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Homeopathic Treatment for Rhinorrhea

What is CSF and CSF Rhinorrhea?

CSF or cerebrospinal fluid is a body fluid found in the brain and spine. The choroid plexus of the ventricles of the brain produces about 500 ml of CSF daily. CSF is a clear, colorless fluid present in the ventricles of the brain as well as in the area surrounding the brain and spinal cord. CSF acts as a cushion or shock absorber and protects the brain from injuries, blows, and jolts. Other functions of CSF include the supply of nutrition to the nervous system tissue and waste product removal of cerebral metabolism. The drainage of this CSF fluid from the nose is known as CSF rhinorrhea or cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea. Homeopathic treatment for rhinorrhea is derived from plants and is safe and natural.

What is the Cause for CSF Rhinorrhea?

Trauma to the head is the most common reason for CSF rhinorrhea. CSF rhinorrhea is usually a sign of a basal skull fracture. In some cases, CSF rhinorrhea may be a symptom of pituitary adenoma. CSF rhinorrhea may also arise after surgical trauma during endoscopic sinus surgery or other neurosurgical procedures. Apart from the above reasons, CSF rhinorrhea may also occur due to increased intracranial pressure.

What are the Symptoms of CSF Rhinorrhea and the Investigations for its Diagnosis?

The primary symptom of CSF rhinorrhea is leakage of clear, watery discharge from the nose. The discharge of fluid is usually from one side of the nose. Bending the head forward makes the symptom worse. Draining of salty fluid from the nose into the throat is also a symptom in some individuals with CSF rhinorrhea. CSF rhinorrhea carries the risk of causing meningitis. The diagnostic test for CSF rhinorrhea includes Beta-2 transferrin test. Beta-2 transferrin is a protein exclusively present in CSF and thus helps in confirming CSF rhinorrhea. Other tests done in suspected cases of CSF rhinorrhea include CT scan of the head and CT cisternography.

Homeopathic Treatment for CSF Rhinorrhea

In homeopathy, a majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for rhinorrhea is Hedera Helix. Hedera Helix is derived from a species of common ivy from the plant family Araliaceae. The young shoots and flowering twigs of this plant are used to prepare Hedera Helix using the process of potentisation. Hedera Helix is a very effective homeopathic treatment for rhinorrhea.

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  1. ritika verma says:

    I am Ritika, 27 years old. I am suffering from csf leak from 2018. It stopped in between for some months during 2019-2020. But it started again in 2020 August. Pls suggest me a treatment in homeopathy. Or any good dr. In delhi who can treat csf in homeopathy. I have been taking hedra helix since 4-5 months. These days my leak has increased.

  2. My wife has problem of csf rhinrihea since 2 years

  3. Sefaat Husain says:

    I have running nose problem since last four years I am thinking it is CSF leak, please suggest the good homeopathy medicine

  4. Debraj Talukdar says:

    My sister has been detected with CSF Rhinorrhea since last 1 and 1/2 years. After medication, she was keeping fine, but recently again water is running through nose. When she takes the course of Diamox 250mg, it gradually subsides.
    We are looking for permanent solution without intervention. Is it possile.

  5. Sir my brother is suffering from csf Rhinorrhea can you please help us

  6. Gurdeep Singh says:

    Good morning sir I am suffering from the problem of csf rhinorrhea after one year of endoscopic surgery endoscopic repair was done but after one year leakage starts please tell me sir what I can do please🙏🙏

    • Gurdeep Singh says:

      Good morning sir I am suffering from the problem of csf rhinorrhea after one year of endoscopic surgery endoscopic repair was done but after one year leakage starts please tell me sir what I can do please🙏🙏

  7. Good morning sir my brother is suffering from the problem of rhinorrhea after endoscopic surgery. Endoscopic repair was also done but it is still leaking. Please help us sir

  8. Amarnath Mahindru says:

    Continuing my email my mother suffers csf leak thru nose for last 3 to 4 years. I stay in Bombay kandivali west.

  9. Amarnath Mahindru says:

    Dr Sharma. My mother is 85 years old bed ridden. ,6 months back she has under gone right hip replacement surgery. She is also having acute osteoporosis and has most part of vertebra collapse.
    Now coming to main problem she has been suffering from csf leak thru nose. It is there whole day but aggravates during eating time. At her age we cannot go for surgery.. No headache. But she gets lower pack pain and in right ribs while coughing.
    Can you cure this csf leak thru nose.

    • muhammed Hashim says:

      Dr. Please suggest me homeopathy treatment for csf rhinorrhea because my mother suffering from this disease from last four months.
      Diamox all redy trying but no result from the medicine plz suggest

  10. Vikas Singh says:

    Dr. Please suggest me homeopathy treatment for csf rhinorrhea because I am suffering from this disease from last two months.

  11. Soumen Kumar Das says:

    Csf leakage through left nostril. Before 1.5year l have a microsergery in right nostril for same dease. I want homeopathic treatment. Give me advice.

  12. Meenu pandey says:

    Dr. I am suffering from CSF leak . please let me know how can I meet you for treatment. Me from Lucknow. I m waiting for your reply dr.

  13. SANJEEV BHARTI says:


    I had two brain surgeries for spontaneous CSF Rhinorrea, one endoscopic and other brain surgery.
    After these surgeries, I had a problem of swelling on the right side of my forehead and for which I had to undergo another surgery for removal of bone flap. Presently I am on medicines. Is there any treatment for this in Homeopathic which I can take alongwith the present one.

  14. Purna Chandra Misra says:

    I am having symptoms of rhinoorrhea and leaking of white thick fluid from my left side nostril . Quantity of discharge is not much and it happens may be six to seven times in a day. I have been having this since more than a year and earlier the discharge was more frequently and the quantity almost same as now. It was more bothersome then and now the symptoms have improved. I am 66 yrs old male and have no BP problem. I am seeking non invasive treatment unless it is really required. Therefore I like to go for homeopathy treatment.

    • Sunil Kumar says:

      I suffer from csf rhinorrhea last week
      Symptoms are when I see below then watery discharge in my right nasal few drops.
      Can treated with homoeopathy if yes please tell me which medicine use

  15. Sir my husband has undergone brain surgery for mengioma after surgery very small amount of csf is coming from nose can we treat with homeopathy as Dr is asking for surgery again

  16. KOMAL KUMAR says:

    Sir There are many kinds of Hedera Helix …i.g. 1000ch 600ch 3x 6x and many others ….sir could you please tell me which is best??

    Thank you sir

  17. Abdul W. Khan says:

    dear dr. sharma,

    I am a sufferer of c s f rhinorrhea for the last many unknown years, clear fluid runs down
    through nose, I cant tell you the time, hours, but just runs down through nose on daily basis like
    day afternoon night, I hope you reply me with your expertise and knowledge, thanks

  18. Yogender sharma says:

    I having CSF rhioneria

  19. Garish kapoor says:

    Runny noise leakage from brain are any treatment

  20. Sir I have csf leak in Dura at D10D11 and L2L3. Please suggest homeopathy medicine to heal the csf leak

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