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Top 5 Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Homeopathic Treatment for Depression

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression

In the initial stages or in the milder forms or in people who are not aware of the disease, depression can go unidentified till its implications become too obvious. People often overlook it as a mere low mood or some start assuming it as a part of their psychological makeup. Even families or spouse start accommodating accordingly, thereby making identification of depression all the more difficult. Homeopathic treatment for depression is a great form of alternative medicine and natural therapy for depression.

Homeopathic Medicines for Depression

Ignatia Amara – Highly effective homeopathic medicine for depression

Ignatia Amara is one of the top grade homeopathic medicines for treating depression. It works very well for depression of recent origin. The person needing Ignatia Amara majorly presents with extreme sadness and weeping. They also desire loneliness and avoid  meeting people. They get absorbed in grief . Intense hopelessness also prevails. They also get offended very easily and may have with sudden mood fluctuations.

 Natrum Mur – Excellent homeopathic medicine to treat chronic depression

Natrum Mur is a majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for treating chronic depression. It works wonders in helping a person to come out of long term chronic depression. The person requiring Natrum Mur constantly dwells on the past unpleasant memories with intense sadness and crying spells. They bear their grief in loneliness. They isolate themselves and avoid to going out. They are reserved personalities and do not wish to share their grief with others. Consolation from others is also not much appreciated. They are also prone to get irritated and get offended very easily. Natrum Mur is very helpful for persons who are suffering since some major disappointments in life, disrupted relationships, after a loss of loved ones etc.

 Aurum Met – Well indicated homeopathic medicine for  depression major- with suicidal thoughts

Aurum Met is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for treating major depression where suicidal thoughts prevail. The features that guide the use of Aurum Met include great depression with a feeling of profound hopelessness, loss of love for life and suicidal thoughts. The person needing Aurum Met is usually tired of life; thinks that life is a burden and for him , future seems dark with no hope left. There is a strong sense of worthlessness . They also have self-criticizing and self-reproaching behavior. Along with this, they cannot bear slight contradiction.They get angry  very quickly . Aurum Met will help a person come out of dark, gloomy depression and bring a ray of hope to him.

 Sepia – Homeopathic medicine for depression with marked indifference to everything

Sepia is a recommended homeopathic medicine for treating depression when the patient shows marked indifferent behavior along with symptoms of depression. The  indifference is more towards family members/ friends and towards life. They are also averse to do any work. They lack interest in any activities or entertainment whic they were previously fond off . They desire solitude and often are foung sitting quietly in loneliness. Extreme irritability with intense sadness, gloominess is also present. Sepia also stands among top grade homeopathic medicine for depression in women arising after childbirth or around their menopause time.

 Kali Phos – Homeopathic medicine for treating depression with intense weakness

 Kali Phos is suitable homeopathic medicine for treating depression attended with extreme weakness. The symptoms pointing towards the use of Kali Phos are sadness, gloominess, aversion to talking, continual weeping, moaning, negative thinking and excessive weakness/fatigue. Sleeplessness is also there along with these symptoms. Other accompanying symptoms include weak memory, dullness of mind and anxiety about future.

Advantages of using Homeopathy for Depression

The best part of homeopathic treatment is that the homeopathic medicines are totally side effect free and its long-term use leads to no damage to the body. Homeopathic medicines also do not cause any sedation.

What are the signs of depression?

Following are the symptoms of depression and if three to five or more of the following symptoms which persist for more than 2 weeks, there are chances that one might be suffering from depression. Persistent low or sad mood, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities including sex. Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism .Sleeping too much or too little, often feeling tired and feeling “slowed down?. Suicidal thoughts and attempts. Restlessness, irritability, anger and excessive weeping. Having difficulty in concentrating and application of mind.

What are the causes of depression?

  1. Changes at the biochemical levels in the brain are responsible for some forms .
  2. People having too much or too little of these bio-chemicals called “Neuro-transmitters” can lead to depression.
  3. Genetic factor also plays an important role in the causation.
  4. Difficult life events e.g. loss of loved one, divorce, financial problems etc. can contribute to the onset of depression.
  5. Nearly twice as many women as men are affected by a depression.
  6. Depression frequently co-occurs with other physical illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

Can Homeopathy cure depression ?

The first question that comes to one mind is that can homeopathy cure depression ? Clinical depression is very much treatable withNatural homeopathic Medicines. Early treatment is more effective and helps prevent the likelihood of serious recurrences. Homoeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara, leads the list homeopathic medicines for depression. For patients requiring Ignatia, the key indications are Persistent dull mood, inability to enjoy, tearful, non communicative and withdrawn. It is very useful in depressions arising after grief and mental shocks. Aurum Metallicum is indicated in cases where suicidal thoughts and tendency is present. Natrum Mur and Carcinocin are often employed to treat chronic and serious forms of depression.

Homeopathy for Anxiety and Depression

Homeopathic medicine Aconite is one of the leading homeopathic medicine for treating acute anxiety problem . Suddenness of anxiety calls for the use of this medicine .The symptoms appear very suddenly and may give the patient a feeling of impending doom. This is one of the best medicine for use in acute panic attacks . Homeopathic medicines for generalized anxiety disorder are Arsenic Album and Argentum Nitricum

Which is the Best Homeopathic remedy for  depression due to Stress ?

Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos is one of the Best Homeopathic medicine for treating stress . It is very helpful in treating depression that results from overworked minds . It is also indicated in “fatigued Minds ” eg students who overstudy .

Homeopathic remedies for Depression in Teenagers

Depression in teenagers is very common owing to hormonal changes and increased stress of coping with studies and the social world . Genetic factors also play an important role in triggering depression in teenagers . Homeopathic remedies for  depression in teenagers are no different from those used for treating depression in adults . Ignatia and Klai phos are two leading medicines for treating depression in teenagers . Read this following feature on our website for detailed information on how to treat depression in teenagers with homeopathic medicines.

Homeopathic Remedies for Treating depression Major

Depression major refers to advanced forms of depression where there is extreme hopelessness with marked symptoms of suicidal thoughts. Homeopathic medicine Aurum Metallicum is one the best homeopathic medicine for treating depression major.

Homeopathic Medicines for Insomnia due to Depression

Although the Indicated homeopathic medicines for depression give relief to the symptoms of sleeplessness , if they persist beyond that homeopathic medicine Coffea cruda or kali phos can be used to treat insomnia in depression.

Homeopathic Remedies for Depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder

Seasonal affective disorder or depression that occurs in winters can be very effective treated with homeopathy . Homeopathic treatment for Seasonal affective disorder is dependant upon the nature of symptoms exhibited by the patient . I have in my personal experience found Ignatia to be very effective homeopathic cure for Seasonal affective disorder.

Homeopathic Solution for Depression caused by Menopause.

Homeopathy for Menopause – Menopause can be a major turning event in the life of a woman . It is very common for women passing through menopause to go through depression during this phase. Homeopathic medicine Sepia and Lachesis are the best homeopathic remedies for depression during menopause.

Homeopathic Remedies are Natural medicines for Depression

Most of the the homeopathic medicines are made from naturally occurring substances which are very safe . Homeopathic remedies use body’s own natural restorative processes to form a great alternative treatment for depression. Homeopathic remedies for depression are so safe that they are even used as home remedies for depression .

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5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Warts


Homeopathic Medicine for Warts

Warts are rough, hard growths on the skin caused by infection with HPV – Human Papilloma Virus. There are more than 100 different strains of HPV. Each strain of HPV is responsible for infecting specific body areas. A person may get warts by skin to skin contact with a person having warts. Warts can also arise by coming in contact with an object that is infected with human papilloma virus. A weak immune system raises the risk of contracting the infection leading to warts. Among the various types of warts the major ones are flat warts, filliform warts and common warts. Flat warts have smooth flat surface arising mainly on face, neck, hands and knees. Filliform warts are thread like warts arising near the eyelids or lips. Common warts are rough, raised skin colored warts that arise on hand. Common warts are also known as verruca vulgaris. The warts that arise on soles of feet are known as plantar warts. The warts arising around the nails are known as periungual warts.

 Homeopathic Treatment for Warts

Under conventional mode of treatment cauterization is adopted for removing warts. It may cause pain and scarring. While homeopathic medicines for warts treat this condition in a very safe, mild, gentle and painless way. Homeopathic medicines follow a curative approach to treat warts rather than suppressing them. Homeopathic medicines boost the immune system of the body to fight with the infectious agent that is causing the warts. Homeopathic remedies for warts are all prepared from naturally occurring substances. Hence they are free from any side effects. The best Homeopathic medicines for warts are Thuja Occidentalis, Causticum and Nitric Acid. These homeopathic medicines for warts are very effective, deep acting and gives highly promising results.

 Top Homeopathic Medicines for Warts

 1.Thuja Occidentalis – Excellent homeopathic medicine to treat warts

Thuja Occidentalis is an excellent homeopathic medicine for warts. Warts that are seedy, large or pedunculated indicate the use of Thuja Occidentalis. It is helpful for treating wart arising on any body part. Skin dryness may also be there with warts. Thuja is also indicated when along with warts, skin is also sensitive to touch. It also comes among prominent homeopathic remedies for warts on the anogenital area.
2.Causticum – Homeopathy remedy for warts and skin tags
Causticum is very useful homeopathy remedy for warts and skin tags. It works very well in cases of warts that are large and jagged. Causticum is majorly useful for warts arising on face, lips, nose and eyelids. It also works wonders in treating warts on tips of finger. Causticum is also indicated in warts that are painful. Causticum is also helpful for treating pedunculated warts.
3.Nitric Acid – Homeopathic medicine for warts that bleed easily
Nitric Acid is an excellent homeopathic medici for  warts that bleed easily. Bleeding from warts may arise from touching or washing. Nitric Acid is also indicated for warts that are sensitive to touch. It also helps to treat warts that are attended with itching. Apart from this, warts with stinging or stitching pain are also effectively treated withNitric Acid.  
4. Dulcamara and Lycopodium Clavatum – Homeopathic Medicine for warts on face
Dulcamara and Lycopodium are helpful homeopathic medicines for warts on face. Dulcamara is wonderful medicine for wartson face that are large, flat or smooth in nature. Lycopodium is a medicine for warts on face that are small or pedunculated. Although Lycopodium Clavatum is a medicine for warts  on  any area but  it works wonders for treating warts on chin.
5.Causticum and Nitric Acid – Homeopathic medicine for warts on eyelid
Causticum is very useful homeopathic medicine for warts on eyelid, especially  seedy and large . In some cases warts on eyelids may be painful too. Causticum is also useful for warts that arise on the eyebrows. Nitric Acid is a homeopathic medicine for warts on eyelid that are large and jagged. They may be sensitive and also bleed easily.

