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Top 10 homeopathic Medicines for Low Sperm Count

homeopathic medicines for low sperm count

A low sperm count (medically speaking ) is known as oligospermia. It is one of the major causes resulting in infertility in males. The sperm count of less than 15million/ml of semen is considered oligospermia. A complete absence of sperm is referred to as azoospermia. The various causes behind low sperm count are undescended testes, hydrocele, varicocele, infection (epididymitis, prostatitis, and orchitis) tumors of the male reproductive organs, hormonal imbalance and obstruction of vas deferens. The lifestyle triggers and risk factors for low sperm count are obesity, smoking, and alcoholism that predispose a male towards this condition. Homeopathic medicines for low sperm count provide a non-intrusive, holistic approach to healing by treating not only the symptoms but also the root cause of this form of infertility, without the fear of side-effects. They can be customized to address the specific lifestyle triggers or physiological factors at play in each individual case.

Homeopathic Medicines for Low Sperm Count

The biggest advantage of homeopathic medicines for low sperm count is that they are natural medicines that help in improving the sperm count as well as sperm quality. These homeopathic medicines  for low sperm count are entirely free from any toxic side-effects. They treat the condition in the safest and most harmless way. Homeopathic medicines work by treating the underlying cause behind oligospermia. The homeopathic medicines for low sperm count save a person from harsh medicines like hormonal substitutes that carry a huge risk of adverse side-effects. Homeopathic medicines help in the gentlest way to enhance the sperm count.

The recommended homeopathic medicines for low sperm count are X-Ray, Agnus Castus, Conium, Aurum Met and Rhododendron. X-Ray is a very effective medicine to improve the sperm count when accompanied by general debility, fatigue and low vitality. Agnus Castus is helpful when oligospermia is accompanied with diminished sexual powers (erectile dysfunction). Conium works well to improve sperm count in males having orchitis as the cause. The last medicines i.e. Aurum Met and Rhododendron are helpful for low sperm count wherein hydrocele is the cause.

1. For Low Sperm Count with Orchitis (inflammation of the testes):

The most effective homeopathic medicines for low sperm count with an inflamed testes are Conium, Staphysagria and Rhododendron. Conium is selected when there is swelling and enlargement of the testes. A cutting type of pain is felt in the testes. The testes are also indurated and hardened. Staphysagria is another suitable remedy for oligospermia from orchitis. It is indicated when burning, shooting, tearing or drawing pain is present in the inflamed testes. Staphysagria is also indicated for orchitis following mumps. Persons needing Staphysagria also show constant dwelling on sexual subjects. Last medicine Rhododendron is helpful when there is swelling and severe pain in the testes that worsens from slight touch. Contusive, crushed and drawing pain is felt in the testes along with swelling.

2. For Low Sperm Count Resulting from Hydrocele:

Aurum Met, Rhododendron and Iodum are excellent as homeopathic medicines for low sperm count resulting from hydrocele. Aurum Met is useful for low sperm count with hydrocele. Along with hydrocele, high sex drive and nocturnal pollutions are also present. The use of Rhododendron is considered in hydrocele accompanied with a drawing pain in the testes. The testes are also swollen, painful and drawn up. Iodum is a wonderful remedy when aching, pressing and forceful pain is present with hydrocele.

3. For Low Sperm Count accompanied with Diminished Sexual Power (erectile dysfunction):

Homeopathic medicines Agnus Castus, Caladium and Selenium offer the best treatment for low sperm count accompanied by diminished sexual power in males. Agnus Castus is a prominent remedy for low sperm count with decreased sexual powers. There is inability to attain erections and the genitals are relaxed, shrivelled, cold and flaccid. An aversion to sex is also there. Caladium is suggested for oligospermia with weak sexual powers. The person lacks physical power to have sex although the desire is present. Mental depression may accompany the condition. Caladium is also considered for diminished sexual power from tobacco abuse. And for oligospermia that is accompanied by insufficient, weak and slow erections, homeopathic remedy Selenium is suggested. Selenium is also helpful in a person with low sperm count who has involuntary seminal emissions at night, during urination or stools.

