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Homeopathic Remedies for AVN – Avascular Necrosis Treatment

Homeopathic Remedies for AVN - Avascular Necrosis Treatment

Unbearable pain in the bones is what Avascular Necrosis (AVN) can lead to. It’s a result of the death of bone cells due to an interruption in blood supply. Since the blood supply to the bone is lacking, the bone breaks and finally collapses.AVN can involve almost any bone of the body, but it mostly affects hip joints, knees and shoulder joints. The main cause of AVN is trauma, and fracture of bones. Excessive consumption of alcohol and steroid medication too can lead to Avascular Necrosis. People with Rheumatoid Arthritis and hypertension are also prone to develop AVN. Exposure to radiations and bisphosphonate therapy used in the treatment of cancer and Osteoporosis are the other risk factors. Homeopathy is of great help in the treatment of Avascular Necrosis. The Homeopathic remedies for Avascular Necrosis are made of natural substances with zero side effects, work on two fronts: they halt the destruction of bones because of interrupted blood supply, and reduce the pain because of bone damage.

Bones prone to AVN and symptoms

Avascular Necrosis can involve almost any bone of the body, but it mostly affects hip joints, knees and shoulder joints. The bones mainly involved are the head of the femur (a bone in the thigh extending between the hip and the knee), humerus (bone in upper arm extending between shoulder and elbow), scaphoid bone (bone in wrist), jaw and ankles. In the beginning, no symptom is noticed by the patient. But gradually, pain in the affected bone is felt when the bone is put under pressure. As the condition reaches the most advanced stages, pain in the affected bone becomes a constant feature.

Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Avascular Necrosis

The Homeopathic treatment for Avascular Necrosis uses the body’s own restorative process to heal, is basically aimed at halting the destruction of bones in patients of Avascular Necrosis because of interrupted blood supply. The second aim of these remedies is to reduce the pain in bones because of bone damage. Both these aims are accomplished by the use of natural medicines, which have zero side effects and are completely safe. The medicines are selected after taking into account the proper case history of the patient. The medicines are prescribed based on the bone involved, the kind of bone pain and other peculiar symptoms in each individual case.

1. Syphilinum: For Night Pains

For its beneficial action on body tissues wherever the destructive process is present, Syphilinum is the top natural medicine. Apart from its universal healing action to stop the destruction of body tissues, Syphilinum is of great help in treating bone necrosis. The most dominant feature for selecting Syphilinum in any given case of AVN is the worsening of bone pains at night. The pains are experienced throughout the night. The patient is not able to sleep on account of the severe pain. The pains may compel the patient to walk about, which seems to bring relief. Such persons remain comparatively well the whole day. Another marked symptom that can help in selecting Syphilinum for AVN cases is a specific pattern regarding the appearance and disappearance of pains. The pattern followed is a gradual increase in bone pains and in the same way, a gradual disappearance of pains. The third symptom that may be present in a few AVN patients needing Syphilinum is worsening of pains because of heat and some relief by applying cold water. Craving for alcoholic stimulants and a history of excessive alcoholism may be present in persons requiring Syphilinum.

2. Silicea: For Necrosis of Bones

Silicea is considered among the best natural medicines for necrosis (premature death of cells) of a variety of bones ranging from long to small bones. The necrosis of jaw, wrist bones, hand bones, feet bones, ankle, knees and in addition long bones —including humerus (bone in the upper arm), femur (bone in the thigh) and tibia (bone in front of leg) — are all the site of action for using Silicea. The general symptom for using Silicea is sensitivity to cold air when bone pains worsen from a slight exposure to cold air. Warmth brings relief. The persons needing Silicea may have an excessive offensive odor on the feet.

3. Fluoric Acid: For AVN of Long Bones

Natural remedy Fluoric Acid works most effectively as a remedy for the necrosis of long bones. The bones include humerus (bone in the upper arm), femur (bone in the thigh) and tibia (bone in front of the leg). Fluoric Acid thus is mainly used to halt the necrosis appearing in long bones. The persons needing Fluoric Acid usually have excess body heat and the external heat worsens the condition. This distinguishes Fluoric Acid from Silicea, which is beneficial if cold air worsens the condition. Apart from long bones, the bones of the ear (which are rarely involved) are also covered under Fluoric Acid, which helps in improving the blood circulation and preventing further necrosis of bones.

