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ADHD Homeopathic remedies | Six Ways To Manage Abusiveness In Kids

Is your child arguing back frequently or showing signs of annoying behavior like screaming “no” to all your requests and getting verbally abusive on a daily basis?

These are signs of severe behavioral problems and discipline challenges that children affected by ADHD throw up. While it is normal for most children to answer back or ignore parents’ requests sometimes, when such conduct becomes chronic it is a manifestation of ADHD, often coupled with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder). As many as 40 per cent of the children afflicted by ADHD generally also suffer from ODD, which is characterized by chronic abusive or obnoxious behavior, a tendency to argue or annoy frequently etc.

The bad news is that this behavior can spill into adulthood, leading to severe personal and professional problems that can even have social ramifications when they result in reckless driving, alcoholism, gambling and such ills.

The good news is that with the help of behavior therapy even the most obnoxious and annoying child can be managed. Here are some simple steps and homeopathic medicines for adhd to manage aggressive and abusive behavior in ADHD children.

Positive action works better than negative strategy

Parents need to make use of reward rather than punishment to correct ADHD behavior. Children respond better to positive incentives than to negative ones. For instance, if a child has the annoying habit of turning on the television full blast despite requests to lower the volume, tell him that he will earn 10 minutes extra of viewing his favorite program if keeps the sound low.

Reinforce good behavior with reward.

If a child sits still through class or his parent-teacher meeting, praise him publicly or reward his good conduct.

 Don’t be drawn into arguments

Psychologists say that aggressive ADHD kids not only like arguing or answering back but also enjoy drawing parents, teachers or peers into the arguing mode. They like it when they are in the center of the argument. The moment the parents or teachers get into an argument with them, they land on their turf. The abusive child keeps tossing out the verbal bait and the parent keeps falling into the trap.So, stop rising to the bait and arguing with the chronically annoying child who loves to argue about anything and everything.

Try time out strategy

The use of “time-out,” which entails isolating the child immediately for a short period of time, is considered a very effective strategy for dealing with aggressive behavior as it gives both the parent and the child time to cool down.Psychologists usually advise parents to apply 1 minute of timeout for each year of age, which mean 4 minutes for a four year old.  The general norm suggested by psychologists is applying the 30% rule to kids with ADHD and learning disabilities.Thus, an abusive or aggressive child should immediately be removed from a situation in which he is annoying or endangering others. Try to make the child look upon time out as a way of cooling off rather than as a form of isolation from others.

Channelize physical aggression into verbal outlet

While mildly aggressive acts should be allowed in a child so as to enable him to let off some steam, when the behavior becomes abusive, physically aggressive or intentional, the best way is to channelize the physical aggression into a verbal outlet. This could mean sometimes allowing the ADHD child to use words that may not be acceptable in normal kids.

 Anticipating aggression

Many a time a parent can anticipate situations when a child with ADHD is likely to get aggressive or abusive. Quite frequently, an ADHD simply child explodes in public without any provocation. If such a flare-up happens in public, it is advisable for the parent to remove themselves from the situation by making an exit.

Redirect energy into motor skill

If a child’s verbal aggression develops into intentionally abusive and socially embarrassing conduct, the parents need to channelize his aggression into positive physical activity and motor skills like competitive one-on-one sports, energy-consuming music or dancing, competitive video gaming and such activity .With patience and understanding, parents and other care givers can correct ADHD-related aggressiveness in children through such behavioral therapy.

Top Homeopathic medicines for Abusiveness in kIds With ADHD 

Chamomilla :- Homoeopathic medicine chamomilla is one of the best indicated remedies in cases of extreme abusiveness in children. The child may be extremely restless and may cry continuously. Chamomilla may be prescribed when the child keeps demanding one thing after the other and refuses when given. There may be temper tantrum on every little thing. The child cannot tolerate if anyone tries to speak to him. The child may be extremely abusive and complaining. The child cannot take no for an answer and may keep moaning continuously because he is being refused things that he demands.  Chamomilla may be given in children who get extremely abusive and violent when anyone interrupts him.

Cina :- Homoeopathic medicine cina is one very well indicated remedy in children who are abusiveness. The child may be very cross and irritable and hates when touched. Cina may be prescribed in children who don’t want to be carried, talked to or touched. They may turn away from strangers. The child bores his face in his mother’s lap and cries incessantly. Here again, the child desires many things but rejects everything when offered. Cina may be prescribed in children who suffer from worm infestations.

Antimony Crud  :- Homoeopathic medicine antim crud is also a very well indicated medicine in children who are unusually abusive. The child is excessively irritable and crossed. Any attempt to please the child fails. Nothing seems to satisfy the child. There is much brooding and the child doesn’t want to speak. The child gets angry when someone looks at him. Antim crud may be prescribed in children who are extremely short tempered without any relevant cause.

Veartrum Album :- Homoeopathic medicine veratrum alb is an indicated remedy in children who throw temper tantrums. There may be extreme mood swings and crankiness may alternate with a submissive behavior. The child may scream and curse when angry. Veratrum alb may be prescribed in children who get physically violent when angry. There may be an unusual tendency to tear or cut things during bouts of anger.  The child may sit in an awkward position and become totally incommunicable.

Hyoscyamus :- Homoeopathic medicine hyoscyamus is a very well indicated remedy in abusiveness in children. The child may be very quarrelsome and abusive. He may hurl verbal abuses at everyone around him. There may be constant grumbling and muttering due to irritation. The child may be extremely impatient and talkative. Hyocyamus may be prescribed when the child make fun of other children and is extremely insulting. There may be an unusual tendency to find fault. There is much dejection and despair. The child may be insensitive to others feelings.

Natrum Mur:- Homoeopathic medicine natrum mur may be prescribed in cases of abusive children who are extremely weepy and cross. They refuse to be consoled and weep more on consolation. The child is generally well behaved and may be suppressd for a long time. Due to prolonged suppression, there may piling up of the emotions. Suddenly, the child just explodes with angry bouts.  The child prefers to be left alone to cry. There is much awkwardness and hasty behavior. Natrum  mur may  be prescribed when the child gets irritated with trifle things.



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  1. Anirban Bhattacharya says:


    I have a 3 year 3 months old kid. He is not talking sentences but only 3-4 words like mummum, baba, etc and others he is only going by sign language. He is reluctant to study, paint etc and is extremely defensive and reluctant to hear any advice from parents. He becomes extremely nagging and at times uncontrollable and violent.

    What could be a good medicine to help him come out of it.

  2. Tanvi dharia says:

    Hello my daughter is 5 years old and has very aggressive behaviour and stubborn moods.. Catches things very fast and she is very smart in studies and all other activities..but she is not taking
    part in any physical games like karate, P. T, Yoga.. She likes spicy food ,chocolates and sweets.. From last 1 year she has got one habbit like sitting so erect and become very hard with her legs.. Des things she do for 5 to 10 mins den she is back with normal situations.
    But from past 3 for 4 months she gets very angry specially on mothers and Nani… And giving back answer with bad words… When she is angry she is not knowing what she is doing and telling…
    But after sometimes when she clam down she realized that I have done something wrong and start saying sorry to us… She is not allowing her mother to go washroom also… She want her mother with her whole time… Not allowing to go go job also… Sometimes she is not controlled by us…
    In such situations plz give some suggestions why should we…

  3. Tridib Manna says:

    My son is 13 yrs, addicted in mobile games Free fire. He is restless, becomes angry when any short of thing goes against him. He does not listen anybody’s advice, what comes in his mind he wants to do it, if demands are not fulfilled try to commit suicide or says negative, sometimes he promised something to do good but does not keep his word. He is under psychiatry doctor for 5 months. Consuming Arpizole 10 and Feliz S 15.
    But anger, demands, violence restlessness increasing. Kindly advice

  4. Bhabita Debnath says:

    I am from child boy is 7 yearsold.he is very naughty,irritating,and rest less.his sleeping hour 10pm to 8am.plz help how can change his misbehavior

  5. Sandeep chadha says:

    Hello my child is 7 years old and has very aggressive behaviour and tempramental moods. He abuses us a as parents. Catches things very fast but we only see negative side of his acts. He also does not ge in peer group and is away from physical games. He only likes to play games on tab. He is physically lean and eats relarively less and likes spicy food and chocolates. Also while sleeping on occasions he aggresaively hits the bed and mumurs aggressive words which we do not understand. Also hits children in school and we get regular complaints. He still wets the bed. Is very jealous of others.

  6. Dr my son is 9yrs old .he is very intelligent but can’t focus in anything like study, music, drawing etc.he is hyper active child

  7. DEEPAK GUPTA says:

    Hello sir, my son is 1.7 years old. He is very stubborn/ziddi and even refuse to take food due to this. We have tried loving him, consoling him and even sometime angry. Buy he never gives up. If you forcefully try to make him eat, he will start crying and vomit out everything. He won’t eat although we can feel his stomach is empty by touching.

