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7 Best Homeopathic medicines for Ulcerative Colitis

Homeopathic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

homeopathic-medicine-for-ulcerative-colitisHomeopathic medicine is a reliable alternative to modern medicine in treating autoimmune disorders including ulcerative colitis. Homeopathic medicines moderate the overactive immune system. The extent of improvement and benefit will depend on a large number of factors including the duration and intensity (mild/moderate/severity) of disease, stage at which Homeopathic medicines are started and individual body response. However, Homeopathic medicines can help manage ulcerative colitis symptoms, reduce the severity and frequency of flare-ups and even treatment ulcerative colitis based on individual case analysis. Some well recognized Homeopathic medicines for ulcerative colitis are – Merc Sol, Merc Cor, Colchicum Autumnale, Aloe Socotrina and Phosphorus.

Homeopathic Medicines for Ulcerative Colitis

Merc Sol – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with loose stool and bleeding from rectum

Merc Sol is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for ulcerative colitis and is best indicated for cases of loose stools with excessive bleeding. The stools are very frequent. However, even after passing stool a number of times, there is no satisfaction. Such persons tend to feel chilly all the time.

Nux Vomica – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with constant urge to pass stool with marked tenesmus

Nux Vomica is a most useful Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with frequent, scanty stool and marked tenesmus. Tenesmus refers to the ineffectual urge to pass stool almost constantly. Stool is scanty. Abdomen pain before passing stool may be observed. Nux Vomica also offers great help in cases where taking spicy food or alcohol worsens symptoms.

Merc Cor – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with loose stool with mucus and blood

For ulcerative colitis with loose stool, mucus and blood, Merc Cor is a very suitable Homeopathic medicine. The stool is hot and offensive. Burning in the rectum while passing stool may arise. There may be cutting, colicky pains in abdomen as well.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with bloody diarrhoea attended with marked weakness

Phosphorus is a significant Homeopathic medicine for treating ulcerative colitis cases with bloody diarrhoea attended with weakness. The stool is copious, gushing, and watery. The character of blood is bright red. The person feels exhausted after passing stool. Cramping pain in the rectum may arise on passing stool. Phosphorus is majorly indicated in case of inflammation of rectum i.e. proctitis.

Aloe Socotrina – Effective Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with marked urgency to pass stool

Aloe Socotrina is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for ulcerative colitis with urgency to pass stool as the predominant symptom. The urgency to pass stool is markedly present in the morning; also soon after eating or drinking. There is constant bearing down in the rectum. Burning in the anus and rectum may also be intense. Another characteristic feature for use of Aloe Socotrina is passage of jelly-like mucus in stool.

Nitric Acid – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with intense pain in rectum on passing stool

Nitric Acid is the best choice of Homeopathic medicine in ulcerative colitis cases where there is intense pain in rectum while passing stool. The pain may be tearing or cutting in nature. It may continue for hours after stool is passed. Profuse, bright red bleeding may be noticed along with stool in such cases.

Colchicum Autumnale – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for joint pains and gastric complaints in ulcerative colitis

Colchicum Autumnale is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis where joint pains appear along with gastric symptoms. Gastric symptoms include stool with mucus and pain in rectum. The pain in rectum continues for long after stool is passed. Highly offensive flatus may attend the above symptoms. As for the joint pains,the joints may be swollen, stiff and in great pain; slightly touching the joints may worsen the pain.

 What is ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is one among inflammatory bowel disease of autoimmune origin, the other being Crohn’s disease. The lesions in ulcerative colitis mainly involve the rectum and may spread to sigmoid colon. In rare cases, the entire colon may get involved, a condition called pancolitis. Ulcerative colitis runs a relapsing and remitting course with periods of flare-ups and remission.

Why does ulcerative colitis arise?

The exact cause of ulcerative colitis is not yet known, but it believed to be a disease of autoimmune origin. Autoimmune disorders refer to a group of diseases where the immune cells of a person start destroying its own tissues out of a misdirected immune response. In ulcerative colitis, the body’s immune cells, that are meant to be activated while fighting an infection, get activated in the absence of a real infection out of a misdirected response. As a result, they start to destroy the lining of the colon, resulting in inflammation and ulcers in the colon and a set of other symptoms.  A positive family history of ulcerative colitis puts a person at a higher risk of the disease.

