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Managing Progressive Supranuclear Palsy with Homeopathy

homeopathy for Progressive supranuclear palsy

Progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) is a rare brain disorder that causes problems with balance, walking, eye movements, speech, and swallowing. It is also called Steele-Richardson-Olszewski syndrome. Homeopathy for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy can help manage the symptoms, but is limited in its scope and should not be the only course of treatment for this disorder.

The exact cause of progressive supranuclear palsy isn’t known yet. The symptoms of PSP arise due to the deterioration of brain cells in the region of the brain stem. It has been found that destruction of brain cells is linked with an abnormal amount of protein (called tau that forms clumps in brain cells) hinder their functioning resulting in the death of brain cells. The condition affects people who are over the age of 60 years. 

Signs and Symptoms

The main signs and symptoms of progressive supranuclear palsy include unsteady gait, loss of balance while walking resulting in frequent falls (mostly backward) and an inability to control eye movement. There may be difficulty focussing the eye on objects or looking upward/downward. Blurred vision, double vision, sensitivity to light, involuntary closing of eyes (blepharospasm) may also be felt. Inability to maintain eye contact during conversation is other vision complaints. These signs and symptoms tend to worsen over time, the rate of its progression varies from person to person. Other symptoms include stiffness, difficulty swallowing, slow / slurred speech, sleep disturbances, change in behaviour (like irritability, mood swings, impulsive behaviour, laughing / weeping without reason, loss of interest in pleasurable activities), depression, anxiety, slowness of thought, memory problems, forgetfulness, difficult reasoning and decision making ability, monotone speech and a mask-like facial expression.

Homeopathy for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Homeopathy plays a supportive role in managing the symptoms of progressive supranuclear palsy. These medicines can be taken along with conventional treatment to give symptomatic relief to the patient and improve the quality of life. Homeopathy medicines are indicative to manage gait issues, vision problems, speech / swallowing difficulties and attending memory issues, sleep problems, behavioral problems, depression, and anxiety. Homeopathy medicines are selected individually for every case of progressive supranuclear palsy as per the characteristic symptoms. The top homeopathic medicines for supportive help to manage progressive supranuclear palsy include Alumina, Agaricus, Causticum, Phosphorus and Baryta Carb.

1. Alumina – For Unsteady Gait/loss of Balance while Walking

Alumina is well indicated to manage unsteady gait/loss of balance while walking in progressive supranuclear palsy. Staggering and tottering while walking is present where Alumina is used. There is a need to sit frequently while walking. Thighs and legs feel tensed, stiff like a cramp with gait problems.

2. Agaricus – For Loss of Balance while Walking with Tendency to Fall Forward

Agaricus is a prominent medicine for managing the loss of balance while walking in cases of progressive supranuclear palsy. In such cases gait is unsteady. Person reels and totters while walking. There is a tendency to fall forward. Legs may feel heavy and weak while walking.

3. Causticum – For Loss of Balance while walking with Tendency to Fall Backward

Causticum next medicine to manage complaint of loss of balance while walking in persons having progressive supranuclear palsy. It is most indicated for cases where a person have unsteady gait with a tendency to fall backward. Legs may feel tensed and cramped with the above features.

4. Phosphorus – For Visual Complaints

Phosphorus is a significant medicine for supportive help to manage visual complaints in progressive supranuclear palsy. Blurred and double vision indicates its use. It is also useful when sensitivity to light (photophobia) is an attending complaint.

5. Baryta Carb – For Mental Dullness, Forgetfulness

Baryta Carb is prominent medicine for managing mental dullness and forgetfulness in progressive supranuclear palsy. Persons needing Baryta Carb forgets familiar words. They are also forgetful while conversing with others. They forget what they have said in a conversation. They have slowness of thought. Reasoning and understanding ability is also diminished in them.

6. Anacardium – For Memory Problems, Forgetfulness, Weak Memory

Anacardium is prepared from the layer of nut between shell and kernel of a plant Anacardium Orientale having common name marking nut. The natural order of this plant is Anacardiaceae. Anacardium offers help to manage memory problems and forgetfulness in cases of progressive supranuclear palsy. Persons needing Anacardium suffer from marked forgetfulness and they don’t remember anything. Their mind gets extremely weak and dull. They forget the names of close persons and unable to recognize familiar faces. Sadness and high irritability may appear in them.

7. Belladonna – For Difficult Swallowing

Belladonna is prepared from a plant named deadly nightshade. The natural order of this plant is Solanaceae. Belladonna helps to manage swallowing difficulties in cases of progressive supranuclear palsy. Persons needing Belladonna have difficulty to swallow food. They have to drink liquid frequently while eating solid food to move it down. Swallowing is also painful. There is a fear of choking with food while eating. Throat feels very dry.

8. Lachesis – For Slow, Difficult Speech

Lachesis is indicated to manage slow, difficult speech in cases of progressive supranuclear palsy. In such cases, it may be difficult to pronounce words. The tongue feels heavy and moves with difficulty. Stammering may also be present.

9. Coffea Cruda – For Sleep Disturbances

Coffea Cruda is very beneficial for managing sleep disturbances in progressive supranuclear palsy. There is difficulty falling asleep where Coffea Cruda is indicated. The person remains wide awake at night though feeling drowsy. Tossing and turning from side to side in bed is there. If sleep appears then there is difficulty maintaining sleep. Coffea Cruda is also indicated for restless sleep with frequent waking.

10. Ignatia – For Behaviour Changes (irritability, mood swings) and Depression

Ignatia is prepared from seeds of plant Ignatia Amara. This plant belongs to natural order Loganiaceae. Ignatia is very useful to manage behavior changes and depression in case of progressive supranuclear palsy. Persons needing Ignatia have marked irritability and mood swings. They become sad with weeping one moment suddenly followed by happiness and laughing. Fatigue both on the mental and physical plane is also marked. Ignatia is also indicated for managing depression in persons having progressive supranuclear palsy. They remain sad with frequent weeping spells. They are joyless. They prefer to be alone and isolated. An aversion to talking also prevails in them. They don’t want to do any work either mental or physical. They become absent-minded. Their memory becomes weak with difficult thinking and forgetfulness. They become mentally dull. They also start losing interest in pleasurable activities.

11. Aconite – For Anxiety Issues

Aconite is prepared from a plant Aconitum Napellus commonly known by the name of monkshood. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Aconite is highly suitable for treating anxiety issues in persons having progressive supranuclear palsy. Such persons have high anxiety attended with restlessness. They have intense palpitations, cold sweat with trembling during anxiety phase. They fear to go out where there is a crowd and have a fear of death.

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8 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers are sores or ulcers arising in the lining of the stomach. They are also known as gastric ulcers. In a majority of the cases, stomach ulcers are caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori bacterium. Another frequent cause is long term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s). Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers help to heal the sores in the stomach and prevent the tendency towards stomach ulcers in the chronic phase.    homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers

Tobacco smoking, drinking alcohol and stress are the risk factors that predispose a person to stomach ulcers. The protective mucus lining of the stomach is reduced due to the above causes. This allows the acid content of the stomach to eat away the inner tissue lining, resulting in ulcer formation.

Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers

The major symptom of stomach ulcers is pain/burning in the epigastric region. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, bloating, loss of appetite, weight loss and hematemesis (vomiting of blood).

Homeopathic Medicines for Stomach Ulcers

Homeopathy offers a very safe and effective treatment for stomach ulcers. Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers primarily help reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms of stomach ulcers in the acute phase. Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers are selected as per individual symptoms that vary from person to person. Argentum Nitricum,  Nux Vomica, Kali Bichromicum, Lycopodium, Carbo Veg, Hydrastis, Phosphorous, and Graphites are the top remedies for stomach ulcers.

