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ADHD Homeopathic remedies | Six Ways To Manage Abusiveness In Kids

Is your child arguing back frequently or showing signs of annoying behavior like screaming “no” to all your requests and getting verbally abusive on a daily basis?

These are signs of severe behavioral problems and discipline challenges that children affected by ADHD throw up. While it is normal for most children to answer back or ignore parents’ requests sometimes, when such conduct becomes chronic it is a manifestation of ADHD, often coupled with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). As many as 40 per cent of the children afflicted by ADHD generally also suffer from ODD, which is characterized by chronic abusive or obnoxious behavior, a tendency to argue or annoy frequently etc.

The bad news is that this behavior can spill into adulthood, leading to severe personal and professional problems that can even have social ramifications when they result in reckless driving, alcoholism, gambling and such ills.

The good news is that with the help of behavior therapy even the most obnoxious and annoying child can be managed. Here are some simple steps and homeopathic medicines for adhd to manage aggressive and abusive behavior in ADHD children.

Positive action works better than negative strategy

Parents need to make use of reward rather than punishment to correct ADHD behavior. Children respond better to positive incentives than to negative ones. For instance, if a child has the annoying habit of turning on the television full blast despite requests to lower the volume, tell him that he will earn 10 minutes extra of viewing his favorite program if keeps the sound low.

Reinforce good behavior with reward.

If a child sits still through class or his parent-teacher meeting, praise him publicly or reward his good conduct.

 Don’t be drawn into arguments

Psychologists say that aggressive ADHD kids not only like arguing or answering back but also enjoy drawing parents, teachers or peers into the arguing mode. They like it when they are in the center of the argument. The moment the parents or teachers get into an argument with them, they land on their turf. The abusive child keeps tossing out the verbal bait and the parent keeps falling into the trap.So, stop rising to the bait and arguing with the chronically annoying child who loves to argue about anything and everything.

Try time out strategy

The use of “time-out,” which entails isolating the child immediately for a short period of time, is considered a very effective strategy for dealing with aggressive behavior as it gives both the parent and the child time to cool down.Psychologists usually advise parents to apply 1 minute of timeout for each year of age, which mean 4 minutes for a four year old.  The general norm suggested by psychologists is applying the 30% rule to kids with ADHD and learning disabilities.Thus, an abusive or aggressive child should immediately be removed from a situation in which he is annoying or endangering others. Try to make the child look upon time out as a way of cooling off rather than as a form of isolation from others.

Channelize physical aggression into verbal outlet

While mildly aggressive acts should be allowed in a child so as to enable him to let off some steam, when the behavior becomes abusive, physically aggressive or intentional, the best way is to channelize the physical aggression into a verbal outlet. This could mean sometimes allowing the ADHD child to use words that may not be acceptable in normal kids.

 Anticipating aggression

Many a time a parent can anticipate situations when a child with ADHD is likely to get aggressive or abusive. Quite frequently, an ADHD simply child explodes in public without any provocation. If such a flare-up happens in public, it is advisable for the parent to remove themselves from the situation by making an exit.

Redirect energy into motor skill

If a child’s verbal aggression develops into intentionally abusive and socially embarrassing conduct, the parents need to channelize his aggression into positive physical activity and motor skills like competitive one-on-one sports, energy-consuming music or dancing, competitive video gaming and such activity .With patience and understanding, parents and other care givers can correct ADHD-related aggressiveness in children through such behavioral therapy.

Top Homeopathic medicines for Abusiveness in kIds With ADHD 

Chamomilla :- Homoeopathic medicine chamomilla is one of the best indicated remedies in cases of extreme abusiveness in children. The child may be extremely restless and may cry continuously. Chamomilla may be prescribed when the child keeps demanding one thing after the other and refuses when given. There may be temper tantrum on every little thing. The child cannot tolerate if anyone tries to speak to him. The child may be extremely abusive and complaining. The child cannot take no for an answer and may keep moaning continuously because he is being refused things that he demands.  Chamomilla may be given in children who get extremely abusive and violent when anyone interrupts him.

Cina :- Homoeopathic medicine cina is one very well indicated remedy in children who are abusiveness. The child may be very cross and irritable and hates when touched. Cina may be prescribed in children who don’t want to be carried, talked to or touched. They may turn away from strangers. The child bores his face in his mother’s lap and cries incessantly. Here again, the child desires many things but rejects everything when offered. Cina may be prescribed in children who suffer from worm infestations.

Antimony Crud  :- Homoeopathic medicine antim crud is also a very well indicated medicine in children who are unusually abusive. The child is excessively irritable and crossed. Any attempt to please the child fails. Nothing seems to satisfy the child. There is much brooding and the child doesn’t want to speak. The child gets angry when someone looks at him. Antim crud may be prescribed in children who are extremely short tempered without any relevant cause.

Veartrum Album :- Homoeopathic medicine veratrum alb is an indicated remedy in children who throw temper tantrums. There may be extreme mood swings and crankiness may alternate with a submissive behavior. The child may scream and curse when angry. Veratrum alb may be prescribed in children who get physically violent when angry. There may be an unusual tendency to tear or cut things during bouts of anger.  The child may sit in an awkward position and become totally incommunicable.

Hyoscyamus :- Homoeopathic medicine hyoscyamus is a very well indicated remedy in abusiveness in children. The child may be very quarrelsome and abusive. He may hurl verbal abuses at everyone around him. There may be constant grumbling and muttering due to irritation. The child may be extremely impatient and talkative. Hyocyamus may be prescribed when the child make fun of other children and is extremely insulting. There may be an unusual tendency to find fault. There is much dejection and despair. The child may be insensitive to others feelings.

Natrum Mur:- Homoeopathic medicine natrum mur may be prescribed in cases of abusive children who are extremely weepy and cross. They refuse to be consoled and weep more on consolation. The child is generally well behaved and may be suppressd for a long time. Due to prolonged suppression, there may piling up of the emotions. Suddenly, the child just explodes with angry bouts.  The child prefers to be left alone to cry. There is much awkwardness and hasty behavior. Natrum  mur may  be prescribed when the child gets irritated with trifle things.



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    Hi my name is Kuldeep Kaur. I have son 5 years old he is hyperactive, and he never sit still jumping all the time

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    I have a 3 year 3 months old kid. He is not talking sentences but only 3-4 words like mummum, baba, etc and others he is only going by sign language. He is reluctant to study, paint etc and is extremely defensive and reluctant to hear any advice from parents. He becomes extremely nagging and at times uncontrollable and violent.

    What could be a good medicine to help him come out of it.

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