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Natural and Quick Homeopathic Remedies for Common Stomach and Digestion Problems

Homeopathic remedies for stomach and digestion problems

Homeopathic Remedies for Stomach Problems

Homeopathic Remedies for Stomach Problems

Stomach and digestive problems spare no person. At times, the stomach disorder is of a short duration and at other times longer. Both stomach and digestive problems indicate that there is something inherently out of order and the body needs immediate help. The discomfort that accompanies stomach and digestive problems can hinder life’s activities and become an embarrassment too. Homeopathy has a cure for both stomach and digestive problems. The natural Homeopathic remedies for stomach and digestive problems are not only of great help in getting rid of stomach problems but also eliminate the root cause of the digestive disorders. The Homeopathic treatment is completely safe with zero side effects and proves to be of immense benefit in the long run.

Top homeopathic Remedies for Stomach and digestion problems

Nux Vomica: Best Homeopathic remedy for stomach problems

Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is of great help in the treatment of various stomach problems. It is the best Homeopathic remedy for heartburn that occurs after taking coffee, spicy food or alcoholic drinks. Nux Vomica is also the ideal Homeopathic treatment for constipation. For using this medicine for constipation, the prominent indicating symptom is the constant urge to pass stool or poop but the stool is insufficient and unsatisfactory. Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomicais also used to relieve the heaviness and sensation of weight in the stomach after eating.

Pulsatilla: Top Homeopathic remedy for gastric problems after eating fatty food

Pulsatilla is the best Homeopathic medicine to deal with the gastric problems that arise as a result of consuming fatty food like pastries, ice creams, ghee and butter. Most of the patients requiring this medicine have a complete absence of thirst. Homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla can also be used for treatment of loose stools. The prominent symptom to use this medicine in case of loose stools is the changing nature of stool every time it is passed. Chilliness also accompanies loose stool.

China: Homeopathic medicine for letting out gas from bloated abdomen

China is the most efficient Homeopathic medicine to relieve the bloated abdomen where the whole abdomen is full of gas. The gas may also cause severe pain in the abdomen. China is also the ideal Homeopathic remedy for diarrhoea with extreme weakness. Diarrhoea consequent to eating fruits can be very efficiently treated with this Homeopathic medicine.

Arsenic Album: Top Homeopathic medicine for gastric trouble after food poisoning

Arsenic Album is the best Homeopathic medicine for gastric troubles that occur as a result of food poisoning. The patients requiring the Homeopathic treatment of Arsenic Album have the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, loose stool and stomach pain. These complaints get worse after eating or drinking anything. The patient also feels an extreme burning sensation in stomach.

Lycopodium: Homeopathic medicine for stomach feeling full after eating very little

Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is an ideal remedy when the stomach feels full and there is a distention of abdomen even after eating very little. There is rolling of gas in stomach with burps that cause burning in the throat. Lycopodium is even the Homeopathic cure for acidity due to intake of farinaceous(starchy) and flatulent food. The patients requiring this Homeopathic medicine at times also show a craving for hot drinks.

Robinia, Natrum Phos and Nux Vomica: Homeopathic treatment for stomach and digestion problems with heartburn and acidity

Homeopathic medicine Robinia proves to be an effective treatment for digestive disorders when patient complains of heartburn and burps that cause burning in throat and acidic vomiting. Natrum Phos is recommended for the Homeopathic treatment of heartburn with sour burps and sour vomiting. Nux Vomica is the Homeopathic remedy for acidity that occurs after eating spicy food, coffee or alcoholic drinks.

Colocynth, Magnesium Phos and Nux Vomica: Homeopathic Remedies for stomach pain

Homeopathic medicine Colocynth is mainly used for the treatment of cramping type of stomach pains. The patient requiring this medicine usually gets relief from pressure or bending double. Homeopathic medicine Magnesium Phos is an ideal remedy for stomach pain of various kinds like cutting, sharp, cramping or shooting pains. Application of warmth on the stomach soothes the stomach ache most of the times in patients requiring Magnesium Phos. Nux Vomica is the Homeopathic medicine recommended if the stomach pain is relieved after passing stool.

Carbo Veg, Lycopodium and China: Homeopathic medicines for gas in the abdomen

Homeopathic medicines Carbo Veg, Lycopodium and China are natural remedies for digestive disorders that are very effective in treating gas in the abdomen. These Homeopathic medicines can be used as per the site of gas in abdomen. Carbo Veg is the best Homeopathic remedy when gas is present in upper abdomen and burps may give a slight relief. Lycopodium is the Homeopathic cure for gas in lower abdomen. Homeopathic medicine China gives best results when the whole abdomen is full of gas and is bloated.

Arsenic Album: Homeopathic cure for vomiting

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is of great help in treating vomiting and stomach issues. This is given when the stomach does not seem to retain any kind of food or liquid. It is immediately vomited out as soon as it reaches the stomach.

Ipecac: Homeopathic medicine for treatment of nausea

Ipecac is a natural Homeopathic medicine that can be taken by all the patients who have a persistent and extreme nauseating feeling. The nausea can be present alone or in addition to any gastric complaint.

Aloes, Colocynth and China: Homeopathic remedies for stomach and digestion problems with chief complaint of diarrhoea

Homeopathic medicine Aloes is the best remedy when the person has to immediately rush to the closet toilet to pass stool. The stool is watery and the condition gets worse after consuming any kind of food or drink. The person also experiences pain in stomach but feels relievedafter passing stool. If cramps are present along with loose stool, Colocynth is the ideal Homeopathic remedy. Homeopathic medicine China is mainly used to treat diarrhoea when the person is exhausted by frequent loose stool with extreme weakness. Bleeding in stool with diarrhea can occur due to Ulcerative colitis . Read more on Homeopathic medicines for Ulcerative colitis in our other feature

Bryonia Alba, Nux Vomica and Alumina: Homeopathic medicines for constipation

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba can be used in all those cases of constipation where the stool is very hard and dry. Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica gives excellent results when there is a frequent urge to pass stool but the stool is very insufficient and unsatisfactory. And for patients who have no urge to pass stool for many days,Homeopathic remedy Alumina is of great help.

Carbo Veg: Homeopathic medicine for pain in head due to gas

Carbo Veg is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for the treatment of pain in head due to excess gas in stomach. The abdomen is bloated and gets tense with gas. Slight relief is felt by burping. Use Carbo Veg to get rid of pain in head due to gas.



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  1. Patricia cylurn says:

    had h pylori 3 yrs. ago and haven’t been the same since. Horrible gas all the time, smelling terrible which I never had before, diagnosed in 2019 with gastritis, ulcer in small bowel, esophagitis, diverticulosis, stomach bleeding due to all the blood thinners I was on for heart attacks. Fecal incontinence now, on occasion, don’t even know it is happening, constipation and diarrhea, slight stomach pains. I hope someone can help. MD’s don’t seem to be able to. Thank you

  2. My 7 years always suffers from stomach pain due to eating unhealthy food drinking less water.Theses days during winter it has become chronic although she is eating simple food but always complain for stomach ache as she passes bowl for three or four times every day.Whenever she released gas,she feels better.Please suggest medecine to root out this problem.

  3. Gopa Chowdhury says:

    I am suffer of constipation . after few days come dysentery and gastric pain start lower abdomen to upper abdomen kindly show medicine thank you

  4. Shahid khan says:

    Lycopodium,nux,and China both medicine can I mix and take at one time is there no side effects

    • Paromita Guha says:

      I get severe acidity and stomach aches with loose motions if I take puri or any kind of fried maida stuff’s at night. pls suggest a remedy.

  5. Anil Agarwal says:

    My stomach gets bloated as soon as I eat any thing & stomach does not gets clear on one go.
    Also tell which laxative should I take.

  6. Dianna Hine says:

    My dog has valley fever. I thought it was allergies so he had it for a couple of weeks before going to the vets. The virus can spread to the brain and bones and can become even lethal. I felt like I had to start him on the anti viral medication which has really upset his stomach. He’s only vomiting froth now and isn’t even drinking water now. I bought the Azmira package for valley Fever but he’s only getting a little bit of their homeopathic remedy . Help.

  7. Darshan Kumar says:

    Sir, I have stomach pain, and I feel abit temperature raise in lower abdomen, I suffer from gastric and sometimes acidic reflux, after having meal I feel an urge to go to loo, few days back I had burning sensation while passing stool and I was feeling discomfort sitting, one week back I tried ayurvedic medicine and i did not feel better using it so I stopped it, since past 3 days I’m taking anti biotics tablet O2 to treat my stomach pain, gastric tablet omidom and Zinconia 50mg, dear sir after watching your videos on youtube I felt confident in your medicine, please kind suggest homeopathy medicine for my health issue, I would be greatful to your kind suggestions to help improve my health condition.

    Thank you

    Darshan Kumar

  8. A k bhattacharjee says:

    Sir my daughter who is seven years experiences pain in stomach just after food ,waking up in morning, evening .but bowels movement is okay.pain grips her navel

    • Sir
      I have bloated stomach at times especially in upper part of stomach I have mild fatty liver
      and high bp with pulse 110 no good appetite
      Please suggest suitable medicine

  9. Hi Dr. Sharma, This is Asrar here suffering from pain both left and right sides of the lower abdomen.
    It appears due to hyperacidity.

    Please suggest the needful.

    Thank you.

  10. Aarti sinha says:

    I have suffering intestine sweling,and bloody stool.very bad pain of upper abdomen.i want to know which medicine is for special y stomach ache

  11. hi doctor Sharma.i”ve had an constapation problem for over 40 years ,tryed alot of differnt pills for it.some work for awhile then have to look for a different kind….there used to be a product called ( proderm )- that workef wo ders then i couldent finx it any more more..was over the counter/ sold

  12. Neeraj singh says:

    Hi doctor Sharma mein neeraj Singh main petrol se bahut bimar hun mujhe khana hajam nahin hota hai bar bar latrine jata hun please h*********** upchar bataen

  13. Prabhakar kumar says:

    Sir, I have digestion problem from 2years .I took allopathic medicine yet but not cure. In report show inflammation, few blended viili but in the report show 2.5 .

  14. Hi dr Sharma,
    I have a 3.7 year old kid. She is super active.
    Totally she was hit 4 times with vomiting and watery stools ( 9 month/ 1.4/2.2/2.8) and each time the condition lasted for 4 days. The last time (nov 2018) she had acute collitis. Everytime she was given antibiotics. After hitting with collitis I feel her digestive system is in distress. If she eats Any sort of fatty foods or cold drink or ice cream or fried items and similar kinds immediately she will have watery foul smelling stools. In such conditions she passes urine frequently n sometimes it’s out of her control n she pees at her place. It’s kind of indigestion I guess.
    But I’m worried as to how long this will continue?
    She wants to eat like every other child but she can’t n this makes her super cranky when I restrict her few food stuffs. Is there anything to make her digestive system healthy and strong? Please suggest.

  15. Goutam Dutta says:

    dear Dr Sharma,
    i have been suffering from a problem for the last 25 years. On a few occasion at night my sound sleep breaks down and a peculiar restlessness i feel, and i could not sleep . This incident creat immense pressure on my mental stability. here i can tell you that during that incident my stomach became swollen. and i have to go to the latrine to empty my stomach but my restlessness did not reduce even after that. I am 57 years old.

  16. Mrs. Prachi says:

    Hello Dr. this is prachi. My husbands digestive system has got disturbed. Many times after meal he runs to pass the stool but can not pass satisfactorily., also the stool is having a different and strong smell like fermented thing and is not normal. Please guide us.

  17. Raj kamal says:

    Hello Doctor, My father month is not producing saliva due to this he can not swallow the food properly and also he is going continuously pass the tool like water we are giving the alopathic medicine of loose motion but its not working. Pls suggest then best medicine for his loose motion.

  18. hi, doc i have stmotch prob last one year i have to go wash room 3 ,4 times then stmotch is empty have gas stmotch pain in lower abdomen whole day carbo veg gives relefe slightly .ayurvedic doc says its i b s please help

  19. Yadhoda jodhi says:

    मेरे दाहिने पेट नीचे कभी आगे कि तरफ दर्द और भारीपन रहता है साथ ही muscles swelling that time I feel pain when it vanish I feel light when I ultrasound done 25 m stone is pl.tell what is the mefice in homeopathy

  20. I am Raghu 67yeas old suffering frequently release gas irritating others.kindly suggest me medicine. Thanking yo

  21. Bernmunty says:

    Chapped lips (also cheilitis simplex or common cheilitis) are characterized by cracking, fissuring, and peeling of the skin of the lips, and are one of the most common types of cheilitis. ] ] While both lips may be affected, the lower lip is the most common site. ]

  22. My son is having 11 years old he is suffering from heart burn and chest pain and also headache and dizziness some times, we consulted with gastrologist doctor he done a endoscopy ,as per the report hiatus hernia is comes out please suggest what to do

  23. ASHWANI KUMAR says:

    I am 62 years old male. Few days back I took the Northflox Tablets to overcome the water like stool / diecentri like condition on my own.For the last 2 weeks I have started having pain below the belly button and just above pelvis area and right hand side is getting bloated and have also started having back pain in the middle portion of the body.
    I frequently suffer from weak indigestion and stomach and motion problems.
    Since long I am taking my morning breakfast at around 11 AM and Lunch around 4 PM ( which gets cooked and prepared in the morning by 7.30 AM ) and late night fresh Dinner at around 10 PM.
    I very frequently suffer from hard stool tendency and sometimes even the diecentry like condition.
    I am vegitarian and dosent take drinks since last 30 years but I am very fond of taking 6-7 cups of Tea everyday and
    Now I am also finding it difficult to have my stools in the morning.
    Pl let me know is any thing serious is occuring at this stage in the body or with my health.
    Pl suggest some Homeopathic medicines for permanent solution.
    thanks and regards
    Ashwani Kumar

  24. Mazhar N Vohra says:

    I am 55 year old man.suffering from stomach upset with bed burp.and oily stool.legs are paying.feeling uneasy.not interest in eating foods.pls. suggest proper remedy.

  25. my wife starts buning stomach whole oesophagus even stool after burning after some time cough spell a long time ,vomiting

    no odour ,smell tolearable,smoke starts cough dry,with burning stomachand anus

  26. hi sir

    • Sir I am suffering from indigestion problem last 2 days but burpings and stomach sounds, and gas problem last 1month

  27. naeem shahzad says:

    sir i have gastric prob and feel pain in my headand hands shoulders

  28. V K Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma

    May you have any tretment to enhence activity of esophagas including sphincters. I have been dignosed ineffective esophgas by allopathy tests. Expecting for your reply early.

  29. Yasmin jasdanwala says:

    My child is 3 years old…he began to suffer diahrrea because there was virus in the air after seven days of watery with mucus it stopped automatically… just three days befor we ate fried fish in a restaurant..since then sgain his watery poo has started he does around 2- 3 in a day..and his stomach aches please advise?

  30. Prasanta Bhattacharyya says:

    Chronic indigestion problem for 30 years, whatever eat cannot digest, go to toilet 6/7 times in morning. Present age 65+. Profession teacher.

  31. Rashmi Prasad says:

    What should be potency of rhus tox having fever and body pain for a 45 year female

  32. Subir Gupta says:

    My wife aged 44 is a very common problem nowdays. After eating anything she feels uneasiness in stomach and use to go toilet after releasing stool she feels some better but this repeats after the next eating schedule. Some times she has to go 3 to5 times a day to clear the stools. 12years past her Gall bladder was operated after that time she is suffering by above . These symptoms also persists during her monthly periods time. Kindly advice which homeopathic medicine you prefer for above remedy?

  33. Snehangshu Bhattacharyya says:

    Medicine for IBS and dose

  34. Dr Sharma,

    Good article.
    Let me share my experience with Cholerasol.
    Im a white guy traveling in Amritsar and got serious like jet shooting diarrhea in my sleep at night.
    Probably from rinsing out my bottle with street water before putting fresh carrot juice in it,
    kinda ironic huh, but who knows for sure.