1. Argentum Nitricum – For Stomach Ulcers with Radiating Pains

In my experience, Argentum Nitricum rates among the best medicines for stomach ulcers. This medicine is well indicated when sharp ulcerative or burning pain is felt in the stomach and radiates to other regions of the abdomen. The pain is sometimes gnawing in nature. Symptoms such as belching, nausea, vomiting may also appear along with these radiating pains. Abdominal distension may also be present in such cases where Argentum Nitricum will prove one of the most effective medicines for stomach ulcers.

2. Nux Vomica – For Stomach Ulcers where Eating Worsens Pain

Nux Vomica has shown the most satisfactory results in stomach ulcer cases where pain in the stomach is felt from eating even the smallest amount of food. The stomach region is also sensitive to touch in such cases. Nux Vomica is also one of the best-suited medicines for stomach ulcers where spicy food, coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks worsen the symptoms. Tightness and pressure may be felt in the stomach after eating. Nausea, vomiting, eructations, flatulence, and heartburn may accompany the above symptoms.

3. Kali Bichromicum – For Ulcers in Stomach

Kali Bichromicum is another of the top grade medicines for stomach ulcers. I have seen amazing recoveries in gastriculcer cases with Kali Bichromicum. It is indicated in round ulcers with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach soon after eating. The food seems to sit in the stomach like a load. Appetite is low in cases where Kali Bichromicum will work as one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers.

4. Lycopodium Clavatum – For Boated Abdomen

Lycopodium has proved itself as the most useful among medicines for stomach ulcers where the main symptoms are burning, constrictive pains attended with marked flatulence and fullness/bloating of the abdomen. Bloating starts soon after eating. A person in need of Lycopodium may get relief in pain from taking warm water. Farinaceous food like cabbage and beans worsen the symptoms. Lycopodium Clavatum is known among the best medicines for stomach ulcers with any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

5. Carbo Veg – For Stomach Ulcers

Carbo Veg is another of the prominently indicated medicines for stomach ulcers. It is most helpful when burning pain in the stomach is accompanied by sour belching or heartburn. The pain may extend from the stomach to the back. The epigastric area may also be sensitive and tender to touch. Eating the smallest amount of food, even light food, worsens the symptoms in such cases where Carbo Veg will prove the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers to heal the condition.

6. Hydrastis Canadensis – For Stomach Ulcers with Weight Loss

In my clinical practice, Hydrastis has proved extremely effective in treating stomach ulcers where they are accompanied by weight loss and emaciation. A key symptom is a constant sore feeling in the stomach. Cutting and sharp pain in the stomach may also be present in cases where Hydrastis works as one of the most effective medicines for stomach ulcers. Weakness and a loathing of food in epigastrium are other symptoms to look out for. Hydrastis is also one of the major medicines for chronic gastritis.

7. Graphites – For Stomach Ulcers with Vomiting after Eating

In case of ulcers with vomiting immediately after eating food, Graphites has shown the most promising results among medicines for stomach ulcers. Constrictive and burning pain in the stomach is experienced after eating. Excessive belching, the taste of ingesta is also an attending symptom in such cases where Graphites is prescribed as one of the most reliable medicines for stomach ulcers.

8. Phosphorus – For Stomach Ulcers where Cold Drinks bring Relief

Phosphorus is rated among the most reliable medicines for stomach ulcers where having a cold drink relieves pain. Burning in the stomach after eating is complained of. Along with this, sour, bitter belching may also be experienced in such cases. Phosphorus is made its place among the top rated Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers with the above symptoms.

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Homeopathic Medicines for Swollen Knee

A swollen knee is the result of the accumulation of fluid in or around the knee joint. It is commonly referred to as a ‘knee joint effusion’ or ‘water on the knee.’ Knee swelling can come on suddenly or gradually, can be mild or severe and can limit the movement of the leg. It often causes pain and can make walking very uncomfortable. The swelling can be both unilateral (affecting one knee) and bilateral (affecting both knees). Homeopathic medicines for swollen knee treat the condition in a gradual, safe and natural way.      homeopathic medicines for swollen knee

The most common cause of a swollen knee is an injury, but in some cases, it may develop due to an underlying problem in the knee joint. The structure of the knee joint is as follows: The knee joint has a capsule, which is like a sac surrounding the whole joint. This capsule contains the synovial fluid which nourishes and lubricates the joint, enabling it to smoothly carry out movements of the body. The joint capsule acts as a container, keeping the fluid within the knee joint. Sometimes it may happen that the joint becomes overworked, or twisted. In case the joint gets irritated, it responds by producing more fluid in order to protect and heal itself. This is how the term ‘water on the knee’ has come about.

Homeopathic Medicines for Swollen Knee

There are various forms of conventional treatment for a swollen knee depending upon the cause for it. For a swollen knee caused by an infection, antibiotics are given to treat the underlying infection. In inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) are usually prescribed. The above mentioned conventional treatment can, however, have adverse side effects on the body, the scope of which is totally emitted in Homeopathy. Both acute and chronic conditions respond well to Homeopathy. Apis Mellifica, Arnica Montana, Bryonia Alba, Benzoic Acid, Rhus Tox, Sticta Pulmonaria, Benzoicum Acidum, Silicea, and Kali Iodatum are the top remedies for a swollen knee.

1. Apis Mellifica – Where Pain Worsens Under Pressure

Apis Mellifica, also known as the Poison of the Honey Bee, is a medicine derived from dried honeybees commonly found in the Western region and Europe. Apis Mellifica is an effective remedy with a sphere of action revolving around the urinary system, gastrointestinal system and the skin with characteristic burning stinging pains as that from the bite of a bee.
It is used to treat a swollen knee that is accompanied by intense, stinging, and shooting pain in the knees. The pain worsens under pressure. The knee may appear shiny, sore, and sensitive to the touch. In the case of housemaid’s knee, it is indicated when the knee is highly swollen, sore and sensitive to touch. In some cases, the knee pain is of burning, stinging nature. Slight touch and pressure can worsen the pain.

2. Arnica Montana – For Swelling Due to Injury

Arnica Montana is used to treat a swollen knee that develops as a result of an injury or trauma. Arnica is also known as Leopard’s Bane, which is a perennial flowering plant native to Europe. It belongs to the family Compositae. Its main sphere of action is around the muscles and the cellular tissues of the body by acting through the cerebrospinal system. Other symptoms include soreness, bruising and pain. A sensation of dislocation with a tenderness of the knee joint may also be present.

3. Bryonia Alba – For Swelling Due to Rheumatic Joint

Bryonia Alba is a medicine used to treat swelling in the knees due to a rheumatic joint complaint. It is also known as White Bryony and belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae. This is a perennial climbing herb found in Europe and Northern Iran. The knee joint is red, hot and swollen. Along with swelling, a sharp, tearing, stitching pain may also be present. The slightest movement of the knee can worsen the pain. Through the cerebrospinal nervous system, no other remedy affects the mucous membranes as Bryonia does.

Other Significant Remedies

4. Benzoic Acid – For Swollen Knee due to Gout

Benzoic Acid is a medicine used to treat a swollen knee due to gout. Along with swelling, painful nodes on the knee joint may be present. Drawing pain in the knees, a cracking sound upon movement and aggravation of the symptoms might indicate the need for this medicine.

5. Rhus Tox – For Swelling with Stiffness

Rhus Tox is used to treat a swollen knee with stiffness. The knee feels hot, painful, heavy and tense. Massage and movement help ease the pain.