  8. Dear Dr. Sharma
    My 9 year old granddaughter has very severe problems of being physically and verbally abusive in particular with her mother.
    My mobile number is 98111 11071 .
    I live in Delhi.
    I need urgent help.
    Please advise and help .
    Thanks and regards

  9. Hello Sir, My son is in his teenage. He cannot control himself. He is moody, sometimes abusive also.
    Inspite of making him understand about good and bad habits, he will follow what he is following. I mean he will not change to good. There r behaviouraial and discipine problems. Not to get up in the morning
    has to give reminders from outside when he is having bath. Does not clean his body properly. He will not help in our regular house hold work. His first answer is always “NO” I don’t understand how to tackle him.
    pl. guide

  10. ashish dwivedi says:

    sir my son is 5year old and he is sufferfrom adiction of spliting (thukne ke adat) and irritating also please advice me homeopathy medicing for this problem

  11. D. S. Patial says:

    Sir My daughter is 8 years old. her birth weight was 1.45kg. but she is weak till now and get irritated on small things . please suggest .

  12. vandana bharti says:

    Dear Doctor Sharma

    Greetings of the day.

    I am Vandana bharti from bhubaneswar,orissa.I have one son of age 6.5 years old.He is very agrressive in nature,talking always abusive words,always says NO to any statement and very very rigid.He was not like that actually.In 2-3 years these type of changes is going on.One more thing always complaning stomachache,and not interested to take any type of food.He very much likes fruits but in the morning he will be very rigid to take food.Please suggest medicines.Waiting for your reply.

    Vandana bharti
    contact no. 9438760035

  13. Mohammed Feroz says:

    dear Sir

    my son age is 11 years and is ADHD patient. He is undergoing homeopathic treatment.
    He is recovering slowly. Main problem is that he is more talkative. Repeats the same word continuously and try to tease bringing his face close to any one.
    Any medicine or suggestions from your side.




    Dear Dr,

    My son is turning 5 in few days. Since past 3 months or so, he cant sit at one place. He keeps on walking even during food. Instead of floor, he walks on couch then to table then to another couch like that.

    He dont want to eat food and is super skinny. He grinds teeth too. Until his demand gets fulfilled, he keeps on asking abt it continuously which irritates me like hell.

    He eats paper everytime and enjoys throwing things like clothes toys or anything on the floor to keep the house as dirty as he could. Like if the blanket is kept folded, he would go n take it with him and leave it on the floor. He would take the charger out of the slot and drop it, everything should b on the floor. He eats and tears paper and that also is left everywhere on the floor.

    Please help!!!

  15. Hello Dr,
    My Child is 3.2 yrs old and she still doesn’t speak words in continuation. The understanding is little at lower side. She doesn’t respond to asked actions like getting something asked for or take us to place from where she wants to take something.
    With some therapy she has improved over 6 months but still understanding is less. She is fond of the sucking.
    Pls advice if we need to go for some homeopathic medicine

  16. subrato sahana says:

    Dear Doctor
    My 2.5 year daughter is often (4-5 times in a day, 2-3 days a week) crying, shouting loudly, throwing things, unmanageable etc from last 2 months
    She still not started speaking completely, very shy, very quiet in her PG school, very less active in school activities. She understands mother tongue properly but hardly speaks few words.
    She eats nicely & drinks plenty water. Her weight & height development is also proper.
    She doesn’t take our instructions at all even after listening it completely

    Kindly prescribe some homeopathy medicine for her aggressive behavior & fast learning

  17. Inderpreet Kaur says:

    My child is very good st times and understand what i explain him but at times he just cries for a little thing dont listen to me what i will say he will gnore and will not pay attention at rimes and sometimes he himself bevones so gud that he dnt cry listens to me he irritates me at times for studying or watching tv when i will say no he will not agree and at times he goes to badi mama’s room and does not come to me to study and their he pkays with a little kid what shoul i do how should i treat him.

  18. C. Correia says:

    My two year old grandson keeps biting suddenly provoked or unprovoked …this habit was there from the time he was an infant. He has all his teeth now. We have dewormed him Homeopathy as well Allopathic. After the second born he has started crying and throwing tantrums continues to bite. He is very well behaved when parents not there except for this sometimes unexpected biting. Secondly he puts his fingers in the mouth throughout the day and salivates .

  19. Dear Dr Sharma, Our 11 year old girl was born premature with a Moya Moya condition.She had operations in getting more bloodflow into the brain which helped immensely with the frequency of strokes.
    She is intelligent yet cannot control her emotional outbursts and is in a special school for her dysfunctional condition.She is extremely outgoing and has no fear or inhibitions in talking to anyone.
    Can you suggest homeopathic support please.

  20. Hi dr Sharma
    My child has just been diagnosed with autism age 2yrs8months.
    He doesn’t like to be told no it’s his way other wise he hits himself on the ground and he doesn’t speak yet.
    Can you please help me and he doesn’t sleep throughout the whole night

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  22. I am facing severe behavioural issues with my 17 year old son.
    He is abusive, says things like “you are mad” when I check him for browsing the internet or wasting time. instead of studies. If I ask for the laptop from him he throws it away and says things like “ok, never give me anything”
    He is not open about his plans. If I ever ask about what he wants do do, he says “nothing”. He is not appearing for any competitive exam.
    He is in class 12 but not studying seriously for the board exams either.
    He was an excellent student in grade 10 but ever since he has taken science in 11th (with a little push from our end), he has started doing badly in school.
    We thought things would improve on their own but things have gotten only worse.
    I dont know whether he is studying or not. He just doesnt talk about studies.
    Sometimes when he is in a good mood he will talk about other things like football etc (he plays regularly) but he shuts up immediately when we discuss studies.
    I am very sad about this erratic behaviour. But there is a big communication gap that I am not able to breach. PLEASE HELP>

  23. My 11year old son is so naughty I dont even know what to do anymore he lies , he steals im confused as a parent ,is there any medicine that he can take to calm him down

  24. Hello, My grandson is 7 he is getting in trouble at school by throwing chairs in class, tell teacher no and won’t do class work, throwing rocks at kids. The bus he’s disreputable by not seating in his seat and saying inappropriate things. Thinks it’s cool to act mean. At home he has melt downs over when things are taken away crys and says he’s a bad boy. He also does distructive things for no apparent reason. What can we do to help him? I’m trying homeopathic sprays and I take him to a therapist once a week. He has become worst in the last 2 to 3 months. Help me please!! Penny

  25. Dear Dr. Sharma at present I am an ECE and I have taken care of a child since infancy. This child was born with a delay of speech and motor growth. He is now 5 years old he can talk and is able to walk. His speech is limited so now he has a very hard time communicating what he wants. His mother has taken him to sick kids and Erin Oaks and have told her that he has a condition of ADHD. He goes through moments of aggression towards his mother and little sister by hitting, punching and pinching them. She told that he loses his temper and she now has him on ridalin it has been a week now and he is having hallucinations! I would like to know what I can do to help this little family and what natural herbs would be better for this child!

  26. daughter is 11.6 years old.too much stubbornnes.argue on everything.has no routine for her day.lack organization.have difficulty in maths n english(written).bossy amongst friends.have no permanent hobbies,mood swings.belittle our house respect for elders.find faults in others.has no value for things,money.

  27. Carol Scott says:

    My child is 6 yr old an just started Kindergarten., ADHD runs in both parents side and his 25 yr old brother had ADHD an ODD I took him to physiologist an is supposed to be evaluated but not until November. School has only been in for 5 weeks and I gotten numerous calls about his behavior from the Principal an today had to go get him from school because of his behavior. She said next step is suspension an hes only in Kindergarten. Is there anything I can give him that will calm him down an help him focus and follow directions like the other kids..I am so sad an hurt for him.

  28. Sunil kumar Pareek says:

    My daughter 15 years old
    1. Very aggressive
    2. Bad behaviour
    3. Get angry as and when asked to study
    4. Abbsuive language
    5. Curse
    6. Threaten to kill me and her mother
    7. Weeping all the time
    8. Never listen to any body
    9. Speaking all the time don’t want to keep quiet
    10. Was under epilepsy treatment from 2007 to 2013
    11 No seizure after stopping treatment
    12 tear cloths through pillows
    13 badly organising the things and her belongings
    14 Books are in bad shape tear pages
    15 very poor in logical things like maths science etc
    16 can memorise songs etc in one go
    17 never accept her fault
    18 Others are blamed for wrong happening

    Tried Hyoscyamus 200 two months
    Stramonium 30 for 20 days
    Nux Vomica with vita C15 and BC 16 of Dr Reckwage for 30 days

    No improvement seen kindly suggest remedy.

