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Suffering From Intractable Anal Fistula? Safe Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fistula

anal-fistula-homeopathic-treatmentHomeopathy is an excellent alternative mode of treating many surgical diseases including anal fistula. It is particularly beneficial for treating anal fistula. In most cases, these medicines save a person from undergoing surgical procedures for this painful problem. Homeopathic remedies for anal fistula treat the condition with gentleness and safety, and with no side effects because of their natural origins. With regular use of these medicines, the discharge associated with anal fistula gradually decreases and the symptoms of pain, swelling, and itching are also managed. The natural medicines assist in regularising bowel movements and treating hard stool, which could otherwise lead to a recurrence of symptoms. They are also helpful in cases of anal fistula that re-form even after surgical correction in the past.

Anal Fistula: What Causes It

An anal fistula is a small tunnel with an internal opening in the anal canal and an external opening in the skin of the peri-anal area (an area that surrounds the anus). An anal fistula usually results after improper healing of an anal abscess following pus drainage. It may also appear as a result of a surgery near the anus. Other causes for anal fistula are Crohn’s disease, Diverticulitis, Syphilis, Tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections.

Symptoms of Anal Fistula

The predominant symptom of anal fistula is fluid/pus discharge from the opening near the anus. The discharge may even be bloodstained. The attending features are peri-anal swelling and pain. The pain could vary in nature from throbbing, pulsating, sharp and tearing, to a stitching pain. The pain usually gets worse during bowel movement. Other attending symptoms can include burning and irritation or itching in the peri-anal area. Fever may also be present in a few cases.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fistula

The medicines that top the list for anal fistula treatment are Silicea Terra, Hepar Sulph, and Myristica Sebifera. The characteristic features of these remedies are as follows:

1. Silicea Terra – For Copious Pus Discharge

Silicea Terra is a useful medicine for anal fistula with copious pus discharges. Sometimes blood may be present in the purulent discharge. The discharge is also highly offensive and putrid smelling. The discharge is accompanied by peri-anal swelling. Silicea Terra is also a remedy for anal fistula with brownish fluid discharge and/or accompanied with constipation. Silicea is also applicable to treat hardness/indurations left around the anus after the healing of an anal fistula.

2. Hepar Sulph – For Intense Pain

Hepar Sulph in cases of fistula accompanied by extreme pain. It works in cases where the area around the peri-anal region is highly inflamed, hard and swollen, and is very sore and sensitive to touch. The pain, in most cases, is worse at night. Cold worsens the pain. Other symptoms may include throbbing or beating sensation around the anus, discharge of pus from the anal fistula that may be bloodstained and smell like decaying matter. The patient may also have a fever with chills.

3. Myristica Sebifera – Top Remedy for Fistula

Myristica Sebifera is another primary natural medicine of plant origin and is used for treating many suppurative conditions including anal fistula. This remedy works wonders in absorbing the pus and in healing anal fistula. Use of this medicine often prevents the need for surgery in anal fistula cases.

Other Significant Remedies

Apart from the above three medicines, there are many other significant remedies frequently used in the treatment for anal fistula. A few of them, along with their prominent characteristic features, are as below:

1. Calcarea Sulph – For Thick, Yellow Discharges

Calcarea Sulph is beneficial for the treatment of anal fistula with thick and yellow discharge. The discharge is often purulent and in some cases, blood may also appear. Pain is also prominent in the anal region.

2. Berberis Vulgaris – For Shooting Pain

Berberis Vulgaris works well in cases where there is a shooting pain around the anus. In addition to this, a stitching pain around the anus also points towards the use of Berberis Vulgaris. The skin around the anus is very sore in such patients and is accompanied by itching. The itch is mostly worse in the evening.

 3. Calcarea Phos – For Painless Fistula

Painless anal fistula points towards the use of Calcarea Phos. In these cases there is blood and pus discharge from the anal fistula. These discharges can be accompanied by warm or burning sensation around the anus. Another striking indication for using Calcarea Phos is anal fistula alternating with chest complaints. Calcarea Phos hastens the healing process of anal fistula resulting in speedy recovery.

