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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoporosis

homeopathic remedies for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition that results from reduced bone density. Bones become weak, brittle and are prone to fracture easily. Usually, this condition causes no pain or other symptoms and a person comes to know of it when a fracture occurs. Bones commonly affected in osteoporosis are hip bone, ribs, bones in the spine and wrist.

Homeopathic Management

Homeopathic medicines are natural remedies for treating weak bones and the complications resulting from it. Natural homeopathic remedies for osteoporosis are very helpful in absorbing calcium from the bones and also in treating fractured bones. Homeopathic medicines also offer help in managing bone pain. It is to be noted that these medicines are not a substitute for treatment given in conventional mode for osteoporosis. Homeopathic medicines render supportive help along with conventional treatment to enhance bone strength, reduce pain related to brittle bones and contribute to bone repair in case of a fracture.

Homeopathic Medicines For Osteoporosis

1. Calcarea Phos – An Excellent Medicine For Thin, Brittle Bones

It is a leading homeopathic medicine for treating osteoporosis. It is mainly given to those patients of osteoporosis who have weak, soft, brittle bones which become crooked. Here it improves bone strength. It is well indicated when a person experiences pain in the hip bone. The pain can be shooting, drawing, stitching or tearing in nature. Calcarea Phos is also beneficial for those experiencing pain in the back due to weak bones. The pain may get worse from the least movement. There may be curvature of spine to the left in cases needing it. At times the lower back may be bent forward. Lastly, it also promotes healing of fractured bones.

2. Symphytum Officinale – To Treat Fractures in Osteoporosis

Symphytum Officinale is the best natural remedy for treating fractures in osteoporosis. It is commonly known as ‘knit bone’ and as the name represents it helps in knitting/uniting the fractured bone. This remedy helps in joining fractured bones very efficiently by promoting the activity of fibroblast cells. Fractures, where patients complain of pricking type of pain at the fractured site, can be greatly relieved by taking this natural medicine. It can also help in reducing irritability at the site of fracture. This medicine can be taken once the fractured bone is set in cast.

3. Silicea – When Bones Are Very Tender To Touch

Spinal Curvature

Spinal Curvature

This medicine is suggested for cases in which the bones are sensitive and tender to touch. It can be especially considered for spinal curvatures mainly to the right side. It is accompanied with pain on touch and movement. In some cases, a burning sensation can be felt in the back. It gets worse in open air. Silicea can be taken when a person has pain in lower back on stooping and on rising from a seat. Silicea is also very helpful where pus or fistula formation has occurred at the site of fracture. Lastly, silicea is of considerable help in the efficient union of broken bone and also helps in removing bone splinters.

4. Calcarea Carb – For Weak Bones Of Spine And Long Bones That Become Curved

Calcarea Carb is yet another natural medicine having wide action on bones. It is found to be effective in improving bone health and strengthening bones that are soft and brittle. This medicine can be used when the bones mainly of spine and bones which are long begin to become curved due to reduced bone mass. Calcarea Carb is also useful to reduce pain in bones. The pain can be boring, pulsating or stinging type.

5. Merc Sol – To Manage Bone Pain At Night

Merc Sol is suitable medicine to manage bone pains that are worse at night. There is pain in the bones with a feeling as if these are broken. The pain intensifies with touch.

6. Phosphorus – For Treating Curvature Of Spine In Osteoporosis

Phosphorus can give best results for people suffering from curvature of spine along with burning sensation in the spine. This natural remedy is also useful for treating pain and weakness of spine. The patient feels intense pain in the spine as if the spine is broken.

7. Hypericum – For Back Pain From Nerve Pinching From Damaged Vertebra

Hypericum is another useful natural medicine that can be confidently used for excessive pain in the back due to crushing of nerves in between damaged vertebral bones. The excessive pain and sensitivity in the back after fracturing of vertebral bones that gets worse by the slightest motion of the neck or arms can be efficiently controlled by Hypericum.

6. Ruta – To Assist In Repair Of Tendon, Ligaments Along With Fractured Bone

Ruta is yet another wonderful natural remedy employed in the treatment of fractures in osteoporosis. Whenever a bone gets fractured, the surrounding tendons and ligaments of bones also get damaged. It is in this sphere medicine Ruta shows its wonderful effect. This natural medicine helps in healing torn tendons and ligaments. It also helps in repairing the damaged bone. This remedy helps in decreasing pain, soreness, and stiffness around the fractured area mainly wrist fracture.