How do I know I have ulcerative colitis?

The presence of a set of symptoms such as diarrhoea with mucus and blood, abdominal cramps, pain in rectum while passing stool, urgency to pass stool and tenesmus of the rectum (constant, ineffectual urge to pass stool) may point to ulcerative colitis. Anaemia and weight loss may accompany. This clinical diagnosis underlines the need for further investigation with tests like a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and biopsy.

What does diagnosis of ulcerative colitis involve?

In case ulcerative colitis is suspected on the basis of clinic symptoms, further laboratory investigations are advised. These include colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and biopsies of the mucosa taken from the colon. A biopsy, while aiding diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, also helps to differentiate it from Crohn’s disease.

I have been passing blood in stool. Is it due to ulcerative colitis?

Blood in stool is a major indication of ulcerative colitis. However, blood in stool is also noted in other conditions such as piles, anal fissures, and peptic ulcers, cancer even. Blood in stool appears in upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding or lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding as well. Further investigation in terms of stool examination, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy needs to be conducted before the exact cause can be established.

My stool contains mucus. Could it be ulcerative colitis?

Passing small amounts of mucus in stool is normal. But, passage of large amounts of mucus in stool may hint at an inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Mucus in stool could mean ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, malabsorption disease, anal fistula, parasitic infections or even cancer. You need to get the stool tested and further investigations such as endoscopy and colonoscopy done.

What complications can ulcerative colitis lead to?

Ulcerative colitis can lead to complications such as perforation of the colon, osteoporosis, severe bleeding, joint inflammation, eye inflammation, colon cancer and toxic megacolon.

I take Mesacol for my ulcerative colitis. Can I stop taking it once I start my Homeopathic medicine?

At the start of Homeopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis, it is not advisable to stop taking Mesacol as the body is used to this medication. Stopping it abruptly could do the body more harm than good. In the initial stages of Homeopathic treatment, both Mesacol and Homeopathic medicines could be taken simultaneously. Gradually, as the body starts responding to Homeopathic medicines, Mesacol can be tapered.

Can Homeopathic Treatment completely treatment it ?

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective in treating ulcerative colitis. However, the extent to which a patient will show recovery depends on the intensity of disease, duration of disease and individual response of the patient. Mild to moderate cases of ulcerative colitis recover wonderfully well under Homeopathic mode of treatment. In severe cases, Homeopathic medicines can provide great symptomatic management and support. Symptomatic management means controlling symptoms such as loose stool, mucus, blood, tenesmus, abdominal cramping and rectal pain arising in ulcerative colitis.

What is a perforated colon in ulcerative colitis, can Homeopathy treat it?

A hole, cut or tear in the colon is referred as a perforation. In ulcerative colitis, the inflammation and ulcer weaken the colon wall and may lead to a tear or perforation in it. The condition is life threatening. Intense pain in abdomen, fever, vomiting, swollen abdomen are indications of a perforated colon.  A perforated colon in ulcerative colitis is a case of medical emergency and needs to be managed urgently with conventional allopathic medicine. Homeopathy is of no help in such cases.

What is toxic megacolon, can Homeopathic treatment for Ulcerative Colitis treat this condition?

Toxic megacolon is a serious complication of ulcerative colitis where the colon distends enormously and may rupture. The rupture of colon leads to blood infection (septicemia) and is life threatening. Abdominal pain, high fever and rapid heartbeat are symptoms of toxic megacolon. Homeopathy is of no use in toxic megacolon cases and it needs to be addressed on urgent basis under conventional mode of treatment.

I have ulcerative colitis and my hemoglobin is low. Are the two related?

Anaemia is not uncommon in ulcerative colitis cases due to excessive blood loss in stool. Iron deficiency anaemia is most common.

 Homeopathic Treatment for ulcerative colitis

Which Homeopathic medicines are most effective in treating ulcerative colitis?

