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Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines for Gingivitis

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis refers to the inflammation of gums resulting majorly from non-maintenance of oral hygiene. Other risk factors include diabetes, tobacco use, advancing age, poor nutrition. Poor dental hygiene leads to plaque formation on the teeth. The plaque finds a resting place in between the teeth gaps and along the gum lining. And this plaque, if not removed by brushing daily, hardens and irritates the gum line leading to gum inflammation. The symptoms arising therefrom are swollen, bleeding, painful gums. The gums appear dark red/purple, soft and puffy with a receding gum line. Halitosis (bad breath) and caries of teeth often accompany this condition. If not treated well in time, the disease advances, eventually leading to the falling of teeth.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

The Homeopathic mode of treatment is very effective in treating gingivitis. It can treat gingivitis of both recent and chronic nature. The swelling, pain and bleeding are wonderfully controlled with Homeopathic medicines. These medicines, if started well in time, help treat the acute symptoms of gingivitis as well as prevent complications like periodontitis. Homeopathic medicines boost the body’s own healing mechanism to eradicate the disease at the root and prevent recurrence. Homeopathic medicines are natural and safe for use among all age groups.

Homeopathic Medicines for Gingivitis

The recommended Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis are Merc Sol, Kreosote, Carbo Veg and Alumen. Merc Sol is effective where gums are bluish red, swollen, painful and tender. Kreosote is a good choice among Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis in cases where the gums are bluish in appearance along with intense swelling. The gums are also puffy and protruding. Carbo Veg is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis where bleeding gums predominate. The bleeding gets worse on cleaning the teeth. Alumen is considered the best prescription where the teeth get loosened from chronic gingivitis.

Merc Sol, Kreosote and Lachesis – Best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with swollen and painful gums

The most effective Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with highly inflamed and painful gums are Merc Sol, Kreosote and Lachesis. Merc Sol is indicated where the gums have turned bluish red, painful, swollen and spongy. The gums recede and bleed in such cases and usually accompanied by increased salivation. Kreosote is one of the best selected Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis where the gums are bluish in appearance, painful, tender, protruding and puffy. Putrid odour from the mouth is another symptom in such cases. Lachesis works well in cases where the gums are dark purple in appearance, with pain and swelling. The person complains of a sour and peppery taste in the mouth.

Phosphorus and Carbo Veg – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bleeding gums

Phosphorus and Carbo Veg are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bleeding gums. Phosphorus is one of the effective Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis cases where the gums bleed easily. The gums are sore, painful and tender to touch in such cases. Pain in the gums gets worse from cold, heat and also while eating. Carbo Veg is prescribed when gums are swollen and they bleed while brushing the teeth. The gums are scorbutic with oozing of blood. Offensive mouth odour is also prominent in cases where Carbo Veg will provide relief as one of the best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bleeding gums.

Thuja and Kreosote – Top Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with tooth decay

Helpful Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with tooth decay are Thuja and Kreosote. Thuja is excellent among Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with tooth decay next to the gums affected with gingivitis. The gums are dark red, retracted and swollen, with decayed and crumbling teeth. Homeopathic medicine Kreosote works well where tooth decay appears with puffy, spongy, bleeding gums. The person usually complains of a bitter taste in the mouth.

Merc Sol, Kreosote and Silicea – Best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bad mouth odour

Valuable Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bad odour from the mouth are Merc Sol, Kreosote and Silicea. Merc Sol is useful where offensive/putrid odour from mouth accompanies gingivitis. The mouth is moist with excessive saliva. Thirst may also increase. Kreosote is recommended in cases where horribly offensive odour from the mouth is present with gingivitis. The gums are puffy, swollen and bleeding. The condition leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Silicea is the most helpful of Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis where offensive mouth odour is worse in the morning. The mouth feels dry, the gums are swollen and painful. Cold air and cold water worsen the pain in gums.

Calcarea Fluor and Alumen – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with loose teeth

Significant Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with loose teeth are Calcarea Fluor and Alumen. Both are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with loose teeth where the gums are swollen and inflamed. The teeth get loose in the sockets from long-standing gingivitis. Homeopathic medicines Calcarea Fluor and Alumen strengthen the tooth holding structures in the mouth to provide the teeth a firm holding.

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  1. babita rathore says:

    sir i am suffering of gum recession problems can homeopathy treatment is available for this problems

  2. Gail Naegele says:

    Dear Dr. For the remedies yo9 gave with Merc Sol, for a longtime chronic condition can you suggest one and it’s dosage. Thank you very much.

