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9 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems

Urinary problems are among the most common health issues affecting men and women of all age groups. These include cystitis, urethral stricture, renal calculi, and urine incontinence. Homeopathic medicines for urinary problems are natural, safe and free from toxic side-effects.  Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems

Cystitis is an infection of the lower urinary tract; the main symptoms include burning with urination, a frequent urge to urinate accompanied by significant pain. Urethral stricture is the narrowing of the urethra caused due to injury, infection or instrumentation. The most common symptoms of urethral stricture are weak and splaying urinary stream, need to strain to urinate and pain during urination. Renal calculus or kidney stone is formed from minerals in the urine. Marked symptoms of renal calculus are excruciating, intermittent pains radiating from the flanks to the groins (to the inner thigh) termed as ‘renal colic.’ Renal colic is generally accompanied by urinary urgency, nausea, restlessness, and hematuria. Urine incontinence is the term used for involuntary passage of urine, dribbling with a sudden urge to urinate. Urine incontinence results from loss of bladder control, enlarged prostate or prolapsed uterus.

Advantage of Homeopathy

Homeopathy medicines offer the best available mode of treatment of urinary problems. Homeopathy medicines stimulate the restorative processes of the body and strengthen the detrusor muscles. The tonicity of the weakened muscles of the bladder is revitalized. Conventional treatments include painful surgical procedures with increased chances of recurrences, injury, sexual dysfunction or incontinence. Homeopathy medicines restore normal health without the need for surgical interventions. They act at the root to stop recurrence of the disease process.

Homeopathic Medicines for Urinary Problems

Cantharis, Clematis, and Conium are some highly recommended medicines for urinary problems. Cantharis is most helpful in treating intolerable urging. In such cases, the urine passes drop by drop, with tenesmus. Another wonderful medicine for interrupted urine flow with an inability to pass all the urine is Clematis. Conium is the most effective among medicines for urinary problems where a person has many difficulties voiding urine. Urine flows and stops again. The condition involves dribbling in elderly men.

1. Staphysigaria, Sarsaparilla, and Cantharis – For Urinary Problems due to Cystitis

Staphysigaria, Sarsaparilla, and Cantharis are rated among the most effective medicines for urinary problems due to Cystitis. Cystitis, an ineffectual urge to urinate especially in newly married women, is treated well with Staphysagria. Sarsaparilla is prescribed for severe pain at the conclusion of urination. The urine dribbles while sitting in such cases. One of the most reliable medicines for urinary problems involving urinary tract infection with intolerable urging to urinate and tenesmus is Cantharis.

2. Clematis and Thiosinaminum – For Urinary Problem resulting from Urethral Stricture

Natural medicines Clematis and Thiosinaminum have shown remarkable results in urinary problems resulting from urethral stricture. Clematis is one of the best medicines for urinary problems such as an interrupted flow of urine, inability to pass all the urine and constricted urethra. The commencing stricture is treated well with Clematis. Thiosinaminum is another wonderful medicine for urethral stricture cases where cicatricial tissue is formed in the urethra due to some reason. Thiosinaminum is rated among medicines for urinary problems that have shown proven ability to treat the condition.

3. Berberis Vulgaris and Pareria Brava – For Urinary Problems due to Renal Calculus

Two top grade medicines for urinary problems from renal calculus are Berberis Vulgaris and Pareria Brava. Berberis Vulgaris is indicated for left side renal colic radiating to the ureter, bladder, and urethra. Pareria Brava is very effective for bruised pains in the kidneys, along with constant urging and need to strain hard to urinate. The person experiences pain radiating down the thighs during efforts to urinate.

4. Lilium Tigrinum and Prunus Spinosa – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for urinary problems due to urine incontinence

The most effective medicines for urinary problems due to urine incontinence are Lilium Tigrinum and Prunus Spinosa. Lilium Tigrinum effectively treats frequent urination along with constant pressure on the bladder. Urine incontinence from prolapsed uterus is well treated with Lilium Tigrinum, making it one of the most wonderful medicines for urinary problems associated with this condition. Prunus Spinosa has shown great results in cases of involuntary urination in men with an enlarged prostate.