4. Aurum Metallicum: For Necrosis in Nasal, Palatine Bones

Aurum Metallicum is a natural remedy that is very beneficial in the treatment for necrosis in nasal and palatine bones. The mastoid bone is also the site that benefits with the use of Aurum Met. The patient complains of pains at night and may suffer from extremely offensive odor from the mouth and nose along with pain. The patient may also feel depressed with a high degree of sadness. In addition, the zest for life is lost. These symptoms, however, may not appear in all the patients needing Aurum Mettalicum.

5. Symphytum: For Bone Damage in Fracture

Natural medicine Symphytum is very beneficial as a remedy for bone-related complaints. Symphytum can be considered in all cases where the bone has suffered damage following fractures. It helps in proper knitting of the bone. This is helped by providing the necessary callous material needed for bone reformation. So, in every case of fracture where Symphytum is used, it acts as a preventive agent against necrosis as the bone is very neatly and efficiently woven by this medicine.

6. Natrum Sulph: For Hip Joint

Natural remedy Natrum Sulph should always be considered in cases of AVN of the hip joint. Natrum Sulph is one of the most beneficial medicines when dealing with hip joint AVN. The patient mainly complains of pain during motion or when stooping.

Other Remedies

1. For Avascular Necrosis of  Femoral Bone

The remedies for treating Avascular Necrosis of the femur are selected after noting down the symptoms in each individual case. Silicea and Strontium Carb are the natural remedies mainly recommended for patients who experience aggravated pain in cold air. Fluoric Acid, on the other hand, suits patients whose condition worsens in the heat. Apart from this general feature, other characteristic symptoms provided by the patients are given the highest importance for choosing the correct natural medicine when dealing with AVN of the femur.

2. For AVN of Tibia Bone

The main symptom for choosing remedy Asafoetida for AVN of the tibia is worsening of pains at night and over-sensitivity in bone pains. Phosphorous is another natural remedy that helps in cases where the tibia bone is experiencing the destruction of cells and is very fragile. The person needing Phosphorus is nervous and sensitive to touch, noise and even sound. Along with sensitivity, he or she may experience a burning sensation in various parts of the body.

3. For AVN of the Jaw

Phosphorus is an effective remedy for treating lower jaw AVN. It is of great help when the lower jaw is affected due to lack of blood supply. However, a special mention must be made that Phosphorus is used in match factories and some persons may have acquired the disease due to working in match factories and inhaling Phosphorus fumes for a long duration. Natural medicine Merc Cor is also effective as a treatment for necrosis of upper jaw.

But it is Hekla Lava which is the top natural remedy for Avascular Necrosis of the jaw when the jaw destruction is accompanied by marked facial nerve pains.

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  1. Maria Boyer says:

    Hello. I’m a 47 YO woman with many underlining medical conditions that began with an extensive DVT and resulting multiple bilateral emboli 9 years ago. I had ischemic bowel and currently have ileostomy. I have had numerous surgeries including a complete hysterectomy. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 41/2 years ago and put on fosamax. Recent bone density shows no changes and I am currently waiting on an appointment with rheumatoid. Several months ago I developed right hip pain which has gotten worse, even with PT. MRI today shows 2 labrum tears and AVN. I’d greatly appreciate some guidance. Thank you

  2. sekou carradine says:

    I am a triathlete 47 years old and was diagnosed with RRMS 17 years ago. I had hip replacement 6 years ago because of necrosis. Now i am dealing with AVN of the left knee. no real pain and its been healing for 4 weeks now. I need a natural way to help my situation.