6. Sticta Pulmonaria – Swelling due to Bursitis

Sticta Pulmonaria is one of the best medicines for a swollen knee that occurs due to bursitis. The main symptom that indicates the need for this medicine is a red, hot, intensely swollen knee. This is due to the collection of a significant amount of fluid in the patellar bursa. Stretching the leg or moving about often brings relief. For housemaid’s knee, the primary guiding symptom for using this medicine is severe shooting pain in the affected knee. The knee is also highly inflammed with marked redness and heat.

7. Benzoicum Acidum – For Gout affecting Knee Joint

Benzoicum Acidum is a remedy for gout that affects the knee joint. The joint is swollen and painful with a cracking sound on movement. In some cases, nodes from the deposits of urate crystals may be present on the knees.

4. Silicea – For Tearing Knee Pain

Silicea is a natural medicine for housemaid’s knee and swelling when knee pains are tearing in nature. Pressure and exercise worsen the pain over the knee. The knee is also highly swollen and shining.

5. Kali Iodatum – Swelling Aggravated at Night

The main feature to use Kali Iodatum is the pain over knee worse from lying on the affected side. Other symptoms indicating Kali Iodatum use are swelling over knee aggravated at night time.

Risk Factors that lead to a Swollen Knee

Following are some risk factors that can predispose a person to a condition like swollen knee:

1. Age: The risk of developing diseases which lead to knee effusion, like arthritis, increases with age. This makes older adults more vulnerable to develop a condition like a swollen knee.

2. Sports: People who are actively involved in sports that involve twisting the knee, such as basketball, are more likely to experience knee injuries that cause swelling.

3. Obesity: Excess weight puts added stress on the knee joint, thus contributing to the tissue and joint overload and knee degeneration that can lead to a swollen knee. Obesity increases the risk of osteoarthritis, one of the more frequent causes of knee swelling.

4. Occupation: Occupations that including sitting on the knees for hours together or hobbies like gardening, increase the pressure on the knees thus causing a knee effusion presenting itself as a swelling.

Symptoms of Swollen Knee

The symptoms corresponding to the condition are swelling and redness of the affected area along with tenderness and a warm feeling on the joint.

Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations

‘We are what we eat’ and hence diet plays an important role in every disease condition. While some foods can make things worse, there are plenty of anti-inflammatory foods that can ease the swollen knee joints.

1. Choose fish over red meat as red meat is rich in cholesterol and salt, thereby contributing to inflammation. Cooking in olive oil (rich in omega-9 fatty acid) can help reduce inflammation. Other useful food items are nuts like walnuts, almond, and hazelnuts along with garlic, onion, beans and lots of high fiber rich food and fruits.

2. To reduce inflammation, avoid processed foods such as packaged meats, cookies, chips, and other snacks. These are often high in unhealthy fats, salts, and sugars, which are linked to inflammation. Limiting your alcohol intake is also important, especially when taking certain medications.

Some lifestyle changes that can help prevent and manage a swollen knee include wearing proper shoes while walking, avoiding high heels for extended periods of time, warming up before an intense physical activity, performing light exercise to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, keeping a check on the weight since being overweight can put extra stress on the bones and joints, always maintaining the correct posture (especially while while at work, sitting or driving), lifting weight with care and consuming appropriate quantities of calcium and Vitamin D.

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Wonderful Homeopathic Remedies for Peptic Ulcer

Have you been suffering from abdominal pain that gets more severe when you are on an empty stomach? It is likely that you have contracted a peptic ulcer. A peptic ulcer even referred to as peptic ulcer disease (PUD), is an open sore ring in the gastrointestinal tract that is essentially acidic in nature and causes severe pain. It is a mucousal erosion that occurs on the inner lining of the esophagus, stomach or upper parts of the small intestinal tract and is characterized by abdominal pain. Homeopathic remedies for peptic ulcers help provide suitable relief from this painful condition since these remedies have practically no side-effects and are non-toxic.  Homeopathic Remedies for peptic ulcers

Nearly 70–90% cases of such ulcers are linked to a spiral-shaped bacterium that thrives in the acidic environment of the stomach.  The incidence of peptic ulcers occurring in the duodenum (the initial tract of the small intestine) is four times higher than those arising in the stomach.

I will discuss some remedies and myths of this disorder later in the article.

Homeopathic Remedies for Peptic Ulcers

There are a wide variety of medicines for Peptic Ulcers, ranging from Uranium Nitricum, Kali Bich and Graphites to Crotalus Horridus, Geranium and Graphites.

I find Uranium Nitricum to be the ideal remedy for gastric and duodenal ulcers characterized by boring pain in the pyloric region, a bloated abdomen, and a ravenous appetite followed by flatulence.

Kali Bich is best suited for round ulcers occurring in the stomach that lead to vomiting of bright yellow water and a load in the stomach immediately after eating, giving the patient the feeling that digestion has come to a standstill.

Crotalus Horridus is helpful in cases of ulceration in the stomach due to chronic alcoholism. Patients who are unable to retain anything, exhibit violent vomiting or vomit blood benefit from this medicine. Graphites is good for treating duodenal ulcers marked by a burning in the stomach and a feeling of hunger.

Kinds of Peptic Ulcers

Broadly speaking, peptic ulcers are classified into two main categories. The esophageal ulcers are those that occur in the esophagus, hollow tube through which food moves from your throat to your stomach. The duodenal ulcers are the ones that erupt inside of the upper portion of the duodenum, the small intestine.

The ulcers that are found in the stomach are termed as the gastric ulcers.

There is also a Meckel’s diverticulum ulcer, which is characterized by a lot of tenderness.

Symptoms of Peptic Ulcers

The primary symptom of a peptic ulcer is, of course, pain. The pain causes a burning sensation and gets more acute when the stomach acid passes over the sores. The pain can be experienced anywhere in the region of the navel, spreading to the breastbone.

The sensation of pain is worsened on an empty stomach and often gets more acute at night. The pattern of the pain is such that it may go away temporarily on consuming some non-acid producing foods but keeps returning from time to time.

The less common signs and symptoms of the peptic ulcers may include vomiting of blood that may look reddish or blackish in color, dark blood in stools or stools that are blackish, the feeling of nausea, a sudden drop in weight or appetite, etc.

Myths about Peptic Ulcers

The primary factor responsible for peptic ulcer is a chronic swelling caused by the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

These ulcers can also be triggered by the use of NSAIDS. While the incidence of duodenal ulcers has fallen considerably during the past three decades or so, the number of cases of gastric ulcers have registered a rise, primarily due to the widespread use of NSAIDs.

The most common myth associated with peptic ulcers is that they are caused by highly spiced foods or a stress related job. It has also been believed that smoking, caffeine, coffee or alcohol consumption lead to this condition.

However, these are mostly myths and research has clearly shown that it is a bacterial infection or some medications which essentially trigger peptic ulcers.

Natural remedies for peptic ulcers not only provide permanent relief from pain and other related symptoms, they also treat the body’s inability to fight with helicobacter pylori . Thus once treated with natural remedies, peptic ulcers will be gone for good

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Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture Treatment

Difficulty in passing urine and even pain in the process, especially in males, is not something normal. It is most likely an indication of the narrowing of the urethra, what doctors refer to as Urethral Stricture. The urethra is the lower-most part of the urinary tract through which urine is passed out from the urinary bladder. Urethral Stricture is more common in males than in females. Rather, Urethral Stricture in females is of a very rare occurrence. Urethral Stricture can be congenital or acquired. Homeopathic medicines, which are sourced from natural substances, can be very beneficial in the treatment of Urethral Stricture. These homeopathic remedies for urethral stricture are completely safe and natural remedies, with no side effects, ensure that the passage of urine becomes normal again and there is no pain in the process.  Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture

Top Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Urethral Stricture

Clematis, Chimaphila, Cantharis, Thiosinaminum, Conium, Clematis, Sulph Lod, Arnica and Magnesium Mur are the top remedies used to treat urethral stricture.

