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The Gas Problem

homeopathic remedies for gas  Is Too Much Flatulence  Bothering You? Although having gas is common, it can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing at times. Gas is eliminated either by burping (belching) or passing it through the rectum (flatulence). Half to two liters is produced normally in adults and may pass up to 14 times a day on an average. But the condition can be really bad for some individuals -one study noted a person who expelled gas 140 times daily, with 70 passages in a period of just four hours. Although every one has gas, why do some suffer from it more than others? The answer lies either in the biological conditions of their gastrointestinal tract or in their eating habits. The most effective homeopathic remedies for gas include Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China, and Nux Vomica.

Gas mainly develops from two sources  –

1. The air that is swallowed in with food while eating.

2. As a part of the normal breakdown of certain undigested foods by harmless bacteria naturally present in the large intestine.

Homeopathic Remedies for Gas and Bloating

Homeopathy can be a great help for those who suffer from this problem of excessive gas. Here are some remedies with their indications:

1. Carbo Veg – Effective Remedy for Gas

Carbo Veg as a natural medicine for excessive gas is suitable for nearly every symptom associated with gas, belching, flatulence, pains and extreme bloating. It is indicated in cases of excessive gas formation and when everything (even the simplest of food) that is eaten seems to get converted into gas. The key indications for using Carbo Veg is gas in the upper abdomen, gas that seems to get worse upon lying down, sour or putrid belching and waterbrash after eating, and complaints of obstructive flatulency (pains around heart, abdomen or anywhere) that are relieved by passing gas.

2. Lycopodium – For Bloating in the Lower Abdomen

Lycopodium is a plant remedy prepared from a plant named club moss. The natural order of this plant is Lycopodiaceae. Lycopodium as a remedy is highly useful in cases of gas where the involvement of the lower abdomen is more pronounced. Stomach feels full and distended soon after eating even a little quantity of food. This is attended with a complaint of a constant feeling of fermentation in the abdomen. Rumbling of gas in the abdomen is also well marked. Noisy flatulence may be passed in most cases. Constrictive or burning pain in the abdomen and excessive gas during the evening are also treated well with Lycopodium. Lycopodium is also effective for gas and bloating in babies with a colicky abdomen.

3. China – For Trapped Gas and Bloating in Abdomen

China is a useful remedy prepared from Peruvian dried bark. It belongs to the family Rubiaceae. China is indicated in cases when there is gas in the entire abdomen, causing excessive bloating. Gas in the abdomen is felt for a long time after meals. Digestion is weak and slow. Flatulent colic or constrictive pain in the abdomen may be present in most cases. Belching of bitter nature or tasting like that of food and vomiting of undigested food are other symptoms indicative of this remedy.

4. Asafoetida – For Bloating with Burping

Asafoetida is very suitable for treating excessive gas in the abdomen accompanied by loud burping. The gas tends to push upwards, and loud burps appear forcibly with difficulty. The burps have a foul smell. A bad taste in the mouth is present, and the abdomen feels full and greatly distended with colic. There appears a sensation as if the abdomen would burst. Gurgling and rolling of flatus is present in the abdomen, and a pulsation may be felt in the pit of the stomach.

5. Raphanus – For Natural Gas Relief

Raphanus is prepared from the fresh root of Black Garden Radish. It belongs to the natural order Cruciferae. Raphanus is prominently indicated for gas that is obstructed in the abdomen. The gas accumulates and is retained in the abdomen. It neither pushes upwards nor downwards. Abdomen gets enlarged, inflated and distended. Griping pain around the navel is felt. Any pressure on the abdomen is unbearable. A burning sensation in the abdomen, stomach pain, and intense nausea may also be present.

6. Colocynth – For Gastric Problems

Colocynth is prepared from the pulp of the fruit of plant named “Bitter Cucumber.” The natural order of this plant is Cucurbitaceae. Use of Colocynth is considered in cases of gas with abdominal pain. The pain may be cutting, colicky or cramping in nature. Bending over double and putting pressure helps relieve the pain. Exercise or discharging gas may also ease the colic in some cases. Along with pain, constant rumbling and croaking, and nausea and vomiting may be present.

7. Nux Vomica – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Gas with Constipation

Nux Vomica is highly beneficial for treating gas trouble with constipation. The abdomen is sensitive to pressure. Bloating is noted a few hours after eating. Loud rumbling and gurgling arise from gas. There is marked constipation even with a frequent ineffectual urge to pass stool. Other symptoms indicative of this remedy include heartburn, sour taste in the mouth, sour belching, sour vomiting. Nux Vomica also suits those who are more affected by the gas problem because of excessive consumption of alcohol and or fatty food.