4. Paeonia Officinalis – For Constantly Oozing Fluid

Paeonia Officinalis is a natural medicine for anal fistula treatment. Persistent oozing of fluid from anal track recommends the use of Paeonia Officinalis. The fluid is extremely offensive in smell and there is also much pain in the anus region. Sitting makes the pain worse. Itching and biting sensation around the anus may also accompany. Apart from anal fistula, Paeonia Officinalis is also a prominent remedy for treating anal fissures and piles.

5. Hydrastis Canadensis – For Anal Fistula with Constipation

Hydrastis Canadensis is highly beneficial for treating anal fistula accompanied by constipation. Hydrastis Canadensis helps in healing the anal fistula as well as regularizing the bowel movement. Patients with chronic obstinate constipation (i.e. those who often have a number of days without passing stool), those with severe pain following the passing of stool, those for whom the pain lasts for hours following stool, and those with smarting and burning pain in the rectum and around the anus, are typical candidates for Hydrastis Canadensis.

6. Causticum – For Pulsating Pain

Causticum works well when pulsating pain around the anus is present. The pulsations are of high intensity in the perineum. The anal fistula discharges pus, blood, and serum. Along with anal fistula, hemorrhoids may also be present. The hemorrhoids are hard, large and swollen.

7. Thuja Occidentalis – For with Burning Around the Anus

Thuja Occidentalis is a beneficial medicine for anal fistula accompanied by burning pain around the anus. Soreness around the anus also appears. The burning and soreness last all day. Stitching pain, as from needle pricking in the peri-anal region may also attend. Peri-anal pains are worse after walking. Offensive sweat around the anus may also be there along with the above symptoms.

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Natural Homeopathic Remedies for blood in Stool

Homeopathic Remedies For Blood in Stool Blood in stool or poop should trigger an instant alarm and must be taken seriously. Blood in stool usually is a result of bleeding from any part of the gastro-intestinal tract. When the origin of blood in stool is from the upper gastro-intestinal tract, it is dark or black in colour and is called Melaena. When the blood in stool is bright red in colour, it indicates a lower gastro-intestinal origin. The main causes behind blood in stool are piles, anal fissures, Ulcerative Colitis, dysentery, peptic ulcer and gastro-intestinal cancer. The Homeopathy remedies for blood in stool not only controls bleeding appearing in the stool, but also effectively tackle the underlying cause. The Homeopathy treatment for blood in stool is safe with no side effects as these remedies are made of completely natural substances.  homeopathic remedies for blood in stool

Homeopathic Remedies for Blood in Stool

The natural medicines act as very powerful anti-hemorrhagic agents to control bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract appearing in the stool. The Homeopathy remedies are of great help in tackling blood in stool. The first and foremost aim of medicines is to halt active bleeding in the stool. The second aim is the treatment of the underlying cause leading to blood in stool. The Homeopathy mode of treatment has zero side effects and is completely safe. Phosphorus, Nitric Acid, Hamamelis, Nux Vomica, Collinsonia, Merc Cor and Merc Sol are the top remedies for blood in stool. 

1. Phosphorus and Nitric Acid: For Bright Red Blood in Stool

Both Phosphorus and Nitric Acid are top natural medicines for treating blood in stool when it is bright red in colour. Phosphorus acts as the best anti-haemorrhagic remedy when the stool contains red blood with loose stool. Phosphorus is a very effective remedy when the bleeding is very profuse bright red and the stool is also very offensive. Extreme exhaustion follows bleeding. The person needing Phosphorus may have a desire for cold drinks, ice creams or juicy things along with blood in the stool. Nitric Acid is the ideal remedy when the blood in stool is bright red and constipation is dominant. Along with blood in stool, the patient also experiences violent pains in the rectum. Nitric Acid is the best remedy for blood in stool due to anal fissures. For using Nitric Acid also, the bleeding in the stool is profuse.