  6.Antimonium Crudum and Silicea – Homeopathic remedies for warts on soles of feet (plantar warts)
Antimonium Crudum and Silicea are wonderful homeopathic remedies for warts on soles of feet known as plantar warts. Among them Antimonium Crudum is indicated for horny warts on soles. It also works well when corns and warts arise together on soles of feet. Feet may also very tender. Silicea is selected when warts on soles are attended with excessive sweating on feet.

7.Sepia and Causticum – Homeopathic medicine for warts on head

Sepia is a prominent homeopathic medicine for warts on head. Coldness on top of the head may be also be present. Hair fall with sensitivity of hair roots may also be present in some cases along with the warts. It also works well in warts that arise on the forehead. Causticum is an indicated homeopathic medicine for warts on head that are large. It is also indicated for warts on head that bleed easily.

8.Causticum and Dulcamara – Medicines for homeopathy treatment for warts on finger                                                                                                                                                                                 Causticum and Dulcamara offer best homeopathy treatment for warts on fingers. Causticum is successful for treating horny warts on fingers. Causticum is also suitable for warts on fingers that are close to nails – periungual warts. Dulcamara is used for homeopathy treatment for warts on fingers that are flat and smooth in nature. Dulcamara may also offer help for warts on palmar surface of hands.

 9. Sepia – Homeopathic medicine for warts and moles                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Sepia is importnat homeopathic medicine for warts and moles. The person needing Sepia have moles and small, hard, seedy warts on face. The warts may be attended with itching. Yellow – brownish pigmentation on face may also be seen on face – mainly on nose and cheeks. In some cases black pores may also be present on face


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7 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Eczema

Homeopathic Treatment of Eczema

Homeopathic Medicines for Eczema

Homeopathic Medicines for Eczema

There is great scope of treating eczema with Homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy takes a mild, gentle approach to treating eczema. Homeopathy treats eczema in two phases: in the first phase, Homeopathic medicines control itching. In the next phase, they heal the lesions and control further progression of eczema. Homeopathic medicines also work wonders in case of eczema attended with complaints of hay fever and asthma. Prominent names in this category are Graphites, Sulphur, Petroleum, Mezereum and Natrum Mur. Homeopathic medicines for eczema are natural and therefore, safe from nay adverse side-effects. They can be taken by persons of all age groups.

Homeopathic Medicines for Eczema

Graphites – Top grade Homeopathic medicine for eczema

Graphites is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for eczema. Graphites works well in case of both dry eczema and moist eczema. The key symptoms to look out for in dry eczema before prescribing Graphites are – excessively rough, dry skin attended with intense irritation. In moist eczema, the skin eruptions will ooze moist, sticky fluid where Homeopathic medicine Graphites will show results. Graphites also works well for eczema between fingers and toes oozing glutinous discharge. It is also a good choice of medicine for eczema of eyelids with red margins and scaliness.

Natrum Mur – Excellent Homeopathic medicine for eczema in bend of limbs

For eczema in the bends of limbs, Natrum Mur falls in the category of highly rated Homeopathic medicines. The bends of limbs include those behind the knee and folds of skin between the elbows. The eczema eruptions in the bends of limbs are dry, chapped, raw, inflamed and crusty in nature. In addition to this, Natrum Mur is a well indicated Homeopathic medicine for eczema eruptions arising around the margin of the hairline.

Sulphur and Psorinum – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for dry eczema with excessive itching

Sulphur is a prominent Homeopathic medicine for eczema with excessive itching and eczema rash. This is attended with intense scratching. Burning sensation follows scratching of the rash. The itching worsens in the evening and night time. Warmth also worsens the itching. In some cases, washing may increase the itching in eczema rash. The skin looks very dirty and unhealthy. Another guiding feature for use of Sulphur is eczema that worsens in the spring season. Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is also the most appropriate choice of Homeopathic medicine for eczema cases that have been treated with ointments in the past. Homeopathic medicine Psorinum is helpful for dry, itchy eczema where a person scratches until it bleeds. Another indication for using Psorinum is worsening of the eczema in winter and relief during summer. Psorinum is also a well indicated Homeopathic medicine for eczema behind the ears.

Petroleum – Significant Homeopathic medicine for eczema that gets worse in winter 

In cases where the eczema gets worse during the winter, Homeopathic medicine Petroleum is prescribed. The person who needs Petroleum has skin that is very rough, hard and thick. Deep cracks appear on the affected skin. The cracks may bleed in some cases. Burning and itching is present on the skin which is highly sensitive to the touch. Petroleum also works very well in cases of eczema with deep cracks on the fingertips.

Mezereum – Best Homeopathic medicine for eczema with thick, crusty eruptions

Homeopathic medicine Mezereum is the most suited for eczema with thick, crusty eruptions. There is discharge of glutinous character from these eruptions. In some cases, pus discharge may be observed along with blood. The discharge is acrid in nature with intolerable itching. On scratching, the itching changes place very often. Mezereum works wonders in treating eczema of the scalp as well. The key features here are thick, leather like crusty eruptions on the scalp with sticky or pus-like discharge. It is attended with marked burning and intense itching. The discharge is highly offensive in nature. The hair get matted together due to the sticky discharge.

Vinca Minor – Homeopathic medicine for Eczema of scalp

In addition to Mezereum, another wonderful Homeopathic medicine for eczema where it appears on the scalp is Vinca Minor. The person needing Vinca Minor has eruptions in spots on the scalp. The eruptions ooze discharge that may result in matting of the hair. Excessive itching with an irresistible desire to scratch predominate.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicine for eczema with asthma

Arsenic Album is a top grade Homeopathic medicine for eczema where it is accompanied by asthma. The symptoms include dry, rough itchy skin. Burning sensation in eruptions may be marked. Cold may worsen the itching and burning. Along with eczema, asthmatic symptoms with marked dyspnoea, suffocative attacks, cough, constriction in air passages is present. Arsenic Album is also an excellent Homeopathic medicine for cases of eczema with hay fever. Both these conditions may coexist or may alternate with one another.

What is Eczema?

Eczema, also known as dermatitis, is a common skin complaint.  It is characterized by inflamed skin with dry rash, erythema, papules, vesicles or pustules. Erythema is red skin discolouration; papules refer to eruptions of less than 1cm without any fluid; vesicles refer to fluid filled eruptions; pustules refer to pus filled eruptions. In the long run, it results in thickening of the skin. Itching and scratching – varying from mild to severe intensity – may be present. With scratching, the skin may even bleed. Eczema may cover a small area of the body or may be widespread, covering the entire body.

What causes eczema?

The exact cause of eczema is not yet known. A combination of genetic and environmental factors play a role. Persons with a family history of eczema or any other allergy such as hay fever, urticaria, asthma stand a high risk of developing eczema.

How can I tell I have eczema?

Eczema can be broadly divided into two types – dry and moist. Dry eczema appears as itchy rash while moist eczema will show up as skin eruptions oozing discharge which varies in consistency from watery to sticky or pus-like. If you see any of these signs, there are chances that you may have eczema. There are no specific lab investigations for eczema. Eczema is diagnosed based on the clinical presentation of skin eruptions. A family history of eczema adds to the likelihood that the symptoms are those of eczema.

At what age is eczema likely to appear?

In a majority of the cases, eczema starts early, before 5 years of age. However, eczema can show up in the teenage years and in adults as well.

Which part of the skin is more vulnerable to eczema?

Eczema can develop in any part of the skin, but the location may vary with the age group. In children, common areas are the face, scalp and chest. Adults are more likely to get eczema in the bends of elbow and hollow of the knees.

Why does my child have eczema?

The answer could lie in his genes. If a child has eczema, there are chances he has atopic dermatitis. Atopy is a term applied to genetic predisposition towards developing allergic diseases like hay fever, dermatitis and asthma.

What are the various types of eczema?

The various types of eczema include atopic dermatitis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, venous/stasis eczema.

  • Atopic dermatitis runs in families and starts in childhood. It is characterized by skin inflammation with dry, itchy rash. Atopy is a genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases. Asthma and hay fever often arise in addition to eczema in atopic dermatitis
  • Seborrhoeic dermatitis mainly affect the scalp, face and eyelids. It will show up as scaly, greasy or crusty lesions. In infants, thick, crusty eruptions appearing on the scalp is referred as cradle cap
  • Contact dermatitis is mainly of two types – allergic contact dermatitis and irritant contact dermatitis. In allergic contact dermatitis, allergic reaction appears on the skin when exposed to a foreign substance like nikel, gold and cosmetics. Irritant contact dermatitis arises when the skin comes in contact with a toxic or irritating substance such as detergent, bleach or battery acid.
  • Dyshidrotic eczema is mainly visible on the soles and palms. It is characterized by the presence of vesicles (fluid filled bumps)
  • Venous/stasis eczema mainly develops on the lower limbs from poor blood circulation and varicose veins. There remains a tendency to develop leg ulcer in such cases

Is eczema an allergy?

There are cases of eczema that are allergic in origin, but not every case is an allergy. In allergic eczema, the skin reacts on coming into contact with an allergen. Few common allergens are poison ivy, nickel, cosmetics and antibiotic creams.

Can eczema spread from skin contact?

No, eczema is not contagious. It does not spread from one person to another via the skin.

My 2-year-old has eczema. Will it cure itself as he grows?

Yes, there are chances that your child’s eczema will go away as he gets older. However, the age at which a child will start to show improvement varies though most children do start to get better by the age of three years.

Does stress cause eczema?

Stress does not cause eczema, but yes it can cause eczema symptoms to flare up or intensify.

Is eczema related to weather?

Eczema can arise irrespective of the weather conditions though it usually gets triggered in cold weather.

Will applying topical steroids/ointment help cure eczema?

Ointment application offers relief from the itching, burning sensation in eczema. However, this relief is short term and ends up suppressing the eczema. Treatment of eczema needs to work inside out to show results.

