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Homeopathic Remedies for Stuffy and Blocked Nose

Homeopathic Remedies For Blocked Nose

Breathing is a continuous second-by-second process and it’s no wonder then that a blocked nose is as irritating as a medical condition can get. A blocked nose can be attributed to various reasons such as nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, sinusitis, common cold, adenoid hypertrophynasal allergies, hypertrophic turbinates, and exostosis. The nose can be partially or completely blocked and it can be blocked in one side or both the sides. The nose can also be blocked in isolation or in conjunction or alteration with nasal discharges. The instant reaction when a person has a blocked nose is to pop in over-the-counter pills or take a tonic or nasal spray, but the relief if any is just temporary. There can be a relapse even after you think you are out of the blocked nose phase. However, the natural Homeopathic remedies for blocked nose not only ensures relief from symptoms but also roots out the cause of the blocked nose.

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Blocked Nose

The Homeopathy treatment for a blocked nose is very effective in removing the nasal blockage. The Homeopathy medicines, which are made of natural substances and are completely safe with no side effects, are very capable and competent in the treatment of a blocked nose. The medicines are decidedly more effective than nasal sprays and decongestants. The most suitable Homeopathy remedies are chosen after looking at and analyzing the symptoms in each individual. The symptoms that are taken note of are the side of nose blockage, the time at which the blockage is at its peak, peculiar worsening and relieving factors, any alteration of blockage with nasal discharges, the character of nasal discharge and sneezing. Associated symptoms taken into consideration before deciding on the best Homeopathy remedy are a headache or any effect on ears of a patient with a blocked nose. Lemna Minor, Nux Vomica, Sambucus, Arsenic Album, Gelsemium and Sinapis Nigra are the top remedies.

1. Lemna Minor: For Blocked Nose due to Polyp

Lemna Minor is the top natural remedy for removal of nasal blockage due to polyps. The symptoms guiding its use are nasal stuffiness and loss of smell with difficulty in breathing. Posterior nasal dripping also accompanies nasal blockage. A few persons experience nasal discharges, while in others, the nasal cavity remains dry. Another symptom is an offensive odour in the blocked nose. Lemna Minor is also the most effective remedy for the polyp that worsens in wet weather. In polyp cases, Lemna Minor reduces the nasal blockage, providing relief from respiration trouble, and the smelling power is regained.

2. Nux Vomica: For Nasal Blockage at Night

Nux Vomica is a natural remedy of great help in providing relief when the nasal obstruction is at its peak in night hours. Nux Vomica is very beneficial in providing comfort to the patients with an extremely stuffy nose in night hours. The patients needing this remedy have acute nasal stuffiness at night time. The person may also describe that during the day time, the nose is discharging while at night, it is blocked. Others may complain of nasal obstruction on one side and free discharge on the other. Going in the open air also worsens the nasal blockage.

3. Sambucus: For Nasal Blockage with Excessive Dryness of Nasal Cavity

Sambucus is the best natural medicine for nose blockage with extremely dry nasal cavities. There is utmost difficulty in breathing due to blockage and it forces the person to sit up. Mostly at night, the person has to sit up from sleep due to suffocation and difficulty in breathing. Sambucus is also very beneficial when given to infants for nasal blockage. The blockage leads to suffocation and mouth breathing and the infant faces the worst situation while taking the mother’s feed. In such cases, Sambucus gives promising results in reducing nasal blockage in infants.

4. For Blocked Nose due to Nasal Allergies

In nasal allergies, nasal blockage does not occur in isolation; rather, it forms a part of symptom picture that includes sneezing, nasal discharges and watering from eyes. The best natural remedies are Arsenic Album, Gelsemium and Sinapis Nigra. Arsenic Album is mainly prescribed when burning watery nasal discharges are present along with nose blockage. Gelsemium is the ideal remedy for a dull headache along with stopped feeling in nose, and a fluent nose discharge. Sinapis Nigra is a natural medicine that can help when alternate nostrils are blocked due to an allergic reaction. There is also discharge from nose and eyes.

5. For Blocked Nose due to Polyp

Nasal polyp is a growth in the nose arising out of its mucous lining. The foremost result of polyp is nasal blockage along with other symptoms like post-nasal discharge or discharge from nose and sneezing. Lemna Minor is the top natural medicine for treating nose blockage due to the polyp. The other useful remedies are Calcarea Carb, Sanguinaria Nitricum and Teucrium. Calcarea Carb proves to be most useful when nose blockage due to polyp is accompanied by a yellowish thick discharge from the nose. Sanguinaria Nitricum, on the other hand, is an efficient medicine when the nose is blocked along with watery nasal discharges. The discharges are extremely burning in nature and the person experiences sneezing as well. Teucrium is ideal when offensive crusty discharges are expelled from the nose during nose blockage. The mouth may also emit a bad odour. Watering from eyes and sneezing also accompany the blocked nose.