Homeopathic medicines Merc Sol, Phosphorus and Nux Vomica are recognised as top grade treats for ulcerative colitis. Merc Sol will show best results where the symptoms include loose stool with blood and marked tenesmus. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus will work best in case of loose stool with blood attended with marked weakness. Nux Vomica is an excellent choice of medicine where stool is scanty and there is an ineffectual urge to pass stool (tenesmus of rectum).

I have ulcerative colitis and pass profuse, watery stool with blood. Which Homeopathic medicine will help?

You will benefit most from Homeopathic medicines Phosphorus and Merc Sol. Where the person passes bright red blood with watery stool, Phosphorus is the most suitable Homeopathic medicine. Extreme weakness may also attend. Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol is prescribed in case of loose, watery stool with blood and marked tenesmus. Even after passing stool a number of times, there is never “got done” feeling.

Which Homeopathic medicines can I take for watery stool with mucus from ulcerative colitis?

Homeopathic medicine Aloe Socotrina and Merc Cor are extremely beneficial remedies for ulcerative colitis with watery stool and mucus. Aloe Socotrina is indicated for jelly-like mucus with watery stool. Merc Cor is best prescribed where the stool is scanty with slimy mucus and sometimes shreds of mucous membrane of intestine.

I suffer ulcerative colitis with abdominal cramping and loose stool. Please advise a Homeopathic medicine.

For abdominal cramping with loose stool, Homeopathic medicine Colocynthis is known to show remarkable results. Persons needing Colocynthis may get relief from pain by bending double on the abdomen or by pressing the abdomen.

I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for a long time and now have anemia. Can Homeopathy remedy the situation?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can definitely treat anaemia from ulcerative colitis. Homeopathic medicines Ferrum Phos and Ferrum Met are of great help in treating anaemia in ulcerative colitis.

I have joint pains with ulcerative colitis. How can Homeopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis help?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can help. Homeopathic medicine Colchicum Autumnale is a great treats for joint pains in persons with ulcerative colitis. Bryonia alba and Rhus Tox are other excellent Homeopathic alternatives to treat acute joint pains. The most suitable medicine is selected based on the symptom presentation. Colchicum Autumnale is used where joints are highly inflamed so that the slightest touch is unbearable. Bryonia Alba will effect recovery where the slightest movement of the joints worsens the pain. Rhus Tox will show best results where the joints are painful and stiff. Persons needing Rhus Tox feel the joint pain worsen while resting and get better while moving about.

Which Homeopathic medicines can be taken for ulcerative colitis with urgency to defecate?

For cases with an urgency to defecate as a prominent symptom of ulcerative colitis, Homeopathic medicine Aloe Socotrina is found to be extremely effective. The urgency to pass stool soon after eating or drinking may also be marked. Mucus in stool may be present.

For rectal pain with stool in ulcerative colitis, what does Homeopathy prescribe?

Homeopathic medicines Nitric Acidum and Merc Cor can be used for managing rectal pain while passing stool. Nitric Acid is selected where the pain in rectum while passing stool is tearing or cutting in nature. The pain may continue after stool is passed. Homeopathic medicine Merc Cor is indicated in case of violent, burning pain in rectum on passing stool. There is a continuous urge to pass stool in such cases.

I have ulcerative colitis and my major complaint is constant urging to pass stool. Which Homeopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis will work for me?

The constant, ineffectual urging to pass stool is referred to as tenesmus of rectum. The most suitable Homeopathic remedies for ulcerative colitis with constant urging to pass stool are Nux Vomica and Merc Sol. Nux Vomica is useful where the urge to pass stool is almost constant and the stool is scanty. Merc Sol shows great results where the urge to pass stool is frequent and the stool is loose. It may be attended with blood and mucus. Even after passing stool several times, there is a never “got done” feeling.

Can lifestyle changes help to better manage ulcerative colitis?

Reducing stress levels and avoiding certain foods can work wonders on ulcerative colitis. Therefore, invest in a meditation, exercise, yoga class or take regular walks to bring down stress and stay calm. The food products that need avoiding are spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, dairy products and high fiber diet. In ruling these out of the diet, one is essentially preventing the symptoms from flaring up as often as before. It needs mention here that stress can increase these flare-ups manifold and must be avoided at all cost.

