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Bryonia Alba – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Bryonia alba is prepared from a plant White Bryony also known as Wild Hops, of the family cucurbitaceae, a herbaceous tendril-bearing vines. The part used to prepare homeopathic medicine is root of this plant procured before flowering. The fresh root of this plant is chopped and then potentized (a process by which homeopathic remedies are prepared). By potentization process the medicinal properties of this plant are extracted leaving behind any of its poisonous effects. Use of Bryonia is been used as medicine since ancient times for treating vertigo, gout, epilepsy and cough. In homeopathy it is used extensively to treat a large number of diseases. Some of the major complaints treated by it are constipation stomach pain, headache, dry mouth, joint pain, back pain and cough.     Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba

The ‘Bryonia’ Constitution

Bryonia is mainly suited to tall, thin people having gouty or rheumatic diathesis i.e. tendency to suffer from joint pains. Next it suits people who are prone to respiratory problems and gastric troubles including constipation and stomach pain.

Drug Action

It has marked action on the lining of joints, respiratory system, and the gastro intestinal tract. On all these parts it helps to reduce the inflammation. It also has a significant action on the mucous membranes and helps to improve its normal secretions, thereby making it valuable to treat dryness of mouth, dry lips, dry stool and dry cough.

Scope as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Headache and Migraine

It is a one of the most effective medicines to treat headache and migraine. People needing it mostly have a pain in the forehead and back of head (occiput). They feel a heaviness in the head and heat along with pain. Worsening of pain from motion, eye movement and stooping is usually noted. Relief is obtained from pressure. One can also use it for headache with constipation and vomiting.

2. Vertigo

This remedy offers great help in cases of vertigo. It is mainly used when vertigo appears on slightest motion, on rising and stooping. Here, the person feels as though all objects are revolving during vertigo. In few cases it feels as if the head is turning in a circle. Heaviness and pain in back of head attends vertigo in many cases.

3. Rheumatic Iritis

This is a significant medicine to manage cases of rheumatic iritis (inflammation of iris i.e. the coloured ring around the eye’s pupil that follows joint inflammation). In such cases the indicating feature to use this medicine is pain in back part of eye. The pain from eye extend to the back of head. The complaint tend to worsen at night and on motion.

4. Dry Mouth and Lips

This is a top-listed medicine to treat cases of dry mouth and dry lips. Here it is used when a person has marked dryness of mouth that gets momentarily better by drinking. They also complain of tongue sticking to roof of mouth (palate) from dryness. Along with mouth, the lips and tongue are also very dry, rough and cracked. There is bad odour from mouth with above symptoms.

5. Gastrointestinal (GIT) Complaints

When it comes to GIT troubles, Bryonia is well-indicated to treat constipation, stomach pain and nausea, vomiting

It gives remarkable results in cases of constipation. People needing this homeopathic medicine have obstinate constipation. They have dry, hard, large stool. It is dark dry as if burnt. They have to excessively strain to pass stool. Due to excessive straining sometimes rectum protrude with stool. They have unsatisfactory stool with sense of weight in the rectum. Along with above they also suffer from offensive flatus. Sometimes they get headache due to constipation.

Next, it is very beneficial to relieve stomach pains. Persons needing it have cutting, griping, shooting pain in stomach. Pain is most felt around the navel region and compels the person to bend double. They may have worsening of pain from motion. They also complain that colic is worse before passing stool. Other symptoms that they may experience are distension of abdomen and rumbling and gurgling in abdomen.

Apart from above, this remedy also helps cases of nausea and vomiting. Vomiting mainly appears soon after eating and is bitter or sour to taste. Hiccough and belching attend vomiting. Belching is bitter, sour or of food that has been eaten.

6. Liver Disorders

It is an important medicine to manage liver complaints including enlargement of liver and inflammation of liver. The symptoms include pain that is shooting, stinging, tensive or burning in nature. The pains tends to get worse from touch, on breathing and coughing. The liver region is also sensitive to pressure.

7. Neck Pain, Backache, Sciatica

This remedy is known to be a very effective medicine to treat neck pain. In such cases, stiffness is marked with pain. The pain increases from motion and from touch.

Apart from above, one can also take it for relieving pain in the lower back. It also help to ease stiffness in the lower back. It can also be taken when the back pain worsens from motion, turning in bed, stooping and standing. Persons needing it get relief in pain from lying down. Back pain arising from injuries are also well managed with this medicine.
Other than this, it is given for sciatica that refers to a pain that radiates from lower back through the hips down the leg along the path of the sciatic nerve. It is used in sciatica cases when pains from lower back extend down to thigh. It worsens by movement and relieved by lying on painful side.

8. Joint and Muscle Pain

This medicine leads the chart of homeopathic medicines to treat joint pains. Cases of joint pain from gout (high uric acid), arthritis (inflamed joints), injured joints and sprains are helped well with this remedy. To use this medicine, the symptoms to consider are sharp, stitching or tearing type pain in joint along with swelling, redness and heat. The joints are tender to touch too. They are also stiff.

In addition to above, it is also a top grade medicine to treat muscle pains and general body aches. Persons needing it have increase in pain  from slightest motion. Absolute rest or lying down helps them get relief.

9. Respiratory Troubles

If we talk about respiratory complaints, then this medicine is helpful for treatment of cough, pneumonia and pleurisy

In case of cough, it is highly recommended in persons having a dry, spasmodic cough (spasmodic means cough ending in vomiting). The cough seems to start from a particular spot in trachea and in some cases by tickling in throat. They frequently mention that their cough worsens after eating, drinking, from talking and at night. Some of them also have complaint of pain in head and chest with sensation as if they would burst during coughing. Sometimes they expectorate tough, hard, scanty sputa with difficulty. The sputa may yellow or brick – dust coloured. It is well-indicated to treat cases of bronchitis and asthmatic cough.

Secondly, it is an excellent medicine for treating pneumonia (infection that cause inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs). It is used in pneumonia with cough and difficult breathing. Along with it, the affected person has a tough, hard, yellow or brick dust coloured expectoration. Sputa may be bloody also. Constriction, oppression of chest and heat in chest are also experienced. Stitching and stabbing pains in chest are felt. Most times the pain worsens during motion, coughing and from deep breathing. High fever may attend above features.
Lastly it is given for pleurisy (a condition in which lining around the chest cavity and the lungs becomes inflamed). The key symptom to use this remedy here is a stitching pain in chest. The pain is worse during cough and breathing. Along with this frequent respiration and dry cough is present.

10. Mastitis (Inflammation of Breast)

It is a very suitable medicine to reduce inflammation of breast. Females needing this medicine have inflamed, painful breast. The pain is tensive, burning and tearing type. The breast feels stony hard and heavy. The breast may also be indurated with lumps in it.

11.  Fever

It is indicated for cases of fever with dry, burning heat and body aches. It is attended with desire to uncover. Along with this taste of mouth is bitter and there is increased thirst for water. It also works well in cases of fever with chill and cough. Next its use is also recommended for typhoid fevers with diarrhoea, dry lips and accumulation of frothy, soap-like saliva in mouth.


Bryonia can be used in from 30 to 1M potency. It can be repeated frequently two to three times a day in 30 potency while high potencies should not be taken frequently.

Relationship To Other Remedies

Complementary medicineS are Alumina and Rhus Tox. These medicines help to complete the effects of Bryonia when it has stopped acting further.

Antidotes are Aconite, Chamomilla and Nux Vomica. 

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Sulphur – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Sulphur is an element that occurs in nature as a brittle crystalline solid. The homeopathic medicine is prepared from brimstone. To obtain the medicine, “Flowers of Sulphur” are triturated (a process by which homeopathic medicines are prepared). Use of this remedy as a medicine dates back to many years. It is said by Dr. Hahnemann that Sulphur has been used to treat itching since 2000 years ago. As a homeopathic medicine, it is majorly used to treat skin complaints, hot flushes, early morning diarrhoea and piles.   homeopathic medicine Sulphur

The ‘Sulphur’ Constitution

It is a suitable medicine for people who are lean, are untidy and have stoop-shoulders, who walk and sit in a stooped position and do not like to stand for too long. It is suited to those with a greasy skin, matted hair, and who are prone to skin affections. People having complaints from suppressed eruptions and who are warm blooded having frequent hot flushes all over body can be treated with Sulphur.

Drug Action

This is a deep acting medicine and has marked action on almost all the organs of body out of which skin remains prominent.

It has a marked action on circulatory system and helps to relieve flushes of heat and treat piles wonderfully. Next, it helps check inflammatory conditions with marked redness, congestion and heat. It acts on the skin and helps to heal a number of skin lesions attended with itching and burning sensation. Use of Sulphur is also thought in cases where a well-indicated remedy fails to act.

Scope as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Skin Complaints

This remedy leads the chart of homeopathic remedies to treat a huge number of skin affections.

It offers great help to treat skin itching. Persons needing it have an intense burning on the skin along with itching. Most times the itching is  worse at night and from warmth of bed. They complain of sleeplessness from itching. They usually explain that itching is wandering in nature that shift from one place to another. Burning on the skin is also complained by them after scratching. Sometimes they have bleeding from skin after scratching. Affected skin areas also gets sore and painful from scratching. The skin is dry, rough and scaly along with above symptoms. Prickling sensation in the skin is also prominent. The common skin complaints that are treated effectively with Sulphur are scabies (contagious itchy skin condition caused by burrowing mites called Sarcoptes scabiei), eczema, urticaria (raised itchy bumps on skin from an allergic reaction), skin ulcers, boils (infections with pus filled lumps on skin), and pimples.

