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Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines For Low Sperm Count

homeopathic medicines for low sperm count

A low sperm count, medically speaking, is known as oligospermia. It is one of the major causes of infertility in males. Normal sperm count varies from  15 million to >200 million sperms per milliliter of semen. The sperm count of less than 15 million/ml of semen ejaculated during orgasm is considered oligospermia. The complete absence of sperm is referred to as azoospermia.

Homeopathic Treatment Of Low Sperm Count

The biggest advantage of homeopathic medicines for low sperm count is that they are natural medicines that help in improving sperm count as well as sperm quality. Homeopathic medicines for low sperm count save a person from harsh medicines, like hormonal substitutes that carry a high risk of adverse side effects. Homeopathic medicines for low sperm count provide a non-intrusive, holistic approach by treating not only the symptoms but also the root cause of infertility. They can be customized to address the specific lifestyle triggers or physiological factors at play in each individual case. Homeopathic medicines help in the gentlest way to enhance sperm count.

Homeopathic Medicines For Low Sperm Count

The recommended homeopathic medicines for low sperm count are X-Ray, Radium Bromatum, Agnus Castus, Conium, and Aurum MetSome important medicines for treating Varicocele which causes low sperm count are Hamamelis, Fluoric Acid and Arnica.

1. X-Ray – Top-rated Medicine For Low Sperm Count

X-Ray is the most frequently used medicine for treating low sperm count. Among its various sites of action, the most important action is seen on male genitals. Males needing it usually have low sexual desire and may face infertility. They suffer from excessive weakness and fatigue.

When and How to use X-Ray?

This medicine has shown great results in improving sperm count. It can be used in a case where low sperm count is detected, especially when there is reduced sexual desire and infertility. This medicine is available in different potencies from low (like 6C, 30C) to high (like 200C, 1M, 10M). The selection and repetition of this medicine varies from case to case according to various factors, especially how low the sperm count is. Anyone considering its use should always consult a homeopath for the required potency and repetition.

2. Radium Bromatum – For Low Sperm Count And Infertility Problem

Among the list of homeopathic medicines for low sperm count and infertility given in the book ‘The Homeopathic Medical repertory by Robin Murphy’, Radium Bromatum is another medicine that can be used in treating such cases. It is a reliable medicine that works to boost sperm production in males and also helps to deal with infertility.

When and How to use Radium Bromatum?

As per homeopathic therapeutics, this medicine can be used in cases of low sperm count and infertility. Like Radium Bromatum, this medicine is also available in various potencies like 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M and  10M. In some cases, frequent repetition is needed. It is best to seek advice from a homeopathic practitioner for proper potency and dose of this medicine as it differs from case to case and can only be decided after detailed case study and evaluation.

3. Agnus Castus – For Low Sperm Count And Weak Erections

It is a natural medicine sourced from ripe berries of plant  ‘chaste tree’. The use of this medicine can be considered in males having decreased sperm count with a problem of weak erection. The semen is thin, watery and sometimes less in quantity. The sexual desire is reduced markedly or in some cases almost nil. Besides, there may be involuntary loss of semen.

When and How to use Agnus Castus?

Use of this natural medicine can be done when sperm count is less, along with weak erection and low sexual desire. Though it can be used in different potencies, 30C potency is good to start with. Agnus Castus 30C can be taken two to three times a day. In case, no changes occur, consult a homeopathic physician before moving to higher potencies or increasing the dose.

4. Conium – For Low Sperm Count And Inflamed Testicles (Orchitis) 

Conium is an effective medicine for cases having deficient sperm count along with testicle inflammation. This medicine works to reduce inflammation of testicles and improves sperm count. In case of orchitis, the symptoms indicating its use are cutting, tearing pain in testicles along with swollen enlarged testicles. The testicles are hard to touch. Other than these, erection may be weak, imperfect and of short duration in males needing this medicine.

When and How to use Conium?

This medicine can be used in cases of low sperm count and inflamed orchitis. Its use can be done in 30C as well as 200C potency. In mild cases, 30C potency can be taken twice a day while in severe cases, 200C potency can be taken just once a day.

5. Aurum Met – For Decreased Sperm Count With Inflamed Testicles Or Epididymis

This medicine is well indicated for cases of reduced sperm count along with inflammation of testes/epididymis. In cases requiring it, pain and swelling in testes is present. Swelling is marked especially on the right side testicle. Pain gets worse on touch and rubbing. Testicles may be hardened.

When and How to use Aurum Met?

Its use can be considered in males having less sperm count along with inflamed testicles or epididymis. Mostly used in 30C potency, one may take it once or twice a day as per severity of problem.

