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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Writer’s Cramp

Homeopathic Remedies for Writer's Cramp

The involuntary muscle contraction in fingers or hand while writing — fingers or hand moving uncontrollably — is referred to as Writer’s Cramp. Since muscle coordination is lacking, it becomes difficult to hold a pen. In most cases, the symptoms appear only when writing and this medical condition is termed Simple Writer’s Cramp. In a few cases, however, the symptoms may also appear while doing other activities like eating (Dystonic Writer’s Cramp). The main symptom is tight gripping of the pen along with flexion (inward movement towards the body) of the wrist. At times, there is a pain in hands or shaking of hand. The reason is the over-use of hands. The Homeopathic remedies for writer’s cramp are made of natural substances are totally safe with zero side effects. The involuntary muscle contraction in fingers or hand while writing along with fingers or hand moving uncontrollably is referred to as Writer’s Cramp. It is a type of specific type of focal dystonia. Dystonia is involuntary and sustained muscle contraction, focal means affecting only one body part (here hands and fingers) and specific means it occurs specifically while writing. It is also known as ‘task specific dystonia’ or ‘focal hand dystonia’. Brain sends false signals to muscles leading to increased muscle contractions and abnormal hand posture while writing. Since muscle coordination is lacking, it becomes difficult to hold a pen. The main symptom is tight gripping of the pen along with flexion (inward movement towards the body) of the wrist. At times, there is a pain in hands or jerking in hands. The reason is the over-use of hands. Writer’s Cramp can be effectively treated with natural medicines. The homeopathic remedies for Writer’s Cramp are made of natural substances are totally safe with zero side effects. These medicines help in muscle relaxation of hand by working on the root cause behind it. There are signs of improvement within the first few months of treatment and Writer’s Cramp can be rooted out completely with the continuous intake of remedies.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Writer’s Cramp

Stannum Met, Magnesium Phos, Cuprum Met and Gelsemium are the top homeopathic remedies for treating Writer’s Cramp.

1. Stannum Met

Stannum Met is one of the best remedy for Writer’s Cramp. It is indicated when one feels cramps in hands and fingers when one picks up the pen and writing is started. There is sudden tightness in the muscles of hands and fingers which remain in the same position for a while. Along with this, jerking in hands while writing is marked. Stannum Met is highly recommended when the complaint arises from overuse of hands, as in the case of professional writers and typists. Along with cramps, the hand and arms also feel heavy while writing. Weakness in the hand of paralytic type may be felt.

2. Magnesium Phos

Magnesium Phos is a great muscle relaxant (helps release contraction of muscle). It is an ideal natural medicine for Writer’s Cramp when pain occurs along with contracted muscles in the hand. The pain can be stitching, shooting or cutting in nature. A peculiar characteristic feature is relief from warmth or applying pressure over the hand. This medicine is equally effective in treating cramps in hands that arise from playing instruments with hands like violin, piano, etc. It is also beneficial for cramps in other body parts like abdomen, legs and feet. Cramps that occur from prolonged exertion are well treated with this medicine. Magnesium Phos is of great help in strengthening the muscles of hands as well as relieving contractions and pain.

3. Cuprum Met

It is another highly useful medicine to treat writer’s cramp cases, especially in fingers. It is also a magnificent medicine to help relax muscles. Jerking of hand may attend it. There may occur clenching of thumb in palm. Besides, it is indicated to help cases of cramps of feet, toes and calf muscles.

4. Gelsemium

This natural medicine is well indicated when Writer’s Cramp that is accompanied by a significant weakness of the hand. Gelsemium is the ideal medicine when cramps appear in the hand, fingers or forearm while writing. It seems as if the muscles cannot be controlled and they are working without the will of the person.  There is a sudden spasmodic contraction of muscles of hands or fingers, with weakness in hands. The person feels fatigued after even after little exertion in writing. Jerking or trembling of hands may be noticed in such cases. Anxiety may worsen this condition.

5. Kali Phos

Kali Phos can be used to improve the nerve power in hands. It also helps to remove muscle contractions due to over-use of hands. Kali Phos is the best natural remedy when slight exertion of hand leads to cramping conditions. Slight exertion of hand in writing results in contraction of muscles. Numbness may also be felt by the person along with contracted muscles. Stress may make the condition worse.

6. Cyclamen

This medicine is of great help when there occurs contraction of right thumb and index finger. These remain in contracted position and can be extended with application of force. A drawing painful sensation is also felt in the wrist.

7. Ruta

Ruta is considered when there occurs contraction of fingers. Besides, pain is felt in wrist and hands. Lastly, a drawing or tearing sensation is felt in fingers, hands and forearms.

8. Silicea

Silicea is an excellent remedy when coldness or sweating of hands is dominantly present along with muscle contraction. While writing, the person experiences contraction of muscles along with rigidity in the hand. The flexibility of hand is lost. Pain of tearing nature may also be felt. There may also be symptoms of numbness or weakness of hands.

9. Brachyglottis Repens

It is indicated when there is cramping in thumb, fingers and wrist while writing. Soreness in hands can occur. Weakness in limbs may be present.