    But anyway, I call my buddy homeopath Dr in the USA (YEAH Whatsapp (hes from India)) about what to do, he suggested a few medicines and then he mentioned Cholerasol so I went with that. I went to the store on a tuktuk (because Im cheap), and that was dodgy because of my health, not the transportation, as you might imagine, bought some and then went to my appt for the day.

    Well that was truly amazing!! I had the diarrhea for about 36 hours and my GSE (grapefruit seed exctract) just wasn’t doing it’s job. So it cleared up since taking it at noon that day. Totally cleared up, REALLY!!.

    I know homeopathy and like homeopathy but sometimes it doesn’t always do the job for me even though I love it but this time it worked amazingly.

    Now the rest of the story is even more interesting,.. since it was so great I had to buy a few bottles to bring back to the USA because it Aint available here. At the airport in China, during transit, I didn’t want to send my Homeopathic remedies through the xray machine so I told them to hand check them. Well those guys are not exactly homeopathic conscious and they asked me to take some so I, very willingly did take some and moved on.
    WELLLL by the time I got home about 20 hours later I had diarhea like bad so I figured out later I had actually PROOFED THE REMEDY, by accident but it was interesting. So I had to cure it a second tie with something else or maybe it just went away on it’s own, I don’t really remember that part.

    Nobody should travel without this if they are going to certain countries, even if you go to the more expensive locales it might be a good idea to carry it.

    So Cholerasol is an AMAZING medicine.

    Thanks for your article Dr. Sharma

  35. Narayana R says:

    Hello Doc, my wife aged 53, is suffering from right thigh burning pain, ankle swelling, frequent loose motion, headache. Consulted with neurologist and suggested surgery as L3-L4 nerves pressed due to disc bulge.
    Kindly suggest biochemic medicine because homeopathic medicine creates constipation.
    Thanks and Regards

  36. Priyansh says:

    I am priyansh and 15 years old. My problem is that I have to rush to toilet after consuming anything. The stools are watery and this problem is persisting since last 6 months. I had taken allopathic medicine but problem is not cured.
    Please suggest.

    • M PERVEZ KHAN says:

      I am suffering fron indigetion. After eating haviness and burning in abdomen from two year ..from two year am taking diabitic tablet.

  37. IamNeelima68 and suffered stomach infection in Nov 2017 . Consulted an allopathic doctor was treated with amtibiotic Got reliwf for two months again pain started again took anyibiotic now once again after luch painbstarts and does not subside till evening.
    Pl suggest

  38. Girija Gopinath says:

    My name is Girija and I am 65years old.
    I have been suffering from frequent motion problem( not loose) for quite sometime now.
    I have got all medical tests test results are normal.i took allopathy medicine rifaximin for fourteen days along with probiotic econorm with no improvement .i eat very simple food like rice ,dal sabji curd.Please advise me how homeopathy can help me in treating my problem.The frequent motion problem generally strikes me at the very early hours of the morning depriving me of good night’s sleep.
    Thanking you

  39. Elaine J Mccann says:

    I am a anxious being which affects my digestion,dull pain in gut and than yields to my head causing migraine,cluster type left side is the worst,and painful sinus ache at bridge of nose and suture at top of head.It will last for at least 24-34 hours,very dibilitating.Do not a just well to change. Help!

  40. Himani Arora says:

    My son is 4 years old boy and he is having stomach pain and diarrhea problem in every summer season doctor says that his liver is weak.
    We have given him homeopathic medicine more than 7 months after it he is fine and now in this summer also he has a same problem we have given him allopathic treatment for that now he is fine but after eating every meal he goes for passing stool please help me which medicine i can give him

  41. dhanalakshmi says:

    Namastae doctor
    From april 29 th on wards gastric prob started
    Burping Nd feel like to go to toilet
    After taking carboveg it has subsided .
    Now new problem is above belly button I feel sudden pain and it goes off. Even I am going to toilet but not satisfied.
    Stools has become thick Nd I need to give pressure.
    Now gas not going out either fartence or burping
    Total upset
    While lying down if I touch my tummy slight pain I am feeling
    Pls help me

  42. Dr. Dharma,
    For flatulence and weak digestion, I was given Lycopodium a few years ago and it worked fine at that time. I am having the same issues again. Please suggest the dosage and length of period for Lycopodium. Thanks,

  43. Muhammad Zaman says:

    Dr Sharma Good noon
    I m suffring abdomen pain due to infections in intestines and swelling from previous 15 days. The allopethic dr treat me through antibiotoc. Because my all tests including ultra sound ct scan and blood tests (hepatitis b c, lft,rft,cbc, urine complete) i am not eat till now i can just take juices and eat yougurt only from last 15 days. Plz help me i am depressd from allopathic medicines.
    Muhammad Zaman

  44. Respected Sharma Ji

    My baby is 4 yr old, and he is having stomach pain, which occurs after 10 to 15 mins in the night after 10 pm, and remain after a gap of few minutes till 7 am in the morning, I have done the scanning also, in which infection is there, Baby gets relief after bending himself and if someone push his stomach,

    He has also became rude due to his paid, He has not eaten anything since last two days,

  45. Ramakant Mishra says:

    Suffering from stomach disorders since last one month taken allopathic medicine but of no use. Having acidity and two motion in a day but after that fell week. Feel stomach heavy. Pl advise.

  46. DrMustansir Nazir says:

    معدہ کا شدید درد ۔ السر ۔ اسکی وجہ سے پاخانہ میں خون کا آنا ۔ اس کے کیے کوئی بہترین سنگل ریمیڈی بتائیں ۔ شکریہ

  47. R Madhavi Rao says:

    Pain in the lower back right side and leading to thigh as well as sometimes in legs too..due to gas…upper abdomen is bloated

  48. Hello Dr
    I was in India in January and my husband got to see dr Banajee in Kolkata. Since he needed him more, I told him to go …so I still have my problem and I only want homeopathic I have seen what it has done for him and I’m a believer.
    My problem is my stomach..don’t exactly know how to describe my symptoms…feeling bloated and stomach descended…never really hunger and not pain or heartburn just feeling not do . Spicy foods aren’t the cause but they are not tolerated .. a nervous stomach vomiting or real nausea .just an over all crappy feeling in my stomach ..stress makes it worse.
    Consipation..hard small stools
    Besides these issues I am in good shape..I exercise and eat healthy ..I am 5’4” and 103pounds
    My on
    Y other problem is 202 cholesterol from genetics ..and way to lower that .. I am not on meds for any issues. Thank you d

  49. Subhamoy Saha says:

    Sir,I am 54 yrs male having fasting blood sugar 160, carrying gall bladder stone since last 10 yes and fatty liver.My main problem is formation of gas and acidity at the middle portion of the upper abdomen just below the chest and almost all time stomach upset and due to this I used to swallow strong anti biotics almost regularly to control myself.Sir, please suggest medicine so that I can live a peaeful life.Regards Subhamoy Saha, Kolkata

  50. Atul Sharma says:

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Atul , I have problem with my digestive system.
    Neither I feel hungry and when I feel hungry I then can only eat 1 to 2 chapatis and stomach gets full.Stool is also very hard, and odur smells comes from my mouth. I always used to take burp. Everytime during brushing Sour liquid come out from my mouth.
    I think my liver is also very weak.

    Always there is burning in my stomach and in my throat.
    I have tried many allopathic doctors but didn’t got any relief , so it is my humble request kindly help me to tackle this issue. ?

  51. Hi sir …
    Mere frnd ko stomach ki problem hai …
    Gas hai.. pakhana ka bar bar ana .. lekin khlasi na hona .. aur stomach me b dard hoti hai…
    Homeo pathic ki koi achi si medicine btain plz

  52. I am dignosed with gastric erosion and i am opium addict my doctor prescribed acetic acid , CV and hydrastis but i get bloating after taking opium ….if i take avena sativa for deaddiction it also gives same problem of bloating what whould i do

  53. Shamsul Arif says:

    Carbo Veg, Lycopodium and China: Homeopathic medicines for gas in the abdomen
    Homeopathic medicines Carbo Veg, Lycopodium and China are natural remedies for digestive disorders that are very effective in treating gas in the abdomen. These Homeopathic medicines can be used as per the site of gas in abdomen. Carbo Veg is the best Homeopathic remedy when gas is present in upper abdomen and burps may give a slight relief. Lycopodium is the Homeopathic cure for gas in lower abdomen. Homeopathic medicine China gives best results when the whole abdomen is full of gas and is bloated.

    Dear Dr. Sharma many many Thanks for your great effort regarding Homeopathic treatment information.
    The above topic best indicates my problem. I need your valuable direction to use the above remedy.
    Thanks & best regards.

  54. Namaste sir,my son is son suffering from indigestion problem since days

  55. arshdeep kaur says:

    i have distended abdomen and hardness from 1year and delayed menses always pls tell me medicine homoepathy

  56. Munazza Khan says:

    Hi my son has stomch pain and have loss motions after eating jung food please give me advice which madicen i give it to him

  57. Abeer jamal says:

    Dr my husband hv stomach. Prob.wnever he eats some food .he feel pain in tummy n he use to go to washroom four ur five times in a day with painful stool n gases.he always hv urge for washrum wn eats something.n he is sumtyms feel drowzy n lazy at home due to excessive need for washrum .kindly suggest proper medicine .

  58. Abhishek says:

    Due to outside food y day I faced vomiting n now stomach pain n burning in throat. PL advice suitable n immediate relief.
    With Regards

  59. Waseem ahmad says:

    I am having pain in stomach from almost a year, gone for checkup to doctors and taken all the english medicine which they advised, but after all these taken of all medicines problem still remain same. Whichever I eat I feel pain and burning in stomach and abdominal, sometimes due to taking of water and milk. Don’t even sleep well. Heart burning, gastric, feeling full of stomach, stomach pain for long time. After having meals or during meal or before pain sometimes same and sometimes more and less. Please tell me the problem I have and what is the solution. Please please tell me the medicine for for my problem.

  60. MANOJ SHARMA says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma

    My daughter age 18 yrs old her weight 35 kgs she has a problem of hyperacidity & palpitation after eating food or walk up early in the morning please advise us best medicine for that. Thanks

  61. Krishna Kumar Mishra says:

    Sir my problem is in morning 8-11am excess gas forms and in evening 5-8pm also. Stool is also irregular some time it’s loose and sometimes constipated mucus also present in stool. My age is 42 I like spicy food fish… Which medicine is appropriate for me

  62. Chris Craft says:

    My food does not digest in my stomach normally anymore. It’s stays far too long.
    I have severe GERD with narrowed esophagus.
    Is there a remedy for slow stomach emptying ?

  63. Hasan from Auckland, I am suffering from severe constipation since last twenty year , laxatives is a must in my every evening. Tried a lot for years but no results. Could u suggest me some homeo medicine for this problem

  64. Dilip Maniar says:

    Since last one and half month I M facing problem of feeling heaviness after taking any liquid like water,tea etc. And gets o.k. after burping (Dakar) .I have taken allopathy medicine which has reduced problem but it is not currently homeopath medicine with power and dosage.thanks

    • Dilip Maniar says:

      Since last one and half month I M facing problem of feeling heaviness after taking any liquid like water,tea etc. And gets o.k. after burping (Dakar) .I have taken allopathy medicine which has reduced problem but it is not currently homeopath medicine with power and dosage.thanks

  65. Rabinder Sharma says:

    Sir my stool are sticky, no pain, no lack of appetite. So please advice

  66. Sir u have not told about loss of appetite in gas problem


  68. Dhrubajyoti mohan says:

    Dear sir

    My wife often feels nausea in the morning.She has undergone an operation of intestine as it was blocked 7 years ago…She always have gas problems…She is too thin and have a 2 yr old child.From few days ago her stomach often have a growling sound…I would like to know about homeopathy success in this kind of disease…

  69. prashant kubavat says:

    I m getting regurgitation of food and stomach heavy after noon meal till 8hrs and weight is decreasing.gastroenterologist is saying to do endoscopy.what should I do pls suggest the right thing.

  70. hello doctor,
    i am getting up 4.30 a.m. morning no stool then 6.a.m. i get normal stolls then after 1/2 slight pain little loose stools pain goes after stools this continues for a week, next week i experiernce sometimes constipation , alternates constipation diarreah did all blood and stool test found nothing , a doctor providoc but that also not working keep relapsing , if any homeopathic solution or dietary change ( i cannot take milk , sweets and non veg food )

  71. Hello Doctor,

    My mother age 64, having hyperacidity, constipation problem from last 7-8 years. She is taking allopathic medicines for it. She also has High BP and from the time she started taking BP medicines acidity started (from >8 years )
    please advice remedy for her acidity and constipation.


  72. A.K. Talwar says:

    My daughter aged19had food poisoning and had severe diarrhoea,vomiting,gas and cramps.Gave her antibiotic,diarrhoea and vomiting controlled but still having lot of cramps and constipation.

  73. Hello doctor
    I have severe acidity and gas for a few years.problem is sometimes I don’t feel that i have acidity but feel very unwell ..nausea feel like burping..heavy head .so when I take ranitide 300 mg{like zintec } I get relief in 15 min and have sour burping ,start passing gas .this has really affected my life because it makes me feel as though I have some heart problem,though reports came out normal.i am 47 years old male physically active and very fit.have no other medical condition.
    Kindly help me.i do gym 5 days a week.

    • Same problem with me , kindly suggest , i feel nausea, vomit some times , heart beat gets faster when i feel acidic and vomitish , farts all day, i go to toilet cause ostomach issues 4-5 times a day , got heart check up but all well , but this prob is just nt going and happens almost every day

  74. Bikash Bhowmik says:

    Dear Sir,I have a very hipper acidity and feeling cramp in upper abdomen (stomach) and burping is always sometimes sour and sometimes indigestive. And also irregular stool pass and large intestine cramping…I used Robinia30C,hydrastis Canadensis mother and sometimes for back pain used Magphos 200C.but not getting relief at all . getting frustrated.kindly suggest the medicine with potency and dose(how much drop any how many times)

  75. Rose Meeker says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have always had a strong digestive system, but now my stomach reacts violently to some meals, not to others. There seems to be no pattern in the foods, time of day, etc. My stomach is tender and fragile much of the time now, and if I eat just a little at a time it can sometimes be digested, albeit with multiple bubbles (burps) that come up. But then even a small meal can cause a severe reaction, with pain that lasts up to 10 hours until I have been able to vomit up most of the meal. (I don’t have nausea, and have to work hard to bring it back up.) The severe stomach pain is often accompanied by pain in my left shoulder and into my left jaw. The only relief I can find, other than vomiting up the food, is with charcoal capsules that seem to absorb some of the gas being created.

    One factor could be that I recently had a hip replacement operation (Sept. 7th) and this developed after my 3 days in the hospital. I could have picked up a bug there. I had a couple of bouts of what seemed to be food poisoning, and this more constant pattern developed after that.

    I very much appreciate your attention to this, and look forward to your reply. From the symptom descriptions above, Colosynth and Carbo Veg seem the closest remedies for what I’m experiencing.

    Thank you,
    Rose Meeker

  76. sanjana Singh says:

    Sir plz koi treatment koi batao ji plz bhetnovate n lagane se plz koi bataiye plz face pe huwa h koi upaye bataiye jo jaldi khatm ho jaye

  77. Pawan keshri says:

    Dear sir , I m suffering from weak digestion problem, constipation , gastric problem,and suffering from worms problem, every two months I,m faced worms problem.

    • Mere papa ka age 75 hai . Latrine ke liye din me 4 times and night me 4 times Jana hota hai sangrahani hai.5 year ho gaya hai. Allopathic aayurvedik de labh nahi hua

  78. student dhms says:

    thanks sir

  79. i have cramps and nausea and diarrhea due to antibiotics

  80. akshay kumar says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am suffering from constipation and malnutrition…
    I have regular motion in the Morning but i did not get satisfaction… And some time in rare case i do not have motion..
    And motion is always sticky… It is not too hard no too loose…
    But it is always sticky stool… And i am too thin.. Weight is too low

    Except these i do not have aay stomach problem like gas, acidity etc..
    Pls help me..