4. For Low Sperm Count accompanied with Varicocele:

The best indicated homeopathic medicines for low sperm count accompanied with varicocele are Arnica, Aurum Met, Hamamelis and Acid Phos. All these are natural remedies to improve sperm count when varicocele is the cause. The medicine needs to be selected from among these four as per the individual case presentation to get desirable results.

5. For Low Sperm count with a history of Excessive Seminal Loss:

Homeopathic medicines Selenium, Acid Phos and Staphysagria are useful medicines for oligospermia with a history of excessive seminal loss. They are considered where a person is given to having involuntary seminal emissions during sleep, during urination and stools. These homeopathic medicines for low sperm count help in improving the sperm quantity as well as the quality of sperms.

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  1. hai sir
    I am 28 year old
    in my semen analysis sperm count is low
    which medicines for it?

  2. Vivvek Josshi says:

    A very Nice Article sir,Very few write the way you have written it.A coorect approach.Salute you sir. Vivek Joshi

  3. Imran Nawaz says:

    Hi Dr.Sharma I am 30 years old and married the problem is my semen volume is thin and quantity is less then normal and sperm count is also low so I want to increase all this and I also want to increase my please suggest me any good and effective medicine which will be work for me Thanks I will wait for you response…


    dear dr.sharma,
    I’m Monazzal bsc from Bangladesh, gives some information of my troubles. I’m 37 and my wife is 30 years old.we’ve 8 years old one daughter.we want to get our 2nd child but my wife don’t concept. I’m thin and my wife is fat. in physical conduct we’re satisfied with each other. But I don’t know why do my wife don’t concept.Have any trouble of my sperm? please give me a fruitful advice how can I overcome my trouble & found my wife to be concept.

  5. BIPUL KUMAR says:

    Problem relates to my brother in law. His Sperm count is almost zero, due to polio attack in early young age and Excessive obesity now. Age is 44 years. Can homoeopathy help in increasing his sperm count ?

  6. puran choudhary says:

    Hello dr my recent semen teat report shows 1.5 ml count, 65mlmtotal but rapid progressive motility 30% slighish 20% non motile 50% pus cells 3-5 hpf – color alkaline volume is 1.5 ml – we r trying to conceive for last 3 years we are couple of aged 40 years. Please suggest best medicines only homeopathy- thanka 9811357693

  7. Mantu kumar says:

    I want to increase sperm count plz suggest

  8. Dear Dr. My semen volume is very thin please suggest
    Me any homeo to increase volume

  9. Dear semen volume is very thin.plz.suggest me any homeo to increase volume

  10. Berberis Vulgaris 200 , Argentum Nitricum 200 , phosphoric acid.200

    please suggest me
    can I take these three medicine in a day

  11. hi doctor saib
    my semen analysis report are
    motile 20% sluggish 10% non motile 70%
    normal 40% abnormal 60 %
    pus cells many /HPF
    RBC cells 02 – 03 /HPF
    total sperm count 38 million/ml
    please advice me

  12. Ngangbam Thoi Singh says:

    Sir I want to Y sparm is increase. So,how can I do.pleas e help me…

  13. Asheq khan says:

    Oligospermia, very low count, took one baby by IVF method. Now want to take 2nd one by natural, age 47 weight 107kg height 6 feet bulky fatty body. Wife have no problem. Have taken agnus q for 1 years. Tried acid phos 30x 1 ounce in pellets. Tried some other medicine by two homeo doc for another year but no result. What do you suggest ?

  14. ashish chugh says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am facing low sperm count please help

  15. mobin ahmad says:

    How to remove my low sperm count
    . sir

  16. S Banerje says:

    My age is 47 years. After 14 years of marriage we don’t have any child. My sperm count is less than 5 million. My physic is very good but I have varicose vain. Please suggest medicine which increase sperm count and motility fastly that we can have child.

  17. M at 35 year old and unable to ejaculate…even when I try to masturbate, I reach the level but no semen comes out of the penis.


  18. I am 32 yr low sperm count less than 5 million please advise to increase my sperm count

  19. Sir I’m the patient of dust elergy, and I had citrazine tab for 2 months as doctor describe me. Now I start to suffer with sexual problem. My panis is totaly dead, I have done the hormonal test and seman test all are in OK, kindly advise me the best medicine for both disease

  20. Is r42 is fully helpful in treating vericocele as well as sperm production.

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