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Insomnia And homeopathy

 Sleeplessness and Homeopathy         


insomnia Nearly everyone suffers from a sleepless night once in a while. This is usually not a source of worry as sleep can get temporarily affected by some stress or too much intake of coffee, tea, alcohol, etc. But for those who suffer from chronic insomnia (sleeplessness) life can be very distressful. Insomnia is defined as having little or poor quality sleep (frequently waking up or having unrefreshing sleep).It is now clearly known that sleep helps body rejuvenate itself. This means a lot of repair of tissues is carried during deep sleep. People who suffer from chronic sleep problems not only suffer from tiredness and fatigue but also from low moods and irritability.

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Insomnia treatment With Homeopathy


Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia Treatment …written By Dr. Vikas sharma

Until few decades, sleep was thought to be a passive dormant part in our daily lives. But with recent advances in Medical research, we now know that it is an active process and it affects our physical and mental health in many ways. Although quite a bit of what happens during sleep still remains to be uncovered, it is clearly evident that the sleep is extremely essential for our nervous system to work properly. Some experts believe that sleep is more important for our nervous system. Unlike other organs, the nervous system cannot replace the neurons (nerve cells), so it shuts down during sleep and gives neurons (nerve cells) time to repair and remove the byproducts of their cellular activity.


rs one sleeps but by the quality of sleep too. An individual is said to be suffering from insomnia (sleep disorder characterising inadequate sleep) when one or more of the following are present ; difficulty falling asleep, waking up frequently during the night with difficulty returning to sleep, waking up too early in the morning, unrefreshing sleep.

Insomnia can be classified as Transient (short term), intermittent (on and off) and chronic (constant). Chronic insomnia can result out of a combination of physical and mental disorders both or either one of them. Depression is the most common cause although physical causes such as night pains caused by arthritis, kidney and heart disease, restless legs syndrome, Parkinson?s disease and hyperthyroidism also can be the causative factors for insomnia. In addition some other factors also have role in insomnia ? excessive caffeine (tea, coffee) intake, intake of alcohol before bedtime, smoking cigarettes before bedtime, ditrupted wake/sleep schedules, excessive sleeping in the afternoon and at times it is the worry of having a difficulty in sleeping that causes it. Though insomnia is found in both the sexes it seems to be more pronounced in women after menopause. It is also more in the elderly

Treating Insomnia

Where as the conventional system treats this disease by giving drugs to induce artificial sleep, which frequently may cause side effects or addiction, Homeopathic approach is totally safe and natural. It treats insomnia by giving a tiny dose of a substance that, in large doses, would cause sleeplessness in a healthy person. This tiny dose helps in optimizing the sleep regulatory mechanism in the body. Coffea Cruda is a homoeopathic medicine that is most often used for treating insomnia of acute origin. As the name suggests it is made from coffee beans. It is indicated when insomnia is due to the mind being overcharged by an excessive inflow of thoughts and ideas at the time of sleep. Nux Vomica is more suited when insomnia is due to the abuse of stimulants e.g. Alcohol, coffee, smoking etc.

Chronic insomnia needs to be treated according to the cause and also evaluated on the constitutional scale while being prescribed for. The high efficacy Homoeo-treatment for depression needs a special mention as it is the most common cause for chronic insomnia.

Fighting sleeplessness

The underlying cause

The key is to find out what’s causing the insomnia so that it can be dealt with directly. Simply making a few changes in the sleep habits helps many people

Set a schedule

It is important to set a schedule for sleeping. Sleeping and waking according to a set schedule can help in overcoming insomnia..


Make restful activities a part of your bedtime habits. Any activity such as a bath, reading, music etc. which relaxes you, make it a bedtime ritual.

Regular exercise

Set a regular exercise schedule, and for maximum benefits exercise 5-6 hours before sleep time.

Avoid caffeine alcohol and nicotine

Caffeine drinks e.g. coffee and tea should be avoided after evening hours.

Alcohol and smoking before bedtime should be completely avoided

Wake up with the sun

Make sure you get up with the sun. Let enough sunlight enter your bedroom in the morning as sunlight helps set the body?s internal biological clock each day.

Don?t lie in bed awake

If after 30 minute of lying in bed you are not able to sleep it is better that you do something else till you feel sleepy

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