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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Writer’s Cramp

Homeopathic Remedies for Writer's Cramp

The involuntary muscle contraction in fingers or hand while writing — fingers or hand moving uncontrollably — is referred to as Writer’s Cramp. Since muscle coordination is lacking, it becomes difficult to hold a pen. In most cases, the symptoms appear only when writing and this medical condition is termed Simple Writer’s Cramp. In a few cases, however, the symptoms may also appear while doing other activities like eating (Dystonic Writer’s Cramp). The main symptom is tight gripping of the pen along with flexion (inward movement towards the body) of the wrist. At times, there is a pain in hands or jerking in hands. The reason is the over-use of hands. The Homeopathic remedies for writer’s cramp are made of natural substances are totally safe with zero side effects.

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Writer’s Cramp

Writer’s Cramp can be effectively treated with natural medicines. There are signs of improvement within the first few months of treatment and Writer’s Cramp can be rooted out in its whole essence with the continuous intake of remedies. Gelsemium, Mag. Phos, Stannum Met, Kali Phos, Silicea are the top  remedies  for writer’s cramp.

1. Gelsemium: For Writer’s Cramp with Weakness

Gelsemium is among the top natural remedies for the treatment of Writer’s Cramp that is accompanied by a significant weakness of the hand. Gelsemium is the ideal medicine when the cramps appear in the hand, fingers or forearm while writing. It seems as if the muscles cannot be controlled and they are working without the will of the person.  There is a sudden spasmodic contraction of muscles of hands or fingers, with weakness of hands. The person feels fatigued after even a little exertion in writing. Jerking or trembling of hands may also be noticed in such cases.

2. Magnesium Phos: For Writer’s Cramp with Severe Pain

Magnesium Phos is an ideal natural medicine for Writer’s Cramp when pain occurs along with contracted muscles in the hand. The pain can be stitching, shooting or cutting in nature. A peculiar characteristic feature is a relief from warmth or pressure over the hand. There may also be an involuntary shaking of hand. Magnesium Phos is of great help in strengthening the muscles of hands as well as relieving the contractions and pain in them. Magnesium Phos is also very beneficial for the treatment of cramps in the hands of piano players due to excessive use of hands and fingers.

3. Stannum Met: For Jerking in Hands while Writing

Stannum Met is the best remedy for Writer’s Cramp with jerking in hands while writing. The jerking appears on holding the pen. The hand and arms also feel heavy while writing. The patient may also experience weakness of hand of paralytic type that results in the dropping of objects from the hand frequently. Stannum is also one of the best medicines for a professional typist with paralytic symptoms.

4. Kali Phos: For Writer’s Cramp due to slight Exertion of Hand

Kali Phos is the best natural remedy when slight exertion of hand leads to cramping conditions. Slight exertion of hand in writing results in contraction of muscles. Numbness may also be felt by the person along with contracted muscles. Kali Phos helps in both strengthening the muscles as well as improving the nerve power in hands. It also helps to remove the muscle contractions due to over-use of hands.

5. Silicea: For Writer’s Cramp with Coldness or Sweating of hands

Silicea is the ideal remedy when coldness or sweating of hands is dominantly present along with muscle contraction. While writing, the person experiences a contraction of muscles with the rigidity of hands. The flexibility of hand is lost. Pain of tearing nature may also be felt. There may also be symptoms of numbness or weakness of hands.

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  1. Bijay Raj Pandey says:

    I am suffering from the Writer’s cramp last 15 years of right hand only in right hand. But i started writing from left hand there is no problem in left hand. While trying to write from right hand the hand is jerking and oscillates and the letter i am trying to write is very bad and no control in finger and hand. For other work no problem only when i take a pen and touch on the paper my hand start shaking and trimoring. Can it be cure from Homeopathy. Please reply. I am Bijay Raj Pandey from Kathmandu Nepal.