  29. Subhasish Banerjee says:

    My only daughter now 24yrs old drop out from school at 12th standard. she had suffer from anxity and depression at the age of 17yrs old. we consulted psycrytist Dr. and since the year 2010 in treatment of medecines.
    At present she at home and just watch TV, Internet and consume Food of her choice mostly from outside. She is not obidient to parents and suffer from Anxity attack. Ask same questions repeatedly and demand Food of her choice. Developed weight 82kgs and do not go for walking or do any kind of exercise. Mood swing and if not given what she demand become aggresive. Somtime attack physically to her Mother.

    Lost self cofidence and live in virtual World. Is there Homeopathy treatment for her. Alopathy Medecines consuming is now showing side effects as developed diabatis, Thyroid , irregular mensuration and high cholestrarol. please reply for her proper treatment.


    Good morning Dr. Sharma my name is CHRYSTAL JOHNSON and I’m writing you to get some help for my 9yr old daughter she very violent I’ve been thru two broking wrist close calls to my toddler being burned alive and the bath tub she have been Baker acted more ten times nothing seems to be helping the sad part about it is she want the help she cry’s out for help but as a parent of two it’s hard the therapist​ come when they feel like it or they come and then leave my soon to be 5yr old is acting out as well because she see the big sister is doing it I need your help DOC

  31. Greetings! For the past three years my son has been lying, stealing(primarily food) and disobeying. We give him instructions and he comes up with his way to do things. Then he lies, even when caught. He steals food, even things he is allergic to. Have tried various forms of punishment, removing favorite things, stern discussions, etc. yet nothing lasts long, maybe as short as hours before he disobeys or lies again. At wits end. Up until this time he was a very well-behaved child. Please help. No diagnoses on him…
    He is almost 10…

  32. Lucia Oarum says:

    I have a 13 year old daughter who has difficulty with reading and writing. She ignore when you let her do something. She is in grade 5.

    Will you please help Dr. What can you recommend.

    Quick response Will be appreciated.

    Lucia Oarum

  33. Julie Bégin says:

    im thinking of giving my son Veratrum Album. but the way he acts out when angry is more kicking items, hitting them and throwing them. Does that go along the same lines of that description? and also Im not seeing much on the hyperactivity aspects of it. (fidgeting, cant sit during meals – has to take off running, chewing his shirts, how he has like a stutter but is more like he cant say things fast enough ex: instead of being m m m m m my tttttoy…. its my my my my toy…and is like hes holding his breath and starts again my my my my toy. i have to tell him to breath deep breaths and start again and it works)


    Dr I also have a 14 yr old son he hates bathing and only takes my instructions when he need something from me. Everytime he is supposed to bath I have to force him. He likes soccer more than anything in his life. And he likes pleasing outside people more than me. I have come to a point that I feel I’m giving up on him. Please help me because I don’t know what to do anymore.

  35. My son now 32 is in bodybuilding P roffession.
    He has always been argumentative,defiant and aggressive since adolescence. No counselling or pleading ever works. In his aggression he turns destructive ,abusive and physically violent. He wants to speak anything to n about anyone but not ready to listen. His 3 yrs old daughter n wife are worst affected n traumatised. Please suggest. He is not likely to take medicine with knowledge and uses steroids and HgS.

    • Bisht,
      Advise his wife to put the medicine in his water. There is no taste. Sometimes people are “out of their minds” and we cannot expect them to comply. Throwing things is a sign of Staphysgaria. Chamomile is Dr. Sharma’s first remedy. Try one at a time and see which works best. 200 dose is every other day.

  36. which remedies will help hitting, kicking others when angry. sometime will sudden angry
    without any reason

  37. annoymous ... kitty says:

    why deaf father keep yell and verbal abuse to my hearing son he is teenager I can see my son was unhappy for long time since he live with his father I do firgure it out I want my son come home with me and make sure he is secure and safe and healthy be happy my son didnt ready to move to come with me I wonder why he act neverous and he keep avoid of his dad around I dont understand what going on with them ,,,, I do care about my son s ADHD since he was kid ,,,,, I try tell his father to be stopped from verbal abuse or yelled like that he said teenager never listen at all its not make any sense ??

  38. My kid boy age 7yrs. But he shouts a lot. He put TV and don’t give remote. Always he starts shouting. Beating or unnecessary screams. When he screams he becomes red n veins become prominent. Due to this we ggive punishment but it hardly matters. M very sad n very tensed. But he ranks 1st in class. But at home he don’t concentrating. Plz suggest me.

    • MyMy daughter age 23. She is epilipsy patient. But she looks normaley. We are four members. We three out of the house daily. After that she bathing,eating and washing clothes every day. Then she watching tv morning 4hours and evening 4hours. She is not going outside. In some times she is very angry and thrown anything in his hand on our three.we are taking more treatment,but no help me, and how to slove this problem.

  39. Rosemary Rawls says:

    My son is 25 took him off risperdal because of abnormal ekg. He needs something for his aggressive behavior he keeps messing with things putting it in his closet. He broke a light bulb in a lamp while off. He doesn’t want to take a bath sometimes weeks and he has major insomnia. He takes his time getting ready for day program or to go take a family member home. He wants his way or pushes an hits. He is a sweet young man. But I think he’s to wired up in the brain loud outburst of noises lol! He can’t be STILL not getting rest. I gave him sleeping pills over counter like unisom didnt help! I heard marijuana calm autism but can’t locate a doctor in southern California. Or tell me which homeopathy would help calm him down an less behavior problems? We tried risperdal on since 3 Dr said immune to it won’t work! Also he runs off not like use to but had incident other day. He came back after 3 block he does come back! I look forward to hearing from you its tiring an he needs close supervison which he has I’m his mother care taker an conservator! Thanks

  40. Payal Bhatia says:

    My son is 3 years, he slaps himself very badly, hits his head and throws extreme tantrums, sometimes asks for food but when we give food throws all the food. He has behaviour problems and becomes very violent which is very difficult to manage. He understands everything what we say,plays with kids , follows instructions, had good eye contact, speaks few words.what can be the problem and what is treatment for it

    • Where can we get these products/meds? Some of the symptoms you describe definitely fit one of my granchildren. Please advise thankyou !!

  41. My daughter is 8 years old.she speaks rudely to everyone around her including parents and friends.she wants everyone to treat her nicely as if she is queen but she doesn’t behave nicely with everyone. She doesn’t listen at all even if we tell 4-5times.I m very concerned. Please help .should I meet a doc or psychiatric.

  42. My daughter , 20+, is very aggressive in nature , always contradict us in every respect. Misbehave with everybody in the house and with the relatives. Very prone to spicy food and does not want to take the normal homemade food.
    Kindly suggest medicines and its doses.

  43. Eileen Vidal says:

    Hi my son is 14, non verbal and has autism. He started hitting his head and his left eye would come in slightly at about 5 years old. He was developing typically ( he was induced two weeks before my due datesueto deliveryissues with my 11st child) at 15 months he got the MMR shot and lost the few words he had as well as he started to flip his toy card over and spin the wheels. At age 5 we took him to a GI who said he had inflamation in the fut, ulcers in his intestine and erosion on the dueodum. We did antiinflamatories, gluten casein free, and digestive enzymes. No big difference.

    He is social but very clingy to me. This past year the intensity, frequency, and duration of his getting his head increased. He was recorded to have punxhed his head 200 times in a 15 minute episode. He would also stuck his fingers in his ears, cry and have us hold his head. He appeared to be in pain. These attacks come from nowhere. He would also run around screaming . we had an MRI done and they found. A cavernous angioma on the right temporal. The neurologist thought the episodes were migraine pain. They put him on Topamax. This had no effect he was also put on ampetripaline. These medications made him aggressive irritable and have him insomnia. I took him off everything. 2 weeks ago. He now constantly hit show head even when he doesn’t appear to b in pain. He will pull out his hair and try and pull out hair and scratch us.sadly when He is not having these attacks he is very happy. He understands everything but can’t form words. Hehasteouble sitti,g still and a very short attention span. I am swing a homeopathy doctor who prescribed belladonna I gave him 30c 3 pellets two times a week. It seemed like Thaksin was less but his scratching. And jumping out of bed and trying to scratch us and tear hishairout was not better. He just started taking sterauma 3 pellets of 30c. He is still hitting his head so much so he has blisters and bless from breaking the skin. I wanted to see your ideas.

    Initially he was only self injourpus. After the prescription drugs he became aggressive towards us. School starts next week but I am keeping him home to see if his behavior is better. He loves to go out but unfortunately these guys are restricting him

  44. Kristen Proulx says:

    Who could prescribe above medications for my son?

  45. Muhammad Amjad Alvi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am 37 year old well educated and settle person financially working in national firm.I am separated from my family from child hood and spent my all life in Relatives home for studding. After completion of studies my Mother Father both expired one by one and I suffered and maintain my family now they are settled.
    I got married and my MRS.Separated after 7 months after then we have a baby girl I go to meet her in Court my MRS never agree to back.I am feeling aggression and lose tempering,Concentration problem too from last one year and my sleep is perfect and weight is maintained on 63 Kg.I control my behavior at many places and after then time I think that was not a problem of aggression.
    On request of my Dr. Friend I used Agnatia Amara 200 x but result was not found.Kindly suggest me any thing else for treatment and controll.