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  1. Mukesh rahi says:

    Dr,sir l,m suffering from ulcerative colitis in 8yrs.l h,ve take med.aurv.&allop but no better results,bcz l h,ve see it

  2. Hello
    My 9 year old son just now diagnosed from ulcerative colitis.
    He passes the stool semi liquid with blood bits and some times blood droplets.
    Mostly in morning he goes 4-5 times before go to school.
    Don’t understand if I cut hifibre did in his first
    Then what he will eat.
    And please tell me which medicine is good for his case.


  3. Zahid bnu says:

    Salam.i have blood and mucus in stool.done colonoscopy and diagnosed u.c. now taking sulfasalazine thrice daily.symptoms relived except stool is yet very soft.may be due to medicine.should i use homeopathic med.

  4. عبدالله says:

    ابني عمره 5 سنوات تم تشخيصه التهاب القولون التقرحي هل يمكن علاجه

  5. I have uc about4 rs .I take ayurvedic medine .sometimes mucus is present. IS there is treatment in homeopathy

  6. V.K.Agarwal says:

    Sir, I have Ulcerative Colitis since past 1-1/2 years. Initially I had Loose Motions with Mucas and Blood.
    Later on taking the Treatment of Mesacol and Mesacol Enema-10 I am better. Still have Mild Colitis and I take Dufacac Fibre 30 ml at Bedtime for clear motions in the morning. I have Piles too. Due to Constipation sometimes Piles are aggreviated and bleeding is there along with pain and irritation in Anus.. Recently I had lot of Swelling in my both feet and lot of pain. Tom heave Antibiotics and got 90% relief only. Now the DOCTOR says this 10% remaining swelling and pain is due to Colitis and so be cured gradually. This is connected with the Conditions of Colitis. The Treatment will continue for a long duration. Now Doctor has started Steroids 40 my to be reduced .5 mg every week till it reaches 20 my after a month. To be reviewed after that.
    Sir, should I start Homoeopathy medicine Colchicum Autumnale ?

  7. Yogesh rathore says:

    Sir, I’m a patient of ulcerative colitis since 3 and half years sir, I goes loose motion 14 to 15 times a day with mucus and blood and also forms gas several time and having cramping in my stomach. Now what to do. So I can get permanent cure from this .

  8. Sanjita Sahu says:

    Sir, I am suffering from stomach cramp,indigetion,joint pain and throat infection.I feel all are interlinked.Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine as it works well with me.I am a chronic patient of stomach and throat problem.

  9. Respected sir. I had ulcer in the large intestine from more than 30 is caused dueto excessive use of painkillers .my main symptom is frequent urge for motion in addition to has.Is there permanent remedy for this.Kindly say.

  10. I have been suffering UC about 2. 5 years. sir I am helpless. I am only 23 years old. sir I take a lots of treatment such as homio, herbal,alou but every thing has been fail. now I am in a serious condition. bleeding with mucous, left side abdominal pain different color of stool. colonoscopy shows left side U.colities.I take masacol, staroid but don’t take any action. sir please help sir. give me suggestion and your address, please sir please.!!!

    • Sanjita Sahu says:

      I mostly suffer from indigetion and stomach cramp.not able to tolerate milk product and fiber.Loosing weight.By nature nervous and worried type.I have started taking Nux Vom 30.I have also joint pain and farengitis problem.Always saliva in throat and dry cough.I feel all these are inter related.Homeopathy medicine works well with me.Kindly suggest medicine for me.

  11. Iam ibd patien mucosa edema and antrnal gatritis some time abdominal cram bleeding in stool three to more time stool not clear stool when bleding in appear in stool that time i used to toilet 20 times stool appear pure blood i use elophehic medicine but not heal now sevrey gasform produce jont pain headach eye pain physical complication please help me iam from nepal

  12. Dushyant Sharma says:

    Dr Sharma,
    Sir I am 68 years old and is suffering from the decease with the symptomatic that I feel urgency to pass stool in the morning; also soon after eating and drinking of water. there is also pain on left side of lower abdomen. The stool is hot with burning in rectum. Stomach is very tight. feel relief after passing of air. Taking medicines from Govt homeopathic Docterr for the last 10 years.

