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Homeopathic Remedies for Stuffy and Blocked Nose

Homeopathic Remedies For Blocked Nose

Breathing is a continuous second-by-second process and it’s no wonder then that a blocked nose is as irritating as a medical condition can get. A blocked nose can be attributed to various reasons such as nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, sinusitis, common cold, adenoid hypertrophynasal allergies, hypertrophic turbinates, and exostosis. The nose can be partially or completely blocked and it can be blocked in one side or both the sides. The nose can also be blocked in isolation or in conjunction or alteration with nasal discharges. The instant reaction when a person has a blocked nose is to pop in over-the-counter pills or take a tonic or nasal spray, but the relief if any is just temporary. There can be a relapse even after you think you are out of the blocked nose phase. However, the natural Homeopathic remedies for blocked nose not only ensures relief from symptoms but also roots out the cause of the blocked nose.

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Blocked Nose

The Homeopathy treatment for a blocked nose is very effective in removing the nasal blockage. The Homeopathy medicines, which are made of natural substances and are completely safe with no side effects, are very capable and competent in the treatment of a blocked nose. The medicines are decidedly more effective than nasal sprays and decongestants. The most suitable Homeopathy remedies are chosen after looking at and analyzing the symptoms in each individual. The symptoms that are taken note of are the side of nose blockage, the time at which the blockage is at its peak, peculiar worsening and relieving factors, any alteration of blockage with nasal discharges, the character of nasal discharge and sneezing. Associated symptoms taken into consideration before deciding on the best Homeopathy remedy are a headache or any effect on ears of a patient with a blocked nose. Lemna Minor, Nux Vomica, Sambucus, Arsenic Album, Gelsemium and Sinapis Nigra are the top remedies.

1. Lemna Minor: For Blocked Nose due to Polyp

Lemna Minor is the top natural remedy for removal of nasal blockage due to polyps. The symptoms guiding its use are nasal stuffiness and loss of smell with difficulty in breathing. Posterior nasal dripping also accompanies nasal blockage. A few persons experience nasal discharges, while in others, the nasal cavity remains dry. Another symptom is an offensive odour in the blocked nose. Lemna Minor is also the most effective remedy for the polyp that worsens in wet weather. In polyp cases, Lemna Minor reduces the nasal blockage, providing relief from respiration trouble, and the smelling power is regained.

2. Nux Vomica: For Nasal Blockage at Night

Nux Vomica is a natural remedy of great help in providing relief when the nasal obstruction is at its peak in night hours. Nux Vomica is very beneficial in providing comfort to the patients with an extremely stuffy nose in night hours. The patients needing this remedy have acute nasal stuffiness at night time. The person may also describe that during the day time, the nose is discharging while at night, it is blocked. Others may complain of nasal obstruction on one side and free discharge on the other. Going in the open air also worsens the nasal blockage.

3. Sambucus: For Nasal Blockage with Excessive Dryness of Nasal Cavity

Sambucus is the best natural medicine for nose blockage with extremely dry nasal cavities. There is utmost difficulty in breathing due to blockage and it forces the person to sit up. Mostly at night, the person has to sit up from sleep due to suffocation and difficulty in breathing. Sambucus is also very beneficial when given to infants for nasal blockage. The blockage leads to suffocation and mouth breathing and the infant faces the worst situation while taking the mother’s feed. In such cases, Sambucus gives promising results in reducing nasal blockage in infants.

4. For Blocked Nose due to Nasal Allergies

In nasal allergies, nasal blockage does not occur in isolation; rather, it forms a part of symptom picture that includes sneezing, nasal discharges and watering from eyes. The best natural remedies are Arsenic Album, Gelsemium and Sinapis Nigra. Arsenic Album is mainly prescribed when burning watery nasal discharges are present along with nose blockage. Gelsemium is the ideal remedy for a dull headache along with stopped feeling in nose, and a fluent nose discharge. Sinapis Nigra is a natural medicine that can help when alternate nostrils are blocked due to an allergic reaction. There is also discharge from nose and eyes.