2. Hamamelis: For Dark Black Blood in Stool

The best natural medicine for treating dark blood in stool is Hamamelis. Along with bleeding, there is a sensation of burning in anus. The important feature with blood in stool is utmost weakness. The bleeding is very profuse and the cause can be piles, ulcers of intestine or fissures or dysentery. A few patients needing Hamamelis may also have a severe backache along with bleeding in stool.

3. Nux Vomica: For Blood in Stool with Frequent urge to Pass Stool

Nux Vomica is the top natural remedy for blood in stool along with a frequent desire to pass stool. The stool passed is small in quantity and the desire to pass stool is almost constant with blood in stool. Another feature that can be present is cramps in abdomen along with frequent stools with blood. The cramps get temporarily better after passing stool but are soon renewed. Nux Vomica is also a remedy of great help when taking spicy food or stimulants like alcohol and coffee worsens the condition of blood in stool. Along with these symptoms is a marked chilliness.

4. Top Remedies for Blood in Stool due to Piles (Haemorrhoids)

Piles refers to a medical condition of congested veins around the anal canal, leading to difficulty in passing stool. Piles may or may not cause bleeding with stool. Natural medicines Nux Vomica, Collinsonia and Phosphorus are all very beneficial medicines to treat blood in stool due to piles. Nux Vomica is recommended when stool is constipated and bloody in piles condition. The constipation is characterised by a frequent desire to pass stool with only little passage. The desire is almost constant and stool is unsatisfactory. Collinsonia is the ideal remedy when severe pain in the rectum accompanies bloody stool in piles condition. For using Collinsonia, there is a specific feeling of sharp sticks filling the rectum. Here also the stool is constipated but there is no frequent desire to pass stool. The stool is mainly very dry for using Collinsonia. Itching in anus may also be felt. Phosphorus is the best remedy when bright red blood in stool is present with utmost exhausted feeling. The stool is generally not constipated but is very offensive.

5. For Blood in Stool due to Anal Fissure

In case of anal fissure, tears appearin the anus with pain and bleeding while passing stool. The top natural medicines for treating blood in stool due to anal fissure are Nitric Acid, Phosphorus and Alumen. Nitric Acid is of great help for the treatment of blood in stool due to anal fissure along with violent sharp stitching pains in the anus. The pains are present while passing stool and may continue for hours after passing stool. Phosphorus is the ideal medicine when bleeding in stool due to fissure is profuse and typically bright red in colour. Alumen is the remedy prescribed when constipation of the worst kind accompanies bleeding in stool due to fissures. Here pain and itching in anus also appearwith bleeding.

6. Top Medicines for Blood in Stool due to Dysentery

Dysentery is a condition where a person passes loose stool containing blood and mucus. Along with these, pain in abdomen and Tenesmus also appear. Tenesmus is a condition where there is a persistent desire to pass stool. The natural medicines that are very beneficial for treating blood in stool due to dysentery are Nux Vomica, Merc Cor and Merc Sol. Nux Vomica can be taken in all those cases of bloody stool in dysentery when Tenesmus predominates. Here the person has an ineffectual desire to pass stool. The stool passed is small in quantity and the desire to pass stool is almost constant. Pain in the abdomen also appears which is relieved for a very short time following passage of stool, but only to be renewed shortly after. Merc Cor is the best remedy when the stool is hot, bloody along with slimy mucus. The stool is offensive and the desire to pass stool is persistent. Merc Sol, on the other hand, is the most appropriate medicine when blood in stool and Tenesmus get worse at night. The patient can even faint and a few may also have a chilly sensation after passing stool.

Best Remedies for blood in stool due to Ulcerative Colitis

The medicines Merc Sol, Hamamelis and Nux Vomica are considered the best natural remedies for bloody stool due to Ulcerative Colitis. Merc Sol is the ideal remedy for blood in stool with chilliness. Here bleeding is worse at night. Abdominal colic with unsatisfactory stool is also present. Hamamelis is the top remedy when the blood in stool is dark coloured, and utmost weakness accompanies. Nux Vomica works best when Tenesmus with blood in stool is the main complaint. The person needing Nux Vomica has a frequent urge to pass stool, which is insufficient and unsatisfactory.