6. For Blocked Nose in Sinusitis

Kali Bichrome, Kali Lod, Pulsatilla and Silicea are top natural remedies for blocked nose due to sinus inflammation. Kali Bichrome is selected when the main symptoms are nose blockage with posterior nasal discharges. Difficulty in breathing and loss of smell are also present. Extreme nose stuffiness is felt at the root of the nose. Kali Lod is a medicine of great help when the nose is blocked with free discharge of a burning character. For using remedy Pulsatilla, a specific greenish nose discharge with a blocked nose is the main indication. Silicea, meanwhile, is the best remedy when the nose is blocked with dry, hard crusts in the nose. There is bleeding on trying to remove the crusts.

7. For Blocked Nose in Common Cold

The best remedies to relieve nose blockage in common cold are Arsenic Album and Nux Vomica. Arsenic Album is best suited when free watery nasal discharges are present along with nose blockage. Sneezing also occurs. Nux Vomica is the ideal medicine when nose obstruction has been acquired from an exposure to cold. The characteristic symptom for using Nux Vomica is nose discharges in the day and nasal blockage at night time.

8. For Nasal Blockage due to Adenoids

The best natural medicines for nose obstruction due to adenoids’ enlargement are Agraphis Nutans, Baryta Lod and Calcarea Lod. These medicines are not selected and prescribed as per only one symptom of nose blockage, but rather a complete case is needed to be taken to select the medicine to eradicate the condition.

9. For Blocked Nose due to Exostosis of Nasal Bones

The enlargement of nasal bones (exostosis is bone enlargement) is a rare cause of nose blockage, but it can be corrected with natural remedies Phosphorus, Merc Sol and Aurum Met. A thorough case inquiry of the patient is made to choose the most suitable remedy out of these three.


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  1. Girish Prakash says:

    I have severe stuffy & running nose (NAZLA in hindi) throughout the year for last 2-3 years. The problem becomes severe in AC / Winter season. My age is 50 & diabetic & BP for last 15 years

  2. Hi,
    I have a issue of nasal blockage since 3-4 years. Concerned with Drs ( Allopathic and homeopathic) but results was temporary. I have also got some tests including X-RAY and blood test as under:-
    1. X-Ray PNS.
    ” Haziness is noted in both maxillary and ethmoidal air antra suggesting sinusitis”

    2. Immunoglobulin E (IgE);- 675 ( signifies atopic disease)

    Please advise



  3. Vimal Swaroop Sharma says:

    Dr. Saheb Namaste,

    I vimal Swaroop Sharma, would like to say you that I am facing the problem of frontal sinus with nasal blockage and post nasal discharge since last one and half year along with anosmia. I so many times tried to get connected with you regarding my disease, but didn’t get connected. Please advise me a suitable medicine to get rid of my above prolonged disease.


    Vimal Swaroop Sharma
    Mobile no 9887173244

  4. Waqar Ahmed Pasha says:

    Dear sir

    Sir I am suffering with blocked forehead and nose feeling pain in my jass bone teeth pain, block eye tears channels thick water feeling in eyes. Lot of problem intaking breathing specialy in night.

    Kindly help me .

    Thanks &Regards

    Waqar Ahmed pasha

  5. Deat sir, from 2 night i am suffering with Stuffy nose with yellow discharge , only on right nose (one side only,,)unable to breath in bed time, no sleep from 2 days, please suggest any medicine for immediate relief.. thank you

  6. Nose polyp both side right side ozena bh hai naak rat k waqt one side band ho jati hai or usy nose say pani tapakta hai loss of smell or muhje dust allergy bh hai.. Choti umar me mujhe sans ka masla bh tha or us k bad zukaam ke kafiat bh rae cheiken aati thi or naak me say pani behna shuru ho jata tha.. Age 24..abi naak say green color ka mucous ka ikhraaj rehta raste bh nahi hai

  7. Javid Iqbal Ansari says:

    Nazla n zukam treatment in summer season runny nose or blocked nose how to treat your patients easily

  8. Niaz Shabbir says:

    Aslam u aliykum sir
    I am niaz shabbir
    I have chronic sinus problem since very long time, so what should I do, everyday I woke up then my nose discharged green thick mucus, & also post nasal discharged & headache in upper eyebrow area very painful any suggestions plz

    • Use at least 2 weeks then you feel difference but continue st keastcthree minths tgerapy of following medications. Make sure no rice at all, no tomatoes, no dairy products nobciw and buffaloes meat avoid cow meat no vold drinks including cold water.

      Natrum Arsenicum 6 10 drops two times a day morning and evening

      Pulsatilla 200 10 drops only in afternoon

      Broynia 30 10 droos two times acday morning and evening.

      At least 1 hour gap between Natrum and broynia and make sure no food before and after medications at keast 30 minutes.


  9. Hi need appointment

  10. navinder singh says:

    Dr sahib i keep seeing your whatsapp regarding use of homeopathic medicines, i am 62 year old & from last 15-20 days have ben suffering from blocked nose(dry)/sometimes flowing, the blockage mainly occurs at night on one side of the nostril ut when change the side it moves to other side, i used autrivin nasal spray for about 10 days continously buy have stopped from last four five days. i also have sleep problem , i have my dinner around 8 pm , then sit till about 10 pm without TV & mobile,doing some reading/meditation then i feel very sleepy and when the moment i come to bed my sleep vanishes & i keep awake for very long time, please advice.