    I have treid BC NO. 4..of SBL brand.. But it did not work…
    Plz help me….

    Weight = 52kg
    Height = 5foot 10inch
    Age = 23yrs




  82. Dear Doctor,

    I have pain near my left lower chest. When the pain attack, it will attack until my back. After ECG doctor said my heart is normal. They suspect the pain is due to my gastric. Lately I am quite offen get gastric attack.

    Please help me what is the remedy should i take.

  83. My sister suffering from oily stools after chicken items or any oily food, kindly give me suggestions for healing

    • Smti. Gauri Bhadury says:

      My sister about 74 years old is suffering from liver disorder early cerocis. She suffers from irregular bowls,gas and some time repeated lose motion. Otherwise she is ok.

  84. Excellent sir

  85. Hell Dr Sharma sir good morning. I am 53 year old and have the problem of gastric since last 20 years. I took auryvedic treatment for same and problem curved for the time being. But the problem again coped up since last two years. The gas goes up to head and sometimes in different part of body. I can not sleep properly in the night sometimes for 2-3 months it continued. I feel blinking and sometimes tension in my eyes and face with uneasiness. I also feel difficulty in concentration in the day when I do not properly sleep in the night. Problem get more when I take food of oily and have gastric enhancing substances. Pl suggest suitable homeopathic medicine for permanent solutions.

  86. My son accidently mixed his homeo medicines

  87. Lia Churchill says:

    Dear DrHomeo,
    I fid take Lycopodium for severe gas with lots of loud gurgling in the abdomine. This in unusual for and I’m afraid I ate something that fidn’t agree with me. I will wait now and ser if I will get some relief with this remedy. However, I would like to know if a conventional cough syrup that I took earlier could have caused these symptoms.

  88. I have stomach pain since six days . I have 3 kids born with third baby is about 2 and a half years.i feel bitter liquid in the stomach when it z empty. Before this condition ihad dihorroea i took the medicine for it prescribed by the doctor. But I did not took pantop before taking medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Kindly tell me what to do.

  89. Hello
    My son who is five years old has been having
    Experiencing throwing randomly after eating food. Like he ate half a turkey hot dog and immediately threw it up. This has been happening with other foods as well. I would like to help strengthen his stomach.
    Please any ideas or remedies would help

  90. Marie Rooney says:

    Over 2 years now, after having my gallbladder removed and there has been a history of gas & burping & sometimes yellow stool. Presently, I have experienced a night & 2 days with constant urge to defecate, easing today with yellow stools. Today I am able to control the urge by tightening the muscle of the anus. I am eating light meals but really have no appetite, and feel full in the stomach. I used homeopathic remedies years ago and found them helpful. What do you recommend for my present condition?

  91. deepak raja says:

    hello Sir,
    I have been suffering from stomach pain from last fw months i have pain in my upper abdomen area i have constipation also with problem of piles which is in primary phase i burp a lot at times and pain last for long after incomplete bowel as already constipation . i also had a chronic ear infection which is still under treatment it pains and causes nausea accompanied with nausea from stomach problem .i had to at times blow my nose a bit too hard to release congestion this is predicted to have caused piles.
    i need your guidance for my stomach problem i also want to inform you that i had done my course of 14 days antibiotics for treating my ear infection which has completed a few days back. i am loosing weight and dont feel hungry as much as i should.

  92. Sir I am suffering from colitis problem. Upper side abdominal pain, burning in stool, heaviness on the chest and undigested food in stool. I have tried many doctor’s medicines but relief is for some time. So please tell me what to do.

  93. Vishal Thakur says:

    Sir i have a piles And iam suffering too much Much bleeding occuring And Also Digestion problems Iam Feeling soo Weak Sir Please suggest me a Medicine

  94. Dear Sir, My one year baby (girl) vommits very badly almost daily(please don’t take it as normal vommiting). She has a a greatt problem of nausea, even we can’t able to give her not only solid food but also liquid. She is one year 2 days. She only takes breast milk. If she takes something in the morning, she vomits it even after evening. It is from one and half month of her birth. Now we are total helpless. Almost Every doctor of our locality has failed to cure her. So my earnest request to you please please advise us something or suggest us some homeo medicine.

  95. Dear Sir,
    My mom is suffering from extreme burning sensation in stomach especially in morning.
    I request you to please suggest something.
    The burning is extreme in stomach.
    Ritu Raj

  96. K.devasmitha says:

    Hello sir,

    My son gets stomach disorder whenever he eats outside food. We get medication from local homoeopathy doctor sri. D.prasad Garu but the problem repeats every time. And also my son is underweight ..he is 12 years old but weighs only 26kg..please advise me kindly how to get him strong all the way.

    Thnak u

  97. I have major gastritis issues and cannot digest fatty or fried foods. After having any fried food i feel slight dizzy for some time and then it gets normal. Some one suggested carbo veg 200 and immediately after having that i felt slight uneasy and was gassy in the stomach and released some gas and cleared my stomache. Should i continue with the med. I had 4 drops in half a cup of water

  98. Shruti Mehta says:

    I have severe stomach pain in lower portion which aggrevates after eating n the pain goes towards lower back n legs. I had heavy food in last week n the back pain increases after getting up from sitting.please advise

  99. hi sir, my name is U K JHA staying in Delhi. I have many stomach related issus. I can’t digest hard or spicy food. Even otherwise also my digestion is very weak. Sometimes dirreah like situation occures. Sometimes I feel cramps like pain and irritation in the stomach. Sometimes stomach becomes hot and mucous is formed. Generally loose stools at the end of the peeing dark brown in colour comes out. I have been taking medicine from the government homeopathic clinic. I get relief but the same symptoms recur. PL suggest me best combination of homeopathic medicines

  100. Nilesh Namdevrao Kothekar says:

    Hie sir I’m Nilesh Kothekar live in Amravati Maharashtra India. Sir I’m suffering from a stomach problems in last 1 year. My stomach not clear to morning time and after lunch or dinner some food can come to my mouth. Produced some gase in stomach. I am taking homeopathic medicine last 1 year but no change in my condition so Please help me sir..

  101. Sir iam 35 years old female i have social anxiety duri
    ng social situation i have lot of burping and gas i can not use antidippresant because lot of side effects

  102. I am sangeeta aged 48.feeling pain in stomache after 4-5 hour gap of taking food.Presently feeling pain at centre of stomach.ok suggest homeopathy medicines.

  103. I am aged 45 years female i have buring sensation in my stomach and i pass gas frequently and bloatedmy weight is 62 kg with 5.3 they told me it is gastric acidity. Rest i dont have any health issues. kindly advice me


  104. prosenjit singha says:

    Hello doctor I’m23years old suffering from dyspepsia , borbogymi and constipation also breathing problems . stomach full nes .plz help

  105. Sushma bhasin says:

    I am a 75 yrs old lady. I suffer from recurring
    uTI, inspire of my keeping total hygiene n drinking lots of water. Can u suggest a prevent
    Medicine in Globules.
    Sushma Bhasin

  106. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    About 4 weeks ago I had an episode where my heart palpi5ations and the heart rate went up and caused uneasiness. I was told by the doc that it is acute gastritis and I was put on nexium 2 times a day and could use upto 2 other ranitidine 2 times a day. I had some relief for a couple days and I didnt take any antaacids for 2 days. After this I was baxk to square one. Then I started an antibiotic course for 3 days and was helpful. But now that the antibiotics are over, I am unable to keep any food in the stomach. I have to instantly rush to the restroom after eatong. All I have been eating is khichdi and jowari roti. I am currently taking CV and Iris every 4 hours alternatively. The stools are not watery but almost solid. I guess my acidity increases as I am not able to keep food in my body for that acid to be used. Can u please advise.

  107. Saikat Ganguly says:

    sir,I was a victim of peptic ulcer and jaundice(4.6) in 2015,for two years,I have been facing gas and acid problems,and its like good for 2-4 months and again the problem occurs,then I took medicine and get well and again after 2-4 months its started.plz send me remedial measure asap.N.B- iam 24,and those two diseases caused by taking junk street food,and untimely meal.

  108. K l n manohar says:

    Taken antibiotics for cough cold body pains & fever this are given by allopathy physician got relief but now stomach upset is there with light stomach pain lower abdomen pl suggest medicine

  109. a child of 25th month is suffering indigation, whatever eating after some time tool come,may be some pain there, child can not speak properly.He is very weak. kindly suggest some medicin

  110. i am 27years old i fell pain in my left part of stomock

  111. I am 19 yeasrs old girl suffering from acid reflux gasses bloating nausia stomach pain and feel hungry after sometime even after having food and also cant sleep well at night plz help me out from this

  112. Please send me weight again medicine what is medcine for intestine absorb nutrients

  113. Sir. I am 28 yr old man.i suffer from stomach indigestion and gastric issue.generlly after eating non veg or outside veg food I will suffer from constipation follow Ed by frequent loose motions which impact my health.sometime feel during in stomach as well after these loose motions.and it has become a regular process now.. please help

  114. Sir I have the constant urge to pass stool or poop but the stool is insufficient and unsatisfactory and sometimes loose stools And the nature of stool is changing everyTime it is passed

  115. Sanjay Kumar says:

    Hello Dr.

    My mother 67 year old, suffering sever indigestion, constipation, acidity and vomiting even if she has lightest of the food. She is having this trouble since past 4 months, allopathic medicine works but the problem reoccures once she stop taking medicine. I want you to help me with some good homeopathy medicines.

  116. I had been suffering from giadiasis for 2 had finished problm but in stool undigested food is coming out. Bloting gas is in excess.inflammation in bowel loops are seen.motion of stomach is not gud.weight is loosing continuously.

  117. SHOBHNATH SINGH says:

    Respected Dr. Sharmaji – I am 63 years old person.

    I want to inform you that one kind of sound comes from head 24 hours as sai sai from 2/3 months. I am getting black stool (paddy) and also suffering from cough problem. My stomach never becomes empty. After eating, facing too much trouble and get relief after 4/5 hrs. Please solve the problem of the following
    1) One kind of sound comes from head listening as sai sai 24 hours. I could not understand the sound is listening from Ear or
    2) Cough problem
    3) Stomach never becomes empty
    4) After eating the food I feel too much trouble and after passing 3/4 hrs I feel well.
    5) Black/Brown stool always from long days.
    Please solve my problem and highlight about the treatment to cure the above mentioned decease.
    Shobhnath Singh
    Kolkata, West Bengal (India)
    Mob : 9007880970

  118. Hello doctor
    I am facing lot of indigestion, use to eat very less and feel stomach is full all the time , feel very weak and heavy head after meals, feels hot in my hands and eye all the time, very thirty all the time instead of drinking litres of water, use to get loose motions after eating outside, motion is at least 2-3 time generally after eating meals but small amount passes every time, usaully sticky not solid and some times I can see particles of food that I have eaten.
    I am putting up weight although use eat light food and less in quantity, all the time I feel weak and heavy head
    Please help

  119. Hello doctor I’am facing the problem of indigection& constipation & I am loosing my weight also please suggest me some good medicine doctor please give me your ph. NO & address of your clinic thx

  120. Dear sir,
    I’m facing the problem of I’m very week for this problem.before this problem i was 70kg but now I’m 59kg for this problem.
    Which medicine can remove this problem suggests me please please please.

  121. manjinder says:

    Sir i facing problem during go to toilet i become very thik and my stomach beat like heart and stomach pain when i push him from middle point,i was going two time in day and same as this problem come next day

  122. Hi Dr Sharma,
    My husband ia having some stomach problem from years. But it comes and goes. All reports are normal. But we haven’t gone for endoscopy yet. He feels pain in stomach sometimes after eating dinner or when he wakes up in morning. Sometimes its continues but other times it comes and goes. We hv to rush to hospital if the pain doesn’t go away and goes very worse. We don’t take any spicy foods. Drink lots of water. Is it any kind of gas pain? Or something serious?

  123. Vipin Patel says:

    i am suffering from post meal sleep after 30- 40 minute after morning breakfast, & after lunch & dinner even after take less food. pl suggest homeopathic medicine to solve the problem.

  124. ATAL B NAGDEV says:

    Iam suffering from acidity and indigetion like vomating but not vomate bloating fear and uncomfortable my age is 50 Which medicine to take

  125. my stomich is dieterb. my stomich did not wark propely. thatwhy i can.t take any allopathy medicine. and also not eat red meet. please tell me

  126. MURULI DHAR PANDE says:


  127. Vijay Kumar says:

    My son is 2 year and 7 months old. He complains stomach pain on regular basis. In a month 2-3 times he faces this problem. We also consuluted with allopathic doctors and they prescribed treatment for stomach infection. After full treatment he is feeling same problem on frequent basis. Please tell what is the cause of this frequent problem and what is best remedy in Homeopathy.

  128. Ashutosh Tripathi says:

    I have to go to toilet 6-7 times a day. It seems that no quantity of food is absorbed in my system. There is no problem of very hard stool or loose motion. I have tried Nux Com, Lycopodium, Colocynth, Phosphorus but the problem remains. Only thing that works is complete avoidance of food and water. But then hunger is felt. My age is 48 yrs and this problem is since last 15 years. Can you please suggest something.

  129. Shaleni Reddy says:

    Hi, sir I had this upper abdomemn problem for like 4 yrs whenever I eat or drink water it gets bloated and tight. Recently I have noticed at one spot left side it’s itchy and painful. Can I get some homeopathic remedy for that pliz. Did so many test nothing showed up . Thanks!

  130. ANIMESH DINGAL says:


    • Moonilal Ganase says:

      After a meal I feel extremely tired and all my muscles ache, in addition I feel very sleepy; in fact I fall asleep. The problem is so acute I do not even have the energy to move agter a meal. I feel very lethargic after waking up. I also become constipated on a regulsr basis.

  131. It was a great help reading this article. A very nice step to help those in trouble.
    Dear sir, what if one is unable to pass stool and has severe gas issues. A severe pain in abdomen causes to wake up again and again and even after sitting for long in washroom, no stool is passed and it seems that the stomach is heavily filled up…

  132. Hi sir

    Faisal here, I HV suffering lever prlm for a long time….i HV one main prlm is lose motion or or narmaly 2 to 3 time in a day….
    I HV not too much use junk food and all….but I HV that prlm for a long time..plz suggest the permanent solution of my prlm I m fastrate totaly…plz suggest



  133. Rabbul Amin says:

    Respected Sir,
    With due respect I inform you, I am 34 yrs old having chronic indigation problem with lose stool, no blood, white amobiosis present. I have only thiroid, lipid profile to suger all normal. I done latrine 3 to 4 time daily with loose stools & bcome tired. Suggest me sir

  134. My two year old kid is having a poor digestion. He cannot digest anything heavy and is suffering from frequent loose motions. All the routine tests have been done , no other disorder observed. We need to improve digestion. Is there any homeo medicine which can bring relief?

  135. Richard de Launey says:

    dear Doctor, Recently I have been suffering from loose motion twice daily, sometimes after lunch couple of times, now I am having pain under my right rib cage, the pain is not continuous it just comes and goes with a feeling of something stuck under the rib cage goes, away after burp or flatulence. I was diagnosed for gallstones 1n the year 1995 for which i had taken homeopathic medicine. I live in Bangladesh if u prescribe medicine I dont know how to pay for the medicine.


  136. b d ghose says:

    Kimdly suggest good homeopathy medicin for improving my diagestion problems like I get presser for toilet at least after 2 hrs of my breakfast in place in early morning & once I get presser I can not waite .this cause very inconvenient, can go out side 10 AM. This has started from 4/5 yrs ago. My age is 65. I am a diabetic pation taking alopathy medicin regularly.


