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Lycopodium – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Lycopodium Clavatum is a homeopathic remedy derived from the spores of the plant known as Clubmoss or Wolf’s Foot. It belongs to the Lycopodiaceae family and is commonly found in the hilly pastures and heaths of Central and Northern Europe, Russian Asia and North America.
Lycopodium is a low creeping perennial plant. It is a spore-bearing, flowerless, vascular, terrestrial, widely branched plant. Its stems are erect and have small, simple needle-like leaves that cover the stem and branches thickly. The leaves contain a single un-branched vascular strand called microphylls. Kidney shaped cases include spores of one kind only and are borne on the upper surface of the leaf blade of specialized leaves. These are arranged in a cone-like strobilus at the end of the upright stems. The club-shaped appearance of these flowering stems gives clubmosses their common name.
The homeopathic remedy is prepared from the freshly crushed spores of the plant. The medicinal properties come into play after a series of trituration and succession of the spores. The remedy is prescribed in both high and low potencies, as the case may be.

The Lycopodium Constitution

In homeopathy, it is believed that every person has a particular constitution. This is the composition, structure, physical makeup and nature of a person.
Lycopodium is best suited to the carbo-nitrogenoid constitution; those who are intellectually keen but physically weak. The upper part of the body is emaciated whereas the lower part of the body is characterized by the collection of an excess of watery fluid. Such people usually have a dry temperament and dark complexion.

It is mostly adopted in cases where ailments develop gradually; functional power weakens, failure of digestive powers occurs, or the function of the liver is seriously disturbed. It works wonderfully in cases of malnutrition. The Lycopodium personality lacks vital heat and has poor circulation and cold extremities. Pain comes and goes suddenly. There is extreme sensitivity to noise and odors.

Lycopodium and its Drug Action

Lycopodium is highly effective on the nervous system, by also has other centers of action.

Mucous Membrane: Lycopodium acts powerfully upon the mucous membranes producing atonic (lack of muscular tone) state, congestion, catarrhal inflammation and copious mucous discharge.

Kidney: Acts upon kidneys and bladder, Lycopodium produces frequent painful micturition with cloudy, sedimentous urine, like brick dust and sometimes mucus and blood in urine.

Digestive Organs: Lycopodium produces slow, irregular digestion, flatulence, and constipation, also congestion of the liver with all of its concomitants, constipation, and flatulence.

Side of the Body: Lycopodium especially acts on the right side of the body. Symptoms run characteristically from right to left side of the body.

Clinical uses of Lycopodium

Lycopodium has proven its efficacy in the treatment of the following disorders:

– acidity
– bloating
– colitis
– corns
– emaciation
– flatulence
– food allergies
– hair loss
– hemorrhoids
– indigestion
– liver-derangements
– malnutrition
– kidney colic
– kidney disorders
– sciatica

Lycopodium and its Action on the Mind

Lycopodium works well in the cases where the mental symptoms are clearly present with the physical ones. The person requiring lycopodium is generally fearful. He has a fear of public speaking, failure, success, new situations, commitments, and responsibility. He has a fear of being alone, and of his shadows.
Such people are usually hypochondriacs which means that they have abnormal anxiety about their health. They typically suffer from panic attacks, have poor confidence and low self-esteem. Forgetfulness is marked with peevishness. With their dictatorial tendencies, they have a love for power and control over others.
Lycopodium works well in cases where one is experiencing failing brain power and confused thoughts. A weakness of memory, inability to remember names and letters, spelling or writing words or syllables incorrectly and experiencing difficulty in speaking during conversations are classic signs. It is also useful for ailments that stem from domineering parents or siblings.

Lycopodium for Ailments of the Head

Lycopodium covers the symptoms of external and internal head issues. Right-sided headaches, pain that begins on one side and goes to the other where it is worse, pain in the head with ravenous hunger which gets better after eating are the classic symptoms indicating towards Lycopodium. If food is not eaten regularly, the headache becomes worse. Premature greying of hair and severe hair fall that leads to premature balding is also noted. The hair fall usually follows abdominal diseases, or after parturition (childbirth). There is burning, scalding, itching of the scalp, especially when the body is warm after exercise. Lycopodium acts very well in cases of hair loss by preventing further loss of hair and initiating hair growth.