  2. Tinu Thakkar says:

    Dr. I am suffering from writers cramps for the lat 10 years. In the beganing it was okay but now it has become bad cant write no proper hold on the pen/pencil even while eating or drinking from a cup is difficult some times cant hold a spoon and eat normally feel like no strength in the hands to hold on to things. please advise.
    thanking you

    • ABHISHEK says:

      I am suffering from writers cramp since last 6 months. I am a student age 21 years. I have problem while writing. I have fear when anyone says for writing. During writing I felt difficulty in my fingers and arms. I have taken some medicine (parkin & baclof 10), (Magnesium phos 30x, Acidum, stnnum, arnica) after consultation of doctors but no improvement as yet. Please suggest homeopathic medicine. I will be highly obliged.
      Thanking you

  3. Shailendra Kumar says:

    I am suffering from writers cramp since last 5 to 6 years. I am a teacher. I have problem while writing. I have fear when anyone says for writing. During writing I felt difficulty in my fingers and arms . Please suggest homeopathic medicine. I will be highly obliged.
    Thanking you

    • MD AJMIRAL HOQUE says:

      I am suffering from writers cramp since last 5 to 6 years. I am a teacher. I have problem while writing. I have fear when anyone says for writing. During writing I felt difficulty in my fingers and arms . Please suggest homeopathic medicine. I will be highly obliged.
      Thanking you

  4. Naveen joshi says:

    मैं पिछले 4 वर्षों से राइटर्स क्रेम्प से पीड़ित हू। मुझे लिखते समय कलाई से कोहनी तक दर्द रहता है अंगुलियो में एठन और लिखते लिखते अक्षरों का आकार खराब होता जाता है।

  5. Mahantesha gtg says:

    Dear sir I am govt employe I have been suffering from writers cramp since 10 year when I write in fingers pen tight hold wrist make the hard and very slow writing and different types of writing one by one these disease make happy less my life plz help me sir/madam what are the dreamtment best for me

  6. Md. Afzal Hossain says:

    I am a teacher. I have been suffering from writer’s cramp since 2012. I have already taken many homeopathy and allopathic treatments. I have even taken Botax injections. But got no results. Currently I can’t even sign. In this situation I am living a dehumanized life. So you need advice and treatment. Please give us advice and medical attention.


  8. Shumet Zenebe says:

    Please Dr am suffering by writer’s cramp for the last 10 months, I can’t write properly I have symptoms like tremors and pain during writing so help me, thank you.

  9. How are you Dr. sharma, I suffering writer’s cramp from three years a go and i visit two neurologist for treatment but the treatment they recommend to me is not effective mean no change in my hand to correct writing. I need your help to get rid of this problem which is the worst abnormality in my life. Now i am 50 years old and when i hold the pen to write my right hand start to jerking and i never control the movement, i can’t even write my name so what will be the solution to this problem? I need your best advise please.

  10. Suvendu Roy says:

    Pls help me 9046522646
    Also affected with writer’s cramp

  11. Veerbhadra Veerbhadra Talawar says:

    Sir/madam myself Vijay TALAWAR from India I’m facing problem in writters cramp I couldn’t write anything on the paper pls

  12. jugal kishor bhootra says:

    writting cramps nerve pain sunpan joint pain

  13. Biswajit Manna says:

    I have been diagnosed with writer’s cramp in 2015. I am unable to write even single sentence as my wrist bend to right direction due to non movement of wrist in a rythemic way with the progression of sentence in right direction. I also feel extra tight grip with pen Since 2018 I have tried with my left hand but there is also some kind of difficulty.
    I am 44 years old.
    Please suggest medicine and need to treat this problem.

  14. Pramod sharma says:

    I m suffering from writers cramp fo last 10 years.Plrase suggest someesicines

  15. divya dharshini says:

    gud mrg doctor this is divya from past three years i have this fingers pain nd wrist pain nly when i write i have consulted two doctor in these past three years they just told tht i have calcium problem .

  16. Sandeep kumaram says:

    How long does magnesium phaophorium 6x will take to cure writerscramps

  17. Najmee Ayysha Ahmed says:

    I am 46 yr old woman and suffering from difficulty in writing,after writing few words my hand just don’t move,pls help

  18. Wakil Ahmed says:

    Respected sir I am 49 years old. I write right hand.while writing I have to hold a pen very tight and tremor and pen drop from my grip I am suffering from since lat 10 year.i have taken gelsemium30,stannum met 30,mag phod 6x , but no received response.i shall be very thankful to you if you suggest good homeopathy medicine for me.

  19. Kocherry Sebastian says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    For treatment of writers, cramp I have been taking gelsemium 200. I have been taking once a day for about three years. Should I discontinue it. Kindly advise.

    Thanking you

    K J Sebastian

    • Kamlesh Dixit says:

      I am suffering from writer cramp for 14 year I have also taken botox but not permanent releaf
      Please advise me

  20. Madan Mohan Konar says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    Kindly tell me the power and doses of Gelsemium for remedy of normal writters cramp.

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