I have had eczema for years. Does Homeopathy have a permanent solution?

Yes, eczema can be permanently cured with Homeopathic medicines though the results vary from person to person. Factors such as severity of eczema, the spread of eczema and the duration decide the extent to which Homeopathic medicines will help. Also, each body responds differently to Homeopathic medicines, which decides how well an individual feels.

My child has eczema since birth. Can Homeopathic medicines help?

Yes, Homeopathy is the science to approach with such an issue and offers excellent scope of treating eczema in such cases. Homeopathic medicines are made from natural substances and are therefore, for children. They are mild, with no side effects at all. Homeopathy offers a huge range of medicines for treating eczema in children. The appropriate medicine, however, is selected based on a detailed study and analysis of symptoms.

 Homeopathic medicines for eczema – Faq’s

Which are most suitable Homeopathic medicines for treating eczema?

There is a wide range of Homeopathic medicines dedicated to treating eczema. Among these, the medicines that I have found very effective in my clinical practice are Graphites, Petroleum and Sulphur.

I have dry eczema. Please suggest a Homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic medicines are very helpful in treating dry eczema. Sulphur gets the most prominent place on this list. Eczema may be attended with intense itching and burning where Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is prescribed.

Which Homeopathic medicines can best treat moist eczema?

To treat moist eczema, Homeopathic medicines Graphites and Mezereum are usually prescribed. Graphites works well where there is sticky fluid discharge from eczema eruptions on any part of the body. Homeopathic medicine Mezereum is best suited for moist eczema arising particularly on the scalp. A person in need of Mezereum has crusty moist eruptions on the scalp that ooze fluid or pus. The discharge may be offensive in nature.

I have eczema on the scalp, please advise a Homeopathic remedy.

For treating moist eczema on the scalp, Homeopathic medicines Mezereum and Vinca Minor serve well. Mezereum is effective for scalp eczema with discharge of fluid/pus of offensive character. Vinca Minor is used where eczema on scalp is attended with excessive itching with an irresistible desire to scratch.

I have long standing eczema with deep cracks that bleed at times. Which Homeopathic medicine would help?

Petroleum is the most appropriate choice of Homeopathic medicine for eczema with deep cracks. It is not unusual for the cracks to bleed. Eczema with cracks that worsen in winter is also treated wonderfully well with Homeopathic medicine Petroleum.

For eczema in bends of limbs, which Homeopathic medicines would be beneficial?

Eczema in the bends of limbs will benefit greatly with Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur.

I have dry eczema that is excessively itchy. Which Homeopathic medicine should I take?

Homeopathic medicines Sulphur and Psorinum are the best prescriptions for dry eczema that itches a lot.

Which Homeopathic medicines would you rate best for treating eczema in children?

The most effective among the wide range of Homeopathic medicines for treating eczema in children are Natrum Mur, Graphites and Sulphur. Of these, the ideal medicine is selected based on detailed case analysis.

For eczema accompanied by asthma, which is the ideal Homeopathic medicine?

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is a most effective Homeopathic medicine for eczema that is accompanied by asthma. Eczema and asthma may both be present together or they may alternate in such cases where Arsenic Album will show results.

Which Homeopathic medicines would you suggest for stasis eczema?

Homeopathic medicines Hamamelis and Pulsatilla are very helpful in treating stasis eczema on legs.

Can lifestyle changes bring relief from eczema?

Yes, a few basic lifestyle measures, when adopted, can help manage eczema. These measures are as follows:

  • Avoid bathing with water that is too cold or too hot
  • Use a very mild soap while bathing
  • Avoid using cosmetics and perfumes
  • Wear cotton clothes preferably. Avoid synthetic and woolens
  • Do yoga, meditation or breathing exercises to manage stress
  • Avoid excessive scratching of the skin. Use a moisturizer in dry eczema to reduce itching
  • Avoid exposure to extremely cold environments

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10 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Asthma

Homeopathic Treatment for Asthma

Homeopathic medicine for Asthma

Homeopathic medicine for Asthma

Homeopathy is a safe science that offers a permanent cure for asthma. Homeopathic medicines work wonderfully well to remove asthma at the root. These medicines set off the body’s own restorative processes, mainly strengthening its natural healing system to make it strong enough to fight the condition. In case asthma is allergic in origin, Homeopathic medicines start by treating the allergies causing the asthma to completely uproot the disease. Homeopathic medicines are natural, safe and free from any adverse side-effects. They can be prescribed to people of all age groups. Top listed Homeopathic medicines for asthma include Arsenic Album, Antimonium Tart, Spongia Tosta, Ipecac and Drosera Rotundifolia.

Homeopathic Medicines for Asthma

Arsenic Album – One of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for asthma

Arsenic Album is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for asthma. The symptoms indicative of use Arsenic Album are suffocative cough, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Asthma that gets worse around midnight is also treated well with this medicine. Another important guiding feature for using Arsenic Album is asthma that alternatives with skin rash or eczema.

Spongia Tosta – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for asthma with dry cough

Spongia Tosta is a wonderful Homeopathic medicine for asthma with dry cough. The cough in this case can be deep, barking, hacking type. The cough is attended with extreme dryness of all the air passages. Along with dry cough, whistling from the chest on inspiration is noted. Respiration is also difficult. In most cases, warm drinks bring relief from the cough.

Antimonium Tartaricum – Excellent among Homeopathic medicines for asthma with excessive, rattling cough

Antimonium Tartaricum is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for asthma with excessive, rattling cough. The cough is loose, rattling and the lungs feel full of mucus. Mucus from the lungs is raised with much difficulty. Respiration is rapid and difficult. Excessive suffocation is observed. The suffocation worsens on lying down, with a need to sit up.

Ipecac and Sambucus Nigra – Best Homeopathic medicines for asthma in children

Ipecac and Sambucus Nigra are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for treating asthma in children. Ipecac works well when there is excessive cough with mucus rales in chest. The cough is accompanied by suffocation, shortness of breath and gasping for air. The child may become blue and stiff during the asthma attack. Homeopathic medicine Sambucus Nigra is indicated for night asthma episodes in children. A child in need of Sambucus Nigra wakes up suddenly at night, with cough and suffocation.

Dulcamara and Natrum Sulphuricum – Top Homeopathic medicines for asthma triggered in damp weather

Dulcamara and Natrum Sulphuricum are very useful Homeopathic medicines for asthma in damp weather. Among them, Dulcamara is the best prescription for loose, rattling asthmatic cough in damp weather where the person has to cough a long time to expel phlegm. Natrum Sulphuricum is the most helpful Homeopathic medicine where cough with thick, ropy, green phlegm is present. Natrum Sulphuricum also works well where the asthma worsens around 4 am and 5 am. Natrum Sulphuricum is also among the top grade Homeopathic medicines for treating asthma in children.

Nux Vomica – Well indicated Homeopathic medicines for asthma in winter

Nux Vomica is a prominent Homeopathic medicine for asthma in winter. Cough with wheezing and oppressed breathing arise in cold weather. The cough may be prominently dry in the evening and night time, but loose with expectoration during the day. Suffocative asthma attacks after midnight are also best treated with Nux Vomica. Nux Vomica is also of great help in gastric asthma.

Blatta Orientalis and Bromium – Significant Homeopathic medicines for asthma triggered by dust exposure

Both Blatta Orientalis and Bromium are significant Homeopathic medicines for asthma triggered by exposure to dust. Blatta Orientalis is prescribed for cough with difficult respiration and pus-like mucus. Homeopathic medicine Bromium is selected when there is cough with rattling of mucus, suffocation and difficulty in breathing after exposure to dust.

Carbo Veg and Senega – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for asthma in elderly

Carbo Veg and Senega show the most amazing results in asthma in aged people. Carbo Veg is prescribed in case of cough with burning pain in the chest. Expectoration is present in the morning. The phlegm is mainly yellow or pus-like and has sour, salty or putrid taste. The cough gets worse in the evening. There is frequent need to take deep breaths. Wheezing and rattling of mucus are also prominent. Carbo Vg is also the medicine to use where the cough worsens as one goes from a warm place to a cold place. It is also the medicine to go to for treating asthma that worsens with acidity or flatulency.  Homeopathic medicine Senega is considered where there is difficulty in raising mucus from the chest. The mucus is tough and profuse. Oppression, weight and soreness are felt in the chest.

Drosera Rotundifolia and Coccus Cacti – Homeopathic medicines for cough variant asthma

Homeopathic medicines Drosera Rotundifolia and Coccus Cacti gives wonderful results in cough variant asthma. The features guiding use of Drosera Rotundifolia are dry and highly irritating cough. The paroxysms of cough follow each other rapidly. Talking may worsen the cough. Rough, scraping sensation in the throat may attend. Drosera Rotundifolia is also the Homeopathic medicine to prescribe for nocturnal cough. Homeopathic medicine Coccus Cacti is indicated where cough with much suffocation and strangling sensation in the throat predominates. Coccus Cacti also works well for spasmodic cough that ends in vomiting.

Aconite Napellus – Recognised Homeopathic medicine for asthma that worsens with cold air

For asthma that worsens with cold air, Aconite Napellus is an excellent Homeopathic medicine. Coughing starts soon after exposure to cold air, with whistling sound in the chest. Whistling is mainly present during inspiration. Shortness of breath and chest oppression is also felt.

Lobelia Inflata – Useful Homeopathic medicine for asthma in smokers

Lobelia Inflata is a very useful Homeopathic medicine for treating asthma in smokers. The person needing Lobelia Inflata has difficult, short respiration with cough. He complains of oppressed feeling in the chest. He feels like there’s a lump in the throat. Few persons who need Homeopathic medicine Lobelia Inflata also complain of a burning sensation in the chest.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a respiratory disease characterised by episodes of cough, wheezing, tightness of chest and shortness of breath. In asthma, there is chronic inflammation of airways (bronchi and bronchioles). Airways are the tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. In asthmatic persons, these airways are highly sensitive and respond strongly to inhaled substances such as allergens. This leads to bronchospasms (constriction of muscles around the airways). As a result of the inflammation and bronchospasms, the airways get obstructed, leading to reduced air flow to the lungs and other symptoms mentioned above. Asthma can occur at any age, but most frequently appears in childhood or early adulthood.

Is asthma genetic, what are its causes?

