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Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. The testimonials are real, and these patients have been helped with homeopathy from our clinic . However, these results are meant as a showcase of what  best, homeopathy can do with the disease condtions and should not be taken as average or typical results.

Homeopathy is much more of a choice than people often think it to be. One of its philosophy’s greatest breakthroughs is the realization that the body is not an object but a process with no pre-ordained limits.

The scorching, cruel heat of summer was just setting in the first year of the new century when Mr and Mrs Puri (not their real names) approached us with their only child Ravi (not his real name) who was then four. Two years earlier, at the age of two, he was diagnosed as being autistic. We tested him on the ATEC (Autism Testing and Evaluation Checklist) and his rating was in the moderate to high category. His problem was more in speech/communication and sensory/cognitive areas.
Besides the classical symptoms of autism, the symptoms that actually led us to prescribe Carcinocin were the history of an early eruption of teeth and hairiness. A leading characteristic of Carcinocin is the desire for milk. There are many symptoms – a sweaty head, when sleeping, and physical heat in general; difficulty in falling asleep; the desire for things salty and for chocolate-like energetic foods. Than there are internal restlessness and fidgetiness and love for dancing. Strong passion and a very strong family history of cancer in the family are also noticed. The remedy was the boy’s similimum if there ever was one! Fitting him like a glove,  it worked. Ravi has suffered no aggravation in the two years he has been on and off this remedy. The dosage chosen for him was similarly fitting – the LM dose. Positive results were obvious within the first month. Babbling turned into more formative words, hyperactive behaviour became rare and he started obeying simple commands. His self-stimulatory behaviour, too, was nearly gone. Very soon a big achievement came when Ravi started interacting with children and started playing with them. He is now five and is attending a normal school. There are still vestigial signs of his former autism though these are not really apparent to teachers or anyone else besides us (parents and the physicians). For example, his language is occasionally awkward. In moments of stress (e.g. if he is sick), he retreats into himself and utilizes echolalia as a speech strategy. To sum it up, none but the very discerning can make out that Ravi had this serious problem.

I would now like to enlighten the readers about the intricacies and the sensitive approach necessary for the homeopathic intervention. Autism poses a challenge to homeopaths. It needs a hardcore-Hahnemannian approach. Valuable symptoms including reaction to vaccines, family medical history, thermal sensitivities and sleep postures form a part of the very detailed information that a physician would need. For the parents whose kids are undergoing such intervention, the stimulus/reaction model of symptoms and its significance to the homeopath need to be clearly understood. As the autistic child experiences stress, he responds with a reaction. This reaction becomes a symptom or a sign of characteristic importance. The real challenge is to understand what the child is expressing both verbally (if he is articulate) and nonverbally. By fully perceiving the patient, one may learn to understand the individual?s cycle of stress and response. It is only through such a deep understanding that a homeopath is able to prescribe effectively. The improvement following such intervention also needs to be evaluated regularly on the autism-rating scale. The extent to which the help can occur has a great degree of variability associated with it. Two homeopathic remedies require a special mention for their effectiveness in the recovery of autism  Carcinocin and Baryta Carb . Baryta Carb is supposed stimulate the development of brain. This remedy has been found useful in cases of autism where signs of global developmental delay  are present with the classical symptoms of the autism spectrum. Another important aspect of the homeopathy in autism is the usage of LM potencies… Homoeopathy in this scale are faster acting and at the same time gentler. It is able to hold the “slipping back” of the old symptoms and can be used for a longer period with frequent repetitions. Homeopathy is undergoing a very strong resurgence in the modern medical world, and one of the main reasons for it is its recent role in handling such illnesses. Homeopathic philosophy is a constant reminder that the greatest healing power lies within the body itself.

Here is some more info on autism. This article on autism was written by me in Tribune about 2 yrs years back.

