day I also have muscle cramps and taking gabapin 100mg and essegress in night

  54. Tejpal singh says:

    I have cellulites in right leg pls suggest best medicine

  55. Ramesh D Pandey says:

    Please send address of your clinic

  56. HI,
    I NEED HELP!!!!!

  57. Some tips if a diabetic person gets a injury on the foot – Never waste a single day waiting that it would cure on its own…
    Sugar level in any case needs to be maintained below 140.
    Ciplox, brufen, chymoral forte, Mega CV 500 mg (morning Evening – minimum 6 days or till its not cured)
    if there is wound try to drain it from pus for antibiotics will work fast if the pus is drained.
    Take a mixture of Epsom Salt and Glycerin and dip gauge in it and bandage the wound. this will try to move pus out of the wounds.
    Eat Garlic

  58. My friend has used keflex to treat and is looking for an alternative.

  59. Alagappan A Vellasamy says:

    Very susceptible to Celulitis. Diabetic. Allergic to penicillin. Normally take cifuroxime 500mg 2 times a day. Please advise.

  60. T.S.Rajan says:

    Om. Dear Dr.Sharma,
    Below knee itching, aggravating in the night, roughness in skin –these are symptoms affecting me at 85+ for the past 3 months. Pl. prescribe Homeo med. If you can send it by VPP, I shall be Doubly happy.
    With regards,
    Rajan (Retd.Prof.)



  62. Surya Kumar says:

    I am suffering from an unknown skin rash from the past 6 months. Symptoms include: Temporary itchy/painful blisters on the skin, usually on the hands and feet. The blotches that occur in the palms and feet are very painful. Affected area turns red and hot to touch. The itchiness lasts for about an hour and then gradually vanishes. I had consulted many doctors, almost everyone has put me on anti-histamines only. None of the symptoms appear for 2-3 days after taking anti histamine, but symptoms repeat after that. I have no other health issue. Kindly give me a suggestion please.

  63. M Bhattacharya says:

    my wife 52 yrs old suffering from Diaebaties with dry skin prom like crack heels,black spot and itching of the skin.previously she had very glassy skin but now it day be increasing. kindly guide me.

    • M Bhattacharya says:

      my wife 52 yrs old suffering from Diaebaties with dry skin prom like crack heels,black spot and itching of the skin.previously she had very glassy skin but now it is increasing day by day . kindly guide me.

      • M Bhattacharya says:

        my wife 52 yrs old suffering from Diaebaties with dry skin problem like crack heels,black spot and itching of the skin.previously she had very glassy skin but now it is increasing day by day . kindly guide me.



    My mother is a patient of diabetics and blood pressure. She has black patches around her ankles and there is occasional itching as well. Please suggest a very good homeopathy remedy for this.

  65. Harry rogers says:

    I noticed in December or Janurary that my left arm was swelling up slowly though Feburary 28 I went to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with cellulites.. They gave me a ultra sound , Negative for DVT ? They gave me Keflex for ten days. Didn’t change anything. A follow up doctor couldn’t see me till April 4th. In the mean time I ended up back in the emergency room March 15th,they admitted me and I was there until the 21st. I had ultrasounds,chests X-rays,, IV of vancomycin switched to clindamycin.then prophylaxis 5000 units every 8 hrs all on the 15 of March. Cephalexin 500 mg Heparin 5000 units. They gave me line zooid 600 mil tabs. Discharged the 21 of March saying condition improved. It hadn’t. Follow up dr never looked at my arm. This was April 4 she wanted every test done.Went home..Went back the 28 all tests good.when she said see you in 2weeks. I said what about my arm? Walked out sent nurse to give me antibiotic shot a script fo 7 days. That was it. It’s going into left breast,. stomach.rash under arm & left breast. it’s worse and getting very painful. I’m 64 and cannot understand almost 4 months later and a Nice. $43,000 bill here I sit stressed out to the hilt.

  66. V.nalini says:

    Sir, i developed a red sore one month ago on upper limb above knee joint on back side, it opened one week.later and with use of antibiotics for about ten days the sore healed. Before healing it was very painful to touch, swollen , and oozed blood and yellow fluid for about two weeks. Just before healing of the first sore another two sores developed above knee joint now on front side. Now the leg is swollen, red in colour, and very painful at times. What this possibly could be. I am taking homeo sillcea from three days and no relief. Pls advise.