    Muhammad Amjad Alvi

  46. My son 6 year old have some of the symptoms you described in this article. He can’t sit in one place for even 2 minutes even in school also. He is wandering in the class when teacher is telling class and talking to his friends. He is not listening in class at all. He is not concentrating in studies. When we offer rewards, he try to finish his work very fastly. He has teasing nature with his elder sister, his mother etc. He is simply telling lies for small things. He is neglecting his cleanliness. He take care of his interested things but neglects things like pencils, erasers, sharpners, etc. He is stealing chocolates, small toys from his friends and telling that they have given him. He is not that much violent. He has fear of ghosts. He is timid of darkness. We are sending him to Teakwando. He has interest in it but even there he is not listening to the master. His behaviour is same when he is with relatives but some what less when compare when he is with us (parents). Please suggest remedy in homeo.

  47. Pat jennings says:

    He kicks of for no reason is extremely angry very violent and abusive he shouts and swears and has now started spitting he is always restless when in a situation he is unsure of and will constantly want to go to the toilet even when he does not need to go he is 8 years old and I am his Gran and I feel scared of him

  48. AFSAR AHMED says:

    Dear Doctor SAHAB
    My daughter is three years old and she is extremely Cranky and at now a days she cries a lot that too to a extent she becomes inconsolable and also she is having mood swings…she also has a problem of constipation and undergoes motion once in three or four days..and her sleeping hours are also not proper ..she might sleep at two in the night and would wake up at ten and would start crying..we are really very much worried and disturbed of her health and activities as she gets irritated on small things and also hits anyone..

    Kindly suggest

  49. nandkumar satoskar says:

    My son Yash is 18 yrs. old is taking medicines for Epilepsy and ADHD, Dyslexia, tapering off Allopathic Medicines Oxetol 450 – once a day and Risdone SR 0.5 mg – once a day. He is quite
    moody and has fared very badly in second year engineering in I.T. faculty in Govt. Polytechnic. His I.Q. is very high but he is very allergic as far as studies is concerned, should I give him Silicia 30 or any other combinations available in the market of Reckeweg or Adel. Your help will be highly apprecieted.

  50. Hello Dr. Sharma. I’m an Indian and living in NCR Delhi region. I have a 37year old daughter who, on the one hand, is extremely lovable, innocent and pure at heart but he has most of the symptoms described for the ADHD and ODD children. I also feel that as parent we have also contributed to this situation.
    The line of action is described mostly for children. Do we need something else to try for our daughter. She is very argumentative, abusive and full of hatred for us but in the private. In public she poses a normal person. She is depressed also for being a non achiever in life and blames us for that. Can you advise something. We want to maintain confidentiality. Thanks

  51. Anu Taneja says:

    Hello doctor m child s 4 years old boy he s very naughty screaming all the times and his mouth never stops continue speaking anything .He s very aggressive when i scold i slap hm he vomits.plz prescribe d mediine

  52. Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have got a 22Y old daughter with psycological disorder. She is doing masters in English litrature and working in a buisness research companny. She was a child with fears and weaknesses , a very weak child . But for last a few years she has transformed to somebody who is compltely different, she had a few unsuccessful suicide attempts. But after 3-4years of depression now she has an enormous amount of energy , that is difficult to cope with. A state of fearlessness and deviation from religion. No rational behaviour , she cuts herself now an then and feels no pain . She is having tattoos very often and the pain of tatoo gives her a kind of joy. Heavy work out in gym and afterwards piles of protein rich diet , this kind of routine is her life style. No compromises at all. she is small and light figure girl. She is 22 but looks 18 . Very suicidal. Please give some advice.

  53. Taiba Mohsin says:

    Hello,my daughter is 8 yrs old and her behavior is very abusive and unbearable.
    She weeps all the time,beats her youger brothers.she is very sesitive and doesn’t feel
    happy.what I should do ,im really worried bout her plz guide me.

  54. Lakshmi says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma

    I would like to talk to you about my daughter she is 2.5 years old. She is a healthy child . She was a calm child during her infant days she started showing stubbornness when she reached the age of 1.5 yrs cries continuously she will hit her head on the floor while crying asking different things while crying we can’t reason with her she harms herself and others as well. Me my husband and my daughter are currently residing in UAE comes to India for vacation . She first showed the signs of stubbornness after returning to UAE from a vacation. It took almost one week for her to be back to normal. Now we are in India for a vacation she showing the stubbornness for almost three weeks now. What shall I do doctor please reply

    • Anupama Maruvada says:

      The child has learnt to throw extreme temper tantrums….. probably the child has lot of people pampers her in India. I am Anupama Maruvada, M.Sc, M.S (Founder & Clinical Director of CBT 2 – Child behavior therapy with cognitive behavior therapy).

      You need to use preventive, intervention & post tantrum strategies to bring them to control.

  55. catherina says:

    Hi dr I have a 6 year old deaf boy that’s hitting and bitting me all the time there is not one min in the day that he is calm. He always look for an excuse to hurt me. And the phycologists and phicitrest say there is nothing wrong with him but to me it looks like a very dangerouis and seruois case. And its becaming a probleme. Please give me advise on how to o things. He doesn’t even take praises when I see his doing good then he starts out bursts.

  56. Ritu gupta says:

    I need your help badly and want to talk discussing it all on phone

  57. I have a son who is 3 you, 4 months. He screams a lot on hearing sounds of vehicles, cooker, mixer, even closing of zip in bags. He always wants me to be with him when at home. He is. Entails prepared to stay without me in playschool. But at home, he always wants me, just don’t allow me to do any work. Also, he is very hyperactive. He gets bored with any thing very fast. Very difficult to make him sit at one place. Very naughty and purposely does things that irritate us. Screams a lot unnecessarily… Being patient, explaining him, scolding, nothing works out….. He screams even more…. But when I try to beat him or raise my voice, he cries a day vomits everything… Becomes very uncontrollable…. And I myself has to calm down and pacify him…. Really finding very difficult to manage him…. Plus help

  58. Amit Ranjan says:

    My daughter age 3 year 7 month.wo bahut hi aggresive aur jiddi hai.wo kisi ki sunti hi nai.hamesa bahar rehne k intrest in food.hamesa rona chillana.aur dusro k samne bhi rona.kio out sider agar usr console kare to uspe bhi attack.i m so upset.plz help..

  59. Mercedes Sabrina Franco says:

    My son is 8yrs old ADHD with depression. Sometimes he’s lovable and helpful. Just you don’t know when he will switch and start hitting you and using fail language to me as his mom and his little brother. My son does lie a lot can stand me asking him anything and his bother.

  60. Mrs abdullah says:

    Mumy daughter is 3 years and have all above symptoms to be given chamomilla. Please guide abouf dosage

  61. Nicole Riedy says:

    Hello there! I loved reading this information and I’m hopeful that you quite possibly have some answers and or solutions for our almost 4 year old we’re struggling with daily now. My husband and I are main the parents in a blended family with 3 boys (ages 11.5, 9, & almost 4) and I am currently 4 months pregnant with my 4th child. Wesley is our youngest boy and has been absolutely uncontrollable with anger outbursts, physical violence (Wesley will punch, hit, kick, scratch, pinch, bite,throw any object in his reach at myself/his dad/ his brothers, breaks/destroys purposefully items & belongings of others (by way of tearing/cutting up papers, ripping off pieces or parts, stepping on or throwing items, climbing to find tools or items that he uses as tools to smash or destroy items, places electronics in water such as sinks or toilets or purposefully spilling his drink onto them)refuses to use or play with what is his and manages to find things such as my husbands or my car/house keys or important cards (my husbands drivers license & debit cards he leaves in high places even though I’ve warned him to keep them out of sight & possible reach but now they’re lost) then Wesley will hide them where they’re never found or found after a long period of time; there is complete defiance from Wesley constantly (screaming/yelling “no” or “yes I can” or “yes I will”; telling me & his brothers to “shut up”; using foul language((it is even used by him correctly bothcontext or situations)); refusal to follow instructions both for his safety & or a normal request which also goes into him being verbally abusive to others by name calling or put downs; he’s been caught and corrected when seen purposefully hurting our cat & 2 dogs (by hitting them with his hands & or objects as well as kicking them, etc), he cannot stand being told no or asked/told to stop (with or without explanation why), wakes early in the mornings; Requires us to have to allow for an extra 10-20 minutes any time we have to leave the house as he will hide/refuse getting dressed & shoes & coat on (whether asked to do it as a self task or with assistance)/ runs around the yard when I’m trying to get him into the vehicle/ he fights hard when I attempt to get him to nap no matter what time of day it is/ he fights both my husband and I at bedtime (I am the one who does bedtime routine and tuck Ina 98% of the time)/ he makes me Dread the idea of taking him in public whether going to the grocery store, Drs appointments, family dinners at a restaurant or even to my older two boys’ schools for their events; car rides (no matter if they’re just a few blocks from our home or a special occasion out of town an hour away) are absolutely dreadful 85-90% of the time as he screams, cries, curses, kicks the back of seats as hard as he can, finds any object he can to throw at his brothers/his dad/myself, instigates to irritate or annoy his brothers and can be physically abusive to his brothers any way possible; there is much more I could list but I feel this should hopefully be enough for your thoughts/opinions? As a family,we are at a total loss as to what we’re supposed to do now or how to handle him anymore as he’s become worse over the last 9 months to a year. It has put a huge rift in our family and a strain on both my relationships with my older boys and my marriage. Thank you in advance for anything you can suggest or advice on!!