2. Headache

This is a useful medicine for treating periodical headaches that occur every week or every two weeks. Persons needing it feels throbbing all over head but especially on top of the head (vertex). Top of head is very sensitive to touch. Heat on the top of head is marked, and the forehead and eyes are tensed. There is rush of blood to head with heat. Tingling sensation may also appear on head and headache leads to weakness. They may specifically have increase in the pain from walking and going in open air. A roaring or humming sound in ears may be experienced by them along with headache.

3. For Itching and Burning in Eyes

Sulphur works very well to manage itching and burning in eyes. Person needing it also have sensation of sand in eyes. Other complaint that they have is watering from eyes. This gets more in open air. It is very suitable to treat inflammation, swelling and redness of eyes.

4. Rectal Complaints 

When it comes to treating complaints of the rectum, Sulphur offers major help in cases of constipation, diarrhoea, piles and anal itching. Use of tis remedy is considered in cases of constipation when stool is hard, dry and seems as if burnt. This is attended with frequent and ineffectual want to evacuate especially at night time. Stool is unsatisfactory with sensation as if some still remained in the rectum. Heaviness on the top of head is felt along with constipation. It is also a well-indicated medicine for prolapse of rectum, especially when passing a hard stool.

Next, it is very useful to correct complaint of early morning diarrhoea. In such cases urgency is marked and person has to rush immediately to pass stool without any wait. There is rumbling and rolling in the rectum and stool drives the person out of bed in a great hurry. Redness about the anus is marked.

Other indication to use this medicine is a complaint of piles. For using it the piles are large, swollen and painful. Persons requiring it have throbbing, shooting, stitching, smarting, burning pain in the piles both during and after stool. Soreness, itching, stinging and swelling in anus is also prominent. The person has a constant desire to scratch parts. Sometimes there is exudation of a viscid, slimy fluid from piles. They also have constipation and stool is hard that appear once in two to four days. Along with this they feel fullness in the rectum. violent bearing – down pains from small of back towards the anus are also felt. Other symptom experienced by them is pulsating pain in anus felt throughout the day. It is also indicated in bleeding piles when blood is dark in colour.

Apart from above one can use this medicine to relieve itching at anus which is intense and intolerable. It is most worse at the night time. Itching makes the person sleepless. Along with itching, a sore feeling of anus and burning are marked. Itching from piles and from worms is managed well with this medicine. It is helpful to treat worms including thread-worms, ascarides and taenia.

 5. Urinary Tract Infections

In cases requiring Sulphur for UTI, burning in the urethra during urination is main symptom. Along with this redness and inflammation of orifice of urethra is there. Stream of urine is also thin, weak. Sometimes urine stream is intermittent. In some cases urine passes slowly in drops. In addition to above symptoms, there is constant desire to urinate and  marked urgency to pass urine. Discharge of mucus or blood in urine may be there in some cases. Itching in urethra is yet another complaint. 

 6. For Male Complaints

This is a significant medicine to treat cases of weak erections. Males needing it have weak sexual power with coldness of penis. Weakness in back may be attending feature. They may also have complaint of quick discharge of semen during coition. Sometimes they have involuntary discharge of semen with burning in urethra.

Secondly, this is a beneficial medicine to relieve itching on male genitals. It also helps to reduce any associated burning and redness of parts. Any sort of eruptions also heal with its use. Offensive sweat on genitals may be felt along with above symptoms. It is also indicated to treat itching ulcers on male genitals. Such ulcers may be covered with crust with discharge of pus from underneath.

Next, it is indicated for treating chronic gonorrhoea (sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria, Neisseria gonorrhoeae). In these cases it helps to manage discharge of white or yellow mucus from urethra. It also helps to relieve associated shooting burning pains in urethra.

7. Female Disorders

This is a significant medicine to treat a number of female complaints. These mainly include vaginal discharges, itching in genitals, hot flushes and cracked nipples.

It is a very valuable medicine to treat chronic vaginal discharges in women. The females needing this medicine have very profuse, milky, yellow or greenish yellow vaginal discharge. The discharge tend to get worse at night time. It is excoriating in nature that lead to soreness, smarting and burning sensation in vagina. They have a desire to scratch parts till they bleed.
Secondly, it has a great scope to manage itching in female genitals. Females requiring this medicine also have burning in vagina along with itching. There may also be pimples on vulva with itching.

Next, it has proven to be highly effective medicine to treat hot flushes in women at their menopausal period. They mainly suffer from intense heat in head, hands and feet during their menopausal period.
Other than these, Sulphur is a magnificent medicine to heal cracked nipples. It also helps to ease associated stinging pain and burning in the  nipples. Women having bleeding from the nipples when nursing are also benefited with it.

8. Back Pain

In ancient times some countries used a bag filled with flowers of sulphur to relieve back pain. Such bag when applied heated to the back  promptly helped relieve the pain. In homeopathy its use is made in backache located in the lower back which is worse on stooping. It makes a person unable to walk erect as a result he have to walk bent over. In some cases pain in back is felt on rising from a seat or from heavy lifting. Back also feels stiff.


Sulphur is recommended in both low and high potencies. Since it is a deep acting medicine so should not be repeated frequently.

Relationship to Other Remedies

Complementary medicines are Arsenic Album, Nux Vomica Aloe and Psorinum. These medicines can be used after Sulphur  to complete its action when it is no longer acting.

Antidotes are Camphor, Chamomilla, China, Nux Vomica and Sepia. These antidote medicine can be used to neutralize the action of Sulphur in case it has aggravated the problem due to high sensitivity towards it.

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Rhus Tox – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Rhus Tox is a homeopathic medicine prepared from the fresh leaves of a plant named Poison Ivy. This poison ivy belongs to a family of flowering plants known as Anacardiaceae. This plant is generally found in the North American region. The leaves of this plant before its flowering time are gathered at sunset and potentized (a process by which homeopathic remedies are prepared). By the potentization process, the medicinal properties of this plant are extracted leaving behind any of its poisonous effects. Rhus Tox is widely used to treat joint pain, muscle pain, back pain, complaint of tendons and ligaments.   Rhus Tox

The ‘Rhus Tox’ Constitution

This remedy is well-suited to people of rheumatic diathesis i.e who are prone to suffer from joint pains. Next, it is adapted to people having sensitive skin prone to allergies, skin rash, eczema, hives.

Drug Action

Among the various body parts, the medicine is most commonly used to treat complaints related to joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is also highly recommended for treating back pain and stiffness. Apart from the above, it is beneficial to treat a number of skin ailments including vesicular (fluid filled) eruptions, urticaria (hives), herpes zoster (shingles), fever blisters and eczema.

Scope as a Homeopathic Medicine

1. Joint and Muscle Pain, Sprain

This medicine yields excellent results in wide range of joint pains. Joint pains from various reasons including arthritis (inflamed joints), gout (high uric acid), osteoarthritis (degeneration of joints) are treated with this medicine. Apart from this one can also use this medicine to ease joint pain arising from injuries, inflamed / damaged tendons and ligaments. A person having complaint of joint pain from sprain (i.e. stretching or tearing of ligaments that connect two bones together in the joints) can also be treated with this medicine. It is effective to reduce pain in joint as well as the attending swelling, stiffness arising in any of the joints in the body. Cracking sounds in joint and weakness of joints also get better with this medicine. It can also be taken in cold weather when the joint pains intensify.

In addition to above, it is also used treat muscle pains (myalgia), bone pain, general body aches, inflamed tendons/ligaments, and injuries. The patients experience extreme restlessness along with above mentioned complaints. They may have worsening of pain while at rest and relief by moving around.

 2. Back and Neck Pain

This medicine is very effective to treat cases of back pain, back stiffness,  back injury, back strains, and neck pain.

It is highly recommended to use this medicine in persons having painful and stiff neck. This pain can further extend to the shoulders, and may increase from exposure to cold air.  This is a major medicine used for treating cervical spondylosis (degenerative changes in the spine of neck region). Whiplash injuries of neck are also best treated with this remedy. Whiplash injury refers to neck injury that arise from rapid forward and backward movement of neck that commonly seen in motor vehicle accidents

It is an incomparable medicine when its comes to treating back pain and stiffness. People requiring this medicine have marked lower back pain and often feels as if back is broken. They majorly complain of  worsening of back pain when at rest, sitting still, stooping and on rising from seat. Relief is obtained by moving about, from exercise and also by hard pressure. Back ache arising from injuries and from lifting heavy weight is also treated with this remedy.

3. Lower Limb Complaints

In case of lower limbs, this remedy effectively treats sciatica and restless leg syndrome

Sciatica refers to a pain that radiates from lower back through the hips  down the leg along the path of the sciatic nerve. It helps to relief violent tearing, lightening like, burning pain in back radiating down to thigh, knee and leg. It also helps to manage numbness and formication (sensation of insects crawling under the skin) that arise from nerve irritation. Persons needing it may have increase of pain at night that cause sleeplessness. They feel the pain more when keeping still and in cold weather. They may obtain relief by heat, rubbing and moving around.