    Dear sir,

    I am facing pain in chest and back due to accumulation of gas. My Stool is clear and digestive problem is less than before. Kindly suggest me whether it can be cured by taking Homeopathy medicine and which one i should take to cure it permanently. I gone through other check ups like ecg and ultrasound where my report is normal.

  138. Hello sir, good morning. My problem is that recently, I hv observed that my motions are not satisfactory most of the time. I do not get the urge for motions everyday and even after stool passage , I can sense some stomach heaviness , gas etc… I am even not having good appetite nowadays. After breakfast , I fill my stomach is somewhat heavy even during the lunch time. I also keep getting burrps from time to time. Regarding my lifestyle, I get up around 4:30 in morning as my ofc shift starts at 6 am. I sleep around 11 to 11:30 in night and have dinner by 10 – 10:30. It would be great if you could suggest me some remedy for this. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards, saikat

  139. GURJEET SINGH says:

    Dr sahib Top of the day.

    SIR. MY SON AGED 18 YEARS SUFFERING A PROBLEM Going washroom after having food.pse prescribe a homeopathic medicines which would be suitable to him.


  140. Tina farndell says:

    My kinesiologist diagnosed me with a hernia as I had indesgtion and a lump in my throat which was treated, the indegestion is better however the lump sensation increases throughout the day. My doctors want to give me acid tablets however I don’t feel great taking them. What would you suggest please

  141. S s kohli says:

    Hello I m 62years old. I m diabetic.please tell me homeopathy medicine.Thankyou

  142. dr.sharma…i have stomach probleam…very much…when i eat.. soon my stomach feel heavy…i can’t stand up…it like bloat…but not for stool…gurgling sound..and mild pain..i use abies can 200.but not so much effetive

  143. monichandan chatterjee says:

    I am being treated for hypothyroidism but im having weight vit d is at 22 and tsh has fallen from 37 to 13.the issue is tht I am having an urge to pass stools after five mins of consuming lunch and stools r smelly and not hard.i also hv worms and took zentel on the 31st.i really want this rush to the toilet to stop.Earlier I used to pass one good motion in the whole day.

  144. sajawal khan says:

    Dear doctor, i have been suffring from stomach since long time. i feel burning in my throat.i cannot eat sweet etc. i feel gas much after eating.please prescribe some good homeo medicines for me.Thanks.sajawalkhan.

  145. Sir, a I hav serious degetion problm ..
    Upsat stomach…gas…and mucus in stomach…

    • Priyanka says:

      Sir , I am having stomach pain, indigestion, bloating gurgling sound, vomiting, irritable bowel movements some times it can be 7-8 times in a day and some times 1 time and not like normal stool.
      Please suggest me some good homoeopathic medicine as I was suffering from January from these problems.
      Also give me some references from where I can buy these medicine??
      I have been diagnosed with ulcer last year in January H. Plyori bacteria was there.

      It would be helpful
      I m taking allopathic medicine from so many years for my stomach problems but didn’t get satisfaction and permanent solution.

      Please help me.

  146. A K Awasthi says:

    I am 69 nine years old. Do yoga 1 hour in morning daily still feel bloated stomach after lunch . I eat little but get acidic feel in chest in evening. Please suggest medicine

  147. Sir..

    I feel heavyness in stomach after having food especially after lunch. I am 45 years old female.. I feel discomfort due to this problem. Kindly advice homeo medicine. The gas forming in stomach is not going out.

  148. Vinod mishra says:

    Dear Sir,

    i am 38yers old suffering from indigetion & acidity for long time and fistula from from few weeks Dr.advise to surgery.

    please suggest homeopathy medicine for the both of problem.

    Vinod MISHRA

    • Vinod mishra says:

      Dear Sir,

      i am 38yers old suffering from indigetion & acidity for long time and fistula from from few weeks Dr.advise to surgery.

      please suggest homeopathy medicine for the both of problem.

      Vinod MISHRA

  149. My FAther is 60 years old..from last a week always he feels mouth is watering ..So he went for a doctor , he tested with ECG on empty stomach and told there is white fungal infection inside the abdomen..

    Why this occurs and what is the remedy for same..

  150. P.Anilkumar says:

    Hi sir namashyakaram iam Anilkumar my problom liver6 years back NIMS HYD telangana state India liver spleenotomy surgery conducted Dr beerappagaru sge recently health problom tests advise liver small polips willsonsdisese animia of irandefency weight loss hematology problom grouth increase no age-36 plese advise my problem medesion surgery cal any treatment advise to my problom thankyou

    • Divya David says:

      Dear Dr
      I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and it gets worse on eating spicy,oily and fried foods. Often results in loose motions, cramps in stomach, feeling of nausea and a desire to vomit.
      I am 30years old.
      Kindly suggest

  151. vineet sharma says:

    Sir i have long time problem stomach i am going to toilet for fresh in a day 4 time and early in morning i am going 3 time

  152. R. P. Malik says:

    I am suffering from stomach gas , cramps and joint pain as soon as I tried to sleep .please sujjest remedies

  153. kakali Basu says:

    With regard doctor
    I suffer from burping of food consumed long I had lunch two three hours back. Don’t feel comfortable with stomach conditions etc. Also have irregular bowels.please send me remedies.

  154. Dear Sir,
    i m suffering from stomach disorder indigestion, stomach ulcer and gastric problem for last 6 months. l have lost much weight about 30kg during this period. i have tried herbal as well as alopathic medicine but of no use. Please tell me some medicine

  155. T P Madhusudan says:

    Since 10 days I am having chest and stomach pain after I pass motion in the morning and remains upto 30 minutes Kindly suggest remedy Regards – Madhusudan – 65 yrs

  156. PrabhunathSingh says:

    I am suffering from gastric problem since 2004. Initially, it was constipation and gases with abdominal pain, heart burning, sleepiness etc. Presently, gas & abdominal pain occurs when stomach is empty (especially 3.00 to 4.00 hours after eating at night approximately 3 t0 4 AM every day. In the situation normal/cold water drinking is increased the abdominal pain and gas whereas warm water with lemon juice or fresh/warm food gives reliefs from both. similar situation is also found at 3 to 4 pm in day. some other important systems are pain occurs in waist and back after 5-00 o’clock (morning) if continued to sleep. Increasing Pain in right shoulder is another symptoms when gas occurs. some medicines which is able to do tight stool is beneficial to reduce gas but it push upward the gas and trouble to release downward way and it is caused of heaviness and pain in super abdomen as well night sleeplessness. Ant amoeba histolyka is founding several time in stool test in spite of using regular dose of anti amoebic medicines .

  157. Sridip kumar mondal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I have a chronic dysentry and also constipation.I am suffering from indigestion, constipation dysentry,gastrities,acidity,dry mouth,sour mouth,sleeplessness,weakness,tired feeling,hurt burn,rumbling sound in stomach,tiredness in legs,trembইং hands and legs,pls pres me medicine

  158. Ashok Gautam says:

    My grand daughter is 5 yr old. She has history of nasal bleeding- last being about 10-15 days back. She vomited blood clots today early morning asking with undigested food and after 20 minutes, vomited fluid was reddish in color. The doctor gave injections so that she sleeps and rests a while. After 90 minutes, she again threw up blood mixed fluid. She has just now been admitted in hospital for observation and tests if any. There she vomited again but this time, there was no blood. Please advise immediate and long term remedy asap

  159. nice article says:


  160. dear doc Sharma I have upset stomach in social gatherings intact I have social anxiety my stomach become upset in social situation I have lost of gas my stomach become empty in minutes and I have constipation and bloating plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me I am in trouble since 15 years

  161. harpreet singh says:

    i hsrpreet singh my problam is pain in right side lower abdomin during 3 years ihave take many alopathy homyo and ayourvadic madisons but no result ,i take ct scane,conoloscopy,its ok report ,

  162. raj singh says:

    Sir i am often appetite by loose motin or when we eat samosa or chiken .so loose motin is set on..due to this problem my weight is going to decrease .sir plz help me

  163. Sukrut kalyan pattanayak says:

    I am from Odisha, India. My wife aged around37 yrs. suffering common constipation from her childhood. Since last two years she is having pain in her lower abdomen associated with constipation or scanty defecation, soon after her menstruation cycle. Its starts from the fifth day of the cycle and last for another six to seven days. Also her stomach, you can say, filled with gas causing pain in lower abdomen region. we tried many permutation combination of allopathy medicine, but no permanent solution got. every month it is repeat treatment done. she is becoming panic as it starts. pl advise some solution.

  164. K.Vamsi Krishna says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Vamsi from viziangaram.My grand father is 76 years old suffering from liver problem.He is not getting free motion since week days.please,suggest me any solution to cure this problem.
    Please,help me and reply.
    With regards
    Thank you

  165. Sohinder kaur says:

    Dear doctor,
    I have burping on empty stomach problem for a long time.
    I also have digestion problems.
    Kindly advise

  166. Naveen Kumar says:

    Hi Dr,
    Hope you a healthy life.
    Dr, I have problems with my digestive system.
    What I eat in breakfast, launch, dinner etc,it doesn’t go well.
    Gas in abdomen, acidity in stomach, sure liquid return to throat after any eating, white worms in stool etc.
    Could you please guide me on above mentioned with Homeopathy medicine?

  167. Sagar bose says:

    Pat bagta hai.Pat ma jalan hai.age=53 years

  168. bharat otwani says:

    i am having indigestion problem due to that gas get form and also stole is sticky and iam having also acid reflux problem ,in morning constipation problem, due gas stole is blocked and stole doesnot pass properly and because of sticky stole its does not passs properly so please suggest me what can do

    thanks sir

  169. zacharia vp says:

    I was having belching for long time. I meet a gastroenterologist dr. he gave medicine for the belching and gas pain. and the belching cured and foul smelly farts start with yellow soft. pallet foul smelly stool. some time sausage shape stool with foul smelly stool. and I meet ayurveda dr he gave medicine and it cured the stool but before completing the medicine I got stomach pain after drinking ayurveda medicine then I meet pancreatic dr he scan pancreas and x-ray and done blood test all normal and gave enzyme tablet then the stool become normal after some day I use to travel to chennai. for breakfast I eat bananas and control some then again the stool started to become pasty with yellow and gas pain. then I meet another dr he ask me to do routine stool test. in the test it say all normal. but now the dr ask me to do colonoscopy and may be to do endoscopy. but I am afraid to do since this test will damage the abdomen and may need surgery. I think this is only digestion problem since only problem now is foul smelly farts and foul smelly stool with soft or hard stool with cardboard color. some time having stomach pain once I bleaching or fart the pain relief. I think if I eat chapati. potato. Coffee I got the stomach pain. so what shall I do ? some

  170. Mohammad Amir khan says:

    Hello sir, i am from Nepal and 21 year old. i have been suffering from gastric and constipation for last 3 years. If i don’t drink water continuously in 1 hr interval,i cant have a toilet. I used to go toilet at least 5-6 time a day and toilet is not hard though. And if i don’t eat in time like 5 am,it start making gas in stomach and that cause pain in heart portion and head too. I truely so frustrated and i have hair fall problem too. I cant study by sitting with folded legs. Please help me sir with your suggestion.

  171. Dr.saberhussan says:

    Abdominal burning pain right kidney to liver then left side {patient age 35 years}

    • Sharwan tyagi says:

      Aviral Tyagi From Gurgaon Haryana India Hello Sir, I’m from India & Ten year old. I have been sufring for gastric Problem & Pain for last one month because my Stomatch infication very high & my Dr. allopathic medicines like high dose. So I am sufering gastric Problem with gastric truble Pain my stomatch & head Repted each twelve hours intervals Daily basis morning & Evening . My small meal not disation properly. Sir suggedted medicines.

  172. hi, I’m a lady, 60 years of age. I’m suffering from severe numbness of extremities and swelling all over the body, there is no life in my feet but I feel numbness severely. I’m not suffering from diabetes. Pl. suggest exercise, diet & vitamins or medicine

  173. Blockage in Uterus feeling pain specially in night specially lower part of stomach . Sonography report nothing no stone seen blockage of undigested food or something else which remedy and potency is best in this case plz recommend.

  174. summer sarma says:

    Sir I am suffering from dysentry from last 10 to 15 years no doctor could cure me m too sad am weak n thin please help me

  175. mriganka maji says:

    Dr.i am 18 years old…i have stomach probleam.Dr.when i eat something…soon my upper stomach is sounding….and press feeling…why…and have any medicine????

  176. D Paul Isaac says:

    I have a burnt oil feeling sensation after eating oily food . I also suffer from acidity.
    Can you please suggest any remedy for this and have you come across such symptoms?

    Best Regards,
    D. Paul Isaac


  178. ARUN KUMAR says:

    I am suffering for stomach pain continuouslyfrom last 3 week ,please suggest medicine for it .

    • sekhar basu says:

      I am suffering from pain at upper abdomen when stomach is empty. Pain is relieved after taking some food. Pl. Tell me what will be homeopathy remedy so that I can relieve from the problem. Awaiting for your reply.

  179. Bhaskar Chakraborty says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My son (1 yr. 11 month) is suffering from cold and caugh. After consulting a physician I tried “Spongia 30, brionia 30, belladona 200, and justicia mother tincture” but the problem is not solved. His nose is always full of liquid. Kindly advise what shall I do now


    Dear Doctor : For a long period of time, I have been suffering from heaviness in the stomach, even after little intake of food, bowel movement is also very irregular. I hardly feel to eat. I tried with conventional allopathic medicines like high dose of antacid but no respite.

    In this context, i would like to add that I am moderate smoker and fond of eating sweets.

    If there is any positive remedies thru homeopathy, kindly advise.

    Thanks and Regards :

    • A K Sundarrajan says:

      Dear Dr:
      whenever I eat Potato, Taro root fry and Vada my stomach bloats, feel pain near the footpipe and stomach joint on chest. Sometimes there will be burping, yawning and headache will start. My age is 45, male. please let me know what medicine would be apt.

  181. Faisal Riaz says:

    Assalam-o-alaikum sir. My name is Faisal and I am 40 years old. I have pain in stomach (back side). It increases after eating spicy food,oily food, fried things etc.
    It wakes me at 3 am in the morning. Tea etc also increases the pain. Large amount gas is produced after eating .pain is also there around stomach opening under the ribs.
    Please suggest some medicine.


  182. Sir
    meri age 38 Hai aur mujhe Dr. Nai celiac desease batai hai endoscopy kai baad.mai gluten free diet pe hoo.
    mujhe bas ek problem ab bhi hai ki motion jo mai morning mai jata to thoda oily or loose hota hai.gluten free diet se mera wait bhi baada hai H.b kam tha jo ab 12 Ho gaya hai.
    Dr. Sahab kaha rahai kuch din mai theek hoga

  183. after eating food stomach full with burn

  184. Pankaj Shah says:

    I am 50 years old having liver cirrhosis problem. I am not a drinker at all. I had water accumulation in liver in Feb 2015. But after that all my reports of LFT and kidneys are normal. My hemoglobin is not increasing above 10. My palate count is 125,000 only. Many of times I am having stomach pain. Then I have to take antibiotic.
    I am taking diabetes pill everyday.
    Please suggest me suitable homeopathy medicine which I can take to improve upon my health.
    Thanks and regards.

  185. I am 75 years old, female. I have acid indigestion , swelling of abdom, nausea from time to time and pain. This occurs a lot more with weather change. They just put me on 600 mg of Zantac twice a day!!!! Is this normal and can you help me?
    Thank you

  186. Hello Dr,

    My 17 months old baby has gastric problem which aggravates at night. She is very active during the day but starts crying at night because of pain in stomach. We give her colic aid and after which she could release gas and sleeps. She gets up 2/3 times at night because of pain & sleeps once she passes gas. Pls suggest some remedy for this problem.

