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Ten Steps to Autism Recovery

Ten steps to recover your child from autism. Research shows that some forms of autism are recoverable with early intervention and homeopathic medicine. Download this info graphic on ten steps for autism recovery .

Autism 13 steps

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  1. Jaskaranjit says:

    Hi my son is 3 years old and was diagnosed with autism in April this year when he was 2.5. He doesn’t speak even a word. Sometimes understand and follow my instructions but not always. React to his name almost every time. Was very addicted to ipad but we r taking it away now and almost he has come down to an hour a day. I am very worried about his recovery we are taking chiropractic treatment as well which is working but seems too slow.
    Would like to know what can u do in this as we need him out of spectrum. He is our only child

    • Md Akther

      Hi Dr. Sharma hope you are fine. My son is 2 year and 10 month. He doesn’t do eye contact with us but sometime he does, he doesn’t give his attention to us , he doesn’t like to eat but we always feed him regular time. He can’t talk but he can say some word whenever he want than he sai himself. He is my only son. Could you please help me and recover my son please. I humble request you.

  2. K. P .CHOWDHURY says:

    my son aged20becomes furious when i start talking .otherwise he behaves normal .we started treatment for at early age by alloepathy. any treatment for control of rage in homeopathy.

  3. For Faran durrani says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma. My son aged 6 years is autism patient. He can not. speak. he is Hiper .We are living in IslamAbad PAKISTAN ‘I want to have Treatment from you.But you know the distance problem. This is my only son ‘I am a teacher’ How You can help me. Please Guide me. Can I Get Treatment From you. Thanx. Sincerly YOURS Fran Durrani ‘ISLAMABAD

  4. Vijeyeta says:


    Different Doctors say different things about my nearly 5 year old son. some go with ADHD, some with HFA, some would say he is a case of SCD others would say he has only SPD.

    There is nothing in your 10 or 13 steps that I have not followed including homeopathy (from Dr. Harmeen Bhatia in Gurgaon, Delhi). Yes, I did insist on his regular schooling which may backfire anyday now. On somedays he does very well in school on other days he just lies on the floor or licks the floor, laughs uncontrollably or just ignores everybody. He has been in various therapies since past one and half years. Just when we progress twenty steps, he would come down with stomach or nose-throat infection and we slip back thirty steps. It s a vicious cycle.

    Couldnt help but notice the word ‘recovery’ from autism your website. Is there recovery from autism? If the cause has not been determined, how has the cure been? treatment is one thing, bur do I hear the claim to cure? If yes, I would request for an appointment.

  5. Hi Dr Sharma
    I am shakti from Delhi .my son is suffering with ADHD so sir tell me I can meet you.and how I can get medicine

  6. i feel it is just marketing

  7. Dear DR.

    While i was going through the Internet , this address came to my search . After reading all this i want to have word with you regarding Autism in children . Me too , is facing same problem with my child . It has been detected by us ( Me & my Wife ) at around 2 years . Now our child is 2years 8 months old . He improved a lot but the problems are not rooted out , still he want to stay in his own world .

    Your guidance will be highly appreciated for the same .

    # Panchkula , Haryana
    9034049010 / 8054150041

  8. Matser shaurya shekhar kale says:

    My son is suffering mild autism problem so plz suggest me a best & effective syrup to my so.

  9. Hi dr. Sharma my 3yr old son was diagnosed of having autism level 3 can Your homeopathic medicine help treat or cure his autism he is nonverbal any info is very much appreciated thankyou.