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  1. Muhammad shahzad says:

    السلام عليكم
    مجھے پیشا ب کرنے کے بعد بھی قطرے آتے 15 منٹ تک میں انتظار کرتا ھوں
    اور کبھی کبھی تومنی کے قطرے بھی آتے ھیں بھت پریشان ھوں کوئی میڈیسن تجویز کریں

  2. My relative son age 13 years he cant hold stool in day and night plz sugest med with thanks

  3. Suryanarayana says:

    I am suffering from nocturia for the last 10 years. I had to pee more than 20 times in the day also. Quantity of urine passed is low, urine flow is very thin and dribbling in the end. When i stand to urinate , urine starts flowing after 1 minute. Pls can this problem be cured as i am suffering for the last 10 years.

  4. Masud Parvez from Pakistan says:

    Dear Doctor in 1995 about 5 times I went for surgery called sistoscopy due to prostate diagnosed and in 1996 my prostate was removed but my problem was not solved and then I went for open surgery of bladder (sistoplasty) which was salved my problem and next 15 years I passed without any problem but after 2012 I was again getting burning & painful urine passing which was temporarily solving with infection medicines and now I am getting dry pices of blood and not able to pass urine easily also pain in urine bladder plus in penis. Could you please suggest homeopathic medicine for treatment. Thanks

  5. Joe Merlino says:

    Hi, Doc,
    Thanks for the above info on urinary problems. I will repertorize the case and look at some of your suggestions. Thanks

    • I am 61 years old female. I have problem with urination. My urine flow is slow with less volume, although I consume 9-10 glasses of water. This started around two months back. I pass urine in the morning at around six and then i don’t have the urge to urine at all till 2.00- 2.30. Then after 4.00 I need to run to the bathroom every half or one hour for at least four times and then whole night I dont have the urge to pass urine. Got my creatine test done around two months back and it was .08. I feel quite depressed because of this.

  6. Meherun Nessa Ratna says:

    Hi, I’m Ratna from Bangladesh. From yesterday my urine flow decreased compared to drinking water and my fingers, toes and feet became swollen. I don’t have any burning or stinging sensetion. Aconite/ Nux Vom/ Lathyrus/ Berberis vulgaris/ Clematis- which medicine and what potency will be applicable for me? Please give a suggestion.

  7. I am 79+ Have undergone for prostate gland operation one year ago. Later I experienced slow urine flow after six of taking allopathy medicines I started taking Ayurvedic medicines. It is ok. Still not happy since improvement is not much.Six months now. Very expensive. Nearly Rs. 3000/_ per month.

    Doctor says that the problem is due to some nerve.

    I have no pain while passing urine. It stops and start again. The time to finish passing urine has improved from 12 minutes to 6 minutes. I don’t get up more than once during
    the night. 4 to 6 times during the day.

    One doctor suggested me to take conium 4 drops 4 times a day. He is no more. He was 82 years old.

    I had written to you earlier, but received no reply. Can you help me please?

    Regards Vasudevan

    • Meherun Nessa Ratna says:

      Hi, I’m Ratna from Bangladesh. I’m 47 yrs old. I’ve recurrent UTI problem. From last Saturday my UTI Symptoms started. I’ve taken Thuja-200 and Magnesia phos-12x. That problem resolved But from yesterday my urine flow decreased compared to drinking water and my fingers, toes and feet became swollen. I don’t have any burning or stinging sensetion. Aconite/ Nux Vom/ Lathyrus/ Berberis vulgaris/ Clematis- which medicine and what potency will be applicable for me? Please give me a suggestion.

  8. Debabrata Sarkar says:

    As per report of uroflometry obstructed flow of urine. My age 58 years. USG study of K. U. B . Moderate prostatomegaly with 83 ml residual urine. P.S.S 3.5

  9. Dear doctor, I am 79+ and suffer from poor and interrupted urine flow after prostate surgery in November 2019. Dr. Said that the problem is relating to some nerve. Medication was not effective. He suggested to do catheter once in three days or go for one more operation.

    In July 2020 I started Ayurvedic treatment
    In November I felt that I am improving, but unfortunately situation became a little bad.

    I started taking conium 200 from August. Before changing to Clemetis, I need medical advice. I have some gy books. I know self medication is not good.