5. For Blocked Nose due to Polyp

Nasal polyp is a growth in the nose arising out of its mucous lining. The foremost result of polyp is nasal blockage along with other symptoms like post-nasal discharge or discharge from nose and sneezing. Lemna Minor is the top natural medicine for treating nose blockage due to the polyp. The other useful remedies are Calcarea Carb, Sanguinaria Nitricum and Teucrium. Calcarea Carb proves to be most useful when nose blockage due to polyp is accompanied by a yellowish thick discharge from the nose. Sanguinaria Nitricum, on the other hand, is an efficient medicine when the nose is blocked along with watery nasal discharges. The discharges are extremely burning in nature and the person experiences sneezing as well. Teucrium is ideal when offensive crusty discharges are expelled from the nose during nose blockage. The mouth may also emit a bad odour. Watering from eyes and sneezing also accompany the blocked nose.

6. For Blocked Nose in Sinusitis

Kali Bichrome, Kali Lod, Pulsatilla and Silicea are top natural remedies for blocked nose due to sinus inflammation. Kali Bichrome is selected when the main symptoms are nose blockage with posterior nasal discharges. Difficulty in breathing and loss of smell are also present. Extreme nose stuffiness is felt at the root of the nose. Kali Lod is a medicine of great help when the nose is blocked with free discharge of a burning character. For using remedy Pulsatilla, a specific greenish nose discharge with a blocked nose is the main indication. Silicea, meanwhile, is the best remedy when the nose is blocked with dry, hard crusts in the nose. There is bleeding on trying to remove the crusts.

7. For Blocked Nose in Common Cold

The best remedies to relieve nose blockage in common cold are Arsenic Album and Nux Vomica. Arsenic Album is best suited when free watery nasal discharges are present along with nose blockage. Sneezing also occurs. Nux Vomica is the ideal medicine when nose obstruction has been acquired from an exposure to cold. The characteristic symptom for using Nux Vomica is nose discharges in the day and nasal blockage at night time.

8. For Nasal Blockage due to Adenoids

The best natural medicines for nose obstruction due to adenoids’ enlargement are Agraphis Nutans, Baryta Lod and Calcarea Lod. These medicines are not selected and prescribed as per only one symptom of nose blockage, but rather a complete case is needed to be taken to select the medicine to eradicate the condition.

9. For Blocked Nose due to Exostosis of Nasal Bones

The enlargement of nasal bones (exostosis is bone enlargement) is a rare cause of nose blockage, but it can be corrected with natural remedies Phosphorus, Merc Sol and Aurum Met. A thorough case inquiry of the patient is made to choose the most suitable remedy out of these three.


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  1. Amit shankar mehta says:

    Sir, I am having a nose blockage stuffy, and total dry . Irritation on the upper portion . Even consulted allopathy, given allergic medication but in vain.
    In night the problem persists more and after 2 hours of sleep sudden the blocks nose don’t allow to sleep.
    Pl suggest homeo medicines

  2. I have been diagnosed with nasal valve collapse. I nose gets blocked at night and breathing becomes a problrm. Nasal strips help. Is thete any tteatment fof this in homeopathy.

  3. vijay jain says:

    nose sevear block daily in night and sore throat
    just like your description no 2 nux vomica

  4. EKATERINA says:



  5. Sutirtha Majumdar says:

    I have a symptom of blocked noss several times a day. Heavy feeling in frontal sinuses and ears. Several times feeling chill, but prefer air-conditioned enviornment, not high speed fan. Feeling very fatigue & having weeknees.

  6. Akhilesh Kumar says:

    i have a chronic blocked nose problem caused of weather temperature changes, all the year. My right side nostril is totally blocked due to polyps since 5 years. No smell I feel Nasal lining happens for 20 years..i have done everything, I have to breath through mouth. In summer season can’t breath when inside when in outside condition is improved but in bathroom I can breathe easily. In winter condition is reversed. Any time watery discharge from any nostril starts without sensation. I also suffer from skin allergy and etching.