Signs And Symptoms

Initially there is difficulty in writing intermittently but as condition progresses, cramping is felt soon after one starts writing. The following signs and symptoms are noted in Writer’s Cramp:

Tight gripping of pen/pencil

Flexion (bending) of wrist and elevation of elbow

Extension of fingers at times resulting in falling of pen from hand when writing

Discomfort in wrist, fingers and forearm

Lack of muscle coordination of hand, inability to obey commands by hand and fingers

In some of hand dystonia cases, sustained hand posture may occur like clenched fist and bent wrist

Due to above complaints writing becomes untidy

Types Of Writer’s Cramp

1. Simple Writer’s Cramp:  When symptoms appear only while writing and only the ability to write is affected. The hand twists in strange postures while writing.

2. Dystonic Writer’s Cramp: In this type, the symptoms appear even while doing tasks with hands other than writing, for example, it may appear while doing other activities like eating, applying makeup, buttoning a shirt,etc.


1. It usually starts between age of 30 to 50 yrs. Simple Writer’s Cramp is more common type. It is linked with overuse of hands like excessive writing for years together.  Other factors that play a role are holding pen inappropriately and keeping poor posture of hands while writing. Stress and anxiety can worsen the symptoms.

2. It has been found in research that in persons having writer’s cramp there is decreased brain tissue (gray matter) in those brain areas (cerebellum, thalamus and sensorimotor cortex) which control hand movement on affected side. Though it is still not understood well if these changes are the cause or the result of this condition. Besides, there is a theory that suggest that brain changes might be a part of adaptation due to sustained repetitive hand movement.

3. Dystonic writer’s cramp is less common type and occurs usually as a part of generalised dystonia affecting multiple body parts.

4. Writer’s Cramp may have a genetic component. It is estimated that in about 20% of the persons having writer’s cramp, there is a family member having complaint of dystonia. A gene DYT1 is linked with generalised dystonia.

5. In some cases, hand dystonia may be acquired from some injury, lesions of spinal cord and peripheral nerve damage. In such cases, symptoms are experienced even when hand is at rest, pain may be felt and symptoms may occur in body parts other than hand.


It includes trembling of hands during cramping and involvement of the other hand in dystonia as well. Another complication that can arise is dystonia in some other body part, like eyelids. In about 50% people having simple writer’s cramp, chances of developing dystonic writer’s cramp are more.


There are no specific laboratory investigations for diagnosis of Writer’s Cramp. It is diagnosed clinically based on symptom presentation. In some cases. nerve conduction test and electromyography may be recommended if doctor suspects some other medical condition affecting hands and fingers apart from Writer’s Cramp, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

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  1. PARTH MISHRA says:

    I felt cramp first time just after my covid vaccination, it was just one week after my first dose, it got worsen in next 3-4 months, from past 2 years I am using gelsemium semperviren 30 CH, and my writing has improved a lot, I did my masters in these condition, and completed my papers on time, but only one issue is still concerning, whenever I hold pen for writing, initially it used to be soft hand, but afterwords grip becomes very hard, is it concerning?

  2. Vikash Ranjan says:

    When I want to write I feel pain in thumb.
    Wrist feel turning.

  3. says:

    Hatho ke panje our pairo may cramp ke liye medicine

  4. Zakir Hossain Ratan says:

    I am suffering from writer’s cram for more than 34 years.I am 58 years old and working as a senior officer at power sector in Bangladesh.before I write with my right hand but I can’t write my same hand.Now I write with my left hand and it’s also cramp.
    I have taken many treatment in Bangladesh and India but no relief.Medicine like Primidone – Revovon – Clonazepam – Propranolol – Lonazep – Pasitane – senimat etc. are taken by me for a long time.
    Homeopathy treatment also taken for 03 years but no relief.
    I need help me if possible.
    best regds.
    Zakir Hossain Ratan
    Cell No 08801711101595 and it also my what’s app No.

  5. Hai Mam,
    10 yrs back, i met with anaccident and till then i m nt able to write fast and even my hands tremble while writing n dowrite with pressure on myhand, could you please suggest me the best medicine. Will be veryThankful to you.

  6. Navdeep Kaur says:

    Hello hope you’re doing good I am suffering from writer’s cramp from last 2 years. I can hold the grip with full force but not able to write or if I keep the grip loosely like mostly people do then it’s also not possible for me to write Kindly help me

  7. Sanjeev Kumar pandey says:

    Good Afternoon Mam,

    Whenever I want to write anything on paper, I feel that my pen is not moving according to whatever I want to write, than I start with very slow. I feel that my hand is vibrating.

    My exam is very near kindly suggest me some medicine to recover within a month.

  8. Shailendra kumar and says:

    Writing cramps both middle finger hand and when holding anything my fingers is vibrating. Please suggest good medicine. Thanks man.

  9. Mohan KR. Srivastava says:

    Speedy writing par writer’s cramp hone par kaya homeopathic medicine lu. Because i am a pharmacist in homeopathic.

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