  3. Susan Magson says:

    Hi Dr Kaur
    I have AN in my right leg the pain extends from my buttock and groin down my leg. The pain is particularly bad in the front of my leg from knee to ankle. I had a mri last weak and am waiting to see an orthopaedic consultant. From mri the femur seems to be the bone which is affected by bone death. I would like to know what homeopathic protocol I could use please?
    Thanking you in anticipation
    Sue Magson

  4. Avascular necrosis of bilateral femoral head heads stage 2 on right side and stage 2 on left side

  5. Mihir kumar says:

    Sir I have taken extra corticosteroids during the Covid in April 2021 now I have finding of AVN .stage 3 in right Hip and stage 2 in lift him .please suggest the medicine

  6. Sir I have taken extra corticosteroids now I have ABN necrosis please tell me the way what to do.

  7. 9988212130 says:


  8. Sanjay Sharma says:

    Medicine for osteoradionecrosis of right mandible near third molar??

  9. Ramana says:

    Avn necrosis left side stage11 right side stage11

  10. Navin Kumar Sharma says:

    Dear Dr,
    I got hip avn 4th stage. How it can be treated by homeopathic medicine.

  11. Vasanthi M says:

    Hello Doctor,
    My brother is suffering from AVN 4 th stage on left hip joint and 3 rd stage on right hip joint. It was confirmed with the MRI scan and doctors suggesting hip ball replacement surgery.. Is this curable in homeopathy ?

  12. What potency u will suggest in treating necrosis of femur bone in case of lll grade

  13. Angela. Lewis says:

    Had MRI done in September I have AVN left hip. Seeing holistic person this. Sunday for help. Orthopedist said need surgery. If at all possible want to do this holisticly

  14. Sourav sharma says:

    Gd mrng doctor,

    I am suffering from AVN 3 stage in both the hip joint, can it be cured permanently through your medicines

    • Anil Kumar Paudel says:

      Sir I have avascular necrosis in advanced stage in both hip. Is there any treatment for avascular necrosis without surgery

      • Pooja gaikwad says:

        Hi doctor my friend is suffering from stage 1 ,and stage2 AVN
        Can homeopathy help to treat AVN permanently?

  15. Neelesh jain says:

    Hello sir…I m AVN hip patient..grade 3 right &grade 2 left….feeling pain for last three months in groin area…plz suggest treatment..I m male 41 years old..

  16. Puneet pandey says:

    I am AVN patient from last 2 years. I had operated also decompression on 31st Oct 2019. 3rd grade in my right and 4th grade in my left leg.
    My left leg is paining. Due to this my knees also paining. Please help me out.

    • Sudhir Chaudhari says:

      Left side avn 2nd stage 1 yr complit pain are knee and hip joint pls give the solution this problem som died and medicine excersize

  17. Sir I have AVN head pain Dr told me operation what can I perfare or homeopathy is better than operation

    • Rashmi Bala Mohanty says:

      Sir I have AVN in my right leg and doctor suggest for oper4ation. I am suffering since last 10 years in this disease. always pain persist in my leg.
      Can homeopathy medicine be used for reversal of AVN .
      Kindly suggest medicine to be used.

      • Aklesh Rajput says:

        I am suffring from AVN from last 7 years ,initially pain was in n left hip joint but recently right hip joint is also suffring from pain.
        Kindly suggest

        • Dr B K.Jain says:

          My brother in stage 3avn in hip joint pain during walking first some steps h/o corona and using cortiso. Some days 1yrs back he relif from hot fomentation pl advise treatment thanks
          Dr B k jain Ayush officer Katni MP

  18. Sachin Kumar Gupta says:

    I am 40 yrs old and suffering from AVN stave IV. I took epilepsy medicines when I was 14 yrs old. Doctor suggest decompression or hip replacement surgery, right now doctor advice me to take Patricia 70 once in a week, vitamin c, calcium and aspirin. Is it curable in Homeopath.

  19. Saswati Sangita says:


  20. Ashish Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor,

    I’ve been diagnosed with stage 2 AVN in my right hip & stage 1 AVN in the left, I experience occasional pain in the thigh and knee areas resulting in fear & anxiety of not being able to carry on my life normally and immobility in future. I do t want to go for surgical procedure.
    Please suggest.

    • Hi both my husband and myself have osteonecrosis of the left hip identified by X-ray and mri scan we are both just 75
      We look forward to your help
      John and Fiona lindsay

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