Lycopodium for Facial Concerns

The person needing Lycopodium may have freckles that are yellowish, pale, and gray, with blue circles around the eyes. There are herpetic eruptions on the face and corner of the mouth. Small, white, pedunculated warts on the chin may also be present.

The action of Lycopodium on the Kidneys

Lycopodium has a specific action on the kidneys. There are deposits of lithic acid in small quantities in the kidneys which can result in the formation of stones. Kidney stones cause pain in the kidneys as well as the bladder. Conditions associated with Lycopodium are Calculus with hematuria ( blood in urine) from gravel or chronic catarrh and urination of clotted blood with renal colic during the passage of small calculi. The pain is of burning, cutting character. Urine appears dark and fetid. There is a pain in the back before urination, and it ceases after urine is passed. Urine is slow in coming, and the person must strain to pass it. Heavy red sediment may be present in the urine, and the urine has a nauseating smell. Kidney colic with stinging, tearing, digging pain in the right ureter that travels to the bladder as if some small calculus was tearing its way to the bladder is present. An affected child may cry before urinating, and red sand-like substance may be present on the diaper.

Lycopodium for Gastric Disorders

Lycopodium covers many symptoms of the complaints which are gastric in origin. There is constriction of the throat that is always induced by regurgitation of food. An excessive appetite that gets satiated easily, eating a small amount of food that creates fullness are characteristic features. The person suffers from chronic constipation and hard stools. There is flatulent colic present in children and young girls. Emaciation and debility occur from loss of fluids in the morning.
It works wonderfully in cases of gastralgia (neuralgic pain in the stomach) and gastritis (inflammation of stomach lining). Derangement of stomach occurs from consumption of sweets and pastries. Belchings tend to rise only up to pharynx. The patient feels hungry immediately after eating, though the stomach and abdomen are full and tense. Cramps in the stomach, which is distended, digestion that proceeds very slowly, with flatulence and acidity and rumbling of flatulence particularly in the left upper part of the stomach are some other symptoms. Enteritis (inflammation of the intestine) occurs in infants, which is caused by indigestion. There is excessive flatulence before and after passing of stool. Tympanitic distension of abdomen is present. Flatulence presses outwardly on the rectum and bladder, and there is a sensation as if something is moving up and down in the bowels.

Lycopodium and Relation to Food

People who need Lycopodium have a strong desire for sweets. Different food allergies are present, and complaints arise after intake of wheat, bread, and fermented foods. Complaints usually aggravate after consumption of flatulent foods like cabbage, beans, and onions.

Lycopodium and Rectal Disorders

Lycopodium is indicated in cases where there are sharp, aching pains and pressure in the rectum which gets worse at night. Burning in the rectum is present during and after passing stool. Rawness and skin abrasions around the anus that bleed easily and feels itchy and moist is a common symptom. Aching and painful hemorrhoids, which are sore to touch, marked inactivity of bowels, cramps in the rectum and small of the back, unsatisfactory stools, alternating diarrhea, and constipation are other symptoms. Diarrhea occurs after the suppression of skin diseases.
Marked constipation may be present since puberty, when away from home, in infants, with ineffectual urging. Rectum contracts and protrudes during stool and can lead to the development of piles.

The stools are hard, small and are not expelled completely. The first part of the stool is difficult to expel, while the last part is thin and gushing. Stools are pale, putrid, thin and brown, usually mixed with hard lumps. Spasmodic constriction of the anus prevents stool to be expelled. There is aching and pressure in the rectum which is worse during the nights with bleeding piles.

Lycopodium for the Liver

Lycopodium is of great value in chronic hepatic congestions, where the liver is very tender on pressure. The person cannot eat to satiety as it produces a distressing feeling in the hepatic (liver) region. There may be violent gallstone colic, pain in the back and right hypochondria due to congestion of the liver.