6. Homeopathic Medicines To Treat Varicocele That Is Lowering Sperm Count

In some cases, varicocele is found to be a cause of oligospermia, so here focus should be on treating varicocele. Once it is treated, the sperm count will improve. Some of the leading homeopathic medicines that are indicated for treating varicocele are Hamamelis, Fluoric Acid and Arnica. All of them are highly effective in reducing  enlargement and swelling of veins that drain testicles.

When and How to use these medicines?

All the above three medicines are natural remedies to improve sperm count when varicocele is the cause. The medicine needs to be selected from among these as per the individual case requirement to get desirable results. So, consult a homeopathic doctor for the best medicine.

Causes Behind Low Sperm Count

Sperms are produced in testicles. Hypothalamus releases gonadotropin releasing hormone which stimulates the pituitary gland to release hormones — FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). These hormones further act on testes to produce testosterone that in turn aids sperm production. After being formed in testicles, the sperms get into epididymis (coiled tube at the back of testicles that stores sperms and transfers them from testes to vas deferens). On stimulation for sexual activity, sperms get mixed with seminal fluid to form semen and during ejaculation, semen containing sperms passes out of the penis. If there is problem at any step of this process, sperm production gets affected.

A. Medical Reasons Behind Low Sperm Count

1. Varicocele: It refers to enlarged, swollen veins in the scrotum that drain the testicles. It raises the temperature in testicles that contributes to low sperm count. It also may lead to decreased motility of sperms, and an increase in the number of deformed sperms. Varicocele is one of the main reasons for male infertility.

2. Imbalance in hormones: Certain hormones produced by hypothalamus, pituitary gland and testes conjointly help in sperm production. When there is disproportion of these hormones, sperm production gets affected

3. Certain infections: Some infections have been noted that are linked to lowering of sperm count, including orchitis (inflamed testicles), epididymitis (inflamed epididymis), and certain sexually transmitted infections like HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, etc. Such infections can damage the testicles and also may lead to scars in the passage through which sperms pass, blocking their way.

4. Undescended testicles– It is medically known as cryptorchidism. The testicles in a baby develop in the abdomen followed by their descent into the scrotum. If the testicles fail to drop in the scrotum before birth, it is referred to as undescended testicles.

5. Genetic conditions: It mainly includes Klinefelter’s syndrome. It is a chromosomal defect in which a male, instead of one X and one Y chromosome, is born with two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome. In the affected males, the growth of testicles is not proper and they have small-sized testicles.

6. Antibodies that damage sperm: In some cases, anti-sperm antibodies are formed by the immune system. These antibodies identify the sperms as something harmful and start attacking and destroying them.

7. Tumours: Tumours affecting testicles can lead to decreased sperm production.

8. Blockage or damage in testicles or in tubes that carry sperm: This may occur from some infection or injury post-surgery.

9. Ejaculation issues: A condition called retrograde ejaculation may be a cause of low sperm count in some. In this condition, the sperms go into the urinary bladder rather than coming out of the penis tip.

B. Use of some medicines and surgery

Medicines linked with reduced sperm count are cancer medicines, chemotherapy, anti-fungal drugs, antibiotics, and use of steroids.

Surgeries that can cause decreased sperm count include inguinal hernia repair, vasectomy, surgery on testicles/scrotum, prostate surgeries, bladder surgeries

C. Lifestyle And Environmental Causes

1. Excessive alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking

2. Severe emotional stress, depression

3. Drugs like cocaine, marijuana, anabolic steroids

4. Being overweight and obesity

5. Jobs requiring prolonged sitting

6. Exposure to heavy metals, for example lead and industrial chemicals (like toluene, benzenes, painting materials)

7. Exposure to X- Rays

8. Frequent use of hot tubs, and saunas that increase testicular temperature

D.  In some cases, no cause is found behind low sperm count which is termed idiopathic oligospermia.

Signs and Symptoms of Low Sperm Count

There may occur no signs and symptoms of low sperm count but a male may have the problem without knowing it. He usually comes to know about it when he faces infertility which is the main sign of low sperm count. Other than this, no signs and symptoms may be evident. However, depending on the cause behind low sperm count, certain signs and symptoms may be experienced. Some symptoms are as follows:

1. Erectile dysfunction (inability to attain or maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse)

2. Low sex drive (reduced desire for sex)

3. Pain or swelling in testicles

4. Lump in testicles

5. Decreased facial and body hair

Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Risk Of Low Sperm Count

1. Avoid smoking and alcohol intake

2. Focus on weight reduction if overweight

3. Exercise daily

4. Work on reducing stress

5. Take enough sleep

6. Stay away from drugs

7. Avoid activities that increase testicular temperature like hot tub bath, sauna, etc.

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      • Prabal Das says:

        I am having oligospermia. My sperm volume is 2/3 drops. Also white of the sperm is low. I am chain smoker. No alcohol. Erection is o. k.
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