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Homeopathic Treatment for Phlegm in the Throat

Mucus produced by the lining of the respiratory system and discharged through the mouth is called phlegm. It occurs because of inflammation or disease of the airway. There can be various causes of phlegm in the throat. The most common reasons are cold, allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, postnasal drip, tonsillitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, overuse of voice and cigarette smoking. The color of the phlegm coughed up as sputa vary from white to yellow and green. In some cases, it may also be bloodstained. This problem can be dealt very efficiently with the help of treatment for phlegm in the throat. Homeopathy for a particular case of phlegm in the throat should be selected individually. The nature of phlegm, its cause, and other symptoms need to be dealt with together when deciding on the homeopathic medicine to be used. Homeopathic treatment for phlegm in the throat helps clear out the infection.

Using the accurately selected homeopathy medicine for phlegm in the throat can cure even the most chronic and rigid cases. Among the extremely effective homeopathic treatment for phlegm in the throat are Argentum Nitricum, Kali Bichrome, Kali Carb, Argentum Metallicum, Kali Mur, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, and Psorinum.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Phlegm in the Throat

1. Argentum Nitricum – For Phlegm With Marked Hawking

Argentum Nitricum is one of the most effective treatment for phlegm in the throat. It gives great results for phlegm in throat accompanied by intense hawking. The mucus in the throat is thick, and there are rawness and roughness in the throat. Splinter-like sensation in the throat may also be present. Other symptoms are a burning feeling and dryness in the throat and the fauces.  Argentum Nitricum is also very effective in cases of phlegm in the throat because of smoking.

2. Kali Bichrome – For Tough and Stringy Phlegm In the Throat

Kali Bichrome leads the list of treatment for phlegm in the throat in cases where the phlegm is tough and stringy. It sticks to the throat and detaches with much difficulty. The throat is also red and inflamed. A cough may arise from sticky phlegm in the throat. Relaxation of the uvula is also a possibility. Kali Bichrome is an excellent treatment for cases of phlegm in the throat caused by sinusitis. In such situations, a post nasal drip of mucus in the throat is the most prominent symptom.

3. Kali Carb – For Phlegm Hard to Swallow or Hawk Up

Kali Carb is another often used medicine for phlegm in the throat. It is an excellent remedy in cases where the phlegm in the throat is hard to swallow or hawk up. The phlegm remains stuck in the throat. Its accumulation is worse in the mornings and is also accompanied by a hard cough. There is also tickling in the throat which leads to a cough. The phlegm in the throat is like a lump and is unpleasant in nature. There can also be a stinging or stitching pain in the throat.

4. Argentum Metallicum – For Phlegm from Overuse of Voice

The complaint of phlegm in the throat of persons from overuse of voice – like singers and public speakers – is successfully cured with Argentum Metallicum. Symptoms include the need to hem and hawk while talking. The phlegm expectorated is gelatinous and sticky, like boiled starch, and is most commonly and freely coughed up in the morning. Another prominent symptom is hoarseness of voice.

5. Kali Mur, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus, and Psorinum  – Other Effective Medicines for Phlegm

Kali Mur, Silicea, Pulsatilla, Phosphorus and Psorinum are excellent remedies for phlegm in the throat. Kali Mur is useful in cases where the phlegm coughed up is white or milky white. Silicea and Pulsatilla are homeopathic cures in cases where the phlegm is yellow and greenish in colour respectively. Phosphorus gives excellent results in cases where the sputa are blood stained. Psorinum is a well indicated homeopathic medicine when the phlegm is nasty smelling and has a disgusting taste.

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  1. P Sreenivasa Rao says:

    My name is Sreenivasa Rao aged 63 yrs.
    For the past five days I am having cold and cough.
    At present cold is not there but thick mucus from nose with green colour and head seems to congested.
    Can you suggest homeo medicines so that I will purchse and get relieved from my health problem.

  2. Lisa Farrow says:

    I have stage for neuroendocrine cancer and have been hacking up green globs and white foamy mucus from my throat and chest for over five years now and it never stops. I think it has something to do with acid reflux. It comes into my nasal passage ways and then I have to hack it up or cough it out or blow my nose. Doctors have only made me sicker and have not even addressed any of my many symptoms. Neuro endocrine cancer is very rare and the tumors produce hormones that affect nearly every system. What would you recommend? I’ve given up on trying to find a doctor that wants to help me they have done enough damage

  3. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I am suffering from excessive production of phlegm in my throat. It has been going on for the last almost 4 months. The phlegm is whitish and sticky. I have tried different treatments but nothing has helped. Please advise what should I do.
    Thank you
    Best Regards

  4. Sanjay Bhowmick says:

    Hello Dr: this webpage reads well. However, I don’t see any replies to the many queries from people here, many of them from overseas. Do you engage with queries posted on your site? I have put my query on you chat too but there is no reply. Would be good to know if you are available. Also do you advise online/remotely, on payment?
    Many thanks

  5. Sheikh Mahmood Iqbal says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I have problem of mucus pooling in throat for many years. Doctors suggested me that I have this problem because of Acid Reflux and I had my fundoplication done five years before. After the surgery the problem was almost settled . Now again I have started feeling of mucus into my throat which disturbing me too much. I have been continuously taking Nexium 40mg once a day.

    I have read your above article that you suggest Argentum Nitricum for my problem. Can you please suggest my the potency and dosage? Also let me know that for how long i have to take this medicine.

    Thanking you and waiting your reply very anxiously.

  6. Dr Ravindra Singh Rajpurohit says:

    Hello dr,my son 35yrs, has invariably ,hawking in throat for one yr. It developed after the set back of passing of his mother due to corona in nov. 2020 ,psorinum &arg. nit. in 1m gave no relief.
    My self also a homeopath. Pl. do guide.