  62. suzanneLundberg says:

    My teenage son 15yrs, has been diagnosed with ADD previously. He may be hyperthyroid as his hands tremble in the morning and he has had bulging eyes but they are not too bulging, now. He has poor grades and barely attends school. He has always been very stubborn and makes excuses all the time, and says he will do things “later”. He plays computor games all night and cuts up paper which he has drawn on, and screws it into balls. He avoids talking about the future and does not seem to grasp his responsibility in making his life of a job, etc happen. He played with paper while we talked. He has grown very tall but does not eat much (i am small, and his father;small). He himself said that he thinks he is almost just like a sociopath, being able to manipulate and having no feelings. He often says, “I don’t care” and “shut up” and” I don’t want to talk”, “dont talk to me”. He likes to eat corn chips and yogurt. He used to wear his boxer shorts inside out so he did not have to feel the seams. He has stretch marks on his back. He used to like being funny and saying random things and liked to outsmart people , ie, tricks on computor games, and he loved the antic of Brer Rabbit when he was a child.would love help, thank you

  63. Roop atri says:

    Hello Dr. My 2yr old daughter screems , heat to parents also herself also n other children also , she cries a lot ,don’t take any nap in the day n remains very cranky ,she throws almost everything which is in present of her ,sometimes remains very calm but for very few time , n don’t like to stay at home , please guide me which medicine will work on her

  64. Hello! I have a 14 year old son with ADHD and ODD constantly getting in trouble at school for not being on task, being disrespectful at home and with teachers. He fidgets, he has a tic with his lips at times, he is super smart and gets great grades. He is very athletic but this school year he did not make the teams due to his attitude. He constantly talks back and is swearing all time. I tried high dose vitamins 5htp, nicanimide, l glutamine, and NAC. Stimulant adderalls did not work made him more agitated. He says people are always bothering him when he gets in trouble. Please help…

  65. Dear Dr. Sharma I have a very aggressive 4 year old. Not only is he physically bilomet towards me and his 11year old sister, he is hurting my dogs, kicking,choking,eye poking. He is also very defiant and has response to any form of discipline including spanking as he has almost no pain sensory. I have him currently doing PCIT and so far his aggression and anger seems to have gotten worse. Any suggestions?

    • Hello, I have a 10 year old child who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD when he was 6, he has been on medication such as straterra and tenex.. we had stop all of his meds as it was messing with his heart and I refuse to put him on a stimulant. The problem we are having is his anger outbursts he gets very violent and angry, anything can set him off he hates being told no and if he doesn’t get his way he gets extremely angry ( hits his 9 year old brother, kicks walls, throws things either just to throw or he will throw it at someone) I would love to try a natural remedie and see how it works on him, what would you suggest?

  66. We have a child who swears, disrespectful to us-parents and his brother. Refuses to do homework or chores. At school does not like to do his work, hard time focusing and concentrating. Will call parents names and swears. Always wants us to buy him something. What medication will work for him.

  67. saroj kumar kar says:

    my grand son aged 18 years sudden changed his behavior when he could not get what he wants instantly. He even threw and broke whatever items he saw nearby and even forgot his parents and behaved very badly. Please tell me the right medication with strength and period.

  68. Good morning,
    My grand daughter is 6th old…does not concentrate,talks ,distrust
    Other children, does not finish her task in school. She ha very good memory,
    Remember her lessons, goes to Madressa.
    Very very caring and loving child,will stop everything to see to others need and
    This gets caught up neglecting her task.
    Please assist. ….beautiful intelligent child
    God bless
    Warm regards
    Mrs essop

  69. My daughter(7yrs) is very much irritating. Don’t wanna go to school. Don’t talk anyone in school or outsider. But on house she is very much talkative. Loses temper very suddenly. When tempered she refuse everything. Wanna hurt me. Talk that she ‘ll kill us. Insult everyone. 2/3 hours minimum she continue this. But suddenly she turn back. Then she behave well. I’m from Bangladesh. Pls suggest me medicine to overcome such situation.

    • B V Gopinath says:

      My daughter age is around 14 and now a days she argues very much and during the combing of her hair she always cries that it is not correct and she abuses her mother and some time she beat also and she behaves very aggressively . During the test and exam she do well and she is coming 1st and 2 nd rank and she never accept if we tell good things and during the combing of her hair her mother only has to do and nearly 10 times she removes this is not correct and tell her mother and shout and abuses. After some time she is ok


  70. Suvarna Patil says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good Afternoon & Greetings for the Day…

    Sir My son Siddesh is studying in ix standard in St. pius school in Mulund. He is very arogant and disturb minded in studies and seems to be lack of interest in studies.

    We are worried about his carrier in studies

    Pls guide us.

    Thank You,

    Suvarna Patil

  71. manoj kuriakose says:

    Sir my son is 14 years old and study in class 8th he is not intrested in study and learning he is suffering ld can u suggest me what medicin is best for him

  72. Shana Foster says:

    My 10 year old son has ADHD and is taking a prescription medication at this time. He is very moody and very irritable most of the time. Your article about kids with ODD and ADHD is explaining my son EXACTLY. We have tried several all natural things but have not had any luck. We would like to continue looking to find something all natural or homeopathic for him and I ran across this website Hoping you can help

  73. How much doses of Chamomilla 30 be given to 6 years old child for temper tantrum?

    • Hello… I’m from bangladesh
      my child is 6 years old..
      He shows always anger with everyone xpt me
      His father was mentally ill..
      and he was my cousin also..
      my son can remember all the shows what he watch in tv.. but he can’t remember what he read in his books…
      even he is not much talkative
      His height is 106 cm..
      i would like to prefer homeopathic for him..
      his weird behave day by day is increasing.. wht should i do now…

  74. Sir, my son is 3 years old. He shows very irritable behavior. Does not like to eat any thing. He does not want to take bath , does not want to wear cloths, troubles and even hits her mother too much.
    His behavior has become worse after his long illness (fever, cough and cold). He was treated by the alopathic medicines. similar situation arrived once earlier also. He says no to every thing. and does not take any logical arguments.
    Presently he has little cough and cold and he is very difficult to handle especially for her mother. looking forward for your valuable suggesstions and advice.


  75. Nicole Moore says:

    Hi Dr. Shama,
    I’m in need of some help regarding my five year old Nathalie born 12-14-10. She is in charter school and very smart however has short attention span, irritable, violent once and mostly when sleeping. I find it very hard for her to to to bed at night and she fights sleep and is sometimes annoying at night or when she wants her way and behaves defiant and difficult until you just give up. She likes to be the center of attention and I really need some new parenting skills or tricks. Changed
    diet to oat cereal in the .mornings.

  76. I have an 18 ye old coming of vyvanse- impulsive, odd and two foster children on multiple meds for aggression, ADHD,verbal abuse,odd, mood disorder. I need help

    • Hi Dr Sharma
      My daughter aged 18 is very defiant especially when she fixates her mind on her looks for eg if she does not like the color of her hair she would demand and threaten us to buy a hair dye product. If she does not get her way she would throw household items and even beat or bite mum.She has an obssessive personality and always feels the need to dress like a model and rather inappropriately .
      She has been seeing a psychiatrist but the meds may reduce the symptoms without any definitive improvement Please advise

  77. I have a child with severe autism and one with adhd that need help. The youngest has meltdowns and aggression when he does not get his way. The adhd child has issues when he does not get his way verbal

  78. Is BOIRON USA Hyoscyamus Niger 12c same as “Hyoscyamus”

  79. where can I buy Hyoscyamus from?

  80. daughter is 12 yrs old, she is constantly shouting, complaining, irritable, talks very loudly all the time, when I ask her to do chores she back chats and takes a long time to do it, I took her out of room she sleeps in lounge now cos she constantly complaing bout younger brother who is 10 yrs old, the smallest thing u say to her then she irritates herself and shout, pls help I cant take it this puberty or something more serious.she makes everybody on edge as we dont know what she gonna start shouting or complaining.