  67. fazala kaunen says:

    I got cellulitis a month back on my legs n stomach n had antibiotics for more than a month can homeopathy med help

  68. excellent

  69. Shivakumar says:

    My mother is a patient of cirocis and now she is suffering from cellulitis ,oral and intravenous antibiotics have been given but no use.even used mupicure oint ment .she is allergic to penicillin and her age is 58,please suggest me some medicines

  70. Joe Antone says:

    read this

  71. Roxanne Robinson says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    My husband has what the hospital called cellulitis in his lower calves. He has a sore on one foot on the top and one I noticed on the bottom of the leg that is really bad. He is consistently chilled to the bone and his leg looks like raw meat. We have been putting coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, turmeric, ginger, garlic both internally and externally. It has been three weeks and counting and it looks good one day after treatment, but then it goes to looking really red and dry. He has poor circulation in his legs and is a truck driver by trade. I really would like to know what is the best method to correcting the redness and dry skin. I also noticed his feet are cracking, and he looks like he is drying out.

    • fazala kaunen says:

      I got cellulitis a month back on my legs n stomach n had antibiotics for more than a month can homeopathy med help

  72. I have symptoms of cellulitis I’m sure it is front a cut just below my knee. Before I can get medical attention, I want to use belladonna. Does it come as a tincture, I presume I apply it topically?

  73. Ashoke Aggrwal says:

    My Mother aged about 93 , had a hip fracture last year and got healed by homeopathy medicine. Now physiotherapy is going on. From last week her appetite reduced and she practically stopped eating. In last few days her body has swelled and her eyes popping out. Local Dr. says lack of protein . From yesterday after giving her Amways Nutrilite protein some improvement in appetite and minor swelling reduced. Please advise ? Tx n best regards.

  74. Penny Tomlins says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have just got the first signs of cellulitis… red patch – lower leg with surrounding area of 2 red bands either side of the patch… painful & hot slight swelling. Should i use Belladona or Apis Mellifica & in what quantities. Penny

    • Hi, I would suggest you use Tea Tree Oil. Wet a cotton ball with water, then place several drops of oil on the cotton ball. Rub affected area and its outlying areas. After several hours, wash with regular Dial original soap. No perfumes, lotions or powders in affected area. Repeat morning and night for 3 days and re examine.

      • Mrs Ann Chapman says:

        Does it work my husband has cellulitis, his legs are red and blistery fluid weeping out, itching and in a lot of discomfort and pain, he,s been on antibiotics for months now if he doesent go on the antibiotics is legs get redder but don’t seem to get any better. He,s been into hospital had I v and other thing done etc dermatologist what I need to now is will the belladonna help instead of antibiotics, he has a pacemaker and on quite a lot of Med,s hope you can help don’t now what else to do, thank you

  75. sir, i am suffering from leg leg swelling. i have check different checks i.e liver function test, kidney function test, blood test, ecg but all things is in control or good condition.

    please suggest the treatment for the above problems.

  76. Frances Greist says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Over 2 months ago I was hospitalized for cellulitis and today even though the redness has gone away, I am still weak and limping. I do have a weak immune system which doesn’t help. I have recently taken bio active silver and probiotic tea as my intestines are still upset after the 4 weeks of antibiotics.
    I have over 60 different homeopathic remedies I can take, but would like your help as to why I am not getting better.



  77. Gude.Balakishore says:

    Dear sir
    My brother leg was septik injury since last 8years.any doctor says remove his have any thoughts to decrease this disease

  78. anilgupta,M.D. says:

    recently, DVT was treated with heparin (lovenox) wrongly injected in rectal sheath,lost 6 units blood in abdominal wall,Hb dropped from 14 gms to 8.2 gms ,Lot of pain on slightest movement\Received 2 units blood,iron etc.
    Any help with getting two large hematomas10x7.5cms,blood along left resticle,causing lot of pain,get absorbed and prevent infection

  79. Hi Doctor,

    My name is Dawn. I am feeling at this point very upset because I have cellulitis of my breast that was a result of a cyst/abcess that I have had for many years. I first got the cellulitis about 2 months ago. I have seen two different doctors, one a surgeon and now tomrow my third an infectious disease specialist. My abcess was drained last week and I was told to cover it with neosporin daily and clean of course. I did that, it looked great until the 7 th day. I really thought i was done with this seeing some how good it looked thru the week. It was packed btw and I pulled packing out the next day as told. It’s really red and I’m getting the shooting pains back that come and go. It looks open still to me but the doctor says it’s not… Please help me. I use essentiKs but I’ve been afraid to try them with this.