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Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissures

Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissure

Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissure

Passing stool or poop is meant to be the most effortless function of the body but when this becomes a difficult and painful exercise, the result can be nothing short of traumatic for the patient.

Anal Fissure is a result of the trauma caused by the passage of hard, long stool (constipation) and repeated episodes of diarrhea. In women, it may follow the delivery (vaginal delivery) of a child. Anal Fissure actually refers to a tear in the anus. Anus, of course, is the opening that marks the lower end of the gastro-intestinal system of the body ó the opening through which stool is passed out of the body.

Symptoms of Anal Fissures

The main symptoms are pain in the anal region during passing stool and in some patients, the pain may continue even after passing stool, which is accompanied by bleeding too. The other symptoms include hard stool, itching in the anus and in a few longstanding fissure cases, offensive discharge from the anus.

Homeopathic Treatment for Anal Fissures

Made of natural substances with zero side effects, it can be beneficial and of great help in providing relief and working as a remedy for the treatment of Anal Fissures. It works by using bodyís own restorative processes and is considered very safe. It can only help, never harm.

Best Homeopathic Remedies for Anal Fissures

Nitric Acid

Nitric Acid is extremely beneficial and helpful in cases where there are stitching and tearing pains in the anus, or the pain is cutting or stinging in nature. The stool passed is hard, and is accompanied by bright red bleeding from the anus.


Ratanhia is an effective medicine for the treatment of Anal Fissures and is particularly beneficial as a remedy for long-lasting pains in the rectum with excessive burning that follows stool passage. Patients often describe the pain as being similar to broken glass or a knife piercing in the rectum. The stool requires much effort to be passed out due to the constricted anus. Ratanhia is the Homeopathic medicine that can work wonders in such a situation.


Paeonia is the best remedy for offensive discharge from the anus due to cracks in it. Paeonia is also the best medicine for violent pains in the anus during and after passing stool. The anus is ulcerated and fissured. Itching and burning usually accompany the fissures. Like all Homeopathic medicines, Paeonia has no side effects and can be of great help in treatment of Anal Fissures with offensive discharge.


Sulphur works well where the stool is hard and dry, causing tears and immense pain in the anus while passage. The patient is fearful of even going to the toilet as he thinks of the pain that will accompany the passage of stool. Sulphur is of great help in reducing the pain and softening the stool. The pain is almost always accompanied by burning. Itching in anus due to fissures is best controlled with the use of Sulphur.

Sedum Acre

It may be a lesser known Homeopathic medicine, but Sedum Acre can be very beneficial in providing relief and reducing the anal pains of constricting character following stool.

Aesculus and Ratanhia

Aesculus can be of great help if you are experiencing severe pain in the anus following stool passage. The stool or poop passed is mainly hard and large followed by severe pains. Homeopathic medicine Ratanhia is the best remedy when both pain and burning in anus follow the passage of stool. This burning and pain continue for several hours after passing stool. Applying cold water over the anus may have some soothing effect, but it is Ratanhia, which has zero side effects, that can be really beneficial as a remedy for the pain.

Nitric Acid and Phosphorus

Nitric Acid can be used to control bright red blood passing from the anus along with stool. The bleeding is accompanied by a tearing and stitching pain in the anus. Phosphorus is yet another medicine that can be used as a treatment for bleeding from the anus when the stool is long and hard with much offensiveness.


Sulphur is the best natural medicine for dealing with itching in the anus. Sulphur has a very powerful ability to control itching in the anus. Itching in anus may also be accompanied by a burning sensation.

Paeonia and Silicea

Paeonia can be used when offensive fluid is discharged from the longstanding Anal Fissures. The anus seems ulcerated and torn with intolerable pain during and after stool passage.

Silicea is the best choice when the discharge contains the pus of offensive odour. The stool is passed with difficulty and straining. The stool comes out partially and then recedes again.

Bryonia, Alumina and Natrum Mur: For relieving Anal Fissure constipation

Bryonia can be used in all cases where the stool is very hard, dry and large, leading to Anal Fissures. Bryonia will help in softening the stool and thereby preventing the tears in the anus that occur due to hard stool. Homeopathic medicine Alumina is mainly given when constipation is of the worst kind. The stool remains in the rectum for very long. The stool is hard and knotty and passes with difficulty, causing cracks and bleeding from the anus.