  13. Is homeopathy be useful in case of Cryptogenic Multifocal ulceration of the small intestine ?please reply sir.

  14. Souvik roy says:

    My mom has just recovered from breast cancer.she had total mastectomy.chemotherapy and herceptin treatment.she had colic pain fee years back.oflate she had been complaining of severe acidity and cramps in stomach.she has a fascination for alcohol though she doesn’t have it on regular basis.oflate she had been taking iron capsules for anemia.please suggest a remedy in homeopathy.

  15. I am 89 pounds bleeding from rectum 3 months pain in stomach stop . In out hospital aniexty joint pain feel hopeless very . I can’t gain weight I feel like dying

  16. sir i ‘m suffering from ulcerative coliris from last 8 years .i have taken allopatic medication but it relpses again i want to move on hemopatic medication so what are the possiblites that i would get cured when i starts using hemopathic medicne and are they effective in ulcerative colitis

  17. Suchitra chattoraj says:

    I have Ulcerative colitis since 2008. I have been taking Mesacol & then changed to Salazar. I have a constant urge to pass stool. It is accompanied by mucus. I get an indication by a slight pain in the abdomen & then have to rush to the toilet. Can you please suggest a medicine with the doses that can help me?

  18. Jagdeo prasad says:

    I am suffering from uc from 2013.present time our problem is diarrhoea with mucas & some time blood.also pain in rectum when stool passes.I am enemic this time our hb is 8.1.also I am facing sleeping problem & depression.
    Please told me what I do.

    • Jagdeo prasad says:

      I am suffering from uc from 2013.present time our problem is diarrhoea with mucas & some time blood.also pain in rectum when stool passes.I am enemic this time our hb is 8.1.also I am facing sleeping problem & depression.
      Please told me what I do.

  19. Manny Sousa says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I am a 43 yr old male from Canada after a colonoscopy test in September 2015, I was diagnosed with Left sided Ulcerative colitis so for the past year I have been suffering with this disease …I was also diagnosed with anemia with a very low hemoglobin count. I have lost 60lbs of body weight since September. The DR put me on several medications Asocal 800mg /6 a day and prednisone 40mg per day these medications slowed down my bleeding and pain but did not change my health …Currently I am still experiencing pain and 6 bowel movements a day sometimes more.
    I have tried many different diets over the last year with no success and even tried some homeo supplements (Arsenicum album 10m) with no success or change to my condition .

    Can you please help


    • bro i was also suffering from same…in 5 months i am fully recovered from this ulcerative colitis…
      call me on this no …mobile–9278080800 india…free medicines…i guarentee u will be 100% well after my medications…..just call me

      predmet 60 mg
      vegaz -0d

  20. Somnath Kolgiri says:

    I am 45 old male I am suffering from ulcerative colitis last 16 year pz suggest me sulfur 200 and saclac is useful for this disease

  21. Aafrin khan says:

    I am taking homeopathic treatment for my ulcerative colitis since 16 months initialy 7 months it helped me and i had improvement but since last 8 months i have frequent relapses and my disease is increasing despite continuous homeopathic treatment and now i have to start steroids again to control my problem. So i am very confused that should i continue homeopathy or not? Plz help

  22. Shalini Abhishek says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My husband was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in Feb 2015. It was determined after a colonoscopy and biopsy of the tissue collected. He was put on 5 ASA (Meslo 800mg TD). Everything was alright till he made a trip to Malaysia in June 2016 for official purposes. He started having stomach aches, a lot of flatulence and low grade fever. He returned in July to show to the gasteroenterologist , who then treated him for some stomach infection. From then on, he fell ill 4 times and each time the following were his symptoms:
    1. Severe stomach ache
    2. Fever (ranging from 100-104)
    3. Lose motions (increase after administering antibiotic)
    4. A lot of flatulence (foul smelling)
    5. High CRP levels (200+), high WBC count (13000+) which was come down once treated with antibiotics
    6. General weakness and low HB
    Right now he is recovering from the fourth such bout and we are unsure as to what could be the problem (Ulcerative colitis or gasteroenteritis/ viral/ bacterial infection)
    I want him to take homeopathic treatment and get rid of this problem completely.

    Please suggest, what this is and how we can go about resolving his health issues.