    Thank you,

    • Hi doctor. This is my second time writing you. I have yet to find the remedy for my stubborn cellulitis. I am NOT wanting to go back on antibiotics so please, please tell me what to do. I am doing hot compresses daily and using different natural, topical things. But it will get better then get worse. My wound is now completely closed. I’ve have used colloidal silver topically, essential oils topically, manuka honey… I’m o my doing this once a day because It’s all do time consuming.. I heard apple cider vinegar , I haven’t tried that. Please help me. Tell me what to do. I know I can do this naturally but I really need guidance .

  80. Amy Valentine says:

    What works the best on open sores from cellulitse also when the skin gets so dry it cracks and I hate to say but looks dirty and they get washed faithfully

  81. Chandrakant B. says:

    sir, good morning my self Chandrakant I m suffering from cellulitise (left leg) so I need treatment , Homeopathic so please help me .

  82. I have been battling cellulitis for 6 weeks now which resulted from an infected puncture wound I got when working in the yard. The antibiotics helped at first but it came back after I finished one round and the second round I was unable to finish. I do have some small blisters but mostly just redness, pimple like rash, itching and some swelling. I have been helped by sitting in an ozone chamber but it would be wonderful to have a homeopathic remedy to resolve this problem and keep it from coming back. Please let me know if you can help me and how I can go about receiving the treatments you described in your article for the blisters, redness, and swelling so I can prevent a dangerous systemic infection. The information you have provided sounds hopeful so I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks so much.

  83. Betsy TayloR says:

    Hi, I have a brother who is 30 years old and is suffering from a myriad of health problems after returning from a 2 yr trip to China. He has cellulitis and has chosen to take the full course of antibiotics. He also is chronically fatigued, has psoriasis, joint pain and even had his hip replaced this spring. He is interested in trying homeopathy but we have yet to find a doctor that practices homeopathy near us with experience with his health issues. Please let me know if you can be of help. Thank you.


  84. Lisa Horvath says:

    My sister is suffering with cellulites. In both calfs she is in much pain she was trested a month ago in the hospital with antibiotics. She can’t put her legs down for more than 40 minutes cause of the pain. What can she do to heal. It looks like ulcers on her calfs abd ever painful.

  85. suresh tambe says:

    i have under gone a surgery for cellulitis and want to know how to prevention medicines

  86. Dr Saab gud evening.i am suffering from cellulitus in both legs means every year one by one.and from last 8 years. Kindly advice.

  87. Thabir Sai Choudhuri says:

    My mother aged about 55 yrs suffering from cellulitis since last 1 and half month. we started alopathic treatment but not so satisfactory/curable. now in right leg’s ankle some buds like wounds are present. Please guide me….

  88. Betty Bullock says:

    Help I have Lyphodemia on my rigrht leg and continually have to take anibotics and I am concerned I want to do this natually let me say my lypodemia is severe and its constantly a issue

  89. My friend ha had cellulitis in her face previously. It is on the left side of her face and centered on her left nostril and cheek. It is swollen, shiny, red, and very painful. Is there something I can purchase that will give her quick relief and treat the problem?

  90. Ann Nelson says:

    Hi my dad only got his 1st Ulster on his leg 5 months now he has redness and swelling and more ulcers on his legs despite the doctors creams that he does use every day. I’m looking for something that will work on both ulcers and cellulitus. He also has a very stiff sore knee which could be arthritis. He took a slight stroke 3 weeks ago and the conditions on his legs have got worse. I would really appreciate any suggestions you can give me as my dad may be 82 years old but was quite active up to this. And maybe something that will build his strength up again from stroke as he is lethargic and legs are just shuffling about instead of lifting his feet. Thankyou

  91. brenda spencer says:

    what potencies 200ck? or less

  92. Dr my wife experience heavy flow during her period. Ultrasound says thickened endometrium. Her Dr says operation. Is there any other way in homeopathy to cure with medicines without losing time.
    Please suggest.