Natrum Mur provides help when the stool is hard and dry. Stool breaks frequently while passing due to constriction of anus. Bleeding and pain of burning, smarting and stitching nature follow the passage of stool.

Managing Anal Fissures – Dietary guidelines for anal fissure

Eat a High-Fiber Diet

People with chronic constipation, passing dry and large stools, have higher chances of developing fissures. Adding up fiber from a variety of fruits and vegetables in the patientsí diet can make a big difference. 20 to 35 gm of dietary fibers on a daily basis can boost the health of your digestive tract. Citrus fruits, prunes, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, whole grains including brown rice and oatmeal are rich sources of fiber. Whole grain pastas and cereals can also make a great choice for a high fiber diet. It is important to slowly increase the fiber-rich diet unless the patient starts noticing regular bowel movements without pain.
Fiber is a power nutrient that can get your digestive system into shape. Moreover, fibers are considered essential for running your intestinal system smoothly.
In general, food items that are low in fiber and high in saturated fat cause constipation problem. Consuming whole grains instead of highly processed grains can help you increase your daily fiber intake. Similarly, eating whole fruits and raw vegetables instead of drinking juice is a healthier way of getting fibers and antioxidants. Juicing process removes almost all of the natural fibers.

Get More Fluids

Keeping yourself hydrated is an easy and natural way of preventing dry and hard stool. Make sure to consume plenty of clear fluids, mainly water in order to get a soft stool that can pass through the colon without causing pain or discomfort. Overconsumption of some of the beverages such as alcohol and caffeinated drinks can also cause severe dehydration, so stay away from them as much as possible. You can replace soda and caffeinated drinks with plain water, lemonade or warm milk.

Foods to Avoid

Foods that cause constipation and aggravate fissures should be avoided. These include high fat and low fiber snacks like chips and sugary doughnuts, cheesy pizza, and burger, etc., if you’re dealing with tummy troubles. Frozen meals, packaged foods, and convenience meat products go through a lot of processing and are also high in sodium. They can make your bowel movement tough. If constipation problem is not treated in time, it can make your anal fissure worse.

Refined Flour

Enriched /refined flour is heavily processed flour that has no germ or bran; due to the effect of high pressure and temperature, all necessary nutrients like vitamin, mineral and fiber content are lost. Therefore, enriched bread, pasta, cereals and snack foods should be replaced with whole grain food items. While buying such food items, check that the whole grains are indicated as their main ingredients. If you maintain your daily fiber intake to 25 to 30 g per day, you can avoid painful, thick stool and guard yourself against constipation.

Added Sugars

Added sugar only adds calories and contains no nutritional value. Eating too many sugary foods can wreak havoc on your digestive health. So, try to cut down on sugary items such as jellies, candies, ice-creams, sugary cereals, and sweetened drinks, etc.

High-fat Meats

Fatty meats like bacon, pork, beef sticks, and lamb are high on saturated fat and low on fiber. Apart from constipation, fatty foods increase your chances of developing obesity and diabetes. Instead of choosing a meat-rich diet, you should prefer fiber-rich protein sources like chickpeas, black beans, lentils, and split peas, etc.

Making certain lifestyle changes can significantly reduce the chances of developing anal fissures. Here are some tips that can help prevent anal fissure from interfering with your day-to-day life:

Take a Warm Sitz Bath

Taking a soothing sitz bath, particularly after bowel movements, may help relax the spasm; it may also improve the blood flow to the anus. Apart from this, a sitz bath is a simple and easy way to clean the anus area without causing more pain by rubbing the irritated anoderm.
It ís best to clean the anus with lukewarm water without using perfumed soap or body-cleaning products. Daily use of hard soaps for cleaning anus can make the delicate lining of your anal canal very dry and prone to tears or cracks.