Autism is a childhood disorder that begins in early childhood (typically during the first three years of life) which affects the child’s communication skills, social interactions, and causes restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior in varying degrees. Autism (also called as autism spectrum disorder or pervasive developmental disorder) can range from severe to a very milder form. This mild form is called Asperger’s syndrome. The actual cause for autism is not clear. Autism in the first two years of life is slightly difficult to diagnose. Parents are usually the first ones to notice the symptoms, which in the first two years of life are otherwise slightly difficult to find out; usually it is the nonresponsive behavior in the first two years that may make the parents feel concerned. In cases where the child has been growing normally, his sudden withdrawal from social interactions, nonresponsive behavior along with losing that little amount of speech that he had gained initially, may lead the parents to get their toddler screened for this disorder. By the age of three, autism spectrum disorder can be clearly diagnosed. Children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) may not follow regular developmental pattern like other kids of their age. Verbal and non verbal communication, social interaction and patterns of repetitive behavior (also called as fixations)-like being fixated with carrying some object in the hand all the time e.g. Sticks, pencils, soap suds, etc. Rocking, spinning, excessively arranging things in one line and Behavioral issues like hyperactive behavior and inability to understand emotions are a part of this disorder for some kids. Autism is nowadays called autism spectrum disorder as there is a huge variation of symptoms that the child might suffer from. Key features that should help the parents in identifying this disorder are child’s inability to babble or make meaningful gestures (like social smile, pointing to objects like fan etc,) by 18 months of age. Inability to speak even a single word by the age of two, having a poor or no eye contact, giving the impression as if he is hard of hearing when being called out to. The ‘not in tune’ behavior of the child is the most important differentiating symptom although it is not very easy for a lay person to identify it. Homeopathy’s role in helping  autism in kids is gaining quite a popularity all over the world. Clinical experience shows that results are much better when the intervention is started at an earlier age, even though at higher ages like six or seven some kids do show remarkable improvements; but Homoeopathic intervention at an early age(before much behavioral and emotional issues come up) has distinct advantages. One important aspect that I would clearly like to mention is the fact that results with homeopathy in  autism are selective. This means that where one segment of kids may respond extremely favorable while others may fail to yield any relief. Even while on Homeopathic remedies the child needs to be rated on an autism rating scale. Periodical assessments on the autism rating scale are must to gauge the improvements in the child. Homeopathy is a holistic system of health; it takes into consideration the constitutional picture (complete physical and mental make up of the child) along with the necessary details of the disease while prescribing. Remedy that are very effective in helping autism are Carcinocin, Hyoscyamus, and Baryta Carb. The role of carcinocin in  autism requires a special mention. This also does not mean that every child who has autism should be put on it; even for carcinocin to be prescribed the child has to fall within the constitutional picture

Dr. Vikas Sharma is a Neuro-Developmental Specialist in homeopathy and has done his master in Homeopathy.The subject of his research (during his masters degree) was  ‘The Role of homeopathy in Autism spectrum disorders .

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  1. my child has tantrums. she doesnt want to eat at all. she doesnt want to share

  2. Hi there
    My son is 6 years old and he doesn’t talk yet and many behavioral issues.can you help us please?

    • Nishant Saraswat says:

      Hi Sir, My son is suffering with Mild Autism and making lot of noise continuously whole day.Plz advice.

  3. Aman Gpta says:

    Dear Sir,
    My child is 4 years old and facing a syptoms of autism.Please let me know the way out to take him out of this.Due to this pandemic situation we are unable to take him to the therapy classes.. Please help us.. How can we help him through homeopathy

  4. Archana says:

    Sir 👇🙏🙏🙏🙏 Mera bachcha 3year ka h baat nhi kar rha sirf esare karta h first word hi bolta h par bhut saree chije egnor karte h please aap mere help karye aap Bharat me kha pe aate h agar Mumbai me h to please sir mail aapko milna chahti hu sir aap hope ho Meri help kariye

    • Hello How are you…Dr Sharma …

      • shefali chauhan says:

        Sir Need your appointment. My child is being diagnosed with Mild Autism. He is three and half years old and he can speak words but not making two words sentence even. He is not so social with children of his age group. He was in ICU for more than 20 days just after his birth due to lungs infection. I am trying for your appointment for more than three months.