  81. angela goode says:

    I know positive. rewards are good and not feeding into ang arguement w my adhd child but when the due get punishment what should i do my child is 15 years old how long should punishments be i feel she is old enough not to earn time back and everything that comes out her mouth is very direspectful.

  82. Hello Dr. my son has ODD and we are currently working on changes to our parenting and discipline to help him, however, I wanted to see if there were any homeopathic remedies, herbs or medicines that we could give him to help him. He is very combative, tence and angry all the time. He has trouble sleeping. Is there anything you could suggest?

  83. pavani venugopal says:

    Hello doctor, my 4 yr old daughter speaks alot and her
    School teacher complaining me that she doesn’t sit at one place and roams here and there, but she writes when books are given and good in the class. But when the class gets over she starts roaming. Please suggest me some medicine for this

  84. Hi Dear Sir , I adopted a girl name now she is 5 plus , i adopted her from the the day 1 , belongs to a very poor family , her mother is also suffering from mental illness now , not sure bt now she is mental hospital, this is a history of a child , bt no matter now she is mine bt she is very hyperactity , watch TV Doremon all time , bcoz we both are working and cant left our job any how , what should we do to handle her , we dont have enough time as well , it is our fault , bt i cant do anything , I want that she liesten to me , love me bt not she wants to fullfill her own wishws anyhow, i visited a scatrist also he started medicine bt i havnt gvn her , tell me should I give her methymild Tab to her or not or she undrstand me and life go smooth would it be possible or not.

  85. Nonodyourbussnessudumbhipsters says:

    ADHD only involves attention problems which are only caused by hyperactivity that. Goes away after puberty sometimes but a lot of times can only go away FOREVER AFTER PUBERTY through ADHD medicine. Adult ADHD only exists because people de used not to use medicine or were JUST ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who sometimes do not grow out of their ADHD! So your wrong! I was diagnosed with ADHD and I’m fine on only 30 milligrams of vyvance a day and without it I’m perfectly fine.

  86. I am a mother of 5. My 14 year old son has ADHD and ODD! He is on medicine but its not helping like they said! He’s been on meds for 6 years now! He threatens adults, he lies about EVERYTHING, he has lied so much that my in laws are fighting with us because of the lies he has told them. He doesn’t care what any adult says. I have not found a punishment that works. He simply does not care about anyone but himself and what he gets! As a mother of 5 I’m not sure how much more I can handle. Other adults call me to tell me what wrongs he’s doing, the school calls because he’s sleeping in class or just says he doesn’t have to do anything. Please help me with my son! He’s a great kid but now he is just only out for himself. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  87. Stephanie Stranix says:

    Hi Doctor,

    Is there an “all in one” homeopathic medicine /supplement I can use for my sons ADHD and ODD?

  88. Hello Dr. Sharma. My son is 3 years 9 months old. He is generally very sweet and behaved. But he has a very short temper he gets angry at everything. He has a 6 year old sister whom he loves but they fight all the time. He will hit, scream, kick & bite when he is angry. He just loses control,throws and bangs everything. He will punish me his mum by hitting and kicking me in every anger situation. He hits his sister & pokes around with her just to get her irritated. I don’t know how to calm him.

  89. Gurpreet says:

    My son three and a half year is very much obstinate. He is very much talkative, Understands everything he saw in cartoons. Uses very difficult hindi words what he listens and that also at appropriate situations. From everything else it looks he has a good IQ but when it comes to study, he couldn’t learn even 1 to 4 although he has attended playway for about six months where they were taught counting also. I am a teacher and has tried all the ways like giving him sweets for teaching counting etc but in vain. Is this attention problem because otherwise he could remember wording of songs, dialogues of cartoons etc but in no way is learning counting. I have tried even downloading songs on the counting. One more distinctive feature about him is he has total dislike for fruits, vegetables & their smell too & is eating only parantha with curd/butter or milk only in feeder. what should I do

  90. Gricell Rosario says:

    Hello I have a seven year old son diagnosed with epilepsy since he was 3..seizure is under control but we have problems with focus and attention at school..he talks too much..only wants to play and is always talking about his favorite cartoons..he was doing good but now he is going backwards. .he in on medication.he takes lamictal and DepKote..please help me I dont want to medicate him to go to school

  91. Isabel Hartley says:

    Hi my 12yrs old son has adhd and anxiety takes 3 different meds , He does not like to be told what to do and gets very anger when woken up, never does what he told to do as ” responsibility wise, homework say he has none or does not like doing it and also fight with kids younger than him thinks it funny when some one gets hurt, has to be right by me needs to know where am at yell at me tell my very mean things but then he lies alot but the tells me he loves me so much (im one confused mom) oh but he has therapy couseling every thursday

  92. greeshm sharma says:

    My son age 9 and a half years old is showing sporadic episodes of anger and hitting. it goes for few minutes to 15 minutes. He scratches everyone during that period. Once this episode is over, he is again normal with no issues. He shows one episode per day. This kid has been through change in residence 3 times, parent separation anxiety and he misses people and friends who left him because of his move to new places. He has been to three new schools in past 5 years. He misses his old school too.
    What can we give him to calm down and help gain control over his nerves when he is angry. I believe in homeopathy than any English medicine.
    I tries “COMPULSIN” from hello life company for 2 months and it helped his OCD symptoms of repeating words occasionally but not his anger.
    Kindly help recommending homeopathy remedy for him. He is 4 feet 6 inches tall and 48 pounds weight. He is thin built and always on move kind of kid.
    I am looking into a product from Native Remedy company called “ANGER SOOTHE”. Kindly help

  93. D V RAVINDRANATH says:

    sir my son D swami Charan is studying I st degree. His age is 18 years old. His behaviour is changed

    since 2years. He is very much annoyed at parents. He is failing in subjects. He talks as if he is correct.

    He argues with parents. Please give medicines for this condition. He is tall and lean. white in color

  94. carrie kemp says:

    Hello Dr Sharma my son who is almost 5 has been diagnosed with autism, he is very aggressive, cannot sit still and lacks concentration. He goes to a mainstream school and has 2 teaching assistants, he finds sharing very difficult and gets violent towards the other children and teachers too. His behaviour is getting worse i have taken him to the doctor and he wont help, i dont want to give him medication but would like to try homeopathic remedies. I see chamomilla, antimony crud and veartrum album are all for aggression could you tell me what strength and how many times a day should i give him them please
    I look forward to your reply
    Kind regards
    Carrie kemp

  95. Sonam Sethi says:

    Respected sir
    My daughter is going to a play school since last 2 years. She is also suffering from thyroid, which got detected when she was 1 year old. She is taking thyronorm 25. She was fine in the first year of the school. She cud remember counting, alphabets, rhymes,but cannot recognise letters, colours, and numbers on seeing them. But in the second year she got slower as written was started. I have now provided her with extra Tution teacher which can help her. Now she is able to write straight line letters on dots, but cannot recall which letter she had written. Also she is a bit stubborn and cries a lot on small things especially when we stop her from anything. Plz help. Sonam Sethi
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  96. Mustak Mallu says:

    Dr Sharma, I have a 14year old daughter who has progressively become worse in behaviour. She is abusive and always making unrealistic demands. She can be violent at times and when something gets into her head she can be very disruptive. I have split from mum and due to domestic issues Mum has passed my daughter onto me. Due to these issues my daughter has become more disruptive. We live in shared rented house with 2 other tenants. Unfortunately she is not happy with this situation and has demanded that we get our own flat. Due to financial reasons I am unable to fulfil this. She is using this as an excuse to become disruptive. This has emotional and financil impact on my life and has caused problems at work. I am finding it unbearable at times. Are you able to advise any homeopathic medicine to halp me calm the teeanger down and advise on any other therapeutic medicines to ease this aggressive teenager down. Thanks

  97. n suresh says:

    my daughter aged 16 years becomes violent and cries whenever she is asked to study. She becomes very violent and acts crazy breaking the objects around her. she does not listen to me or my wife i,e her mother. her behaviour with her mother is very violent and even she goes to beat her. She is addicted to TV and mobile application. If asked to switch off home become a hell.

    Doctor kindly suggest me ways out of this and being in 11th standard she doesnt study at all. we are in chennai. Kindly guide us to a doctor who can cure this and can give us peace. She is our only daughter.

  98. brenda maynard says:

    Hi I’m a single mom I have a 11 year old that has been diagnosis of having adhd odd touretts bipolar anxiety attack panic attack he is on meds been on several different one he is now on zoloft 25 mg an Oxcarbazepine 150 mg twice a day plus clondine 0.1 mg. Please help the dr says there nothing else he can do conselsor gave up on him now I have 3 other kids in the house 16 14 and a 6 year old he hits us don’t no what else to do my daughter gets upset because he disrespect the family he also expect all my attention please help

  99. Hi my son has been diagnosis with adhd odd touretts bipolar panic attacks anxieties attack I’m a single parent with 4 kids he has been to sevaral dr an counselor he is on zoloft 25 mg Oxcarbazepine he take twice a day 150mg an clondine 0.1 dr say he doesn’t know what else to do I also have 3more kids I have to be a referr sometimes because he want to smart off to all of us an hits us an he is stealing off of us taking it to church an sale to them or selling at school please help it getting harder for all of us don’t know what else to do

  100. My son who is 12yrs old is very aggressive and uses abusive languages pleas doctor advise me some medicine for him . I a very worried about him.