  187. Bhupendra Giri says:

    Within around 20 years of time I suffered five times stomach cramp,sweating followed liquid stools,and after stool passed out body gets cool and sweating stops,resulty feel weak. However just two months before sweating lasted ten minutes and after exerting stools sweating stopped and fearing sent to emergency. Blood tests were found normal and I was discharged. But just before one week it repeated stomach cramp and sweating with fainted on the floor around five minutes. After getting conscious liquid stools exerted and with weak and low temperature 95 I went to hospital for head C T scan where everything were normal. Later I went for endoscopy and colonoscopy which showed all negative. Thus the reasons for aforementioned problems is still unknown. I am 67 years old with no heart problems I don’t smoke and drink at all. But for the last three weeks I am taking 5 mg of blood pressures tablet. Now on right B P it is 140/90 and on left it is 130/80.

  188. Suresh nayak says:

    A patient suresh nayak 70 yrs old longtime asthma patient has severe burning in stomach 1/2 hour after eating with burps through throat maybe due to excess acid but gets relief if he lies down .can you suggest the medicine please thank you

  189. Modud Rahman says:

    Sir, Good evening. My problem is I used take alcohol on regularly. Though presently I stop taking it.But now I am suffering from gas, indigestion,associated with severe heart burning and burps that cause burning in the throat. I took lots of alopathy medicine, like rebraparazole, Zintac, Rantac. But all are in vain. My age is 65+.I don’t eat very rich food. I take rice in lunch and chapati roti in dinner.
    Sir pl help this poor person, with good advice. Thanks

  190. Dear Sir,
    I am from Bangladesh and age 42 years. I am suffering belly pain (Abdominal pain) locate one or both side from last one year. Pain start suddenly and after 4/6 hours pain is decreases. Pain strays for 2 to 4 days. After 2/4 days pain automatically removes. For the last one year I am feeling pain total four times, first time December’ 2015, 2nd time February’ 2016, 3rd time October’ 2016 and 4th time December’ 2016. Sir, by what type of disease I am suffering and please advise me, what i am doing now.

    Thanking you sir.
    With best regards.
    Bijoy Das

  191. Subrata Sarkar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am facing the following stomach problem for the last 7-8 years.
    01. Very offen almost every day, there is reflux( with acid and even without acidity).Part of food comes out through mouth after taking water at lunch or dinner.
    02. Stool passes as loose or very narrow and small pieces.Also having constipation problems.
    03. I feel Stomach is full even I take small amount of food.
    04 Sromach pain left।right and lots of sound

    Request you to advice me to resolve the above problems.

    • Dear Sir,
      I am from Bangladesh and age 42 years. I am suffering belly pain (Abdominal pain) locate one or both side from last one year. Pain start suddenly and after 4/6 hours pain is decreases. Pain strays for 2 to 4 days. After 2/4 days pain automatically removes. For the last one year I am feeling pain total four times, first time December’ 2015, 2nd time February’ 2016, 3rd time October’ 2016 and 4th time December’ 2016. Sir, by what type of disease I am suffering and please advise me, what i am doing now.

      Thanking you sir.
      With best regards.
      Bijoy Das

  192. vishal dubey 40 yrs says:

    hello sir
    I’m currently suffering from gross hyderonephrosis in kidneys n750 m.l p.v.r.u with neurogenic bladder . problem in L4 , L5 and S1,S2,S5 in spinal cord sir suggest me some good medication for better treatment.

  193. vishal dubey 40 yrs says:

    hello sir
    I’m currently suffering from gross hyderonephrosis with neurogenic bladder . problem in L4 , L5 and S1,S2,S5 in spinal cord sir suggest me some good medication for better treatment.

  194. p.r.n.subrahmanya sai says:

    I have inherent digestive problem since childhood. recurrent visit to toilet for passing stools. three times
    a day after food. Gastric problem also persists causing heaviness in stomach and chest like heart burn.
    I used carboveg and nox vomica regularly. I am a BP patient and type-II diabetic using allopathy and both
    are under control with medicine. I am sensitive in nature. Aged at 56 yrs(male). sometimes feels depressed also. please suggest good homeo remidy for above problems for permanent cure.

  195. Badri prasad says:

    Namaskar,my name is badri, I am 32 years old, height 5.3”, weight 72 kg. I am suffering from many diseases like indigestion, heart burning,gas,belching, flatulence, constipation, loss of appetite, hair loss,hair graying, sexual disorder, farting all time since last 7 to 8 years. I had a bad practice of masturbation from a very earlier age of 15. along with I have a practice of chewing tobacco. when I put it on mouth, heart burning is started after few moments. I have tried Homeo medicines like nux vom, carbo veg, lycopodium, hydrastis of 200 pot. by homeopaths.But these medicines are ineffective. please suggest me which medicine will I take to cure my problems.
    A response is requested.

    • sir,
      hello,my name is badri, I am 22 years old, height 5.5”, weight 48 kg. I am suffering from many diseases like indigestion, heart burning,gas,belching, flatulence, constipation, loss of appetite, hair loss,hair graying, sexual disorder, farting all time since last 7 to 8 years. I had a bad practice of masturbation from a very earlier age of 15. along with I have a practice of chewing tobacco. when I put it on mouth, heart burning is started after few moments. . please suggest me which medicine will I take to cure my problems.
      A response is requested.

  196. after taking pork sausage pain in the stomach and bloated.Can you please suggest a medicine?

  197. bijoy sutradhar. says:

    Sir my problem is dispepsia.feeling full after eating very little With very small pain in stomach..pls sir tell me best homeopathy medicine and its age is 25. Weight 61.

  198. BASIT TARIQ says:


  199. Anita Mathias says:

    I have an allergic sneezing problem which seems to be digestion related.
    What can I take for it.

  200. My son who is 30 years old has been suffering from a bloated abdomen . He has a stretched feeling in that region but no pain. He has to pass motions as soon as he gets up in the morning and the motions are not formed but slightly on the liquid side. Besides this he has belching and if he eats some heavy meals he gets headaches.
    Please advise.

  201. Niranjan soo says:

    Sir ,my daughter of 15 years old ,name Sneha soo slim ,fair. she has allergetic eyes .Off and on morning itching of eyes begins from inner canthi ,after rubbing itching aggravates ,eyes are bloating and lachrimation .Then sneezing ,coryza begin.Her menses are late and normal form.She is chilly.she desires salty foods.She is nervous ,timid .

  202. I am 63 years old and having cornic problem of stool. in the morning I AM TO RUSHED TO TOILET FOR PASSING STOOL THAT WAS VERY LIQUID AND OUT OF CONTROL. I also suffering upper abdomen pain and whole abdomen gas. I also suffering from heart problem and continue to take alopat hy medicine.please find the homeopathy medicine right now.

    • Dr sharma
      my daughter is 6yrs n 9months old.Her height n weight is according to her age but she has stomach problem, most of the time she complains in school regarding stomach pain n vomit .many times she had done vomit in school. This is not any false excuse she actually has this problem. every morning she complains about headache n pain back side of her ears..I had given some alopathic medicines but not permanent cure.
      could u plz guide me.

  203. vanita kavade says:

    Hellow Dr Sharms i suffering from stomach pain since from 15 days already taken alopathy medicines but still suffering the same no omitting but need to go toilet for many more times with tight stools so please suggest medicine

  204. Sir have been yesterday eat a on omelet(egg). My stomach is loose motions till now in liquidity please let good remedies for me by Shiva

  205. prateek surana says:

    Sir,I have been experiencing indigestioindigestio, constipation and bloating from last 1 morning I have incomplete evacuation.. Kindly suggest

  206. RATAN KUMAR says:

    Hello sir,
    I have an indigestion problem tried homeopathy treatment ,Ayurvedic and allopathy treatment but the period I took medicine it is ok but as I leave the same problem occur,,,, recently I tried norfloxacin 400 mg (allopathy drug) everything was ok my digestion , gas, weakness, my sleep ,but as soon as I left Problem still continues ,please suggest

  207. MANASI SHIRKE says:

    Dear sir,

    I am suffering of gastric problems and also digestive problems. I do 2 to 4 stools every day, after eating any food I have to go toilet. In the year 2009(that time my age was 39 yrs) , after second delivery these problems get started . As I am working woman it is irritable to me to go to toilet two to four time, My most of time goes to toilet. Now my age is 46 years. Due to digestive problems another problems are born, sometimes there is swelling and paining at toilet place. I have taken alopathic treatment. But no use.

    Doctor, please help me in this case.

  208. Khurram latif says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am suffer in gastric problems since 3 years, my digestive system is not working good. I do 2 or 3 stools, occasionally loose & heard, I did alopathic treatment but no affect for long term. Doctors said I have IBS.
    I have much gas trouble, belch , bloating, flatulence, nausea,.
    Please tell what I do?

    • Sandip Sinha says:

      Dear sir,
      Five years back, I was diagnosed with hytus hernia (on the upper side of stomach just below the left diaphragm and where esophagus meets stomach) , antral gastritis & internal piles, when I suffered with acute constipation with hard black stool. Simultaneously, high bp 140/90 & higher pulpitation was diagnosed. When I consulted a cardiologist, I underwent TMT which was negative. Cardiologist suggested me medicines for gas. I was also having complaint of cramps or muscle pull on the upper back, left & mid side stomach, on fleshy part of left arm, My stomach mainly lower abdomen feels bloated during evening time. Sometimes I feel air moving in lower abdomen with gur-gur type sound. At that time, I need urination. Air passes normally when I stand up. By profession I am a banker with long sitting hours at Patna in bihar. I desire sweet. I always think that I may have heart problems but all tests are normal for last five years. I prefer to be with my family. Sexual life is good. I feel Pulpitation increased on hearing any disturbing news or matter. Plz suggest some medicines for me. Please share the procedure to remit consultation fees. Regards

  209. rajesh pandey says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My 11 years old daughter is on Thyronorm medication does 62.5 mcg for hypothyroidism. She also have alopecia areta. Antibody tested fir thyroid is positive . Alopecia waw corrected by Bakson homeopathic after taking 3 years continue medicine but again started. Homeopathy medicine from Bakson continued
    Please suggest permanent cure for hypothyroidism and alopecia

  210. Devender Kumar says:

    My 7 yr old daughter suffering from fiver with vomiting , abdomen pain with wait loss from last 2.5 month .pls suggest me sir

  211. garimella Kishore says:

    Dear Sir,

    Suffering due to indigestion problems. I started chewing and taking small meals. Earlier I had severe burning in stomach. I stopped all spices. Now I do not have any appetite. Always feeling stool sensation. Some times gases aggravate, while other times, I do not have any desire for eating. I have become physically weak At present taking carboveg -30 to fight gas for chest and back pain due to gas. Some relief is there but on the whole appetite is very weak

  212. Hi ,
    I m 29 years old married women. I have 2 kids . I want to give you some history of my case . In 2011 i was suffered with double typhoid and in the reaction of med which i had taken for typhoid I suffered with jaundice. After recovering from typhoid and jaundice i got pregnant during delivery i got complications . After delivery dr do DNC . In dnc my uterus was perforated then i take homeopathy. In 2012 Then I suffered from malaria 2 times i was hospitalized also where they gave me 29 injections in 6 hours. Then in 2015 i had operation for pregnancy now i m telling you my condition below
    Low blood sugar
    Low blood pressure
    Get upset very quickly
    Shaking of hands and body some time
    head dizziness
    2 Motions in morning (1 after waking up in the morning and 2nd after breakfast)
    Shortness of breathing
    Heaviness between both breast
    Feeling of blocking in throat some time
    Can’t bear hot weather
    Pain in stomach
    Sometimes Feel like everyone is lying to me
    Sometimes pain in liver
    My hands and legs gets numb and tingling
    Feeling of head is going to backwards
    Dirty like don’t take shower for weeks and don’t brush my teeth for months
    Wake up in the morning at 8 am
    Sometimes talk with myself
    Making some stories to satisfy myself
    Sometimes think that everyone is selfish
    My hairs are very dull
    Nail biting
    Shy and less confident
    Pain in left side of head and neck
    Pain in eyes
    Pain in ears
    Infection and pus in tooth and gums
    Pain in left underarm
    Afraid of my illness
    I’m afraid of doing anything because my condition gets worse
    I’m so upset I can’t do any work of my home i feel so tired and i feel so much weakness if i do any kind of work . I can’t play with my kids I can’t handle them . My condition getting worse day by day please help me

  213. Dear Dr Sharma
    My wife is suffering from dyspepsia, In fact this is sort of dyspepsia, there is no burning sensations in stomach but have excessive gas in stomach and with lot of belching and numbness in whole left side and arm and usually all this start in evening

  214. Imran mahmood says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    I m suffering from indigestion,acidity burning in food canal,gas,pain in forehead and in neck back,pain in shoulders in legs calf(get relief from stretching)acidity usually get worst in evening,after drinking juices,eating vomiting.motion dark brown colour.little problem of piles too.plz suggest me remedy.Thanks

  215. Ramesh Kumar sinha says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am a male 0f 77 years. during the last one year I am having following problems
    1 Very mild pain in lower abdomen ring particularly in the morning
    2. It appears that rectum is not able to expell stool. I have to do bending exerscise for partial expulsion of stool. My colonoscopy test is normal.
    3. Belching after food and very mild burning sensation in stomach.
    4. Not much appetite.
    loosing weight.
    5 Nervous temperament. Imagine that some serious disease like cancer but all tests have ruled out that. liking for sweets
    6. mild Burning in leg soles on and off

  216. I have a stomach problem about 8 pain in stomach ,no vomitting..but motion problem..motion not clear fully…but feels go to motion .daily I am suffering from this problem.sometimes motion going 2 3 times but always feeling to go toilet…means full day..
    sir, can u suggest something to this problem?

  217. S.D.Balakriksha says:

    I am having bloated stomach at all times. Gas is filled in stomach and goes out with diarrreahea. Soon after consuming food, severe bloated stomach with constant diarreahea begins. But, there is no sotmach pain and no heartburn. Please suggest remedy

  218. pradipta Sinha says:

    Sir I have been suffering for few weeks indigestion problem.irr regular bowel syndrome. I have also heart burn .I have no alcoholic or smoking habit.which medicine should I taken.

  219. Stomach not properly clear feeling in morning after fresh and every time hedeque due to this eyesight weak suggest me to take remedy for the same 9829827981

  220. sir im getting from mouth like splitting some percentage of food and liquids i take

  221. Hello sir., meri behen ku food digestion nahi hota. Ye problem 15 years se hai. Bahut mediciens try kare magar kuch result nahi. Homeo medicien suggest kijiye sir. Thk u sir. Ham aap ke answer ka intejar karenge…

  222. Sir, mujhe pet mein bhut dard rhta h. Dard pure pet mein rhta h , jbki main kuch asa esa bhi nhi khati. Or dard asa hota h jse chot lgne pr jakham mein hota h. sir please mujhe koi rai de.

