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Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines for Gingivitis

What is Gingivitis?

Gingivitis refers to the inflammation of gums resulting majorly from non-maintenance of oral hygiene. Other risk factors include diabetes, tobacco use, advancing age, poor nutrition. Poor dental hygiene leads to plaque formation on the teeth. The plaque finds a resting place in between the teeth gaps and along the gum lining. And this plaque, if not removed by brushing daily, hardens and irritates the gum line leading to gum inflammation. The symptoms arising therefrom are swollen, bleeding, painful gums. The gums appear dark red/purple, soft and puffy with a receding gum line. Halitosis (bad breath) and caries of teeth often accompany this condition. If not treated well in time, the disease advances, eventually leading to the falling of teeth.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

The Homeopathic mode of treatment is very effective in treating gingivitis. It can treat gingivitis of both recent and chronic nature. The swelling, pain and bleeding are wonderfully controlled with Homeopathic medicines. These medicines, if started well in time, help treat the acute symptoms of gingivitis as well as prevent complications like periodontitis. Homeopathic medicines boost the body’s own healing mechanism to eradicate the disease at the root and prevent recurrence. Homeopathic medicines are natural and safe for use among all age groups.

Homeopathic Medicines for Gingivitis

The recommended Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis are Merc Sol, Kreosote, Carbo Veg and Alumen. Merc Sol is effective where gums are bluish red, swollen, painful and tender. Kreosote is a good choice among Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis in cases where the gums are bluish in appearance along with intense swelling. The gums are also puffy and protruding. Carbo Veg is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis where bleeding gums predominate. The bleeding gets worse on cleaning the teeth. Alumen is considered the best prescription where the teeth get loosened from chronic gingivitis.

Merc Sol, Kreosote and Lachesis – Best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with swollen and painful gums

The most effective Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with highly inflamed and painful gums are Merc Sol, Kreosote and Lachesis. Merc Sol is indicated where the gums have turned bluish red, painful, swollen and spongy. The gums recede and bleed in such cases and usually accompanied by increased salivation. Kreosote is one of the best selected Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis where the gums are bluish in appearance, painful, tender, protruding and puffy. Putrid odour from the mouth is another symptom in such cases. Lachesis works well in cases where the gums are dark purple in appearance, with pain and swelling. The person complains of a sour and peppery taste in the mouth.

Phosphorus and Carbo Veg – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bleeding gums

Phosphorus and Carbo Veg are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bleeding gums. Phosphorus is one of the effective Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis cases where the gums bleed easily. The gums are sore, painful and tender to touch in such cases. Pain in the gums gets worse from cold, heat and also while eating. Carbo Veg is prescribed when gums are swollen and they bleed while brushing the teeth. The gums are scorbutic with oozing of blood. Offensive mouth odour is also prominent in cases where Carbo Veg will provide relief as one of the best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bleeding gums.

Thuja and Kreosote – Top Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with tooth decay

Helpful Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with tooth decay are Thuja and Kreosote. Thuja is excellent among Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with tooth decay next to the gums affected with gingivitis. The gums are dark red, retracted and swollen, with decayed and crumbling teeth. Homeopathic medicine Kreosote works well where tooth decay appears with puffy, spongy, bleeding gums. The person usually complains of a bitter taste in the mouth.

Merc Sol, Kreosote and Silicea – Best Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bad mouth odour

Valuable Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with bad odour from the mouth are Merc Sol, Kreosote and Silicea. Merc Sol is useful where offensive/putrid odour from mouth accompanies gingivitis. The mouth is moist with excessive saliva. Thirst may also increase. Kreosote is recommended in cases where horribly offensive odour from the mouth is present with gingivitis. The gums are puffy, swollen and bleeding. The condition leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Silicea is the most helpful of Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis where offensive mouth odour is worse in the morning. The mouth feels dry, the gums are swollen and painful. Cold air and cold water worsen the pain in gums.