  10. That is for 3 days 3 time then after 2 time a day for 30** Days

  11. telena helotova says:

    yes I have had good results from homeopathic medicine.docotor do you know of the vaccination schedule in amelika? day one infant hep b. 6 to ten first three days and 33 in his first year. do you have any idea what thse vaccines are made of?amelikan doctors do not take vaccinations nor their families.but force them on all else.autism in amelika is1:150 or so, 10 20 years ago it was 1 in 250.000(10thousand?)I know what is in these vaccines, what their use and method of action on body is supposed to be but isnt and what it really dose to the body ,and the flawed science theory behind all of giving advice on this subjectand avoiding the causal factors of autism and the treatment options for it if caufght early enough and person hasdnt been in autistic mode lenght of time. ( treatments are diet chelation and executing all doctors who give vaccines.Jews are at the bottom of this and the world is in serios trouble from themn all the world everybody. the best way to deal with this is the way the british officer deralt with your thugees over there, exact same method .so a world wide awakening needed instead of indian farmers drinking the monsanto poisons they need to make the monsanto people drink the poisons. you se. you may mean wel but you are useless in dealing with medicine in forthright way and giving out free ccures is bad for business.

  12. Pawan Kumar says:


    Dr Sharma,

    I need your appointment.


  13. santosh gupta says:

    my nephew is 11 yrs old he is autism

    kindly give me the suggestion how to recover

    my sister is always afraid of him
    thanks & regards
    santosh gupta

  14. arvind patidar says:

    Thanks this article . i am practice in m.p. india for spical children

  15. Dr,
    My nephew is a 4 year child. He refuses to keep eye contact with elders. He feels like we are alliens and never come close to us. Is this a symptom of autisautism? Please help us to solve this.


  16. kaleshwar says:


  17. My son is 3 years old . He is dignosed with miid autism in 2 and 8 month . he is not speaking anything . I want to discuss his sitation with Dr Sharma

  18. ranjeev raheja says:

    my son is 13 years old we have diagonsed autism to my son .he is studying in 9 standard.beside homeopathy treatment what should be done by us .His mom is a working women ,but fully attached to my son.before diagnosing, she is trying to make him social.what extra care should we take

  19. Dr Hind Hassan says:

    My son is 4 years old .he has autism .he does not speak and has poor eye contact and poor social interaction. He is hyperactive as well.
    I wonder how homeopathy can help him. and what is carcinocin?
    Thank you.

  20. ganeshmurthy says:

    Dear sir

    My son age 9 yrs old,He is suffering by Autism,he does not speak as the normal we are helping all basic activity,Now he is studying in special school,but he has not interested to study,always playing with wheel games,I would like to take the treatment with you,so kindly share the ideas to communicate with you and start the treatment

  21. Hello, I have peptic ulcer or lekorreya watery , top of the head pain , and I think I have also tape worms I take medicine arg.n , arn, lyc, syhm , cup.o nit, , so plz suggest me the right medicine I have also constipation and nux fail.

  22. My child has been diagnosed with mild autism I also think he is high functioning since he is great with math and undeerstands everything, though his speech came late he is now able to name things and answer questions sometimes still needs a lot of improvement, we work with a therepist who is happy with his progress he is better with eye contact and his sensory seeking behaviour is under control now. please tell em what you can do to help control his hyperactivity and tendency to not follow command specially when he goes to a regular school

  23. Gautam Ghosh says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My son is 5 + Yrs . Pr mature & took till 3+ yrs to stand on his own or walk. Now we are finding he is not able to speak properly . 02- 3 wards at a time. very active , wants play with football . loves music always . Taken to speech therapy center in march this year. They told us he is having some symptom of PDD and given certain occupational tasks to do at home to increase his attention . He is improving with his behavior after therapy but speech still less. consulted a Psychiatrist and they advised Insprial sr 10 mg for 15 days to increase his attention / concentration . doctors did not found any physical deformity for not speaking but they said it is due to lack of attention / concentration and Lack of IQ.

    Please advise if we can do something further to improve our child’s condition ..