  223. this is Nayana from Bangalore India..I am 19 years old and I am just 19 kgs.i am suffering from health problems…I was a very healthy child at young…it started wen I was 13 years old..I had thyroid and my gall bladder from removed due to multiple stones…then at the age of 15 both my kidneys failed…suddenly and the doctor have no reason for it…I was under dialysis for 1 year…but in the middle I started with bulimia…I used to eat a lot and vomit forcefully..because of this within 1 year I reduced from 54 to 25 kgs…I stared this vomiting due to fear…then I had my kidney transplant..but after after dat I had lot of infection..again I started with vomiting…den I had serious pneumonia…because of this all my organs shrunk…still I have vomiting…my main problem is gastric vomiting and hunger…I am not even able to drink water …whatever I eat forms gas…I can’t pass my motion automatically…I have stomach ache…Al d gas comes from up…there is no muscle in my body and I am totally bony…I fear a lot to eat. Become it does not get digested…I am really suffering a lot and lot …I want to live ..I want get healed completely…I want to move and run around…I really more a miracle in my life..I want tell my testimony to everyone…please give me a solution…I beg u …I can’t even travel …I want a fresh new life in the name of Jesus please help me …

    • I am diabetic 2, and recently my Enjioplasic done for one blockage, I am fully required , but
      some time I get gastric trouble, my sugar in under control and blood pressure is ok

      I am taking following medication for diabetic

      1, Metformin 500 , 4 tablets a day
      2, Aspirin 81 one a day
      3, Davion one a day (for BP)

      Thanking you

  224. good morning sir mujhe kabz ki shikayat hai aor left side me bharipan khane ke bad ho jata hai koi solution bataye

  225. stomach

  226. Anshita gireesh says:

    Gud afternoon sir

    My 15 yrs daughter is saying she is having a pain in the middle of tummy hole protruding lower side
    I gave her digestrol homeo syrup
    Wat else can u prescribe

  227. Sanjeev Sahi says:

    I am a Male 60 yrs old. Have been experiencing pain in abdomen about 30mins after normal bowel movement. Pain lasts for 3/4 hours and subsides on its own. In between I pass wind or burp. Sometimes I pass 2nd bowel after 2/3 hrs of the 1st bowel. All this happens generally in forenoon(in fact all symptoms almost disappear by afternoon). I am also experiencing pulsating pressure in the center of the forehead. Colonoscopy, Stool/Occult Blood, Sugar levels and Ultrasound results are normal. Have lost weight about 15 ks in last 4 years since these episodes started. Kindly advice medicine. Warm Regards. Sanjeev

  228. Dear sir
    I m zaib
    My digestions power is very poor
    After eating food I go to the toilet
    And eating the food my stomach is blank
    And feeling very weakness
    Pls sir give me suggestion

  229. Dear sir
    I am shefeer from kerala cochin, my stomack and motion is disorder, and lot of gas problem , too many pain in heart side and colestrol is high , for all day motion not correct , i see many doctors like alopathy and homeo and ayurveda,
    Pls suggest a better medicine for better motion and gas and digestic problem.

  230. Respected Doctor Saheb,

    My father is 82 years old. He has frequent vertigo complaints. once or twice he fell down also. He was diagnosed cervical spondilytis.

    However, he is also suffering from chronic stomach (irritable bowl syndrome) problems with constipation and acidity . When he is suffering, he has to pass urine very frequently, even some times in two minutes. Only after gas release or stool pass, his condition improves. He is not fair, irritable and very lazy by nature. He has mild high blood pressure for which he is taking alopathic medicines

    He does not take medicines properly as he always believe that he is suffering from very serious ailments and doctors are not able to diagnose.

    • Sir I could not See your reply for problem dated 10 aug 2016
      It is about patient 82 year old, vertigoetc.


  231. Nishant Shah says:

    excessive stomach and intestinal burping, black liquid stools, weight loss,mental illness, weakness I want to get rid of this I am suffering from this from last 2 years have even gone through endoscopy and sonography want to get a permanent relief from this

  232. Ramesh Kumar sinha says:

    I am a 76 year old male, I have been having stomach problem of constipation and amoebic dysentery for last many many years but for the last 4 months it has become more disturbing as follows.

    1.It started with a feeling of constriction at anus and right sided burning sensation at anus with constipation. I had got operated for internal pile in 2001. but now the doctors say that there is no pile.

    2 I had loss of appetite.

    3 Now I am having very mild but disturbing pain in lower abdomen but not continuous.

    4. I have lost 4 kgweight during this period.

    5. I have tried Nux, Sulphur, carboveg , Aesculus all in 200 power but no permanent relief My all blood, ultrasound, reports are normal.

  233. mohini agrawal says:

    Dr., my son is 2 1/2 yrs old. His stomach gets upset frequently and does stools with burp after having meal. He is also very weak, just 11 kgs. But he is active as other children of his age. What should i give him to treat his stomach?

  234. Can homeopaty treat stomach infections

    • How to relieve burning and heat in my stomach. I used to take omeprazole now It doesn’ t works anymore could homeopathy help

  235. Dear dr After Brinjal eating severe allergy. Headache ,cold feet,fever,nausea,cannot open eyes.,dry mouth.kindly advise .mrs Bakshi

  236. Kishore Kumar lahiry says:

    Thanks a lot for giving a beautiful clear directions for the specific medicine needed. Stomach upset is very common in tropical countries like that of ours and especially the aged having a history of week digestive system fails prey to this nagging problem. I have many medicines and try them to keep fit and to avoid allopathy totally. This chart will help me immensely to select the correct medicine henceforth as stomach problem at every two/three months is very common for me and my sons.

  237. tek chetry says:

    Sir I cannot eat as much I decide and want it has been continuing since 3 n more yrs I can eat only a little and don’t have any taste of anything I don’t feel hungry whole day and I’m vry much weak nw my hand shakes nw I’m so thin wanted to become fat n strong

  238. Ramgopal sharma says:

    I am the persion of age 70 jabalpur always every month about my digestive system going upset atleast one week and feeling uneasy in the same period please suggest permanent treatment for it I HOPE SO THANKS

  239. T.Ganesh says:

    What is the best dosage of nux vomica sir.i am suffering from indigetion

  240. ruhi sharma says:

    pain in upper abdomen ..worse more when stomch is empty n aftr urinatn …what is the medicine n diagnosis..

  241. K sampath says:

    Sir my wife having gastric problem to much

  242. zameer shaikh says:

    I hv hyperacidity headace and vertigo from 4 month

  243. Tabassum says:

    My mother age is 55 and she suffering from diabetis , arthritis and thyroid problem. She have backache and lower part pain after take food .specially when she take non veg or rice pain increase more.
    She always complain pain in her lower body.please suggest some remdy.

  244. Ramesh chhotaray says:

    Dear Sir
    I suffering in gas bloting on belly & stool not clear in morning.

  245. I am 40 years old.I feel heaviness in stomach every time after taking meals.My diet is very little.After every meal ,I got pressure and use to go six seven times day.I have gas and colitis problem since last eight years.I don’t take any nonveg or spicy oily food but problem persists.plz help me to come out this problem.I don’t have any blood or mucus or constipation type thing

  246. Azhar Ali Shah says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My case is of some what chronic natur. Since early 2015, I used to feel pain in ascending colon area with acute bloating, especially between 10am to 2pm and 5pm to 11pm. Sometimes it used to get better after having meals and sometimes there was no chang. In those days I’ve frequentbowel movements 2-4 times a day but in small quantities and the pain used to increase.
    I got many treatments, alopathic, homeopathic and natural/herbal. But only the herbal was fruitfu.
    Now since last April the position has got worsen with same problem but with more iintensity. I am getting Hpathy treatment and also keeping fasts. Now the problem has reduced to constipation. I am on Belladonna 200, Silecea 200 in the eveningabout 8pm and Mag Phos 200, Belladonna 200, Colocynthis 200 at dawn about 3:30am (after eating Sehri). If I use some Amylase; the stool passes but too llittle. II’ve frequent urges to pass stool but ineffective.
    In my opinion my pproblem is of constipation and its aaffiliations…
    Can yyouhhelpme in this rregar.


    AAzhar Ali Shah

  247. Deepa Bose says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,

    Good afternoon sir,

    My husband problems is gas.
    Bahut alopathy tretment kiya, test vi hua result aacha hai. Gas se chokkor hati hai.
    Pl suggest me.

    With kindest regards,

    urs sincerely,

    Deepa bose

  248. Hi sir I’m suffering with stomach problems like heaviness after a little eat Evan all the time tight and heavi stomach. When I go to toilet it is not sufficient and satisfactory . It is happening for months and making me weaken continousely. I also have nonbleading piles

  249. MD DANISH says:


  250. Dear Sir,

    I have bad burp problem which smells very bad. Kindly recommend what to do.

  251. Vikram kripalani says:

    I am suffering from gas indigition & mucas in stool……. .I have GB operation last 7 years.. .

  252. Pankaj kumar Agrawal says:

    Dr Saheb, I am an acute patient of weak digestive system. For the last six months this problem has aggravated a lot. even after eating a little food I have a feeling of very tight and full stomach. Gas is not much but it is a ver. uncomfortable situation. Upper part of mouth is a little bit sore after eating. I use to take antacid but it gives temporary relief. I don’t have any liver problem as diagnosed by doctor.

    Please suggest some medicine.

  253. bikash basu says:

    gastric and stomach light pain

  254. Sumant kumar says:

    Dear sir
    Meri sister ka gallbladder nikal diya gaya
    stone ke karan . Ab unhe allopath medicine daily khana hota hai digetion ke liye .alopath medicine ke side effect se bachne ke liye homeo
    -path me koi medicine bataen jisse ki proper digetion ho aur side effect se bhi bacha ja sake.

    Aapka bahut meharbaani hoga

  255. rakesh sharma says:

    Hello sir.
    I have indigestion problem from long time . every morning usually i go to toilet 3-4 time to pass stool.some time it is normal or some time it is watery.after that even i take small meal i need to go to toilet to pass stool & gas also.i tried so many allopathy as well as homeopathy from specialist doctors but this problem is not solved..sir what is the permanent solution of this age is 40 years. Thanks.

    • Dr.Sharma Sir,
      I have frequent loose motions especially in summer season, if I get affected by stomach problem and loose motion. Sometimes I have severe stomach pain. But sometimes I don’t have stomach pain with loose motion. And if I take spicy masala food or butter and ghee food I get immedetely affected by loose motion. So please suggest me homoeopathy medicines and please suggest permenant solution.

  256. M.NANDAKUMAR says:


    I am aged about 58 years. My BP and Sugar levels are normal. I get some offensive smell of sweat in my armpit. It has been started recently (Say two week). I have right should pain also though it is not very severe.
    Awaiting your reply. Thanking you,

    With regards,

  257. Mr.RKN Choudhury says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    Im an ART patient and suffering from abdominal pain mostly after having meals due to stinky gas formation which sometimes may break the wind or sometimes through burping..but often when it stops to relief either way it clogs in my upper abdomen which is very painful …
    I would be highly oblige if you Please suggest some homeopathy medicine for my problem..

    Thanking you,


    Mr.RKN Choudhury,
    Kolkata, INDIA.
    e-mail :

  258. Alok kumar says:

    Dear doctor
    I am 30 years old.For last 40 days i am suffering from a problem that is i have to go to toilet 1 or 2 time after every meal.Feeling of stool cimes after about 2 hrs after meal.Mostly the stool is slightly thicker than watery.And plenty of gas feel. I have taken many alopaty medicine but there is no cure.

  259. i have some sereious acidity problem.last three years i take homeopathy medicine but did not free from can i cure

  260. Neelam shaw says:

    Sir, l m suffering from indigestion, hyper gastric and stomach pain and constipation for long time

    • Jasmeet Singh says:

      Hello sir I m suffering from indigestion,hyper acidity,my tongue coated this problem last 10 years.I m very depressed this problem pls doctor suggest age 32.

  261. Sumit agarwal says:

    Hi. Sir l m suffering from night falls for 3 years

  262. Hello sir.
    I have indigestion problem from long time . every morning usually i go to toilet 3-4 time to pass stool.some time it is normal or some time it is watery.after that even i take small meal i need to go to toilet to pass stool .i tried so many allopathy as well as homeopathy from specialist doctors but this problem is not solved..sir what is the permanent solution of this age is 23 years. Thanks.

  263. baba patil says:

    Hi doctor, I have chronic problem of indigestion since from last 25 years. And i have a habit of taking unienzyme tablet after each meal since from 25 years. I am addict of these tablets. Can homeopathic treatment save me?

  264. my grandfather is 83 years old. and he have Indigestion problem. it is more then a week he have this problem. he eat ok no problem bet when he go to the toilet nothing came out. like the food in his stomach is dry.

  265. Razi Uddin says:

    Fist pain becomes lower stomach after one or two hours upper middle obadminal and stomach also burning any meadcines in homeopathic

  266. Ram pravesh says:

    Dear, Sir
    I am 30 years old male student. My abdomen bloated too much after eating anything or drink water. from last 5 years. No any pain in abdomen, only bloated like drum and too much heavy. Second problem i have not feel for stool. not any sensation in lower abdomen. not feel pressure for stool in 48 hours. if stool pass then its too hard and little. If itake any medecine for pass stool then I go for many time toilet and feel like dysentry. I have passing urine many times a day in a few minutes. I have take alchohal last 6 years, but not too much only 2 or 3 times in a month.
    kindly reply me suitable medecine , dose and potency.
    Thanking you

  267. G jayalakshmi says:

    Hi Doctor, Gas has affected in the right thigh, hip and knee, extreme pain and knee/thigh is heavy, shape of thigh is spoiled, difficult to walk because of knee pain, hip is like bubble when i walk, i went to one homeo doctor, she said its the accumulation of gas plus water, as when I urinate little pain vanishes from knee, please advice if any medicine (homeo), as allopathy medicine have spoiled my health,

  268. I am suffering from stomach burning and high acidity problem from last 2 years

  269. Tarun Kaushik from Ghaziabad. says:

    dear sir,
    before one year bleeding started stool and i go many times in potty and every time blood going with stool n potty was in liquid form means watery loose..homeopathy doctor tell me infection and swelling in my stomach..after the treatment it problem is resolve but my stomach not clean in one time i go two thre time in potty..and potty is semi loose not foammed..i feel that there are some gas or anything in my stomach.may be again infection….i. take treatment of homeopathy around one year….
    this is my problem..please tell me some medicine for this problem sort out….

  270. sukanta prabha says:

    I have two month baby . he cry during urination. Sometime Urin doesnot pass frequently. Which medicine give him . advise me.

  271. kazi h.m. says:

    My name-kazi hm I am suffering to abdominal problem loose motion and stomach pain digestive problem my age- 27 and me homeopathic doctor so solve my problem

  272. Mohammad Akram says:

    7 YRS AGO WHEN I WAS JUST 17yr 10th class student .due to weak facilities poorfamily .we are dinner my bro creid on me at sudden .something unpleasant hapen to me giddiness abnormal H beating i close me eyes on the spot nxt morning huge pain starts in head now tje way to doctrs mental doctors etcc medicines test erything normal . Aftr 2 yr digestive system begin to diturb lots of medi no improment still acity gases indigstion headache fatige conspation stomach pain plz help

  273. co by siikanen says:

    I have been having a really hard time shiting for the passed three years and it takes me a good three weeks to go very little I was wonding. If I got colonel canser runs in my family and my stomic all ways is hurting bad I been having bad head ekas and noon stop sweating for a mouth. Or so now it’s starting to scare me what’s wrong with me

  274. Can I mix carbo veg Nux comics China lycopodium and colocynth together in a little water for gas acute constipation in the morning. Sometimes only gas comes out when I am trying to pass stool I eat lots of Veges and drink 7 to 8 cups of tea with sweet and low. Pl advice. Because of this my weight is also increasing a lot. Thanks

    • Ramesh Kumar sinha says:

      I am a 76 year old male, I have been having stomach problem of constipation and amoebic dysentery for last many many years but for the last 4 months it has become more disturbing as follows.

      1.It started with a feeling of constriction at anus and right sided burning sensation at anus with constipation. I had got operated for internal pile in 2001. but now the doctors say that there is no pile.

      2 I had loss of appetite.

      3 Now I am having very mild but disturbing pain in lower abdomen but not continuous.

      4. I have lost 4 kgweight during this period.

      5. I have tried Nux, Sulphur, carboveg , Aesculus all in 200 power but no permanent relief My all blood, ultrasound, reports are normal.

  275. Papoo Kumar says:

    sir my wife aged 40 years, suffering from pain between stomach and chest since one year . Inspite of taking many eleopathic medicine there is no response . Doctors says that swelling is there on the stomach . please suggest sime Homeopathic treatment for my wife . she feels that somebody is scratching on her stomach and chest . so , plz sir help us with your kind suggestions

    Thank You

    Papoo Kumar
    Matli Sindh Pakistan

  276. minesh thakkar says:

    I am 40 years old. Having indigestions problem for last 9 years. Symtoms sometime vomitting. Feel like having some problem in body.
    Ayervedic treatement no result.
    alopothy treatement no result.
    neurology treatement no result.