Next, it is of intense help in cases of restless leg syndrome which refers to a condition where a person has an uncontrollable urge to move the legs to relieve discomforting sensations in the lower limbs. Restlessness of lower limbs is manageable with this homeopathic medicine. The person needing it have restless legs in bed at night. They get relief by motion.

4. Skin Complaints

It is a very beneficial medicine to treat skin allergies, eruptions, and rashes.

It is a frequently used medicine for treating urticaria (raised itchy bumps on skin from an allergic reaction). It is used when there are circular elevated bumps (wheals) on skin. The skin surrounding the bumps is swollen. It is attended with burning, intolerable itching, tingling, stinging and stitching pain in the blotches. It is also specific to treat tendency of urticarial eruptions that appear in cold air and from becoming wet.

Secondly it is indicated for treating herpes zoster (a viral infection characterized by a stripe of painful blisters on skin). Rhus Tox helps to heal eruptions in such cases. It also reduces itching, tingling, burning sensation and pain in eruptions. It is also prominent to treat neuralgic (nerve) pains that remain after healing of herpes zoster eruptions.

Next, it is a leading medicine to treat fever blisters, which is a viral infection where tiny, fluid-filled blisters appear on and around the lips in clusters. Rhus Tox helps heal clusters of blisters filled with a watery substance, appearing near corners of mouth and on margin of lower lip. It also reduces the pain, soreness and biting sensation in them.

Another indication to use it is eczema. Here it is used when there are thick crusty eruptions on the skin. The surface is raw, excoriated. There is oozing of fluid which is offensive in nature. The lesions burn and itch and have tingling pains.

Its use is also considered in cases of skin rash. In such cases intolerable itching and terrible burning are present. There is marked restlessness especially at night due to itching in them.

It is also valuable to treat vesicular eruptions that itch and burn intensely. The affected skin area is dark red, burning, hot. The vesicles are filled with yellow watery fluid in cases requiring this medicine. The vesicles eventually dry and skin desquamates.

Lastly, it is useful to treat boils, abscess, carbuncles. These are the skin infections with pus filled lumps on skin. This remedy helps to fight with the infection and clear off pus discharges or blood stained discharges in them. It also relieve the pain, swelling and stinging sensations in them.

5. Throat Complaints

This medicine has a marked action to reduce inflammation of the throat, larynx (voice box) and esophagus (esophagitis).

It is given in sore throat cases when there are stitching pains in the throat. These pains worsen form talking. It is accompanied by dryness in throat, inability to drink or eat . It is valuable to treat inflamed larynx with hoarseness arising from overstraining of the voice. People needing this remedy may experience worsening of this complaint in the evening and also from change of weather. In addition to above, another indication is esophagitis with pain that worsens with eating and drinking. Esophagitis, especially after swallowing corrosive substances is most indicative to use this medicine.

6. Eye Complaints

When it comes to eye complaints, this is a significant remedy to treat iritis, styes, and photophobia.

It works well in cases of iritis (inflammation of iris I.e. the colored ring around the eye’s pupil). It is useful to manage Iritis of traumatic (arising from injury) and rheumatic origin (that follows joint inflammation). Here pain in eyes shooting to back of head are marked. Excessive flow of hot tears is also well noted. Suppuration (pus formation) may also be present.

It also treat cases of styes in an excellent manner. Styes are painful, red bump on margin of eyelid from an infection. In such cases, it treats styes present on the lower lid. It helps to reduce redness, swelling, hardness, and pain of the stye.

Next, it works to treat cases of photophobia (symptom of discomfort or pain in the eyes from bright light exposure). It is applicable for cases of intense photophobia when attended with profuse lachrymation (watering from eyes). It is most worse in morning and in open air in such cases.

7. Female Complaints

It is very significant medicine to treat uterine prolapse and sore nipples in females.

This is a prominent medicine to treat cases of uterine prolapse. Females needing it feel bearing down in pelvis with a sensation as if uterus is lying low down in pelvis. This interferes with walking. Due to this urination is also frequent and painful in them. Prolapse of uterus after delivery, from straining or lifting heavy weight is also well treated with it. It strengthens the muscles and supporting ligaments that keep the uterus well in its place. Secondly, it treats the complaint of sore nipples after delivery. The key features to use this medicine are sore nipples with eruption and itching, burning. Burning appears after scratching the eruptions. Sweating worsens the complaints.

8. Urinary complaints

In case of urinary complaints, it works well to manage  the complaint of weak bladder in females with frequent desire to urinate. It is also indicated for bladder paralysis and bed wetting issues. It is effective to manage complaint of constant dribbling of urine in boys.

9. Fever

In case of fever,  this remedy is considered when extreme body aches, restlessness, with alternate heat and chill is there. In typhoid fever dry cracked tongue with red tip, diarrhoea, restlessness (both mental and physical), mental confusion are present in cases where this medicine is indicated.


Rhus Tox can be taken two to three times a day in 30 potency. Use of high potencies like 200, 1M, 10 M should be taken only on a physician’s recommendation.

Relationship to Other Remedies

Complementary medicines are Bryonia, Calcarea Fluor and Phytolacca. These medicines can be used after Rhus Tox to complete its action when it is no longer acting.

Inimical medicine is Apis Mellifica which means Apis Mellifica should not be used after Rhus Tox.

Antidotes are Belladonna, Merc Sol and Sulphur, which can neutralize the action.

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Merc Sol – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Merc Sol is a deep acting polychrest medicine (i.e. has a wide range of action to treat number of diseases) prepared using mercury by the process of trituration. This process extracts the medicinal qualities of mercury while at the same time deactivateing all poisonous properties, thereby assuring its safety as a homeopathic medicine. Among the various complaints, it is majorly used to treat mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, sore throat, blood in stool.     Homeopathic Medicine Merc Sol

The ‘Merc Sol’ Constitution

Merc Sol is suited to persons prone to throat infection, skin complaints, inflamed intestine and UTI (urinary tract infection.)

Drug Action

It shows its action on every organ and tissue of the body. It is a great medicine to heal ulcers especially in mouth, throat, intestines and skin. Next, it acts wonderfully to reduce inflammation in various body parts including throat, gums, para nasal sinus, ear, intestines, rectum, urinary tract, male & female genitals. Its another action is to manage bleeding from ulcers, gums, nose, rectum and from urinary tract. Apart from the above it is a highly effective medicine to treat suppurative conditions (conditions with pus formation). It is also a top grade medicine to treat offensive body discharges including sweat, urine.

Scope As a Homeopathic Remedy 

1. Oral Complaints 

This is a leading medicine to treat a number of oral complaints including ulcers, increased salivation, oral thrush (fungal infection in mouth), offensive odour from mouth, stomatitis (mouth inflammation).


It is an incomparable medicine to heal ulcers in the mouth. Persons needing it may have ulcers on tongue, gums or inside the cheeks. If we look at the ulcers they are red, bluish and inflamed. Their edges are undefined with dirty, unhealthy look and are surrounded with a dark ring. Merc sol also helps to manage attending pain and burning sensation in the ulcers. Along with above features person may have thickly coated tongue with bad, odour from the mouth. A metallic, coppery taste in the mouth may also attend above complaints.


Secondly, it is useful to manage the complaint of increased salivation (ptyalism). Persons requiring it have excessive salivation especially while sleeping. The saliva is thick and stringy and may be bad tasting and offensive. In some cases it tastes metallic, like copper.

Oral Thrush

This remedy also works very well to treat oral thrush i.e fungal infection in mouth. In such cases it works well when mouth is red and inflamed. Further, small ulcers are present in the mouth. Along with this, the tongue is coated and seems as if covered with white, thick fur. It is attended with offensive breath and increased saliva.


In cases of stomatitis (mouth inflammation), it helps to reduce redness, swelling of mouth and healing the blisters/ulcers. Further it helps ease the pain, burning, and pricking sensation in the mouth associated with stomatitis.

It also works very well in cases of offensive odour from mouth or bad breath (halitosis). Odour is fetid, putrid and extremely noticeable by a person at distance.

Tooth and Gum Complaints

This remedy is well-indicated to treat gums inflammation (gingivitis), toothache, tooth decay.

In cases of gingivitis, it works well when there are swollen, red, inflamed gums with bright red margins. Other than this, the gums may be covered with thin, white patches. It is accompanied by pain and bleeding. The gums may recede with loosening or falling of teeth from the gums. Fetid odour from mouth is present.

For toothache with swollen gums, this remedy works well when there is a pain in the teeth that radiates to the ear or head, and there may be an increased flow of saliva.

This medicine is known to prevent further decay when teeth have started turning black, dirty grey from caries. There may also be loosening of teeth in gums where it is required. Stitching, tearing pains in decayed teeth are also manageable with this medicine.

2. Cold, Coryza, Sinusitis

His remedy effectively manages complaints of cold, coryza and sinusitis.

In cases of coryza with sneezing, the symptoms to note are fluent discharge from the nose, itching, burning in nose from discharge. The discharge may also be of greenish offensive pus. Additionally, the nostrils are red and. raw It is also helpful to manage the complaint of crust formation in nose that bleeds on cleansing nose.

Next, it is beneficial to treat sinusitis. In such cases mucus trickling in throat from the posterior nares is a major complaint. Other symptoms include hoarseness of voice, dry cough and tearing pains in forehead and cheeks.