1. Clematis: For Urethral Stricture in the Beginning Stages

Clematis is the best prescription in the very beginning stage of Urethral Stricture. This natural medicine can relieve many symptoms associated with Urethral constriction. The first symptom that calls for the use of Clematis is a feeble stream of urine with slow passage of urine. An extreme constricted sensation is felt in the urethra while passing urine by the patient. The second complaint that can be relieved with Clematis is the difficulty faced by the patient in clearing the full bladder in one go. The urine cannot be passed out once. The flow of urine starts then stops and starts again. This cycle continues several times. The patient always feels as if some urine is still left behind in the bladder. Clematis is also the best remedy when the patient complains that the urine is passed drop by drop. Clematis helps in establishing the proper flow of urine in a stream. It is also helpful for all those patients of Urethral Stricture who have a history of gonorrhea for a long duration. The complaint usually occurs after suppressed gonorrhea. In addition to a history of suppressed gonorrhea discharge, the other complaints can be dribbling urine, intermittent urine flow and feeble urine steam.

2. Chimaphila: When there is Straining to Pass Urine

Chimaphila is of great help for urethral stricture patients who have to apply a lot of strain to pass urine. In spite of efforts, the urine passed is very less in quantity. One characteristic feature unique for the use of this natural medicine is a specific position in which the patient is able to empty the bladder. The position is standing with feet set wide apart and body stooped forward. So, it’s only by standing with feet wide apart and inclining the body in a forward position that a person is able to pass urine. When such peculiar symptoms come to light, the selection of the correct medicine becomes easy and excellent results follow.

3. Cantharis: For Urine passing out in Drops with Burning Pain

Cantharis is a very well known and widely used natural medicine for various kinds of urinary troubles. Cantharis is very beneficial in Urethral Stricture cases when the foremost complaint is the passage of a few drops of urine through the urge to pass urine is almost constantly present. The urine is passed with much violent, burning pains. The burning pains start before urination, remain while passing urine and continue thereafter. Cantharis is also the best remedy for Urinary Tract Infection due to Urethral Stricture with difficult, painful, burning and almost scalding urine.

4. Thiosinaminum: To Dissolve Scars in Urethral Stricture

Thiosinaminum is known for its ability to dissolve scars formed anywhere in the body. Thiosinaminum can work wonders in Urethral Stricture cases where the cicatricial tissue is formed in urethra due to any cause. The resolving power of this natural remedy in scar cases cannot be matched by any other medicine. The scar will get soft followed by complete disappearance with the use of Thiosinaminum.

5. Conium: For Intermittent Urine Stream

Conium is a natural remedy that can help patients of Urethral Stricture where the main trouble is the intermittent stream of urine. It takes a lot of time to complete the act of urination. The time taken is due to intermittent urine flow. The urine starts to flow and then stops and this process of starting and stopping is repeated several times to completely pass the urine out.

6. Clematis and Sulph Lod: For Stricture following Gonorrhea

Clematis is a very beneficial natural medicine for use in Urethral Stricture following gonorrhoea. Clematis can help the persons who have a feeble stream of urine or interrupted urination. Clematis can also help in case of dribbling urine and inability to pass urine in one go. Sulph Lod is the ideal remedy when the urine passes drop by drop and there is a frequent urge to pass urine. The frequency to pass urine is mostly worse at night.

7. Arnica: For Urethral Stricture following Injury or Trauma

Arnica is among the top natural medicines for its universal curing action in trauma and injury cases. Arnica can help all those cases of Urethral Stricture that are a result of an injury. Injuries basically caused by blunt objects, a blow or a fall are covered by this medicine. The patient needing Arnica usually complains of sore and bruised pain in urethra while urinating or otherwise.

8. Conium and Magnesium Mur: For Intermittent Passage of Urine

Conium is of great help when the patient complains of intermittent passing of urine due to Urethral Stricture. The urine starts and stops and the cycle is repeated until the whole bladder is emptied. Magnesium Mur is the ideal choice when the patient has to really strain to empty the bladder. The urine is passed out with much difficulty after putting in a lot of pressure.

9. Clematis and Oleum Santali: For Feeble Stream of Urine

Clematis and Oleum Santali proves to be a very effective natural treatment for Urethral Strictures. Clematis is a good remedy when a feeble stream is accompanied by intermittent passing of urine. Oleum Santali is the medicine to be used when the urine stream is very slow and scanty.

10. Clematis and Cantharis: For Dribbling Urination

Clematis is a natural medicine that can help all those patients of Urethral Stricture who have dribbling (passage in drops) urination. Along with dribbling passing of urine, a constricted feeling in the urethra is always present. When the dribbling of urine is accompanied by a burning sensation of high degree, then Cantharis is a very beneficial medicine.

Symptoms and causes of Urethral Stricture

The symptoms of Urethral Stricture include a diminished force of urine stream, pain during passing urine, urine passing out in drops, and inability to completely empty bladder. Urinary Tract Infection, Calculus and Hydronephrosis are a few complications. The main cause behind Urethral Stricture is scar formation following trauma or injury to the urethra and surgical operations. The trauma may follow any hit or blow on the urethra or it occurs following instrumentation (Endoscopy, catheter introduction). Post-operative Urethral Stricture mainly follows a prostate operation. Urethral Stricture may also appear after infections and inflammatory conditions of the urethra. The main infection is a gonorrhoeal infection.

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Homeopathic Remedies For Leucorrhea and Vaginal Discharges

A thick whitish discharge from the vagina is referred to as Leucorrhea. It’s a routine medical condition for women and most develop Leucorrhea during the reproductive cycle. Hormonal changes, diabetes, and anemia usually cause Leucorrhea. The symptoms to take note of along with the vaginal discharge are itching and redness in the vaginal area. Natural Homeopathic remedies for Leucorrhea are made of natural substances and are completely safe with no side effects. These remedies work to root out the underlying causes of Leucorrhea.    homeopathic remedies for leucorrhea

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Leucorrhea

Sepia Officinalis, Calcarea Carbonica, Alumina, Kreosotum, Natrum Mur, Hydrastis Canadensis, and Iodum are the top remedies for leucorrhea.

1. Sepia Officinalis: For Leucorrhea at Menopause

Sepia Officinalis is the top natural medicine to treat Leucorrhea mainly in women at the menopause age with excessive hot flushes, perspiration, and weakness. This medicine is very beneficial when the vaginal discharge is yellowish green in color with excessive itching in the vulva. Another prominent feature for using Homeopathic medicine Sepia Officinalis is the presence of bearing down sensation in the pelvis as if the pelvic organs would come out from vulva. The women requiring this medicine usually suffer from menstrual irregularities of various kinds. The mental symptoms guiding towards the use of Sepia Officinalis are extreme irritability and indifferent behaviour towards family and friends.

2. Alumina: For Severe Burning, Itching in Genitals

Alumina is another top natural medicine which brings about very good results in the treatment of Leucorrhea. The symptom that guides towards its use is very acrid and transparent discharge from vagina that causes excessive burning and itching in genitals. Such burning gets better by washing the parts with cold water. Another indication for the use of Alumina in patients of Leucorrhea is that the discharge is very profuse and even runs down till the heels. The complaint of vaginal discharge is worse during day time and after menses and the patient is physically and mentally exhausted after menses. Alumina is also a remedy of great help for patients who usually suffer from chronic constipation and go without passing stool or poop for many days.