  277. GOPI NATH SAHA says:

    Sir ,
    I am of age 65 years . Health normal . Body type – thin , complexion – dark . No addiction for tea / smoking / drinks .
    Everyday I get bowel cleared in the morning but everyday again at 4 PM I feel bowel pressure which is very inconvenient – as I can not go out of home in the afternoon before 4 PM ( e.i . till bowel clearance ) .
    Please suggest me the remedies .
    Thanking you .
    G . N. Saha

    • premanandajiban says:

      Dear sir, my 10years son suffering encephalitis from2014Nov. Now he is unable to walk,sit,speak and drinks frequently. His left side is paralysed, unconscious of head,frequently convulsions, do not know about time ,place and known person. He was affected by hsv virous,now cmv virous and rubella virous are found.

  278. Anchit Saxena says:

    Hello Doctor,
    This is anchit….i have gastroesophageous desease since 2014.I have taken so many treatments but didn’t get relief.When i take food after that the food is back with the bitter taste like vomitting & stools is also not clear regularly.KIndly suggest your opinion.

  279. ASHOK TANDON says:

    my wife suffering from 6 mm Kidney stone in both kidneys. she have also a 3 moths baby. can she take berberis vulgaris for treatment .

    • Hi Dr. Sharma,

      I am using Carbo veg not regularly but some times. my question can I use Carbo veg and china at the same time like one drop of both medicine at the same time.

      You mentioned above “Carbo Veg, Lycopodium and China: Homeopathic medicines for gas in the abdomen” my question can I use all three medicine at the same time. I mean one drop of each medicine.

      Is there any side effect or wrong to use theses medicine together.


      • Kuldeep Sharma says:

        I am 62 year old and suffering from stomach disorder for last 40 years or so. Presently, the problem is that I cannot stand. After standing for some time there seems to be pressure in Anus and gas passes. and in the morning there is feeling that I should again pass stool. If i eat standing up the position is worse. It appears anus will open and stool wall follow. There is lot of stomach gas, lot of burping these days. Passage of gas generates feeling that I should visit the toilet.

  280. ASHOK TANDON says:

    Sir i am suffering from stomach diseases like my stool not pass clearly, it is like oily, give very dirty smell, become gas, now become acidity it all from 15 years. now my age 30 years old. so please give me your valuable instruction.

  281. V V V Satyanarayana says:


  282. sankar maity says:

    age= 25, silently bad smell passes from lower abdomen 10-15 times a day ,bowels 2-3 day times a like a ribbon, colonoscopy report” internal haemorrhoids. and grade II X two columns of internal haemorrhoids seen”; endoscopy report “esophagitis,fundal submucosal swelling—? nature” USG report ” right sided colitis”

  283. vikas verma says:

    Sir ‘ Mai gass ke problem Sai preshan Hu sath Mai anxiety bhi hai kya usme nusbomika-30 kaam Kari gi or kitni lani hai

  284. tripti datta says:

    I already have given my statement by massaging

  285. Hermiones says:

    Hello. My name is hermione i need some help pls i have been sufferig for more than one year with vomiting and digestion problems the doctors did so many test but still cant help me it is very hard i cant work whenever i eat its comes right up ???????????????????? this is killing me i need help. Thank u

  286. Dear Doctor,

    My mother is 85 years old, 45kg.
    A patient of MI. Has been on Ceruvin, Rosuvas for last 15 years.
    Suffered TB about 25 years back.
    She is not diabetic.

    Recently when she fell and broke her femur bone, a high-resolution CT was done, and it recealed her right lung did not work alright – leading to oxygenation problem. Now she is doing alright.

    The only persistent problem is IBS. Urge to pass stool, small and frequent defecation are the problem. Problem acute during and immediately after taking meal.

    Kindly suggest a remedy.
    Thanks in advance & kind regards, Mohan

  287. Ravi kumar says:

    Hello sir,
    I am suffring from indigetion . Its chorinc . A medicin read in homeopathic book. HOMAIRAISH 3X. what would your suggestion about this medicin if someone suffring from long time indigestion problem almost congenital.

  288. Dr Biplob mondal says:


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  290. Dr. saab
    mai 22 sal ka hu
    Mai pet ki samsya se paresan hu mujhe bhukh bahut kam lagti hai aur pet me gass rahta hai maine pure pet ka u.s.g. karaya
    report me aaya- multiple enlarge limphonods in right side iliac fossa non specific !
    Larger one on side 4.5 mm
    dusra delited bowel loop
    pls mughe rai digiye

  291. B R Nanda says:

    the left side of my abdomen is swollen, boalted and there is excessive gas also with constipation.
    please suggest some remedies.

  292. Avtar Singh says:

    My grandmother is 84 year old.she had mucus problem when she eat something it does doesn’t alow to digest and mucus starts.She has also having problem of alsur. Kindly suggest any homeopathic treatment to digest the food and to control mucus

  293. raj kumar says:

    hi sir my name is rajkumar and I have been suffering from stomach upset since long time while it means heaveness of stomach after eat and heart burn and pain and infections.I kindly reguest to you please give me advice or medicine name for this problem.thank you sir

  294. chatan salve says:

    I have mocuse in stool. .please help me. .tell me what to do?

  295. Rashid hussain says:

    R/Dr Sb
    I have stomach acidity problem since 10 years not pain etc only acidity much more heart burn problem after all types of foods without fruits etc, so kindly sugges any best homeopathic medicine for this problem bundle of thanks.
    Rashid Hussain
    From Pakistan

  296. Gladys Donnelly says:

    Hello Dr. Would you please tell which one of all these wonderful homeopathic medicine is the best for pulsation in the stomach. I don’t know what to do my cardiologist sent me for an ultrasound of my stomach and everything is perfect but these pulsation sin my stomach are making my life miserable. Please help me. Thanks

  297. shishir bihari srivastava says:

    Dear Dr my wife suddeny starts belching very loud some times associated with stomach pain and vomiting . what should I do to get rid of it .

  298. Arunima Sinha says:

    I have developed aversion to cooked food (both veg and non-veg) with gravy especially spicy food. I have appetite for fruits, egg (only boiled and poached), rice, chapati and light curry, sweets and breads. I am 65 years old and very active as a teacher of English language. How can I get back my normal interest in food as before?

  299. Sukalyan banerjee says:

    my gas is stomach ,stool is soft but not it one time clear one day two time or three time in a day . Please

  300. J. K. Dutta Aged 78 says:

    Dear Dr.. Sharma, I am a CVA patient since April ’08
    suffering Right parietal lobe infarction. There is tingling sensation and heaviness in left foot. MRI
    revealed: Instability and paraesthesia. I am taking
    Methyl-cobal 1500mcg & Calcium with Vit D3.
    On the advice of a Homeopath friend, I have started
    taking NUX VOMICA 200 & Alumina 200 once every
    alternate days. It seems to have lighten the heavy foot
    and also control my bloating of stomach/acidity and
    constipation. Sometimes frequent urge to pass stool
    Appetite is also back.
    Should I continue with these remedies in higher potency ?
    An expert opinion from you will be most welcome.
    P. S. : I presume there is no remedy for my instability
    and lack of proper body balance.

  301. Umesh saroha says:


    I feel Unsatisfaction after getting fresh in the morning. Feel still something left behind and facing gas problem in the evening time and while I ll try more pressure in the morning I feel pain in the abdominal upper left side

  302. kiran tanna says:

    My granddaughter 8 years old have tummy problems i think in digestive system or might gas problem she is very little but tummy is very big and after every two weeks getting pain in tummy start crying and after half and hour start going to toilet nearly 7 to 8 time very badly and too much smelly whole nights struggling this she is suffering nearly 3 years starting we use to take hospitals but here after waiting 3 hours dr only say to paracetamol so now not going any more and even daily she is going 1 or 2 times so not constipation but too much smelly please any medicine or home remidese please write in reply my name is kiran tanna from peterborough uk England now she is eight so getting ashamed of big tummy in the school and everywhere we go

  303. Fatema Lokhandwala says:

    My mom is 75 yes old and has been complaining of stomach aches throughout the day since,last 1 1/2 month. She,was given Mag phos and carbo veg for 5 days . No improvement. We gave her Bryonia,but did not help. Her stomach becomes heavy and full of gas. She passes out gas too. Full stomach pains and is not at sny specific area. We got her sonography done . The report says left lateral wall bladder diverticulum is present, arteriosclerotic calcification of aorta, bilateral minimal splitting of pelvicalyceal system? Please advice what homeopathy remedy would help her. From her daughter Neeloferr

  304. Ravi joshi says:

    Sir my name is ravi joshi i have a gas problem. When i have a gas my stomatch will be havey and sometime it will shifted pain in my chest like some one pinch u.. And one more problem my constipution didnt clear when i eat some thenk then pressure will come and i go to bathroom. By this problem one mote problem ocure that my nose block when i fell havey ness in my stomatch…………. Sir please tell me the solution…………..
    I am very much tenson.

  305. gastic prblum

  306. Sudesh soodan says:

    I am 61 yrs old lady having acute gastric problems for the last 3 yrs. Due to gas abdomen is bloated and gas does not pass, the uneasiness is felt and BP shoots upto 200/100 sometime. The doctors have been treating me for BP . Now I have decided to take homeopathic medicines. Kindly advise.

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  308. Avadhesh Kumar Pandey says:

    Respected sir.
    I am having stomach problem for last 15 years. I goes to latrine at least 3 to 5 times daily since 15 years. After taking food it goes fast because just after taking food i feel pressure of stool. This continue process has become the cause of bloody piles.
    I think i am going to severe disease. So, i am afraid. Can it be cured with homeopathic medicine? I want a clear remedy & suggestion with your highly obligation.

  309. Sir since last 9-10 yrs i m suffering left shoulder blade burning sensation and mild pain and it increases after taking spicy food and after tiredness also please suggest best remedies.

  310. Dear Dr Sharma,

    I am writing to you as I suffer frequently from upset stomachs and flatulence, especially after eating my mid day meal.
    I am 51 years old and do not eat outside food very often. I also eat mostly vegetarian food and meat, very ocassionally.
    Please suggest a cure for this.
    If you require any other information, please do let me know.



  311. Sir, my son 8 years old and when he eats good meal immediately goes to toilet for motion

  312. Dr Sharma, Hi I am a 64yr old woman and I have a very acidic system and at the moment a burning in my stomach and burning feeling in my left shoulder blade. I suffer with sore muscles all year and after attending a CHIREN therapy session in fact four of them, I have these symptoms. I am afraid that this therapy has brought all this on. On saying that I did have to have two antibiotics in three months. It all started with constant farting and then loose stools. Then I ended up getting sick. This therpist says that I have a samonella bacteria in my intestine. I am going away next Thurs and am afraid that I will be sick away with my son, CAN YOU HELP ME

  313. sohail sheikh says:

    SIR muje bar bar abdominal infection hoke fiver aata hai aur immunity bhi kam hai muje salad fruiet normal water suit nahi hota hai boilwater thanda karke pina padata hai main bhut sale se pareshan hoo upaye bataye

  314. Sir mere stomach main kbhi loose motion hota h kabhi constipation hota h khana khtey Hi toilet jaane jaisi feeling hoti h bhook lgti h pr theek se stomach kaam nhi krta.main supplement bhi body building k liye leta hoo pr weight loss ho rha h plz koi remedy btaiye jisse main weight gain kru aur meri stomach ki problem khtam ho

  315. Sanjana Tamhankar says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I am diabetic with High B.P problem. Now a days I am facing a problem related to stomach. Weh ever I eat a little I feel like very tight stomach as if I have eated a lot! My stoch become extra ordinarily tight. I am not able to eat a bite also extra.
    Please suggest some medicine at the earliest.

  316. Animesh Chakraborty says:

    irregular pain in lower abdomen in right belly in liver area. Few years ago I suffered from Jaundice & got relief by allopathic Tratment. I Want to continue Homeopathic Treatment. My age is 45. & weight is 70 kgs App.

  317. nimesh shah says:

    Stomach infection

  318. Tasneem Faqir says:

    I have had my gallbladder removed tree months ago, which was diseased.
    I have been suffering from gastritis for five years
    I have been on nexium for five years and now it has stopped working, i am taking nexium twice a day along with gaviscon and ranitidin
    i have an awful taste in mouth, pain in my neck and ears and stomach
    please advice

  319. Iam a 67 yr old . recently undergone bypass surgery. I feel lot of weakness. . could u just suggest me honeopathic med for weakness.

  320. Dr. Sharma,

    I am a 40 yr old, mom of three kids. For the last couple of years I have been going to the bathroom every three days and not have been able to “empty out” fully . I have gas in my lower abdominal area but I no longer get the urge to use the bathroom. No matter how much water, fiber intake I do it doesn’t help. I also notice I am unable to loose weight not sure if these two are connected. Can you help me?

  321. relief after burping, heavyness after eating, no appetite after taking heavy food, uneasiness, relief after taking hot water,flautence, bad gas smell after taking non veg, thirst, feel better after taking ice creams. Afraid to eat pissas and burger thinking about purping, thought that I have poor digestion, aversion to spices, no hungry in the morning.

  322. Aarti Bhattacharya says:

    Dr. I m suffering from indigestion since long . What ever I eat is not digested, not even soft food like khichadi n all. No vegetable too. N no vitamin is getting absorbed. Resulting loose motion everyday, n wet loss . Some time slight pain in upper vomiting.feeling hungry but wot to eat is a big question new. Pls help me .

  323. Dr. sharma ji
    please suggest treatment for infection in stomach caused by milk product ,constipaction, gas

  324. I am having gastric problem.Please suggest me the way to get rid of it .

  325. Sir my problem is indisation and gastic and latreen saf nhi hota hai and pressure dena problem ke karn mera health bnta bigrta rhta hai.latreen 3/4 times hota hai.please give me sugesion.

  326. hemant kjmar says:

    sir i am feeling these problam from around last 4, 5 months pain around the navel hyperacidity indigation burping too much plz help me out

  327. I have pain in my left upper abdomin. I am 56 years old female.I am doing exercise everyday and not eating fried food. I am not drinking tea coffee. But I like hot drinks like ginger .fennel ,cardamom, cinnamon tea.l feel better when I drink . But I can not eat much because I have cramps and tightness in my stomach .I start my day with warm honey and lemon drink. I drinking warm water through out the day. I can eat roti even I tried multigrain flour .when I start one day is ok and another day problem. Since one year I could not find the solution . But I am not taking any medication like anti acid. I did all tests colonoscopy,endoscopy. Every thing is fine thyroid sugar and cholesterol .l have iron deficiency because I can eat much. Iam taking iron pills with vitamin c from two weeks. Morning time I have bowl movement . After that I again I feel to go . Sometime I wait whole day I feel cramps in my left side of upper abdomen.I feel uncomfortable .please help me which medicine , home remedy and diet is good for this problem. I loose weight.

  328. vinod kothari says:

    I have indigestion problems and my right ankle in right side pains little full day and more at night once stool is clear in morning pain reduces.
    I don’t have loose motions but stool is semi solid not hard I had bleeding too 4 months earlier.

    Don’t know whether this is related to something major or kidney problem

    Symptoms for me mean hint to something in future so pls guide me.

  329. Please tell me how I can cure my kind of acidity,,,, after eating meal (not spicy) my stomach rise,,,, has pain and could not pass gasses,,,, when passes stool,,, it is not defined stool,,, sticky and smelly, I have gone through endoscopy also but only scratches found on top of stomach… I am using Arysa for acidity but not supporting,,, please tell me any suitable homeopathic medicine for my problem. Thanks

  330. ashok kumar kapoor says:

    my wife age 61 is suffering lower lambar back pain since two years. the pain shifts from back to buttock and entire left leg. she is facing lot of trouble in day to day routine work.

    Plz advise treatment.

    • ashok kumar kapoor says:

      my wife age 61 is suffering lower lambar back pain since two years. the pain shifts from back to buttock and entire left leg. she is facing lot of trouble in day to day routine work.

      Plz advise treatment.

