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10 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urticaria

Homeopathy medicines for urticaria treat the condition very effectively. Homeopathy heals skin diseases effectively, following a mild and safe approach. These medicines follow a curative rather than a suppressive approach while treating urticaria. Homeopathy treats urticaria in two phases. In the first phase, the acute episode of urticaria is treated. In the second phase, these medicines treat the chronic tendency towards urticaria.    homeopathic medicines for urticaria

Homeopathic Medicines for Urticaria

Homeopathy medicines for each case of urticaria are selected based on individual symptoms. Some top names of medicines for urticaria are Apis Mellifica, Urtica Urens, Astacus Fluviatilis, and Natrum Mur.

1. Apis Mellifica – Top grade Medicine for urticaria

Apis Mellifica is one of the top grade medicines for treating urticaria. Apis Mellifica is best prescribed for urticaria when symptoms include marked itching and burning. A characteristic stinging pain in the urticarial eruptions is also observed. The skin is extremely sensitive to the touch. Apis Mellifica is one of the best medicines for urticaria that gets triggered in heat. Going out in the open air or cold applications bring some relief. Apis Mellifica is also a top-rated medicine for urticaria that arises following an insect bite.

2. Natrum Mur – For Urticaria Triggered by Exercise and Sun Exposure

For treating urticaria triggered by exercise, Natrum Mur is a great option. The person who needs Natrum Mur will get large hives on the skin from exertion. This is attended with violent itching and burning. Natrum Mur is also one of the most effective medicines for solar urticaria that arises from exposure to the sun.

3. Astacus Fluviatilis – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for urticaria

Urtica Urens and Astacus Fluviatilis work wonders in treating urticaria. The choice between the two is made based on unique symptoms. Urticaria that appears every year, in the same season, is best treated with Urtica Urens. Another key symptom associated with Urtica Urens is urticaria with intense burning and formication on the skin. Urtica Urens also shows great results in urticaria that alternates with rheumatism. Apart from this, Urtica Urens is also the ideal medicine for treating urticaria from eating shellfish. Astacus Fluviatilis is well indicated where urticaria is attended with liver complaints. The person prescribed Astacus Fluviatilis will have itching over his entire body, with a marked stinging sensation on the skin.

4. Rhus Tox and Sepia Succus – For Urticaria from Cold Exposure (cold-induced urticaria)

Rhus Tox and Sepia Succus are highly effective medicines for treating urticaria resulting from exposure to cold. Marked sensitivity to cold is found in persons needing Rhus Tox and Sepia Succus. Key symptoms that will decide in favor of medicine Rhus Tox is urticaria from cold exposure with itching and smarting sensation. Warm applications provide some relief from itching. The characteristic symptom to look out for while prescribing Sepia Succus is urticaria from going in cool open air. Being in a warm room brings relief. Urticarial eruptions with itching, which is not relieved by scratching, is another guiding feature for use of Homeopathic medicine Sepia Succus.

5. Sulphur and Apis Mellifica – For Urticaria Triggered by Heat

Persons with urticaria that gets triggered by exposure to heat will benefit greatly from Sulphur and Apis Mellifica. Sulphur is selected for urticarial eruptions arising from heat exposure and attended with itching and burning. Scratching worsens the itching. In some cases, even washing may worsen the itching. Most persons prescribed Sulphur will notice a worsening of itching towards the evening. Sulphur is also the best solution for urticaria cases that have been suppressed with ointments in the past. Apis Mellifica is rated among the best medicines for urticaria triggered by heat, with marked itching, burning, and stinging in the eruptions. Cold applications may bring relief from symptoms in some cases. Some persons prescribed medicine Apis Mellifica for urticaria will feel better by going out in the open air.

6. Bovista Lycoperdon and Calcarea Phos – For Urticaria Triggered by Water

Bovista Lycoperdon and Calcarea Phos are prominently indicated medicines for treating urticaria set off by coming into contact with water (water induced urticaria). Some features unique to Bovista Lycoperdon are urticaria on waking in the morning time and attended with diarrhea. Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Phosphorica is suggested where contact with cold water leads to urticarial eruptions.

7. Rhus Tox and Dulcamara – For urticaria from scratching (dermatographic urticaria)

For urticaria from severe scratching, Rhus Tox and Dulcamara are very useful Homeopathic medicines. Where urticaria leads to red, swollen skin with itching, burning and smarting, you know Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox will show best results. Rubbing worsens the symptoms in this case. Rhus Tox is also well indicated for urticaria resulting from getting wet. Homeopathic medicine Dulcamara is the best choice in case of violent itching in the urticarial eruptions. Use of Dulcamara is also suggested for urticaria arising from exposure to cold and that which gets triggered in wet weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is urticaria?

Urticaria is a skin disease characterized by raised bumps, wheals over the skin. The bumps vary in size and last from a few hours to several days. Once the episode of urticaria is over, no skin changes remain. In most cases, urticaria arises from an allergic reaction.

2. How do I know if I have urticaria?

A person having urticaria will have raised bumps of varying size on the skin. This is attended with marked itching, stinging and burning sensation. Urticaria can be acute or chronic. Urticaria lasting less than six weeks is termed as acute urticaria. Urticaria that lasts more than six weeks is referred to as chronic urticaria.