3. Calcarea Carbonica: For Milky Vaginal Discharge with Itching

Calcarea Carbonica is the best remedy for milky white vaginal discharge along with itching in the vulva. Leucorrhea getting worse from exertion or when urinating is a strong indication towards the use of Calcarea Carbonica. This Homeopathic medicine also brings about very good results in Leucorrhea in little girls who perspire excessively on head and feelvery cold. Physically, the patient requiring Homeopathic medicine Calcarea Carbonicais fair complexioned and obese. There may also be an unusual craving for boiled eggs and indigestible things like chalk, pencils and lime.

4. Kreosotum: For Offensive Vaginal Discharge with Violent Itching

Kreosotum is the best natural medicine where Leucorrhea is very offensive and acrid, causing violent corrosive itching of genitals. The vaginal discharge is yellow and always leaves a yellow stain on the linen. The condition gets worse between periods. Standing makes the discharge worse and the patient feels better while sitting or lying down.

5. Natrum Muriaticum: For Thick Vaginal Discharge which gets worse while Walking

Natrum Muriaticum is a natural medicine of great help for treating Leucorrheawhere the vaginal discharge is thick, white and transparent. The discharge gets worse on walking. Contractive pains in the abdomen usually accompany Leucorrhea. The women requiring this medicine are mainly anemic and crave for salty things in excess. The heat of the sun is unbearable for the patients.

6. Hydrastis Canadensis: For Thick Yellow Vaginal Discharge with Excessive Itching

Hydratis Canadensis is best for patients of Leucorrhea who experience a vaginal discharge that is yellow, thick and ropy and hangs down in long strings. Excessive itching is always felt. The discharge is worse immediately following menses with a lot of weakness. Another strong feature for using Hydratis Canadensis is the presence of some liver complaint or constipation in women along with Leucorrhea.

Other Important Remedies

1. For Acrid Discharge causing Violent Itching

Iodum is of great help in those cases of Leucorrhea where the discharges are so acrid that they make holes in the linen. Such discharges are worse at the time of menses with corrosive itching.
Borax is the ideal remedy for acrid Leucorrhea where the discharge is like the white of an egg with a sensation as if warm water is flowing with excessive itching. Such a discharge is worse mid-way between the menstrual cycle.
Mercurius Solubilis is another medicine to treat acrid vaginal discharge. The symptoms indicating its use are acrid Leucorrhea with intense itching and burning in parts that are worse at night. Itching can also get worse while urinating and the patient has to wash off the parts with cold water after urination. The color of vaginal discharge is mainly greenish and bloody for using Mercurius Solubilisfor treatment of Leucorrhea.

2. For Leucorrhea with Backache

Aesculus Hippocastanum is the best remedy for Leucorrhea patients with lameness in back accompanied by a thick, dark yellow vaginal discharge. TheLeucorrhea condition gets worse after menses.
Kali Carbonicum is the ideal medicine for patients who feel a sharp, cutting pain in the lower back with a sensation as if the back would break. The vaginal discharge is yellow with burning and itching in the vulva and the patient feels very chilly.
Eupionum is another effective medicine when a patient has a severe backache with gushing Leucorrhea that gets worse after menses. Some sort of uterine displacement is often noticed in women requiring Eupionum.

3. When Discharge is White in Color

The best remedies for leucorrhea with white discharge are Natrum Muriaticum, Borax, and Graphites. Natrum Muriaticum is suited for patients in whom the vaginal discharge is thick white, transparent with itching in the vulva. Bearing down pains accompany Leucorrhea and walking worsens the discharge.
Borax is mainly given to patients in whom the Leucorrhea is albuminous white like the white of an egg that gets worse mid-way between the menstrual cycle.
Graphites is an effective remedy for profuse white Leucorrhea that is accompanied by excessive weakness in the back. The Leucorrhea gets worse in the morning upon rising from bed. The patient requiring medicine Graphites is mainly obese, feels chilly and always constipated.

4. When Discharge is Yellow in Color

Hydrastis Canadensis is the top remedy for Leucorrhea where the vaginal discharge is thick, yellow and stringy, forming long strings that hang down. Such discharge gets worse after menses. Hydrastis Canadensis is very beneficial for patients in whom Leucorrhea is usually complicated with some sort of liver complaint or constipation.
Another medicine of great help in treating yellow Leucorrhea is Natrum Carbonicum. The Leucorrhea is thick yellow and very profuse and is accompanied by colicky pains in the abdomen before the discharge. Kreosotum is also a good natural remedy for Leucorrhea where the vaginal discharge is yellow in color and very offensive with corrosive itching of the parts. The patient complains that the discharge gets worse on standing and stiffens the linen along with leaving a yellow stain.

5. For Leucorrhea in Young Girls

Pulsatilla Pratesnis is one of the best natural medicines for treating Leucorrhea in young girls reaching puberty. It is used where the vaginal discharge is creamy and acrid in nature. Cutting pain in the abdomen or chilliness usually accompanies the vaginal discharge. The girls requiring this medicine are of a mild temperament with weeping tendencies.
Calcarea Phoshphorica is another very beneficial natural medicine for young school-going girls suffering from Leucorrhea. The girls experiencea white vaginal discharge like the white of an egg, and may complain of anemia or headache. Leucorrhea in young girls that worsens during urination or after passing stool can also be treated with Calcarea Phoshphorica.
Caulophyllum, meanwhile, is of great help in treating vaginal discharge in little girls where the discharge is of very acrid nature and that makes the patient excessively weak. Such girls mainly complainof heaviness of eyelids along with Leucorrhea.

6. For Leucorrhea in Women at Menopause

Sepia Officinalis, Graphites, Psorinum, and Sanguinaria Canadensis are of great help in the treatment of Leucorrhea at menopausal age. Sepia Officinalis is the best remedy for vaginal discharge that is yellowish in colour and is of an acrid nature. Excessive hot flushes and bearing down sensations in pelvic organ along with vaginal discharge give a strong indication for recommending this medicine for women at menopause.  Graphites can help those women suffering from Leucorrhea who are obese and have a vaginal discharge of white color. The discharge is worse in the morning on rising.
Psorinum is the ideal remedy for women with a very offensive vaginal discharge that is accompanied by severe backache and weakness. Sanguinaria Canadensis, on the other hand, is very beneficial when the vaginal discharge continues even after complete cessation of menses.

7. For Leucorrhea with Anemia and Weakness

Cinchona Officinalis works well where the vaginal discharge is very offensive and blood-stained with great debility.
Natrum Muriaticum is the best remedy when the patient complains of a thick, white, transparent vaginal discharge that gets worse on walking. Anemia and headache accompany Leucorrhea in patients requiring Natrum Muriaticum.
Silicea is very beneficial for women with a vaginal discharge that is milky white in color and is very acrid in nature. Leucorrhea gets worse during urination. Such patients can also complain of worsening of Leucorrhea by eating sour things.

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11 Remedies for Homeopathic Treatment of Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is an STD – sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria named Neisseria gonorrhoeae. It mostly affects urethra; vagina and cervix in females; throat; rectum; eyes. The gonorrhea infection passes from one person to another through sexual contact (oral, anal or vaginal). Unprotected sex with a person who might be having the infection, having multiple sex partners, or having another STI (sexually transmitted infection) increases the risk of gonorrhea. Homeopathic treatment of gonorrhea helps fight the bacterial infection by boosting the natural healing mechanism of the body and helps in managing the symptoms effectively.

homeopathic treatment of gonorrhea

Gonorrhea can also be passed from an infected mother to baby during vaginal delivery ( babies can develop sores on the scalp or show symptoms in their eyes including red and swollen eyes attended with a thick, pus-like discharge. Without treatment, gonorrhea can cause permanent blindness in a newborn baby).