    Yours Truly.
    Gautam Ghosh

  24. G.A.Chakravarthy says:

    dear doctor saab, we are from rajahmundry town in Andhra pradesh. we have 8year old boy who is having slight to moderate autism and ADHD. he was born under wait i.e 1500gms and he was kept in the incubator for 3 days and after that he has grown normally and all his milestones except speaking was normal. when he was 3 years we came to know that he is having communication difficulties and we have started giving medication(Allopathy) and special education and therapies available in Hyderabad(during those days we are working in hyderabad). we are blessed with daughter and she is absolutely normal. now these two kids are playing and he is learned a lot from his sister. we have joined both in the same class and he is performing very well on par with other students except that he does not responds immediately to the teachers but he will answer only when compiled to do the things. now we are not using any medicines for the boy and now he is in 1stclass along with his sister. In the class he is not compliend by any body but he is failing to perform the group activities completely and he always needs commands to perform. Now can u help us to overcome the future difficulties to be faced in upbringing the child .My wife is also employee and my aunt is there to look after the kids when we both are not at home.Doctor saab please give us ur valuable suggestions.

  25. Md.Shamsul Arefin says:

    My 2.5 years male child is unable to speak and no eye contact, but very hyperactive. I am from Bangladesh and I would like to know how can be possible to treat him without coming to India,because it is difficult me to come to Kolkata.

    It would be highly appreciated if you could kindly inform me in details with financial plan.
    Thank you.

    With regards,

    Md.Shamsul Arefin

  26. Mrs.Sheikh says:

    My son 6 years old is suffering from severe speech delay. Since I live in Pakistan from where I can get any medicine if available. He repeats everything we say and tries really hard. He is very active and social kid. We started his schooling at 4 but situation got worse as he became irritative and with strong crying spells. We got him out of school. Now for the last 6 months there has been a quite improvement he has learned many words and tries his best to make sentences using them. Please please please I am really very very desperate to get him help from anywhere possible. Please reply.

  27. Dr. Sharma, I have a 6 years old son who was diagnosed as ASD since he was 2 years old and we send him for occupational therapy in Philippines but until now we didn’t see any improvement, please give me an advice with regards to your approach. Awaiting for your reply and thank you!

  28. Hi my son is 2 years n 2 months old. Dr diagnosis him n he has chance if autism spectrum disorder. He is going for sense integrity therapy b speech therapy. He is improved a lot. He started speaking few words. But not meaningful. What we can do in this case?

  29. Shabnam usman says:

    Dear sir, my son is of 3 yrs 8 months old he is suffering from Autism and he use to say only single words sometime two but the limit of words r are very few he don’t want to go school I use to massage n oiling his head daily plzzz tell me some medicine to get out from this problem this will be ur great help for me I shall be thankful to u god bless u .from a mother

  30. hii i’m adil ali i have one problem that i want to treat my darkness skin . mene pimples ke liye tube use ki thi jiski wajah se mere face pr phele to redness rhti thi but ab black ho gya hai. tb bhi koi tube use krta hu phele to effect dalti h bad me black pdne lgta h ye problem mujhe 3 years se h agr koi solution ho to plz tell me m bahut jyada preshan ho chuka kafi doctors se dose le chuka hu but koi effect nhi h plz…..

  31. Vinod Chandra Pant says:

    Dr. Sir,
    I have a son of 5 yr old. having symptoms like mild autism . He is slow in writing. fearing from sound. very shy nature. he started to walk & talk lately. he speak alpha bets, counting, days name , months name , spelling one to ten . want to play childrens but due to slow in running and walking he left behind . so after sometimes he play alone with some round object. he is fond of car, laptop and mobile to sit, see and play. that time he becames very happy and excited. he fear from fast sound such as drums, aeroplane, at night he fear from moon. even don’t want to see. but due to my help and support sometimes he started to see and speak like ‘ papa dekho moon….”. I have a doughter 7 years old he play with her. his memory power is good . only writing is slow. his major problem is he can not makes freinds easily. In school he always keep quite. not respond . even he know. he is lacks of concentration for studing. he is fond of playing car. His school principal denied to continue in her school . although she is P Hd. in children Psychology. she told her about autism and AHDC disease. I have gone through online about the disease. Sir What to do ? How the problem diagnose please help.

