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Homeopathic Treatment for Rhinorrhea

What is CSF and CSF Rhinorrhea?

CSF or cerebrospinal fluid is a body fluid found in the brain and spine. The choroid plexus of the ventricles of the brain produces about 500 ml of CSF daily. CSF is a clear, colorless fluid present in the ventricles of the brain as well as in the area surrounding the brain and spinal cord. CSF acts as a cushion or shock absorber and protects the brain from injuries, blows, and jolts. Other functions of CSF include the supply of nutrition to the nervous system tissue and waste product removal of cerebral metabolism. The drainage of this CSF fluid from the nose is known as CSF rhinorrhea or cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea. Homeopathic treatment for rhinorrhea is derived from plants and is safe and natural.

What is the Cause for CSF Rhinorrhea?

Trauma to the head is the most common reason for CSF rhinorrhea. CSF rhinorrhea is usually a sign of a basal skull fracture. In some cases, CSF rhinorrhea may be a symptom of pituitary adenoma. CSF rhinorrhea may also arise after surgical trauma during endoscopic sinus surgery or other neurosurgical procedures. Apart from the above reasons, CSF rhinorrhea may also occur due to increased intracranial pressure.

What are the Symptoms of CSF Rhinorrhea and the Investigations for its Diagnosis?

The primary symptom of CSF rhinorrhea is leakage of clear, watery discharge from the nose. The discharge of fluid is usually from one side of the nose. Bending the head forward makes the symptom worse. Draining of salty fluid from the nose into the throat is also a symptom in some individuals with CSF rhinorrhea. CSF rhinorrhea carries the risk of causing meningitis. The diagnostic test for CSF rhinorrhea includes Beta-2 transferrin test. Beta-2 transferrin is a protein exclusively present in CSF and thus helps in confirming CSF rhinorrhea. Other tests done in suspected cases of CSF rhinorrhea include CT scan of the head and CT cisternography.

Homeopathic Treatment for CSF Rhinorrhea

In homeopathy, a majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for rhinorrhea is Hedera Helix. Hedera Helix is derived from a species of common ivy from the plant family Araliaceae. The young shoots and flowering twigs of this plant are used to prepare Hedera Helix using the process of potentisation. Hedera Helix is a very effective homeopathic treatment for rhinorrhea.

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    Sir mujhe 27 april 2016 ko head injury hua tha aur nose se yellow color ka gadha liquids nikala tha uske 4 hour baad right nose se watery 10-15 drip discharge hua tha than ofter 5 month baad fir se discharge hua and again 6 month baad now september 2017 me 7-8 drip fir discharge hua aur mai ENT me dikhaya to doctor ne ct cistanography k liye advice kiya but result is negetive and than meningitis ho gaya fir treatment k baad thik ho gaya but now 26 February ko when we sleep evolution start ho gaya 12-15 drip aur than after half hour again but mri are normal symptoms kya ho sakata hai aur reason kya hai can it treat by homeopathic
    Note: jab ye hota hai to hand and foot me jhunjhuni ho jati hai aur fever v ho jaata hai I feels pressure

  2. Sir my wife age 39 year suffering from csf rehinorria since 12 Jan there any treatment in homeopathy?Dr advised surgery for this.

  3. Sir my wife age 39 year suffering from csf rehinorria since 12 Jan there any treatment in homeopathy?Dr advised surgery for this.

  4. mahadevaswamy m says:

    dear sir iam suffering from csf rhinorhaeae last 4 year but now no any problem but how to cure my problem from homeopathy

  5. अनुराग मिश्र says:

    can homeopathy fully cure csf राइनो

  6. Mangesh shingade says:

    Dear sir,I am diagnosed with csf rhinorrhea,Doctor suggested surgery but i want to avoid it.Can you please help me to do so.Please provide me your mobile number and your appointment.My homeplace is Pune,maharashtra.

  7. Hi Doctor,

    My husband underwent endoscopic CSF leak repair along with Septoplasty and Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery on July 19, 2017 through his right nostril. As the exact location of the leak was not found, based on the presumptions, doctor sealed the soft areas from where the leak was most likely to occur. He found his right nostril wet and recently he got fluid discharge through his left nostril (nearly 8 drops). My question here is, would the leak sealed on the right side can recur in his left side? If so, should he go for another surgery or wait for it to heal by itself. He underwent a great pain in his previous surgery due to the lumbar drain and also find his head heavy as the exact place of leak was not sealed but had many layers of the tissues and muscles filled in the approximate place of leak. Please let us know what to do further.

  8. Muralidharan Rajagopalan / Usha Muralidharan says:

    Hello Doctor, I am writing to you from California and my wife (Usha Muralidharan) is experiencing the symptom of possible CDF leak.
    She has been having this issue since two months and has been prescribed with nasal spray – antihyatemins and others.

    A homeopathic doctor as well here diagnosed her condition is due to acute or high sensitive rhinitis and have her medication. She had been taking this for about a week and Dow not find any improvement except that the liquid is dripping and more when bending forward or when active.

    In this situation our primary physician had advised us for a ENT visit to check.

    The homeopathic doctor who we visited in Mexico stated that the situation is not csf leak as she would be experiencing other symptoms such as head ache, eye sight issue etc., and ruled out CSF leak. She does not have any symptoms except drip from right nostril. She also had pneumonia recently but recovered completely.

    I am concerned as time passes by and please let us know how we could fix this issue.

    My contact email is Muralidharan_75@hotmail.comand home number is 001-760-337-9007

    If you have any of your offices in California we can contact them or consult any doctor that you may recommend in the USA.

    We can also call you at the numbers provided in your web portal and please advise.

    Thank you very much


  9. Yashwant Srivastava says:

    Present illness is recurrent rhinorrhea (left nostril discharge) after Endoscopic Endonasal repair (right nostril discharge) in 2014. Treated/Diagnosed as meningitis in December 2016. Surgery advised by doctor during hospitalisation.

    Kindly guide how can Homeopathy help me to reduce the risk of meningitis and avoid surgery and to permanent cure.


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