  5. Mohammad Inam says:

    Respectfully sir..plz tell me that external piles can remove by the homeopathy treatment without any surgery oftion…

    • Napster sir meri beti 6 saal ki he use autism he aur wo bool nahi Pati he baht se doctors ko dikhaya pr kuch nahi huwa kkya homeopathydata se thikh hoskta he kon si data Dena hoga plz tellme

    • Ramniwas says:

      मेरी लड़की ह 4साल 3महीने की वो बोली नहीं अभी तकऔर वो 3साल में चलने लगी थी वो एक दो वर्ड बोलती है सारे बिन बस दो दो तिन तिन शब्द बोलती हैं क्या आप उसका इलाज करहो सकता है जी

  6. Mashroor Basar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I’ve twins a boy n a girl…They’re both of 2.4 years. They’re born premature at weeks. While both are underweight- girl @1.5kg & boy @2.2kg, their milestone are reached at crawling at 5 months, sitting at 7-8 months n 14 s months walking.

    However my son had still not started forming words or talking. Hence we got him checked n he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

    Please suggest what we can do to help him overcome this and if any medication shall help too.

    Yours sincerely


  7. Hi, I have an 11 year old autistic boy. we read on your site that you treat autism.

    we would like more information about your therapy and we would also like to know how many days are needed for all the checks ,if you need blood test and how often other appointments are planned, as we don’t live in UK but we can travel ,thank you very much

    Maria Pasquarella

  8. rajesh kumar dubey says:

    for my childen age 15year some times agressive and not well in study concentretion is poor pl

  9. Mampy Dey says:

    Hello sir.. My 2.5 years old son has mild autism.. Doctor advised us to give him occupational therapy with ABA.. Due to this pandemic situation we are unable to take him to the therapy classes.. Please help us.. How can we help him through homeopathy

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    My son is 4 year old and have autism. Can you plz help me

  11. Sameera jawaid says:


    This is Sameera. My daughter is 8 years old n hv problem I. Speaking and socializing. She is good in writing n take positions in class but unable to respond well in oral. she is mild autistic . Could you help us.

  12. Rupesh kumar Upadhyay says:

    Hello sir
    My daughter is 12yrs lod n she have mild autism.
    We are stay in mumbai. Plz suggest your clinic in mumbai location or any reference.

  13. Avinash Pugalia says:

    Hello Dr,

    Apprx how long would it take to show some results and what would be your fees.

    I have my nephew who shows very very high symptoms of autism and want to help him.

    Where are you located and how to connect with you?


  14. Beeniurino says:

    In it something is. I agree with you, thanks for an explanation. As always all ingenious is simple.

  15. Winfred Wangui Magima says:

    My name is Winfred Wangui magima .I am a grandmother to my grandson who is Austitic he was assessed last week in kenyatta hospital and was diagonised with autism and lack of concentration .He is 4 years old and 4 months and yet to speak inorsder to express himself ,The mother is single as she was abaandoned by the faather of the child after discoverimg the child is autistic no financial support .I am jobless please healp my grandson to get therapy and all needede inorder to grow up like any other children .We are here in Nairobi riruta .My mobilenumber and whatapp numer is +254729708067 God will bless you abundantly in jesus christ name

  16. Niraj Kumar says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is showing same symptoms as you mentioned in your vedio on autism. I would like to consult for her medication. I am trying hard to reach you but not seems to be working. I already sent an email and called multiple times. I have received a call to just note down the patient name and fathers name but still waiting for actual consultation.

    Request you to kindly look into it.

    Niraj K
    Mob: 8088270509

  17. Sarbjit sekhon says:

    Hi dr. My grandson is 3.1 he doesn’t talk no interactions no eye contact. No socialization .sometimes he is running back and forth and sometimes he is just laughing without any reason. He doesn’t know when we call him .can you pls help us .thanks

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