  32. Hi doctor my 30 month old daughter has mild autism and i want to cure her problem
    please advise how homeopathy work for her
    as,we already take biomedical treatment from gangaram hospital

    we live in Delhi do you have any branch here

  33. denise moore says:

    Please help ,,,,, my child is 2 1/2 years old I see that he is different he does slip in his wold but we talk and play with him a lot.I no longer work during the week. I am looking for a school for him any advice.

  34. Hitendra Agrawal says:

    My son 2 year old and diagnosed asd n adhd .sir plz advise

  35. Hello sir,

    My sister’s son is 9 yrs old and he is having Autism. He does not speak and focus on what we say but he understands our words and reacts to our commands some times. We are helping all basic activity, he is now studying in special school. He always plays with wheel games (observes the moving things a lot) ,gadgets.We are from Hyderabad and we would like to take the treatment with you,so kindly share the process of the treatment.

  36. RAMESH KUMAR says:

    my son 24 yr old diagnosed mild MR childhood autism. how homoeopathy can help me

  37. Tracey Black says:

    I have a 6 year old with hight funching Autism and a 12 year old with ADHD. They are both in school with I.e.p ‘s therapys and so on we go see thier doctor every three months. I have been reading some of what is on your page and would like some answers or help with treatments. I ‘am having a big problem with the schools. Looking for some answers.

  38. Dear sir

    My son age 9 yrs old,He is suffering by Autism,he does not speak as the normal we are helping all basic activity,Now he is studying in special school,but he has not interested to study,always playing with wheel games,I would like to take the treatment with you,so kindly share the ideas to communicate with you and start the treatment

  39. vejayakumarie says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My son is 18yrs old now. He is a autistic child. Till the age of 3 he was talking and gradually regressed after that. We have taken him to many places for treatment. He is a calm and nice at times, but sometimes he becomes so unpreditable. He gets into a rage and slaps himself or knocks his head on the floor. He loves to sing and sing songs well, but does not like to speak though he know the words. He is able to get things done on his own expect for bathing which he takes a long time in the bathroom so he needs a bit of a supervision there. We both are working parents and at night he become so enraged probabaly due to less attention from us as we come back late from work.We have a maid to take care of him but he is ok when we are not around. When travelling in the car, he always like to turn on the songs he like. If we are talking to each other and if it is distracting he gets angry and close our mouth. I look at it as he needs attention.We want him to calm down and we are trying some possible ways of getting a tutor to come and take him to classess that might interest him, so that he is occupied.
    Please advise.

  40. jagmeet singh says:

    hello Sir,

    My four year son is suffered from Mild Autism.when he was 3 year old and did not start speaking i was consult with DR. R.k sabharwal (child neurologist) of Ganga ram hospital Delhi and child development clinic at delhi to Dr. prveen suman they both advised to me go for occupational and speech therapy. At that time I put him in a school now after one year h start speaking some work like mama papa and othe chile name also. but did not response properly. I want to consult with you, is there any treatment in homeopathy please advise me what should I do because I did not want to give him allopathic medicine due to his Sid effect .

    Thanks & regard,

    Jagmeet singh

    • sadeque ahmed says:

      My daughter 6 years old cold not speak and respond properly. But her memory is is quiet well . she remember about place ; object; taste could speek amma ; Dada ; she can reapeat the word she hear. She is found pku positive and autism as the doctor of NIMHANS Bengalore says and aviseed for speech thearaphy and dirt control/ training . we are obseving the advise .Sir is there any heomophathy treatment for her brain development

  41. Sir
    my number is 9600974511.
    Would like to take homeo treatment for my ADHD child.


  42. hello Dr.Sharma
    i have a son who become 3 yrs in this aprail today i go to a doctor whose name is ram sharma he examines him and tell me that he have autism behaviour disorder actually my son sings rhymes which he seen on tv he knows the alphats and coutings also but he never talks properly he talks in his own language not say mama papa i only understand him by his gestures .he plays with toys and often i talk him and he will in a deep thinking and not listening me .i want to know is this disorder genatic or with gorws with my lake attention .he never plays with children is this autism affects his mental growth ,is it grows with age and remain life time .is he never behave like a normal childs he less intelligent from other intelligent can i overcome it how can i change his behaviour and become a normal child doctor i live in saudia having no interactions with lots of family and have no children who plays with him please tell me is he will behave like normal children wht should i do to get out of this situation ….