The Formation of Gas in Our Abdomen

When the digestive system is not able to digest certain carbohydrates (like sugar starches and fiber found in many foods) due to shortage or absence of certain enzymes, these undigested carbohydrates (when they reach large intestines) are broken down by harmless bacteria to produce gas (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane). This gas formation increases in people who suffer from lactose intolerance (carbohydrate intolerance).

Though the symptoms are usually bloating, abdominal pain, belching, and flatulence, not everyone experiences all of them. The amount of gas produced and the sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract to the gas determines the kind and the intensity of the symptoms. For example, bloating in the abdomen is not produced by excessive gas, it is usually the result of an intestinal disorder, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The cause of IBS is unknown but may involve abnormal movements and contractions of intestinal muscles and increased pain sensitivity in the intestine. These disorders may give a sensation of bloating because of increased sensitivity to gas.

Managing Problems with Gas

1. Following a simple diet and lifestyle changes can help to reduce gastrointestinal gas and relieve symptoms. These include eating slowly, chewing the food thoroughly, being relaxed while eating and not swallowing excessive air while eating.

2. It is also important to eat food that suits you. Certain foods like beans, vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, fruits, such as apples, and peaches, whole grains, soft drinks, and fruit drink,  milk and milk products, tend to cause gas.

3. Exercising regularly helps improve digestion and it is advisable to walk for 10-15 minutes after consuming a meal.

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  1. T B Ravindranath says:

    Sir Namste, I am 64 years old. I release gas quite a few times a day and it gives foul smell. I dont smoke , I dont drink alcohol, coffee or tea. I am a pure vegetarian . Also I dont take spicey food like Samosa, Pav Bhajee, Biryani, chillies, etc .I take 3 lt of water every day. For 40 years I have been taking Nuxvomica 30 every day.Kindly suggest suitable medicine.

  2. Baisakh Jajodia says:

    I am 27 years old, male. I am having chest pain esp. behind the sternum which is aggravated after 3 AM when I am in sleep. Sometimes it extends upwards up to neck. I don’t have acidity or nausea or vomiting or excessive burping or flatulence. I don’t drink or smoke. Tea twice daily. Bowels are regular but frequently the quantity is less. Frequently after dinner I lie down immediately or after taking 5-10 mins walk. My dinner is also large. I am trying to change these habits. Problems started after I shifted to a new city where the curry or anything they make is very oily. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine for my condition.


    Namaskar. I am 65+ old male, purely vegetarian, non_smoker/drinker but to back cheese since last 35 years. I am suffering with IBS since last 13_14 years resulting in fouling/dirty smell severe gastritis with lower abdominal pain surrounding upper TUNDI region causing weakness, Oftenly, I suffer 6_7 watery loose motions with dirty/fouling smells & unable to control motions so many times stool passes in undergarments, before my reach to toilets, All the times when ever stool tests were carried out Ascarids Lubricious Cysts/Ova were detected, but no live/dead Ascaries Lubricious worms were detected with Allopathic Albendazole/Mebendazole treatment. Beside this I feel severe burning sensation in urination/after ejaculation in sex. Whenever stomach pain occurs due to gastritis I feel pain in Lumber region at back as I suffered Disk Prolapse too. Since last 2 months I am feeling SUNNAPAN /JUNJANAHAT
    In my both foots &foot fingers. Please cure my IBS, severe Gastritis, Often loosemations causing stomach pain & weakness/low BP ranging 50/60/70 & Urine burning sensation (Several Urine Routine/Microscopic exam revealed nothing in report). Please advice me treatment & help me in crises.

  4. Jayanta Kumar Ghosh says:

    Upper abdomen remains distended often but not always. This symptom may appear anytime irrespective of time of eating. Sometime upward movement of gas causes sudden vertigo. Excessive gas sometimes causes uneasy respiration. I am a smoker, age 64, sedantary lifestyle.

  5. Atul raj aryal says:

    Hello sir regards…I m 34 years old man from nepal..I have had a check up of heart ultrasound and endoscopy too..Heart was normal.ultrasound shows mild fatty liver rest all r ok nothing in blood and stool.urine endoscopy showed little scratches in stomach due to these days sir I feel a burning and uncomfortable sensation only in my left lower abdominal side can it b problem in descending colon sir?And little bacteria in stool taste

  6. Pushpa Sinha says:

    I am 57 years old lady suffering from gall bladder stone of size 14 mm and hornea of inflamation around my naval. I am taking Chelidonium Q 10 drops 3 times daily after meals and Calc. Flour 3x 3 times for gall bladder stones daily as well as Nux Vom 200 4 drops daily at night for hornea.Whether it is sufficient or you will suggest some other homoeo medicine for these two diseases.Ppl. also confirm whether I can be cured with homoeo medicine or I should go for Surgical operation.

