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The Gas Problem

We usually suffer from ‘gas problem’ which is harmless but can be very disturbing, uncomfortable and incapacitating.  Its implications are diverse, ranging from being a mere social embarrassment to quite a troublesome yet benign gastric issue.

homeopathic remedies for gas Gas is eliminated either by burping (belching) or passing through the rectum (flatulence). Half to two litres is produced normally in adults and may be passed up to 14 times a day on an average. But the condition can be really bad for some individuals ­­–. A study observed a person who expelled gas 140 times daily, with 70 passages in a period of just four hours. The gas problem exhibits mainly in the following ways:

1. Being bloated around the abdomen

2. Passing off too much gas from the anus (flatulence). It occurs as a part of the normal breakdown of certain undigested foods by harmless bacteria naturally present in the large intestine.

3. Burping/belching of gas from the mouth (eructation)which occurs mainly due to swallowed air (aerophagia) during eating/ drinking. This is also associated with increased intake of carbonated drinks. Excessive salivation also leads to increase in the swallowing of air.

4. Pain in the abdomen can arise from trapped gas.

Top Homeopathic medicines For Gas And Bloating

The most effective homeopathic remedies for gas include Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China, Asafoetida and Raphanus Sativus.

1. Carbo Veg – Top-Listed Medicine For Gas

Carbo Veg is a natural medicine recommended for excessive gas, suitable for nearly every symptom associated with gas, for example, bloating, belching, flatulence and pain. In most cases needing it, gas is most marked in upper abdomen. The problem seems to get worse upon lying down. Burping or passing gas relieves bloating. It is also indicated when any thing (even the simplest of food) eaten seems to get converted into gas. There also may occur sour or putrid burps after eating. Carbo Veg is helpful for easing pain in the abdomen due to trapped gas. In some cases, the gas pushes the diaphragm and puts pressure on the lungs and leads to difficulty in breathing. Here, Carbo Veg proves to be very effective.

When and How to use Carbo Veg?

This medicine can be used for nearly all kinds of cases of excessive gas. It can be used effectively for relieving excessive gas, bloating, burping and abdomen pain resulting from the trapped gas. Excessive gas specifically in the upper part of the abdomen is also a key indication for its use. Homeopathic practitioners use it in different potencies from low to high. While doing self-medication as per above indications, it is safe to use it in 30C potency two or three times a day as per the intensity of the problem. Higher potencies should be used after consulting a homeopathic physician.

2. Lycopodium – For Gas, Bloating Immediately After Eating

Lycopodium is a plant remedy prepared from a plant ‘club moss’. It is highly useful when abdomen feels full and distended soon after eating even a little quantity of food. Rumbling of gas in the abdomen is also well marked. Noisy flatulence may be passed in most cases. For gas problem worsening in evening time, Lycopodium is a major medicine. It is also a leading medicine in cases where gas in the lower abdomen is more pronounced.

When and How to use Lycopodium?

Use of Lycopodium is suggested when gas and bloating appear immediately after eating. For gas in lower abdomen also, Lycopodium can be used. Though it can be used in low potencies like 30C to high potencies (like 200C, 1M), initially it is advised to go with low potencies. Lycopodium 30C can be taken once or twice a day according to the severity of the problem.

3. China – For Gas In Full Abdomen And Pain From Gas

China is a useful remedy prepared from Peruvian dried bark. It is primarily useful for gas in the entire abdomen that causes excessive bloating. Gas in the abdomen is felt for a long time after meals. Digestion is weak and slow. Secondly, it is beneficial to help get rid of abdominal pain from obstructed gas. It is also an important medicine to relieve gas pain following a surgery of the abdomen. Along with the above-mentioned  symptoms, belching with  bitter taste or taste of the food consumed, along with vomiting of undigested food may be present.

When and How to use China?

China is considered the best remedy when a person complains of gas in the entire abdomen, unlike specifically in upper abdomen or lower abdomen where Carbo Veg and Lycopodium respectively are the most suitable remedies. China is generally used in 30 C potency. It can be taken two or three times a day in a gap of three to four hours to get relief.

