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Ten Steps to Autism Recovery

Ten steps to recover your child from autism. Research shows that some forms of autism are recoverable with early intervention and homeopathic medicine. Download this info graphic on ten steps for autism recovery .

Autism 13 steps

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  1. Pawan Kumar says:


    Dr Sharma,

    I need your appointment.


  2. santosh gupta says:

    my nephew is 11 yrs old he is autism

    kindly give me the suggestion how to recover

    my sister is always afraid of him
    thanks & regards
    santosh gupta

  3. arvind patidar says:

    Thanks this article . i am practice in m.p. india for spical children

  4. Dr,
    My nephew is a 4 year child. He refuses to keep eye contact with elders. He feels like we are alliens and never come close to us. Is this a symptom of autisautism? Please help us to solve this.


  5. kaleshwar says:


  6. varshita says:

    My son is 3 years old . He is dignosed with miid autism in 2 and 8 month . he is not speaking anything . I want to discuss his sitation with Dr Sharma

  7. ranjeev raheja says:

    my son is 13 years old we have diagonsed autism to my son .he is studying in 9 standard.beside homeopathy treatment what should be done by us .His mom is a working women ,but fully attached to my son.before diagnosing, she is trying to make him social.what extra care should we take

  8. Dr Hind Hassan says:

    My son is 4 years old .he has autism .he does not speak and has poor eye contact and poor social interaction. He is hyperactive as well.
    I wonder how homeopathy can help him. and what is carcinocin?
    Thank you.

  9. ganeshmurthy says:

    Dear sir

    My son age 9 yrs old,He is suffering by Autism,he does not speak as the normal we are helping all basic activity,Now he is studying in special school,but he has not interested to study,always playing with wheel games,I would like to take the treatment with you,so kindly share the ideas to communicate with you and start the treatment

  10. Hello, I have peptic ulcer or lekorreya watery , top of the head pain , and I think I have also tape worms I take medicine arg.n , arn, lyc, syhm , cup.o nit, , so plz suggest me the right medicine I have also constipation and nux fail.

  11. My child has been diagnosed with mild autism I also think he is high functioning since he is great with math and undeerstands everything, though his speech came late he is now able to name things and answer questions sometimes still needs a lot of improvement, we work with a therepist who is happy with his progress he is better with eye contact and his sensory seeking behaviour is under control now. please tell em what you can do to help control his hyperactivity and tendency to not follow command specially when he goes to a regular school

  12. Gautam Ghosh says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    My son is 5 + Yrs . Pr mature & took till 3+ yrs to stand on his own or walk. Now we are finding he is not able to speak properly . 02- 3 wards at a time. very active , wants play with football . loves music always . Taken to speech therapy center in march this year. They told us he is having some symptom of PDD and given certain occupational tasks to do at home to increase his attention . He is improving with his behavior after therapy but speech still less. consulted a Psychiatrist and they advised Insprial sr 10 mg for 15 days to increase his attention / concentration . doctors did not found any physical deformity for not speaking but they said it is due to lack of attention / concentration and Lack of IQ.

    Please advise if we can do something further to improve our child’s condition ..

    Yours Truly.
    Gautam Ghosh

  13. G.A.Chakravarthy says:

    dear doctor saab, we are from rajahmundry town in Andhra pradesh. we have 8year old boy who is having slight to moderate autism and ADHD. he was born under wait i.e 1500gms and he was kept in the incubator for 3 days and after that he has grown normally and all his milestones except speaking was normal. when he was 3 years we came to know that he is having communication difficulties and we have started giving medication(Allopathy) and special education and therapies available in Hyderabad(during those days we are working in hyderabad). we are blessed with daughter and she is absolutely normal. now these two kids are playing and he is learned a lot from his sister. we have joined both in the same class and he is performing very well on par with other students except that he does not responds immediately to the teachers but he will answer only when compiled to do the things. now we are not using any medicines for the boy and now he is in 1stclass along with his sister. In the class he is not compliend by any body but he is failing to perform the group activities completely and he always needs commands to perform. Now can u help us to overcome the future difficulties to be faced in upbringing the child .My wife is also employee and my aunt is there to look after the kids when we both are not at home.Doctor saab please give us ur valuable suggestions.

  14. Md.Shamsul Arefin says:

    My 2.5 years male child is unable to speak and no eye contact, but very hyperactive. I am from Bangladesh and I would like to know how can be possible to treat him without coming to India,because it is difficult me to come to Kolkata.

    It would be highly appreciated if you could kindly inform me in details with financial plan.
    Thank you.

    With regards,

    Md.Shamsul Arefin

  15. Mrs.Sheikh says:

    My son 6 years old is suffering from severe speech delay. Since I live in Pakistan from where I can get any medicine if available. He repeats everything we say and tries really hard. He is very active and social kid. We started his schooling at 4 but situation got worse as he became irritative and with strong crying spells. We got him out of school. Now for the last 6 months there has been a quite improvement he has learned many words and tries his best to make sentences using them. Please please please I am really very very desperate to get him help from anywhere possible. Please reply.

  16. Dr. Sharma, I have a 6 years old son who was diagnosed as ASD since he was 2 years old and we send him for occupational therapy in Philippines but until now we didn’t see any improvement, please give me an advice with regards to your approach. Awaiting for your reply and thank you!

  17. Hi my son is 2 years n 2 months old. Dr diagnosis him n he has chance if autism spectrum disorder. He is going for sense integrity therapy b speech therapy. He is improved a lot. He started speaking few words. But not meaningful. What we can do in this case?

  18. Shabnam usman says:

    Dear sir, my son is of 3 yrs 8 months old he is suffering from Autism and he use to say only single words sometime two but the limit of words r are very few he don’t want to go school I use to massage n oiling his head daily plzzz tell me some medicine to get out from this problem this will be ur great help for me I shall be thankful to u god bless u .from a mother

  19. adil ali says:

    hii i’m adil ali i have one problem that i want to treat my darkness skin . mene pimples ke liye tube use ki thi jiski wajah se mere face pr phele to redness rhti thi but ab black ho gya hai. tb bhi koi tube use krta hu phele to effect dalti h bad me black pdne lgta h ye problem mujhe 3 years se h agr koi solution ho to plz tell me m bahut jyada preshan ho chuka kafi doctors se dose le chuka hu but koi effect nhi h plz…..

  20. Vinod Chandra Pant says:

    Dr. Sir,
    I have a son of 5 yr old. having symptoms like mild autism . He is slow in writing. fearing from sound. very shy nature. he started to walk & talk lately. he speak alpha bets, counting, days name , months name , spelling one to ten . want to play childrens but due to slow in running and walking he left behind . so after sometimes he play alone with some round object. he is fond of car, laptop and mobile to sit, see and play. that time he becames very happy and excited. he fear from fast sound such as drums, aeroplane, at night he fear from moon. even don’t want to see. but due to my help and support sometimes he started to see and speak like ‘ papa dekho moon….”. I have a doughter 7 years old he play with her. his memory power is good . only writing is slow. his major problem is he can not makes freinds easily. In school he always keep quite. not respond . even he know. he is lacks of concentration for studing. he is fond of playing car. His school principal denied to continue in her school . although she is P Hd. in children Psychology. she told her about autism and AHDC disease. I have gone through online about the disease. Sir What to do ? How the problem diagnose please help.

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