The exact cause of asthma is still a matter of study though genetic and environmental factors together are known to play a role in the etiology of asthma. Allergens such as pollen, animal dander, dust mites can set off asthma; air pollutants, exercise, certain medicines like aspirin, beta blockers, smoking and gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), cold and humid weather can cause asthma.

How do I know I have asthma?

Characteristic symptoms that point towards asthma include episodes of cough, chest wheezing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Allergies could be a symptom. Spirometry and peak flow meter test aid diagnosis.

What are the various types of asthma?

There are various types of asthma based on the related cause. These include allergic asthma, occupational asthma, cough variant asthma, exercise induced asthma, medication induced asthma and nocturnal asthma. Allergic asthma refers to asthma attacks triggered by allergens like pollen, pet dander etc. Occupational asthma is asthma that arises from exposure to some substance at the workplace. Some examples of occupation induced asthma are seen in chemical workers, welders, cotton factory workers and coal miners. Cough variant asthma refers to asthma where the only symptom is persistent dry cough without any mucus expectoration. Wheezing and shortness of breath are absent in such cases. Exercise induced asthma is commonly seen in athletes, cyclists and swimmers. Medication induced asthma can be triggered by medicines such as ibuprofen, aspirin and beta blockers. Nocturnal asthma is asthma that gets worse at night.

What is an asthma attack?

Asthma attack refers to acute symptoms of cough, wheezing and chest tightness from a sudden bronchospasm. A bronchospasm or a bronchial spasm is the tightening of muscles of airways due to a trigger, whether allergic or non-allergic.

What is wheezing in asthma?

Wheezing is a whistling sound arising in the chest while breathing due to obstruction of the airflow in air passages.

Is asthma an allergy?

In most cases, asthma is linked with an allergy. However, asthma can be both allergic and non-allergic. Allergic asthma arises from sensitivity to allergens like pollens, dust and animal dander. Non-allergic asthma may be triggered by exercise, chemical exposure, cold air, smoke, GERD.

Can smoking trigger asthma?

Yes, smoking can surely trigger asthma. Smoking is a known risk factor for asthma.

What does asthma have to do with weather?

Asthma is very much related to weather. Certain weather conditions trigger asthma attacks. Cold and humid weather, for example.

Can gastric complaints worsen asthma?

Yes, gastric complaints can trigger asthma or worsen it. GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), where there is reflux of acid content from the stomach back up the throat, is a known trigger for asthma.

Can asthma be prevented?

Asthma cannot be prevented, but it can be controlled. Identifying and avoiding the triggers or factors that cause asthma can help control asthma attacks.

I have asthma. Will I have to use an inhaler all my life?

Not necessarily. An inhaler is basically an emergency tool used as an aid during an asthma attack. Homeopathic medicines, however, help treat the chronic tendency towards asthma. With proper constitutional Homeopathic medicines, asthma can be completely eradicated at the root and the inhaler dose can gradually be tapered off.

Is asthma curable?

As per the conventional mode of medicine, asthma is a chronic illness which can be controlled or palliated. But, Homeopathy can cure asthma. How long it will take to completely cure the disease would, however, vary from case to case. Factors such as duration, severity and individual response to Homeopathic medicines decide the course and length of treatment.

Can I continue to use an inhaler with Homeopathic medicines?

Yes, a person taking Homeopathic treatment for asthma can continue to use an inhaler until such a time as he feels he is comfortable enough without it. In acute asthmatic attacks, an inhaler is, in fact, a must. If a person is using an inhaler as routine, then Homeopathic medicines will help to gradually decrease his dependency on the inhaler by strengthening the body’s healing mechanism and helping it fight the disease.

How are asthma and eczema related?

Both asthma and eczema are atopic in origin. Atopy is the tendency towards hypersensitivity/allergic reaction with a strong genetic predisposition. So, these two conditions may occur simultaneously or alternate between one another. But, that is not necessarily the case.

Will avoiding allergens cure my asthma?

Avoiding allergens can help prevent an asthma attack, but it will not treat asthma. For curing asthma, Homeopathy offers a big ray of hope.

Do I continue to take Homeopathic medicines during an asthma attack?

In case of an acute asthmatic attack, it is wise to take recourse to conventional medicine.

FAQs Homeopathic Medicines for Asthma

Which are the best Homeopathic medicines for asthma?

The list is long, but topmost on this list of Homeopathic medicines for asthma are Arsenic Album, Spongia Tosta and Antimonium Tartaricum. Arsenic Album is the best prescription where classic symptoms of cough, dyspnea and wheezing in the chest are present. Spongia Tosta is most effective for asthma with dry cough. Homeopathic medicine Antimonium Tartaricum is well indicated for asthma with intensely rattling cough.

For asthma in children, which Homeopathic medicines would you prescribe?

The most suitable Homeopathic medicines for asthma in children are Natrum Sulph, Sambucus Nigra and Ipecac. Natrum Sulph is the top medicine for treating asthma in children constitutionally. Sambucus Nigra best covers asthma attacks during the night. Ipecac works wonders on excessive rattling cough with chest wheezing in children. Spasmodic cough ending in vomiting is also best treated with Homeopathic medicine Ipecac.

I get asthma in damp, humid weather. Which Homeopathic medicines should I take?

Asthma attacks that get triggered in damp, humid weather can be treated well with Homeopathic medicines Dulcamara and Natrum Sulphuricum.

For asthma attacks during winter, which Homeopathic medicines do you suggest?

For asthma attacks during the winter, Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica aids fast recovery.

Inhaling dust triggers off my asthma, can Homeopathy help?

Homeopathic medicines Blatta Orientalis and Bromium are of great help in calming and treating asthma attacks triggered by dust.

Which Homeopathic medicines would you suggest for asthma in elderly?

Prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for asthma in the elderly are Carbo Veg and Senega. Carbo Veg is helpful where asthma includes cough with rattling and wheezing sounds in the chest. Blue skin may also attend. In case of asthma with cough that shows difficulty in raising tough mucus from the chest as the major symptom, Homeopathic medicine Senega is the best course of treatment.

I have allergic asthma, can Homeopathy help?

Yes, Homeopathy can effectively treat allergic asthma. The best suited Homeopathic prescription for treating allergic asthma is selected after a detailed study of the case details and varies from person to person.

Is there a solution for cough variant asthma in Homeopathy?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines offer very effective cure for cough variant asthma. Drosera Rotundifolia and Coccus Cacti are top rated in this category.

Is there a Homeopathic cure for asthma triggered by cold air?

Homeopathic medicine Aconitum Napellus is the most useful for asthma triggered by exposure to cold air. It has shown effective recoveries in such cases.

I have asthma and skin rash. Which Homeopathic medicines can cure my condition?

Homeopathic medicine Arsenic Album is a good choice of medicine for asthma with skin rash. In such cases, asthma may be present together with asthma or they may alternate.

In case of exercise induced asthma, can Homeopathy offer relief?

Arnica and Coca are two well recognized Homeopathic medicines for asthma triggered by exercise. They have shown remarkable results in such cases.

Can Homeopathy help asthma in smokers as well?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can help treat asthma in smokers. Lobelia Inflata and Arsenic Album are two top rated Homeopathic medicines in this category.

What would you prescribe for asthma with gastric complaints?

The most well indicated Homeopathic medicines for asthma with gastric complaints are Nux Vomica and Carbo Veg. In my clinical practice, I have seen them effect the most amazing recoveries.

Where asthma shows up at night, which Homeopathic medicines will work?

Asthma at night can be treated well with Homeopathic medicines Grindelia, Arsenic Album and Sambucus Nigra.

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Top 7 Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Homeopathic Treatment of Back Pain

Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Homeopathy is known to effect magical recovery in back pain cases whether resulting from disc complaint, arthritis, injuries or muscle strain. It offers a wide range of highly effective Homeopathic medicines prescribed after detailed analysis and evaluation of symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are natural and therefore, safe for consumption by all age groups. Few Homeopathic medicines that are effective in back pain treatment are Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Kali Carb, Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum.

 Homeopathic Medicines for Back Pain

Rhus Tox – Best Homeopathic medicine for back pain

Rhus Tox is a top grade Homeopathic medicine for treating back pain. Some characteristic symptoms indicating its use are – the back pain arises from muscle strain due to overstraining or over stretching or from lifting heavy weight, it worsens with rest while the person feels relief from walking or motion. Also, in cases where the back pain gets better with hard pressure, Rhus Tox is the appropriate choice of medicine.

Bryonia Alba – Top grade Homeopathic medicine for back pain that worsens with motion

Bryonia Alba is another majorly indicated Homeopathic medicine for treating back pain. A prominent symptom that decides in favour of Bryonia Alba as the best medicine is that the back pain gets worse with motion. Walking also worsens the back pain. Rest brings relief. Bryonia Alba is also the most suitable Homeopathic medicine for treating back pain that becomes more severe with stooping and standing.

Aesculus Hippocastanum – Well indicated Homeopathic medicine for back pain in sacrum region

Aesculus Hippocastanum is a major Homeopathic medicine for back pain affecting the sacrum region. The pain may extend to the hip along with sacrum back. Walking and stooping increase the pain. For some persons needing Aesculus Hippocastanum, rising from a sitting position is a challenge. Intense stiffness is observed in the sacrum and hip region along with the pain.

Kali Carb – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for back pain in women post childbirth

For back pain in women after childbirth, Kali Carb is considered a most wonderful Homeopathic medicine. The pain may get worse on walking and there is a need to stop and take rest before starting to walk again. There is a desire to lie down for relief from back pain. Stiffness or excessive weakness in the back may also attend the pain. Kali Carb is also useful for back pain in women during menses or after miscarriage.

Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale – Very effective Homeopathic medicines for back pain in cervical (neck) region

The most effective Homeopathic medicines for treating cervical back pain are Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale. The symptoms to look out for while prescribing Cimicifuga Racemosa are – pain, sensitivity in neck, worsening of pain from pressure. The symptoms for use of Guaiacum Officinale are – stiffness in the cervical back and shoulders, aching pain in the neck.

Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum – Excellent Homeopathic medicines for back pain from injury

For treating back pain arising from injury, Homeopathic medicines Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum are rated among the best treatment option. Back pain arising from falls, blows – of both recent and remote origin – responds wonderfully well to these medicines. Persons needing Arnica Montana have sore, bruised pain in the back as after being beaten. This may be attended with lameness in the back. The symptoms for use of Hypericum Perforatum are – pain in the back with extreme sensitivity which makes it impossible to walk or stoop. Hypericum Perforatum is most significant medicine for coccyx pain (coccydynia) arising from a fall over the coccyx.

Cobaltum and Phosphorus – Remarkable Homeopathic medicines for back pain from sitting

Cobaltum is used where pain in the back is worse in the sitting position. The pain usually radiates from the lower back down the legs and feet. Weakness in the legs may be felt. Walking may relive the back pain. Phosphorus is indicated where prolonged sitting leads to back pain. Weakness in the back may also be felt. Burning sensation in the spine is another feature that may attend.

Colocynthis and Magnesium Phosphorica – Highly useful Homeopathic medicines for lower back pain radiating down lower limbs

Colocynthis and Magnesium Phosphorica are very effective Homeopathic medicines for back pain radiating down the legs. Among them, Colocynthis is helpful for back pain radiating down the limbs on the left side. The person needing Colocynthis may get relief from pressure. The pain can be tearing or drawing in nature. Magnesium Phosphorica is indicated for lower back pain that radiates down the right lower limb. The pain can vary from sharp, shooting, lightning-like or cramping in nature. Warm applications may offer some relief from pain.

Kalmia Latifolia and Paris Quadrifolia – Top order Homeopathic medicines for cervical back pain radiating down the arm/ hands

Kalmia Latifolia and Paris Quadrifolia are top grade Homeopathic medicines for cervical back pain radiating down the arms or hands. The radiating pain is accompanied by weakness, tingling, numbness in the arm or hands where Homeopathic medicine Kalmia Latifolia will work best. Symptoms guiding use of Paris Quadrifolia are sensation of weight in the neck, worsening of symptoms from exertion (either mental/physical) and numbness in fingers.

 What is back pain ?

Pain felt anywhere between the cervical to coccyx region along the back is referred to as back pain. The back comprises the vertebrae, intervertebral disc, spinal cord, muscles, ligaments and tendons. The vertebrae are bony structures d include 7 cervical, 12 dorsal, 5 thoracic, 5 sacral and 4 coccygeal vertebrae. The intervertebral discs are flexible, cartilage structures. One intervertebral disc lies between two vertebrae. These intervertebral discs act as cushions to absorb shock and maintain flexibility of the spine. The vertebrae collectively make the vertebral column with the vertebral canal running through its length in the centre. The spinal cord is enclosed between the vertebral canal. The cause of back pain can lie in any of these structures that form the back. The lower back, however, is most vulnerable.

What other symptoms may show up with back pain?

The upper, middle or lower back may be affected. The upper back includes the cervical (neck) region; mid back includes the dorsal region; and the lower back includes the lumbar, sacral and coccyx region. A major symptom that may accompany the pain is stiffness of the back. In case of pain in cervical back, pain from neck may radiate down the arms. This may be attended with numbness, tingling in hands. Pain from lower back may radiate down the lower limbs. This may also be attended with numbness, tingling and increased sensitivity in lower limbs. Other symptoms may include weakness in the back, lower limbs or upper limbs.

What could have caused my back pain?

Among the various causes behind back pain, the major ones include disc bulge, osteoarthritis, muscle strain, trauma and degenerative disc disease. Disc bulge refers to slipping of the intervertebral disc from its place. Osteoarthritis of the back refers to degenerative changes in the bones, disc, cartilage or joint of back. Muscle strain refers to overstretching of muscle arising from overuse, fatigue or lifting heavy weights. Degenerative disc disease refers to damage, dryness or breakage of the intervertebral disc mainly because of age related wear and tear or from injury.

I have chronic back pain, which tests must I undergo for complete diagnosis?

Back pain investigation includes X-ray, MRI and CT scan. X-ray reveals any changes in the backbone. MRI and CT scan diagnose changes in the disc, muscles, ligaments, tendons of the back.

Are elders more prone to back pain?

Back pain can affect a person of any age group. However, back pain from degenerative disc disease and osteoarthritis is most common in elderly people as these arise from age related degenerative changes.

I have lower back pain that radiates down my legs, what could be the cause?

Lower back pain radiating down the lower limbs basically indicates sciatica which may arise from compression, pinching or irritation of the sciatic nerve in the back. The various causes of sciatica include spinal stenosis, disc bulge, disc degeneration, bone spurs and spondylolisthesis.

What could be the reason for my cervical back pain radiating down the arms?

Pain in cervical back that radiates down to the arms could be caused by pinching of nerves in the cervical region. Nerves in the cervical region could get pinched due to a disc bulge, herniated disc, cervical spondylosis, bone spurs, and spinal stenosis.

I have been advised surgery for lower back pain from disc bulge. Will Homeopathic medicines help at this stage?

Homeopathy medicines work wonders in lower back pain arising from disc bulge and help avoid surgery is many such cases. However, the help offered by Homeopathic medicines in such cases and extent of recovery depends on the severity of the case (mild/moderate/severe disc bulge).

Can’t exercise/physiotherapy cure back pain?

Physiotherapy does play an important role in managing back pain, but to completely cure back pain. But to get it cured a proper evaluation and treatment are needed. Both physiotherapy and medicines must go hand in hand for effective results.

Does back pain indicate a serious condition?

In most cases, back pain does not indicate a serious condition and does not require urgent medical aid. However, bowel/bladder incontinence or progressive weakness in legs together with back pain needs urgent attention as it may be an indication of the cauda equina syndrome, which is an emergency condition.

Homeopathic medicines for back pain

Which medicines does Homeopathy rate best for lower back pain?

The most suitable Homeopathic medicines for treating the lower back are Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba and Aesculus Hippocastanum. Where the back pain worsens with rest and gets better with movement, Rhus Tox is the best choice. Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba is helpful where motion worsens back pain and rest provides relief. Aesculus Hippocastanum works well for back pain located in the sacrum and hip region. A symptom unique to all three medicines is marked stiffness in the back along with back pain.

For a stiff back, which Homeopathic medicines are advised?

Homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox has shown the most remarkable results in cases of back pain with stiffness. The stiffness is most marked after rest and in the early morning hours. Walking or movement relives the stiffness in the back.

My back pain gets worse with movement. Which Homeopathic medicine for back pain would help?

Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba would be the best prescription for back pain that worsens with movement. The person in need of Bryonia Alba gets relief from complete rest.

My lower back pain worsens with sitting. Which Homeopathic medicine for back pain can I take?

Two major Homeopathic medicines that are well suited for your lower back condition where the pain gets worse with sitting are Cobaltum and Phosphorus.

I have chronic back pain post injury, can Homeopathy aid recovery?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines are very helpful in treating back pain following an injury. Homeopathic medicines Arnica Montana and Hypericum Perforatum are two very reliable names in this category. These Homeopathic medicines treat back pain from injury of both acute and chronic origin with great excellence.

Is there a Homeopathic medicine for lower back pain arising from muscle strain?

Yes, there are Homeopathic medicines to treat lower back pain from muscle strain. Homeopathic medicines Rhus Tox and Ruta Graveolens are among the top listed medicines for this condition and have aided wonderful recoveries from backache arising from muscle strain such as over-lifting. Persons needing Rhus Tox see the back pain worsen with rest and feel better while walking. In cases where Homeopathic medicine Ruta Graveolens is required, pressure on the back or lying on back offers relief.

For lower back pain that radiates down the lower limbs (sciatica), which Homeopathic medicines would you recommend?

The prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for treating lower back pain radiating down the lower limbs are Colocynthis and Magnesium Phosphorica. Colocynthis is indicated when the back pain radiates down the lower limbs on the left side while Homeopathic medicine Magnesium Phosphorica shows best results when pain from the lower back radiates down the right side.

I have had back pain since I delivered my baby. Does Homeopathy have a solution?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can effectively treat your back pain complaint. Kali Carb is considered the best Homeopathic medicine for treating post-delivery back pain.

Which Homeopathic medicines are indicated for back pain in cervical (neck) region?

For pain in cervical back, Cimicifuga Racemosa and Guaiacum Officinale are two majorly indicated Homeopathic medicines. Mark stiffness is observed in such cases along with pain.

For cervical back pain radiating down the arms and hand, which are the best rated Homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicine Kalmia Latifolia and Paris Quadrifolia works wonders in cervical back pain radiating down the arms or hands.

What lifestyle changes will help manage back pain?

Adopting some basic lifestyle measures can go a long way in managing back pain. Some of these are:

  • Maintain proper posture while sitting
  • Lose weight
  • Avoid lifting heavy weights
  • Avoid bending and twisting the back
  • Avoid prolonged, constant sitting and standing
  • Exercise and physiotherapy will help relax muscles and eventually, pain

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Autism and Homeopathy

If your child is between the ages of two and three years and his development is keeping you worried please check with these following signs and symptoms. The child is withdrawn, avoids social contact even with kids and avoids playing with them; has no language or is losing language which he had already acquired; Fails to respond to his name; has poor eye contact; moves Constantly; shows patterns of repetitive behavior like rocking, spinning and hand flapping. If some or all of these signs are present in your child please make sure that you consul t a developmental specialist and have him evaluated for Autism.

Autism or Autism spectrum disorder also called as pervasive development disorder (PDD) is catching our world by surprise. The Incidence of autism is on rise. This rise is very fast. The Centre for disease Control in United States also known as CDC has recently come up with their changed statistics and are showing that 1 in every 110 children In United states have Autism. This is very alarming and what is even more alarming and disturbing is the fact that this trend is on the increase. Although , we don’t have any clear data on the incidence of autism in India, but we know that Autism is on rise in India too. And what is more Troublesome is that, till date, no cause has been identified for Autism.