It is also a renowned medicine for treating sore throat, enlarged and inflamed tonsils. Main features for its use are pain in the throat, tonsils especially when swallowing and it often radiates to the ears. If we look at the throat, it is red, swollen with dark red tonsils frequently studded with ulcers. The person may complain of rawness, roughness and a burning sensation in the throat. There is increased salivation with above symptoms. It is also a top grade medicine for managing cases of quinsy with suppuration (pus formation) in tonsils. In such cases sharp, sticking , stinging pain is prominent along with pus formation.

3. Ear Complaints

This medicine works well to treat ear complaints including earache, ear discharges (otorrhoea) and ear infections.

Persons needing this medicine have soreness, tearing, throbbing, stinging or shooting pain in ears. The pain usually worsens at night or in warmth. Burning sensation in the ear may be present.

Other than this, this medicine is useful to treat ear infection with discharge. The discharges are specifically pus-like, yellow, green and offensive. Sometimes the discharge is blood-stained, and there my be itching and pain in the ears with roaring noises.

 4. GIT (gastro intestinal) Complaints

When it comes to the GIT, this remedy has a definitive action to reduce the inflammation of intestine and rectum. It is also one of the most effective medicines to manage the complaint of blood and mucus in stool. If we see therapeutically, it shows remarkable results in cases of ulcerative colitis (disease with inflammation and ulcers in large intestine and rectum) proctitis (inflamed rectum), dysentery (intestinal infection that leads to severe loose stool with blood, sometimes mucus).

Persons needing it have watery, green / yellow, frothy, slimy stool. It is accompanied by excessive blood and mucus in stool and occasionally undigested food particles. They have continued urge to pass stool. A “never-gets-done” feeling persists even after passing stool for a number of times. It results in intense weakness. Another complaint that they have is pinching and cutting in abdomen before and during stool. Other symptoms are burning in anus, pain in rectum, nausea, vomiting and marked chilliness.

5. Vaginal Discharges (Leucorrhoea)

This medicine can help treat vaginal discharges (leucorrhoea) in females and is prescribed when vaginal discharges are yellowish, greenish in colour, sometimes blood-stained too. It causes intense itching and biting in genitals especially at night. Itching of genitals gets worse from contact of urine. In most cases, a violent burning appears after scratching the parts.  It is a majorly used medicine for treating vaginal infections and vaginitis with presence of above symptoms.

6. Male Complaints

This is an important medicine to treat orchitis (inflammation of testicles.) Here it is useful to reduce the inflammation and pain in testicles. It also helps relieve drawing sensation in the groin and spermatic cord. It proves to be an excellent medicine to treat inflammation of testicles, related to gonorrhoea.

Next, it is indicated to treat gonorrhoea with greenish, purulent discharges. Along with discharges male have burning in forepart of urethra. Their prepuce and glans are intensely swollen, red.

Other complaint where it is helpful is vesicular (fluid filled) eruptions or ulcers on forepart and sides of the glans penis. They tend to ooze fluid of yellow white colour, with a strong, offensive odour. Burning on the penis and sweat on the genitals is also present.

In addition to above, this remedy is majorly used for Balanitis where there is extreme swelling and pain in the glans and the prepuce. In few cases small vesicles appears on the glans and prepuce with oozing of fluid and burning sensation. Foreskin is sore and there may be yellowish pus in drops.

7. Urinary Complaints

When it comes to urinary complaints, this remedy is recommended to treat cases of polyuria (frequent urination), painful / burning urination,  blood in urine (haematuria), urinary tract infection (UTI), and overactive / irritable bladder.

The key features to use it in urinary issues are increased frequency of urination and marked urgency to urinate where person must hurry to pass urine. The frequency of urine is increased both day and night. There is also flow of urine in a thin stream, sometimes only drop by drop. Violent burning in urethra on beginning to urinate also appears with above symptoms. Mucus or blood may appear in urine. Another peculiar feature is strong, offensive smell in urine.

8. Skin Complaints

This homeopathic medicine can take care of many skin issues. First among them is skin itching, where there is itching that is most troublesome at night. The itching is violent, intolerable and person is obliged to scratch it intensely. The itching shifts from place to place.
Next, it is frequently used for vesicular eruptions with redness on the skin. The vesicles discharge thin, clear fluid

It is also highly applicable to treat skin ulcers which are large and bleeding. The margins of ulcers are highly inflamed. Pricking and cutting pains frequently appear in the ulcers.

One can also use this medicine to get rid of increased and offensive sweat on body. Lastly,  cases of herpes zoster with burning pains in the eruptions can be significantly improved with this medicine.


Merc Sol can be used in 30 potency. It can be repeated two to three times day depending upon the intensity of the complaint.

Relationship with Other Remedies

Complementary medicine is Badiaga.

Inimical medicines are Acetic Acid and Silicea .

Antidotes are Hepar Sulph, Aurum Met and Mezereum.

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Belladonna – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

The remedy Belladonna is prepared from a plant called Deadly Nightshade of the natural order Solanaceae. It is prepared from whole plant when it is beginning to flower. This plant is native to Greece, Italy and Britain. Among the various therapeutic uses of this medicine, the most prominent ones are headaches, sore throat, tonsillitis, cough, earache, abdominal colic and fever.   Belladonna homeopathic medicine

The ‘Belladonna’ Constitution

This remedy is suitable to plethoric (having excess of blood) individuals disposed to inflammations with red, congested, hot face. It also suits people who are prone to glandular swellings. Next, it best adapts the people who suffer from complaints coming suddenly with violence and leaving as suddenly as they appear.

Drug Action

It has a marked action on the nervous system where it helps to treat active congestion, excitement, mania, delirium, delusions, twitching, convulsions and pain. It also has action on the vascular system where symptoms to use it are hot, red skin, flushed face and throbbing in the carotids.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy 

1. Mental Complaints 

This is an excellent medicine to deal with mind complaints among which fears, violent behaviour and mania stands prominent. Individuals needing it have majorly fear of animals, dogs, wolves, rats, fear of death, of ghosts and imaginary things. In such cases person wants to run away and hide due to fear. Next, its use is made in cases of violent behaviour and mania where disposition to bite and strike people around them is shown by the sufferer. Among them fits of laughter with gnashing of teeth and violent screaming is also shown. Their face gets hot, red with injected eyes and protruding, pupils with violent pulsation of carotids during violent attacks. The head also gets hot with wild staring pupils Along with this restlessness and jumping up and down is present.

2. For Meningitis

Meningitis is the inflammation of the meninges (the protective membranes that covers the brain and spinal cord). This medicine helps reduce inflammation of meninges, particularly in the very first stage of meningitis. The children needing it have flushed face, hot head with dry heat in body. They also are drowsy with scanty urine and nausea. Peculiar symptom of boring head in pillow is prominent among them with above indications.

3. Headaches and Migraine

This is a leading medicine to treat headaches of various kinds including migraine, sinus headache, tension headache, congestive and blood pressure related headache. People needing this complain of throbbing, pulsating, congestive pain especially in the temporal region (side region) of head. They have intense, violent pain in the head with a sensation as if it would burst. Headache comes on suddenly, lasts indefinitely and ceases suddenly. They also feel fullness and heat in the head with sensation as if whole blood has rushed to head. Along with headache there is heat and redness of face, eyes with throbbing carotids. Occasionally nausea is complained of. Sometimes dizziness may also appear with above symptoms. This medicine is also prescribed for headache cases based on some particular modalities (worsening and relieving factors). The worsening factors of headache that guides its use are light, noise, cold air exposure, least jar, exertion, sun exposure, motion of head and eyes. The relieving factor for headache pointing its use include pressure and tight bandaging.

4. Vertigo

This medicine is highly useful to treat vertigo. People needing Belladonna feel as if everything is turning around in a circle. It seems as if there is rush of blood to head. Along with it they feel pulsations in the head, dimness of vision and nausea along with vertigo. It mainly helps in cases where vertigo gets worse from every movement of body. Other worsening factors for vertigo based on which it may be used are stooping, rising from stooping and turning in bed.

 5. Eye Complaints

This remedy has marked affinity to treat eye related troubles.


This medicine works well in cases of conjunctivitis, especially in the early stages. It works well to reduce the inflammation of conjunctiva. As the inflammation goes down, the redness and lachrymation of eyes also get controlled. Further to it the symptoms of eye itching, lachrymation, burning, smarting in the eyes and intolerance to light are also taken care of.

Pain in Eyes

It is useful for managing pain deep in eyes. In cases where it is indicated, movement of eyes and light exposure worsens the pain, and the pain may be pressive, shooting, stinging in nature. Pain from the eyes tends to spread to the head and heat in the eyes is also felt.


In cases of photophobia, this medicine works when the person needing it cannot tolerate light. This is accompanied with a pressing pain in the eyes and head and the person prefers to be in a dark room.

Diplopia (Double Vision)

This medicine works well when  the objects seems double to the sufferer and also if they seems crooked or seem to revolve. Pain in eyes with double vision may also be expressed, and pain is mainly explained to be as shooting, aching or stinging type. Other symptoms include sensitivity to light, dryness and heat in eyes.


Its use in cases of keratitis with congested eyes, heat and pain is noteworthy. Here pains are sharp, shooting in nature many times with intolerance to light (Photophobia)

Dry Eyes

It is beneficial for treating dry eyes where there is pain in the eyes, itching, redness and sand-like sensation, along with burning.