  43. Pradeep Dwevedi says:

    my 6 year old daughter is grinding her teeth in sleep time . how can I stop it

  44. Dilip Kr. Mallick says:

    My son Age – 11 Yrs. +
    According to Dr. my son is AUTISTIC.
    I found in him the problem for speaking & cannot mix with other children.
    Such as Other children are playing Cricket Or Football. My son cannot obey the rules for game.
    He tries to be alone in crowd.

  45. Prachi Tripathi says:

    Sir, my son is going to be 18 month old this 23 .basically he is a very happy child liked to play with his father n elder sister. My concern is till now he never say any meaningful word n make less eye contact . He babbles all d time but when i sing he make perfect eye contact. He is not that much stubborn also. We did all hearing test and ita all fine . We took him to speech thetapist also she say ur child is fine but i always feel there is smthing wrong. He follow sm instruction like no ,throw kiss high five hand shake etc .please help me

  46. Hi doc. sharma,
    Shall i get complete cure from my hypothyrodism and quit medicnes through homeopathy?Traditional medicines not giving any releif of m sympoms…pls reply.
    thanks shameera

  47. Robin Hughes says:

    It all makes sense & sounds wonderful I just need to get patients…..I have a Three year old Grandson who has some traits of Autism. So my question to you is, do you think a normal child can be conditioned to having autism? What about pot smoke could it harm a 9month old? My last question is do you honestly think that with the proper treatment a child who just has traits could live a normal life?

  48. uma shanker says:


    My son is 2 years old. Till now, he is not able to speep 2 letter words. He only speaks amma, akka only. Even if we say other words repeatedly, he won’t repeat them.

    • Hello Dr. Sharma,

      My 2nd son is 25 months old. He used to speak a few words last year but now only hums a bit. Doesn’t mingle with any other kid at all, except his brother who’s about 7 yrs. Loves Wiggles and Ramayana’s Luv-Kush episodes and a few selected movies and scenes. Reacts a lot at his favourite scenes and smiles and scream. Has learnt to urinate/pooh outside house when not in Nappy in last 2-3 months. Understands when being told off after making mistakes. Has his own special places/corners in house. Doesn’t cross the road by himself. He Waits/looks for the parents & their directions. Plays with certain few toys and loves swing. Loves outdoors very much.

      One of our Neighbour’s daughter is 19 and she is a case of Autism recognised late. Her parents told us that some of the symptoms of my son are of Autism. Then someone told us about You, Dr Sharma. So found you on Google and mailing you now.

      Please guide us and if you need more detailed behavioural points, then I’ll mail you in detail next. My wife is leaving her part time job soon and would devout her full time on him. I too am spending more time with him now a days, after my job & at the weekends.

      Please guide us Dr Saab. We’re really worried. I’ve a close friend in Chandigarh who’s Punjab gharana’s leading Tabla player based in Chandigarh ( Avirbhaav Verma ). He can send us the medicines from you and pay you there, in case that can be done just based on symptoms ( Currently we’re Overseas ).

      Best regards,

      Rakesh Kumar

  49. T.Chandrasekar says:

    I need the homeopathic medicine for my son who is ADHD child, Studying in a special school aged 15

  50. Sir, I want to treat my back pain .I suffering February.2013 in my MRI the L4-L5 I/v are press the nerves and also spine pained .when ever right leg pain and some time left also or neck .the pain is very sever .dr advised me to take bed rest I rest six month and take so many medicines .than I change a dr. They gave me new medicine .now I can walk and exercise but medicines are continued I take duzela m20 or calciumD3 every day osteofos35 one tablet a week but my bones are stif my all blood test are right .Can homeopathy cure me permanently . Thanks dr vikas.

  51. Dr Sb,
    How can I get rid of Uric Acid.

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