The action of Lycopodium on the Limbs

Lycopodium has always proven its efficacy in treating the cases of sciatica. There is numbness, drawing and tearing pain in limbs, along with stiffness of joints. There may be a tendency for chronic gout and chalk deposits in the joints. Right-sided sciatica, painful corns, and callosities on soles, toes, and fingers, a feeling where one foot feels hot and one foot feels cold are other symptoms. The sciatica is so severe that the person cannot bear to lie on the painful side. Heaviness in the arm, contraction of tendons, especially hamstrings is also treated with Lycopodium.

Lycopodium for Women

Lycopodium shows good action in cases of female problems. It works well in cases where the menses are delayed, with undeveloped breasts at puberty. Extreme sadness and irritability, depressed mood and indigestion before menses is noted. The menses may be suppressed for months. Dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) is so violent that it leads to fainting. Pains in the right ovary traveling to the left, ovarian tumors and vaginitis are treated well with this remedy. It is also used to treat a dry, burning sensation in the vagina which gets worse during and after sexual intercourse. Intercourse is extremely painful, and there may be profuse leucorrhoea (white discharge) with cutting pains across the right side to left with flatulence. Discharge of wind from the vagina may also be present.

Lycopodium for Males

Lycopodium acts wonderfully in cases of male impotence. It is used in instances where there is a discharge of prostatic fluid without an erection. Other symptoms include enlargement of the prostate, marked performance anxiety during intercourse, premature seminal emissions and sexual exhaustion and weakness. Impotence from masturbation, sexual excess or advancing age may occur. Lack of erectile power, a small, cold and relaxed penis, marked loss of sexual desire after gonorrhea or cystitis and premature ejaculation may also be present.

Lycopodium and Other Homeopathic Remedies

Lycopodium is antidoted by homeopathic remedies Camphor, Pulsatilla, Causticum, Aconite, Coffea, and Graphites.

It antidotes the action of homeopathic remedy Cinchona Officinalis.

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  1. Lycopodium doses

  2. Good morning Madam,
    I am 55 year old male and working in govt. Department. In last few months the discharge suddenly increased from penis without full erection. In day time i experienced sudden attraction to female boss followed by heavy discharge without full erection. I even started fearing due to heavy discharge without full erection. I tried some Aryudeic meditition on advice of doctor. In between i took 1 M lycopodium one dose and reapeted 1 dose after one month. I took Agnus castus 200c once in week and followed by one more dose in next week.
    Now my problem of impotency has increased and now there in no sensation in pennis. No erection an even message of aruyudic oil there is incomplete erection. However the discharge from pennis has been stoped but the problem of erection has been increased but in other word no erection pennis is look like a dead one without sensation.

    All my mental symptoms are matching with lycopodium. From past few years i a. Facing difficulty in recalling names, i am dominating in office like dictator. I like to do work need lot of mental attention. I did some work appreciated by senior IAS, recognised by Supreme court. My curent and past Head of orgnisation, ( senior IAS) found me highly intellectual and hard worker specially in the field which require lot of mental work. All other senior in between me and my head of orgnisation are either surrondered before me due to the attitude of my Head of orgnisation or some are not able to argue with me and accepting what i am proposing in file.

    Pls advice homeopathy medicine.

    My other symptom is cough at night which was suddenly increased after medication only.

  3. DEBASIS BOSE says:

    Dear Doctor, i am 75 yrs old male suffering from erosive gastritis for last 7 years. Poor appetite, do not eat anything in night . Flatulence, stomach inflated like balloon. Carving for sweets. Constipation. Do not have nausea. Take pantoprazole every day. Endoscopy and usg , blood test all done. Dr suggested
    Pan d type of medicine.
    Kindly advise

  4. Hello, Dr sharma i am tariq, i am having prostate fluid secretion problem before sex and facing this problem since 2010, i have gone through several allopathic medicinal treatments even physical examination all these years but in vain, now i feel pain while urinating, even feel weakness and i am married too, please help me to get rid of this condition, thank you

  5. It is satisfactory note. Very much helpful. Thanks for sharing such experienced knowledge.

    • Hello, Dr sharma i am tariq, i am having prostate fluid secretion problem before sex and facing this problem since 2010, i have gone through several allopathic medicinal treatments even physical examination all these years but in vain, now i feel pain while urinating, even feel weakness and i am married too, please help me to get rid of this condition, thank you