6. Ear Complaints

It offers major help in treating pain in ears that is sharp, shooting, boring stitching in nature. The pain in ear from various reasons like infections, inflammations, otitis media and otitis interna can be corrected with its use. Individuals in need of it most times have worsening of pain from chewing and from least noise. Along with it they may have roaring, ringing or humming noises in ear. They may be hard of hearing too.

7. For Mumps

In mumps, it is indicated when there is swelling of parotid gland, with  violent pains. The pain may be shooting, tearing or stitching type.

8. Throat Complaints

For Sore Throat and Tonsillitis

This is one of the best medicines to treat sore throat and tonsillitis. Here it offers most help in acute cases and can be considered a first-aid remedy. The persons needing it have marked pain in throat that gets worse on swallowing food and also on empty swallowing. If we look at their throat, it is red, shiny, sore, swollen and the tonsils are also bright red, enlarged, swollen, inflamed. It may be attended with heat and burning sensation in the throat. Other symptoms include a lump in the throat, constricted sensation in throat with dry and scraping sensation. Fever usually appears with above features.


In cases of laryngitis, this remedy works well when the symptoms are hoarseness of voice, feeble voice, rough voice, husky voice, dry cough with occasional spells of suffocation. Sometimes complete aphonia is there. Pain in larynx when talking also appears along with dryness in throat.


It is highly recommended to treat dry, short, rough, hollow, hacking cough. There is a tickling sensation in the throat along with coughing day and night. With cough the throat gets dry, raw, red, sore and inflamed. Sensation of foreign body inside throat is present, and cough may become worse upon talking. It also works well in case of spasmodic cough with vomiting and cough caused by dust in the air.

9. Abdominal Colic

It is very effective to treat abdominal pain that is shooting, cutting, pressing, gnawing, gripping, pinching, flatulent type. The pain starts from one place in abdomen and spreads over larger portion of it. Tenderness and burning in abdomen attends to it. Pains appears suddenly and there is worsening of pain when walking. It gets better by stooping forward. Children with bellyaches are greatly helped by this remedy when they lie on their belly for colic relief.

10. Urinary problems

When it comes to urinary complaints, its use is suggested in cases of retention of urine, urinary tract infections (UTI) and bedwetting. It works well in cases of urine retention where there is a difficulty in passing urine, passage of urine is in a weak stream or only in drops. It is highly helpful for post-partum retention of urine.

Its next major indications include urine infections, cystitis, UTI with stinging, burning pains along with frequent urine. Urine is scanty, passes in a feeble stream and sometimes is blood stained in addition to being painful.

It also serves as a chief medicine in cases of bed wetting. It works well both for bed wetting in day or night time during sleep. Restlessness during sleep is also marked where it is implied. Sometimes starting during sleep is present. In few cases, profuse sweating attends bed wetting.

11. Skin issues

It can be taken in case of marked redness of the skin with or without eruptions. Heat and dryness of skin presents along with redness. It also works well in cases of boils when used as soon as they appear with extreme redness and swelling.

12. Female Disorders

This is a valuable medicine for females to combat the complaint of dysmenorrhea (painful periods), uterine prolapse, profuse periods. Firstly, it is beneficial for treating menstrual cramps with bright red bleeding. Pain in back and from hip to hip is also there in case of painful periods. Secondly, its use in prolapse of uterus is remarkable. In such cases, bearing down pains as if everything would come out from vulva is a guiding feature. This sensation is most felt on lying down and in the morning, and is relieved by standing and sitting erect. Along with this fullness, and burning in uterus is also felt. Mostly menopausal women with prolapse of uterus are helped by this medicine. Lastly, it works well in cases where there is heavy, gushing, offensive bleeding during periods.

13. Fever

Among the various medicine used to treat fever, Belladonna leads the chart. The classic symptoms to use it in fever are marked heat in the body most marked in head and face plus dry, hot skin. There is prominent pain in head along with it. Thirst for water is completely absent during fever with above symptoms.


Belladonna can be used both in low and high potencies. Its frequent repetition is recommended in acute cases of illness. 

Relationship with Other Remedies

Complementary medicine is Calcarea Carb.

Inimical medicine is Acetic Acid.

Antidotes are Camphor, Coffea Cruda and Opium.

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Arsenic Album – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is prepared from the white oxide of metallic Arsenic, . A solution is prepared by diluting aqueous arsenic . It is diluted till the point where no trace of arsenic is left behind in the solution and it is no longer poisonous. This can then be used as a medicine to treat a wide range of diseases without any side effects.   Arsenic Album

The ‘Arsenic Album’ Constitution

Arsenic Album is adapted to a hydrogenoid constitution. It is suited to people of full plethoric habit (excessive blood in the body.) It is also suitable for young, anaemic people.

Drug Action

Arsenic Album is a deep-acting, polychrest medicine that has prominent action on almost every organ of the body. Action of Arsenic Album is marked on the nerves where it helps to treat neuralgia and neuritis. It also acts on blood and blood-vessels and helps to treat varices, anaemia and conditions where there is a loss of blood (as in metrorrhagia, haemoptysis.) Apart from the above, its action on the nose, mind, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract and skin is highly commendable.

Clinical Indications

Arsenic Album is used to treat anxiety, OCD, Asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, food poisoning, allergic rhinitis, stomach inflammation & ulcers, psoriasis, eczema, enlarged liver,  and hepatitis.

Scope As a Homeopathic Remedy 

1. Mental Complaints 

Arsenic Album is a leading remedy for treating complaints of the mind. It works on a deep psychological level to aid relief in cases of many mind complaints, primarily indicated for anxiety, fears and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

Anxiety and Fears

A person having anxiety issues can benefit from this remedy. The major anxieties in such cases include anxiety about health, about future, about little affairs of life. Along with anxiety, excessive restlessness may also be present. The person finds rest nowhere and tends to change place continually. There is trembling, palpitations, sweating, and coldness of limbs. A constriction of the chest and difficulty in breathing attends. A night aggravation of anxiety may be seen. The affected person remains sleepless, and lots of fears prevail among them, the most common being a fear of death, fear of catching an infection and fear of financial loss.

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

This remedy is highly suggested for treating cases of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It helps a person of OCD to overcome a habit of frequent hand washing. A person requiring Arsenic Album has marked fear of germs and catching an infection. He is obsessed with a thought that every object is dirty and carries germs. As a result a compulsion to wash hands arise and he frequently washes hands after touching any object to prevent infection.

Cold, Allergic Rhinitis, Hay Fever

This medicine has a marked action on the nasal mucous membranes and proves a very useful remedy for treating nasal complaints. A person having cold, influenza, allergic rhinitis/hay fever can be treated well. Here the guiding symptoms for its use are fluent nasal discharges along with frequent and violent sneezing. The nasal discharges are thin, watery, acrid, excoriating in nature. They cause burning, smarting in the nostrils. These discharges tend to corrode the upper lip. Nose may also feel stopped up. In case of influenza, excessive fatigue and tiredness attends nasal symptoms. Person needing this medicine may have worsening of symptoms in open air and feel relief indoors.

2. Respiratory Problems 

This medicine is highly recommended to treat respiratory complaints including asthma and pneumonia. In cases of asthma, it is indicated when there is difficulty breathing, constriction/tightness in chest and prominent wheezing in the chest. A suffocated sensation arises, and cough with yellow, green or frothy sputum attends. Sometimes a burning sensation in the chest is also felt. Anxiety and restlessness in a high degree may be present with breathing trouble. Asthma attacks that are worse on lying down or at night time are also treated wonderfully with Arsenic Album.


This medicine is also considered in cases of pneumonia where a key feature to use it is cough with dark, offensive or purulent sputum. Burning and heat in chest are well marked. Excessive weakness attends too. Pneumonia from taking cold is also suggestive of its use.

3. Gastro-intestinal Troubles

This remedy has a wonderful action on the GIT (gastrointestinal tract) where it helps to reduce inflammation in the gastric tract, relieve the burning pains and combat food poisoning.

Food Poisoning

This remedy is a first aid response to be used in cases of food poisoning. It aids in quick relief in diarrhoea, nausea, and vomiting. The vomiting mainly contains clear water, and the stool is loose, offensive, and accompanied with extreme debility. Nausea and burning sensation in the abdomen is marked. Abdominal colic is present, and stomach disorders from taking bad meat, bad water, rotten cheese, watery fruits, alcoholism are also treated well with this medicine.

Gastritis and Stomach Ulcers

In case of gastritis and gastric ulcers, it is well-indicated when pain in stomach specifically violent burning type is present. Stomach burns as from hot coals inside it. Sometimes stitching or stinging in stomach is also felt. The epigastric region is sensitive to slightest touch. Distension, bloating, fullness, hardness and sensation of weight as from a stone in stomach attends. Least food is not tolerated and is vomited at once.

Heartburn and GERD 

It helps relieve heartburn when there is an extreme burning in the middle of chest. The food pipe seems to be burning as from a corroding substance. Along with this, nausea and vomiting may also appear.


Use of this medicine in piles is considered when excessive burning is present, and the piles burn as if like fire. Along with it, there is a marked stitching pain while walking or sitting.