  93. Parvathi Akella says:

    Have red patches in the calf muscles of right leg and that part is also hard.the allopathic doctor has diagnised as CELLULITES.
    I am aged 63 years otherwise healthy.
    Can you recommend medicine for this problem

  94. RAVNISH VERMA says:

    my mother, age 76 yr. weight 70 kg. is phylaria patient her right leg is badly affected, too much swelling and wounds every time fluid discharge. last month she suffer from septicemia and got hospitalized after 15 days she discharged from hospital.
    now she is unable to move from bed and has no sense for urine and latrine. too much weak .
    kindly suggest me proper medicine to recover her condition.

  95. Sarah P. says:

    I had a very heavy bottle fall on the arch of my left foot about one year ago. Since that time a section where the bottle struck shows redness, tightness and slight swelling, no pain. Is there anything I can do to alleviate the tightness and swelling- especially at night I am type 2 diabetic and on just long-acting insulin. Thank you for your consideration of my complaint.

  96. M.Chidananda Rao says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Kindly advise for my cellulitis problem. Suffered from the said disease about a month ago. Immediately I consulted the allopathic physician and taken Antibiotics, Analgesics and Antacids. Now the upper portion of my leg is normal leaving swelling near the ankle only. Further after getting from night sleep there is no swelling and the same is after morning walk also. But standing for some time it swells once again. At times I feel pain like ant bites and skin is also sensitive. which medicine i shall use to get the ankle portion quite normal.
    M.Chidananda Rao

  97. yvonne geeson says:

    my legs are very red shiny hot lumpy and itchy lumps are also pus im on antibotics at the moment but doesn’t seem to be working and with scratching they gave gone scabby can you help theres no pain

  98. Ramkrishna Sahu says:

    Dear Sir
    My father Ramkrishna Sahu is having cellulities from last 10 years . It is reoccurring once or twice every year mostly in Summer. It is on the right leg below the knee. The whole calf region & lower foot. Redness, Swelling and fever of low grade always there whenever it occurs. The place of infection is hotter than other body parts. Twice he has suffered from Septicemia also.
    Further he is suffering from this after a surgery in the right hip joint. The surgery was not successful and due to doctor’s negligence the right leg become shorter than the normal leg. He is walking with the help of Cruch.
    Presently he is having fever & swelling on the same part. Pls advice what to do ?

    Hoping UR reply.

  99. Samir Kumar Roy says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am 47 years old,5 feet 6 inch tall. i’ve diabetes(2012) and swelling legs(2013). I’ve also high blood pressure.No urinal problem. No gastric.No sexual problem. But stool is not clear. I’ve to eat papaya or wood apple (Bel) regularly. I have examined blood , urine ,ecg. eco, kidnytest ,thairoyed etc.Now I am taking both homeo and aloapathy medicine. But the swelling has not reduced . So I request you to give treatment to cure these disease.
    With best regards.

  100. Mercedes Kim says:

    Dear Dr. SHARMA

    My name is Mercedes
    I live in Miami Florida

    I have had c.difficile infection for months
    It’s been finally addressed

    Now, I can’t take antibiotics ever again
    I suffer from lymphedema in leg that makes me prune to cellulitis infection
    I also have asthma

    What are the best natural remedies you would recommend for cellulitis infection in my case and for bronchitis ?

    To be taken internally?

    Where can I buy products that you recommend?

    Thank you

  101. Pritpal says:

    Hello Dr.
    I need your help. I’ve devrloped spots /discolouration on my feet from diabetes type 2 and I was kot sure what IT was before but now I do. Pl help how I can treat my diabetes and prevent the spots from increasing. How can I get rid of swelling and discolouration. Thanks

  102. Julie Arnold says:

    I would like to know the difference between endema and cellulitis? I know that endema mimics it ie redness swelling etc.
    I am being told that I do not have an infection? Although I have redness, swelling and heat of the skin it has spread past my knee and is affecting both ny legs. Although I have been told this I still have been put on Keeflex
    I would like to know what homeopathy treatment is best. As I feel that it is cellulitis I also have irritation. My legs have been wrapped but it is still spreading up my leg above the knee and is red hot and irritated. I do not have a temperature. Any help would be appreciated. JA