Homeopathic Treatment of Gonorrhea

Homeopathic medicines are highly beneficial to treat gonorrhea. Acute as well as chronic cases of gonorrhea respond well to natural medicines. Medorrhinum tops the list of medicines to treat gonorrhea in both males and females. Other top medicines for treating gonorrhea in males are Cannabis Sativa, Nitric Acid and in females are Sepia and Pulsatilla.

1.Medorrhinum – Top Grade Medicine for Treating Gonorrhea

Medorrhinum tops the list of medicines to treat gonorrhea. In cases needing Medorrhinum, urethral inflammation is marked with burning pain in urethra while urinating. Urine also has an offensive smell. In males, thin fluid mixed whitish mucus or yellow purulent discharge appears from the urethra. There is soreness in urethra along with this. In females, thick, acrid vaginal discharge with fishy odor is prominent.

2. Cannabis Sativa – For Watery Mucus/Purulent Discharge from Urethra in Males

Cannabis Sativa is useful for gonorrhea with both watery mucus or purulent discharge from the urethra in males. Burning, smarting pain in urethra are marked on urinating. A desire to urinate is almost constant. The glans is red, swollen, inflamed along with the above symptoms.

3. Nitric Acid – For Yellow Green Discharge from Urethra in Males

Nitric Acid is helpful for gonorrhea with yellow-green discharge from the urethra in males. Sometimes the discharge may be blood stained. Intense pain may be felt while urination. Itching in the urethra is also marked. Prepuce may be swollen, red with burning pain. The testicles may also be painful, swollen and tender.

4. Rhododendron – For Swollen, Painful Testicles in Males

Rhododendron is prepared from fresh leaves of plant Rhododendron chrysanthum commonly known by the name of Yellow Snow-Rose of the natural order Ericaceae. Rhododendron is wonderful medicine for gonorrhea in males with swollen, painful testicles. Tearing, pressing, sticking pain is there in the testicle. Pain is worse on sitting and better by motion. The testicle may also feel hard. It is painful to touch. Thin discharge from urethra may be present. Rhododendron is also high-grade homeopathic medicine to treat epididymitis.

5. Cantharis – For Painful/burning Urination

Cantharis is an excellent medicine for managing painful/burning urination in gonorrhea. The burning and pain in the urethra is worse while urinating. It may also be present before urination and continue after urination. Pain in the urethra is very severe, cutting and sharp in nature. The desire to pass urine is also frequent. Urging to urinate is most marked while standing or while walking. Urine may also be scanty or sometimes passes in drops. The pain during urination and its frequency are most worse at night time.

6. Merc Sol – For Increased Frequency and Urgency to Urinate

Merc Sol is beneficial to treat increased frequency and urgency to urinate in gonorrhea. The person needing Merc Sol has to hurry to pass urine. The frequency to urinate is very high and the person has to go to urinate almost every hour. While urinating burning and biting pains are felt. In males thick, green or yellow discharge from the urethra, may be present along with above symptoms. In females requiring Merc Sol, greenish vaginal discharges with burning and itching may be there with high frequency and urgency of urination.

7. Pulsatilla – For Gonorrhea in Females with white, milk-like Vaginal Discharge

Pulsatilla is prepared from plant Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known by the name of Wind Flower of the natural order Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is prominent to treat gonorrhea in females with white colored vaginal discharge like milk. The discharge is acrid, thin with marked burning in the vagina. The discharge may also cause biting, stinging pains. The discharge is most worse on lying down where Pulsatilla is indicated.

8. Sepia – For Greenish Vaginal Discharges

Sepia is a very effective medicine for gonorrhea in females with greenish vaginal discharges. The discharge is profuse mainly after urinating. The discharges cause itching of vulva and vagina along with burning pain. Pain and bearing down sensation in the pelvic region is marked. Sepia is also indicated to treat a complaint of painful coition in females. Bleeding from the vagina after coition is also treated well with Sepia.

9. Kreosote – For Yellow Vaginal Discharges

Kreosote is indicated for gonorrhea in females with yellow vaginal discharges. The discharges are acrid and corrosive in nature causing much itching. The odour is also offensive. The vaginal discharge is attended with fatigue and weakness especially in the legs. Frequent desire to urinate is also present.

10. Natrum Mur – For Painful Coition in Women

Natrum Mur is indicated for gonorrhea in females to manage complaint of painful coition. Along with pain, burning and smarting are also felt in the vagina during intercourse. Profuse vaginal discharge along with weakness may be present. The discharges are acrid and may be greenish or transparent, watery. They cause itching especially at night time

11. Sabina – For treating Gonorrhea with Heavy Periods

Sabina is prepared from a plant named as Sabina Officinalis or Juniperus sabina of the natural order Coniferae. Sabina is very suitable to treat gonorrhea in females with heavy periods. The bleeding is profuse, bright red colored and is mixed with dark clots. Least motion increases the flow of blood. Pain from sacrum to pubes is a characteristic attending feature.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Men

The symptoms of gonorrhea in men include painful/burning urination, increased frequency/urgency to urinate, pus-like discharge (yellow, white, green) from the penis, redness/swelling of the foreskin, and pain/swelling in the testicle.

Symptoms of Gonorrhea in Women

The symptoms of gonorrhea in women include painful / burning urination, frequent urination, vaginal discharge (thin, green or yellow), painful intercourse, lower abdominal or pelvic pain, heavy periods, bleeding between periods and bleeding after intercourse.

Other Symptoms

Symptoms that arise from infection in the rectum, eyes, throat, and joints in gonorrhea can develop in both men and women. In case of involvement of rectum anal itching, pain/discomfort in the rectum, pus-like discharge or bright red blood from the rectum may arise. If eyes are infected irritation/ pain in eyes, swelling, discharge from eyes tends to arise. In case of throat infection, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes in the neck arise. If joints get infected then pain, swelling, redness of joints appear.

Complications of Gonorrhea

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is a complication in women if gonorrhea infection spread to the uterus or fallopian tubes. It can lead to infertility in females. In men complications of gonorrhea include epididymitis and infertility. Gonorrhea infection can also spread to joints, heart valves, brain, and spinal cord. A person having gonorrhea is more susceptible to infection with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that leads to AIDS.

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Hoarse Voice? Clear It Up with Homeopathy

Hoarseness is a symptom, not a disease that refers to abnormal voice changes. Due to hoarseness, the voice sounds strained, deep, breathy, harsh, raspy or weak. There may also be changes in the pitch of the voice. It may be attended with throat dryness and scratchiness in the throat. Homeopathic medicines for hoarse voice help treat the problem naturally.

The most common reason for hoarseness of voice is laryngitis that mainly arises from a viral infection. Other reasons include vocal cord nodules/polyps, allergies, irritants like smoking, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease, where stomach acid comes and irritates the vocal folds), injury to voice box (larynx) or vocal cords, thyroid issues, cancer of larynx and neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, Myasthenia Gravis, Multiple Sclerosis. Overuse of voice, speaking loudly, screaming, yelling, prolonged singing also predisposes a person to hoarseness of voice.

homeopathic medicines for Hoarse Voice

Homeopathic Medicines for Hoarse Voice

Complaint of hoarseness of voice can be treated effectively with homeopathic medicines. Both acute, as well as chronic cases of hoarseness of voice, respond wonderfully to homeopathy. Natural medicines bring great recovery in cases of hoarseness of voice by aiming to treat the root cause behind it. The top listed medicines for treating hoarseness of voice includes Causticum, Phosphorus, Argentum Met, Belladonna and Calcarea Carb.

1.Causticum – For Hoarseness Worse in Morning

Causticum is a highly beneficial medicine for hoarseness of voice that gets worse in the morning. There is an inability to speak loudly. A scraping sensation in the throat is felt. Rawness in the throat is also present during the morning. The larynx is sore to touch and there may be a pressive pain along with dryness in the larynx. Cough and irritation in the larynx with a frequent need to clear something out of larynx is also marked. Causticum is a top listed medicine to treat laryngitis.