    Please help me.

  10. Dear Doctor
    I am above 65 and sugar patient. I have urine problem which come again and again in neight at least 4time.i can not sleep. Please help and suggest home medicine.
    Best Regards
    M Tayyab
    0307 6920044

  11. Yogesh Tyagi says:

    Dr Saab I a facing a slow flow of urine. which homeo medicine i should prefer

    • Kundan Sinha says:

      I have problem with urine flow..suddenly my urine flow decreases and sometime its increase…why this happen

      • Muhammad shahzad says:

        السلام عليكم
        مجھے پیشا ب کرنے کے بعد بھی قطرے آتے 15 منٹ تک میں انتظار کرتا ھوں
        اور کبھی کبھی تومنی کے قطرے بھی آتے ھیں بھت پریشان ھوں کوئی میڈیسن تجویز کریں

    • Syed Ryan says:

      My son age 11 years is not able to pass urine at one go. It usually dribbles and has frequent urge to urinate. It is more pronounced at night. Please help.

  12. hello sir
    i have urine urine output is very less compared to earlier.its not even 500 ml for 24 is dark yellow coloured .plz suggest good mediciene.age 34 .

  13. Dhruba Jyoti says:

    Hari Om doctor,
    I want a solution for my son of age 13 years having low IQ, whenever he goes for urine he stands for at least 2 minutes then he passes urine. Again he has to give pressures to complete his urination. It takes around 4-5 minutes in this process.

  14. A K Dash says:

    Urination slow to start, broken stream, hesitancy, dribbling at the end, no pain, as if some urine remained, more so between 1-4am, special focus to urinate, age 58, male, no past record but childhood bedwetting upto 15 years of age, can’t urinate after sex, no family history, has taken a lot of allopathic medicines for allergies/light breathelessness.

  15. A K Dash says:

    Urination slow to start, broken stream, hesitancy, dribbling at the end, no pain, as if some urine remained, more so between 1-4am, special focus to urinate.

  16. Dr Rakesh Dullu says:

    namaskar Dr Sharma
    I am an allopathic doctor for last 40 years but know about homeopathy and prefer this for many chronic diseases.
    I have benign prostatic enargement which at my age of 61 is common. For last one and a half years am taking Tamsulosin and occasionnally Urispas for my urinary flow issues. sometimes at night I have the urge 3 or 4 times and sometimes not. during the day it reasonably under control. My control on urging bladder is reasanable but sometimes I have to rush. I am oa vegetarian and eat eggs also. I want to know if I can get relief from Homeopathy and finallyget rid of allopathic medications.

    • Subir Das Biswas says:

      Sir, I have problems with the urinary bladder..I have frequent urge to urinate after lunch and diner especially when I go to bed..At night it becomes much more frequent…I feel pain in the lower abdomen and am forced to go to washroom..After 5 or 6 minutes I again feel the same pain which makes me run for the washroom..This happens for 5 or 6 times before i finally get to sleep..I have done USG of the lower abdomen..The report is the wall of the bladder has become thick and residual urine remains in the bladder..I am 50 years old….Thank you..

      Subir Biswas

  17. Bhupesh Singh says:

    Sir I have a stone of size13 mm approximately in my urine bladder Which has blocked the urine flow.can it be out without Sergery.please guide me in details if there is medicine to reduce the size of stone then also guide me. Thanks
    Stone in urine bladder is pushed downward which stopped the urine flow.

  18. Rintu dutta says:

    Sir me west bengal se hu .me 31 age ha unmarraid hu mujhe morning me urine bahat kom hota ha and dark colour din right side kidney halka pain hota ha or leg me Sujan ha halka pls suggest me

  19. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I’ve got burning sensation while urinating for last two days. Have no history of kidney stones. It’s bearable for now, but I was just wondering what can I take. Back home it happened a couple of times and I took Citralka/Alkacitron and it got better.

    I’m in Canada and I don’t know if this kind of alkalizer is available off the counter. But my wife does have a variety of homeopathic medicines, as she strongly believes in them and uses them. Which one can I take in this situation?



  20. Sain biswas says:

    I have two small calculi (about 3mm) in left renal. How to dissolve it. Plz reply sir

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