Autism is Usually diagnosed between the ages of 18 months to 3 yrs. Although signs and symptoms of autism may be present earlier but are very difficult to identify. The Symptoms can range from very mild to very severe, hence autism is better known as autism Spectrum Disorder. This means that not every kid will develop the same amount of autism. Broadly speaking, Autism mainly affects the Verbal and non-verbal communication, social interaction and the behavior of the child. Communication is affected by delayed speech development, less speech, difficulty in using speech, repetitive speech and to a level where there is no speech. Nearly 40 percent of kids with Autism never develop speech. Social Interactions are affected by failure to establish friendships with children of same age, showing withdrawn behavior, lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, activities and achievements with others. They can also lack emotional understanding and reciprocity; this means that it is difficult for kids with autism to understand feelings of pain, sorrow and emotions of others. Autistic kids can have marked disability in expressing their own emotions whether verbally or non verbally. Behavior is usually affected signs of repetitive behavior or stereotyped behavior like hand flapping, spinning and can also signs of hyperactivity. Kids with autism show addictive tendency towards certain topics or objects like looking rotating objects, television advertisements, sticks , soaps or a particular toy.

Homeopathy has help for kids with autism. Although not all kids with autism respond to homeopathy but a certain segment of kids with mild to moderate level of autism at times show great signs of Improvement and recovery. Autistic kids with speech (however little) and less hyperactivity show very favorable improvements with certain homeopathic medicines. Age of the child also has major affect on the homeopathic treatment outcome – younger the child better are the chances of improvement with homeopathic medicine.
Dr. Vikas Sharma MD

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How to help your Autistic Child Develop Good Eye Contact

Eye Contact Is Stressful For Autistic Kids

In social interactions, eye contact drives all non-verbal exchange. It is a measure of the other person’s interest in us and reaction to what we have to say. In fact, it helps us pick up several social cues during a conversation. For children with autism, this simple communication tool can be a formidable challenge. Making eye contact, for them, is often a most daunting, stressful task which if forced, could set off anxiety, inattention, confusion even. Adults with autism describe the feeling of helplessness, and complete and utter confusion resulting from the attempts by their well-meaning parents and teachers to get them to look people in the eye. Some of them say the stress left them further distracted and unable to focus on the conversation so that they just wanted to escape and would leave the scene.
So, should we or should we not insist on eye contact in children with autism? “It depends”. Research says the best way out is to gauge what does or does not work for your child; look for the signs and see whether encouraging eye contact helps your child focus his attention better or makes him nervous and therefore, distracted.

Explanations for reduced eye contact in autistic children

Two explanations for reduced eye contact in autistic children have been proposed. One says that children with autism avoid eye contact because they find it stressful and negative. The other says that autistic children do not see the social cues from eyes as particularly meaningful or of great use. A new research, conducted on the day the children were first diagnosed with autism, backs this view. It shows that young children with autism do not actively avoid eye contact and that they do not find other people’s eyes aversive. Children with autism look less in the eyes because they appear to miss the social significance of eye contact, the researchers said. Another plausible explanation could be that the poor motor skills in children with autism extend, during infancy, to a reduced ability to control eye movement.
For the autistic person, all this adds up to a sort of sensory overload, more information and data to process for their already burdened mind. People with autism describe the feeling as “unnatural”. They do not know how long they should continue to look into the other person’s eyes, they say, which makes it difficult for them to focus on the actual content of the conversation.
Avoiding eye contact does not show a lack of interest in the autistic person. Rather, it is an attempt to focus on the task at hand; a Dutch autistic girl was quoted as saying.
“When I’m holding a conversation with someone, if I make eye contact, I would miss everything that the person is saying,” she said.
“It’s a steady stream of extra-sensory or processing information in addition to what I’m already trying to sort in my brain.
To me, eye contact seems like I’m being observed at, like I’m being examined and assessed. It makes me uneasy because I feel like I’m under enormous pressure, and the stress builds up, until finally, I have to look away.”
Many autistic children fear that by making eye contact, they are revealing that they are socially awkward and odd. It makes their eyes burn and water, they complain.
The entire experience is one of immense pain and discomfort. Looking away makes this pain go away.

Interventions For Improving Eye contact In Autistic Kids

Eye contact is a treatable, reversible symptom of autism spectrum disorder. This is how it works: autism may be linked to the disruption of G proteins that control cellular signalling, as per research findings. Cellular signalling refers to the ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond – in short, communicate – in their micro environment. This defect, combined with a vitamin A deficiency, can result in immune dysregulation – an inappropriately robust of weak immune response – and metabolism of fats needed for brain development. G proteins are also important for normal retinoid receptor function, which is the basis for healthy visual processing. Vitamin A doses may help reconnect the retinoid receptors critical for vision, sensory perception, language processing and attention. Therefore, the first step in treating lack of eye contact in children with autism is to use a specific form of vitamin A to repair the G proteins to re-establish good visual processing.
The eyes are the best of the fine motor skills. Visual motor planning relies on processing data. If a child wants to look at you, they need the visual processing centres in the brain working so they can integrate the information and then act on it. Depleted or defective vitamin A stores crash these visual processing centres, making it virtually impossible for the child to use this motor skill.

Homeopathic Medicines For Improving Eye contact In Autistic Children

Homeopathic medicine can helpful in overall improving the condition of autistic children thereby delivering significant improving the eye contact in autistic children. Homeopathic medicines are prescribed on the overall assesment of the case.

Other measures to encourage eye contact in children with autism are as follows:

  1. Eliciting a glance
    As a first step toward getting your child to look at you, pause before responding. So if your child asks a question or asks for something, pause before offering it to him. The pause may make him glance in your direction to see whether you heard him. When he does, respond immediately and praise him for making eye contact. This could be as simple as saying, “I like how you’re looking at me” or simply “nice looking.”
  2. The next step is to build the length of this eye contact. Each time, lengthen the pause by a few seconds before you respond to him. During this break, you can tell him how his making eye contact encourages you to respond to his requests.
  3. Building on interests
    Does your child loves to speak about a particular show or a unique set he has? Is he more disposed to look up at you when you engage him on these subjects? This is a an excellent way to encourage him.
  4. Visual supports
    It could be that your child does not even make enough eye contact for you to be able to encourage or reinforce it on a regular basis. In that case, you will have to start by trying to first “catch his eye.” You could use a visual support or a simpler strategy like touching the corner of your eye with a motion that falls within his range of vision and repeat it till it catches his attention.
  5. Behavioral therapy and social-skills groups
    A behavioural therapist engaged with an autistic child has a wonderful opportunity to build on the eye contact and attentiveness skills by working with him as a team. In fact, the therapist could educate the parents on a series of behavioural strategies that will help to gradually increase the child’s eye contact within his or her natural environment at home, school and at play.

    Three quick and simple techniques for getting eye contact:

    • Place yourself at or under his eye level consistently. It’s less eye stress and easier to look at you this way.
    • When you give your child an object, hold it to your eyes, so that he must reach out and grab it. You are right there, behind the object!
    • Positive reinforcement.

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Homeopathic Medicines for painful Menses

Homeopathic Medicines For Painful Menses

Having periods or menses is literally nothing short of a pain for women and if this is accompanied by real pain, the ordeal only gets tougher. Homeopathic treatment for pain during periods is very effective in providing relief from the pain . The Homeopathic remedies for pain during periods are made of natural substances and are free from any side effects. These completely safe natural medicines work to end the root cause of the pain during periods.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Pain During Menses

Magnesium Phoshphorica:Best Homeopathic medicine for cramping or shooting pain during periods

Natural Homeopathic medicine Magnesium Phoshphorica is the best homeopathic pain relief medicine during periods. For using this Homeopathic medicine, the pain can be of cramping, shooting or cutting nature, mainly in the lower abdomen. The pain is always relieved by warm applications on abdomen. Putting pressure on abdomen also reduces the pain. The pains are accompanied by extreme flatulence in abdomen with colic.

Belladona: Homeopathic medicine for pain in lower back during periods

Natural Homeopathic medicine Belladona is a very beneficial remedy for treating pains during periods. Belladona is mainly given to patients who complain of excessive pains in lower back that extend from hip to hip. Such pains get worse by touch. The bleeding during periods is bright red, profuse and hot. Headache usually accompanies the bleeding. Tightly binding the head provides relief from headache.

Kalium Carbonicum: Homeopathic medicine for pain in back, abdomen and hips during menses

Kalium Carbonicum is a natural Homeopathic medicine that is of great help for dealing with pain during menses. This Homeopathic medicine is prescribed for cutting pains in abdomen, back and hips. Backache is most severe. The patient gets relief from backache by sitting or by applying pressure on back.

Viburnum Opulus: Homeopathic remedy for crampy pain in abdomen during periods

Viburnum Opulus is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for patients who suffer from colicky or crampy pain in abdomen during periods. The pains get worse in the lower abdomen. The pains also extend down to the thighs. The blood flow during periods is very scanty and lasts only for a few hours.

Lachesis Mutus: Homeopathic medicine for severe pain during starting of periods

Natural Homeopathic medicine Lachesis Mutus is the best remedy for women who complain of pain during periods which is worse in the beginning of periods. As soon as the complete blood flow is established, the pain disappears. The bleeding during periods is usually scanty in nature. Duration of periods is also short. Excessive hot flushes are felt by women requiring Homeopathic medicine Lachesis Mutus. Tight clothing around the waist is unbearable.

Pulsatilla Pratensis: Natural homeopathic treatment for pain during periods at puberty

Pulsatilla Pratensis is the best natural Homeopathic medicine to treat the pain during periods in girls at puberty. The pains are worse in lower abdomen and back. The intensity of pains is severe, leading to cries from the patient. The bleeding during periods is very scanty and irregular. Extreme chilliness is felt along with pains. However, in spite of chills, the patient desires fresh, open air. Nausea and loose stool can also be present along with pains. The patients requiring this Homeopathic medicine have no thirst for water.

 Ammonium Carbonicum : Homeopathic medicine for diarrhoea during painful Menses

Ammonium Carbonicum is an excellent natural Homeopathic medicine for women who complain of diarrhoea during painful periods. The patient requiring this Homeopathic medicine complains of loose stool with gripping pain in the lower abdomen during periods. Diarrhoea gets worse at the beginning of periods. Diarrhoea and painful periods are accompanied by fatigue and weakness. Weakness is felt especially in the thighs. The bleeding during periods is abundant and acrid. Chilliness is also experienced in addition to loose stool and pain during periods.

Sepia Officinalis and Nux Vomica : Homeopathic remedies for pain during periods with constipation

Both natural Homeopathic medicines Sepia Officinalis and Nux Vomica are top remedies for constipation at the time of painful periods. Sepia Officinalis is given to women who complain of difficult stool or poop during painful periods. Stool is very hard and passes out in small round balls. The pains in the womb of bearing down character predominate. Women feel that the pelvic organs are coming out through vulva at the time of periods. The periods are always irregular in these women. Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is the top remedy when women have the constant desire to pass stool with pain during periods. The stool is very scanty. The pain in the lower abdomen gets better after passing out stool. But soon the pain reappears with an urge to pass stool. The periods are prolonged and accompanied by fainting.