  103. Julie Arnold says:

    I would like to know the difference between endema and cellulitis?
    As I am being told that I do not have an infection? Although I have redness, swelling and heat of the skin it has spread past my knee and is affecting both ny legs. Although I have been told this I still have been put on Keeflex
    I would like to know what homeopathy treatment is best. As I feel that it is cellulitis I also have irritation. My legs have been wrapped but it is still spreading uo my leg above the knee and is red and irritated. I do not have a temperature. Any help would be appreciated. JA

  104. dan kerr says:

    my friend is a mechanic and as a result injures himself frequently like myself. recently he puntured his skin with a shepherds hook pic, so deep that he ended up with internal beading under the left fore arm. he was admitted to the hospital and was treated. 6 hrs later had to go back to the hospital because the bruising was becoming red, inflamed and itchy with buring sensation. He has had to be readmitted to the hospitatl as an outpatient because his system has gone septic and offical diagnosis is cellulitis. He is recieving IV bag antibiotics every 3-4hrs but is not showing signs of improvment. My wife and I are firm believers of homeopathic remidies and I would like to help him. I have read the 6 different cause and remidies listed on this web sight and believe #5 Homeopathic medicine Pyrogenium for septicaemia in cellulitis: fits the decription best of what his symptoms are. Is there any mor information you could give me so that I could forward it on to my friend and try to help him heal up?

  105. Leisel Juanite says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My name is leisel, 27 years old I was diagnosed with cellulitis 5 months ago. My leg problem was checked already by 5 doctors but still we found no progress at all.. all my laboratory results was normal, the venous dopler result was normal but thier conclusion was cellulitis due to subcutaneous edema around the ankle area,redness, tenderness and pain…
    Doctors are giving me oral medications and antibiotic through IV.. I had my medication for 2 months after i dignosed and until now it was not gone and i am still suffering from swelling, redness, tenderness, cramping and paining leg..
    As of now i did not take any medicine aside from pain reliever if i cannot tolerate the pain…
    Doctor i am begging you please help me give me some medicine that can cure of this type of desease i was getting weak and exhausted of fighting this everyday.. specially i need to work and it is not easy to do my job when i am not feeling well…I am hoping this Homeopathic medicine can help me of my problem..
    I am waiting for your humble reply…
    Thank you and God bless

    Respectfully your,

  106. Cos Ohms says:

    Acute cellulitis cures post lesions and antibiotic
    Breast and leg giant enlargement
    Best cures?

  107. Hi doctor my son has cellulitis out breaks at least oncr or twice a year. He has been on steroids for the last 18yrs and has poor circulation in his legs. The infections has left his skin dark and hard and scaly. Help me treat his skin. Thanks

  108. Doctor what could be the the medicine for cellulites with diabetics? The patient is now admitted in the hospital because she fainted and is getting intravenous antibiotics. She is also in the brink of a renal failure.

  109. Soham Bhokare says:

    Hello sir
    I am contacting you in concern of my mother. She has been suffering from cellulitis for the past one year.
    The disease has become worse now. We have contacted many doctors however no improvement in her condition is observed. I would be grateful if you could suggest some experienced doctor, or a health care centre where this disease can be treated.

    Begging you
    Soham B

  110. Mel Sookavieff says:

    It’s started as a itchy boil which I scratched on my chin. I then traveled 6 hrs from florid where 24 hrs later my chin was the size of a golf ball. My chin and neck swelled out with severe itching which it started to ouze and have little white spots all over chin . The hospital said cellulitis to not put anything on it and take 7 days of amox . My chin turned brown and scabed over and then a layer of skin came off. I still was so itchy and it felt as if my neck and face had fluid under the skin. I went back to doc and she said staph and to take 10 days doxycycline .. I have taken both pills and my skin is still itching and burning and my chest gets red and inflamed .. I don’t want to take more pills . Please can you suggest a remedy as to what this is also 🙂

  111. DEAR SIR

  112. P SATSH CHANDRA says:

    I am very happy to see this site.My mother is having cellulitis along with diabetes. Hence it is becoming difficult to cure. Apis Mel is hepling a lot to remove pains but the reddishnes and swolling is not decreasing.She is also using Calendula Mother tinture.Kindly help in this matter.