Calcarea Fluor and Alumen – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with loose teeth

Significant Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with loose teeth are Calcarea Fluor and Alumen. Both are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for gingivitis with loose teeth where the gums are swollen and inflamed. The teeth get loose in the sockets from long-standing gingivitis. Homeopathic medicines Calcarea Fluor and Alumen strengthen the tooth holding structures in the mouth to provide the teeth a firm holding.

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  1. Hello,
    More to the teeth, easily bleeding, receding hum line and sour taste in my mouth in the morning, I have narrow it down to few homeopathics as per your article. (Alumen, Carbo Veg, Calcarea Fluor, Phosphorus and Cilica) am I ok to use all together? Should it be spaced out? Or all together and how long can/should I be taking these?
    Thank you

    • Dinesh Sharma says:

      My gums are receding at 2 places may be due to acid reflux or some other issues what is the best homeo medicine to regrow currently it bleeds while brushing..

  2. Hi Dr Sharma

    Could you plz suggest me a medicine for vaginismis , very very tight muscles of pelvic floor and vagina with too much dryness . I am 45. I am suffering from this problem since March with irregular periods.


    • Hi Dr. Sharma,
      I had oral cancer in 2018 in which I had surgery and oral radiation. From last year I have receding gums problem. I can’t chew anything rather I have fluid or moist food. My gums are reddish and purple, swollen,puffy, shrinking, leaving the teeth naked, very painful. I don’t have bad breath and bleeding issues. My taste is mostly sour. Dry mouth is already happened due to salivary glands dysfunction but I think receding gums has increased this problem. Dentist has advised me to get all teeth extracted as my teeth bones are softer now and gums has lots of fibrosis.
      Kindly suggest the treatment. Thanks

  3. Varalaxmi says:

    Hi Sharma,
    My mother is suffering from gingivitis, tremendous pain and swelling in gums unable to open my jaw,due to that I can’t take food only liquid consuming. Pls suggest homeopathy medicine.

    • Hi my father has experienced stroke twice. The very last stroke eventually made his teeth loose n extremel weak causing difficulty in speaking.n eating. He is a sugar patient n taking insulin morning n evening and taking blood thinner medicine too n also taking medicine for cholesterol kindly suggest medicine for tightening his teeth. His age is almost 70 before stroke all his teeth were intact n in good condition

  4. Kira Olson says:

    Hello, I’m wondering if there is a way to take all of these ingredients together/like a simple formula? Have you had experience with Tango Nutrition’s Gingiphase (herbal)?

    Thank you in advance! Gingivitis and swollen, painful, bleeding gums are a new issue for me, including teeth sensitivity.


  5. devorah leha says:

    thanks for all this info:)
    my gums dont bleed at all & dont have a plaqu issue but i have serious receding gums & tooth decay, altho i dont have sugar for years…(i do clench my teeth at night tho)
    what can i take for that?
    may we hear good news!
    devorah leha

    • There is a small pimple like puss in my gums. What should I do

      • AFROZ AHMAD says:

        This is behalf of my child Baby Juveria Afroz.
        Age 8 years , suffering from gingivitis ,bleeding from gums and swelling gums.
        Kindly prescribed any homeopathic medicine.
        Thanks & regards

  6. Dr. i have problem with my guns.
    1- My gums are shrinking.
    2- Roots of some teeths have been naked, and gums have been gone from there.
    3- Bad mouth smell.
    4- Both upper and lower front gums have become purple.
    6- TWO gums have irritation some time feel..

    Please suggest a best Homeo medicine for me

  7. My gum line is reeceeding and I gave yellow deposit behind my lower teeth. Also a little part of two of my teeth broke yesterday. My front two teeth have turned yellow. Can you please suggest me homeopathic medicine?

  8. Sasmita mohanty says:

    I have swollen gums, black gums,bleeding gums, bad odour from mouth. Which homeopathy medicine I should take?