4. Asafoetida – When Gas Pushes Upwards

Asafoetida (commonly called ‘heeng’) is very suitable for treating excessive gas in the abdomen when all gas passes in the upward direction and none downwards. Loud burps appear forcibly with difficulty. The abdomen feels full and greatly distended with colic. There appears a sensation as if the abdomen would burst. Gurgling and rolling is felt in the abdomen, and a throbbing pain within small regular intervals may be felt in the pit of the stomach. Burps may have a foul smell like garlic. They leave a bad taste in the mouth.

When and How to use Asafoetida?

This medicine is beneficial when gas in the abdomen moves upwards followed by loud burps occurring with much difficulty. This medicine can be taken in 30C potency twice a day for good results.

5. Raphanus Sativus – For Gas Trapped In Abdomen 

Raphanus Sativus is prepared from the fresh root of ‘Black Garden Radish’. Raphanus is one of the best prescriptions for gas stuck in the abdomen. The gas accumulates and is retained in the abdomen. It neither pushes upwards nor downwards. Abdomen gets enlarged, inflated and distended. Griping pain around the navel is felt. Any pressure on the abdomen is unbearable. A burning sensation in the abdomen, stomach pain, and intense nausea may also be present.

When and How to use Raphanus Sativus?

Raphanus can be selected for any case where obstructed gas that neither moves up or down is the main complaint. This medicine helps to release gas and relieves pain. This medicine works in different potencies ranging from low to high as per the intensity of the pain. For gas problem, the most recommended is 30C potency which can be used two to three times a day as per the severity of gas problem.

Note One may consider use of any of these medicine only in the above-recommended potency and dose for about a month. Do not exceed the potency or dose by yourself. To continue using these medicines beyond a month or for use of high potencies, it is advised to take opinion of homeopathic expert.

The Formation Of Gas In Abdomen

It is important to realize that some amount of gas formation is very normal and is produced naturally during the process of digestion. The passing of gas from anus is mostly related with the food that we eat or with the kind of bacteria that we have in our intestines.  Flatulence is generally produced when undigested food is acted upon by bacteria in the large intestine. When the digestive system is not able to digest certain carbohydrates (like sugar starches and fiber found in many foods) due to shortage or absence of certain enzymes, these undigested carbohydrates (when they reach large intestine) are broken down by harmless bacteria to produce gas (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane). Certain food substances produce more flatulence than others because they contain more indigestible carbohydrates. Substances that lead to overproduction of gas are – beans, dairy products, onions, celery, carrots, sprouts, fruits (raisins, bananas, apricots) and complex carbohydrates  like dals. Gases like methane, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide are the main component of flatulence. Hydrogen sulphide is responsible for the odour of the flatus. Though the symptoms are usually bloating, abdominal pain, belching, and flatulence, not everyone experiences all of them. The amount of gas produced and the sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract to gas determines the kind and the intensity of the symptoms.

Why do some individuals suffer more from gas than others do?

The answer lies in the fact that some of us are biologically more prone to have this problem whereas in others, eating habits contribute majorly to this disorder. Increased gas formation may also occur from certain gastric problems as follows:

1. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS): It is a disorder of large intestine that causes altered bowel movements (diarrhoea, constipation or alternating diarrhoea and constipation), gas, bloating and cramps in abdomen. The cause of IBS is unknown but may involve abnormal movements and contractions of intestinal muscles and increased pain sensitivity in the intestine. People with IBS have this increased sensitivity of the intestinal walls. This sensitivity causes even little gas formation to give the impression of excessive bloating of abdomen.

2. Lactose intolerance:  Gas formation also increases in people who suffer from lactose intolerance. In lactose intolerance, the sufferer cannot completely digest lactose in milk. Gas, diarrhea, and bloating happen after consuming milk or other dairy products.

3. Celiac disease (gut allergy to wheat): Those with allergy to wheat also suffer from excessive flatulence. In celiac disease, eating gluten(a protein found in wheat, rye, barley) triggers an immune reaction in small intestine leading to damage of the lining of small intestine with the passage of time and hampers nutrient absorption. The symptoms of this disease include diarrhoa, fatigue, bloating, weight loss and anemia.

4. Crohn’s disease: It is an inflammatory bowel disease in which any part of the digestive tract gets inflamed due to autoimmune response. It can cause gas, bloating along with other main symptoms of abdomen pain, diarrhea, weakness and weight loss.