  101. I have a 6 yr old adopted son who is diagnosed with ADHD/ODD. He is very aggressive, defiant, and often has rage. I would like to know what homeopathic remedy might work for him. Unfortunately, we do not have a homeopathic practice near us. I was wondering if it was safe to self treat. His behavior is becoming a strain on our family and I desperately need help,

    I also have 14 r old with facial and body acne and was wondering what might work for him.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  102. My son sounds like this and I would like to use some of these products. Can I buy them thru ou

  103. I am mother of single male child of 11 years .His father does not assist in caring for him and everything out of his mouth is that he will lash him.
    he was diagnosed with ADHD and is on medication.
    My child does not retain much of what is taught in most classes. Here are some symtoms i found in him.
    1 impulsive
    2. can not focus on one activity specially related to academics. Struggles badly in Math and English. Very good at foreign language i.e. Spanish
    3. Hardly completes homework given.
    4. Aggressive especially if someone touches him or the other way around
    5.low tolerance
    6.low self esteem
    7.can not sit a place for long time
    8. Writes stuff that he isn’t like by anyone.
    9. Argues at every little thing and carries on even after conversation is over
    10. cannot focus on studies

    Can you give me a suggestion of which remedy to use.

  104. Pijush Roy says:

    Respected Dr Sharma
    My daughter is 8 years of old. She is refused to study at any more. Sir please give any remedy for study.

  105. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Since I’ve read the article “ADHD Homeopathic remedies | Six Ways To Manage Abusiveness In Kids” I believe I’ve solved my dilemma on the issue- does homeopathy helps in cases of kids aggression.
    In our case – we are facing a problem of increased boy aggression since puberty. It’s about 13 year old boy who is not abnormal aggressive , but since puberty is prone to fights and I believe this is the right time to “cut down” this on start up. Actually,I really don’t know how to approach this problem , how to find a well trained homeopath and to act somehow…

  106. My daughter is 9 years old. When she was 4 the doctors said she was boarder line Adhd. I have not had her reevaluated because I do not want them to push medications on to her. I am a firm believer that kids do not need it. Lately she has gotten worse. She is very moody, emotional, defiant, aggressive and angry. We have her in counseling but it is not helping. We would like to try a natural remedy before we have to resort to medications. What would the best thing to try be?
    Thank you

  107. Anjalu trakru says:

    Sir my daughter was a topper in school and a very well behaved girl . She is 24 now . For past 6 -7 years she behaves rudely , cries over small things and is mostly involved in social networking . Though she is doing a job she gets these fits of anger and she yells at anyone at that time . She has detached emotionally from all family members . She wants to go abroad for further studies. Also she is completely disorganised , loses her things quite often . Don’t know whether it is a medical condition or not please help

  108. Need help with 6 yr old son diagnosed with ADHD/odd, aggression, rage. What homeopathic remedy should I try?

  109. sir my younger son is really very abusive in nature speak a lot when i say some thing he always takes wrong meaning always negative feeling for parents he is 18 years old and he is smoking also now pls help me out and can i speak in detail with you regarding his symptoms and i would like to go for his treatment pls help me out he will be restless when his demands are not fulfilled will be saying something or other

  110. hi sir

  111. hi sir gud post..

  112. my son 6yrs old. is hyperactive, i do see children worse than him so i cannot say that he is extreme in that case.. but we actually diagnosed him after we started sending him to football academy. where from day one he was on complain. he kicks other children. he says he doesnt do it deliberately. but while trying to get the ball from others he accidently kicks them. coach tells him not to do though he repeats. he has become lil better than before after repeatedly telling not to do.. i find children also not get along with him. that is because they dont pass the ball to him. .. he gets frustrated at pitch when children dont pass and he gets some times more aggressive by kicking and tackling children more… At home i find him that for him its difficult to listen to people. he will hear after we call him repeatedly. i dont find anything wrong at his current level of study….

    My wife diagnosed him in PRS hospital n they have said its ADHD, n for me its a big SHOCK… she has prescribed Axepta 10, for him..i havent started the med due to fear of it may have side effects on his growth and developement n etc…

    And also i have told my wife that i dont want to give my kid meds with one opinion. …
    Dear Dr, do u think my son is suffering from ADHD. i would like to consult him to you to see what u think on his case. for that i would like to get the address of yours…



  113. Mamta Nilwarna says:

    Dear Dr,

    My son is 7 yrs 9 months old and has been detected with ADHD. he has been recommended Inspiral 10 mg once a day for 30 days and organisational thearapy. he seems to get more irritable after having this medicine. request your help as to from where can we get the homepathy treatment for ADHD.

    Thank you

  114. My girl plays and will not stop even if the other person is tired. She also runs alot in the house. Across the room and back. If i ask whats happening she will say she is thinking. She rarely sits down for long unless its to watch tv.

  115. RITU TANEJA says:

    My son Anuj Taneja aged 17+ years old is an Autistic child. he is very aggressive, behavioural issues like touching ladies, self injurious behaviour, violent, showing tantrums, mood swings, uses abusive words at times and so on. At times, when he is angry, he will tear clothes also and goes to destruction at any level. he does not study also but has a liking to go to school. But due to his behaviours issue, he is not accepted anywhere, I am very much worried about all this, how will he survive and how will we survive. Please help.

  116. Azizur Rehman says:

    My son khan Affan is 17yrs old, he suffer with ADHD last 3yrs. We consulte to Dr. Parhar in panvel mumbai ( psychologist), and start me-dicine he continue with medicine but he has
    not well. He has very hyper and aggrassive, he
    fight with her mother, sisters, and brothers pls help us and suggest medicine

  117. aravind m krishna says:

    My son ( adopted ) is now 12 years old. He is identified with ADHD. We are giving him medicine.He never reads or learns any thing. He has no sense of cleanliness also. he never do anything of himselves. He never bathes cleanly, doe not do his home work, always argues and ward off his works. He has never thought of any thing seriously nor behaves in responsible manner. He always dreams of luxurious life. Till now he could not sit and read any thing. Is there any medicine to make him learn. He does not learn or concentrate. He always need money and always quarrel with us. He will not sit attentively, nor losten to any good thing. He always orders things.

    Is there any remedy for the same.

    Kindly answer.

  118. Hi Doctor Sharma,

    My son Divyansh is 10 year old and studying in class 5th . He is having ADHD & mild Dyslexia problem . We consulted to Dr. Roma Kumar (clinical Psychologist) in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and she taken 3 assessment and recomended to special educator. In-fact he got little bit improvemt there but still the academic problem into classes to note down the home work etc. remain same. Now we consulted to Dr. R. K . Sabharwal (NEUROLOGY & EPILEPSY) in SGRH and he recommend
    medicine INSPIRAL SR 10mg 1 tab daily in morning and 5-6 drops of SYP SIZODON for 4-5 months . We started this medicine just one and half month before buut with this medicine some time he feel headache pain in stomach.

    We are very upset and confussed what to do? Pls help us if possible.

  119. I have a 14 year old girl with adhd she is always anger, lashes out at people espially peers very confrontational mostly with peers easily irritated.

  120. My son is 3 and half yr old.he has ODB (oppositional deiant behaviour) and am starting coucelling for homeopathy helful for my child.and wat medicines should be given .

  121. Hi, Dr. Sharma….. I have a nine year old son whom was diagnosed with ADHD,AUTISM-ASPERGER,SPEECH/LANGAGE,AND EMOTIONAL DISTURBANCE.. He has frequent crying spells and angry outbursts…what homeopathics would you recommend for my child? Thanks

  122. cheryl kelly says:

    hello, My name is cheryl Kelly and I am writing to you about my 13 year old autistic grandson. He is mostly no verbal and pretty much potty trained. since he hit puberty, he has shown more signs of aggression. He is having explosive agression issues. The School and family have tried all of the above ways to try and manage this. He is on alot of anti-sycotic meds. We would appriciate hearing from you. Thank You, Cheryl Kelly

  123. Debabrata Ghosh says:

    My daughter is in Class-VIII. She was detected suffering from ADHD , in Apollo Chennai when she was in class IV. She was on treatment and has taken attendrol-25 for about 2 years. Then we have stopped given any medicine. Though she is somehow managing in school but with increase of work load she is extremely difficult to cope up– Her problems are –
    She cannot study alone . Either me or my wife has to sit beside her .
    Very argumentative
    retention power is very poor. Even a four page chapter will require a whole day to learn.
    Repeated silly mistakes in mathematics
    We get complains for disturbing others in school.
    Even though she is trying to work hazrd but the output is not satisfactory.