2. Phosphorus – For Hoarseness of Voice Worse in the Evening

Phosphorus is very useful for treating cases of hoarseness of voice that gets worse in the evening. In cases needing Phosphorus, the voice is hoarse, rough, husky attended with rawness and pain in the larynx. Stitching pain and soreness in larynx also appear. A sensation of weight is felt in the larynx. While speaking a tickling sensation in the throat is felt. Talking is difficult due to pain in the larynx. A dry, hacking cough attends the above symptoms. Talking and laughing worsens the cough.

3. Argentum Met – For Hoarseness Arising from Overuse of Voice

Argentum Met is very suitable medicine for treating hoarseness of voice that arises from overuse of voice. People who have to use voice for long hours (like singers, teachers, public speakers etc) who suffer from hoarse voice are highly benefited by this medicine. They have an extremely hoarse voice with an inability to speak loudly. While speaking they have to hem and hawk and clear throat frequently. There is also alternation in the timbre of the voice. Constant tickling in the throat is present that lead to cough. A gelatinous, viscid, jelly-like mucus, grey in color is expectorated. Larynx feels rough and sore when coughing.

4. Belladonna – For Hoarseness with Pain in Throat

Belladonna is prepared from the plant Deadly Nightshade. The natural order of this plant is Solanaceae. Belladonna is very helpful for hoarseness of voice attended with pain in the throat. For using Belladonna the voice is hoarse, husky and rough. Voice may be feeble sometimes. There is difficulty in speaking. The larynx is painful, especially while talking. Excessive soreness of the larynx is also present. Larynx may also feel constricted. Sometimes scraping sensation is felt in the throat. In many cases, dry cough with tickling in the larynx also appears prominently.

5. Calcarea Carb – For Painless Hoarseness

Calcarea Carb is a well-indicated medicine for painless hoarseness of voice. The voice is very rough, hoarse and the complaint is aggravated in the morning. Hawking somewhat helps relieve the complaint. Along with this larynx also feels dry and rough. An intense burning sensation in the throat, a prickling sensation, and a sensation of dust may also be felt in the larynx. Cough with little expectoration may arise that is most worse at the night. The expectoration is of thick mucus that may be yellow or grey colored.

6. Arum Triphyllum – For Hoarseness with Change in Pitch of Voice

Arum Triphyllum is prominent medicine for hoarseness of voice and change in pitch of voice constantly. The voice gets high, shrieking and then becomes low, scarcely audible alternately. It is also effective for hoarseness arising from overuse of voice as in singers, actors, orators.

7. Spongia – For Hoarseness with Dryness of Larynx

Spongia is valuable for treating hoarseness of voice attended with a dryness of larynx. Voice is hoarse, cracked, low, weak, husky and unclear. The larynx is sensitive to touch. A sensation of plug and pressure is felt in the larynx. The larynx is inflamed and is painful while talking and singing. Irritation, tickling, burning, scraping and roughness are felt in the larynx. Cough accompanies above symptoms. An expectoration of yellow mucus in lumps may appear.

8. Hepar Sulph – For Hoarseness with Irritation and roughness in the Larynx

Hepar Sulph is significant medicine for hoarseness of voice with irritation and roughness in the larynx. The larynx is painful and very sensitive to cold. Pain in the larynx is worse coughing, talking and from pressure. Cough also arises from irritation in the larynx. There is rattling of mucus with expectoration of mucus that is sour or sweet in taste.

9. Merc Sol – For Hoarseness with Rawness and Burning in Larynx

Merc Sol offers help for hoarseness of voice with rawness and burning sensation in the larynx. Tickling is also felt in the larynx. There is a profuse accumulation of saliva in the mouth. Cough also arise with expectoration of tough or watery nature which is yellowish in color having a foul smell.

10. Stannum Met – For Hoarseness that gets Better by Coughing

Stannum Met is indicated for hoarseness of voice that gets better by coughing. Voice is deep, hoarse, husky where Stannum Met is required. Coughing momentarily relieve the hoarseness and makes the voice clear. Along with cough greenish expectoration may appear that is sweet to taste.

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Treating Post Partum Depression with Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies for Postpartum Depression

The birth of a child can be the most joyous moment for parents, especially the mother. However, in some cases, depression sets in after a woman gives birth to a child. This medical condition is known as Postpartum Depression. The exact cause is not known but hormonal changes have a role in causing Postpartum Depression. The main symptoms include sadness, weeping, anger, irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, anxiety, hopelessness, feeling of worthlessness, aversion to company of family members and friends, thoughts of suicide and even of harming the baby. Homeopathy for depression and anxiety has proven itself to be the best and the most natural mode of treatment,specially for patients suffering from postpartum depression. The remedies for Postpartum Depression are made of natural substances and have no side effects that can bring permanent relief from the symptoms. The Homeopathic remedies for postpartum depression can effectively cure the condition as the homeopathic medicines work to root out the underlying cause of Postpartum Depression.

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Postpartum Depression

1. Best Remedies for Postpartum Depression with Sadness

Actaea Racemosa is the best natural medicine for Postpartum Depression where sadness and tearfulness predominate. The woman requiring this medicine is very sad, weeps a lot and the sadness gets worse from motion and cold. In some cases, the sadness is accompanied by the fear of going mad. Such a woman sits alone and cries. Another marked feature accompanying sadness is suspiciousness and the woman refuses to take any medicine. The woman also imagines things that trigger sadness like seeing rats running across the room and where everything seems confused and dark as if a black cloud has surrounded her. Cimicifuga Racemosa is the top remedy for patients of Postpartum Depression who complain of alteration in the physical and mental symptoms. Ignatia Amara is another good medicine for Postpartum Depression that presents itself in the form of sadness and tearfulness where the woman has a very sensitive mood and gets angry from even a slight contradiction. The woman requiring Ignatia Amara usually has a history of concentrated grief during pregnancy. In women who have difficulty in controlling their emotions and whose mood changes rapidly from happiness to sadness, Ignatia Amara can be of great help. Another two important medicines for tackling weeping and sadness during Postpartum Depression are Natrum Muriaticum and Pulsatilla Pratensis. Natrum Muriaticum is the best remedy for a woman who has an aversion to company, weeps alone and whose condition gets worse if someone tries to console her. The woman requiring Pulsatilla Pratensis, on the other hand, likes the company of people, weeps in front of anybody or everybody and always feels better when someone consoles her.

2. For Irritability in Postpartum Depression

Sepia Officinalis is the top natural medicine for tackling irritability over the slightest cause during Postpartum Depression. Irritability associated with the fear of being alone and aversion to do any work, either mental or physical, can be managed with this Homeopathic medicine. If irritability is present along with a marked aversion to talk, then too Sepia Officinalis is the best remedy. It is also the ideal medicine when the woman develops an aversion to family members who she loved and cared for before the onset of symptoms. Kali Carbonicum is a remedy of great help for women facing Postpartum Depression in whom irritability of the utmost degree has set in and the woman has a fear of ghosts and fears being left alone. Such a woman will be sleepless if left alone in a house. Lilium Tigrinum is another medicine that yields good results in Postpartum Depression where extreme irritability with violent palpitations are predominant symptoms. A symptom to take note of while recommending and using this medicine is an increase in irritability when spoken to where the woman will use the most violent and indecent words even if the other person is very mild in speech.

3. For anger during Postpartum Depression

Two best natural medicines for dealing with anger during Postpartum Depression are Belladonna and Chamomilla. Belladonna is the ideal medicine for women who complain of anger that comes and goes suddenly along with the face turning red. If anger is associated with violent acts like biting, striking or spitting on attendants, Belladonna is the ideal remedy. It is also of great help for women who want to run away, laugh excessively and tear things in fits of anger. Chamomilla is the best remedy for Postpartum Depression patients who easily get angry and turn quarrelsome with the use of wild language, and show no respect for others.