  3. Preethi says:

    I have inflamed gums that’s painful to eating hard and spicy foods.. I also have dry mouth. I already have autoimmune hypothyroid and vitiligo.. I suspect the gum inflammation may be due to autoimmune attack or nutritional deficiency.. my gums does not seem to respond to chlorhexidine gel or mouthwash.. struggling with condition for last 2 years.. plz suggest me a suitable remedy


    • Sir 4 implants fixed in my lower jaw. After one and half year of implanting suffering from inflammation and shrinking of gums. Sir kindly suggest me suitable and also suggest whether 2 implants can be removed.

  4. Iram mahmood butt says:

    Salam my name iram mai Pakistan sy ho my teeth is very weak after braces my age is 32plz help plz ok thanks

  5. mylaraswamy vishweshwaraiah says:

    Dr, iam aged 70 years, I am suffering from gingavities (hyper keratosis) since 3years I want to get rid of this .kindly suggest me appropriate medicine to me
    Thank you

  6. K.P. singh says:

    My age is about 62 years my teeth are loose, no swelling or not bleeding. I want to know homeopathy medicine for my problem. please help me. Thanks.



  8. sir my wife cannot sleep in night.she is working as teacher and have migrane also but now she s fine from migraine.but now she doesn’t eat anything cause she never feel hungry and she doesn’t sleep whole night.pls suggest

  9. shelley solomon says:

    what can treat and heal gum pockets ? thank you.
    sincerely, shelley solomon

  10. ritu puri says:

    dr i show to dentist he told me gum disease if is not cure few month teeth fall and could with heart attack if not take care or brain stroke dr please advice me my problem is better bleeding gum but sometime painful gum red gum swelling gum my head hurt i notice right side bottomteeth on one teeth when i press gum puss came out in white color it all time build up i too much worry please help me out

    • Ajit singh says:

      Sir last two years se ek painless swelling type Ka mere right side leap ke inside Mai hua hai aur Abhi 20 din se kuch homeopathic medicine le rehai.
      Conium mac 1M
      Calcarea flour 30x
      Thuja 200
      Please suggest to me

  11. Isabel DeBlanc says:

    I brush my teeth with a soft bamboo brush…I use hydro-flox daily…I’ve been using coconut oil, sesame oil, my cleaning a few months ago, showed my gums are receding, no bleeding, but what else can I use to stop the receding?

  12. Akhilesh singh says:

    Sir plz tell me how to use medicine mentioned above…Merc sol ,kreosote,etc…

  13. hello sir
    i am from canada and my gums are red in colour and gume are separating from teeths
    contact area betweem gums and teeth decrease and bleed while eating and brushing

  14. Anita Nunes says:

    I have loose teeth and i able unable to eat. what medicine should i take to tighten my tooth.

  15. Can you help me how to remove tartar build up?

  16. Heena Siddiqui says:

    I am 29 yrs old female my weight is 36kg i have been diagnosed with severe aggressive periodontitis gum diseases plz help me because i dont want to loose my teeth at an early age i have calendulla

  17. Shilpa Majumder says:

    I have gingivitis problem. I have had recently done teeth crowing on my anterior portion. M 22 yrs old. M too much worried about teeth loosing. I have taken mercurios Sol 30. But not getting any result. Please give me some medicine name.

  18. I dislike the way these pages are written. Looking for high ranking on google perhaps?
    Still, you can do better

  19. Respected Sir,

    I am 48 years old having bleeding, at times swollen and painful and receeding gums, tooth decay at the base (caving in or marglin like), and bad odour.

    Also having sinusitis with greenish phelgum draining, sneezing with dust or smell, headache rarely.

    I would like to have the medication to get relieved of this. I am afraid to go to the dentist. Please do help me in this regard.

    • Bharat Deshmukh says:

      Namasker Dr,
      Mother, age around 78 with tobacco useing, having problem of tooth decay, swollen gums and pain, Visited dentist, X ray done, they recommended NOT to remove loose teeth as till have strong roots
      & suggested to clean the teeths, prescribed Amox 500mg & metrogly 400 mg for 10 day, however the said medicines are prescribed since last 1 year & problem swelling & pain repeats after every 3 to 4 month gap,

      Request to give us best Homeopathic solution


  20. Hi Doctor

    I am diagnosed with gingivitis with mild swelling in the gums localised at tooth where root canal is done. Bleeds while brushing. I have bad mouth odour and saliva formation that tastes different. Also chest pain oftentimes. Please suggest a suitable medicine. It started a few months back.

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