  113. Dear Sir,

    My mother is 65 years old and she has Cellulitis on her legs. First time it occured about 3 years back and was totally healed. Last year again she had another bout of cellulitis on her right leg (below knee up to ankle) which too was treated & cured. Now she has it in her keft leg (below knee to ankle) again. She is overweight about 86kgs, and she constantly suffers from Rhumatic pait (BAAT) in both her legs starting from her Hips and her feet is always swollen.

    Please suggest medication for my mother.

    With best regards,

    Jayroop De

  114. arvid willen says:

    I have cellulitus in my lower leg. swollen to double size of other leg. please advise a treatment. on antibiotics now for last 3 weeks with little improvement. on clarithromycin. thank you .

  115. Dear sir,
    I have a bleb on my lower lip. It’s on the inner side. I bit my lips , my incisors are quiet sharp, so it just caused an infection, it’s been there from dec 19th. I took a dose of carbo veg, it din go, then I took hepar sulph , it din go, then it took a dose of borax it din go, now I have jus left it, each day it’s jus changing colors , now it is filled with pus it’s somewhat whitish yellow in color and it is very disturbing, kindly advice.
    Am doing my second year B.H.M.S. I have taken the medication only under the supervision of my doctors.

  116. Arinjay jain says:

    Dear sir, actually my grandmaa is suffering from cellulitis . She is not getting her urine out properly and the cellulitis has also affected the kidney.Please help me with the problem

  117. L. Broomfield says:

    I have been diagnosed with Lupus Erythratosis as a result of past hx of breast implants. I have developed allergic reactions to nearly all foods, herbs, and spices. Any help you can give me to rebuild my immune system would be both welcome and appreciated. Thank you. L. B.

  118. Dr.CKS. Kamuthi says:

    Thank you! Sir..

  119. I want to know if bentonite clay ( organic) taken my mouth can help resolve cellulitis?

  120. what is the best potency for cellulitus remedys?

  121. Gud mrninz Dr.m a 34 yr old woman,iv diagnosed that i have Cellulitis on my right feet gets swolen nd my shin nd its so painful sumtymz i cnt evnwalk.idnt knw wht to do.evn ryt nw m puting my leg to rest on a pillo nd takng the antibiotics,they dnt help.i cant evn finish a mnth workn coz it comes again.. plz help me ma 2 kids stil nids me!

  122. somasekhara rao says:

    I am a diabetic since 2005, diagnosed during an ordinary check up for undergoing cataract surgery. I am on glimepiride 1 mg since then. In 2007, I had a heart attack for which I take Losar H and Aztor 5mg. These are daily medications. But apart from these, I have been dependent on Homeo medicines exclusively, for all incidental, small, big problems for the last 12 years. Since July 2012 i have had three incidences of cellulitis for which I have been treated with Rhus tox 200, 1M and Bacillinum 1M. Now , it has recurred. What remedy or remedies can help prevent future occurences? Every time, it has been dry fever without sweat or thirst coming after chills, redness of skin on legs and swelling with pain and aggravation on touch.

  123. Ashirbachan Mahapatra says:

    Good morning sir. A 12 year girl child is suffering from Septicemia severely and now she is in ventilator in a hospital. She from a poor family and they can’t afford the amount being charged by the allopathic doctors for further treatments. At this stage is there any way in homeopathic treatment to which they can believe to save her life? Please sir reply me as soon as possible.

  124. Michelle Naugher says:

    I have the condition cellulitis and am in the hospital at this very moment. I have had a fever in the late afternoon of around 99.0 to 101. My doctor is treating me with some type of antibiotic. My leg is swollen at the front of the ankle and is very tender to the touch. I had an MRI yesterday and the infection seems to be contained. I have a red line that was creaping up from the swollen area to about midway of the calf muscle but has not moved up any futher since being admitted.
    My dad is a person that swears by nautral treatments and wanted me to send this note to you. Any information will not be delivered to our doctor…… I am only looking to get rid of this thing asap. Thanks For any help given…..