Causes And Risk Factors

Our bones are constantly undergoing remodeling which means the old bone is being removed by osteoclast cells and new bone is getting formed in its place by activity of osteoblast cells. When due to any reason the amount of old bone removed exceeds the amount of new bone formed the bones become weak, brittle. This may happen from many reasons as follows:

1. Age: The risk of osteoporosis increases with age for everyone. People above mid- 30s are at risk of osteoporosis and above 50 yrs age are at the highest risk of fracture due to osteoporosis. In young persons, new bone is produced more quickly in comparison to the old damaged bone that is breaking. As age advances, around age of mid 30s, what happens is that more bone is being lost than is being formed. So age plays a major role in osteoporosis.

2. Being a female: Females are more at risk of developing osteoporosis as compared to males. Women of menopausal age (45 yrs to 55 yrs) are more at risk due to increased loss of bone mass under the influence of changed hormones (lowered estrogen level).

3.Family history: Persons having someone in the family who have osteoporosis are at high risk to develop the same.

4. Sedentary lifestyle: Inactive lifestyle with prolonged sitting hours constantly with little or no physical activity

5. Low body weight and thin people who have small body frame

6. Low calcium and low vitamin D levels (vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium)

7. Low levels of sex hormones: Decrease in hormone estrogen in women as occurring during menopause stands as major risk factor. Lowered testosterone levels also speed up bone loss.

8. Overactive thyroid gland (means hyperthyroidism) and overactive parathyroid gland are also linked with it

9. Certain medicines like prolonged steroid use, anti-seizure medicines, blood thinners are associated with it

10. Use of alcohol or tobacco in excess also contributes to osteoporosis

11. Having certain medical health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, IBD (inflammatory bowel disease), cancer, kidney/liver disease

What Are Its Signs And Symptoms?

Osteoporosis usually causes no symptoms in the initial phase. With the progression of the condition when bones get intensely weak, some signs and symptoms may become evident.  These are as follows:

Pain in back or neck

Loss of height

Posture changes (stooping)

Easy fracture of bones (mainly in hip and spine), fracture may occur from a fall or even from a very light pressure when walking, standing and from strong coughing in some cases

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  1. Dilip shah says:

    I hv little pain back side above heap while I m standing more then 5min , similar little pain while waking but pain become less when continuous waking. Doing Yoga & Physiotheraphy but no improvement. Pain remains same. What to do ?? Pls guide me . I m age 67years

  2. Lea Carr says:

    I learned from research that taking Calcarea phosphorous 6C for 8 weeks, then 9C after may help painless osteopenia in neck femur of left hip. I do not know when it began. How long to take–1 yr? 2 yrs? How many doses per day–1? Or more? I am 68 yo healthy, active female (not overweight, non smoking, non drinking, exercise 1 hr most days since age 16). Thank you.

  3. I am 69 year old female diagnosed with osteoporosis in December
    I am very active , teach yoga 4 days a week. Walk 3-5 miles 4 times a week and line dance
    What can I do holistically to help my bones?
    I am also a vegetarian

    • I have mild osteoporosis diagnosed at age 80, especially affecting the femoral neck. I have no pain. I want to improve bone density . Please advise on remedy, strength, and schedule of administration. Your column recommends remedies such as Calc phos. I am also interested in Mineral or Vermiculite used in India. I have moderate hearing loss as well and have begun taking Baryta carb 30c 3 times a day. Also Natrum Sulphuricum once a month. How long should I take these? How might these remedies be worked into addressing the osteoporosis?

  4. I’m a 68 year old female, active (walk 3+ miles daily + training 3xwk), healthy lifestyle, with a history of 5 vertebrae injuries over my lifetime. Recently diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. I take no drugs, but have taken supplements regularly. I’m told that I must take Evenity shots monthly. I’m looking for a more natural way to increase bone density. Any suggestions?

  5. I was just diagnosed with osteoporosis from a bone density test. My doctor wants me to take fosamax but I am hesitant with Rx drugs. I am 57, menopause for 12 years, and otherwise generally healthy. Looking did homeopathic supplement ideas.