    We are really very stressed in this regard. We will be grateful if we get some genuine advise.

  124. medicines for snoring

  125. leanne steedman says:

    I would like to use homeopathy to help improve my childs ability to cope. I work in special needs and can see really classic ADD symptoms but really do not want to use ritalin etc as I see a lot o negative effects of this medication at work.

    My son is 8. I have always noticed a tendency to move from one thing to the next and never really complete anything properly (even as a toddler). He is bright and has coped at school so far as he learned to read very quickly and is actually in an advanced class. He does not neccessarily perform as well at things that require time to work out what is required before rushing along.

    He likes to take charge of his friends and hence has problems on the playground.

    He is difficult to manage as if he doesnt get his own way he will persue it to the death even if his carrying on has not paid off in the past. My other children have never done this. If he doesnt win he will do little things to indicate that he believes he has won anyway. He will remember the battle for years-everty detail.

    Having said that he is the most affectionate and most naturally gifted of my children.
    I do not want to persue medication. Is there a remedy you could recommend that may help?


  126. my 2.5 year male child is very restless and may cried all day long.he demand one think if not given he became angry and start crying but when same think given he refused or thrown away. he also suffered from wart problem, he have some warts near right eye and cheek.
    plz provide some solution.

  127. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Greetings of the day………

    I am Preety ,My daughter Divija Duggal is 16 years old ,She is very hyper and dont want to go to school and she dont want to do studies . She easily misbehave with her brother and father and with me also. She enjoying to do surfing Net and talking with her friends . And she is easily changed her friends . My whole family disturbed due to her behavior . Let me know what can i do for her , She is AHDH or any other problem??? I confused what can i do for her???

    Preety Duggal

  128. Tanuja Agarwal says:

    I have a son of 6yrs, he has been diagnosed with ODB, ADHDT was found below average, however his individual scores on hyperactivity not impulsively scale falls in the average. Range.his IQ IS 118.He is very abusive not picks up bad language immediately. He is under going OT n special education, I.even remedial therapy for 6 mnths. V hv just started but can u tell someone medicine for him.Thanks. ,Tanuja

  129. sunil singh says:




  131. AVIJIT GUPTA says:

    When I advise her to study and tell her to give her study memorising, she refuses. I want her deep attention in study as Madhyamik exam is knocking at the door.

  132. abhilasha pawar says:

    dear sir,
    my son is 4 and half years old. he has an expressive speech delay. he can speak 30 words and can join 2 words now. he is undergoing speech therapy since 8 months which has also helped. his understanding is ok and appropriate for his AGE. I had a Ceasarian delivery 1 week before the due date..pregnancy time was ok , no problems faced. only bp was slightly high for which i used to take medicines. his milestones were on time …walking was a bit delayed ..he started at about 2 yrs ….he like to run and play games.. likes to play with friends.. makes friends easily…but not speaking upto the mark. kindly suggest treatement for the same.

  133. My daughter Jahan 5 years old diagnosised as ADHD child.Right now her eye contact is poor,Speech is not clear, always moody,exited,dreaming….not concentrating , to much fidgety. Looks very normal……likes to run always………..

  134. indranath lahiri says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is of 14 years.she is having learning disability presently in classVI but actually is of level of class 1. She has a very poor memory retention. speech is not clear but has a very high social understanding. She had a habit of moving her head bothways when alone. At times when she is angry she tends to hurt herself. Anything visual she has a very high memory i,e, TV serials. Her legs are not steady when she walks & often shaky while climbing stairs she has fear within of falling down. Her favourite past time is to listen to music all alone & gets irritated if anyone around.

  135. Nidhi Biswas says:


  136. Nidhi Biswas says:

    i am mother of single male child of 12 years 6 months.His father passed away 5 years back. so,i live with my child in a campus where i work.
    My child does not take interest in studies (in 6 th class) since childhood . there are some symtoms i found him.
    2. can not focus on one activity specially related to academics. day dreaming
    4.pretend to be boxer,killer,criminal,police and acts like
    5.low tolerance
    6.low self esteem
    7.can not sit a place for long time
    8.wants to do some physical activity acoording to his choice
    9.argue not verbally much and get voilent
    10. show violence on mother oftenly by fighting or hitting by object/hand/leg
    11.can not focus on studies
    12.very difficult to remember big Q/Ans.
    13. good in objective type Q/Ans.

    Please suggest me what to do? i am staying in Hyderabad.

  137. My child is 26 years. He is short temper and abusive always on computer watching battle games .he thinka that he is right. Once he has done accident kimdly suggest treatment available at pk .

    • My son is 11 years old but slight for his age. He is angelic looking with fine features, blond hair and blue eyes but his looks are deceptive – his behaviour is very difficult and I think he must have an imbalance in his brain. His main issue is discontent – he gets obsessions and will go on and on about it (could be anything from a trip to the library to wanting a pet rabbit or wanting to go to an exciting place). The thing is he will start making these demands as soon as he gets home from school and as soon as he reaches that goal, there will always be something new. He seems to be always grumpy and tense. He is intelligent and seems to cope well with his schoolwork, though would like to be the best at everything and tries to get friends by getting the most or best of something. He is naturally shy, and makes friends but likes to have his own way, for example when he has someone to play, if he goes on the computer – he will make them watch while he plays the game. He is quite selfish and likes having things to himself. He is good at sports with very good co-ordination, so has no problem with this area.
      He is abusive towards other family members, does what he likes and gets angry when corrected – will swear and always grumping and moaning. Gets bored very easily, and only wants to do exciting things. He loves the computer and would spend his whole life on it if he were allowed. He loves shooting games and is very good at them – but although he is not supposed to play them, he will still do it as soon as your back is turned. He will also tell lies and help himself to whatever he feels like and is hates to do as he is told. When sitting still he always jiggles his legs. When he becomes angry he will say he hates you and sometimes threaten to kill. He likes to be the one in charge and plays games wrestling with his younger sisters, so he can be the best – he will never do it with someone who might be stronger than him. He cries easily and sometimes wets his bed, but that is improving. I feel he is a bit unusual but hard to describe. He likes to ignore you when you speak to him and often takes a few attempts before he acknowledges you, and doesn’t like communicating but can speak fine when it suits him. He is quite vain and spends a lot of time getting his hair right! I’m sure he will be fine in the end, but it’s getting him there we need help with now! He has 4 older brothers, 1 older sister and two younger ones who get exasperated as he is so disruptive.
      I feel he has ODD, but can’t decide which remedy is the best as he has so many symptoms. Would very much appreciate your expert advice.

  138. My son is 13 and diagnosed Aspergers when he wa s 8 – has classic symptoms but has recently been more angy,depressed and aggressive. He is annoyed at everything and swears at us all the time, very abusive and afraid he will hurt himself as he says he does not want to be like this. He has now been tested for ADHD as well, which could be an overlap on the spectrum and he does have traits of this as never sits still and always looking for next thing to do. Hates going to bed at night. Would you reecommend Homeopathy as we do not want him to start on any of the classic drugs but now considering a more natural treatment.

  139. sandeep Khanna says:

    Hi Doctor

    My daughter is 9 years old . She is studying in Vth Std. She is very good is studies, she learn very fast, plays well, participates in plays etc… better to say everything do fantastic. Even her teachers says she is the brilliant girl of the class who knows everything but only one problem that is writting speed.

    I believe she does not concentrate more or should say its lack of attention ???? ( dont know ) . If she writes something ( just writting only ) she talks something else like stories of her friends or something( if we sit with her still she completes her work slow ) …..worst problem is she is not completing her class work which further effects her exams . she knows full paper but due to lack of speed ,her 15-20% paper always left. Her teachers says that if she completes her work in class and complete the paper she would be the topper of her school . One more thing suppose she complete 70% paper so resultant she get 69 – 70% marks ( no mistakes ) .

    totally confussed what to do and how !!!!


    • Nonodyourbussnessudumbhipsters says:

      ADHD only involves attention problems which are only caused by hyperactivity that. Goes away after puberty sometimes but a lot of times can only go away FOREVER AFTER PUBERTY through ADHD medicine. Adult ADHD only exists because people de used not to use medicine or were JUST ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE who sometimes do not grow out of their ADHD! So your wrong! I was diagnosed with ADHD and I’m fine on only 30 milligrams of vyvance a day and without it I’m perfectly fine.

  140. Richard malekar says:

    My daughter Riya 5 years old diagnosised as ADHD child.Right now her eye contact is poor,Speech only FEW WORDS Mummy daddy, always moody,exited,dreaming….not concentrating , to much fidgety.Always like to climb but doesn’t fall..looks very normal……likes to run always………..


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