Homeopathy – To Get Rid Of Gas Problem

Homeopathy can be of great help for those who suffer from this problem of excessive gas. Homeopathic medicines are sourced from natural substances that treat gas problems naturally without any side effects. These medicines help in reducing gas problems, bloating, excessive burping and abdomen pain due to gas. Homeopathic medicines target the root cause behind excessive gas and treat it to give long-term relief. These medicines are suitable for people of all age groups.

Managing Gas Problems

Following a simple diet and lifestyle changes can help to reduce gas and relieve symptoms. These include:

1. Eating slowly, chewing the food thoroughly, being relaxed while eating and not swallowing excessive air while eating.

2. It is also important to eat foods that suit you. Avoid certain foods like beans, vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, fruits, such as apples, and peaches, whole grains, soft drinks, and fruit drink, milk and milk products that tend to cause excessive gas.

3. Exercising regularly helps improve digestion and it is advisable to walk for 10-15 minutes after consuming a meal.


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  6. Sir
    My stomach is always all the time bleaching burning and bloating painfull and it become too painfull after 2 hours of any is happening since 3 weeks
    All day i feel discomfort
    Please guide me for medicine

  7. shree prakash says:

    i suffer from i.b.s.lots of gas,5-6 times to toilet .never done feeling, heavy abdomin.dont like manipulationv .diaarrhea constipation etc.get irritation

  8. Dr Amar Prasad says:

    I am Dr Amar Prasad on treatment from your clinic. Any treatment for Gastroparesis is available from your clinic

  9. Sir i have only belching problem from two -three months.I have no pain in stomach region. I am using Carbo vegetabilis but not so improvement.please suggest remedies.THANKS

  10. sohail ahmad says:

    hi sir my name is sohail
    my father having serious gastric and constipation problem
    his is 60 year and stroke patient and cannot walk properly
    he has gastric problem and having serious Paine in their lower abdominal

  11. Zahid M Aslam says:

    Obstructed flatulence .passing ammelity.. Family tendency. Never loose motion since started this problem. Odor breathing. Sexually weak( erection relaxed during coition, ejaculation very early. Pain in right arm but relax after flatus passing.
    Itching on right calf with brown skin. Itching on left elbow masturbation habitual. Abdomin distended
    Flow much blood once from anus after years. Sleeplessness after 2 AM. Irritable after coitus and sleepless.
    Eruption/ growth on anus which go inside when washing with water
    AGG… Rice . beef
    AMLTY.. Flatus passing.
    I have used many medicines, eg Lycop ,Arg nit,China , carbo v, Nux v,mos. Chellid and much more.

  12. I am a 65 year old male 6ft 1 and weight is 178. I have only drank water , juice for last 20 years. I eat roots fruit greens and brand veggies and nuts. The last few weeks I have had stomach pain on both sides all the way around my back.
    6 years ago my left side stomach and back area was hurting so badly. My doctor did flora scope test and a cat scan of all my organs all came out ok. I did and do have acid reflux. . But now only once in a while.

  13. Avneesh Dwivedi says:

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  15. Sadhna khanna says:

    Sir I a am 60 i am having too much gasprooblem . Even if i am not hungry I hv to eat every 2 hrs. Even imidnight .acute headaches and starts I get up eat something then burp and flatulste then wn i am light and struggle to sleep..morning again I am full. Insomnia also troubles me. The gas blocks d bowlmomveme ..then hot milk helps. keep taking anti gas medicine s. I live simple life wd v.simple eating habits no outside food only home made food.. pl help. thanks.

  16. I usually go to family dinner every Sunday and take alcohol also.on monday I feel comfortable but on Tuesday I feel pain in my stomach .I can’t understand the reason behind

  17. Agnita Bhattacharjee says:

    Hi I have been suffering from upward gas tendency for last few month .Having Pantakind flux before had it for a month got relief and was normal again after two months the same problems are arising ,stool normal,appetite is fine but after having food spl in the evenings the movement of upward gas sometimes in the back ,sometimes on the right side of chest it moves and uneasy feeling is there .please advice.

    • Chandrashekharkabra says:

      Lot of Gas gets built up and instead of farting and passing out thru anus it goes up causing vertigo like situation for seconds and then after half a minute with lot of prespiration it gives relief – as I am having cervical sometimes it is really bad. Even though it is not frequent but once in two months u never know why it happens

  18. Amin shaikh says:

    If I fart while urinating little amount of foul smelling watery stool comes out. Pls advise.

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