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    WhiLe taking Lycopodium ?What should be dose and potency

  7. Julie Ward says:

    I have struggled with muscle pain (fibromyalgia) for 22 years, along with nerve pain (pins and needles type pain) in my face, hands, arms and legs for about 10 years. I have more recently struggled with tinnitus for the last 17 months!
    All of the above contribute to insomnia, it makes sleep very difficult.
    I have tried many homeopathic remedies, and wondered what you would feel the best remedies were for me to try, particularly to get relief from the tinnitus, which is really difficult to cope with.
    I would be most grateful to hear from you.
    Thank you so much.

    • I also have the same problems as Julie and would love to know the advice you gave her. I also have Crohns Disease to add to the list. Also, is it possible to create this myself?

  8. Muhammad Arshad says:

    Dr Drishti, Chauhan,
    There is progressive weakness in my legs since 2010, now unable to walk, move for for job since 1.5 years. Imbalance while walking, stiffness, heaviness in legs. Upper part of body quiet fit alhamdulillah.

  9. ANNE TWINE says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    I have Lyme disease for 10years and am now treating with herbs following Stephen Bruhner protocol.
    I have on and off pain in my muscles which makes me tire over the day.
    The resulting muscle weakness and aches makes me look at lycopodium 30c which is mentioned in his book Healing Lyme.
    Should I try it?

  10. Othman El Sayyed says:

    I was diagnosed with BPH frequent urination at night.My PSA was high 9 am 73 yrs old.Would you recommend lycopodium clavatum.Or something else to lower the PSA and shrink the Prostrate gland.

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    I am Arvind Sharma, my wife has stones 7-9 mm in gallbladder. There is no pain till date. Please suggest medicine

  12. Padmakant PADMAKANT THAKKAR says:

    Sir,good afternoon.
    My wife suffering from alzaimers/dementia,since three years.any good homeopathic medicine to keep her calm? Reduce anger? Loss of memory?sleep disorder?
    Request suggest.

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    My Name is Rajjdeep Dey. My hair is falling very badly. Can I use Lycopodium? What will be the dose of the medicine?

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    Sir what doeses should I take of lycopodium and Baryta carb to treat male pattern baldness?

  15. Darshan Singh says:

    Namashkar dr.Sharma
    I have been suffering from digestive problems for long time i.e gas bloating acidity and pain. BPH prostate. For last few months
    Pain and heaviness in right side of stomach . Suffer from sciatica on right side pain and stiffness on right side from toe to top .
    Headache, ear ache stuffy head and heavy head specially on right side . Right side of body is bad pain wise. Pressure on eyes ( glucoma)Uric acid joint pains started recently. I am totally vegetarian. Live green vegetable juice and smoothies. Steamed grains ,veg and lentils pulses. I watched your video and read every thing .I am completely convinced that lycopodium is the suitable for me . Please help .
    Darshan singh u.k

    • Alok Kumar yadav says:

      Hy good evening sir,l watch out your video on lycopodium and max.all symptoms you describe I already facing it like baldness digesting problem specially in between 3pm-7pm weak memory power living alone etc.all.So,can you please suggest me which lycopodium I prefer

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    My age is 41 and im facing this problem since 4 yrs.
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      How long should I stay on lycopodium for gastritis, cystitis, kidney and, liver problem? What is the dose for the palets and how often it should be repeated per day? How long after my meds. can I take it?

    • Hello doctor,

      I am 52 years and having ED issue due to which some time have problem in getting erection at desired time. Pls suggest to over come this.

  18. Dr. Kumar says:

    In a Chronic case of right sided sciatica when rhus tox have failed, what potency of lycopodium is suitable and how often it should be repeated?

  19. Lycopodium clavatum and lycopodium is same??

  20. Marcella Rodriguez says:

    Good afternoon Dr.

    I have been suffering from constipation since 4 years ago. I get a headache when I am constitpated and lose my balance. I am a special needs girl with Cerebral Palsy. High functioning.
    Should I take lycopodium, the dose and how often?
    Thank you,

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