3. What causes urticaria?

In most cases, urticaria is the result of an allergic reaction. Allergy is basically a hypersensitive reaction in a person to a substance to which they are allergic.  In urticaria, this allergic reaction arises mainly from insect bites, certain medicines (NSAID’s, and antibiotics) and food products such as nuts, fish and strawberries. Urticaria arises from the release of histamines and other inflammatory mediators into the skin. Other factors that can trigger an episode of urticarial are – exposure to cold/heat, sun exposure, pressure, exercise, stress, and contact with water.

4. What kind of food products lead to urticaria?

Eggs, shellfish, nuts, chocolates, strawberries, alcohol and caffeine usually have the potential to treat urticaria.

5. What is cholinergic urticaria?

Cholinergic urticarial, also known as stress urticarial, is a type of urticaria where sweating leads to the formation of bumps on the skin. Exercising and being present in a hot environment are the main triggers for cholinergic urticaria.

6. What does the term cold urticaria mean?

Cold urticaria refers to urticaria that arises from exposure to cold or damp environmental condition.

7. I get wheals on skin from scratching, what could it be?

If you are getting wheals on skin from scratching, then there is a good chance that it could be dermatographic urticaria. In dermatographic urticaria, wheals appear on the skin a few minutes after scratching. These wheals, also known as flares, usually subside in around 30 minutes.

8. Can coming in contact with water lead to urticaria?

Yes, there are cases where coming into contact with water leads to urticaria. This type of urticaria is termed as water induced urticaria.

9. What does the term solar urticaria mean?

The urticaria that gets triggered from exposure to sun is referred to as solar urticaria. In such cases, wheals appear on the skin surface that is exposed to the sun.

10. What does investigation of urticarial involve?

A case of urticaria can be easily diagnosed by the appearance of skin rash. In cases where allergies are the suspected cause of urticaria, allergy tests must be conducted.

11. What is angioedema?

Angioedema is a condition arising from an allergic reaction caused by the release of histamines and other chemicals into the bloodstream. In angioedema, the swelling appears under the skin instead of on the surface as in case of urticaria. The swelling appears mainly around the eyes or lips, sometimes in the hands, feet, and genitals. In some cases, angioedema involves the throat and tongue, thus blocking the airways. Such cases of angioedema are life-threatening and need to be treated as a medical emergency.

12. Can Homeopathy Treat my urticaria permanently?

Yes Homeopathic medicines offer a effective solution for urticaria. The duration to the treatment will vary from case to case. Factors such as intensity, frequency and duration of urticaria decide the course of treatment under Homeopathy.

13. Can lifestyle changes help manage urticaria?

Yes, lifestyle changes can make a big difference and even prevent urticaria. The best way to prevent urticaria is to know the triggers and avoid them. Some known triggers for urticaria are cold, heat, exercise, stress. A person who is allergic to certain food products which lead to urticaria could restrict their consumption. Medication that leads to urticaria must be avoided at all cost. Stay away from harsh soaps while washing and bathing. Also, avoid bathing with very warm or very cold water. Wear loose, comfortable clothes.

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  1. ananthan srinivasan says:

    Sir, I am having chronic urticaria for the past 4 – 5 years. When the skin have some pressure the area becomes reddish with Hives. The itching when scratched becomes Burning. This is the worst disease that anyone can have. Hives & itching from top to bottom every where. I am taking Xolair & Triamcelone ointment. Dr.says excessive Histomine. They say that it will go away after 5 years. In my case it goes away from one place & reappear in another place.
    Will i ever be cured???
    Thanking you.

  2. Ajay Gaikwad says:

    I have itching problem in my groin area for past ten years ( जांघों में, जहां underwear होती है). I’am using trunks for past 20 odd years. Itching is same as it is in Urticaria. Nowhere else on my body do I have this problem. I used to drink a lot. Maybe it is because of this. I have observed one more thing that, eating peanuts ( सिंगदाना ) with liquor, I get a lot of this itching in my groin area. I have brought down my drinking habbit to nearly nothing.
    What good Homeopathic medicine will help me cure this problem?
    Ajay Gaikwad

  3. Nisar Ul Haq says:

    hello, i am suffering with chronic urticaria for last 5 to six years and frequency is reducing day by day, now i feel that it has no ending. i am using permanently “kestine” and “deltacortal” since 2014. eating mangoes, chocolate, nuts especially peanut, eggs caused swear hives on my skin on whole body including palm, mouth. bathing or sitting in cold place provide some relief to me. please suggest any homeopathic medicine for me, i am fed up now by using medicine so long

  4. Md. Abu hanif says:

    Hi, Dr,
    I am 48 years old. I am suffering fm urticaria,hair fall,respiratory inflammation,memory losing,wart in skin,ganglion in wrist,right side heel pain,pain in right side,low duration in sex,dandruff in head and ear, itching after taking bathing in cold water,low desire in sex, blood circulation not regular , blood pressure growing up in mental pressure problem for the few years.desire in solder food and aversion in sweets. I feel weakness every time.