Ferrum Phosphoricum :Homeopathic medicine  for fever during periods with pain

Ferrum Phosphoricum is a natural Homeopathic medicine that holds a great promise to lower down the temperature during painful periods. There is excessive heat in body. The periods occur frequently with much pain in womb and head. The blood is bright red during periods. Vomiting out undigested food may also be experienced along with fever and pain. Women requiring this medicine are always anaemic.

Cinchona Officinalis: Natural Homeopathic medicine for pain during periods with excessive weakness

Natural Homeopathic medicine Cinchona Officinalis is the best remedy for extreme weakness during painful periods. This Homeopathic medicine suits all those women who have heaviness and pain in pelvic organs during periods with profuse bleeding. As a consequence, weakness follows. Large clotted pieces of blood are also shed from the uterus during periods. The abdomen remains bloated due to flatus.

Ipecacuanha: Homeopathic medicine painful periods with Nausea

Ipecacuanha is the top ranked natural Homeopathic remedy for nausea during painful periods. This Homeopathic medicine can be taken by all those women who have persistent nausea during periods with pain in the lower abdomen. The bleeding is very profuse and bright red in colour during periods.

Homeopathic medicines painful periods with Vomiting

The natural Homeopathic medicines that give good results in treating cases of painful periods along with vomiting are Bryonia Alba, Pulsatilla Pratensis and Veratrum Album. Homeopathic medicine Bryonia Alba is the ideal remedy when the vomiting gets worse after eating during painful periods. The pains get worse by motion and better by rest. Excessive thirst for water is felt by women. Pulsatilla Pratensis is the best Homeopathic remedy when vomiting during periods is accompanied by nausea and chilliness. Thirst is completely absent. Homeopathic medicine Veratrum Album is recommended when both vomiting and diarrhoea occur during painful periods. All discharges, be it stool, vomiting or menstrual blood, are substantial. Excessive coldness and exhaustion are marked symptoms.

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Homeopathic Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder

Homeopathic Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder

borderline-personality-disorder-homeopathyBorderline Personality Disorder is a mental illness with symptoms of emotional instability like sudden, uncontrollable and unpredictable mood swings. People suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder are insecure about their image and identity and face difficulty in maintaining a stable self-image and interpersonal relationships. This disorder is usually inherited and environmental factors like childhood abuse, childhood neglect and lack of love from parents in childhood are some associated factors. Homeopathic medicines are very effective in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder. The Homeopathic remedies for Borderline Personality Disorder are completely safe, have zero side effects and are made of natural substances that provides effective treatments for personality disorder. The Homeopathic treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder aims to reach the underlying cause of Borderline Personality Disorder and root it out, besides controlling the effects of the worrisome symptoms.

Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder

The symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder include sudden outbursts of anger; irritability; sudden mood swings; impulsive and destructive behaviour; depression with a feeling of worthlessness, self-hatred and loathing life;and self-injury, including suicidal behaviour. All these symptoms make it difficult to maintain a stable self-image and relationship with others.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Borderline Personality Disorder

Best Homeopathic medicines Borderline Personality Disorder with sudden burst of anger

Chamomilla is among the top natural Homeopathic medicines for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who easily get angry and quarrelsome without taking into account the feelings of the other person. The sudden outbursts of anger because of contradiction or when the feelings are hurt can be best managed by Homeopathic medicine Chamomilla. This Homeopathic remedy is also of great help to patients who admit that they are unable to control their temper and those who want to do everything as per their wish and get angry if their wish is not fulfilled. Moschus is another natural Homeopathic medicine that is very beneficial in dealing with the sudden outbursts of anger in patients of Borderline Personality Disorder. The patients have sudden fits of anger and even scold others till their face turns blue and they faint and fall down. The sudden outbursts of anger are accompanied by trembling and uncontrollable laughter. Homeopathic medicine Moschus also acts wonderfully as a remedy for obstinate and self-willed persons who right from their childhood have the habit of getting each and every demand fulfilled by hook or by crook. This habit continues in advancing years and outbursts of anger increase in intensity if their desire or demand is not met.

Top Homeopathic remedies for Borderline Personality Disorder with sudden mood swings

Crocus Sativus is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for sudden mood changes in patients of Borderline Personality Disorder. The patient has a sudden and frequent change in mood from extreme happiness to sadness. The patient requiring Homeopathic medicine Crocus Sativus is joyous and affectionate in a specific moment and the very next moment unpredictably bursts out into anger. The patient very soon feels sorry for this behaviour. Homeopathic medicine Valeriana is also very beneficial for dealing with sudden mood swings in patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who are excited easily with trembling and palpitations. The patients experience mood swings especially when resting and at night and feel better by walking. The mood swings from excitement and happiness to sudden sadness and irritability are also very well dealt with by Homeopathic medicine Crocus Sativus. Homeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara is another useful remedy for mood swings in Borderline Personality Disorder patients who are of a sensitive nature and find it very difficult to control their emotions. Their mood changes from laughing to weeping and from happiness to sadness in quick succession in a very short time. Patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who have a history of some grief or disappointment in love affections prior to onset of the disease can greatly benefit from Homeopathic medicine Ignatia Amara.

Homeopathic medicines for Borderline Personality Disorder with symptoms of irritability

Sepia is an excellent natural Homeopathic medicine for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who get irritated over no reason and feel sad. Such patients have an aversion to talk along with irritability. Only their own opinion matters for such patients and they cannot bear to be opposed. Another marked symptom along with irritability for this Homeopathic medicine to be used is indifference to family and aversion to any work, be it mental or physical. LiliumTigrinum is another Homeopathic remedy of great help for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who get aroused from even a slight emotional excitement with palpitations of heart. Such patients are so irritable that they cannot utter a decent word to anybody even if the other person speaks in the mildest tone possible. The patients are known to sit for a long time thinking about themselves and don’t want to be disturbed. They get extremely irritated if disturbed and run away and even forcefully shut the doors.

Homeopathic medicines for Borderline Personality Disorder patients with destructive and impulsive behaviour

NuxVomica is the top natural Homeopathic medicine to deal with impulsive behaviour of Borderline Personality Disorder patients who are sensitive and want to force things according to will. If opposed, such patients have violent destructive impulses like an impulse in a woman to destroy her husband, to tear things and to throw her child. The patients requiring NuxVomica cannot even bear a chair to come in their way while walking and if such a situation arises, they just kick it to clear the way. Another Homeopathic medicine of great help in controlling impulsive behaviour in Borderline Personality Disorder patients is HeparSulph. Such patients are disturbed very easily by small things with violent impulses like the impulse to kill the best friend, to destroy everybody and to put things on fire without any cause.Belladona is also a highly ranked natural Homeopathic medicine for controlling impulsive patients who strike, bite and spit on the persons nearby with a red and hot face. Stramonium is another Homeopathic remedy for impulsiveness when a patient tears clothes, curses and indulges in excessive screaming till the voice is lost. The condition gets worse in darkness. Yet another top Homeopathic medicine to deal with the tendency towards destructiveness in Borderline Personality Disorder patients is Staphysagaria. This Homeopathic medicine is the ideal remedy for patients who control their anger till the highest limit possible and when the level rises, they become violent and destructive and throw things.

Homeopathic treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder with depression, self-hatred, suicidal thoughts

Aurum Metallicum is the best natural Homeopathic remedy to deal with depression and self-hatred feelings in Borderline Personality Disorder patients who feel it’s of no use to live, life is a burden and constantly think of suicide. Homeopathic medicine Lac Caninum is also very beneficial for dealing with patients who feel hopeless, have a low opinion of themselves and feel no one is a friend. Such patients weep a lot and fear to be alone. Homeopathic medicine Antimonioum Crudum, meanwhile,is of great help for patients of Borderline Personality Disorder who have no desire to live, who remain sad with weeping, have lost love for life and want to commit suicide.

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7 Best Homeopathic medicines for Ulcerative Colitis

Homeopathic Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

homeopathic-medicine-for-ulcerative-colitisHomeopathic medicine is a reliable alternative to modern medicine in treating autoimmune disorders including ulcerative colitis. Homeopathic medicines moderate the overactive immune system. The extent of improvement and benefit will depend on a large number of factors including the duration and intensity (mild/moderate/severity) of disease, stage at which Homeopathic medicines are started and individual body response. However, Homeopathic medicines can help manage ulcerative colitis symptoms, reduce the severity and frequency of flare-ups and even treatment ulcerative colitis based on individual case analysis. Some well recognized Homeopathic medicines for ulcerative colitis are – Merc Sol, Merc Cor, Colchicum Autumnale, Aloe Socotrina and Phosphorus.

Homeopathic Medicines for Ulcerative Colitis

Merc Sol – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with loose stool and bleeding from rectum

Merc Sol is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for ulcerative colitis and is best indicated for cases of loose stools with excessive bleeding. The stools are very frequent. However, even after passing stool a number of times, there is no satisfaction. Such persons tend to feel chilly all the time.

Nux Vomica – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with constant urge to pass stool with marked tenesmus

Nux Vomica is a most useful Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with frequent, scanty stool and marked tenesmus. Tenesmus refers to the ineffectual urge to pass stool almost constantly. Stool is scanty. Abdomen pain before passing stool may be observed. Nux Vomica also offers great help in cases where taking spicy food or alcohol worsens symptoms.

Merc Cor – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with loose stool with mucus and blood

For ulcerative colitis with loose stool, mucus and blood, Merc Cor is a very suitable Homeopathic medicine. The stool is hot and offensive. Burning in the rectum while passing stool may arise. There may be cutting, colicky pains in abdomen as well.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with bloody diarrhoea attended with marked weakness

Phosphorus is a significant Homeopathic medicine for treating ulcerative colitis cases with bloody diarrhoea attended with weakness. The stool is copious, gushing, and watery. The character of blood is bright red. The person feels exhausted after passing stool. Cramping pain in the rectum may arise on passing stool. Phosphorus is majorly indicated in case of inflammation of rectum i.e. proctitis.

