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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Osteoporosis

homeopathic remedies for osteoporosis

Homeopathic medicines are natural remedies for treating weak bones and the complications resulting out of it. These natural homeopathic remedies for osteoporosis are very helpful in absorbing calcium for bones and also in treating fractured bones.

1. Natural Remedies for treating Fractures in Osteoporosis

Symphytum officinale is the best natural remedy for treating fractures in osteoporosis. Symphytum officinale is commonly known as ‘knit bone’ and as the name represents it helps in knitting/uniting the fractured bone by increasing the callous production. This remedy helps in union of fractured bone very efficiently. Fractures, where patients complain of pricking type of pain at the fractured site, can be greatly relieved by giving this natural medicine. This natural medicine can also help in reducing the irritability at the site of fracture. Ruta Graveolens is yet another wonderful natural remedy employed in the treatment of fractures in osteoporosis. Whenever a bone gets fractured the surrounding tendons and ligaments of bones also get damaged. It is in this sphere where medicine Ruta Graveolans shows its wonderful effect. This natural medicine helps in healing torn tendons and ligaments. It also helps in repairing the damaged bone. This remedy helps in decreasing the pain, soreness, and stiffness around the fractured area mainly wrist fracture. Hypericum perforatum is another useful Natural medicine that can be used with confidence for the excessive pain in the back due to crushing of nerves in between damaged vertebral bones. The excessive pains and sensitiveness in the back after fracturing of vertebral bones that are worse by slight motion of neck or arms can be efficiently controlled by Hypericum. Silicea is an excellent Natural medicine that can help in Homeopathic cure of fracture in osteoporosis patients. This Natural homeopathic medicine is usually prescribed in those patients of osteoporosis in which the disease is due to defective assimilation of calcium. In such cases Silicea is of considerable use and it helps by enhancing the assimilation power of digestive system. Silicea is also very helpful where pus or fistula formation has occurred at the site of fracture. Silicea helps in the efficient union of broken bone and it also held in removing bone splinters.

2. For Treating Curvature of Spine in Osteoporosis

Best medicines for treating curvature of bone in osteoporosis patients are Calcarea phosphorica, Phosphorus and Sulphur. Calcarea phosphorica is an excellent natural medicine employed in the treatment of curvature of spine in patients of osteoporosis. It is mainly given to those patients of osteoporosis who  have weak spine and soft bones which lead to curvature of spine .Such patients are unable to support their body. This medicine is also used if anaemia is present alongwith curvature of spine in osteoporosis patients. Calcarea phosphorica is also prescribed in curvature of spine when associated backache which is worse in cold weather and from exertion. Phosphorus can give best results in curvature of spine in patients of osteoporosis if burning sensation in spine is present along with curvature. This natural remedy is also useful for pain and weakness of spine. The patient feels intense pain in the spine as if the spine was broken.  Another important Homeopathic medicine is Sulphur. This Natural medicine is utilised in those patients of osteoporosis who develop curvature of spine and walk and sit in a stooping position. The curvature of spine when associated with a backache is effectively treated with this natural remedy. Another marked feature of Sulphur is excessive heat sensation in the body especially soles of feet along with pain and curvature of spine.

3. For Pain in Bones in Patients

Calcarea fluorica is an excellent Natural medicine for the patients of osteoporosis who complain of pain in back which is worse by rest and better by continuous motion.  Syphilinum and Fluoric acid are very important medicines that can be used in the treatment of osteoporosis where the  paithe pain bones is present and is worse at night time.

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  1. Marianne Wagner says:

    Which remedy combo would be effective while taking Letrozole & Ibrance for metastatic breast cancer to Iliac bone?
    I had a severe car accident 50 yrs ago which due to coma was never placed in traction. I have for about 30 yrs have been quite comfortable withe herbs and joint support. Mainly colkagen, hyaluronic acid, biswellian ,glucosamine, confronting, msm. Turmeric and bromelain. Serrapeptase etc. While researching letrozole I stumble across some research regarding collagen advancing hormone positive cancers. So I have switched to proteolytic enzymes and msm.
    Can’t find any research on boswellia which I miss terribly. I will add tart cherry for the motion which I no longer take for years. And I think samE for their anwer to antidepressants for pain. I understand astaxanthin help shut gene off for pain. Not sure of drug interactions on that and frankincense. Any advise would be welcomed. Thanking you in advance.

  2. Hello Dr. Sharma, I have osteoporosis and my spine has high number—2.8. I am 57 years female. Please suggest any homeo remedies. Thank you. Raji

  3. Hi Dr
    I’m 78yrz I was suffering osteoro Arthritis now my Knee are stiff and can you treat this condition

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