  125. David Montrose says:

    Been dealing with cellulitis caused by parasites a long time! Think the waste product from the parasites cause an ongoing infection. With that thought I fought the parasites with black walnut & wormwood extract. Also made a paste with pure turpentine, coconut oil, and himalayan salt to apply to infected areas with heat.
    After many failing attempts by doctors and myself. This has worked to address everything accept swelling and stiffness! Every 21 days these parasites start another cycle so I need to repeat the process! But I need to address the swelling and stiffness.

  126. Prachi Choudhary says:

    Dear sir,
    My father is of 58 years n he is suffering from cellulitis in right lower lymph. Last year, same time he got infected by this disease. And he was cured but this year again happened. Now it is spreading over the fingers of the leg. Even he was hospitalized for ten days but still we are not getting its cure and proper result. Please suggest me some treatment for him.


  127. Arvind S Kadam says:

    Dear Sir,
    My Father aged 74 is suffering from cellulitis. We want to give him Homeopathic Indian Medicines. He has etching sensation all the times. Which cream / paste to be applied on it ?

  128. Maria Hernandez says:

    Hello. I’m writing to you in the hope that you could help me.: I had celullities 4. Times. 2 times in each leg at different times. I was treated with antibiotics and it helped. Now I have skin discoloration and my legs are in some areas are very hard
    They get swollen and are sensitive to the touch. Is there any homeopathic meds: I could take a this point? I’m very much concerned I will get sick: again.any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

  129. Juanita Miles says:

    I have chronic cellulitis. I am a diabetic and I have been treated for the condition fo lor over a year with antibiotics. It has worked to preclude my symptoms which are blebs filled with pus on my back. Also, I have had small surgeries opening the blebs.
    From this list I plan to use silicea and calendula, but what are other preventive or controlling remedies?

  130. dr.waleed bin zahid says:

    I want to cure diabetic cellulitis of the women she is about 60 years old please tell me the best treatment for this treatment.

  131. Jane wood says:

    Please can you help me – my husband has cellulitis for the last 10 months He has had antibiotic and and that does reduce the redness- but it recurs – the swelling has not reduced – he has been given aquaiuous cream to wash with – it there anything you can commend to reduce the swelling – as getting a shoe on is difficult- would be most grateful for your comments and help
    Thank you
    Jane wood

  132. david hayhoe says:

    Hello. I sent you an e mail with phone number and then you called me back at 1:00AM our time. Then I didn’t hear from you any more.

  133. Irene Showalter says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My husband has had severe cellulitis for 6 mo. and has raised clusters on his lower leg with much burning and stinging. We put a few drops of melaleuca oil in Georges Aloe Vera and saturate cotton sponges before guaze wrap. He seems to have less pain since we are doing this but I am interested in knowing if hoeopathics wd speed healing. We are being warned that we better get medical help but wd very much like to avoid it if we can. What wd you suggest? Thank you, Irene

  134. Really lost, I have a severe case of cellulitis in my legs. Most are dark red and warm to the touch. This has been ongoing for a number of years. Have tried all types of antibiotics, now on doxcycline 100 mg. I’m thinking of trying the Calendula creme 10%, as a topical to see if it will help cure this mess. Is this a good option or should I try something else. I am a diabetic A1c level is 6.2 avg. 129, wbc is high from the infection in the legs. Any advice would be welcomed.

  135. I am suffering from pain on upper portion of the sternum. I had consulted three orthopedic surgeon since two years ago to till. But there is no effective result.
    I have uric Acid problem.It flacktuate between 6.2-8.4.
    I have also cervical spondalysis problem. Now it is under control.
    three years ago I had also suffered from cocxydinia.
    It had completely cured.
    Irequest to suggest me proper homeopathy remdy for the beterment of my sternum pain.

  136. irving seelfreund says:

    I would love to have a beer and the for it I cannot take antibiotics thank you

  137. srinivas says:

    Dear Sir, There was pain started at left leg big finger joint, i found little bit pus while pressing, slowly it was infected to main bone of big finger up to joint. after that I went to ortho doctor he has given medicines Aclaper SP, Bone Act, ask me for get blood test, urine test, xray. I got all the reports there is no diffing any of report but urine report is showing excess of pus cells count. on that basis he has given medicines. I have for one month all the tablets. Again the same problem started from yesterday from the same Big Finger of my left leg. I am unable walk, swelling is also coming.