  9. mamatha says:

    sir nanu ondu varshadinda gingivitis inda balaluthiddene yav treatment work hagilla thumba bhaya aagtha ide osadu savetha ide idakke parihara thilisi

  10. Sajjad Kamran says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am almost 66 and have the problem of receding gums. By now I have lost six of my teeth and more are getting loose. Moreover, roots are getting exposed.

    My gums are not swollen and I do not have a history of bleeding gums.

    I am not a diabetic and my blood pressure is normal.

    I have though history of conjunctivitis and skin allergies.

    I know this is a fairly late stage but still is there a way to stop further recession of the gums? Would these homeopathic remedies have side effects like allopathic medicines?

    I am a Pakistani, based in Pakistan.

    A reply will be appreciated.

    Sajjad Kamran

  11. Kathleen says:

    Hi dr Sharma can you tell me what to take for receding gums roots are very painful . Thank you

  12. Sir, i have been suffering from receding gums for a long time. Although i consulted good dentists over the years, none of them told me the severity that i would have to face, nor remedies and precautions i had to take. As a result today my gums have receded badly, my teeth are loose and i am a bad candidate for implants since bone loss and gum loss are severe. Can homeopathic medi cines help?
    A very anxious patient.

  13. Calcarea fluor and alumen dosage plz Dr. For age 49

  14. Dr.
    I am suffering from gingivitis, tremendous pain and swelling in gums unable to open my jaw,due to that I can’t take food only liquid consuming. Pls suggest homeopathy medicine.
    Thanks & regards,

  15. Joanne Hulme says:

    Dr Sharma

    I have gum disease and visit my dentist and hygienist every 3 months. I have a loose tooth at the back of my mouth and do not want to loose it and also avoid any more loose teeth

    Can you suggest anything to help please

    Thank you

  16. Meenu Gupta says:

    I seem to be suffering from Gingivitis having purple red soar gums. I feel irritation pain. I am not brushing my teeth for two months for a fear of damaging my already sore gums. I want to send photos of my teeth and gums for your reference and arriving at the right diagnosis.
    Please inform your email id.

  17. Anindita Halder says:

    I am 45 years old and suffering fron periodontitis with gum recession ,heavy bone loss and loose teeth.Gums bleed a little while brushing also.I am undergoing a scaling and deep cleaning treatment by a dentist now.But the dentist suggests teeth extraction .I donot want to lose my teeth now.Can u pls suggest something?
    Would appreciate your advice.
    Anindita .

  18. Dear Sir,

    I just wanted to know if we have to use more than one drops as dosage in morning and evening for an ailment then we can use multiple drops in one water or we have to use each drop in separate water.

    Kindly help me out. Look forward to see your advice.


    • nagaratnam says:

      1.I suffer from receding gums. 2.I lost 3 teeth in a span of 2 years,1st they bleed while brushing,become loose and fall off. what medicine can i use for thee symptoms.Two more teeth are loose.

  19. RAJ PAUL SINGHAL says:

    Respected Doctor
    I am close to 76 years old man. i have 27 teeth in my mouth in very good condition.I can eat and bite apple or carrat without any problem,but some time i feel pain when i bite little hard some times on the last jaws. I am diabetic type 2 taking 1 mg glimepride then I am OK with diabetes. diabetes stay 110-125 in routine.
    Please recommend me to make a stronger teeth and jaw homeopathy remedy or medicine
    Thanks lot to read and spend time for me & God bless you to take care & suggest me.

  20. Alan Scoffield says:

    Dear Sir,My dentist,after looking at an X-ray found inflammation behind a tooth.My teeth have not needed help for many years,but on that day he prepared a tooth for a crown.He said attention to the one mentioned wasn’t needed at present if I wasn’t in pain.I have no pain,but would appreciate advice as to which tissue salt I could try to help the condition.regards Alan Scoffield.

    • Mohammed Zakeria says:

      I am 57. I am suffering from gum infection often.Gum swellen,and boil with pus but no bleeding.Pain and more saliva . Please prescribe me.

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