  11. Muhammad Ahmad says:

    Dear Dr.Dharma
    My son age 12 and half year and he has allergy rhinitis .Here below are the symptons
    1- Sneezing three or four time early morning and sometime at day time or evening as well.
    2- inside nose itching
    3- Block nose at night
    4-feel something in throat
    5-cough and mucus in chest with sometime feel
    chest pain.
    6-watery eyes
    7-in summer also redness in eyes
    8-In this condition almost throughout the year little bit relief in summer but watery eyes in summer.

  12. Sajjad alam says:

    Hi. Doctor
    Me aap ka vodeo dekha bhut acha lga. Is me last codition bataya. NDS . Meri naak ki haddi terhi hi. Phale us side se air nahin le sakta tha. Per 1 year se homeopathic medicine use kar raha hun. 30% Relif hiwa hi. Medicine me lemina minor 200, hoppozium 200, histamin 200, pothas 200, chal rah hi sir. Koi acha anobhow btaiyai sir.

  13. Pluto Barua says:

    Respected Sir,

    I am Pluto Barua. I am from Bangladesh. How are you Sir? I hope you are well.

    Sometimes I watch your Video about Homeopathy treatment. I have some problems which are given below.

    I am now about 37 years old. So far as I can remember, I have been suffering from runny nose, sneezing and blocked nostril since very young age.

    Sometimes watery discharge comes out from my nose and I get blocked nostril. Sometimes I find dry nose and blocked nostril.

    My both inferior turbinates are hypertrophied also.

    When I go to open air or hot place, my blocked nose opens. While eating foods my blocked nose opens. But, most of the time my nostrils remain blocked.

    My Allopathic doctor says, I am suffering from Allergy.

    After taking Allopathic medicine, I get temporally relief from these problem for few months. After that, I face again these problems.

    My ENT specialist gave me some tests. The tests were CVC and IgE. He also gave me X-Ray for DNS.

    I don’t know I have either food allergy or inhalant allergy. But, after CVC and IgE tests my ENT specialist said I have too much allergy. Food allergy test is too much costly. I cannot afford it now. And I don’t know I have food allergy or not.

    X-Ray report says, I have DNS in the left side. And both inferior turbinates are hypertrophied also.

    So, can I take R83 (Dr Reckeweg) for food allergy and R84 (Dr Reckeweg) for inhalant allergy together? And what homeopathic medicine should I take for DNS?

    Please, prescribe me for nasal allergy, runny nose, blocked nostril, dry nose, nasal obstruction and hypertrophy of both inferior turbinates.

    Please, also prescribe me doses for R83 (Dr Reckeweg), R84 (Dr Reckeweg) and DNS.

    Thanking you

    Pluto Barua

  14. I have chronic sinus problem since very long time, so what should I do, everyday I woke up then my nose discharged green thick mucus, & also post nasal discharged & headache in upper eyebrow area very painful any suggestions plz

  15. Ushnish Chattopadhyay says:

    Sir, I began with watery discharge from nose last week on 25th Jan 2022. Gradually now it is thick greenish discharge. Loss of smell happened 4 days ago, but almost resolve by yesterday. Continuous headache over eyebrows. 3days ago the pain was behind also, above ear in the skull. My voice is also nasal sounding now. I have sinus issue since childhood. What should I take sir?

  16. Pankaj Boricha says:

    Good afternoon sir
    I am pankaj, and I have nasal polyps in my left part of nose
    I had under go two time surgery, in 2013 and 2016.
    But after 2021 i found devlopment of polyps.
    So I found your video on YouTube and approach you
    Because I don’t want surgery


  17. Hello.
    I have a slightly crooked septum, swollen nasal passages and most of the time my right nostril is clogged. Opens with Ephrasia or calentoula.
    I’m a nux vomica guy. Which medicine is right for my nose?

  18. Dhiraj Rawal says:

    I am suffering from 2 years from sinus cold cough and runny nose.
    Syptoms: Runny nose, yellow and black discharges from nose.
    Headache pain.
    Nose get blocked while sleeping at night.
    Cough in chest.
    Itiching promlems.
    Pls advise me treatment for this symptom above mention.

  19. Sandeep jagtap says:

    Hi sir, this is Sandeep, I has DNS in Right side since two decades, pl sugesst primary medicine.

  20. Francine Bork says:

    Dr. Sharma, I am a homeopath in Israel – a woman approached me for treatment of Nasal Valve Collapse. Was wondering if you had experience treating this with success . About 30 years ago her situation started as a severely deviated septum and enlarged turbinates – first surgery removed too much cartilage but there was improvement in her breathing – second surgery didn’t do anything – not worse or better – now she is searching for something other than reconstructive surgery of her nose to open the nasal passages so she can breathe better. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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