In cases of diarrhoea, this medicine is indicated when the stools are watery with tearing, cutting pain in abdomen. The stool is profuse and is very offensive (like rotten eggs.) The stool may be brownish or greenish in colour. Mucus and undigested particles may be present in the stool. Sometimes the stool passes involuntarily and a violent burning in the abdomen before and during loose stools is present. Extreme weakness (sometimes with fainting) and a cold sweat appears.


The symptoms indicating the need for this remedy in cases of dysentry are a watery stool which is highly offensive mixed with blood. The blood is dark most times, and the stool may pass involuntarily. Great prostration appears with the above symptoms. Violent burning in the abdomen is present, and chilliness, anxiety, and cutting pain in the abdomens present before passing stool. During stool, there is a burning in the anus and rectum and the rectum feels contracted.

4. Skin Issues 

A number of skin issues are taken care of with this homeopathic remedy, like Psoriasis, eczema, and more. 

For Psoriasis, this medicine helps relieve the dryness, roughness and excessive scaling from the lesions.

In cases of eczema, this medicine works well where there are dry, scaly eruptions. It is attended with marked itching and burning. This remedy helps heal dry, scaly eruptions as well as control the accompanied itching and burning.

Apart from the above, some other skin complaints that are treated with Arsenic Album are lichen Planus, ringworm, urticaria, herpes zoster and gangrene.

5. Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

This remedy is of great service in treating cases of chronic fatigue syndrome where there is excessive fatigue from little exertion, a lack of strength to do anything, a desire to lie down all the time due to fatigue and anxiety attended with weakness.

6. Liver Disorders 

This is an important medicine for enlarged liver and hepatitis. In such cases, pressure and tension in  right hypochondrium is present. Most times burning or stitching pain in the region of liver, or a pressing pain may be present. The right hypochondrium also feels bloated.

7. Sleep Issues

This is a good remedy to treat sleeplessness present with restlessness and anxiety. There is constant tossing and turning in the bed. It is also indicated for sleep full of tiresome dreams full of care, sorrow, fear, death, and misfortunes.

8. Urinary Complaints

Arsenic Album is indicated to treat cystitis and nephritis (kidney inflammation). The symptoms that are present includes scanty urine along with burning. Urine passes with difficulty and is turbid and purulent. Pus and blood with a fetid door passes in the urine. Fever and restlessness arise with above, and in severe cases, albumen passes in the urine. Stitches in the renal region may also be present. 


This remedy can be used in both low and high potencies. It is used in low potencies in GIT complaints and renal disease, while in cases of nervous disease and skin-related problems, higher potencies are recommended.

Relationship to Other Remedies

The complementary medicines are Carbo Veg, Phosphorus, Thuja.

The antidotes are Camphor, China, Nux vomica, Opium and Veratrum Album.

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Natrum Mur – Homeopathic Medicine: Its Uses, Indications and Dosage

Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur is prepared from Common Salt (Sodium chloride, NaCl). With the process of trituration the hidden medicinal properties of common salt are raised and converted into a brilliant homeopathic medicine having a very wide sphere of action. It is one among the Schuessler’s twelve tissue remedies. As a homeopathic remedy, it is mainly used to treat depression, nasal allergies, migraine, headaches, skin complaints and female disorders.
natrum mur

The ‘Natrum Mur’ Constitution

Natrum Mur is suited to anaemic, chlorotic, thin and cachetic people. Tuberculous, scrofulous, and dropsical diathesis call for its use. It is also adapted to those who suffer from complaints arising consequent to loss of animal fluids. The Natrum Mur people are emaciated and lose flesh even while eating well. Along with emaciation, they suffer from great debility, nervous prostration, nervous irritability and also have great liability to catch a cold. Their skin is pale, waxy, and looks as if greased. They are reserved, introverted, nervous personalities and have a highly sensitive nature.

Drug Action

Natrum Mur is a deep-acting medicine with a wide sphere of action. Its action is mainly marked on mind, nose, head, eyes, scalp, female genitals and skin. It offers acts on the gastro-intestinal tract and stimulates digestion and secretion of gastric juice. It alsohas a marked action on nasal mucus membrane. As per Schussler,  salt is excreted through the mucus. So he says that this must be the remedy for all catarrhs. Further, it acts upon the sebaceous glands and treats oily skin, particularly face and scalp. Apart from the above, it also has major effect on blood and helps to increase RBC’s and treat anaemia.

Clinical Indications 

Natrum Mur has a wide range of uses, the major among them being depression, ailments from grief, nasal allergies, migraine headache, weak eyesight, hair fall, dandruff, menstrual irregularities, vaginal discharge, genital herpes, dyspareunia, eczema and urticaria.

Scope as a Homeopathic Remedy

1. For Depression 

Grief, depression, melancholy, gloominess, sadness, weeping, anxiety, irritability are all the keywords pointing towards  the use of Natrum Mur.

This remedy possesses a great potential to treat cases of depression. People who need this experience sadness with much weeping that gets worse from consolation. They also prefer to be alone. Tendency to dwell on past unpleasant memories predominates. Aversion to work both mental and physical attends. They are hopeless about the future. Anxiety, irritability, restlessness, indifferent behaviour also accompanies. They tend to get easily offended too. Along with sadness, anxiety, palpitations and fluttering of heart is also there. Absent mindedness with difficulty of thinking also prevail among them. A thought that some misfortune is about to happen predominates. Sleeplessness that arises from depression is also treated well with this medicine, as are ailments arising from grief, disappointed love, suppressed emotions, anger, vexation, mortification, reserved displeasure and fright. Postpartum depression and premenstrual syndrome with depressed feeling also indicates the use of Natrum Mur.

2. Nasal Complaints 

Use of this remedy in colds has been considered since ancient times. In old school practice, it was used in solution as a douche or spray in cases of nasal catarrh. In homeopathy, it proves beneficial for people who have tendency to take a cold easily. The results shown by this medicine in cases of allergic rhinitis ‘hay fever’ are remarkable. Here sneezing, watery discharge from nose and eyes is present. Sometimes the nasal discharge is clear and white. The nose may be stuffy too with difficulty of breathing through nose. In some cases fluent coryza alternates with stoppage of nose. Burning and soreness in the nose may attend above. The patient may also have loss of smell and taste with catarrh.

3. For Migraine and Headache

It is a top-listed medicine to treat migraine headache. Sun headache from sunrise to sunset is a perfect indication, where the headache is intense with sensation as if it would burst. The head also feel congested from blood. Along with  a headache, disturbed vision and photophobia may accompany. Sometimes headache is preceded by zig-zag dazzling in eyes, like lightning. A very characteristic headache where a person feels as if thousand little hammers are knocking in brain is also a very peculiar indication. Other indication are headache from errors of refraction and eye strain and a headache during or before menstrual cycle in females.

4. For Eye Complaints

This remedy helps treat a number of eye complaints, primarily myopia (near sightedness) and weak eyesight. It is useful for treating cases of double vision (diplopia), floaters including black specks, streaks of light and sparks before eyes. It also works for treating incipient cataract and preserves the transparency of tissues of lens of eye.

5. For Scalp Complaints

The use of this remedy is highly recommended in scalp complaints including hair fall and dandruff. The hair fall is abundant. Even touching the scalp leads to hair fall. It is also indicated for dry hair, in cases of dandruff where the flakes are white in colour, and for humid eruptions on the scalp. The eruptions discharge gluey matter that results in matting of the hair and also loss of hair. Apart from the above, Natrum Mur is a significant remedy to treat itching over the scalp.

6. For Female Disorders

As a medicine, it has a very wide range of action over female genital organs, mainly for treating vaginal discharges (leucorrhea) in females. The leucorrhea discharge is very profuse, white or greenish and acrid in nature. The discharge causes itching and smarting pain in the vagina. Before discharge, colic and bearing-down sensation may appear. Leucorrhea is attended with excessive debility in most of the cases.

It is also a prominent remedy to regularise menstrual cycle. In addition to this, it is indicated for treating sterility in females.

It is also an excellent remedy for treating symptoms of sadness, anxiety and irritability that appears before menses. Suppressed menses especially from grief also calls for its use.

Women who have the complaint of painful sex (dyspareunia) and low sex drive are also benefited with this medicine. They mainly have attending dryness of vagina with above complaint. Burning and smarting pain in vagina also may be felt during intercourse.

Many post-partum complaints including prolonged, copious white lochia,  for complaint of hair fall from scalp & genitals and decreased lactation also call for the need of this medicine.

7. For Skin Complaints

It is frequently used to treat a number of skin conditions like fever blisters, urticaria, genital herpes, eczema, warts (on palms of hand) being the main ones. The remedy has also proven to be very helpful to treat eczema and is mainly useful for dry eczema where the skin is dry, raw, red and inflamed.

Next, its use is highly considered in cases of urticaria with large red blotches that cover the whole body. Marked itching and burning in blotches is there. Urticaria mainly follows violent exercise.

It also treats fever blisters/cold sores where the vesicles are filled with watery contents and they appear like pearls about the lips.

The remedy also yields good results in case of eruptions that appear in the bend of the limbs, around the borders of the hair and behind the ears. Apart from these, it is helpful for treating genital herpes (in both males and females), acne, comedones, sunburns, dry and chapped skin, hangnails, and warts specifically on the palms of hands.