Aloe Socotrina – Effective Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with marked urgency to pass stool

Aloe Socotrina is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for ulcerative colitis with urgency to pass stool as the predominant symptom. The urgency to pass stool is markedly present in the morning; also soon after eating or drinking. There is constant bearing down in the rectum. Burning in the anus and rectum may also be intense. Another characteristic feature for use of Aloe Socotrina is passage of jelly-like mucus in stool.

Nitric Acid – Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis with intense pain in rectum on passing stool

Nitric Acid is the best choice of Homeopathic medicine in ulcerative colitis cases where there is intense pain in rectum while passing stool. The pain may be tearing or cutting in nature. It may continue for hours after stool is passed. Profuse, bright red bleeding may be noticed along with stool in such cases.

Colchicum Autumnale – Wonderful Homeopathic medicine for joint pains and gastric complaints in ulcerative colitis

Colchicum Autumnale is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for ulcerative colitis where joint pains appear along with gastric symptoms. Gastric symptoms include stool with mucus and pain in rectum. The pain in rectum continues for long after stool is passed. Highly offensive flatus may attend the above symptoms. As for the joint pains,the joints may be swollen, stiff and in great pain; slightly touching the joints may worsen the pain.

 What is ulcerative colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is one among inflammatory bowel disease of autoimmune origin, the other being Crohn’s disease. The lesions in ulcerative colitis mainly involve the rectum and may spread to sigmoid colon. In rare cases, the entire colon may get involved, a condition called pancolitis. Ulcerative colitis runs a relapsing and remitting course with periods of flare-ups and remission.

Why does ulcerative colitis arise?

The exact cause of ulcerative colitis is not yet known, but it believed to be a disease of autoimmune origin. Autoimmune disorders refer to a group of diseases where the immune cells of a person start destroying its own tissues out of a misdirected immune response. In ulcerative colitis, the body’s immune cells, that are meant to be activated while fighting an infection, get activated in the absence of a real infection out of a misdirected response. As a result, they start to destroy the lining of the colon, resulting in inflammation and ulcers in the colon and a set of other symptoms.  A positive family history of ulcerative colitis puts a person at a higher risk of the disease.

How do I know I have ulcerative colitis?

The presence of a set of symptoms such as diarrhoea with mucus and blood, abdominal cramps, pain in rectum while passing stool, urgency to pass stool and tenesmus of the rectum (constant, ineffectual urge to pass stool) may point to ulcerative colitis. Anaemia and weight loss may accompany. This clinical diagnosis underlines the need for further investigation with tests like a colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and biopsy.

What does diagnosis of ulcerative colitis involve?

In case ulcerative colitis is suspected on the basis of clinic symptoms, further laboratory investigations are advised. These include colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy and biopsies of the mucosa taken from the colon. A biopsy, while aiding diagnosis of ulcerative colitis, also helps to differentiate it from Crohn’s disease.

I have been passing blood in stool. Is it due to ulcerative colitis?

Blood in stool is a major indication of ulcerative colitis. However, blood in stool is also noted in other conditions such as piles, anal fissures, and peptic ulcers, cancer even. Blood in stool appears in upper gastrointestinal tract bleeding or lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding as well. Further investigation in terms of stool examination, endoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and colonoscopy needs to be conducted before the exact cause can be established.

My stool contains mucus. Could it be ulcerative colitis?

Passing small amounts of mucus in stool is normal. But, passage of large amounts of mucus in stool may hint at an inflammatory condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Mucus in stool could mean ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, malabsorption disease, anal fistula, parasitic infections or even cancer. You need to get the stool tested and further investigations such as endoscopy and colonoscopy done.

What complications can ulcerative colitis lead to?

Ulcerative colitis can lead to complications such as perforation of the colon, osteoporosis, severe bleeding, joint inflammation, eye inflammation, colon cancer and toxic megacolon.

I take Mesacol for my ulcerative colitis. Can I stop taking it once I start my Homeopathic medicine?

At the start of Homeopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis, it is not advisable to stop taking Mesacol as the body is used to this medication. Stopping it abruptly could do the body more harm than good. In the initial stages of Homeopathic treatment, both Mesacol and Homeopathic medicines could be taken simultaneously. Gradually, as the body starts responding to Homeopathic medicines, Mesacol can be tapered.

Can Homeopathic Treatment completely treatment it ?

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective in treating ulcerative colitis. However, the extent to which a patient will show recovery depends on the intensity of disease, duration of disease and individual response of the patient. Mild to moderate cases of ulcerative colitis recover wonderfully well under Homeopathic mode of treatment. In severe cases, Homeopathic medicines can provide great symptomatic management and support. Symptomatic management means controlling symptoms such as loose stool, mucus, blood, tenesmus, abdominal cramping and rectal pain arising in ulcerative colitis.

What is a perforated colon in ulcerative colitis, can Homeopathy treat it?

A hole, cut or tear in the colon is referred as a perforation. In ulcerative colitis, the inflammation and ulcer weaken the colon wall and may lead to a tear or perforation in it. The condition is life threatening. Intense pain in abdomen, fever, vomiting, swollen abdomen are indications of a perforated colon.  A perforated colon in ulcerative colitis is a case of medical emergency and needs to be managed urgently with conventional allopathic medicine. Homeopathy is of no help in such cases.

What is toxic megacolon, can Homeopathic treatment for Ulcerative Colitis treat this condition?

Toxic megacolon is a serious complication of ulcerative colitis where the colon distends enormously and may rupture. The rupture of colon leads to blood infection (septicemia) and is life threatening. Abdominal pain, high fever and rapid heartbeat are symptoms of toxic megacolon. Homeopathy is of no use in toxic megacolon cases and it needs to be addressed on urgent basis under conventional mode of treatment.

I have ulcerative colitis and my hemoglobin is low. Are the two related?

Anaemia is not uncommon in ulcerative colitis cases due to excessive blood loss in stool. Iron deficiency anaemia is most common.

 Homeopathic Treatment for ulcerative colitis

Which Homeopathic medicines are most effective in treating ulcerative colitis?

Homeopathic medicines Merc Sol, Phosphorus and Nux Vomica are recognised as top grade treats for ulcerative colitis. Merc Sol will show best results where the symptoms include loose stool with blood and marked tenesmus. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus will work best in case of loose stool with blood attended with marked weakness. Nux Vomica is an excellent choice of medicine where stool is scanty and there is an ineffectual urge to pass stool (tenesmus of rectum).

I have ulcerative colitis and pass profuse, watery stool with blood. Which Homeopathic medicine will help?

You will benefit most from Homeopathic medicines Phosphorus and Merc Sol. Where the person passes bright red blood with watery stool, Phosphorus is the most suitable Homeopathic medicine. Extreme weakness may also attend. Homeopathic medicine Merc Sol is prescribed in case of loose, watery stool with blood and marked tenesmus. Even after passing stool a number of times, there is never “got done” feeling.

Which Homeopathic medicines can I take for watery stool with mucus from ulcerative colitis?

Homeopathic medicine Aloe Socotrina and Merc Cor are extremely beneficial remedies for ulcerative colitis with watery stool and mucus. Aloe Socotrina is indicated for jelly-like mucus with watery stool. Merc Cor is best prescribed where the stool is scanty with slimy mucus and sometimes shreds of mucous membrane of intestine.

I suffer ulcerative colitis with abdominal cramping and loose stool. Please advise a Homeopathic medicine.

For abdominal cramping with loose stool, Homeopathic medicine Colocynthis is known to show remarkable results. Persons needing Colocynthis may get relief from pain by bending double on the abdomen or by pressing the abdomen.

I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for a long time and now have anemia. Can Homeopathy remedy the situation?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can definitely treat anaemia from ulcerative colitis. Homeopathic medicines Ferrum Phos and Ferrum Met are of great help in treating anaemia in ulcerative colitis.

I have joint pains with ulcerative colitis. How can Homeopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis help?

Yes, Homeopathic medicines can help. Homeopathic medicine Colchicum Autumnale is a great treats for joint pains in persons with ulcerative colitis. Bryonia alba and Rhus Tox are other excellent Homeopathic alternatives to treat acute joint pains. The most suitable medicine is selected based on the symptom presentation. Colchicum Autumnale is used where joints are highly inflamed so that the slightest touch is unbearable. Bryonia Alba will effect recovery where the slightest movement of the joints worsens the pain. Rhus Tox will show best results where the joints are painful and stiff. Persons needing Rhus Tox feel the joint pain worsen while resting and get better while moving about.

Which Homeopathic medicines can be taken for ulcerative colitis with urgency to defecate?

For cases with an urgency to defecate as a prominent symptom of ulcerative colitis, Homeopathic medicine Aloe Socotrina is found to be extremely effective. The urgency to pass stool soon after eating or drinking may also be marked. Mucus in stool may be present.

For rectal pain with stool in ulcerative colitis, what does Homeopathy prescribe?

Homeopathic medicines Nitric Acidum and Merc Cor can be used for managing rectal pain while passing stool. Nitric Acid is selected where the pain in rectum while passing stool is tearing or cutting in nature. The pain may continue after stool is passed. Homeopathic medicine Merc Cor is indicated in case of violent, burning pain in rectum on passing stool. There is a continuous urge to pass stool in such cases.

I have ulcerative colitis and my major complaint is constant urging to pass stool. Which Homeopathic treatment for ulcerative colitis will work for me?

The constant, ineffectual urging to pass stool is referred to as tenesmus of rectum. The most suitable Homeopathic remedies for ulcerative colitis with constant urging to pass stool are Nux Vomica and Merc Sol. Nux Vomica is useful where the urge to pass stool is almost constant and the stool is scanty. Merc Sol shows great results where the urge to pass stool is frequent and the stool is loose. It may be attended with blood and mucus. Even after passing stool several times, there is a never “got done” feeling.

Can lifestyle changes help to better manage ulcerative colitis?

Reducing stress levels and avoiding certain foods can work wonders on ulcerative colitis. Therefore, invest in a meditation, exercise, yoga class or take regular walks to bring down stress and stay calm. The food products that need avoiding are spicy foods, alcohol, caffeine, dairy products and high fiber diet. In ruling these out of the diet, one is essentially preventing the symptoms from flaring up as often as before. It needs mention here that stress can increase these flare-ups manifold and must be avoided at all cost.