    Further I have also excessive gas problem.some gas passes through my rectum & some gas passes through my mouth and some gas appears to be moving approx one foot below my breast which causes pain on my back side.Should I use Carbo veg. 30 or any other homoeo medicine for my gas problem pl. Suggest.

  7. Hello doctor,I am 28years having gastric problem after my delivery usually I sweat when I take take my lunch,dinner and I get migraine on right side sometimes I feel that my body is swelled.I have anxiety and get irritated for small things.My weight is 75kg ,please help me.


  8. T.K CHAKROBORTY says:

    Thank U Dr. I am suffering from gas problem which is more prominent after Lunch, sometime after dinner too. Pl tell, will Carbo veg will be best for me ? if so pl write me the doses. I am a very active man in my earlier 50’s

  9. senapaty says:

    heavy gas problem with pain. food not digest. i have to go toilet (potty) 5 to 6 times daily. this is from 7 to 8 years continue problems. i am now 38 year old.

  10. I occassionaly suffer due to gas problem since long. Now I am 58 yrs old.Gas does not release from my body. Due to upward movement of gas I don’t get sleep properly at night.I used to get heavyness in my head.Sometimes I woke up at midnight after that I don’t get sleep at all.I feel very hot.Daily I do the exercise both times sufficiently& never sleep at day hours. Suggest some homeo medicine which can remove my sleeplessness.

  11. Navsadhna says:

    I am 58 year lady. i gained about 12-15 kg during my menopause ( I was 50 years then). So from 61 kg to 75 kg. now also i am in between 74-75kg. i want to looses weight through oral medicine as i cant walk much due to my knee problem.

    • Miranda Lovelace says:

      Get home diet pills. Don’t take long term bad for u but so is a sloppy heart. While these meds are curbing ur appetite u can think more reasonable about ur food intake. When we’re starved we’ll grab the worst stuff. I’ll be making spaghetti, bread extra butter and can’t wait so I’m snacking on zingers while standing over the stove cooking. We also eat fast when we’re hungry. Our body doesn’t know u just inhaled a lb of noodles til 10 mins after. Then stomach stretches,and miserable. So during ur adapex aka diet pill phase pay attention, form healthy choices. Plus the brocolli u thought you hated u may love, ur body will also want these foods. I’ll exercise more and I’m not talking about yoga, gym class, aerobics. I’m talking u may just stay up moving around a little more. The least little improvement there will make a difference. Stop chewing gum, makes u hungry, ur stomach thinks and waits on food. Drink fluids, b12,and taper off meds u don’t want to crash into a depression. If u have headaches around 6 hrs after ur dose it’s caffeine decreasing… Drink a coke! Good luck

  12. Pintu ghosh says:

    I am hyper acidity patient.anytime belly pain and loose stool.please solve this with homeopathick treatment

    • Mollykuriachan says:

      Iam 30.years ..Now 3 moths pregnant.. is it ok taking carboveg 30 daily t bedtime to relieve gas problem

  13. R K vardhan reddy REDdy says:

    Hi sir I am 38 years male,I have very serious gastric problem from last 2years.i am having tablets also but ….no use for that tablets…can you suggest me the what should I do now…seviar problem I am facing…I am a merketing guy

  14. syed nazar abbas says:

    dr sahib meri umar 38 sal aur wazan 48 kg hy men kafi arsy sy medy k masail ka shikar hon har waqat medy py bojh rehta hy gass banti rehti hy jab gass ziada ho jay to dharkan teez ho jati hy men apny blood k tamam test krawaey hen
    Hpylory -ve hy 10 sy ziada dafa krwa chuka hon
    chalastrol 140
    uric acid 4.2
    total bilirubion 0.92 ( normal velue upto 1.2)
    alkaline phosphate 231 ( normal velue 80 to 306)
    sgpt(alt) 25 normal velue (9 to 42)
    sgot(ast) 29 normal velue( 9 to 40)
    ECG normal hy attomic hospital Chashma mianwali k Heart sp Dr Tariq Aziz memon ko chek krwaya hy
    sugar level 100 hy
    hepatitec B,C -ve hy
    kidny k test
    blood urea 31( normal velue 20 to 50)
    creatnine 1.0 (normal velue 0.6 to 1.1)
    Ultrasound ki report bhi normal hy Dr Hafiz Basher sahib mianwali
    CBC test normal value py hy
    esr 08
    HB 13.5 hy
    t.l.c 6000 ( normal velue 4000 to 11000)
    widal test -ve
    sir men ny kafi ary specialist dr,s ko chek krwaya hy
    tamam reports dekh kr kety hen ap ko nafsiati masla hy
    is ki waja sy apka meda har waqt disturb rehta hy , ap wehm krty hen
    homeopethic medcine bhi kha chuka hon
    hakeem hazrat kehty hy ap ko tabkher meda hy aur koi masla nhi hy
    dr sahib mjhy wehm hony lag gea hy k khuda nakhasta mjhy cancer to nhi ho gea dil har waqt darta rehta hy zehn men bury bury khialat aty hen
    koi bhi chez khany lagon to pehly yehi zehn men ata hy k kia yeh cheez mujhy khrab to nhi kry gi
    men aik hi hon koi bhai behn nhi hen abu aur ami bhi foot ho gay hen aik 3 sal ki beti hy
    horse ridding bhi krta hon
    sir ALLAH ka wasta meri help kren agr ap ko milna zrori hy to address bta den men ap sy mil leta hon

    dua goh
    Syed Nazar Abbas

  15. S.V.Jagtap says:

    Good evening Dr Sharma
    I’m sugar patient and high BP patient last 8 year ..last.Age 62 yrs. Height-5’5″ Weight-75kg.
    Sugar -165/228 ,BP 110/80
    Uric Acid-4.2,
    Vitamin D-25 HYDROXY SERUM-30.7 tested on 6.04.2018
    Medication –
    Metformin-(1g) 1-0-1,Gliclazide XR(60) 1-0-1,,Voglibose(0.3)1-1-1,Sitagliptin(100) 0-1-0,LozarH(50/12.5) 1-0-0,Amlo(5) 1-0-0, Atoma 0-0-1
    Problem- Since last two months- Heavy gas,Bloating ,Bad smell,unsatisfactory motion,sound in stumoch etc.

    Kindly advice homo medicine.

  16. Good evening Dr Sharma
    I’m sugar patient and high BP patient last 9/10 year ..last 10 days gas problam to much …
    Daily walk 40-45 min evening. Morning 15/20 minutes.
    Heavy breakfast- 2stuffed parents ..2 chaldi vegetable green for lunch ..dinner 2 chapati and dal and raita
    My leg pain …gas problam…tight fingers ..
    81.500 gms weight and height 5’8″
    58 years old men
    1. Metaride 1 —- 0—0 sugar
    2. Vogliboss. —–0 sugar
    3. Telma 40 — —–0 BP
    4. Metalor 50. ——0
    5. Ecosprin a.c. 75. ——-0

    Add — start 4 days last
    Dabur — Trifla churan —- 1 spoon dinner after 1 hrs .

    Note: main gas problam

  17. ARABINDA DAS says:

    60 yrs of age. Suffering from gas, bloating & belching with flatulence for last 25 years.
    Please advise doctor & oblige.

    Arabinda Das

    • ARABINDA DAS says:

      60 yrs of age. Suffering from gas, bloating & belching with flatulence for last 25 years.
      Please advise doctor & oblige.

      Arabinda Das

  18. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am 29 years old and I have been having this excess gas problem since many years, even more significantly from past 4 years. I get lot of flatulence even when stomach is empty after bowel movement or even after eating food or while lying down to sleep during night. It is very embarrassing. I also get belching but it is not as embarrassing as flatulence. I am a vegetarian and also have tried diet changes but diet changes doesn’t seem to work. I feel this as some problem in gastro-intestinal tract as you mentioned above.. I suspect that probably enzymes are missing or something. I want to get rid of this problem completely and permanently. I am requesting you to please help me in getting rid of this problem. Please tell me what should I do.

    Thank you.

  19. Fazlur Rahma Khan says:

    Dear sir
    My father aged 63 years, has gas problem. He has a big belly for which it is difficult for him to walk and to do some heavy work. He becomes tired after walking a hundred metres only. He is not suffering from diseases like diabetes, high BP etc. The only problem is his heavy body that’s due to the large belly size. Is there any homeo treatment to reduce the belly size? How can he loss his wieght?
    Awaiting for your guidance…

  20. KRISHNA says:

    Gas locked in lower area of body

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