8. For Anaemia

It is a significant homeopathic medicine to treat anaemia. PersonS needing it have pale look, with blue circles around the eyes. They suffer from great exhaustion arising from little exertion and seem emaciated.

9. For Rectal Complaints

When it comes to the rectum, this is a highly powerful medicine to treat constipation in cases where the stool is dry, hard,  and crumbling. It may also be like sheep dung. The stool is unsatisfactory and passes with much difficulty and many times with tearing and shooting in rectum and anus. Another notable complaint to make use of Natrum Mur is burning in the anus and rectum both during and after stool.


Natrum Mur is used in both low and high potencies. In acute complaints it can be used in low potency frequently while in chronic cases use of high potencies in infrequent doses is recommended.

Relation to Other Remedies

This remedy is a chronic of Ignatia in the mental sphere, while complementary medicines are Apis and Sepia.

It is followed well by Sepia and Thuja and the antidote medicines to it are Arsenic Album, Nux Vomica and Phosphorus.

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10 Highly Effective Homeopathic Remedies for Pudendal Neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia refers to chronic pelvic pain arising from damage or irritation of the pudendal nerve. The pudendal nerve supplies the areas including lower buttocks; perineum; area around anus and rectum; labia, vulva and clitoris in females; scrotum and penis in males; external anal sphincter and urethral sphincter. Homeopathic remedies for pudendal neuralgia help manage pain, numbness in the pelvis as well as genitals and other attending complaints like urinary issues, erectile dysfunction, painful coition in cases of pudendal neuralgia.   Homeopathic remedies for pudendal neuralgia

Pudendal neuralgia may arise from direct injury to the pudendal nerve, injury to pudendal nerve from surgery to pelvic area or from childbirth, muscles spasm in pelvic floor that compresses the nerve, damage to nerve from an infection or disease, compression of nerve from a tumour that squeeze or irritate the nerve. Activities including prolonged sitting, horse riding and excessive bicycling also predispose a person to pudendal neuralgia. In some cases no cause behind pudendal neuralgia may be found.

Homeopathic Remedies for Pudendal Neuralgia

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective to treat the complaint of pudendal neuralgia. The top grade medicines to treat pudendal neuralgia are Colocynthis, Magnesia Phos, Hypericum, Platina and Sepia. The suitable medicines among them are selected based on the characteristic symptoms in every individual case.

1. Colocynthis – For Marked Pelvic Pain

Colocynthis is prepared from pulp of fruit of plant named Citrullus colocynthis, Cucumis colocynthis or Bitter Apple. This plant belongs to natural order Cucurbitaceae. Colocynthis is a top grade medicine for pudendal neuralgia with marked pelvic pain. Persons needing Colocynth have intense pain in the hip. The nature of pain may be stitching, cutting, cramping, drawing, tearing, throbbing type. The pain may extend down  to the leg. Lying on the affected side tend to give relief. The hip may feel swollen and sensitive to touch.  Pricking, burning, sticking and excoriating pain in anus may also be present. Darting pains in rectum may attend. In females, dragging pain in vagina may accompany the above symptoms.

2. Magnesia Phos – For Pelvic Pains of Darting, Shooting Type

Magnesia Phos is a beneficial medicine for pudendal neuralgia with pelvic pains of darting, shooting type.  It is also suitable for lightning-like neuralgic pains. Pains are intense and unbearable in nature and may be shifting in nature, changing location from one place to other. Numbness may arise with pains in affected areas. Worsening of pain is noted at night. Relief in the pain from warmth and pressure is a general characteristic feature where Magnesia Phos is indicated.

3. Hypericum – For Burning Pains and Numbness

Hypericum is prepared plant from Hypericum perforatum also known by the name of St. John’s Wort. The natural order of this plant is Hypericaceae. Hypericum is a great nerve remedy for cases presented with marked burning pains and numbness. Intense excruciating neuralgic pains also attend. Tingling sensation may also appear along with above symptoms. Hypericum is a top grade medicine for treating pudendal neuralgia that arises from nerve injury.

4. Platina – For Pain in Female Genitals

Platina is an excellent medicine for treating pudendal neuralgia in females complaining of neuralgic pain in genitals. Tingling sensation in genitals may be there along with pain. A marked sensitivity of the genitals is also present, causing an inability to touch the genitals. The vulva is very sensitive and painful during coitus where Platina is needed. In some cases numbness in the genitals may also be felt.

5. Sepia – For Painful Coition in Females

Sepia is a  very beneficial medicine for managing complaint of painful coition in females suffering from pudendal neuralgia. Sexual parts are tender to touch and sexual intercourse is intolerable. Blood from vagina after coition may appear. Pain in vagina mainly of stitching nature are marked. Labia and perineum are also sore. 

6. Conium – For Pain in Male Genitals

Conium is very effective to treat pudendal neuralgia in males having pain in genitals. Males needing Conium mainly have pain in scrotum that often radiates to root of penis. Most times the pain is cutting in nature. Along with this frequent urging for urination may be present. While urinating burning, cutting pain may be felt. Conium is also helpful for treating complaint of erectile dysfunction in males having pudendal neuralgia. Painful emission of semen may also be present.

7. Caladium – For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Caladium is prepared from the plant Caladium seguinum commonly known as Dumb Cane. The natural order of this plant is Araceae. Caladium is very suitable to treat erectile dysfunction in males having pudendal neuralgia. Males requiring Caladium suffers from weak erections or incomplete erections. Sexual desire is present. Stitching pain in penis may also be there. Caladium is also useful in cases where complaint of painful erections is present.

8. Merc Sol – To Manage Frequent and Urgent Urination

Merc Sol is very valuable to manage complaint of frequent and urgent urination in pudendal neuralgia cases. In cases requiring Merc Sol, frequency of urination is increased both in the day and at night time. Sometimes there is need to pass urine every hour. Along with this there is marked urgency to pass urine and person has to rush to urinate. Burning pain in urethra may be felt on beginning to urinate.

Symptoms of Pudendal Neuralgia

Majorly, pelvic pain is the main symptom of pudendal neuralgia. The pain locates around any of the area (buttocks, perineum, area around anus / rectum, genitals) supplied by pudendal nerve and may be burning, shooting, sharp or electric shock-like in nature. Pain most times get worse from sitting and is better by standing or lying. Apart from pain,  numbness, pin needle sensation, swollen feeling or increased sensitivity to touch in the pelvic area supplied by pudendal nerve may be felt. Other symptoms include frequent and urgent urination, painful intercourse and erectile dysfunction in men.

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Chlamydia – 10 Effective Homeopathic Medicines

Chlamydia is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a bacteria named Chlamydia Trachomatis. It is commonly spread through vaginal, oral and anal sex. This can also pass from mother to a baby during vaginal delivery if the mother is infected with this infection. Homeopathic medicines for chlamydia provide a very effective and natural treatment.

homeopathic medicines for chlamydia

There are certain risk factors that increase the chance of getting a chlamydia infection. It includes having multiple sex partners, having unprotected sex with a person who might be having the infection, any previous history of a STI. Though Chlamydia infection affects both men and women, it is most common among young women.

Homeopathic Medicines for Chlamydia

Homeopathic medicines boost the body’s natural defence mechanism to fight with bacterial agent and bring about natural recovery in chlamydia cases. They also help in excellent symptomatic management of this infection. The top grade homeopathic medicines for symptomatic treatment of chlamydia infection are Sepia, Kreosote, Cantharis, Petroselinum and cannabis Sativa.

1. Sepia – To Manage Vaginal Discharge

Sepia is highly beneficial to manage vaginal discharge in cases of chlamydia infection. It can be used when the vaginal discharge is yellow, greenish, clear like water or milky white coloured. The vaginal discharge may get worse after urinating. The discharge may be acrid and excoriating in nature causing a burning sensation in the vagina. Itching in vagina is also marked. The discharge may have a fetid odour too. Frequent urging to urinate is also present with above symptoms. Bearing down pains in pelvis are marked. Other attending complaint is painful coition.

2. Kreosote – For Offensive Vaginal Discharge

Kreosote is an excellent medicine to treat offensive vaginal discharge in chlamydia infection. The vaginal discharge has a putrid odour. The colour of discharge may be yellow or white. The discharge is acrid, corrosive in nature causing much itching in genitals. Soreness and burning in genitals after scratching arises. Stitching pain and smarting sensation in vagina may appear too. The discharge tend to get worse on standing or walking. Great weakness appears along with the above symptoms.

3.Natrum Mur – To Manage Complaint of Painful Intercourse in Females

Natrum Mur is very useful to manage complaint of painful intercourse in females suffering from chlamydia. Along with pain burning and smarting sensation is felt in the vagina during coition. Soreness and itching in vagina may also attend. Dryness of vagina may be there or in some cases vaginal discharges are prominent. The discharges tend to be transparent, watery and very profuse. Intense debility appears along with copious vaginal discharges.

4. Argentum Nitricum – For Managing Bleeding Following Intercourse

Argentum Nitricum is a helpful medicine to manage bleeding following intercourse in females having chlamydia infection. Intercourse is painful, and profuse yellow vaginal discharges may also be complained along with above features. Sometimes the vaginal discharges are blood stained.