    • Dr Ram Naresh says:

      I have cough in throat and fever also from three days. I am taking bronia medicine. Fever day before yesterday was 101 but from yesterday it is 99 . When take bronia drop fever disappeared. But again become 99 . So please tell me medicine. Myself Ram Naresh from rohini , delhi

  7. Hello,Dr I am having cough and stickyness of phlegm in throat.phlegm is almost transparent.Not feeling comfortable in throat so coughing

  8. Diane Thompson says:

    My husband has finished treatment for head and neck cancer. Throat was severely injured from radiation. He has done PT for lymphodemia and that has helped some, but phlegm is a serious problem for him. Getting stuck in throat and hard to get up.

    What homeopathic remidies might help?

  9. Mohinder Mann says:

    Sir,I suffer from phlegm in throat at night.Sometimes uch more and sometimes low.It disturb my sleep at night.Colour of phlegm is white.I had to clear it after every two hours at night.Please suggest me treatment. Thanks and regards .Mohinder Mann. Phone and whatsapp number is 9779701132.

  10. Navneet Singh says:

    Helo mam i have got phlegm stuck in my throat from about 15 days and i am not able to expel it out …it stops me from talking and singing i am not able to speak loud and clear…it fells like something is stopping me from speaking inside…and i am having dry Cough too can u please help me to clear my throat

  11. hello sir , i have chronic sinusitis with bilateral polyps . my question is in allopathy, treatment is surgery for nasal polyps pls tell me surgery is required or not , i m 29 yrs of age. i had taken steroids (medrol 24 mg to 8mg as per my ent doctors observation) for last one month and claribid and montair lc and my doctor tells me you have to take claribid 250mg one more month then surgery.

    now i have sore throat and white mucus from my throat is continue release from my throat.

  12. Aamir shahzad says:

    Hi I’m dr.aamir from faisalabad Pakistan.
    I have many cases of cattarh, tonsillitis,sinositus,sneazing, can you help me


    Dear Doctor Sharma, Please advise the best remedy for bronchiectasis, with frequent mild hemopysis. Bloody sputum occurs abut once in a month. On all other days, it is just cough and yellow sputum, sometimes also brown sputum.

    Nina (Narayani) Viakara

  14. Casey Woodard says:

    Dr.Sharma: Having trouble swallowing food, in 2017 I went to the hospital for swallow tests. Was diagnosed with Zenkers. Was told not severe enough to operate, instead told to take smaller bites, etc. Ever since, pattern of swallowing difficulty continued with added challenge of intense phlegm at night. One night so bad I was prepared to go to ER but decided against due to news media saying hospitals all full. Instead, now 6-months ago, I contacted and got an appointment with a specialist in operating on Zenkers. The specialist told me I do not have Zenkers and suggested additional swallowing tests. Covid-19 dominated hospital cases has, to date, precluded a return visit for swallow test. Having read the excellent information here about homeopathic options for phlegm, I’m excited to get your advice as to which potential remity might be best for me to try. Once again, food is now not the issue. Instead, it is phlegm in my throat, at night, which I cannot dislodge. Just as I am about to fall asleep, I am jolted awake because, in my opinion, my brain is being told I am choking. I just cannot sleep.

  15. Betha Sankar rao says:

    Sir, I am having persistent throat irritation since 2 yrs.
    I have taken complete course of Amoxicillin tablets. .but still there is no relief. No cough ,no fever .sleep is good. Appetite is good. Thirst is normal. Feeling some thing is struck in throat and difficult to spit. Soothing with lozenges or cough syrups tem

    • u may take occasional dose of tuberclunim 200 say at gap of one month (three doses on a single day) alongwith other homeo medicines . not to be repeated frequesntly .

      • Varun Mehar says:

        Helo Dr.Sharma. I have got phlegm stuck in my throat since December 30th 2021 and I am not able to expel it out I am not able to speak loud and clear. A lot of rumbling in my throat. I am having dry Cough too. Can you please advise and help me to clear my throat.

        Thank you.

  16. Wali Newaz says:

    Sir I am a Bangladeshi. Your suggestions are very helpful. I was benefited several times. Many thanks and appreciations.

  17. R C Maheshwari says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I am from Ghaziabad UP, aged 75, having fairly good health and energy and still working from home as a Sr Technical Consultant being an engineer.
    – I do not have cold or fever but I continuously have cough in the throat. While receiving a phone call first I have to clear my throat before responding to the phone caller. The symptoms are aggrevated during morning.
    – I have another problem of pain at the lLHS ankle for about 3 years. I have taken both allopathic and homeopathic treatment but no relief.
    I do yoga excercises in the morning and do at home treatment and consume the following items:
    -Fenugreek seeds, Flaxseeds,leaf of Haarsingar, juice/kaadha of tulsi, giloy, Guava leaf and currypatta.
    I request you to kindly suggest suitable medicines for the above ailments.
    R C Maheshwari

  18. Dharamjeet Saini says:

    I am 35 years old and have a chronic phelgm issue, from about 15 years. It originates in the throat/upper pharynx. Sometimes it is whitish and sometimes it is yellowish, no blood though. May be there is some kind of allergy I have. I took allopathy spray (avamys, fluticasone furoate nasal spray) from doctor. It helped me a lot but that was temporary, when I stopped spray it came back. The phelgm is more when I exercise or jog and when I lay down on the bed and generally 30-45 minutes after I have meals. Please suggest some kind of remedy.

    • Eat right for your blood type and refrain from eating starches in the same meal with concentrated proteins and watch your life completely change to optimal health. That being said the kali bichromicum works really good for that issue

  19. Hi Dr kaur ,

  20. I would like to get something for tenacious phlegm in my throat (post nasal drip?), i am 73 but have had this problem fof many years

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