4. For Anxiety during Postpartum Depression

Aconitum Napellus is one of the best herbal remedies for depression and anxiety in Postpartum Depression patients who have a marked fear of death.The anxiety that gets worse in crowded places and while crossing the streets points towards the use of Aconitum Napellus. Another symptom to take note of is extreme restlessness that makes the person do everything hastily. Aconitum Napellus is the best cure for depression and is very beneficial in all those cases where acute, sudden and violent attacks of anxiety occur with a marked fear of death and open air makes the Postpartum Depression patient feel better. There’s also an increased thirst for large quantities of cold water during the anxiety attack. Arsenicum Album is another remedy of great help for anxiety with fear of death in Postpartum Depression patients. The patient refuses to take the medicine because she thinks that death is near and it’s useless to take any medicine. This symptom is accompanied by marked restlessness, making the patient continually change position, excessive weakness and the tendency to even faint. The anxiety attacks that get worse at night and make the person fearful to be alone also guide towards the use of Arsenicum Album.

5. For Sleeplessness in Postpartum Depression

Coffea Cruda is one of the best cures for depression and is a wonderful remedy to cope with the problem of sleeplessness in women going through Postpartum Depression. The patients requiring Coffea Cruda go sleepless due to the mind being occupied with too many ideas. Oversensitive patients who have sudden mood changes from laughing to weeping and who experience sleeplessness that gets worse after 3 am can greatly benefit from this medicine. Coffea Cruda and Opium are natural remedies for depression where Opium can be given to patients who feel sleepy but remain awake due to the acuteness of hearing. Distant noises like cocks crowing keep them awake.

6. Where there is a Feeling of Worthlessness and Suicidal Thoughts

Aurum Metallicum is the top natural remedy for Postpartum Depression patients as it provides holistic treatment for depression and is indicated in patients who feel it’s useless to live, life is a burden and constantly think of committing suicide. Such women easily get angry over the slightest contradiction and any fright brings a feeling of depression. Natrum Sulphuricum too is a top remedy for suicidal thoughts and a feeling of worthlessness in Postpartum Depression patients. The patients have to exercise much self-control to prevent themselves from committing suicide.The patients who are very sad with an aversion to talking to others can benefit by this medicine. Such a person cannot be made happy and even lively music is of no help.

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10 Effective Remedies for Bleeding Gums

At certain times bleeding from gums can arise from brushing the teeth in a harsh and rough manner. Wearing ill-fitting dentures and improper flossing can also lead to bleeding from gums. But bleeding from gums that appears frequently can be a sign of gum disease or something more serious. It is therefore important to identify the reason behind frequent bleeding from gums. Homeopathic medicines for bleeding gums help manage the swelling, pain, sensitivity, tenderness and pus discharge from the gums wherever present.    homeopathic medicines for bleeding gums

The common gum diseases where bleeding from the gums can arise include gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (serious gum infection). Leukemia (blood cancer), thrombocytopenia (deficiency of cells that aid the clotting of blood) and hemophilia (a disorder in which blood doesn’t clot normally due to lack of blood-clotting proteins) are some of the serious causes of bleeding from the gums. Deficiency of vitamins including vitamin C or vitamin K may also lead to bleeding from gums. Bleeding from gums can also appear during pregnancy due to the sensitivity of the gums that arise from changes of hormones. Taking medicines that thin the blood may also lead to bleeding from the gums.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bleeding Gums

Homeopathy is very effective to manage cases of bleeding gums. Natural medicines for treating bleeding gums are of natural origin and are very safe to use. They aim to treat the root cause behind bleeding gums to ensure a good recovery. The top grade medicines that are highly beneficial to treat bleeding gums are Merc Sol, Kreosote, Hamamelis, Phosphorus, and Bovista.

1. Merc Sol – For Bleeding Gums in cases of Gum Infection/Inflammation (Gingivitis)

Merc Sol is a top grade medicine to treat bleeding from gums in cases of gum infection/inflammation (gingivitis). The gums are red, are swollen and very painful to touch in cases where Merc Sol is required. Swelling of the gums is most marked at night. A burning sensation is also felt in the gums with swelling and pain. The gums are spongy, receding and may be partly destroyed with the loosening of the teeth. A fetid, putrid odor from the mouth is prominent. Copious saliva is present in the mouth. Characteristic metallic taste in the mouth is also felt along with the above symptoms.

2. Kreosote – For Bleeding Gums from Inflammation

Kreosote is another well-indicated medicine for bleeding gums from gum inflammation (gingivitis). The gums are bluish red, soft, puffy, inflamed and may be ulcerated. Bleeding from gums is dark red and slightly coagulated. Toothache and decaying of the tooth may also be marked.

3. Hamamelis – To treat bleeding gums when blood is dark fluid

Hamamelis is prepared from fresh bark of twigs and root of a plant named Hamamelis Virginica or Hamamelis Dioica of the natural order Hamamelidaceae. Hamamelis is beneficial for bleeding from the gums when blood is dark fluid in nature. The gums are sore, swollen and spongy. They are also painful. Weakness and exhaustion might attend bleeding from gums in many cases needing Hamamelis.

4. Phosphorus – For Gums that Bleed upon Touch

Phosphorus offers help for bleeding from gums that appears from touching the gums even slightly. The bleeding from gums is profuse in nature. The teeth may get loose from the gums. Gums may be inflamed and ulcerated too. Phosphorus is also indicated for persistent bleeding that follows tooth extraction.

5. Bovista – For Cases of Easily Bleeding Gums

Bovista is a well-indicated medicine to manage the complaint of easily bleeding gums. A person needing Bovista tends to have frequent episodes of bleeding from the gums. Bleeding from gums occur often in them from sucking. The bleeding from gums may be marked at the night time in cases where Bovista is indicated. Bovista is also helpful for controlling bleeding that follows tooth extraction.

6. Silicea – For Gums that Ooze Blood and Pus due to Gum Infection

Silicea is a significant medicine for gums that ooze blood and pus due to gum infection. The gums are sore, inflamed and very sensitive in nature. Gums are painful to the slightest pressure. The looseness of the teeth may be present with the above symptoms. The tooth may be decayed with pain especially at the night time. Pain may be throbbing or tearing in nature.

7. Hepar Sulph – For Bleeding and Tender Gums

Hepar Sulph is helpful to treat cases of bleeding and tender gums. The pain and bleeding from the gums appear from slight touch. Throbbing type of pain is prominent in the gums. Ulcers also appear on the gums. Bitter taste in the mouth may be present.

8. Carbo Veg – For Bleeding Gums upon Cleaning Teeth

Carbo Veg is useful for cases of bleeding of gums arising on cleaning teeth. The gums are sensitive and painful. The pain in the gums is most felt while chewing. Gums may also be ulcerated. There may be an attending complaint of receding of gums and looseness of teeth in most cases needing Carbo Veg.

9. Natrum Mur – For Swollen Gums with Bleeding

Natrum Mur offers help for swollen gums with bleeding. Swelling of cheeks is also present. The gums are sensitive to both cold and warm things. Burning and smarting sensation in the gums especially while eating is felt. Painful ulcer on the gums may also be present that hurts day and night.

10. Calcarea Carb – For Bleeding Gums with Pulsating/Stitching Pain

Calcarea Carb is prominently indicated medicine for bleeding gums attended with pulsating / stitching pain in gums. The gums are swollen along with swelling of the cheeks. Foul odor from the mouth appears along with the above symptoms.

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