5. Petroselinum – To Treat Chlamydia Infection in Males with Milky Fluid Urethral Discharge

Petroselinum is prepared from a plant Petroselinum Sativum commonly named as Parsley. The natural order of this plant is Umbelliferae. Use of Petroselinum is considered for treating chlamydia infection in male having milky fluid discharge from urethra. Along with this itching and biting sensation in the urethra is marked. In some cases drawing or crawling sensation in urethra is felt. Frequent desire to urinate along with marked urgency may attend above symptoms.

6. Cannabis Sativa – For Yellow Watery Mucus Urethral Discharge in Males

Cannabis Sativa is a valuable medicine for treating chlamydia infection in males having yellow watery mucus discharge from urethra. Along with this dragging and aching in testicles may be felt. Other attending symptoms are burning while urinating, straining to pass urine and scanty urination. Stitching pain in urethra may also accompany above symptoms.

7. Pulsatilla – For Yellowish Green Discharges from Urethra in Males

Pulsatilla is prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly named as Pasque flower or Wind Flower. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is significant medicine for treating chlamydia in males having yellowish green discharge from urethra. The discharges are thick. Along with this pain, swelling and burning sensation in testicles may be present.

8. Cantharis – For Managing Burning/painful Urination

Cantharis is a beneficial medicine to manage complaint of burning/painful urination in chlamydia infection. Pain and burning arise while urinating. It may also be there before and after urination in many cases. Cutting pains in urethra are prominent. Frequency of urination is also increased and the urine may be scanty. Urine may contain jelly-like shreddy particles sometimes.

9. Merc Sol – For Frequent Urination

Merc Sol is highly effective to manage complaint of frequent urination in chlamydia infection. The frequency of urine is increased both in day and night time. Urine may appear almost every hour. Burning while urination may also be felt. Urgency to pass urine is also there where person have to hurry immediately to urinate. In males needing Merc Sol, yellow or green discharge from urethra may be there in addition to above urinary symptoms.

10. Rhododendron – For Pain in Testicles

Rhododendron is prepared from fresh leaves of a plant Rhododendron Chrysanthum commonly known by the name of Yellow snow-rose. This plant belongs to natural order Ericaceae. Rhododendron is suitable to treat pain in testicles in cases of chlamydia infection. Swelling is also present in testicles. Testicles may also feel hard. The pain in testicles vary from case to case. It may be pressing, tearing or contusive pain. Sitting tend to worsen the pain and motion relieves it.

Symptoms of Chlamydia Infection

In many cases of chlamydia infection no signs and symptoms are present.

When symptoms appear in females they include copious vaginal discharge that may be yellow coloured and offensive, burning / pain with urination, frequent urination, pain during intercourse, bleeding following intercourse, lower abdominal pain, inter menstrual bleeding. The symptoms of chlamydia infection in males include painful / burning urination, discharge from the penis (watery, milky, yellow, green, pus discharge) and pain in testicles. It is also possible to get a chlamydia infection in the rectum and anus. In such cases, the main symptoms are often pain, discharge or bleeding from this area. People having chlamydia are at high risk of other STI’s like gonorrhea and HIV. There is risk of Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) in females having chlamydia infection. Males suffering from chlamydia are at risk of epididymitis and prostatitis. Reactive arthritis is a possible complication of chlamydia that can affect both men and women. This condition affects the joints, eyes and urethra and gastrointestinal system. There are chances of pneumonia or a serious eye infection in babies who contract chlamydia during delivery.

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9 Homeopathic Medicines for Bladder Neck Obstruction That Work

The urinary bladder is a hollow muscular organ in which the urine collects after being formed by the kidney. The urine from the bladder then passes in the urethra through which it exits the body. The bladder has four parts – fundus, body, apex and a neck. The neck part connects the bladder to the urethra. The bladder neck muscles remain tight to hold urine in the bladder. They relax when urine has to enter urethra for voiding (exit from the body). When the bladder neck is blocked, it doesn’t open completely during urination thus reducing or stopping the flow of urine into the urethra leading to urinary difficulties. Natural homeopathic medicines for bladder neck obstruction can help manage the symptoms effectively.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bladder Neck Obstruction 

If not treated well in time, it can result in complications including urinary incontinence, UTI, stones in bladder, urinary retention, kidney damage and bladder diverticula

Homeopathic Medicines for Bladder Neck Obstruction 

Symptoms that are managed well with homeopathic medicines in such cases include difficulty starting urine stream, straining to pass urine, slow or weak urinary stream, interrupted urinary stream, increased urinary urgency, increased urinary frequency, pain on passing urine,  dribbling at end of urination. The top grade homeopathic medicines for bladder neck obstruction includes Chimaphila, Pareira Brava, Clematis, Conium and Cantharis.

1. Chimaphila – When There is Straining to Initiate Urination

Chimaphila is prepared from a plant Chimaphila Umbellata commonly known by the name of Pipsissewa or Prince’s Pine. This plant belongs to natural order pyroleae, a tribe of the Ericaceae. Chimaphila is a wonderful medicine for treating bladder neck obstruction cases where urine flow is initiated with difficulty after much straining. There is fullness in region of bladder. Urinary stream is also thin like a thread or divided. Cutting or scalding pain may be felt while urinating. In many cases, it is easier to pass urine is passed better by standing with feet wide apart and inclining the body forward.

2. Pareira Brava – Where There is Intense Straining to Pass Urine

Pareira Brava is prepared from fresh root of a plant Cessampelos pareira also known by the name of Velvet Leaf. The natural order of this plant is Menispermaceae. Pareira Brava is a valuable medicine to manage bladder neck obstruction cases where intense straining efforts to pass urine are required. Person needing Pareira Brava has to strain so hard by getting on the knee – hand position and press head against floor to pass urine. Pain in urinary bladder also appears while urination and radiates to the thighs. A constant urge to pass urine is also present.

3. Clematis – For Weak Urinary Stream

Clematis is prepared from the leaves and stems of a plant Clematis erecta. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Clematis is an excellent medicine for persons having weak and slow urinary stream from bladder neck obstruction. Straining is needed to pass urine. Flow of urine is also interrupted. Urine frequency is increased with continual desire to pass water. Urine is scanty and is sometimes emitted drop by drop.

4. Conium – To Manage Interrupted Urinary Stream

Conium is a well-indicated medicine for cases of bladder neck obstruction with interrupted urinary stream. In such cases urine flow starts and stops many times. Along with this, pain of sharp, pressing, stitching nature may be present in the bladder. Pressure is also felt in neck of bladder and it tends to get worse while walking, and better when sitting. There may be  a constant urge to urinate in addition to the above symptoms.

5. Cantharis – For Managing Pain During Urination

Cantharis is very effective to manage pain during urination in cases of bladder neck obstruction. The pain in the bladder may be burning or cutting in nature. Pain may also be present before and after urination. Heaviness in bladder is also noted. Complaint of increased urinary frequency is also present but urine is scanty. Cantharis is also top grade medicine to treat UTI (urinary tract infection) in cases of bladder neck obstruction.

6. Merc Sol – For Managing Increased Urinary Frequency

Merc Sol is highly beneficial to manage increased urinary frequency in cases of bladder neck obstruction. In cases requiring Merc Sol there is increased frequency of urine both in day and night time. There is desire to pass urine almost every hour. The urine flow appears mostly in a thin stream. Sometimes burning, biting pain also appears while passing urine. There may be an attending complaint of urgency to pass urine along with increased frequency. A lot of soreness is felt in the region of bladder on touching.

7. Sepia – To Manage The Urgency to Pass Urine

Sepia is useful to manage urgency to pass urine from bladder neck obstruction. If desire to pass urine is not immediately attended then urine passes involuntarily. Smarting pain may appear while urinating. Urine may be offensive. There is pressure on bladder always with sensation as if bladder is full. Painful bearing down is also felt in pelvic region.

8. Lycopodium – For Stitching Pain in Bladder

Lycopodium is prepared from spores of plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known as Club Moss or Wolf’s Claw. This plant belongs to natural order Lycopodiaceae. Lycopodium is a significant medicine to manage stitching pain in bladder in cases of bladder neck obstruction. Other attending features to use Lycopodium are difficulty starting urine stream, straining to pass urine and frequent urination mostly at night time. It is also indicated for treating bladder stones.

9. Baryta Carb – For Dribbling at End of Urination

Baryta Carb is indicated for managing dribbling at end of urination in cases of bladder neck obstruction. Urinary frequency is increased with inability to retain urine. Much urine is passed at night time. Burning may be present while urinating.

Causes of Bladder Neck Obstruction 

The important reasons for bladder neck obstruction are an enlarged prostate; a scar tissue in bladder neck following injury; surgery done for prostate enlargement or from radiation treatments done to treat prostate cancer; and bladder stones. Other reasons include cystocele and tumors in  the prostate, rectum, cervix and uterus. Elderly men are at risk for bladder neck obstruction. A person may also be genetically predisposed to bladder neck obstruction if there is some defect in bladder structure or surrounding muscles from birth.

Symptoms of Bladder Neck Obstruction

The symptoms of bladder neck obstruction includes difficulty starting urine stream, straining to pass urine, incomplete bladder emptying and feel like some urine remains in the bladder after voiding. Other symptoms include interrupted urinary stream where urine flow starts and stops many times, increased urinary urgency, increased urinary frequency, pelvic pain, pain on passing urine, slow or weak urinary stream, dribbling at end of urination.

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