    Kindly suggest me the remedy to get relief and qure.


  138. Victoria DeLacy says:

    I was just diagnosed with cellulitis and, being prone to skin problems, find it necessary to seek natural means of cure and later of prevention. The calendula oil as well as curative coconut oil have been ordered and my hope is that they will assist in resolving this problem. Where does a person purchase silicea? Thanks in advance for the feedback.

  139. Dr VU Panickr says:

    Dear Dr, I am a homoeo practitioner. aged 84 yrs, halthy. Last year May I was infected with cellulitis on both ankles. Swelling, eruptions, itching, pain stinking. Skin blackish. No fever. I tried Apis Mell 6C, Hepar Sul 1M, Ars Alb 200C Bell 6C. Swelling gone pain reduced. Itching
    eruptions watering persist. Skin blackish still there. Kindly advise me what further I should do.
    Thank you Dr

    • Surinder jetley says:

      Dear Doc,I have t
      Itching on the skin at two times a year when the season changes.this year after itching subsided some red spots appeared with itching again on the lower legs and then they turn black but don’t go away. The itching too stopped except
      For my right ankle where there is a black scab and area around it is swollen red and hot where throbbing pain occurs intermittently thru out the night I sleep with leg raised. This may not happen everyday but comes back. Suffering for over a month. Mari blood reports ok. Diagnosis is cellulitis. Had anti biotic do twice for 5 days each. No relief.
      I think homeo patchy is the best for skin. Kindly advise medication.
      Surinder jetley. Retd. Prof. Bhu

  140. Y. Sreeramulu says:

    I am 61 years old and I have operated three times in my right leg due factures since 20 years. After oprtions my right leg effected at above knee. 7 years back I have skin drafting is done. again same symptoms of redness, swelling, heat, yellow water discharge and pain in the my right leg. what type treatement is taken at present. It is curable or not

  141. I have symtoms of eryssipelas / cellulittis with painful, red swollen blebs. The blebs start with severe pain internally at the point of eruption and then the pus is visible within 24 hours. in some cases the blebs have no mouth and thus only severe pain with red shiny swollen skin. In all of these occurences, the pain is very severe. I have bbeen under homepathy medication since 6 months. I am using silicea 4 tablets 3 times a day, urticca urens mother tincture 10 drops thrice a day along with other medications my doctor gave me. But as soon as the medication is over there are re ocuurences of blebs.
    I have had blebs on arms, lower legs( below the knees) on cheeks, genital parts, abdomen and bak.
    I am desperately looking to cure this condition permanently. Kindly revert back to me .

    • Jane wood says:

      Please can you help me – my husband has cellulitis for the last 10 months He has had antibiotic and and that does reduce the redness- but it recurs – the swelling has not reduced – he has been given aquaiuous cream to wash with – it there anything you can commend to reduce the swelling – as getting a shoe on is difficult- would be most grateful for your comments and help
      Thank you
      Jane wood

    • Hello Dr. Sharma
      My husband is suffering from celluties.
      there is swelling on the ankle of his left leg as well as his leg has warm temperature.
      he is also suffering from pain in the left leg.
      request you to pls suggest some medication to ease his condistion.

      Aparna Mahajan

  142. Dear Dr.
    I am 42 years aged and i have some skin problems. It started from 12yrs back and seen in head as dandruff. After it spread in face such a type of pimples, but size are big. I started alopathic medicines from starting onwards, such as anti allergic tab, azithromycine , and some shampoos like ketokonozole.Doctor diagnosis it is seboric dermatitis.
    Two years back I had happend a sexual cotact with outside ( with condoms ,it breaks between cotact) and after two days find some puss on the tip of pennis on morning. After i consult a Doctor
    and do the test for gonococci ( puss sample taken from pennis) and VDRL . Both was negative and no groth signs. Now my whole body started itching after it becomes red and now it is a type of fungal diseases ( round type and red colour) and it spread all over body except face and hand.
    There is too much itching also .
    I am expecting your valuable advice.



  143. Dr.Ashish A. Ikhar says:

    gd mg sir
    n thanks for your guidline
    it help me during my practice
    n very happy new year sir

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