  5. Rajesh Pareek, Indore . MP says:

    Dear Dr….
    I note that so many of your fans, of course patients, have written you their problem,,,,, but you have replied to none of them….. is it justified ????

  6. Asif Muhammed says:

    Is kali sulphuricum a good medicine for utricaria. I have utricari for last 5 weeks now I started to take homeopathic medicine

  7. Rifat Razzaq Mohammad says:

    Hi doctor, I have urtirica I m taking anti allergy medi, then It will b OK, other wise it comes again after 2 days, kindly there is any medi or treatment for urticaria kindly let me know. Thanks!

    • Nikita Shrivastava says:

      Hi dr.
      I am 37 years old female. I am suffering with urticaria problem since last month. Initially it was appearing with in three days. But now facing problem of urticaria almost daily. I feel heavy breathing also before appearing of urticaria. Urticaria appears like Small bowl like mosquito bite with little itching. I take montairlc antiallergic medicine. And immediately disappear urticaria.
      Please help.

  8. GAJANAN PATIL says:

    HI DR
    I have chronic urticaria for the past 4 years, please tell me best treatment.

    • Savitri devi says:

      Sir, my mother is suffering chronic urticaria since 4years, she is now 73years old. She is taking avil 50mg twice in a day only to get relief. When she stops it again symptoms of itching, burning, swollen eyes, red patches on the whole back but no pain arises.
      Sir, please suggest if any homoeopathy suggestions is there.

  9. Hi Dr.

    I have chronic urticaria for the past 3 years, is there any remedy for this.

  10. Diana Harbour says:

    For chronic dermatographia, once the remedy is chosen, what is the best potency and dosage?

  11. Dear Doctor,
    My son on waking up in the morning found glaring red wheals on his forearms, stomach and the back below the shoulders.
    He has two pets, a pup and a cat. Who very often sleep on the bed together.
    He is also a non- vegetarian and had a pizza with bacon toppings. If possible I would like to upload pictures of the same too. Please advice.

    I have already got him to locally apply Urticaria Urens tincture. And orally given him Bell 200, (30 was not avbl late yesterday night hence 200 ) to start with due to suddenness and violence of the red wheals,
    Rhus Tox 200 one dose today morning
    Will be repeating Bell today.
    Please advice.

  12. VIDITA SHARMA says:

    dear Sir
    i have beensuffering from chronic urticaria
    will you be able to help

  13. haranadha babu says:

    Sir, i suspect iam suffering from urticaria since 5 months, mostly i have observed the rashes along with sever itching in the early morning,when i wake-up for urinal by 3.30 a.m. some times any time.

    After few minutes the rashes spread most of the body like abdomin, back legs hands

    • haranadha babu says:

      Sir, i suspect iam suffering from urticaria since 5 months, mostly i have observed the rashes along with sever itching in the early morning,when i wake-up for urinal by 3.30 a.m. some times any time.

      After few minutes the rashes spread most of the body like abdomin, back legs hands

  14. N. M. Nigam says:

    I have itching on parts of my body with itching and burning sensation. I am taking sulphur for the past two weeks. Now even that’s not giving quick relief. Suggest good medicines to get rid of itching.

  15. Amita Chavan says:

    I’ve been having chronic urticaria since March 19…I’ve tried so many medicines but no result..Currently I’m on Allegra 180 twice a day n rajyacha 150 twice a day…But as soon as I switch to 1 tablet a day the hives appear out of nowhere and spread randomly…Please suggest some homeopathic medicines to cure it permanently…I’m really fed up of this …The medicines are causing so many pimples

  16. I am also having the same problem. please suggest me what to do

  17. MOHAMMAD sARWAR says:

    Hi sir,I am suffering from sun allergy since 20 years.plz advice me homeopath medicine.

  18. Renu bahri says:

    Can i give urticaria drops to children also.. if any itchy rashes seen on skin

  19. khanindra jit konwar says:

    I am suffering from allergy since 25 years. initially, I used to sneeze 20/30 times together. doctor prescribed anti allergic medicines. when I use medicine, it is ok. When medicines are stopped, allergic problem again starts. So many tests have been done.In every IGE test, always positive result comes out. During last 25 years, I had undergone allopathetic treatment, homeo treatment and ayurvedic treatment. From those three treatments, sometimes I get a little relief, then again starts. Now I am using allopathetic medicines. Now-a-days, if I don’t allopathetic medicines, urticaria symptoms appear and ultimately, I again take allopathetic medicines. Till today, I also used immunity bostering homeo and ayurvedic medicines, but no effect upon me. I am 53 year old male. I am a Govt. employee. Earlier, I lived at Morigaon and at present,I am living in Diphu. Both places in Assam. I never take allwrgic vegetables. Rarely I eat egg and chicken meat. please help me. I am Khanindra Jit Konwar. Phone number is 9957184841.

  20. adnan saeed says:

    slightly positive for alpha-gale issues from 4 months tried apis mellificia not helped at all. tried all antiasthamine drugs in market nothing helped. choking throat issue use apipin. help me

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