Apply Organic Coconut Oil to the Anal Sphincter

It is a well-known fact that coconut oil works as an excellent lubricant and also makes it easier for hard stool to pass. The medicinal properties of coconut oil help treat wounds, sores and other skin lesions. It is safe and works as a positive healing agent for fissure wounds.

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5 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Rectal Prolapse

Though not a debilitating disease, rectal prolapse can throw life out of gear for a person by virtue of the fact that it entails the falling down of a part of the rectum from its normal position. Homeopathic Treatment can be effective in assuaging the discharge and discomfort resulting from rectal prolapse without the fear of side-effects. Homeopathic remedies for rectal prolapse go to the root of the problem and cure the underlying causes of this condition.  homeopathic medicines for rectal prolapse

Symptoms of Prolapse Rectum

A person suffering from this condition manifests a couple of symptoms, ranging from discomfort and pain in the rectal region; mucoid discharges from the anus and bleeding from the rectum to fecal incontinence and difficulty in passing stools.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Rectal Prolapse

I feel the homeopathic system of medicine can work wonders in curing prolapsed rectum since it is natural and non-toxic compared to other treatments as its remedies are culled from Nature. Podophyllum, Ignatia, Aesculus, Hydrastis, are the top remedies.

1. Podophyllum: When Rectum Prolapse Occurs while Passing Stool

I find podophyllum to be one of the most frequently indicated remedies in cases of a prolapsed rectum. The rectum may get prolapsed either before or during the passing of stools. There may be a sore pain in the anus. Podophyllum may be prescribed in children with complaints of prolapse of the rectum. Proper inquiry generally reveals that there is a history of chronic constipation.  All the symptoms are associated with a weakness in the abdomen and anus. There may be constant anxiety due to the pain in the anus. The prolapsed part of the rectum may remain protruded for a long time, particularly in children.

2. Ignatia: When Rectum Prolapse Occurs Even with Soft Stool

Ignatia is also a very good remedy for prolapsed rectum. Ignatia may be prescribed when the parts protrude with soft stools and remain intact with hard stools. The pain may be sharp and shooting in nature. The pain radiates upwards and may get worse after passing stools. The pain subsides considerably when the patient is in a sitting posture. There may be a tight, constrictive feeling around the opening of the anus. Ignatia may be given when there is a constant pressure as if some sharp instrument was protruding from the rectum into the anus. All complaints get aggravated in the mornings, after eating food, and on getting warmth. The patient feels better by changing the posture and when he is in a sitting posture.

3. Ruta Graveolens: Prolapse occurs After Straining or after Delivery

This remedy is very well indicated in cases of a prolapsed rectum. Ruta may be particularly prescribed in cases which occur due to complications after childbirth. The stools may be constipated and can be passed only with great straining and difficulty. Sitting is the worst position because it makes the pain get worse. The pain sensation is as if the rectum and anus are being pricked with sticks. Some part of the rectum comes down the anus each time when the stools are passed. Ruta may be given when there is protrusion of the rectum during an attempt to bend or stoop forward. Winters are the worst time for the patients as the pains become unbearable.

4. Aesculus: When Rectal Prolapse is Due to Chronic Piles

Aesculius hippo is a remedy known for its remarkable results on the anus and rectum. It may be prescribed in persons suffering from chronic piles leading to a prolapsed rectum. The sensation of pain is that of the rectum being filled with sticks. There may be intense burning pain in the anus which radiates up to the back. I feel Aesculus is also suitable for women who suffer from prolapsed rectum during the menopausal or post-menopausal period. There may be a sensation of swelling in the anus and passing stools is very painful and difficult. The most prominent feature that calls for a prescription of Aesculus is a constant backache which may incapacitate the person so much that he or she is unable to perform the daily chores.

5. Hydrastis: For Rectal Prolapse in Children

Hydrastis is a remedy especially effective in cases of the prolapsed rectum in children. The child may be constipated and cries while passing stools on account of pain. There may be much swelling in the anus and rectum with congestion. The complaints may be associated with fissures in the anus. This gives rise to much burning in the anus during the passing of stools. The pain lasts for a long time after passing stools.

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