    Dr. Sharma me in treating my disease condition?

  7. Taveta K. Grant says:

    I had a sudden parathyroid issue that dumbed calcium into the blood stream that then took the calcium out of the bones and suddenly osteoperosis.
    My lower lumbar L2-L5 is a mess and T12 compressed and T7-T8 herniated discs. I lost 2 inches in weeks.
    The parathyroid issue was removed and I’m on 1200-1600 mg calcium and Vit D K.
    What homeopathic do you recommend. I am use to taking remedies of liquid and tablets.

  8. 70 yr old Caucasian female. In past bulimia and anorexia. Currently disordered eating. Struggle with food and weight. 25 pounds overweight. Never pregnant. Early onset menopause, runs in family. Crush injury to right side of body at 21. Severe osteoporosis. Average T score -4. Total knee replacement resulting from earlier crush injury is failing. Receiving Evenity shots. L-2 thru L-5 bulging to left outside of spinal column. Scoliosis. Severe hip, leg and foot pain from lumbar and sacral spine. All blood work very good including all hormone levels expected for my age and gender. ? Can homeopathy help with binge eating AND advanced osteoporosis?

  9. Gayetri Sarkar says:

    My mother’s age is 65.She is suffering from severe ostroeporaisis long term. All the time she is suffering wth back,knee and neck pain.she can’t seat properly,and day by day she lossing waight and hight and feeling too much weakness.She cannot take allopathic medicine. please suggest something Doctor.

    • Dr Hiral Domadia says:

      Nutritional therapy and homeopathy both together plus Physiotherapy and exercise esp for osteoporosis

  10. I am a 62 year old woman with osteopenia, a left curve at the base of my spine and a twist to the right in the same area. I also have a bone spur in that area of my back bone. I have just started learning about homeopathy and would like to try it to treat this. What would you recommend? Thank you for your help.

  11. I am a 62 year old woman with osteopenia, a left curve at the base of my spine and a twist to the right in the same area. I have just started learning about homeopathy and would like to try it to treat this. What would you recommend? Thank you for your help.

  12. I’m 59 and have been on prolia for 2 years. I’d like to go off it as I fear the side effects. You have treated me for psoriasis before.

  13. Hi, my mother is 79. She’s experiencing a lot of pain on her waist and hip areas. She has bad osteoporosis. 7 years ago she and broke her spine.
    But no surgery took place . Now, Osteoporosis has gotten worse. How you help her?

  14. Aisha M Alabdei says:

    I am Aisha from Jordan, I am 36 years old, and I suffer from osteoporosis in the neck and spine. I have myasthenia gravis, and my back hurts a lot, pain similar to fracture pain. I do not take calcium or any kind of treatment except mestinone and cortisone. Please help me.

  15. I am healing well from a spinal fracture, however am still
    bending over somewhat, also have some lower back
    weakness. A medical doctor gave a diagnosis of
    severe osteoporosis and strongly recommended allopathic
    medication, including daily injections. What would you
    prescribe/recommend? Homeopathy is my clear preference.
    I am a retired healthcare professional and very holistic.
    Thanks so much. Blessings:)

  16. Marianne Wagner says:

    Which remedy combo would be effective while taking Letrozole & Ibrance for metastatic breast cancer to Iliac bone?
    I had a severe car accident 50 yrs ago which due to coma was never placed in traction. I have for about 30 yrs have been quite comfortable withe herbs and joint support. Mainly colkagen, hyaluronic acid, biswellian ,glucosamine, confronting, msm. Turmeric and bromelain. Serrapeptase etc. While researching letrozole I stumble across some research regarding collagen advancing hormone positive cancers. So I have switched to proteolytic enzymes and msm.
    Can’t find any research on boswellia which I miss terribly. I will add tart cherry for the motion which I no longer take for years. And I think samE for their anwer to antidepressants for pain. I understand astaxanthin help shut gene off for pain. Not sure of drug interactions on that and frankincense. Any advise would be welcomed. Thanking you in advance.

  17. Hello Dr. Sharma, I have osteoporosis and my spine has high number—2.8. I am 57 years female. Please suggest any homeo remedies. Thank you. Raji

  18. Hi Dr
    I’m 78yrz I was suffering osteoro Arthritis now my Knee are stiff and can you treat this condition

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