  7. Sandhya.pathak says:

    Nasal blokage associated pain in nose before sneezing sometimes white mucus after sneezing and breathlessness when symptoms increased

  8. RN Sharma says:

    Nose remains blocked in the day and in night. Thick bulgam and loss of smelling power

  9. Clement Abraham says:

    Hello Doctor
    Suffering from nasal allergy and blocked nose at night.
    During day sneezing especially early morning with discharge
    Kindly do needful
    CN Abraham

  10. anisur rahman says:

    i am suffering left nose blockeg. breathing by mouth.disturbe sleep at night.

  11. Good afternoon….i have a chronic blocked nose, caused of weather temperature changes, all the yaea, especially early the morning about 5 o’ happens for 20 years..i have done everything, even homeopathy treatment acvording doctor’s advice about 4 last yeats, but nothing…i beg your bardon, if you can help me…thanks..johb

  12. Nilanjan singh says:

    I have nose blockage in my both nostrils due to extra muscle formation.
    But I was suggested to go for surgery is there any medicines in homeopathy for it ?

  13. narayanan says:

    i feel both nasal blocked .difficulty in breathing .aggravation on heat ,closed room. ct scan reveals deviation of nassal septem , right inferior turbinate hypertrophy, mild pan sinusities.covid negative.suggest homeo remedy sir

  14. ram murat vishwakarma says:

    Hello Sir

    My name is RM Vishwakarma and i am suffering from one side nose blocked and one side nose doing pain and dry.
    Please prescribe me some medicine.

  15. Poornimagopal says:

    Dr Sharma, for the past one year i cant breathe properly through both nostrils. Sometimes one gets blocked and other is Normal and in some time it changes in reverse. Im straining myself to breathe so often im getting Head ache and eye pain. If i concentrate in my breathing im disturbed. I can’t even dress well. Is it curable by homeo

    • S K GUPTA says:

      Dr Sharma, I am 62 years and for the past 2-3 years I can’t breathe properly through both nostrils. Sometimes one gets blocked and the other is Normal and in some time it changes in reverse. It is usually experienced at the night starting in the late evening. During the day breathing is normal from both the nostrils.

      There is no other problem except it disturbs sleep. Quite often I have to use Otrivin for nasal congestion.

      I get relief from Homeopathy medicine by my Doctor for a month or two with no need for OTRIVIN.

      Please suggest suitable remedy in homeopathy what I can use in case of need.

  16. HAMEEDULLAH says:


    • Meri nose band ho jati hai mai nasal drop(oximetazoline hydrochloride) use kar rhi hu lagbhag 17 years se mai bahut pareshan ho gyi hu maine homeopathic treatment kuch waqt tak liya meri cheek kam ho gyi thi but nose block ho jati hai ab bhi maine operation bhi karavaya but koi aaram nhi mila agar mai kuch thandi cheej kha lu to saas fool ne lagti please aap meri help kariye mujhe effective medicine bataiye nose block ki problem k liye meri eyes me bhi dard rehta us wajah se jukham bhi bana rehta hai please please dr help 😢

  17. My 11 year old daughter can’t breath through her nose. she is always congested, I went to an ENT years ago and he suggested nasal spray which she refuses to take
    any advice would be appreciated
    Thank you

  18. namita shrivastava says:

    Hello , Dr. I am Namita. I m 40 years when I m sleeping all is ok , when I wakeup my nose is very irritating, itching, szeening, running nose. Please help me.

    • Hello.
      Permanently blocked nose, no sense of taste or smell , with white discharge. No allergies came up in tests.

  19. Vishal vaid says:

    Full day either i have wheezing sound while inhale or exhale or i have sneezing with nasal discharge and in night sonetimes i get one nose blocked with nasal discharge with itching sensation in throat and sometimes all of this is together.
    When i take montair lc,everything completely goes off for 1-2 days.
    Please help

  20. Paul Dawson says:

    I have two nasal problems, night time blockage for which I am taking nix vomica with some success, secondly I have lost my sense of smell by about 90% plus. This I think came about by overuse of sinex to clear congestion sinus some 30 years ago ( during the day ) as a result of going on up to 8 planes a week.
    Have you any suggestions please.

    Paul Dawson

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