  23. Chandra s padidem says:

    Dr sharma ji

    My wife (36 yrs) was diagnosed with UC two years since then she was on mesalamine 4.8 gm/day and prednisone initially and switched to azathioprine, but now her doctor took of f azathioprine then there is a flare of the condition with liquidy stools and sometimes with blood. Can she get a remedy for her condition with homeopathic medicine.

  24. My father has been suffering from ulcerative colitis for about 12 years. He is a homeopath himself and has taken almost all the relevant medicines in every required potency. Lost his weight rapidly. Can eat a few specific things like green moong daal, rice, and stuff like that. Hasn’t tasted any kind of pepper for the same period. Please reply with any kind of questions you may need to ask.

  25. B R Gangwar says:

    Dr.,Sir I am patient active cronic ulcertrative colitis as per colonscopy and biopsy.I have taken allopathy medicine. Bleeding and mocos is control.but occassionally light bleeding iccured in a week.Iwant to know that it can be cure by homo. treatment permanantly. I have to go for motion 2 /3 times during 24 Hours.

  26. Birendra Singh says:

    I have been detected for ulcerative colitis. Blood discharge since last 4 months. 6 to 7 times stool discharge. Weight loss. Little bit fever. Pain in back near the waist. Tendency to discharge stool.Sometimes mucus. Haemoglobin % 9.8.How can I have permanent cure. Where to get perfect treatment . B. SINGH 50 yrs.

  27. Mrinmoy Ghosh says:

    Stool not clear, small, paste like. Some times mucus .frequent diahrea.lower abdominal buring pain,gluten and fatty food problem,

  28. Vivek bhagat says:

    Hello sir I’m vivek.I’m a uc patient from 2012 i took allopathic medicines namely vegaz od and folvite..for about one year..then gradually decreased my dose to mesacol 400 mg.. after that I was feeling better andin between these years several times my condition worsened..I made check ups and undergone colonoscopy thrice upto now and the recent report of biopsy and colonoscopy was stating chrons disease..I again took medicines for a month and become better..after that I took homeopathy treatment plus some some jadi buty given by doctors..that includes castor seeds leaves juice with raw cow milk for about three spoons and some medicine of homeopathy came in white small box of two cans should be taken after food both time morning and night of small tablet of 4 pieces each time…I experienced very good effect from that so I continued one more time same..but asusal now my digestion is very weak as if I take any alcohol and spicy food.condition serious problem is gas formation and I have got bloated stomach.can you please suggest me any treatment for permanent cure of this because I’m now 23 age and already so irritated with this thing.I don’t know what to do and I also don’t have mom dad..please help me..
    Vivek bhagat 8093529123

  29. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am a patient of Ulcerative colitis. It is since find out in 2016. i am taking Mucosal 800 mg.

    I am under treatment and taking Alopathic medicine mesacol 400 mg as per Doctor’s prescription. Now I want to go for parmenant cure from this disease. How it will be possible.
    Kindly help me in this regards.

  30. I am a patient of Ulceration colitis. It has been diagnosed by my physician when I reached for treatment of piles during last May 2016, but I am having this problem since last 5 yeas without any pain, only slight bleeding was observed at end of toilet. After diagnosis I have taken treatment with Mucosal 800 mg and Anti fungal drugs with some cortisone and live spores for two to three months but now discontinued. I am 46 years old with weight of 86 kgs and no other health problem. My problem is frequent stool passing for 5 -6 times without blood but having fluid and sometimes slight bleeding. Can I get some good treatment? Wright now I am not taking any medicines. Please help. Can you please send your contact information nearby Chandigarh?


    • sir pl ad vise me i have ulceraive coltiis for last 21 yrs. now he diesease has increased with blood and mucous discharge leading to weakness.

  32. Stress colitis

  33. rammay panda says:

    SIR namaskar, self operated gall blader sone since 2008 but now problems after operated of gall bloder that always constipation, amobysis problems and in the morning time before breakfast two times going to toilet and evening time one time daily basis . meat/fish/egg/milk not digest but other only dal and vegitable digest . please suggest what medicines will take for above problems
    self living at kolkata i. i am bengali,

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