  331. I don’t even know what to say, this made things so much eaiers!

  332. Ashwani Kumar aged 55 years says:

    for the last 6 months, i could not pass the stool as to clear my stomach. If i ever take 1-2 pegs of whisky in the night than next morning the stomach is cleared or when taken anti constipation medicines. Presently my stomach is very tight, heavy and there is pain. The feeling is for sttol but not passing

  333. Dr.farzana.shahzad says:

  334. i have gerd problem,heart burn and irritating throat,so which medicine can use for cure i use lycopodium-200.

  335. I have problem of always tightness feeling on Right side from chest lower side to kidney side.feels week in hot weather.i had kidney stone now reduced to 6mm in prostate.Urine disturbed.indigetion.

  336. Amitabh Shukla, son-in-law of M.K.Joshi says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,

    My son-in-law, Amitabh has been treated for the cancer of rectum about six months back.Since then he is suffering from very frequent stool passing. His rectum has been removed but anus saved. We suspect there is some digestive problem. Kindly help.

    M.K.Joshi, Indore,MP

  337. sir i have problum of stomuch and digestive problum and i eat tablets of rest and i am very week i have tension, what should i do and give me advse

  338. dear sir,
    my daughter is suffering stomock problem after passing urin getting pain in stomock please advise home medicen

  339. Samiran Ghosh says:

    Sir, I am having problem with extream gas and acidity,loss of appetite and extream ache from the right side of waist to right foot.Please advice some homeopathy medicine.

  340. Digvijay Singh says:

    Hello sir, I am suffering from tooth decay and pain, mouth ulcers, pimples and their marks. As I think this is happening because of stomach problems. Please help me for this.

  341. sunny kumar maurya says:

    I am suffering chest pain on right side and swelling in intestine in right side

  342. Bijan Kumar Dhar Chowdhury says:

    I am a CLD patient. Please suggest Best Homeopathy medicine with Potency and use, i.e. in Empty Stomach or Before and after meals. to get recovery at the earliest.
    I like to discontiue Alopathy Medicine and like to depend on Homeopathy.
    Please also suggest how long I have to conue.

  343. zafar iqbal says:

    stomach problum burning stool after during thrist in night almost 1 liter water during sleep eating well

  344. Mona sinha says:

    Hello doctor. My son 6 yrs old has indigestion, gas very bad smell and passing stool which is light yellow and frothy . His appetite is very low . And is feeling week .Which homeopathic medicines do u suggest?what food should be given and avoided?

    • Digvijay Singh says:

      Hello sir, I am suffering from tooth decay and pain, mouth ulcers, pimples and their marks. As I think this is happening because of stomach problems. Please help me for this.

  345. krishnaveni says:

    I had cholecystectomy two years back…After that I started to have gastric problems and acidity by which I am having anxiety by the pain I am experiencing. I am following low fat diet with lot of fruits and vegetables. Now I am fed up with there any permanent solution for this I am ready to follow any restrictions regarding diet and exercise please help me

  346. kamlesh maniya says:

    Sir…muje 4 year se pachan ki taklif hai…vaise to maine davaiya khub karvai alopathic mgar davai lu tab tak accha raheta hai…hal me meri ye problem hai ke muje gas bahot hoti hai…or ye tab hoti hai jab muje stoolpass ke liye jana ho..agar thoda samay ki bhi deri ho to bahot sari gas pet me banti hai..or use nikalu nahi tab tak chain nahi padta…bahot dikkat ho jati hai jab ghar ki bahar hota hu..or muje din me do bar to kam se kam jana hi padta hau..ak sabere or ak sham ko 5 se 7 baje ki bis..khane ka me pakka khayal rakhta hu..bahot pareji bhi rakhta hu..fir bhi koi sollustion nai ban pa raha..muje koi tention nahi hai..bhukh bhi acchi lagti hai..exersice bhi karta hu..or koi bimari bhi nhi hai..bas a pachan shakti kam hai…please give me sollustion of it

  347. Sir,

    I am suffering form severe stomach heaviness all the time for the past 4 months. If a eat any thing, i feel very heavy in my stomach. Also i have burning sensation in my food path from throat to stomach and poor digestion. I have not get hungry many of the time. kindly give a suggestion and homeopathy medicine for this problem.

  348. N.DWARAKANATH says:

    I am suffering from severe stomach bloating with pressing pain. Having whole body pain with fever and headache. I have also had vomitting and don’t like to do any work at all. Severe tiredness is also there.

  349. Bilal Sikandar says:

    it is good work done by you.
    but give complete instruction about medicine uses.

    Special Thanks for you.

  350. Rajnish Sing says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have continuous problem with my stomach infection even after every 15 days,
    and due to infection cause fever.
    please suggest homeopathic medicine.


  351. i am suffring stomach problem …may digestive system not good…after eating food i feel is was sooooooooooo full.

  352. Lokesh Shukla says:

    Dear sir,,

    kindly tell me to improve my children,s digestion. bcoz when he eat something it faces problem like gas, stomach pain etc mostly. his weight is also not good nor health…
    so i want know the medicines to improve his digestion , weight and health…..


    child name is Arihant Shukla
    Age 11 yrs
    weight is 26 kg

  353. i feel my abdomain is full after taking little 2 chapaties and some vegitable in the afternoon also i feel abdominal pain in right side after taking little food in afternoon.

  354. HI,

    i have burning sensation in the end part after passing stool. i feel urge to pass again and again. i have been a victim of chronic diarrhoea for the past 8 years. i feel chills after passing stool for upto 3 hrs and pain radiates from anus through legs to feet. i may also feel goose bumps after passing stool.
    other than this i have allergies of skin plus throat and i feel tachycarida 20 minutes after food. heart rate goes to 120 beats per minute for upto 3 hours. feel throbbing heart and cant stand after meals. taking beta blockers for this. I am sensitive to foods and my tachycardia gets worst in summers and hot weather.

    need your advice in this kindly recommend some treatment for stomach. anxiously looking fwd to ur reply

  355. I am 21 years old As I am staying alone so I have been eating food outside in hotel close to my college from last four years .i often get acidity ,heaviness and something seems are stuck in the upper abdomen and it pains too .get a little relief when I burp.I also do not feel hungry and feel full if I eat a little.My appetite is very poor. Please suggest me some homeopathic present I take Rcid in the morning and uni enzyme after meal

  356. Dear Sir

    I have a problem that i am feeling shortend of breath and also feel tight in abdomen i am 38 year old boy i have taken nux vomica 200 also but did not feel comfort

    please suggest me suitable medicene

  357. jaswant singh says:

    I am suffering from shortness of breath .. pain at lower rib cage when belchs and belching is not normal..(I have suffered from hiatus hernia, but now it has been cured).
    there is some hardness in my abdomen and pulsating in abdomen from navel to lower rib cage..when I try to get deep breath I got fail.. due to this.i felt low energy level of my body and unconsiousness than all other people…so doctor please advise me what should I do to cure my problem…

  358. p c tiwari says:

    res. doc.
    i am suffaring from constepation , gastric and irregular discharge of stool . when i use curd, mattha, soyabeen product i immediate feel headche,heart burn gas formation in my abdomin.

  359. p c tiwari says:

    Res. Doc.
    when i eat curd, mattha and other sour fruits ,soyabeen produc tso immiedate i got headche and gas formation in my abdomen and heart burn. kindly advise me a perfact medicine.

  360. Hello sir
    I have a stomach bloating problem. Even in empthy stomach. I have been taking homeopathy medicine since from 5months but not getting any positive result.

  361. Subodh satpathy says:

    I have indigestion problem and frequent stomach infection.

  362. devasis mukherjee says:

    i take normal food at evening i feel stomach is very tight then itake carbo veg 30 plz tell me what to do

  363. GAURAV KUMAR says:


  364. Mrs. Subramaniam says:

    I have burping while lying down and while waking up & turning to my sides while lying down. Burping does nos not have bad taste.In the morning when I wake up I have a funny taste(somewhat sour/bitter) in the mouth.I have been having stomach burning for the last 8 months.Took PPIs for 2 months and followed with Homeo medicines .Stomach burning is better but gets irritated and burns,though not severe like before when I take spicy foods.I was diagnosed with erosive gastritis 3 years back & took PPI’s for 2 months.Back then I only had burping every morning & bad taste but no stomach burning.Can you suggest some remedy doctor?Tanks.

  365. Shashank says:

    I have a problem of Cervical Spondylosis and my head feels dizzy and I experience upper back and shoulder pain because of it.Also,I have phases of muscular pain in left side of the skin right next to my chest bone.Kindly advise the course of action.

  366. Karen Hudson says:

    Hi, I lost a child to a work place accident and suffer depression and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I refuse to take synthetic medicine, is there anything you can suggest that could help me. Thank you in advance

  367. Hello Doctor,

    i am 29yrs old and i have a severe gastric problem with a lot of abdominal bloating….when gas releases again gas is forming in stomach and sometimes burps are coming that time i feel relief for a moment…when gas is not releasing stomach pain is coming.. evening times it would be more .im doing excersices regularly and im staying in germany now… a days im feeling hungry but not able to eat more….which fruits are better to eat? can u please help me from this problem permenently


  368. JITENDRA KUMAR says:

    i am suffering gas and during gas with cough eatin food in nigth then 2 or 3 hours in sleeping time.

  369. kishore kr Acharjee says:

    my self as a practitioner but sir, if you suggest me to cureable medicine Arthritis pain patient last long year

    with regards

  370. hello ALL,

    just to advice do not waste your money on this fraud..
    he only give those sweet little pills for heavy money and it does nothing basically
    he is cheating many people online like i was cheated by him last year when i was like all of you seeking permanent or relief from UC and IBD and somehow got this con blog(unluckily)

    i wasted huge amount and got some sweet pills which did nothing…he never talks to you his con team manage to cheat you. they will follow you when your medicine over on mail or phone and keep goes on…

    just my advice as i felt bad when i got cheated and decided to make aware all i can just to save others and i am doing it continuously and many other sufferer like me we are letting his truth out;;;;its not money you all know because UC and IBD is horrible and people like him play with our emotions claiming they can cure it….he somehow from here and there take the reading or research and post on his blog to get attraction.

  371. My wife Aruna is suufering from bipolar disorder since last 3 years.earlier she was in maniac phase but now since last 2 years she is in depressive mood,lack of interest,lethargis,introvert, dont want to talk,always feeling shy md dont want to mingle or socialize.plz suggest.we can come nd see u too we r in nu is 09431172064

  372. sir i have problem of sliped disc so please suggest me remedies*age 50yr wt 75 kg*ht 7*5 feet

  373. digestive disorder hard stool, gas,acidity since 30 years

  374. taking alopathic medicine of arthritis.
    after taking little food can’t eat.white tong bitter taste.some time stomack pain

  375. Dear Dr.

    I am 35 year old. My whole digestive system from mouth to anus gets infected at least 2 to three times a year. I also have constipation. It require a lot of time to pass stool and I feel unsatisfied. There is not much urge as well. There is lot of gas in side stomach and stomach is blotted. I also get sour throat very quickly. Also I have thick liquid continuously falling in my throat from upper side.
    Problem of soar throat worsens with stress.
    There is no pain in stomach.
    There is no sneezing.

    Kindly advise some suitable medicine.

  376. Sir,

    I have accident in nose for three years old .I have taken treatment for nose.But now I cannot smell anything in my nose

  377. Karan Singh says:

    I am 37 yrs old 6′.2″ tall guy with weight 64kg .I have to go toilet 3-4 times a day when I eat enough and also I have farting problem. I gained 8 kg last year with rich diet and gym but I got sick for a couple of days and all gain gone.When I got my lipid profile checked my triglycerides were 217 I reduced sugar ,ghee etc and decreased it to 117 in one month Now I am afraid to go for high weight gain food with family history of heart attacks also my hb is 11.
    Pls help me to improve my digestion and weight
    Karan Singh

  378. skatyendrakumar says:

    Hello sir… I m suffering from heart burn & acidity…. Plz I need your advise to get rid of this problem . So plz give me a good medicine with potency….. Thank you……

  379. Hx of Hpiloria, a parasite chronic stinky gas. Constipation And diarrhea got the past 5 years. I can’t stand it any more. I am 25 and it is ruining my life please help

    I live in Fort Collins and Denver Colorado


  380. I do have a gastric,accidity nd stomach heaviness problem which trouble me a lot the whole day

  381. arpita mondal says:

    my age is 21+.i have high preSsure.and i have cynas problem,minimal deposition of mucilage in the cavity.

  382. I was recently diagnosed by endoscopy of having acid reflux and Gerd , I have stomach pain and discomfort with a sharp burning sensation .


      sir i have some gas problem when i eat something i feel not esy and my heart beat beating more.Iam feeling nurvous i also taking medicine for prompt remedy but i want to take medicine from you what shall i do .

  383. I am 52 post menopausal.I harlot of stress in my life.i have chronic constipation,bloating after food specially wheat and sugar.some time acidity after eating spicy muscles are very weak.mostly I feel pain in thigh muscles more on right side.uric acid on the higher side.I am gaining weight which really bothers me, what ever I do I can’t lose bmi is 27.some time I feel lonely.also suffer from lot of headach,more on left temple and over eyes.feel thirsty only at bed to eat butter and cream. My colour is fair and my hight is 5 feet 1 inch.for the last 2months I have pain in my tail bone more after sitting for long hours.

  384. Neetu Baheti says:

    I have Indigestion problem for almost a year. I will full after eating very little. Have lost good weight. If I forcefully eat more , the stomach is upset. Motions in general are semi solid. If the motions are hard, I do have the burning sensation. I also get burnings in throat after eating little spicy or sour food.

  385. MY AGE IS 60 YEAR.

    PROBLEM NO. 1:


    PROBLEM NO. 3:


    MY DELHI NO. IS 011-22353182


  386. my wife who is 64 rears & weight 60 Kg having B P 140 to 160 and 90 to110 from last 2-3 years she want only HOMEOPATHY treatment. Can you suggest some Homeopathy medicinefor her.

  387. rajan kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    My self Rajan Kumar Age 31 years have been suffering from stomach and digestion problems since last 5 years. During the period he has taken so many medicines but not getting any response. Doctor had always suggest to take digestive anzyme in regular basis. But i think thats not the right solution.Physician said he has IBS problems( Irregular Bowl system).

    Kindly suggest

    Rajan Kumar

    • greta aarons says:

      Try homeopathy with a qualified MD doctor….also after eating food from outside take a pinch of ajwain seeds in a little water.

  388. RITUPON PHUKAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    My younger brother Age 33 years have been suffering from stomach and digestion problems since last 5 years. During the period he has taken so many medicines but not getting any response. Doctor had always suggest to take digestive anzyme in regular basis. But i think thats not the right solution.Physician said he has IBS problems( Irregular Bowl system).

    Kindly suggest


    • greta aarons says:

      Try homeopathy with a good MD qualified doctor

    • T Banerjjee says:

      Dear dr
      I have skin problem which is like eczema .For many years I have lived with itching in the inner labia the itching used to be severe at night and would be raw with scratching the skin in the inner labia had become thick grey and rough. The itching became worse because I had to take medication for tb since I had fever of unknown oriogin thus the itching became worse due to side effect of the medicine finally I took recourse to alloepathic treatment with topical steroidal cream. Though the itching subsided I got herpes zoster after10 days of application of d cream.Now the herpes is gone but the I am getting itching in other spots like the waist where I tie the belt or nada and on the back of the neck at the hair line kindly advise I have taken tuberculinum 1m 5 times with an interval of 10 days and hypericum200 and sulphur 1m mixed om water .kindly advise how to get rid of the itching

  389. Malik Fehan says:

    Nice article.

  390. urine burning and prostrate infection.can it cure buy homeopathic medicine.

    • arpita mondal says:

      i have high pressure .my age is 21+.and i also have cynas problem,i have minimal deposition of mucilage in the cavity.will be it cure through hameopathitic medicine.?and what medicine sutiable for the treatment?

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