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Ten Steps to Autism Recovery

Ten steps to recover your child from autism. Research shows that some forms of autism are recoverable with early intervention and homeopathic medicine. Download this info graphic on ten steps for autism recovery .

Autism 13 steps

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  1. Jaskaranjit says:

    Hi my son is 3 years old and was diagnosed with autism in April this year when he was 2.5. He doesn’t speak even a word. Sometimes understand and follow my instructions but not always. React to his name almost every time. Was very addicted to ipad but we r taking it away now and almost he has come down to an hour a day. I am very worried about his recovery we are taking chiropractic treatment as well which is working but seems too slow.
    Would like to know what can u do in this as we need him out of spectrum. He is our only child

    • Md Akther

      Hi Dr. Sharma hope you are fine. My son is 2 year and 10 month. He doesn’t do eye contact with us but sometime he does, he doesn’t give his attention to us , he doesn’t like to eat but we always feed him regular time. He can’t talk but he can say some word whenever he want than he sai himself. He is my only son. Could you please help me and recover my son please. I humble request you.

  2. K. P .CHOWDHURY says:

    my son aged20becomes furious when i start talking .otherwise he behaves normal .we started treatment for at early age by alloepathy. any treatment for control of rage in homeopathy.

  3. For Faran durrani says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma. My son aged 6 years is autism patient. He can not. speak. he is Hiper .We are living in IslamAbad PAKISTAN ‘I want to have Treatment from you.But you know the distance problem. This is my only son ‘I am a teacher’ How You can help me. Please Guide me. Can I Get Treatment From you. Thanx. Sincerly YOURS Fran Durrani ‘ISLAMABAD

  4. Vijeyeta says:


    Different Doctors say different things about my nearly 5 year old son. some go with ADHD, some with HFA, some would say he is a case of SCD others would say he has only SPD.

    There is nothing in your 10 or 13 steps that I have not followed including homeopathy (from Dr. Harmeen Bhatia in Gurgaon, Delhi). Yes, I did insist on his regular schooling which may backfire anyday now. On somedays he does very well in school on other days he just lies on the floor or licks the floor, laughs uncontrollably or just ignores everybody. He has been in various therapies since past one and half years. Just when we progress twenty steps, he would come down with stomach or nose-throat infection and we slip back thirty steps. It s a vicious cycle.

    Couldnt help but notice the word ‘recovery’ from autism your website. Is there recovery from autism? If the cause has not been determined, how has the cure been? treatment is one thing, bur do I hear the claim to cure? If yes, I would request for an appointment.

  5. Hi Dr Sharma
    I am shakti from Delhi .my son is suffering with ADHD so sir tell me I can meet you.and how I can get medicine

  6. i feel it is just marketing

  7. Dear DR.

    While i was going through the Internet , this address came to my search . After reading all this i want to have word with you regarding Autism in children . Me too , is facing same problem with my child . It has been detected by us ( Me & my Wife ) at around 2 years . Now our child is 2years 8 months old . He improved a lot but the problems are not rooted out , still he want to stay in his own world .

    Your guidance will be highly appreciated for the same .

    # Panchkula , Haryana
    9034049010 / 8054150041

  8. Matser shaurya shekhar kale says:

    My son is suffering mild autism problem so plz suggest me a best & effective syrup to my so.

  9. elia garcia says:

    Hi dr. Sharma my 3yr old son was diagnosed of having autism level 3 can Your homeopathic medicine help treat or cure his autism he is nonverbal any info is very much appreciated thankyou.

  10. That is for 3 days 3 time then after 2 time a day for 30** Days

  11. telena helotova says:

    yes I have had good results from homeopathic medicine.docotor do you know of the vaccination schedule in amelika? day one infant hep b. 6 to ten first three days and 33 in his first year. do you have any idea what thse vaccines are made of?amelikan doctors do not take vaccinations nor their families.but force them on all else.autism in amelika is1:150 or so, 10 20 years ago it was 1 in 250.000(10thousand?)I know what is in these vaccines, what their use and method of action on body is supposed to be but isnt and what it really dose to the body ,and the flawed science theory behind all of giving advice on this subjectand avoiding the causal factors of autism and the treatment options for it if caufght early enough and person hasdnt been in autistic mode lenght of time. ( treatments are diet chelation and executing all doctors who give vaccines.Jews are at the bottom of this and the world is in serios trouble from themn all the world everybody. the best way to deal with this is the way the british officer deralt with your thugees over there, exact same method .so a world wide awakening needed instead of indian farmers drinking the monsanto poisons they need to make the monsanto people drink the poisons. you se. you may mean wel but you are useless in dealing with medicine in forthright way and giving out free ccures is bad for business.

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